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Monthly Minutes What’s happening? • Have you heard? You can now earn points for your business at Medusa Salon!

Medusa team celebrating the new art wall.

Medusa Loyalty Exclusive Program It’s our way of saying Thank You! Our new exclusive loyalty program rewards clients for being the reason for our success. As a client you can be rewarded for a multitude of reasons from services to specials. It is a free program and is a courtesy to all of our clients. How do you earn points? As a client you can earn points for a number of reasons. It is a reward for helping us thrive. The ways you earn points are: 1 point = $1 Medusa Money (redeemable in salon) Services- Earn 1 point for every $50.00 spent on services.

• Sharri will be travelling to the Goldwell Academy for a master’s class. • Chad Law joined the Medusa team to oversee daily operations and train our staff in color!

“Combining Beauty & Wellness to bring the beauty from the inside out for the good of all people.”

Retail- Earn 1 loyalty point for every 25.00 spent on retail. Pre- Booking- Earn 3 points when you book your next appointment. Specials- We will create monthly specials for earning additional points. How do you get started earning points? As a client, you don’t need to worry about a thing. All Medusa salon guests are automatically included in the program and are already earning points. We just need your email and mailing address to keep you posted on exciting specials for points earners. What do you get with your points? Medusa points can be redeemed for anything in the salon. Participating stylists only*. How do you redeem your points? Simply alert the receptionist when you schedule your appointment or at check out. Be sure to ask your stylists as well to keep you posted on what you are earning! As soon as you have 50 points, start spending them!

Sharri and Brian discussing business.

*Stylists are independent contractors and can chose to elect in this program. Points are not transferable.

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July 2011● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Medusa Minutes ● (714)968-2424

Dear Beloved Guests,

A Letter from Sharri

As the fourth of July approaches us, being prepared for summer is a must. While our vacation plans, beach bodies and BBQ’s may take precedent at the moment, financial preparedness is inevitable. For years I have worked to deliver you and your family high-fashion style at a very reasonable price. I do everything I can to bring you great value and stretch your hard-earned dollars. Our customer service, highly educated staff, client reward programs and fun, upbeat environment makes Medusa the best salon in our area. In order to maintain this level of quality, my prices will be increasing slightly effective August 1, 2011. I value each one of you and I appreciate your support! I have personally trained and prepared a number of our stylists who are more than happy to accommodate you at your current price if the increase is out of reach. With Love, Sharri Hillman

Keeping your color Modern! Tips from our resident celebrity colorist. By: Chad Law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge showing off her gorgeous hair color.

Every season women clip out pages from fashion magazines and update their clothes, shoes and make up while often overlooking their greatest accessory-- their hair color. ips for Most women don’t realize, like a perfect shade of lipstick, hair color can actually define a woman’s look. While seasons are the perfect opportunity to update, it is important to be ready on what is modern and will suit you best before sitting down in your colorist’s chair.

Remember: Start thinking of your hair color as an accessory and it will become your best accessory. Consider the maintenance: Do you change handbags everyday or every 6 months? While a more adventurous woman should be up for the challenge of a dramatic change, lower maintenance women should stick with a A favorite family more manageable change, like balayage (soft, sun kissed, hand or slogan canthe movement: make sure your paintedphrase highlights). Enhance color makes a statement. Just like your favorite black dress fits go here. your frame, your color should fit your haircut. In order to achieve movement in color, make sure your colorist works with multiple shades. Using multi-tone shades on the ends will enhance the reflection and mimic the movement of natural hair. Soften your face: There is nothing worse than pulling your hair back and seeing a dark shadow. Ask your colorist to use a lighter color around your face, or paint some lighter pieces to soften the appearance of color on your hairline. Highlight, don’t HighLINE: the days of seeing each individual line of lightness from your scalp are over. Tell your colorist to make your highlights more blended. The point of highlights is to enhance and brighten, you don’t want to see where they start and end. Using multiple shades in highlights is also a must to lower maintenance, increase shine, and increase the contrast of colors. Work with your stylist: make sure your stylist and colorist are on the same page so the two enhance each other. If they are the same person, make sure you consult about it all before you start the coloring process. Make it yours: anyone can be the same brown, or a flat blonde. Make sure you have something in your color that no one else has. It can be a flicker of red in the sunlight or some highlights around the face; customization is a must to staying modern. Remember: there is no point in spending the money on color, if you aren’t going to maintain it properly. Always use professional recommended products at home.

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Emma Watson sporting the perfect summer highlights.

July 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Medusa Minutes ● (714) 968-2424

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Aires: this month is about patience .Take your time when making a decision about your look. Any rushed decision will result in bad hair. Research and ease into a look. Taurus: this month is your lucky month. Prosperity is in your favor this month. Get your hair styled in a way you never have before. You have to look like money to make money. Gemini: your stability is the key to your success this month. Have your roots touched up and wear a classic haircut. Don’t make any dramatic changes to your look. Cancer: A fun flirty look will enhance communication with others. Take time to style your own hair this month. It will make you feel great while you shift into a new moon solar eclipse. Leo: this month is all about networking and communication. Let your hair do the talking. Try something bright and bold with your color. Virgo: this month is your month of travel and exploration. Cut your hair so you can wear cute styles up while you travel. Try messy buns and cute hair pieces.

Libra: this month is all about transformation for you. This will require a serious update. If your hair is long cut it short, and vice versa. Show off your enlightened self with a new look. Scorpio: this month is all about advancement opportunity at work. Make sure your hair looks professional at all times. Get a trim, no split ends. Don’t show any roots. Sagittarius: you are rebuilding confidence all month. A visit to the salon will help boost you up. Get a blow dry or a bang trim to feel special. Capricorn: this is your month of love. With your hair: the flirtier the better. Try messy waves and sexy volume. Try to look done but undone for your lovers. Aquarius: this month is all about family and comfort for you. Make sure you are totally comfortable with your style. Try warm tones in your color and style it differently to impress the relatives. Pisces: adaptability is your key to success this month. Your style should be the same. Get a haircut that can be messy and dressy. Wear a color that’s not quite one shade or the other.

Featured Stylist: Jessica Canon Our vision at Medusa Full Service Salon is continuously moving forward. We are a high fashion salon for the everyday person in an environment that is at the forefront of invention.

Sign: Taurus Favorite Quote: “There’s always tomorrow!” Hobbies: Hiking, Running, Going to the beach. Always carries: Iphone, Chap Stick, water. Strange fact: Jessica can only eat with her left hand. Favorite part of being a stylist: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Blow drying hair. It’s all about the finished look and making the client feels super special in that moment. Favorite designer: Marc Jacobs. Biggest Inspiration: I am always inspired by nature. The freedom and beauty of nature is what keeps me motivated. Goal: To travel the world!

MUST BUY of the Month: Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Jessica C. on the beach in Barcelona, Spain. Our Team Motto: “Successful people make money. It's not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.” –Wayne Dyer

Elixir Ultime delivers a powerful cocktail of emollient and anti-oxidant active ingredients for ultimate shine and suppleness while promoting cellular renewal. The elixir brings shine, nourishment and deep conditioning to the hair while smoothing the hair fiber, resulting in incredible shine. The multi-use elixir also helps restore strength to the hair and protects it from external aggressors. Stylist Tip: Use Elixir Ultime for the perfect finishing touch after you dry your hair. It will nourish, polish, and control frizz at the same time. Page 3

July 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Medusa Minutes● (714)968-2424

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