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Portfolio Allan Sejer Madsen

Kamasite Modular furniture system

Kamasite is a modular system consisting of a rigid skeleton that folds into the shape of a perfect octahedron, and a smart way to plan and style events. The system is a tool for event coordinators to create greater experiences for their guests, whilst keeping their expenses for workers, thinkers and materials at a minimum. Exhibitions include Vesterbro Festival CPH, Skanderborg Festival and Galore CPH with more to come.

Radical Tea Design thinking concept

Radical Tea is the result of a thorough immersion into the field of radical innovation that has spawned a new design method and a whole range of solution directions. This solution proposes a playful and explorational feel-good experience with tea, as the packaging is designed in a single biodegradable material that will keep the contents fresh, your table and hands dry and comes in calculated portions that you can mix to explore new tastes.

WigiPad Future computing concept

WigiPad is a tablet computer that can utilize external computer power via wireless connections and a smart interface that connects to the surrounding environment, bringing human/ computer interaction to a new level of tangibility. It’s a new way of looking at cloud computing in a professional environment, where the shrinking cores, emerging tactile technologies and the ever stronger wireless connections are fully exploited in a single adaptable and robust casing.


GPS for visually impaired

Drop is a GPS that can help visually impaired people explore the world on their own. The combination of GPS, touch sensitive and tactile display technology gives the user a feeling of holding a little piece of the world in their hand as they move around with their ears and blind cane unobstructed. Coorporation: Lukasz Natkaniec RefnĂŚs Institute of Visual Impairment Honors: iF concept award 2010

Evanel Allan Sejer Madsen

Evanel is a radical approach to electric scooter design, where all the technical advantages and expectations are caught in a sculptural organic frame. It is a hopeful embodiment of a new era where the engine hides within the wheels, the fuel is scattered across the body, and the traditional steering wheel is no longer a necessity. Cooperation: Giovanni Bellini Exhibitions: Illum Copenhagen during the energy conference in 2011.

Alignment Innovative hybrid lamp

Alignment is a light fixture for rooms without a natural light source, that gives users a feel of day whilst providing a stable working light. It uses a combination of Heliostat and LED light sources that are divided by the carefully arranged shades and center reflector to eliminate visual glare and blend the light rays together in a smooth gradient.


Bicycle concept

Edge is a concept bicycle designed for the visitors at the World EXPO in Shanghai, and is inspired by the architectural innovations displayed there. The main body is made from a single sheet of steel that is cut, bent and welded into a strong facetted frame from where square rods and steel wire extends to the vital parts. Cooperations: Tongji University Forever Bicycle Factory Exhibitions: Design Week, Shanghai ‘09 Illum Copenhagen ‘10 EXPO Shanghai ’10


Brand statement concept

A concept shoe for Ecco flagship stores, that embodies the feel and values of Ecco in a catwalk stiletto. It is a snapshot of a busy life seen from a colorful and optimistic perspective - the sensation of surplus, energy and courage to be different whilst overcoming obstacles with playful ease. Cooperation: Katja Knudsen, Bruno Kleist and Ecco. Exhibitions: Illum CPH in ‘09 and resented for the Queen of Denmark and later Nike in ’10


Ergonomic fabric scissors

Squid was engineered to meet the needs of busy fashion designers while innovation dogmas within production, materials and ergonomics pushed the design direction for the aesthetics. The model was crafted in steel and aluminum, and has a bearing and a spring that help separate the blades when cutting.

CBD Industrial design internship

With more than 30 years of experience, CBD is one of the most efficient and tradition rich design and engineering consultancies in Denmark specializing in business to business and professional consumer products. During my internship, I worked on real projects in cooperation with their skilled employees, boosting my skills in Solidworks, Illustrator and marker drawings considerably. Recently CBD changed their name to Attention design - illustrations used are examples of the work of CBD in general.

Johannes Torpe Studios Industrial design internship

Johannes Torpe Studios Aps Skoubogade 1 · 1st floor · DK-1158 Copenhagen K · Denmark Tel. +45 7025 5556 A RUNE+JOHANNES COMPANY INC.

Johannes Torpe Avenue Studios Sd Padova · Italia

Wang Torpe Design Studios Limited Beijing · China

Johannes Torpe Studios Limited Hong Kong

Rune+Johannes Company Inc. New York · Unites States

Allan Sejer Madsen

Johannes Torpe Studios is a fast forward moving design consultancy working with interior and product design, that leaves a series of exclusive products and locations in their wake. Here I entered an effective and dynamic team of interior designers and architects, working on projects from napkin to production within weeks and sometimes even days. CEO Johannes Torpe is now also creative director at Bang & Olufsen.

Date: 15/03/12 Place: CPH Ref. JT/LM

Recommendation To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is our highest possible recommendation of Allan Sejer Madsen who worked in our Copenhagen office as a junior designer from March 2011 through August 2011. In this capacity, he worked on several of our most important projects, including furniture for our high-end restaurants in Asia, DJ booth, the exclusive furniture line for our customer in Asia as well as our other furniture collections. As a key member of the teams for these projects, he participated in the schematic design, design development and technical constructions documents where Allan was the key player in regards to the production of the final construction documents. Allan was a pleasure to have in the office. He had thoughtful comments and contributions to the designs of the projects he was involved with as well as other ongoing projects. He worked well with his colleagues, and consistently produced high quality work. Allan is one of those employees, who take to any task with great enthusiasm and a rare combination of talents: a gifted designer and a dedicated employee. All talents that I am sure will serve him well in any position he will possess in the future. He has been an invaluable member of our team and we are sad to see him leave, to return to finish school. Allan has an exciting future as a designer ahead of him and we hope he will be back once his education is completed. If you have any further questions with regards to his background, qualifications or should require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Johannes Torpe CEO, Creative Director

Allan Sejer Madsen Master of Arts in Design Industrial Design +45 2924 3238


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