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Data Protection Act 1998 How Wirral FM will comply 1. It is important that we use all your data within the law, hear is how we plan to do that 2. We never ask for more details that are necessary. We only ask for user details on our competitions which are for a specific purpose it is then transferred to our competitions data base and no where else. 3. We only ask for three pieces of information which means the information is adequate relevant and in no way excessive. 4. All the data we have on you is submitted by you. We do ask for email validation to ensure correct spellings. We only keep the data for 30 days after the competition this is then deleted there for your information we have will be up to date. 5. As we only keep the data for 30days after the competition and then it’s deleted it ensures we don’t have it for longer then it is necessary. 6. All your data will be processed within your legal rights. 7. The data base where we keep your data is password protected and only authorised staff has access to it. Password is changed on a regular basis and we use reputable firewalls. 8. your data stays within our competitions data base for 30 days after the competition has closed, it is then deleted so can never be transferred to any other country. This is how Wirral FM complies within the laws off the Data Protection Act 1998


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