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Anything is Possible When you think of Big 12 basketball, immediately your thoughts jump to Texas A&M, KU, or Mizzou. But next year, you’ll think about KU and K-State because Mizzou and Texas A&M are leaving the Big 12 for good. It’s a whole new ballgame. Many KU and K-State fans think that Mizzou will get creamed in the SEC and that may be true, but did they think about how brutal the games between K-State and KU will be? Now that Mizzou is out of the picture, KU and K-State will have one goal and one goal only: to beat each other. With only each other to beat, neither team will go down easy. They will fight with all their might to beat each other. But why? Since both teams had a goal to beat Mizzou, their goal is eliminated. So now they just have each other, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Both KU and KState have headstrong players and are both great teams with great records. KU was ranked #2 and K-State #8 in March Madness. Both teams have beaten Mizzou and they brag about it. With K-State beating KU this year 84-64, KU is all steamed up to beat K-State. So what does that mean for Mizzou in the SEC? When Mizzou joined the SEC, a lot of fans were disappointed. “Mizzou can’t be good enough to beat teams like Kentucky,” people said. They might be right, seeing that Mizzou got beat by a #15 Norfolk State, but neither does Kansas. That was proved in the March Madness tournament on April 2, when they lost by 7 points to Kentucky. That game was predicted by many, but certainly not KU fans. Now that everyone sees that anything can happen, maybe Mizzou will do okay in the SEC and maybe the games between Kansas and K-State won’t be as brutal as people think they will be. But we never know. So we’ll just have to wait and see and let the wind carry us where it must. Because anything is possible.

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