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WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES Whatever you do for Sport Relief 2014, we think you’re amazing because the money you raise will go to help people living incredibly tough lives in the UK and around the world. We’ve put together some info for you to show your friends, family and colleagues, so they know a little bit about Sport Relief and where their sponsorship money will go.

Helping here at home It’s probably a good idea to start by dispelling a couple of myths. Firstly, that Sport Relief cash is all spent in Africa. In fact, Comic Relief spends half of all the money that’s raised for Sport Relief right here in the UK to help a wide range of people, from vulnerable young carers to isolated older people and many others. The other half is used to help transform lives in some of the world’s poorest countries.

It’s not all sport, sport, sport While some projects we fund do use sport as a way to change people’s lives, there are many others we support that help vulnerable and disadvantaged people in a variety of ways. Sport can be a great way to reach people and transform lives and communities, but it’s not the only way.

Since it began, in 2002, the cash raised for Sport Relief has helped millions of people. Here are two of their stories:

Alice's Story When Alice’s husband Robert died, she was left to look after their five young children. Fortunately, she could turn to Kadame Widow’s Association which uses Sport Relief cash to support families in Uganda affected by HIV/AIDS. They helped Alice to start her own business as a hairdresser and seamstress. Now she’s able to provide for her family.

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Sarah's Story

The combined number of projects we fund, across the UK and around the world, runs into the thousands. They can range from small organisations with just one paid person working tirelessly on the ground to bigger agencies creating large-scale change.

From the age of seven, Sarah, from London, was bullied verbally and physically for wearing glasses. The constant fear of attack left her unable to concentrate at school and her grades began to suffer.

One thing they have in common is that they’re all helping to create better futures, healthier finances, stronger communities, safer lives and fairer societies. Find out more about lifechanging projects, both in your area and across the world, at

Fortunately Sarah got in touch with Bullies Out, a project that’s funded with money raised through Sport Relief. Now she’s an Ambassador and runs workshops helping other young people stay safe from bullies.

Sport Relief is an initiative of Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland). SR14/015


£1 could provide a hot meal for a child in the UK living in extreme poverty.



£5 could pay for a mosquito net to protect a mother and her baby in Africa from contracting malaria while they sleep.

£10 could enable an older person in the UK who just lost someone they love to attend a group activity.






£25 could run a sports session for disabled children in the UK, giving them the chance to play with other young people.

£50 could pay for a child living in poverty in Peru to attend preschool for a whole year.

£100 could feed 200 children living on the streets in India for one day.

£300 could provide a water point in the slums of Tanzania, giving hundreds of families access to safe, clean water.


£500 could provide six months of support for a young person in the UK with mental health issues.

£1000 could pay a year’s salary for a teacher in a school for children in Bangladesh who have been rescued from forced labour.

Sport Relief is an initiative of Comic Relief, registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland). SR14/015

Sport Relief 2014 - Where your money goes...