The Best Of Chinese Art: Buy Oil Painting Right Now

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The Best Of Chinese Art: Buy Oil Painting Right Now!!

The Chinese have always been known for their rich culture and art forms. The Chinese oil paintings are among the most sought form of art globally. It has a strong artistic tradition in itself. How about having a traditional Chinese oil painting on your wall? Could anything be more appealing than this? Chinese oil paintings The Chinese will paint on a variety of topics ranging from beautiful landscapes to still portraits. They use calligraphy along with regular paintings. The paintings are made in coloured ink, whereas the calligraphy writings in it are made with black ink. Paintings are made either on silk or paper. Painting on silk is a unique tradition found only in China. There are two types of Chinese paintings: The Gong bi and the Ink wash painting. The Gong bi is a painting style, which is known for its precise brush strokes and quality of borders. These paintings are narrative. On the other hand, ink wash painting involves loose brush strokes and bright colours. Ink wash type was more prominent in China, with its prime subject as landscapes. Most of the Chinese paintings are based on landscapes. Historians have even named a period in the Chinese history as the Landscape period. Now for all those art lovers, there is good news!! You need not travel all the way to China to get your piece of Chinese oil painting. There are many websites where we can buy oil painting online. It has all sorts of Chinese oil paintings at reasonable rates. Another fabulous feature these websites offer is that they reproduce any image you send them. Here, the users can send any type of image and the online company would reproduce them with the help of the skilled Chinese artists. You can have reproduced oil paintings of the world famous artist such as Leonardo Da Vinci, van Gogh and more. Having a Monalisa oil painting at home is not anymore a costly affair!! The company also guarantees that the paintings are 100% handmade and are painted on canvas. Thus, if you want your family’s painting in your bedroom wall, just send the computer image, and you will get the oil painting of the same. So why wait? Buy oil painting right now!