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Read The Blogs Of Alla Volodina On Some Practical Yet Effective Tips On Teaching Methods Whether you are a teacher in Canada or a student in the US, the blog of Alla Volodina will certainly be a great help from your. For teachers and instructors, Alla through her blog discuses some very simple yet effective tips, which would help them improve the overall classroom experience and for students various methods which would help them study well are discusses.

Being an educational expert herself with years of experience in teaching accounts and finance to students, Alla is in the perfect space to discuss these simple and effective tips since she has experienced the challenges faced by teachers as well as her students too. With an aim to help fellow instructors especially in subjects like accounts and finance and also to help the student community at large, she started her blog where she discusses her thoughts and experiences under various topics such as motivation, study skills and teaching.

One of her articles discusses the need of including subjects like personal finance in US schools.

She aggress with countries like the UK and Australia where financial education has been mandatory in the school systems and urges her countries authorities also to make it a part of the student’s school year. Alla Volodina talks about the CFPB’s recommendations in this regard which include various methods such as to introduce important financial concepts in kindergarten and require a stand-alone personal finance course for graduation from high school; to provide practical, hands-on learning opportunities to students as they relate to personal money management; to include personal finance questions in standardized tests; to offer teachers incentives and training to lead a personal finance class as well as methods on how to provide parents with the tools to discuss money topics with their children at home. The white paper which was revealed by the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as well as the treasury department’s initiative of a website which offers teachers ready-made personal finance lessons that fit neatly into the existing math and English courses also finds mention in her discussion on inclusion of personal finance at schools.

Having herself taught accounts for years; she discusses some very simple teaching tips which can be used to teach subjects like accounts extremely well. Alla Volodina emphasises on the benefits of dealing with students based on their individual needs.

She reminds teachers that since the capabilities and the creative learning capacity of every student are different and unique hence it makes sense to deal with them in accordance with that. She reminds the teachers that unlike yester years, today their role has changed to that of being a facilitator rather than just being a teacher and as such encouraging students to ask questions according to their individual needs should be a normal part of their courses. This will help the students to enhance their study skills as well as get a chance for self development too. She discusses various others topics too such as how to transition study habits when entering university so as to score well; how to keep teachers motivated so that they can better facilitate the learning procedure of students and others all wit the aim of helping both the teacher as well as student community.

Read the blogs of alla volodina on some practical yet effective tips on teaching methods  
Read the blogs of alla volodina on some practical yet effective tips on teaching methods