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Condemned: Richard Edward Rhoades And His Spawn

The Maranatha Bible Society

Written by a Former Member Allan Lewicki

The Book of Acts Chapter Thirteen, Verse Ten And said, O full of all subtilty and all mischief, thou child of the devil, thou enemy of all righteousness, wilt thou not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord?

Copyright Š 2010 Allan Lewicki All Rights Reserved Permission to copy may be attained by requesting in writing, and permission granted in writing; from the author: Allan Lewicki 7911 Thornton Dr. Parma, Ohio 44129 Lewicki, Allan L, 2010 Condemned: Richard E. Rhoades and His Spawn, the Maranatha Bible Society / Allan Lewicki Library of Congress Control Number: 2010904604 Printed in the United States First Printing: April 2010

This book is Dedicated to Elymas Bar-jesus, and his faithful prophet, who took up his cause in a manner with fortitude and determination:

Richard Edward Rhoades aka “Dusty” His Most Holy Holiness whose life’s work is a monument of fifty years of Gospel preaching, without ever preaching it!

This book is your Epitaph Honorable Mention; Some R.E.R Disciples: Frank Riley Kenneth D. Brandt

Jerry Rasmussen Bill Sherrill

Dale Koller Henry Dziczkowski Lonnie Stafford David Doyle Jim Motylniski

Charles Griffith Th.D. Roger Heyne Millie Rhoads Patricia Proffett Bud Robinson

There are two more people, but their names I have too much disdain to write…“The Preterist”…and the thing calling itself it’s wife. Paul said this to the original Elymas; I will say it to Richard E. Rhoades From the Book of Acts….Chapter 13 Verse 10.

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Foreword: This book is religious in nature, but is not a “religious” type book. The reason I am writing this is not to put forth my opinion about spirituality, doctrine or religion, it is to condemn in the strongest possible way I can, the Farcical Hypocrisy of a fellowship of which I was once a member, the Maranatha Bible Society. Also, I do not present this book as “Christian”. First, a little about myself, then something about this puddle of religious diarrhea calling themselves by the above nauseating name. First, “diarrhea”…I am not bestowing upon them this word because I am a too goody-goody two shoes to write Shit…see everybody; SHIT…also notice that the word is in all capital letters. I instead am defining them as diarrhea because the word is by far more fitting to the actual make up of the character of these people. You see “Shit” has some constitution, some backbone, some fortitude, whereas “diarrhea has none. There is one other adjective that would be appropriate to ascribe to these people…“Vomit”. Between their identification to a religious puddle of diarrhea or a religious puddle of vomit, my personal preference is a puddle of diarrhea. Actually both cognomens are interchangeable…this choice of an official title caused me to consider the denotation and connotation of both words; the word vomit is very apropos, because just the thought of what that word conveys causes nausea, but it’s stimulus-response allures to the word puke. “Puke” is too polite of a word to be used in conjunction with anything and everything relevant to the Maranatha Bible Society. Diarrhea, on the other hand, even not as nauseous as vomit, has the stimulus-response to the word Shit. The denotation AND connotation of SHIT is most simply and

most fitting to BOTH Richard Edward Rhoades and his spawn, the Maranatha Bible Society. My choice between Diarrhea and Vomit is not just a matter of hurling a colorful insult. In our culture, if you are displeased with someone, you call him or her a pile of, or a sack of, or a piece of…Shit. But that’s just an every-day insult. My opinion of the Maranatha Bible Society is far far more than an insult…it is my attempt to reduce to writing what these people in actuality are1. I consider their name as even a Farce! I condemn these people with the strongest word in existence; Strong’s New Testament word (only used by Paul) #331…ANATHEMA ! It would be an affront, a vituperation, an opprobrium, to the dignity of any self-respecting turd in any august cesspool to have this fellowship as a co-occupant. I need to delineate the above in a more exact detail. I don’t mean the style of cesspool that is non-offensive. I mean the open Out House style, where you can look down and see the ca-ca, and inhale the fragrance that comes wafting up…like some of the facilities that are in existence in the Metroparks…those turds, in that style of congregation, would be insulted to have anybody from the MBS jump in. What have I just written? Isn’t it soooo “Christian”…there are people in this fellowship that are too dumb to figure out that I really do think they are farces, see chapter seven 1

I have made a comment that the MBS thinks “edification” is playing patty-cake in a kiddy-pool of vomit. Also, in association with the word vomit; there are members of this fellowship (if I used “vomit”), that are so spineless that they aren’t even chunks…they’re just puke water.

Contents: Chapters One:

Clarification …………………………………. 1


Henry Dziczkowski …………………………. 7


Word Study ………………………………….17


Ken Brandt …………………………………..23


Lonnie Stafford ……………………………...35


Jim Motylinski ………………………………47


Millie Rhodes ………………………………. 55


Letters to Debbie & Sonja …………………..61


CONDEMNED …………………………….. 81


The Gospel According to the MBS ………… 91


Progressive Revelation ……………………. 99


Progressive Revelation 3rd Addition ……….107

Thirteen: Alexander McClure ……………………….. 119 Fourteen: Frank Riley…………………………………129 Fifteen:

Dale Koller ………………………………. 135


Dale Koller #2 ………………………………145

Seventeen: Dane Koller ……………………………… 153

Conclusion………………………………….. 173 The Problem ……………………………….. 181

Preface: The reason I am so down of this fellowship is not because I disagree with them on doctrine (even though I do), it is because they are such stupendous, colossal, monumental, stinking FARCES !! Being able to understand the above is not at all difficult. You need to know absolutely nothing about Theology; you need to know absolutely nothing about religion, you need to know absolutely nothing about Christianity…you don’t even have to know the Bible. The only requisite knowledge is to have a comprehension of just one word in the English language…Farce. There are two areas of the profession of the Maranatha Bible Society that establishes these people as Gold Plated Farces, and BOTH of them are their fundamental, basis, essential, planks of Foundational Doctrine (these two points are replete throughout their publications): 

Anything and everything that is held to be true of an absolute necessity MUST be supported by a “Thus Saith the LORD”.

The KJV is Perfect and Inerrant; the translators thereof were as inspired as any of the Old Testament Prophets.

Referencing the above two points:

Point One: These people tout themselves about their sound doctrine. They tout themselves about their sound mind. They tout themselves on their “rightly word dividing”…and they TOUT themselves on Preaching the Gospel. The Gospel they preach is not John 3:16, it is 1st Corinthians 15:3~4 (Jn 3:15 is the Gospel of the Kingdom, I Cor 15:3~4 is the Gospel of the Grace of God…this is NOT a matter of disagreement) To maintain perfect clarity (this is not just a quote, this is copy & paste) 1 Cor 15:3-4 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: Take very austere attention to the last four words of both verses…“according to the scriptures” Back to Farceology, Farceism, Farceanetics…or just plain Farce-Farce-Farce! A) Given that the MBS is soooo adamant concerning doctrine being supported by a “Thus saith the LORD”, and B) the last four words of I Cor 15:3, and the last four words of I Cor 15:4… Somebody…Anybody…show me in ANYTHING written by the late Richard E. Rhoades (Rev. Holy Farce himself)…in ALL of his printed material, in ALL of his video tapes, in ALL of his audio tapes, in anything produced by his three stooges Ken Brandt, Dale Koller and David Doyle…where the Gospel is ever preached…According to the Scriptures

Point Two: “The King James Bible is Perfect and Inerrant” AND “The translators thereof were Inspired” These people make a great big fuss about the “S” in Geneses 1:2 being an upper case S. They make a great big fuss about the “S” in 1st Corinthians 12:13 being an upper case S… Evidently, those are the only two places that capitalization matters! To wit: If Richard E. Rhoades quotes Scripture; it is more then likely corrupted by his alterations of capitalization. Yessir-ee…Perfect and inerrant! Besides the personal pronouns; He, Him and His, below are some of the words that R.E.R. likes to correct the translators of the King James Bible in relation to their application of capitalization:     

Word Gospel Truth Scriptures Spirit (lower case changed to upper case)

Above are just R.E.R.’s routine, normal, everyday corruptions. The most egregious corruption, defilement, profaning, vulgar, etc. “corrections” Rev. Holy Farce makes are in the below three verses:

 Ephesians 1:13  Ephesians 4:30  I Thessalonians 4:8

Richard E. Rhoades preaches sermons, writes books, records video about the upper case or lower case of the S in Gen 1:2 and I Cor 12:13. Then King Farce will turn right around and change the H! Henry Dziczkowski, an Elder of the Maranatha Bible Society, and probably the most stalwart disciple of R. E. Rhoades, has said to me…his lips to my ears (paraphrase): “There are no upper case or lower case in Hebrew or Greek, therefore it is up to the individual believer to assign capitalization. I have the liberty to do this” He liked to alter word of God, or word of the Lord to Word of God, etc. I have written in detail my opinion of this person, just Google “Henry Dziczkowski”.

Chapter One: Clarification I wrote this in the autumn of 2003, I then mailed it to the entire membership of the MBS. To say I aroused some ire is an understatement. The books I make reference to were all authored by Richard E. Rhoades, and are available through his spawn, now headquartered in Litchfield, Michigan. Do date, and this is now more then seven years after the fact, I have had not one peep of rebuttal. Of course there were a few righteous people who expressed their angst. Clarification Of some basic doctrines Of the Maranatha Bible Society First & Foremost: The authorized 1611 King James Version is the inerrant inspired Word of God. The translators thereof were inspired by The Holy SPIRIT. A Few places where this is so stated: A) Studies In Progressive Revelation Vol. 1 page 258 and page 352 B) Conference Messages Vol. 1 page 113 #13 C) Conference Messages Vol. 2 page 146 HOWEVER‌.The following verses: 1) Psalms 33:4, 101:3, 117:2 119:38, 43, 49, 160 2) Proverbs 30: 5 & 6 3) Deuteronomy 4:2 4) I Thessalonians 5:22 5) Revelation 22:18 & 19 1

With the exception of the “S” in Genesis 1:2 and I Corinthians 12:13 The above verses DO NOT apply to capitalization!! So as “To give Honor and Glory to The Lord Jesus Christ” a “believer” has the LIBERTY to change capitalization, as he so desires. Especially…a) personal pronouns he, him & his; b) word; c) gospel; d) scriptures…to name just a few. Furthermore…If a believer has read through a book 100 times, he than, so as to give more “Honor & Glory” is at liberty to change the definite articles; that & the. See Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1 page 306. After all, for the sake of “UNITY” (Hosea 4:9) see any of the founder’s books, especially Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol’s 1&2 In addition to the capitalization, the following verses are NOT TRUE 1) Genesis 6:17; 7:4, 21,22 & 23. See Revelation Studies Genesis Vol 1, page 88 & 204. 2) Deuteronomy 1:39. See Conference Massages Vol. 1, page273. 3) Job 1:13-22. See Job a Comparative Study, page 9 4) Acts 12:4 See Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1, page 53 5) The word “church” as used in the KJV. See The Body of Christ in Practice, page 2 2

Clarification of Basic Doctrines of the MBS

Should anyone have difficulty reconciling the above with the initial statement of this treatise…the explanation is simple. Take the late founder as an example. You have to have “The Mind of Christ”. As a stellar example of the logic demonstration by this “mind” see Conference Massages Vol. 2 page 247, the paragraph starting at the 17th line from the top. The forgoing is intended to be clarification of Doctrine. The realm of “study and scholarship” also requires some amplification. Scholarly pronouncements by the founder (Rhoades) are in no way to be construed as having any semblance of accuracy but are only intended to give the appearance of a superior knowledge of the subjects discussed. Such as…to sight a very few examples: A) The number of books in the New Testament; Conference Messages Vol. 1 page 396 B) “Whosoever will”; Conference Massages Vol. 1 page 211 C) “The Three Friends of Job” Job a Comparative Study’ page 23…(forget Job 32:2)…(or maybe that wasn’t inspired either) It is the sincere hope that these clarifications & amplifications will “edify” the members of the Maranatha Bible Society to “grow in grace”. Show me anywhere in the above where I am not correct! Respond (so I can read it at the White Throne Judgment) in writing only to: my address on the next page. 3

Allan Lewicki 7911 Thornton Dr. Parma, Ohio 44129 Did you notice that at the start of this chapter I have SPIRIT in all caps? That is because these people do not know the difference between Holy Spirit, holy Spirit, and Holy Ghost. I really can’t get down on them too hard for that, because, by and large, nobody else does either. Of the about seventy-five letters I sent, I received a response from six people: Ken Brandt, Lonnie Stafford, Jim Motylinski, Henry Dziczkowski, Millie Rhodes, and Bishop Charles Morley. I will elucidate each. Below (which will be repeated in my response to this person) is the letter from Kenneth D. Brandt. Sept.03 Dear Allen, I received your treatise in the mail and at first thought that I would not respond, but then this came to my mind,"Truth is violated by falsehood and out-raged by silence," thus I feel a need to reply. As is true throughout the Scriptures, whenever the truth is being taught or proclaimed, there appears Sanballat (Neh.4), or Alexander the coppersmith, (2Tim.4:14), to try to thwart the work of God. This can always be traced back to the subtle wiles of the devil. He is always in opposition to the truth of God. What you wrote was not for the clarification of any truth, the edification of truth or edification of those who hold the truth dear. It was rather a spirit of vindictiveness against Dusty and the truth that


Clarification of Basic Doctrines of the MBS

he taught. You know that you have held ill-feel~ ings toward him for many years because he did not agree with your ideas in the book of Revelation and now are finally exposing your feelings toward us. I find it very revealing that you could not approach Dusty and discuss these things face to face. It seems very demeaning to now try to destroy his credibility after he is gone. I'm not sure your exact intent in mailing this letter, but it certainly was not for the glory of God. I do not hold Dusty or any other man to be infallible. I am grateful for the truth Dusty taught me and the gospel he preached, for it saved my soul and has built me up in the faith. I have always checked the Scriptures (per his insistence) to see "if these things be so." I have never taken any man's word for the truth without seeing it for myself in the Scriptures. When it proves to be a "thus saith the Lord", then I believe it. I write this letter in defense of the truth and without any malice or intent of vengeance, for that belongs to God. Ken Brandt

I can cover Charles Morley right now; all he did was send me a Bible Tract that just about made me puke. It was how to be Lovey-Dovey and a Goody-Goody Two Shoes. It was something to the effect of: Blessed are the Lovey-Dovey, for they think edification is playing patty-cake in a kiddy-pool of vomit 5


Chapter Two: Henry Dziczkowski Pronounced: Jitch-cow-ski (Polish); Just Jitch for short. “The Incident” As Luke set in order for Theophilus, I suppose for the main reason of establishing a permanent record, I should reduce to writing all the details and the pertinent events that led up to what I will dub “The Incident” The time and place that this occurred was about two years ago, the exact date I cant remember, a close enough estimation would be the summer of 2002. The place was the living room of my Mom’s house in Parma. The occasion was a Sunday morning gathering for the purpose of praise and worship. Witnesses to the incident, besides the two central participants of Allan Lewicki and Henry Dziczkowski (hereafter for brevity Henry Dziczkowski will be referred to as ‘kowski) were my Mom, ‘kowski’s wife Joy, and Kenny & Carol Sroka (‘kowski’s daughter and son in law). The incident per se, for clarity I will write this in the 3rd person. After a confrontation over an issue that had been brewing for perhaps the last several months ‘kowski got up and announced to his following that they should leave. He thereupon pronounces Allan Lewicki as unregenerate. Allan Lewicki attempts to assist, howabit only partially successful, ‘kowskis departure. This assistance being with the utmost tact, dignity and gentleness of a Marine Corps drill instructor. ‘kowski was standing facing Allan, almost ready to go out the door. Allan got up grabbed ‘kowski by the throat (that’s correct…by the throat) knocked him down and would have, if his mother had not begged him to stop, physically ejected him from the residence. Again, with all the delicateness of a Marine Corps D.I.


Carol Sroka rushes to her father’s defense, calls Allan a sonof-a-bitch, this simultaneously while Allan’s mother is crying for him to stop. Allan stops, leaves (he goes upstairs), this caused a little mess. The mess is cleaned up and ‘kowski, his wife, Carol & Kenny all depart. After ‘kowski and his entourage depart Allan comes downstairs. Allan’s mom: “Allan, Allan!…I could understand what happened if this was in a bar on Saturday night…but on a Sunday morning Bible study!!” Allan: “ Mom, I take SEVER EXCEPTION to somebody coming into this house and attempting to get MY MOTHER to commit blasphemy of the Holy Ghost!” What was this all about? I need, as Theophilus did, to set some things in order, backing up maybe half of a year. First; “purity”, knowing that anything produced my human hands is subject to error (including the printing of bibles), during Bible study if there was a question involving capitalization (in the Scriptures) and especially…extra especially if it was about the word “spirit” I would query everyone else as to how their bibles read, and even check Strong’s concordance. (I don’t need to, and I wouldn’t preach about the differences between spirit and Spirit as used in Scriptures.) This is when I first became aware of the discrepancies between the writings of the late R.E. Rhoads and the Bible. During bible study it would be quite common to reference the works of that person. In fact, there were studies exclusively of that persons works. 8

Henry Dziczkowski

A sidelight…the bible used by ‘kowski had on its cover that it was a KJV but it was published by Sphero Zoteoffiteze (spelling?). It was known to be corrupt! Not only were the spelling of names changed, but it’s capitalization could not be held as trustworthy. ‘kowski knew this but he continued to use it. A direct quote from him: “I paid good money for that bible…I use it because its got Strong’s concordance in the back. I’m making a list of all the errors and when I’m done I’m gunna write the guy a letter.” This ultimately caused me to make a value judgment as to the character and sincerity of one Henry Dziczowski. My judgment: he placed more value on the monetary cost of this bible than he did on the purity of the Word of God. Continuing with my establishing of the preliminaries, I need to make a digression, so as to establish a context for what I am about to write. The phrase “the word of God”, that phrase is used 49 times in the Bible (this is according to my bible computer program). Of those 49 times, only one time is it written “Word of God”, the W capitalized (Rev 19:13). With the above in mind…another direct quote from Henry Dziczkowski “I believe it gives honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ to change the lower case w to a capital W”. To illustrate this he than proceeded of say that if he is reading his bible and he comes upon that phrase, he will take a pen and make the change. A degression from this degression. Where is he getting this?? Take a close look at this man’s idol…not only does the late R.E.R make changes in capitalization but I can site several places where there are overt corruptions of the Scriptures. But…it's not the word 9

“word”, so…I suppose ‘kowski, wanting to be original, changes that word. Do you actually suppose that I’m supposed to politely not notice this?? Do you? I objected. Here is ‘kowskis reply to my objection, and another derect quote “I have the liberity to do that” Oh! I thought to myself…some liberty! I have already written one whole treatise about corruptions in capitalization, so for the purposes of this paper I will reference just one verse, Psalms 12:6. I continued thinking to myself: “If it gives ‘kowski’s jesus honor & glory to make changes, maybe I can give ‘kowskis god honor & glory by a change I could make. Here is how Psalms 12:6 should read… The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth 6 ½ times, to get them purified 7 times you gotta talk to Henry Dziczkowski” He did, but I can’t remember exactly when in relation to the events in question, attempt to make a scriptural defense of his position. Here is how I remember it went: Since the Hebrew alphabet does not delineate between upper and lower case as English does, the individual believer is then at liberty to decide for himself if the words in Scripture should be capitalized or not. Evidently there is at least one person in ‘kowskis fellowship that accepts this as true. I have heard on tape this person from Lynn Haven Florida (Dale Koller) state that the s in spirit of John 6:63 should be capital, and, make a point about it. Digression over. Back to the time and place of this profound utterance by ‘kowski. It was during a Sunday morning worship/bible study in Kenny & Carol Srokas house. Present were myself and my mom, Jim & Debby Motylinski, of 10

Henry Dziczkowski

course Kenny & Carol, I can’t remember if ‘kowski’s wife was there, nor can I remember if any of the Sroka kids were there. The tone of this quote “…honor & glory…” was one of a sage announcing with glee, a pontification…and excathedra, AND, encouraging everyone present to do likewise. An analogy: Lets suppose you’re a doctor in an emergency room. There is brought into you a person on a stretcher. You commence with the preliminary exanimation; no pulse, no heartbeat, the person is not breathing, white and cold…no reflexes. Let me ask you, pray tell, what is your diagnosis of the physical condition of that person? Now, transfer the same analogy to the spiritual realm; there is a group of people assembled for bible study and the eldest elder commits, and commits with glee…blasphemy of the Holy Ghost…and there is NO reaction from the group! Jim and Debby Motylinski if you would care to refute this, go ahead, because you were there. My diagnosis of the spiritual condition of the people in that room is identical to the diagnosis of the physical condition of the person in my analogy. Oh there sure was a reaction from my mother and myself, we just didn’t say anything until we were in our car and driving home. The above was maybe a month before “the incident”. The Sunday prior to the incident, we were reading one of the writings of R.E.R. and as usual there was a discrepancy regarding capitalization, which I questioned. This time I evoked the ire of ‘kowski. He, taking umbrage at the blatant gall of somebody like me, announced that he would check the capitalization in his First run addition of the 1611 KJV, Another short digression: The “First run addition of the 1611 KJV”. For whatever reason, somebody has thought it necessary to resurrect the copy of the KJV that was the very 11

first to come off the presses in 1611. That’s why its called “the first run” it has at least 5000 typographical errors. R.E.R. even alludes to this in his book “Progressive Revelation” on page 349. Well anyway, ‘kowski has a copy of the 1st run 1611. Back to the Sunday prior and the hub-bub over capitalization. I can’t remember what the Scriptures were. But what I can remember is that whatever book we were reading (by R.E.R.) the capitalization was wrong, and as I said above, ‘kowski pronounces that he will check it in his 1st run KJV. He goes home and does just that. He calls me up and informs me that he has checked his 1st run KJV and the capitalization corresponds to that used by R.E.R. in the book we were reading. He lets me know by the tone of his call that he is doing this to “edify” me. Oh, thinks me to myself…this is edification? I ask him… Q: Are you aware that there are about 5000 typos in the 1st run? A: Yes! Q: You are going to verify capitalization with a book that has 5000 typos? A: Yes Q: Do you actually think that the 1st run KJV is the inerrant Word of God? A; Yes My response: “well you just go right ahead and think that!” And I hang up! 12

Henry Dziczkowski

That week my mother and I have a discussion as to what were are going to do if this sage imbued with the wisdom of the ages attempts to feist his original addition KJV on us. Our mutual decision is that if that happens we will sever our relationship. One of the points we discussed is how this person, who has recently proclaimed, and proclaimed with boldness, how he has “the mind of Christ” The mutual decision we came to also involved the same reasons that we decided to depart from the Medina group…This is how the “mind of Christ” is supposed to work?? We are now up to “Incident Sunday”, as I anticipated there was a question on capitalization. ‘kowski, with resolve, pulls his 1st run KJV from his case and checks the word in question. A) It corresponds with the usage of R.E.R. but B) does not correspond with all of our bibles nor does it correspond with Strong’s Concordence. IT WAS MY MOTHER WHO PUT THE DIRECT QUESTION TO HIM: WHAT BIBLE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE? ‘kowskis answer… “The 1st run KJV!” He proceeds to sputter… “Dusty Rhoads uses the 1st run KJV”. My mother becomes VERY upset and starts to cry. She really did not want to sever relationships, but she knew that this is a situation that she MUST take a stand. The next few minutes commenced my attempt to physically eject this animated pile of shit from our home… For a short time thereafter ‘kowski did come to get my mother and take her to the Srokas, that did not last too long. 13

Doctrine! (Oh-yea) as pandered by Henry Dziczkowski: •

It gives honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ to change capitalization.

A believer has the liberty to do this

It is up to the individual believer to determine capitalization.

The “official” Word of God is the 1st run 1611 addition.

Having the “mind of Christ” facilities all the above.

Do you people think…do you actually think that I am going to just ignore this…do you?? And than you will get all convicted and pray for unity!? You people make me want to puke! I printed the above and mailed it not all, but some “selected” individuals of the Maranatha Bible Society, and, as I anticipated, absolutely NO response. This motivated me to do a serious word study, after completion of this study I mailed same to the same selected people…You would think this would get their attention…Hell No! I have a younger brother, he became aware of this. How he became aware, is I recorded a series of videos and published them on YouTube, my user name on YouTube is: Elymas BarJesus, it would please me immensely if you would watch these.


Henry Dziczkowski

He (my younger brother), wanting to hear K. Brandt’s side of the story (Brandt is the self proclaimed President of the MBS), contacted him. Keep in mind that this “incident” involved me grabbing Henry Dziczkowski by the throat and attempting to eject him from my mother’s residence. All he wants to know is: Why such a non lovey-dovey reaction to H. Dziczkowski? He already knows my position: What H.P.D. has done amounts to Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost; and one bright sunny morning H.P.D. invites my mother to join him in his Blasphemy. My younger brother queried K. Brandt on this. Brandt’s reply was that it was just a…

Difference of Opinion. Hey Ken Brandt…a difference of opinion!? Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is just a “Difference of Opinion”. Do you think I am going to be lovey-dovey and forget the whole matter?


Hey Jitch...Let's have a lovey-dovey word study; we will review this at the White Throne Judgment. 15


Chapter Three: A Word Study The “word of the LORD” and “the word of God” These two phrases are worth pondering. First, some preliminaries: •

The phrase “the word of the LORD” is used 244 times in the Old Testament, and 13 times in the New Testament.

The phrase “the word of God” is used 4 times in the O.T. and 45 times in the N.T.

In the Old Testament, the phrase, “word of the LORD” ALWAYS has LORD in all capital letters.

In the New Testament, the phrase “word of the Lord” has only the L capitalized.

Of the verses where “Word of God” is used, the ONLY place where the W in word is capitalized is in Revelation 19:13

The phrase “word of the LORD God” is used only once, 1 Kings 14:25

The phrase “word of the Lord GOD” is used 3 times, all in Ezekiel; 6:3, 25:3, 36:4

The phrase “words of the LORD” is used 18 times in the O.T. and once in the N.T.

The phrase “words of God” in the entire bible is used 6 times. 17

The phrase “word of the LORD of hosts” is used 4 times.

Now consider the words used in these phrases “LORD”, as best as my magical computer bible can count, is used a total of 6470 times. “Lord” is used 1127 times, and “lord” is used 234 times. (please note this does not consider the etymology of the word) The above for my purposes, is only an academic exercise. The word that this study is about is the word “WORD”. Without considering etymology the word is used a total of 696 times. Considering etymology, the word “Word” (with a capital W) Is used SEVEN times. And, ONLY by John, and ONLY N.T. word # 3056 As a point of scholarship there are three words, if used, the user should make absolutely sure of what he is saying by verification of every single reference. The three words: Only, Always, and Never. I am making this statement as juxtaposition to the skolarship evident in the writings of one large size farce, (R.E.R.)…he even touted himself about “doctrine”. The seven places “Word” (capital W) is used , and ONLY by John, and ONLY N.T. word # 3056 1. John 1:1, the 6th word 2. John 1:1, the 9th word 3. John 1:1 the 15th word 4. John 1:14 18

Word Study

5. First John 1:1 6. First John 5:7 7. Revelation 19:13 Consider this: SEVEN…the Holy number, seven…the Sacred number, seven…the Perfect number. How many “sevens” are in the bible…not six…not eight…SEVEN? The point of this writing is not to delineate how many sevens there are, but to call attention to JUST ONE. That one being the number of times “Word”, with a capital W is used. Why God Almighty chose to write His Bible this way I do not know…but He did! Keep considering…The translators of the King James Bible were as inspired by the Holy Ghost as any of the writers of the original documents. It is true that there is no distinction between lower and upper case in Hebrew or Greek, but in English THERE IS. The meaning of a word in English changes if it is spelled with a capitol or a lower case letter. Here is my main point: Take just one…and only one, of the 257 verses that use the “word of the Lord”…take just one, and only one of the 49 verses that use the “word of God”… Change the lower case to an upper case (your intentions do NOT matter)…Guess what you have just done!? You have just defiled one of God Almighty’s Perfect Sevens. Not only have you defiled a Perfect Seven, but you have blasphemed a Perfect ONE…The Perfect ONE. Just in case you don’t get it, the one and ONLY time “The Word of God” is spelled with a capitol W is in Revelation 19:13. Let’s see…Hmmm…Defiling a Perfect Seven is blasphemy of the Father…that’s forgivable. Defiling the Perfect One is blasphemy of the Son…that’s forgivable. It was the Holy Ghost that moved the translators of the KJV to spell the 689 19

Word Study

places where “word” is used with a lower case w…Change JUST ONE of those 689 words…Who is that blasphemy of!? I’m not writing this to edify you, I’m writing it as your final warning. You see I have an obligation, it’s stated in Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, the thirty-third chapter, the first through the twentieth verses. Should you do any of the alterations mentioned above AND/OR have fellowship with someone who does…God Almighty will ask you some very simple questions at the White Throne Judgment: Q: Do you believe the Book of Psalms, one in particular, Psalm number twelve, the sixth verse? If you answer the question with a yes the next question is likely to be: Q: Do you believe My apostle Paul, particularly what wrote under My inspiration in his First Letter to the Corinthians, the thirty-seventh verse of the fourteenth chapter? If you answer that question with a yes, the next question will probably be: Q: Did you obey what I said when I inspired Paul to write his letter to the Ephesians, the fifth chapter, the eleventh verse?

As you stand there naked and quaking You will NOT be able to say that I did not warn you! I will acknowledge that there just might be some of the elect that will read this. If you are the elect then the Holy Ghost 20

will bring you under conviction. Do NOT contact me, because I have dusted off my shoes from the Farceanatha bible Cult. The person to contact is Debbie Motylinski, she is in possession of everything I have written concerning “The gospel according to the scriptures” It still might not be too late, but, when Second Thessalonians, the seventh verse of the second chapter is fulfilled, the “Gospel of the Grace of God” will be over.

Is this to you, for you, or about you? Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.



Chapter Four: Ken Brandt Of the about 120 people scattered through out the United states, and the about 75 to whom I mailed “Clarification”, two people stand out as the most noxious farces: Ken Brandt and Henry Dziczkowski, H.D. because of his “Honor and Glory” of defiling the word of God, and K.D. because of a message he preached. The title of this message was “Take a Stand” (Brandt has now taken over the MBS as its self proclaimed president) When I mailed “Clarification” I knew it would evoke some ire, I really didn’t care, and I wanted this to happen. The reason being that these people in toto are too pusillanimous to react with any rebuke or rebuttal. I knew that if anyone did object, it would be in the form of a righteous letter of indignation…and it was. Below is the letter I had prepared in advance for Bro. Take-a-Stand Ken Brandt. ********** From: Allan Lewicki and Isaiah 1:18 To: Ken Brandt Regarding: “Doctrine” 2 Timothy 3:16 “…they will not endure sound doctrine…” The following will be limited to just one book, and that so as to falcate verification; “Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1” by Richard E. Rhoades. Direct quotes from the above book written by Dusty Doctrine-Doctrine Rhoads 1) His “Creed”, page 258 XIV: “The Bible is the complete and PERFECT Word of God and is trustworthy in all matters…” 23

2) Page 353: Lines 10 & 11 “…I haven’t found a single place that I would call error, nor do I deem it necessary to delete or substitute anything” 3) Page 265: Lines 13, 14 & 15 “As to why I believe the Bible is the complete and perfect Word of God, I have reason to believe it to be SELF EVIDENT.” 4) Page 349: Lines 18, 19 & 20 “…the KJV underwent a lot of correction before finally coming to the place where it was error free…” 5) Page 352 “WERE THE KJV TRANSLATORS INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, OR WERE THEY SIMPLY SCHOLARS WHO DID A RESEARCH JOB WELL? …I would be the last to suggest that ONE WORD be removed from it” With the last quote in mind, even though I could site many words from just about all of this “Gospel Preacher’s” writings, I will limit myself to the above “ONE WORD”… One, that’s right just one is all that is necessary to make my point. Prior to continuing I need to establish a context. I have recently done a word study concerning Paul’s use of “we and us vs. they and them” I can site twelve references: From Romans; 1:5, 3:31, 8:16 (this one can also be coupled with 1 Jn 4:6). From Corinthians: 1 Cor 5:8, 2 Cor 2:11, 2: 15 & 16, 3: 14 & 15, 13:8. From First Thessalonians; 2:4, 3:8 (note “if”). From Second Thessalonians; 4:3. From Titus 1:16 From the above listing and elsewhere there are several that are particularly pertinent: 24

Ken Brandt

“They”: A) Don’t endure sound doctrine B) Corrupt the Word of God C) Believe not the Truth D) Hold the Truth in unrighteousness E) Preach “another gospel and another Jesus” With special emphasis on C) above, does or does not the “Gospel Preached” in question hold to be true or false: a) Psalms 33:4, 101:3, 117:2, 119:38, 43,49,160 b) Proverbs 30:5 & 6 c) Deuteronomy 4:2 d) 1 Thessalonians 5:22 e) Revelation 22:18 & 19 Do you recognize this list?…To continue, given a) through e); A) through E); and quotations 1) through 5): { Parenthatical Note: “…this list” is from the Scriptures I referenced in Chapter One } Kindly explain page 53 of the above referenced book!! To be sure, Line 18, the last word of that line. Tell me that’s a misprint!? Looky-here, Webster has a word…it’s even English: FARCE ! I suppose you think I’m going to politely not notice this…don’t you…after all…far be it from me to perturb your lovey-dovey “unity” The above probably will not sink in until you read this letter 100 times, so I will help you. “Farce” as defined by Webster, noun; something absurd or ridiculous


On the other hand there are several things that I have come to an understanding of, deep truths! Thanks to R. E. Rhoads I have a very clear understanding of what Paul meant in Romans 1:18 when he said “…hold the truth in uprightness…” Tell me…the above quotes, 1) through 5)… are they true? Yes or No! How, pray tell… and evidenced by replete contradictions in ALL of his writings…how does he hold them?? Oh… “ALL”, I don’t mean some of all, or half of all, or most of all…I mean ALL…of ALL! { Additional parenthetical explanation: “All” according to R.E.R. never means all of all, it only means some of all… Dah!…yea-yea, he did have a somewhat erudite reason: you have to glean from the context if it is “all” without exception, or “all” without distinction } There’s another thing you can ponder…“They”…the above referenced verses… are they to you, for you, or ABOUT YOU? { More parenthetical explanation: Quoting R.E.R. “All the Bible is for you but it is not all to you”…or was it the other way around? Regardless, the Maranatha Bible Society makes a prodigious amount of fuss as to any particular verse being “to you” or “for you” } I’m not done. As long as I’m going to get down on anybody, I’m going to get all the way down. But first, as before, I have to establish a context: Bible Truths that are of paramount importance. Since they are so important I’m sure anyone reading this will be able to answer a few very simple questions…that assumption is because whoever reads this will no doubt have “studied to show himself approved” { A favorite verse of the MBS II Timothy 2:15 } 26

Ken Brandt

Throughout the entire Bible; What is the difference between the: holy spirit, holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, and the Holy Ghost. Note the capitalization! How many times and by whom is “Holy Spirit” used…How many times and by whom is “Holy Ghost” used, the same for holy spirit and holy Spirit. I know, I wonder if you know…I wonder if you think it matters? If you don’t know or don’t care, you’ll find out at the White Throne Judgment how much it matters! Continuing with the same matter of “study”…and this especially with regard to Paul…sometimes he says Jesus Christ and sometimes he says Christ Jesus…have any of you pondered why? Since the ministry of the late R.E.R. was entirely based on Paul-PaulPaul, it seems to me that this is one of the things he would have made a point of teaching his disciples…didn’t he!? I can answer the above questions but I will not “edify” the maranatha bible cult with my answers. I will however supply a doctrinal reason why: It’s the verse after one of their favorites: I Cor 14:37 is the one I’m referring to as their favorite…the reason “why” of the forgoing is the next verse. Just in case you don’t have your calculator and have difficulty figuring it out, it’s 1 Cor 14:38. With all of that said, my next issue is “The Gospel”…all true disciples of R.E.R. believe the gospel…don’t they?…What “Gospel” do they believe?? …The Gospel of the Grace of God…really!! What do they believe it according to ?? Just in case I’m on a theological plane too elevated for a mere mortal let me make more quotations, and again from the same book reference at the start. “The Scriptures”!! What “Scriptures”?? How about page 257, VII…or how about page 88, lines 7 & 8. Does or does not these referenced “Scriptures” line up with what Paul told Timothy to study… 27

see second Timothy 3:15…are or are not “The Scriptures” able to “…make thee wise unto salvation…”? To continue with “The Scriptures”, Paul uses “as it is written”, for it is written”, “it is written” etc. referring to the Old Testament Writings 41 times. He uses variations of “according to the scriptures” 6 times; variations of “for the scripture saith” 9 times. Those references add up to 56, Fiftysix! It seems to me that Paul placed a most serious emphasis on “The Scriptures”

A Direct Challenge Somebody, anybody…all of you put together…even with your cats and dogs…show me…in the framework of the two above paragraphs…taking as your documentation, ALL of the tapes ever made by R.E.R. All of the videos, ALL of his books…ALL of ANYTHING produced by this man Show me Chapter and Verse, where he preached the Gospel According to the Scriptures! Maybe this will take a while to sink in, so allow me to approach the same matter from a different perspective. You people believe the gospel do you?…really! You all studied to show yourselves approved? You are all such “Rightly Word Dividers” are you! All right, answer an elementarily simple question: Since your “gospel” starts with “…Christ died for our sins according to the scripture” Tell me, the crucifixion…what was the month, the date and the day of the week?


Ken Brandt

AND, for answer to the above site CHAPTER AND VERSE I’ll even give you a great big hint: What was the very first COMMANDED HOLY DAY by God Almighty…give up? Read the 12th chapter of Exodus. Oh, by the way…that particular chapter is just one of the Scriptures referred to by Paul. Just in case any of you really does study and come up with the correct answer to this question…call me, I have another question. The next question, that I will not herein state, it is an acid test to see if you really do believe the gospel. I’m still not done. Maybe you would appreciate some help, and some “wisdom” from somebody who has loudly proclaimed to have “studied” Below is a letter from ken brant, this is the response he sent concerning my Clarification. Sept.03 Dear Allen, I received your treatise in the mail and at first thought that I would not respond, but then this came to my mind,"Truth is violated by falsehood and out-raged by silence," thus I feel a need to reply. As is true throughout the Scriptures, whenever the truth is being taught or proclaimed, there appears Sanballat (Neh.4), or Alexander the coppersmith, (2Tim.4:14), to try to thwart the work of God. This can always be traced back to the subtle wiles of the devil. He is always in opposition to the truth of God. What you wrote was not for the clarification of any truth, the edification of truth or edification of those who hold the truth dear. It was rather


a spirit of vindictiveness against Dusty and the truth that he taught. You know that you have held ill-feel~ ings toward him for many years because he did not agree with your ideas in the book of Revelation and now are finally exposing your feelings toward us. I find it very revealing that you could not approach Dusty and discuss these things face to face. It seems very demeaning to now try to destroy his credibility after he is gone. I'm not sure your exact intent in mailing this letter, but it certainly was not for the glory of God. I do not hold Dusty or any other man to be infallible. I am grateful for the truth Dusty taught me and the gospel he preached, for it saved my soul and has built me up in the faith. I have always checked the Scriptures (per his insistence) to see "if these things be so." I have never taken any man's word for the truth without seeing it for myself in the Scriptures. When it proves to be a "thus saith the Lord", then I believe it. I write this letter in defense of the truth and without any malice or intent of vengeance, for that belongs to God. Ken Brandt

As I read your letter note that you are in doubt as to my motives, I will come back to that. So as not to break my train of reasoning, I have made a challenge, show me chapter and verse the scriptures of this “gospel” you all hold so dear. I have noted in your letter that you have stated in writing that the gospel that was preached to you by R.E.R. has saved you. I note also that you have stated that you have “checked the Scriptures”. Since, as a matter of foundational doctrine, you 30

Ken Brandt

have a “thus saith the Lord” perhaps you should edify me with the scriptures of the gospel according to the scriptures. I wonder if it will get through to anybody that this paragon of gospel preaching, this stalwart defender of the truth, this champion of doctrine (Elymas Bar-jesus the 2nd aka Richard E. Rhoades) …never preached the Gospel…According to The Scriptures !! Read, taking the brant letter as an example…to see if these things be so… Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, the eleventh chapter, the fourth verse. If there is one thing I can attribute to Dusty Rhoads, it’s what he has taught me by his example… If there is anything worse that a heretic it’s a farce! My Motives I recall a discussion I have had with one particular N.T. word #5569. The subject was the fourth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians…spiritual gifts…I know what one of mine is. The following verses are directly relevant to my motives. The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel Chapter Three, Verses Seventeen through Twenty-One Hey all you lovey-dovey members of the lovey-dovey karkiss of lovey-dovey kryst…you can all continue to splash around in your lovey-dovey puddle of diarrhea and end up at the White Throne Judgment, or you can study what Paul has suggested…The Scriptures…the ones that are able to make thee wise unto salvation. Should you end up standing next to the latest incarnation of Elymas Bar-jesus and his beloved side-cake the late brother pig-lover. You will NOT be able to say that I didn’t warn you! 31

Looky-here; If you can’t site chapter and verse for “gospel according to the scriptures”…Hey…you got no scriptures! Guess what else, you believe another gospel and worship another jesus. Hey brother 6.8% biblical {take a bible and count the number of pages of scripture, divide that number by the number of pages written by Paul…6.8%} “spirit of vindictiveness” …why such a wimpy-ass word? I have the same love and compassion for the late Rev. Holy Farce as Paul has (note present tense) for anyone preaching another gospel. I have the same love and compassion for all of his disciples as Elijah has for the priests of Baal. I have the same love and compassion for his lovey-dovey elders as Samuel has for Saul. I could keep going but it gets my blood pressure too high, and having that happen over a bunch of farces is not worth it…especially if I get started on one of my favorite verses…Psalms 139:21 & 22 Written by My Hand: Allan Lewicki ********** End of letter


Ken Brandt

Note to the Reader There are two versions of “Progressive Revelation”. The original book is entitled: “Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1” Evidently my letter to Ken Brandt (the subject of this chapter) caused him so much consternation that he (yes “he” not R.E.R., see chapter X) rewrote the book. The title of the New Improved version is: “Studies in Progressive Revelation, Third Addition 1998” What Brandt did in his re-write was expunge all of the embarrassing proclamations of R.E.R. However, in a manner that is ludicrously farcical, replace them with ejaculations that are even more damning. Check pages 70 and 257 of this book…26 books in the New Testament. Again, see chapter X One more thing: R.E.R. liked to tout himself as the Sage of Biblical Wisdom and Father of the most paramount doctrine of what he coined “Progressive Revelation”…and all of his disciples believed him. Excuse me Dusty Rhoades, excuse me, excuse me…I Googled “Progressive Revelation” and what appeared on my computer is just one more reason that I that I think you are the latest incarnation of Elymas Bar-jesus.



Chapter Five: Lonnie Stafford The letter from Lonnie Stafford was hand written, below is a transcription as accurately as I can make it i.e. spelling and capitalization and punctuation as they appear in the original. Sep 03 Dear Allen The theme of all this I’m writing to you is based on Rom 2:16. The true word of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, the revelation given to Paul. In other words just how we are to live and serve if we are members of the Body of Christ. Who is our Head Eph 4:22-23. And may GOD get all the praise from this I write to you. What did you hope to prove by your letter to me? It was not edifying to me Eph 5:6-7. Verse 7 I’m including here because I will not be a part of this. I want only to show you what the scriptures tell me you put on paper. I beg your forgiveness if I’m wrong. Gal 6:1-10 speaks facing you eye to eye. Please if you know these verses, think as I present them to you. Go to 1Cor 8:2. And as I read Numbers 11:1617 I know what GOD is telling Moses. The burden he was having was to be shared, Moses need help. Study this well here for it seem to me like you have a personal thing in your heart. Please forgive and forget it. Look to the cross look at Phil 2:4-5. This group of people you seem to be addressing is in mane only, temporal. If I could just face you and explain what the Holy Spirit has put in my heart to help you with. Do you by now not share the love in my heart for you. We must help each other. Now in Rom 2:1-3 I’m not trying to judge you because I know 1 Thessalonians 5:22 “abstain from all


appearance of evil”. Go to 1 Tim 5:1 and 5:19. Rebuking an elder and remember an elder like in 5:17. I’m not trying to rebuke you or put you down. I want nothing even close to Eph 4:26. I only want to help you from a spiritual viewpoint. Look at Zechariah 8:16-17 truth well spoken of in O.T. pure. EPH 4:25-26 Forgive your Bro is he’s made a mistake, help him. Think now, “Dusty” is dead. Now go on to Eph 4 29-32 it seems you have something in your heart that don’t need to be there. A grudge --- don’t give in to Satan. In our Lord Jesus Christ’s name let it go --- now. In Eph 6:13 we must were the armor at all times. That armor is our Lord Jesus Christ. We cannot serve two masters Math 6:24. But now in the second ch. of Eph, I know who I am and how it happened. Parse GOD. When you look in Eph 4:11 that’s where “Dusty” came in. we all make mistakes, if you’ll at the Studies in Progressive Revelation the second vol page 309 (the red-orange-yellow) burn the last paragraph into your mind. I greatly benefited from “Dusty’s” work and you will to if you are one of Christ’s Body. I use capital letters to give the Highest I can to my GOD. And if (and I do) I come upon a mistake, I make the correction (so anyone reading after me will know the truth) and go on. And I think clear here. And in the future if something needs reprinting --- GOD will take care of His (GOD’s) word. I am not smart enough to do what he did. GOD bless this man. I knew “Dusty” very well the last year he lived here on Earth. Many days, hour’s and hour’s I was with this man. I know he loved GOD, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and he loved me. I seldom see anyone these day’s that I can say that about. I’m a nobody until I look at the cross where Christ died for me. Then my death burial and resurrection with Him. Today I see Rom 12:18 daily and Heb 12:14 and Rom 14:19 (read this verse well) now read Rom 14:13


Lonnie Stafford

My hope here is that I’ve showed you some good scriptures to live by. Examine yourself and you’ll know where you stand. One more verse Prov 10:18. James Ch 3 will tell you about your tongue. GOD has given us all the answers in His Holy Word make no mistakes about it. A servant of our GOD Lonnie Stafford My prayer is to Make you a better servant

Here is my reply to the above letter { I thought Lonnie was a girl, I came to find out that is not so…it doesn’t matter } From: Allan Lewicki To: Lonnie Stafford Greetings (just to be formal) Don’t think that just because I didn’t immediately respond to your rebuke that I am not going to. I am composing a reply. However I will not send it directly to you in that it is way to intense for anybody who is a disciple of the late R.E.R. One of several reasons for my delay in this letter is that I wanted to make sure that if anybody was going to respond, by now they have. So to compose my rebuttals, I waited. Why? Not send my response directly to you? Well you see, as I have said above, it’s because of it’s intensity. It just might make you mess your panties so bad that you will soil it to the point of making it illegible (I have such a way with words…don’t I), then you might decide to burn it. I wouldn’t 37

want that to happen, I want the whole world to know what I said to you. The response I will write I will send to jim motylinski, I will include instructions to have him forward it to you. In doing that I can assure myself that everyone will know that I did indeed respond. If he rips it up it only demonstrates how mealy-mouth I have already come to the conclusion he is. If that happens, I’ll send another one. In your letter you make twenty-one (21) references to Scripture, I am going to respond to EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. The one I am going to address FIRST is your LAST reference. Proverbs 10:18! I have just now started on this reply, it will take me a little while. So, in the meantime I have enclosed something for you to digest. I’m sure it will edify you. Make sure you have enough clean panties. The above (as stated the start of the letter) was just a preparation: Below is my full response. From: Allan Lewicki To: Lonnie Stafford I want the world to know what my response to your letter is! Just think, if a man is to be judged by every idle word that comes out his mouth…how much more this letter! Starting with the last of your twenty-one (21) references to Scripture…I am starting here first so as to set a tone for this entire letter.


Lonnie Stafford

The Book of Proverbs, chapter ten, verse eighteen Read what it says! It says “He that hideth…” and it says “… uttereth a slander…” I am hiding absolutely nothing AND “Slander” is something that IS NOT TRUE, in ALL of your 21 references, have you shown me, that anything I have written, not to be true!? There are three people in your fellowship that I have directly challenged about slander. I wonder if you know who they are? Continuing about “hideth”…What? Exactly is it that is hidden…Hatred! Hey woman, I’ll tell you in front of God and the whole world…I hate the guy (R.E.R.). I hate him, I hate his beloved side-cake Frank Riley, and I hate his three farceketeers Ken Brant, Dale Koller and Henry Dziczkowski. Not only do I hate them, I hate their gospel (take careful note that I said their gospel…not to be confused with Paul’s Gospel) I hate their jesus and I hate their god! Do I make myself clear!? Do not, accuse me of hiding anything (other than Paul’s Gospel, 2 Cor 4:3) and do not, accuse me of slander. I will make a digression here for a short explanation about why I hate, I used the word “hate” in the above paragraph SEVEN times…PERFECT HATRED! See Psalms 139:22. You see, I have the same emotion to them as Paul has (note present tense) in his first letter to the Corinthians the eleventh chapter and the fourth verse, and also his letter to the Galatians the first chapter and the sixth verse. Do you now understand what I meant about messing your panties! 39

I have already written one whole paper about “another gospel”. I will not reiterate it here because it would go right over your head. A copy of this paper is in the position of jim motylinski…perhaps he will share it with you. The above concludes my rebuttal to just one of your twentyone scripture quotations…do you still want to see me face to face? I could be just as detailed about all the rest but I wouldn’t, you see I regard that as casting my pearls before swine. The underling reason is that (as I have stated in my Isaiah 1:18 letter) we do not worship the same Jesus nor do we believe the same gospel nor do we believe the same bible…How much good is R.E.R’s lovey-dovey ca-ca going to do him at the White Thrown Judgment!? …Go change your panties. Hey woman…the same matters that I am presenting to you in this letter will be put to you again, in one of two places, either at the Judgment Seat of Christ, or, if you end up standing next to your paragon of gospel preaching. Of course isn’t me that is going to end up at the White Thrown Judgment isn’t it…I can just see it now…A thundering declaration…”Depart from me all ye non-lovey-dovey, into everlasting fire”. I will lament in reply…but God, I took a stand…another thundering pronouncement…”I just changed Psalms 138:2…I magnify my lovey-dovey above my name!” I’m getting off the track. Because of what I have said above about casting pearls, I am going to address several of your references at once. An excellent place to resume are your references of Ephesians 5:6 &7 and 1 Cor 8:2, as I go I will also work in some of your other references. Vain words…are you intimating to me that my words are vain and D.R.’s words are pure and holy? Of course you’re not deceived by another gospel…are you…you know the lord…don’t you! Seeing how your beloved elder (1 Tim 5:17) labored so much, kindly show me chapter and verse in anything 40

Lonnie Stafford

produced by that man where he ever preached Paul’s Gospel (Rom 1:16), show me where he preached it “according to the scriptures”. Do you really think that this man has the mind of Christ (Phil 2:4 & 5) And see to it that whatever scripture you show me are quoted exactly accurately (Zech 8: 16 & 17) What are the last ten words of Zech 8:17!? …Do you have enough panties? Romans 2:1~3, we will see who is inexcusable, back up five verses…we will see who has the reprobate mind, we will see who “…put a stumbling block…” (Rom 14:13), we will see who is the elder (Num 11:16 & 17). All this makes me so angry I need to change my underwear! The singular point of damnation is that this is presented to you people, you agree with it, yet you will do absolutely nothing about it. You should change your name…to Meroz. Your reference to Gal 6:1~10 The first book published by R.E.R. doesn’t get past page seven and I will flush it down the toilet for FARCICAL HIEROCRACY! The connection with this and the above verses is; first, the man is NOT my brother, and second, one particular word used by Paul in those verses, it’s N.T. word # 3900, translated “fault”. Note that in the definition of the word AND in the context in which it is used, this “fault “ is unintentional. If it were intentional the verse would probably have read “…If anyone gets caught in a sin…” Let’s start reading Progressive Revelation. The first statement of doctrinal position regarding the KJV, page iii line 17. “…infallible and without error…” Oh. Glory Halaula! Page 1, the VERY FIRST SENTENCE, “… infallible and without error…” Oh Glory Hala-lovey-doveylouya! O.K. we are now up to page 7, starting with the continuation of the last paragraph of page 6…Hmmm…2 Pet 1:19…?? Continue reading, next paragraph…rightly dividing 41

the word?? THE VERY FIRST BIBLE QUOTATION!! Well just Glory Hala-lovey-dovey-farcecarcass-louya!! Tell me that those corruptions are unintentional…tell me that that is a misprint! And this “scholar” is going to feist himself as rightly dividing the word…excuse me…EXCUSE ME…that transcends the literal definition of the word FARCE! My use in the above of the word “carcass”, something I have already put in writing but I will state again. Whatever CARCASS you, the late Rev. Holy Farce, or anybody else in your lovey-dovey puddle of diarrhea claim to be a part of DOES NOT INCLUDE ME! As long as I am on a tirade about the word “farce”. This leads very nicely to address your 1 Thess 5:22 reference. This one I have already dealt with in sufficient enough detail in my Isaiah 1:18 letter, so I will just reference that letter: Start with the first paragraph on page 8! This is an excellent place to address your references of Rom 12:18, 12:18 and Heb 12:14. It is not possible, if someone places under my nose a gem garnished solid 24k gold bowl of diarrhea…to co-exist in peace. Oh…”scholar”, I will come back to that…probably in closing. I am going to lump together your three Ephesians references. I’ll just site them as Eph 4:22~26. But don’t forget Eph 4:30…you did notice that it was little h capital S, didn’t you. Maybe by now, if Paul has read R.E.R’s book Progressive Revelation, Paul has been straitened out, especially when he got to page 306. I can sum up these three references by putting a very simple question to you: Are you going to tell me that what I write is corrupt communication and what the late R.E.R. has written 42

Lonnie Stafford

is “true holiness” are you?? You probably are! Just one more facet of the word farce. As I have lumped together the Ephesian references I will do likewise to the First Timothy references, 1st Timothy chapter five is good enough. And again I can reply to you from the same Scripture, First; 1Tim 6:12…this singular Scriptural reference and this one ALONE (even there are numerous others) I can site for my motivation for writing this letter. Second, AND, since “…the things I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord”, I will put to you another simple question. One that you should keep in mind as you ponder this letter: I Thess 5:21! Of course you can always get around that one because the “all” doesn’t mean all of all, it only means some of all. Well now, I do believe that I have responded to every single one of your twenty-one biblical references. Hey woman! Respond to this ONE BIBLICAL REFERENCE…the one I have just sited, First Thessalonians the fifth chapter and the twenty-first verse. PROVE ME WRONG ! As soon as you get a clean pair of panties on, I want to continue with something I had mentioned, something I said I would come back too…scholarship. If dusty rhoads is a scholar than Balaam’s asse’s ass wins the Nobel Prize! Haha, the first smart ass…didn’t you think that was funny? I think it’s about as funny as the “scholarship” displayed on a regular basis by the writer of the one singular book I am about to hold up to scrutiny. Progressive Revelation…Ohhhh, what a profound sounding title! The author of that book doesn’t GET PAST THE TABLE OF CONTENTS before he makes three unforgivable errors in scholarship. The reason that these three errors fell off the 43

page is because I have just finished writing a book. In the process of doing so I went out and bought a couple of books about “how to write a book” These books go through step by step the process of submitting a manuscript. They make very clear two points that you better have correct…otherwise your manuscript goes directly into the circular file. First, this manuscript has to be submitted to the editor. You better make sure his name is correctly spelled ! There is a certain person in Litchfield Michigan who’s name I will intentionally misspell for no other reason than to irk him. Look at the Dedication page…the very first name. Now, if by chance you can get point one correct you are up to point number two. There are, in the English language two similar sounding words that you better know…The difference between; Forward and Foreword. Evidently does this intellectual giant not know, but he never learned. Error number three, the last phrase in the Table of Contents. The guy can’t count! I’m not going to cut him one inch of slack by counting the introductory page of the Addenda Chapter as a page, see chapter one. Has anyone bothered to check the accuracy of the scholarly pronouncements by this man? Such as, this word is used so many times here or this other word is only used there? I will grant you that there are a few places where he is correct, but if he makes a statement about where and how many times a word is used, generally he is FLAT WRONG! Am I getting too nit-picky? Am I straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel? Let’s talk about nit-picky: Where in the bible are “jots & tittles” spoken of? Let me re-phrase that… who is the only Person to talk about “jot’s & tittles”? Give up…cuz you don’t know…cuz it ain’t Paul-Paul-Paul. I’m not going to tell you…go lovey-dovey “study” HOWEVER, 44

Lonnie Stafford

the scrutiny of jot’s & tittles stands fast. This one I would normally let slide as a typo, but since I have already stated that I am not going to cut that man one inch of slack…See P.R. page 34, line 17, the space between the 2nd and 3rd words. My final thought, for the sole purpose of depriving you of the grounds to say that I have nothing good to say about R.E.R.; During the Tribulation, when you run out of toilet paper…his books might serve a useful purpose. P.S. Do you have any clean panties left?

Is this to you, for you, or about you? 2 Peter 3:15-16 "And account that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation; even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction."



Chapter Six: Jim Motylinski The following is specifically intended for jim motylinski The letter you wrote in response to my “what day was it study”, as I expected to happen, the main point of that study went right over your head. My purpose here is not to enlighten you with the specific intent of that study…you didn’t get it then and you wouldn’t get it now. My purpose now is to DIRECTLY address several points you made. Let me refresh your memory. Your Letter: Allen, Seems like you've been doing a lot of study lately! Thank you for sending me some of what you are learning. To be honest, my head starts to swim when I encounter numbers trying to figure out exactly when such and such happened. On another topic I get the sense that the idea of "love" remains a stumbling block for you. I do know that prophecy, dates etc are an important part of the Word but what do you do with Scriputure that says, 1Cor 13:8 Charity never faileth: but whether [there be] prophecies, they shall fail; whether [there be] tongues, they shall cease; whether [there be] knowledge, it shall vanish away.


Or 1Cor 16:22 If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha. Or ljoh 4:20 If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? Not knowing times and seasons will not be a bar to eternity where the "elect" shall be praising Christ, but not having love will. Levi 19: 17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him. Levi 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I [am] the LORD. I enjoyed your company in times past Allan. You've been over to the house, we've breakfasted together, we talked. We've had a bible study at your home with "dear Ol’ Mom" there also. What happened? Jim

I’ll not start at the beginning, I’ll start at the end. So you want to know what happened do you!? I’ll tell you what happened! God Almighty, my Father chose to reveal to me THE GOSPEL! He did it by causing me to STUDY…what it was exactly that He caused me to study were the Scriptures that Paul told Timothy to study…the ones “that are able to 48

Jim Motylinski

make thee wise unto salvation”. A very interesting circumstance…this did not happen until quite some time after my total excommunication from the cult that met in Medina. The long & short of all this is really not to complicated. I saw the death according to the Scriptures of MY Savior. Take intense heed to “MY”…not your loveydovey farce! Now that I know “THE GOSPEL” I cannot adequately put in words my revulsion of people who think they are so holy but in actuality are so much God Dam Shit. Do you understand “God Dam”? I’m not using that as a vernacular derogatory exclamation, I’m using it as a positional relationship. A) GOD, The Supreme Being B) Dam; ones relationship thereto who thinks he believes the gospel but doesn’t. AND THAT, FARCE, IS WHAT HAPPENED! Let me be not too ungrateful. As I can thank that cult’s late founder for having a deeper understanding of some Biblical Truths I can also thank you for the same. The Book of Revelation, the twenty-second chapter the fifteenth verse. It’s about the people that are “without”…they loveth and maketh a lie. Notice that it does NOT say…they loveth to maketh a lie. Hey Farce…THAT’S YOU! As I’m writing this take note that I am specifically addressing points of your letter. I am calling attention to this to once again illustrate farceness. (That’s a word I just invented…the quality of being a farce) The point is that the few people who had enough gumption to respond to my Clarification did NOT rebut one single item of my expose’. All they did was castigate me for being so baddy-baddy. Charles Moorley didn’t even write anything, all he did was send a Bible Tract that just about made me puke. To continue with POINT SPECIFIC, your very first one is “love”. Since I have already stated how much lovey-dovey 49

love I have for the lot of you (just in case your short term memory has been perturbed it’s on page 5, the last paragraph) I will proceed to point number two. Point Number Two: 1 Cor 13:8, why just verse eight?? Keep reading…when you get to verse 11 what does it say about “childish things”…Tell me, is your beloved puddle of diarrhea EVER going to get past Paul-Paul-Paul?? Point Number Three: 1 Cor 16:22, Hey Farce…we do NOT worship the same Jesus! The Jesus I know as Savior I can site ALL of the Scriptures regarding His death, burial and resurrection. Can you do that with your lovey-dovey jesus?? Point Number Four: 1 John 4:20, Hey Farce…you are NOT my brother!! Points five and six: Leviticus 19: 17 & 18; Hey Farce…the same as point # 4 above! As long as I am on a tirade there is a point of Bro. 6.8%’s letter (A.K.A. Bro. Take-a-Stand) that I really did politely overlook. I am accused in that letter of attacking R.E.R.’s credibility, all right I will grant you that. Tell me about credibility will you! Read those first five quotes again, then explain page 53…and you’r going to tell me about credibility are you?…just one more facet of the word farce. The above is concerning credibility…how about character? Since what I am now about to say is NOT based on anything biblical maybe this will give you some room to jump all over me. For the following I do not have a “Thus Saith the Lord”; R.E.R…his divorce…not that he remarried for which there is a thus saith the Lord, not that he married a divorced woman, for which there is a thus saith the Lord. For which there is no thus saith the Lord…what were their age differences. jim mottlinski I know you know because you and your wife were 50

Jim Motylinski

in the same room when I gleaned this from one of his tapes. In fact I even remember confronting you about it. Their age differences…Twenty-Three years. Continuing with the above that is not in the bible, is there any reason a woman would marry somebody 23 years her senior. Since you’re so pure and holy you might not know… so I will tell you…MONEY! Is there any reason a man would marry a woman 23 years his junior? This one probably eludes you also so I will tell you again. Because his brain is in the end of his penis! A very peculiar anatomy for this “body of christ” wouldn’t you say? So…this paragon of truth who’s brain is in the end of his penis is going to preach to me about being holy is he! So… this stellar example of the Sovereignty of God is going to preach to me about the flesh is he…think again! When I found this out it caused me to do a re-evaluation of the ministry of Dusty Rhoads. A Minister, a man of God, a preacher of the gospel RE-married to a woman 23 years his junior…and all of you lovey-dovey farces thought that was just fine! Dusty Rhoads in my opinion went right to the bottom turd in the cesspool. I wonder…are you going to “study” or you going to go back to your puddle of diarrhea and splash harder? I will concede that there just might be some people of your acquaintance that are the elect (they just haven’t been called yet), One of the reasons that I’m putting so much effort into the composition of this letter is that just maybe you and your wife are some of them. I sincerely hope and pray that if there are any elect, that I can slap them in the face hard enough to get their attention. I thought about doing another mass mailing. I decided against it though…here is why: 51

The Gospel of Mathew, Chapter seven verse six My closing finally: A prayer I have, first concerning the elect. Should any of them read this letter may it burn into their soul until they finally do know the gospel. Second, concerning the non-elect…may they just burn. Allow me to make a prophecy. There is about to burst upon the world a period of time known as the Great Tribulation. You, and all the members of your fellowship are going to have a front row seat…that is of course until that seat gets burned to Hell. Here is my prophecy…the Book of Revelation is going to become the most important document you ever laid eyes on.


Is this to you, for you, or about you? II Timothy 3:8~9 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith. But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.



Chapter Seven: Millie Rhodes I have called these people a cult. I have also said that to define them by that word is being kind. In a “cult” the make up of the membership generally shows some intelligence. These people are so doofus that this woman actually thought I was “sanctifying” the fellowship’s glee of corruption of capitalization. I did not reply directly to her. I wrote a letter to Jim Motylinski enclosing her letter, see below. Millie’s Letter: Dear Allan {The non-relative section has been omitted} I want to tell you how you answered a question about "capitalization" that I always wanted to know about. I never saw anything about this; for I wanted to be correct, especially so, because in writing God's word I must not be incorrect. Are you saying that a believer has the liberty to use capitalization if he so desires, even when he is using quotes from the Bible? So many times I felt compelled to do so, but I felt it may be wrong to do so. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ is blessing you with His riches from above In His Precious Love Millie Rhodes Job 19:25-27


My response to Millie Dear Millie Responding directly to the issue of capitalization: Please note the heading of my “Clarification”, everything that follows is not my position but the “doctrine” as is readily apparent in any and all written material of the maranatha bible society. The references that I list are only a very small, repeat very small, listing of what has caused me to come to the conclusion that I so state. Evidently, to understand the reasoning and logic that allows “believers” of the aforementioned society to have this “liberty” it is necessary to possess the “mind of Christ” To say that the mind that I possess and the “mind” of the overwhelming majority of that “society” do not correspond is an understatement! So as to allow you to be properly edified I have forwarded your letter to an individual who professes with the most serious certainty to possess that mind. I will leave it up to your own discretion to discern the wisdom of his so-called “mind of Christ” My position on the matter of ANY alterations of the bible is elementarily simple. The Bible as the Word of God is inspired by the Holy Ghost, attempts to improve thereon is tantamount to blasphemy thereof. Oh…I didn’t send that letter to just you, it was sent to almost the whole mailing list. Allan L. Lewicki The “forwarding” I wrote in the above letter to Millie was to Jim Motylinski (see below). My letter consisted of a copy of 56

Millie Rhodes

the Millie Rhodes letter, a copy of my replay to Millie, and the actions I wished him to take Keep in mind, this is AFTER “The Incident” between myself and Henry Dziczkowski. My letter to Jim Motylinski: Dear motylinski On Monday, November 17th I received a letter from Millie Rhodes (copy enclosed). Enclosed is my reply to her letter. Go get that animated pile of shit that calls itself your uncle to straighten this lady out. Allan Lewicki Enclosed with this letter was a copy of the declaration on the following page. I hand wrote a note to J.M. on the back. The note said: This arrived in my mailbox with no return address and unsigned. Do you actually think that I don’t know what Animated Pile of Shit sent it? Why didn’t he sign it? It couldn’t possibly be from GUILT. { “Animated Pile of Shit” is a title I have bestowed upon Henry Dziczkowski, H.D. is Jim Motylinski’s uncle } 57

Just the way this “Declaration” is worded and written…I mean, what? This is a thundering proclamation from one of the Twenty-Four Elders (Rev 4:4), and I’m supposed to piss my pants when I read it? Alan Lewicki Sept. 18, 2003

THE WORD OF THE LORD Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.

gall of iniquity

For I perceive that thou art in the . Let no corrupt communication proceed from out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

wrath and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice.

Let all bitterness, and

I desire to be present with you now, and to change my voice; for I stand in doubt of you Alan. For this cause we also, since the day we heard of it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Grace be with all them that love the Lord Jesus Christ in



Is this to you, for you, or about you? I Timothy 1:7

Desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm.



Chapter Eight: Letters to Debbie and Sonja I had a chance meeting with Debbie Motylinski (Jim’s wife), this was the start of some detective work on my part. “Sonja”, as in the title of this chapter, is Sonja Heady, at the time, an attractive female of about fourtyish, she and Dusty Rhoades were cohabatitating, also at the time, Richard E. Rhoades was approaching eighty. A slight digression, even though apparently, R.E.R. and Sonja were not sexually involved, their particular living arrangement did not set well with myself and several other members of the fellowship…this is one more facet of the word farce. To place the situation in the proper perspective: Richard E. Rhoades…Doctrine-Doctrine-Doctrine. R. E. Rhoades…Bible-Bible-Bible. Dusty Rhoades…Gospel-Gospel-Gospel King Farce…Holy-Holy-Holy !! Excuse me Rev. Holy Farce (aka Elymas Bar-jesus the 2nd), am I not supposed to notice: Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, chapter five verse twenty-two. As I have said elsewhere; you Piece of Shit, Farce. The detective work I mentioned above was to locate Sonja. This episode in the life and times of the Father of the Maranatha Bible Society; R. E. Rhoades, is probably the singular affair in its history that Kenneth D. Brandt (its now 61

President) would like to keep secret. Ken Brandt was directly, personally, intensely involved with this. First, I need to explain the details of exactly how R.E.R. and Sonja came to cohabitate. The details of Sonja’s life prior to the rearrangement of her living situation are vague. It is sufficient to say that she was down and out. Not to long prior to this, R.E.R.’s second wife had divorced him. { see details in chapter nine } Dusty Rhoades, as a gesture of his magnanimous Christian virtue takes her in as sort of a stray puppy. She becomes his maid, housekeeper, cook, nurse, and girl Friday. The location is R.E.R.’s condominium in Daphne, Alabama. When I first became involved with the MBS, this situation already existed; I suppose this went on for about three years. Un-expectedly and somewhat out of character Dusty Rhoades, becomes gravely ill. I am not being sarcastic, I mean “gravely ill” that the situation is life threatening. Ken Brandt makes an emergency trip to Daphne (K.B. at the time was a dairy farmer, his farm being in Jonesville Michigan) Whether upon Brandt’s arrival in Daphne or before or after, R.E.R. is rushed to the Emergency Room (Brandt can supply the details…except he wouldn’t talk). Why is our Beloved Prophet so ill? The diagnosis…poisoning! Poisoning !? Say What !! Apparently, he was receiving an overdose of his prescription medications. Who was involved in this? Well, needless to say, the list of suspects is not too long. Sonja Heady is evicted. Ken Brandt wanted to file formal charges with the police, but Dusty Rhoades talked him out of doing so. 62

Debbie & Sonja

Life goes on, Dusty Rhoades dies anyway, weather or weather not this incident had an effect on his demise was never determined. One thing that can be taken for granted is that it sure as Hell didn’t do him any good. I depart the Maranatha Bible Society…Ex-communicated Big Time! I Wrote “Clarification” (as I said in chapter one). Back to my chance meeting with Debbie Motylinski, Debbie is somewhat uncomfortable under the circumstances, she asks me if we are still friends, we somewhat discuss the subject of Sonja. I have an idea. I would like to know Sonja’s side of the story, and I think it would be eye-opening if Debbie and Sonja communicated so as to compare notes. My new mission: Find Sonja Heady. This was not too difficult; she was still living in Daphne, Alabama. I called her up…actually, she was very surprised and pleased to hear from me…she denied everything. What she thinks of me now is probably not too flattering; this is my conclusion in that she refused my last letter. The Letters I sent to both Debbie and Sonja (I self-published these, and sent them to selected members of the MBS):

Dear Debbie & Sonja I am anticipating (note future tense) some reaction to my Isaiah 1:18 & “Incident” letters so even prior to having received anything I am composing this. I hope that you immediately notice my tone. I’m especially trying not to be the wrathful me as I have been in my previous letters. Why, you have a legitimate reason to ask, have I written those letters in the first place. The answer is, that unlike someone else who has been the reception of my wrath I really do 63

believe in taking a stand. {She understood whom I was referring to, but the reader might not, Ken Brandt} What exactly this stand is, is like looking at an elephant under a microscope. The stand is: the Gospel according to the Scriptures. It’s the last 4 words of that simple 5 word phrase, according to the scriptures. Paul, when he wrote this, used that phrase twice…that’s like saying “verily verily”. A slight digression, “verily”…N.T. word #281, also used in the Old Testament but translated from several words…meaning “Truly”. “Verily, verily”, used ONLY by the Lord Jesus and Only in the Gospel of John, and when it is used it is ALWAYS followed by “I say unto thee” or “I say unto you”! The point I am making is that Paul writing “according to the scriptures” twice, in reference to his Gospel in 1 Cor 15:3 & 4 is like the Lord Jesus saying “Verily,verily”. Why then, are these Scriptures that are of paramount importance, NEVER referenced by this “church”? The fellowship that I once held so dear but have come to regard as a cult. Oh…maybe you have picked up on how I write “The Lord Jesus”. I suppose I should do some explaining: Did or did not Paul write that we are to follow him as he followed Christ? Did or did not Paul state that he was a “…pattern to them which should hereafter believe…” With that being the case I will follow the example of my brother Paul, thank you. Whatever accolades some cult wants to bestow upon their another jesus, they can do so without me. F.Y.I. I am not the only person who has become dis-enamored with the ministry of the late D.R. One other person is my mother, and I can varely-verely assure you that it was NOT because of any arm twisting by me. She has seen this for herself. As a testimony (to illustrate no arm twisting by me), while she was in the assisted living facility in Mansfield she did something, she made some plans. Rather personal really, she planed her funeral! One of the points of planning: She wishes to be in 64

Debbie & Sonja

attendance nobody from maranatha. The other people I know about I will leave un-named. I’m leading up to something. Paul said in 2 Cor 4:3 that his Gospel was hid to those that were lost. Why? Read the whole discourse in Mathew 13 about why speakest thou in parables, the same discourse in John 12. Note the conclusion of the train of thought; Matt 13:15 and 12:40. THAT is why! I already know the rebuttal I will get…”That’s only for the Jews”. I will not rebut their rebuttal, not that I can’t, I just wouldn’t. Continuing about “hid”, I’ll use an analogy to start, lets say yo u h av e s om et hi ng, som et hi n g v er y precious…priceless…irreplaceable. You know somebody else wants it and they will ransack your house to get it. Somebody that is not supposed to have it…what do you do?? You hide it so well that they CANNOT POSSIBLY find it. The absolute perfect hiding place…right in front of their nose! “Truth”…why is hiding it right in front of their nose the absolute best place? Because it is impossible for them to see. Is that to simplistic of an answer? See John 8:43, 45 and 47. John himself references verse 47 in his 1st Letter, chapter four verse six. I am well aware that the overwhelming majority of the members of the society which I have distain to name will take this letter and trash it! Why? Because they think, “All we need is Paul-Paul-Paul”…I’m wondering a wonder just after I have typed the last sentence…something the Bible doesn’t say…If there is “another jesus…is there another paul?? The Paul that I know would most definitely not approve of the antics of this one particular “society”. I’m getting off my main train of thought. I have recently done some calculations concerning certain days and dates of the Old Testament. These calculations are directly reverent 65

to the Gospel According to the Scriptures. Sonja, there is a copy enclosed for you, and Debbie, the enclosure for you is a revision of the one I sent to your husband…I did my best to expunge my caustic sarcasm. My purpose for doing this study is to show how important the days and dates are as they apply to God Almighty’s singular most significant Holy Day…Passover. So as not to bog you down with the nitty-gritty of the details of the calculations, for you I will state my major deduction first…than keep this in the back of your mind as you apprise yourself of my skolarship. Can you see that according to the twelfth chapter of Exodus that the crucifixion was the 14th day of the 1st month (weather that month was Nisan or Abib is not important…Abib is “leap month”). Paul so states in 1 Cor 5:7, Christ is our Passover. Than, given the four Gospel accounts that the resurrection was on the 1st day of the week…just back up 3 days and 3 nights, the crucifixion was Wednesday “at even”. Back to “Hidden” and “Why speakest thou in parables”…I did allude in my Isaiah 1:18 letter about an acid test question. I dub this as an acid test because if you are not the elect it is not possible to correctly answer this, AND it’s hid right in front of everybody’s nose. Oh…one last thing…I can’t answer the question for you…God Almighty has got to reveal this to you. The Question: According to the Gospel accounts of Mathew, Mark and Luke…the last supper…was that the Passover meal? I could keep writing but for now I think I have presented more than enough for one letter. Oh again…I would love it if 66

Debbie & Sonja

you two got in communication so as to put your heads together and compare notes.

Written by my hand: Allan Lewicki P.S. Debby, would you please ask your husband to tell his twin in Lynn Haven Fl. To stop sending that newsletter. The only thing it does to both me and my Mom is nauseate us.

The Next Installment Dear Debbie & Sonja: As if I don’t already know, my writings of “edification” are received with less than enthusiasm. Why is this?…I will tell you why, but first I need to back up. The time period being shortly before me and my Mom severed our relationship with Medina. My Mom received a letter, I’ll even tell you who it was from: Millie Rhodes. My Mom threw it in the garbage…not in the trash…the GARBAGE!! Somewhat unusual since she NEVER discards a letter. The point I am about to make is about “The Gospel”. I can’t remember exactly the entire content of this letter, but I most definitely remember why it went where it did. I will paraphrase; It went “Dear Harriet…lovey-dovey loveydovey lovey-dovey…I thank brother Dusty so much for saving my soul…because me preached the death, burial and resurrection according to the Pauline Scriptures” (underlined emphasis is my own). We both just about barfed (I’ve already used the word puke a couple of times and I don’t 67

want to seem redundant…As I’ve said in a previous letter…I have such a way with words) Here is the point, the above paragraph, even though dripping with my caustic sarcasm, is EXACTLY what the members of the Maranatha Bible Cult think!…Tell me that’s not “another gospel”. AND, on top of that…never mind what Scriptures Paul told Timothy to study (2 Tim 3:15), and never mind what R.E.R. has written himself (Progressive Revelation pages 88 & 257) To illustrate this point further, the point being that “…the gospel according to the scriptures…” the scriptures meaning the writings of Paul (and Paul only), I recall a not to long ago news letter in which Bro Take-a-Stand boldly proclaimed (allow me to paraphrase, I’m not going to go find this), “You can take your bible and hold it up, put your index finger on Hebrews and your thumb on Romans, and THAT IS ALL YOU NEED”…Do you wonder why that news letter nauseates both me and my Mom!? To get right down to it, the above is pure and simple HERESY! I already know this Cult’s position on “the scriptures”…That’s only for the Jews…Than, pray tell, why does Paul write so many times, “as it is written…for it is written…etc” Evidently it has been revealed to dusty rhoads that Paul is referencing his own writings. To back this up see Conference Messages Vol. 1, page 418, lines 20~24. Hey R.E.R…Who is a Jew, Rom 2:28 !! The definition of a cult…just think (and this time I’m not being sarcastic), this definition is straight out of one of the books written by R.E.R. See his commentary on Hebrews, page 243, line 2. If a person is to be judged by every idle word that proceeds from his mouth (Mat 12:36), how much more for what he has written! Def: A Cult; Relies on some far-out-theory OR one particular facet of Christendom. 68

Debbie & Sonja

Hmmm, “far-out theory”…that couldn’t possibly be a theory like “according to the scriptures means the writings of Paul”, AND…”one particular facet” couldn’t possibly be somebody that preaches Paul-Paul-Paul…Nnaaa! But the above paragraph is EXACTLY what those people do believe. Why is that? I will tell you why, and it’s not all that complicated. I’ve referred in several of the letters I have written to a word study I have done: We & us vs. They & them. Here is the reason why, and only one of the characteristics of them; They believe not the truth (2 Thess 2:12 just one of several). Note that… do not believe the truth… not that they wouldn’t, they can’t (the same 2 Thess reference). Let me make a perfectly clear example of this, an example that YOU have seen with your own two eyes. Take ABSOLUTE TRUTH, like Proverbs 30: 5 & 6, put it in front of them (or him if your getting the jest of this example), put along side a few corruptions by R.E.R. (like pages 53 and 306 of P.R.) and ask them a very simple question…”Which one is true?” Oh, the Proverbs 30 reference is just one of many you could use, for a more complete listing see my list at the start of my “Clarification”. I have heard it said by R.E.R. and several others that “you can’t tell who the elect are”, excuse me but yes you can…you can use the above example to do it. The Apostle John said the very same thing in a different way…a very simple test…1 John 4:6. Oh again, that First John reference is exactly what the overwhelming majority of the members of my favorite cult would do, they would take this letter and trash it. And again…Galatians 4:16. With all the above in mind I can make a list, but remember that this list is only partial, that is because the people that are 69

not on this list are question marks. Note that your husband is NOT on the list. A list of people known to be NOT Elect: Dusty Rhoads Frank Riley Ken Brandt Henry Dziczkowski Carol Sroka Dale Koller Harry & Lee Heise The two latest additions: Jerry & Trudy Rasmussen Some comments about this list: Carol Sroka, the details require one whole letter, they are tangentially involved with her father, but here is what I can say very briefly. The same example above of placing absolute truth right under their nose; I have done that with her and she denied it. Jerry & Trudy Rasmussen: I sent a letter to Jerry, it was an order (note word) for a current mailing list, it came back marked refused along with my two copies of my “Incident” letter. On the basis of just one of several, 1 John 4:6, he and his wife make the list. A Digression: this is one of the things that nauseate me. He gets a letter from me, a letter with the over all subject of Salvation and Damnation…what does he do…he sticks his head into the sand just like an Ostrich! They ought to have all their conferences up in Michigan with that guy that raises Ostriches…they would be in such good company…fellowship! Oh, Oh-oh, a digression from this digression. My primary purpose for sending that letter was NOT that I really needed a mailing list. I needed a reason to send a letter, here is what I wanted to find out A) will he accept or reject it…if he rejects it than 1 John 4:6, if he 70

Debbie & Sonja

accepts it …it gives me one more opportunity to rub his nose in dusty rhoade’s N.T. word # 2875. That is the letter that was included in the latest mailing to your husband…whatever happens to it, I don’t really care. Frank Riley: Debbie, this comment you will be able to concur because YOU were DIRECTLY involved (Devine Providence?…remove the question mark). It was at the last conference attended by my mother and myself, it was the last day of the conference, the prayer before the parting meal, Frank Riley calls for the attention of everybody, he makes a few remarks. AND THAN HE ASKS HARRY HEISE TO PRAY!! While this prayer was being said YOU were holding hands with ME! I remember that after this prayer I hade a comment to you, if you can remember that comment, I will tell you now that it was not exactly what I was thinking, What I was thinking EXACTLY was “Frank Riley…you O.T. word #5130, adjective; O.T. word # 2716 noun”! ~~~~ Why was I thinking that? If you also remember, there was one bible study that I was vehemently objecting to two things about Harry Heise, first his preterism and second his Greek bible. YOU were sitting right next to me (again, Devine Providence…hindsight is always 20/20). Sonja, you might not immediately understand O.T. words #5130 & 2716. It’s a title I have dubbed upon the 4th person of the above list…ask Debbie. Hey Debbie-Debbie & Sonja-Sonja, should this letter be made known to the fellowship at large (actually, I hope it does) not only will you be held up to their scrutiny…why am I writing to you, why are you accepting these letters, what do you think…they will have to figure out how they can send someone to the pit of Hell to dig deeper so as to have a place for me.


Excuse my sarcasm, did, or did, not Paul name names? Like Alexander the Coppersmith. Did, or did not, Paul give a reason to Timothy why he named names. Are we, or are we not, to follow Paul’s example. I cannot put on paper the seriousness of my reason for naming these names. If you are the elect, and I most certainly hope and pray that you are: These people are your Bitter-Bitter Enemies! They are the enemies of your soul.

Written by my hand: Allan Lewicki P.S. I sincerely hope your husband takes heed to this letter.

Installment #2 Dear Debbie & Sonja: Is what I have previously written making sense? Does it really line up with Scripture? I suppose if you have a handle on my previous writings, you may wonder a wonder. You may wonder: How was Dusty Rhoads able to do what he did, and, For such a long time? I think I can answer that. First, what did dusty rhoads NOT do, He did not preach the Gospel according to the Scriptures. He did “…not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord…”(Acts 13:10). The forgoing is so simple, this is precisely what Paul said in 2 Cor 11:4 and in Galatians 6 & 7. Note that in the Galatians passage the same word is used, “pervert”, as in the Acts passage (just in case anybody wants 72

Debbie & Sonja

to get extra fussy, these two places do not use the same Greek word, I know, but they mean the same English word). Q: Did dusty rhoades have “the right ways of the Lord”? A: Yes, namely the Gospel according to the Scriptures. Q: Did dusty rhoades pervert this? A: Yes, he TOTALLY ignored the Scriptures. Does this real life example make clear the meaning of Romans 1:18. The parallel: In the Acts 13 passage it is one Elymas Barjesus that has done this. I find it most interesting that that name is spelled with a lower case j. (Something else, but it is probably irrelevant, my computer concordance will not find Bar-jesus). I also find it most interesting that ALL of the other translations use an upper case J. What does the name mean? Bar=son of, so the name means “the son of another jesus”…Such a parallel! Now that I have delineated what this Elymas Bar-jesus did, the next point is how he did it. He was a Sorcerer, a False Prophet (yes I changed the capitalization but also note that there are no quotation marks) Another very interesting point, the word translated sorcerer is N.T. word # 3097, it is translated elsewhere as “wise man”…Hmmm…a “wise man” “sorcerer”. So, somebody by the “wisdom” of his “sorceries” attracts a following. Also note that this guy attempted to “…turn away the deputy from the faith” (Acts 13:8). AND. THE FAITH is the one faith spoken of by Paul in Ephesians 4:5 Am I saying that dusty rhoads has done the same thing. YES I MOST CERTAINLY AM!! Here is another of a series of interesting points (that’s like a coincidence on top of a coincidence…that’s no coincidence) Galatians 3:1, Paul uses the word “bewitched” it’s N.T. word # 940, that word, 940, 73

is the only time it is used (check my scholarship). It means, “to fascinate by false representation”…Hmmm! Paul doesn’t say in the book of Galatians exactly how another gospel is preached, but by his use of the word “bewitched” I would bet it was the same method used by Elymas Bar-jesus. Continuation of interesting points, in Galatians 5:7 Paul uses in relation to the Truth the word “obey”. This is not the same Greek word used in relation to the Gospel in 2 Thess 1:8. My point being that those who disobey the Gospel in the second Thessalonians passage have done so as I have already written about in my “Gospel according to the Scriptures” letter. Do you know anybody today that obeys the Gospel?? And yes, excuse me R.E.R. the word is obey, not believe…Hey, the devils believe (and tremble) James 2:19! But do they OBEY!! A farther expansion of N.T. word # 940; TO FASCINATE…what did R.E.R. use to do this fasination? The Body of Christ! Now you must understand that I hold the principles of the truths taught by Paul concerning the Body of Christ as vital, there is one singular point of the maranatha bible cult that I have expressed to my Mom (and someone else too) about them: Please excuse my bluntness, the only accurate way to express what I think is to do simply that…express exactly what I think. I think…”If that puddle of diarrhea (et. al.) is the Body of Christ, then I’ll be a Buddest Monk”! You can quote me on that. Needless to say, I have some drastically variant views concerning the doctrines of the Body of Christ as the late R.E.R. For example, one of several Old Testament saints that I perceive as being members of the Body of Christ…David. How many times have you heard R.E.R. belittle the Gospel of John (Oh that irked me)? O.K. dusty rhoads…if “there is 74

Debbie & Sonja

no Gospel in the Gospel of John”, kindly show me The Gospel in the epistles of Paul. The Gospel, that is according to the Scriptures. And as long as you are going to be doing that, lets go over your doctrine of the Book of Revelation, namely “The Body of Christ is never-never-never (I don’t remember exactly how many tines he said never, this was at a mine conference at ken brant’s…this is on a VHS tape. If you would like to document this but can’t find the tape, just use P.R. page 103, the last sentence) in the Book of Revelation. I’ve’ got more to say about Revelation, but for now let me continue about worship. Lets establish some simple doctrine. Doctrine attached to one simple English word…worship. Just a very few of the over 100 times that word is used 1) Matt 4:9. 2) Rev 22:9, pay close attention that the word is N.T. word #4352, this is essentially the same as O.T. word # 7812. Now look up Daniel 2:46, note that the word translated “worshipped” is NOT # 7812, it’s 5457. If the word were #7812 Daniel probably would have done something similar to what happened to John in Rev 22:9. I have now set the stage…”the Body of Christ is nevernever-never in the Book of Revelation”, O.K. R.E.R… kindly explain to me the use of the N.T. word # 4352, translated worship as used in Rev 3:9 !!! I will explain it, it’s like looking at an elephant under a microscope. The Church of Philadelphia is the Body of Christ, and as such has all of the rights and privileges attached thereto…including worship! My continuation about the Book of Revelation…this one my mother even fusses about, the word “blessed”. Note that it is past tense. Allow me an analogy using a past tense word, any 75

past tense word will do but I will choose a word ending with ed, how about “love”. Lets exchange the word “bless” in Rev 1:3 and 22:7 with the word “love”. Those verses would than read…Loved is he that readeth…and…Loved is he that keepeth. So what’s the big deal, this is the big deal. The overwhelming majority of “Christians” think a blessing is attached to the reading of the Book of Revelation, i.e. in order to be blessed read Revelation. NOT SO…again, the word is past tense. Allow me to read these two passages from Allan’s amplified version of the bible: Rev 1:3…He that reads and hears these words does so because he has been blessed. Rev 22:7…They that do his commandments do so because they have been blessed. Now am I sniffing glue or am I rightly dividing the word? I have a most definite reason for making the above analogy. With the two Revelation verses in mind, ask yourself a question…How “blessed” is the maranatha bible cult?? I think that the forgoing is a sufficient addition to my to previous letters. So I will close with a suggestion (if you will allow me). DO NOT discuss these letters with anybody on my list…2 Cor 6:14 Written by my hand: Allan Lewicki

Last Installment Dear Sonja & Debbie There has just occurred something to me. I am not saying that as a casual remark. To illustrate, how I generally write these letters, I will get up early (I don’t set an alarm clock, I 76

Debbie & Sonja

just wake up…like at 5:30), turn on my computer and start typing. Most of the time I have in my little Polish brain what I want to say. This time I did not…This came to me at 5:15 AM on Tuesday morning of the 20th of January 2004. What I have been unknowingly doing in my previous three letters is backing my favorite cult into an absolutely untenable doctrinal position…over “the scriptures”. Let me state this revelation (I am not using that word casually) by expressing some of the impressions I have had in the not to distant past, actually in just about the last year. It’s about “the Mind”. Question: How many different “minds” are there? Answer: There is the sound mind (2 Tim 1:7), there is the mind of Christ (Phil 2:5), there is the pure mind (2 Pet 3:1), there is the corrupt mind (1 Tim 6:5 and 2 Tim 3:8), and there is the reprobate mind (Rom 1:28). The whole reason for the above paragraph is for a basis of determining what kind of “mind” a person has. He will demonstrate this in his answers to cretin questions of a doctrinal biblical nature. I can, right off of the top of my head, think of two doctrinal positions that are a neon sigh example of the “mind” possessed by the person giving the answer. One position is almost universal (so universal that it is taken for granted) and the other one is overlooked simply because it is so asinine. Example one of doctrinal position: This is held by the Catholic Church and I am sorry to say by just about all of Christendom. “The crucifixion was Friday”. O.K. explain 3 days and 3 nights. Here is the answer, and I am sure you have heard this before: A day or any portion of a day counts for one whole day. Example two of doctrinal position: This is held by a substantial portion of “Christians”, “consumption of 77

alcoholic beverages is prohibited” O.K. explain the 1st miracle and tell me what they drank at the last supper. Answer: It was grape juice…That, is so asinine it’s laughable. Do these two examples, especially the second one illustrate what I am saying about a neon sign demonstration of a “sound mind”!? Set aside momentarily my short discourse on “the mind”, I have stated in no uncertain terms that Dusty Rhoads never preached the Gospel. I have done this by stating that this man never based his gospel on the scriptures. Back to “the mind” and doctrinal position, the only way that this cult can explain away the problem I have put them in, is to insist that “the scriptures” refer to the writings of Paul. Tell me that that is the deduction of a sound mind. Debbies and Sonjas of the jury…I rest my case.

The Dilemma The definition of a dilemma is a problem that requires a solution, but the solution is worse than the problem. Here is the problem: The identity of some biblical text, this text was spoken of by Paul in many-many places. The two particular places are the double references of “the scriptures” as recorded in 1 Cor 15:4 & 5 There are two possible answers as to what constitutes these “Scriptures”. The first is the position held by the maranatha bible cult, that these scriptures are the writings of Paul, and exclusively his writings. This despite what this cults founder has stated in print in several of his writings. The second is 78

Debbie & Sonja

the position held by Allan Lewicki, that “The Scriptures” spoken of by Paul are ALL of the Old Testament canonical documents. This short paper does not purport to argue what set of scriptures are the ones referenced by Paul. The purpose of this writing is to examine the ramifications that the opposing position will be held responsible. Position One: The Scriptures are the writings of Paul. If this is so than Allan Lewicki will need to explain why he insists on paying attention to useless, arcane, ancient traditions as spoken of in the Old Testament Books. Especially, extra especially, Passover. Position Two: The Scriptures are the cannon of the Old Testament. If this is so than Dusty Rhoads will have to explain why he never preached the Gospel, and, if he never preached THE Gospel, what gospel did he preach? 2 Cor 11:4 and Gal 1:6 A Dilemma…is there a word attached to the two above scripture references?…N.T. word #331 Written By my hand: Allan Lewicki ********** A footnote this whole affair; I wrote the letters to Debbie and Sonja Shortly after I wrote “Clarification”, that was in the Fall of 2003. I never heard from any of the MBS until Ken Brant put his web site on line. I attempted to re-locate Sonja; two hits came up, one in Daphne Alabama, and one in Litchfield Michigan. I bet there is an interesting story behind that!



Chapter Nine: CONDEMNED i.e. TO BURN IN HELL I have never in my life seen a more farcical writing as the short work entitled (exactly as is appears on the book),

Some Thought Provoking Comments On The Subject Of Revival In The Life Of The Christian And, this vomit on paper, bound into pages is available from: The Maranatha Bible Society P.O. Box 466 Litchfield, MI 49252 First, the pious sounding opening statement; this is more than a quote; it’s an exact copy from page 2 of the above mentioned work. REVIVAL IN THE LIFE OF THE CHRISTIAN “…for revival in our time. It is as though those past experiences and what I have learned since the first publication of this booklet that I wish to once again issue this effort. At this stage of my life I am now not quite sure that what they experienced was true revival, and yet something 81

happened that cannot be explained by mere observation. I have therefore drawn some conclusions that may be of help to the individual believer, if they are open to suggestions that can change their lives for the better. I don’t believe God works in any place where doctrine that is contrary to sound Bible belief is present. I also don’t believe that God works in a purely emotional state, for emotion may play a part in revival, it is not the main result. Unless men and women are drawn to Christ in a supernatural way, and unless Christ gets all the glory, it is doubtful that revival is present. The word revival is not a Biblical term. The words revive, revived and reviving are all Old Testament terms, with the exception of two places in the New Testament. In Romans 7:9 it is said that “sin revived,” and Romans 14:9 where it is written “For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord of both the dead and living. In light of the forgoing, what do we mean by the term revival? I would to prefer to call phenomena “spiritual awakening,” which is what takes place when believers are convicted by the Holy Spirit and become disturbed about their own state of being. It is a time when God works in them a burning desire to conform to what the Bible teaches about living the Christian life.” There is one sentence above that is such a colossal farce it falls off the page:

“I don’t believe God works in any place where doctrine that is contrary to sound Bible belief is present.”



There are four terms that will be used in my expose’ of this abomination. The context in which they will be used, just to make misunderstanding impossible, I will define. They are:

• • • •

Corruption Perversion Twisting Denial

Corrupt: Of the six Greek words translated to this English word I will site only one: #2585, as used by Paul in 2 Cor 2:17. "TO ADULTERATE"

Pervert: New Testament word # 1294, used seven times; to distort-misinterpret

Twist: New Testament word # 4761, used only once by Peter in 2 Peter 3:16, to wrench- torture

Deny: New Testament word # 720, to contradict, disavow. My computer bible has 31 matches for this word, the two most pertinent scriptures are Titus 1:16 and 2 Peter 2:1 Of these four words the one that I want to make the biggest point about is “Twist”, so, the other three I will simply reference what I have already written, and all this just because of the one highlighted sentence from the previous page. If, what was written on this page lined up with the antics of the writer AND with the antics of the rest of the Farceanatha bible Cult I would shout Glory Halleluiah…but since it DOES NOT, and both the writer and his cult KNOW that it doesn’t, it’s the biggest FARCE in the world! Oh…”the writer”…so as to make perfectly clear to whom this alludes…his most eminent eminence the late Rev. Holy Farce, a.k.a. Dusty Rhoads. 83

So without any more of my frothing at the mouth, I present a question: From the last sentence on page 82, Q: is there a “place” where “doctrine” contrary to sound biblical principles is present? To answer this question I suppose I need to specify BOTH the “doctrine” AND the “sound biblical principles”. First word: corrupt. The associated sound biblical principles, just one verse, Psalms 12:6. For a more detailed list see my “Clarification”. Now for the “doctrine” held by this ever so pure cult…This has only been explicitly stated in words by Henry Dziczkowski, however what this person has so stated (see “The Incident”) is replete in ALL the written material of this cult. Namely the corruption of capitalization. Second word: Pervert. The associated sound biblical principles; see the list of five verbatim quotes in my Isaiah 1:18 letter, than see the first book written by his holiness, Progressive Revelation, pages 53 and 306. Fourth word: Deny. (I’m going to come back to the third word) See the sixth and seventh chapters of the Book of Genesis, than see “Revelation Studies~Genesis” pages 88 and 204. My comments on the above three words are by no means complete. They are however sufficient to illustrate what a TOTAL FARCE the writer of this so holy-holy book on revival is. Now for “Twisting” It wouldn’t hurt to quote the only verse wherein this word is used, it’s 2 Peter 3:16. “…things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest…” I submit 84


that in ALL of The Word of God, the one singular truth, if twisted, is the worst sin…i.e. Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost…is…”THE GOSPEL”. That is of course, “The Gospel According to the Scriptures”. Ohhhh…his extra holy Farceness would never-never-never do that…would he!! A categorical statement “Paul calls his gospel the gospel of peace”, one of several places this profound utterance is made is in “Revelation Studies~Ephesians” page 269 line 15. Excuse me, excuse me…what is said in the paragraph that precedes this “truth”? 1. The writer quotes Romans 10:15, this to bring attention to “beautiful feet” 2. The writer than explains the GREEK word # 5611 I suppose I’m not supposed to notice that in Paul’s letter to the Romans in the #1 reference above that Paul states “As it is written…” referring to the book of Isaiah, chapter 52, verse 7. The HEBREW word translated as beautiful is O.T. #4998, which has no relation whatever to this skolar’s explanation of the Greek word #5611. Let me approach this from another vantage point. I will make a categorical statement: “Dusty Rhoads does not know what the gospel of peace is” I find somewhat amusing that the Spring 1995 conference from which the whole section of this book (Revelation Studies~Ephesians) was taken (starting at page 242, and ending at page 295), DOES NOT ADDRESS the “feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace). In fact Rev. Holy Farce so states ON TAPE, that this item of armor was skipped!! Before I proceed any farther, I issue a challenge…GET THE TAPES AND PROVE ME WRONG! Furthermore, this tape I am alluding to is not the only place that I have heard this. 85

A very short digression, in my above references of pages 242~295 something fell off the page…page 287, line 8. In my other letters I have pointed out the “Farceness” of what this sack of skin filled with shit calls scholarship…now, not only that, but he can’t even make a correct reference! Back to “twisting”…so, he doesn’t know what “the gospel of peace is”, to explain it away, how convenient to twist it to mean the “gospel of the grace of God” (By the way, I do know what the gospel of peace is…I will NOT tell you…you see that would violate Mathew 7:6) The conclusion of my expose’ of the above four words: Dusty Rhoads takes the most precious gift given to man, The Word of God…he corrupts it, he perverts it, he denies it and he twists it. And ALL of you lovey-dovey chunks of the carcass of kryist never noticed… BURN IN HELL!! Below is copied from page 14 “False and misleading statements, misquoted Scripture, passages taken out of context and any outer means employed by man that is not Biblical will not be honored by our God. Plain Biblical truths can never be replaced as God’s main in bringing about and maintaining revival. There is so little honesty in pulpits today that we need not look far and wide for the cause of spiritual declension. Illustrations and stories that are designed to bring emotional upheaval will never bring heartfelt and lasting conviction.” I’m not done, this paper is a condemnation of the short book on Revival 86


The forgoing was just from one farcical sentence from page two of this abomination, the below is copied from page 28. “In January 1990, I was facing my first year alone after having shared a life with a human companion. I knew I had to find some ground upon which I could build my life, so I sat down and wrote out a list of things that would be a part of my life from that point on. Some I had already used, but this was an entirely different story. So, in additions to the guidelines used in “Rivers of Living Water” I included these thoughts that came to me in the first month of 1990.” Now see my letter “Isaiah 1:18 continuation” (the portion specifically addressed to Jim Motylinski), the section of that letter that exposes a peculiar anatomical anomaly of the late Rev. Holy Farce, namely the location of his brain… Now read this…it’s a copy from page 29: “I determined that I would never get involved with anything of anybody until I evaluated it thoroughly and could see where it was leading. I had observed this in my life before, I would have avoided many pitfalls and errors.” Never mind that he re-marries, never mind that the woman to whom me marries is twenty-three years his junior…WHAT HAPPENS?? She leaves him!! WHY!? Pray tell? It couldn’t have a thing to do with the time wherein this occurred being when VIAGRA was not yet invented…Could it !! This little book transcends both the connotation and the denotation of the word FARCE! One last thing, below is copied from page 23: 87

“Elijah brought down the wrath of Jezebel by his preaching. John the Baptist lost his head because he named the sin of Herod. Paul died after a long prison term because he refused to soften his message. It has always been so, and today is no different.” I wonder if all of you farces put together will have one peep to rebut me! ********** Richard E. Rhoades touted himself about his sound doctrine. He touted himself on study-study-study, he very often told us how he would study all night, implying that anyone whishing to be as brilliant, as he liked to come across, should do likewise. He touted himself about his “sound mind”…yessir-ee, you can’t have a sound mind unless you are a member of the Maranatha Bible Society, and therefore have the mind of Christ (I Corinthians 2:16). The relation of this short essay to the forgoing is just one more facet, as ascribed to R.E.R., of the word Farce. The Age of Accountability I heard this with my own two ears. What follows may seem piddlingly insignificant, but when it is taken within a framework of a fellowship that touts themselves on studying, on sound doctrine, on rightly dividing the word of truth, it illustrates how well this congregation of farces actually accomplishes what they say. During one of what these people call their mini conferences, a question arose: What happens to babies when they die? 88


This question was because of the difference in theology between Calvinism and Arminianism. I will accept the answer given by Richard A. Rhoades; which was: If they are elect to babies they go to heaven, and if they are not elect babies, they go to Hell. Dusty Rhoades went on to further elaborate on what is termed the age of accountability. It was his contention that the Arminian answer to the above question would be; that if a person has not yet reached the age of accountability, and they die, they go to heaven. The point of this whole mindset is that Dusty Rhoades professed that the age of accountability does not exist, he further went on to elaborate, that nowhere in the Bible is there anything referencing an age of accountability...this also is on tape. An example of how well this fellowship studies; explain Deuteronomy 1:13



Chapter Ten: The Gospel According to the Maranatha Bible Society This chapter, and chapter eleven were written prior to this writer’s acquisition of the New Improved version of the vomit on paper, distributed by the MBS entitled “Progressive Revelation” The title of the original is: “Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1” The title of the New Improved abomination is: “Studies in Progressive Revelation, Third Addition” Evidently, my letter to Ken Brandt (see chapter two) caused him so much consternation that he re-wrote the book (see chapter twelve). Why would my letter cause him consternation? The MBS proclaims in a most obdurate manner, that they preach “The Gospel”, not John 3:16, but I Corinthians 15:3~4…I need to quote this: “For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:”

According to what Scriptures !? 91

I will place the conclusion of this writing at the beginning, instead of at the end. What follows is totally incomprehensible to Ken Brandt. The reason he will never concede to what follows, is that in doing so he would have to admit that his late mentor, Richard E. Rhodes, never preached the gospel (with the exception of the one minuscule reference in his commentary on Genesis). The implications of the above sentence: Accord to Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, the 15th chapter (the gospel were in ye are saved), Dusty Rhoades lead nobody to salvation, or I should rephrase this in Calvinistic language…nobody was saved under the ministry of Dusty Rhoads! I will continue with the reverse presentation of my train of thought. "The Scriptures" according to the doctrine of the Maranatha Bible Society, and as proclaimed in writing by Ken Brandt (the scriptures, that is, as referenced by Paul, in his first letter to the Corinthians, the 15 chapter) refer to the epistles of Paul. The above is too simple, in the written material presented by the Maranatha Bible Society, written by Ken Brandt, there are references to the above cited writing of the apostle Paul. Ken Brandt will abbreviate this as the...d-b-r. Never, does Ken Brandt reference any scriptures! Here is a direct quote from Ken Brandt, from his text message "Truth, eternal, past, present" Paul writing to Timothy admonishes him, "But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them" (2 Timothy3:14). Timothy had known the Holy Scriptures from a child which were able to make him wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. Then he gives the assurance that all Scripture ("graphe," the 92

Gospel According to the MBS

writings, something written, a document or Holy Writ) is given by inspiration of God, and the reasons for it. All truth culminates or comes to its fulness in Paul's epistles. As to allow absolutely no possibility of miscommunication (as members of this fellowship are prone to do, as one Scot Kirkland has so demonstrated) the above can be viewed directly from the web site of the Maranatha Bible Society, the following sub page / Text Messages / Ken Brandt – Truth, Eternal - Past - Present Continuing with the train of thought of "the scriptures", the convoluted logic which causes the disciples of the late Richard E. Rhodes to believed that "the scriptures" referenced by Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians, the 15 chapter...refer to his own writings... is a notion invented by Rhoades, what he dubs "rightly dividing the word of true�, as to what is to you, and what is for you. Below is a copy and paste from the web site of the Maranatha Bible Society..."right division". Again, so as to allow no possibility of miscommunication...copy and paste: We believe that the church, which is His Body, has a special position that is separate from the elect of Israel, and also has a separate calling, blessing, hope, and inheritance. Therefore, when we study the Scriptures, we must rightly divide primarily what is to Israel and what is to us, the church. Secondarily, we can rightly divide the kingdoms, the covenants, the psalms, doctrine, etc.


The culmination of the above "sound doctrine" i.e. the "rightly dividing the word of true" i.e. "what is to you or what is for you", is that the scriptures Paul is referring to in first Corinthians 15, refer to his own writings! Do you doubt me?! up Ken Brandt and ask him! I could list his phone number but I will not, it is in the public domain, he lives in Jonesville Michigan. Or, if you prefer email, an item of information that I can list, is his official email address at the Maranatha Bible Society:

Part two: "the scriptures" The phrase "the scriptures" is used 18 times in the entire Bible, and all in the New Testament. The word "Scripture" is used 32 times, once in the Old Testament, in the book of Daniel..."the scripture of truth". I will not belabor what the use of 50 of these verses refer to, I will only site three used in the Gospel of Luke: Luke 24:27 27 And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. Luke 24:32 32 And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures? Luke 24:45 45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures, 94

Gospel According to the MBS

Can there be any doubt in the above three versus what is meant by "the scriptures"... evidently there can! According to Ken Brandt's sound doctrine the versus should read: 27 And beginning at the Apostle Paul and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. (Never mind that this is quite some time prior to when Paul wrote anything). Perhaps I am being overly sarcastic in my above revision of the Bible. Tell me, is this revision anymore or any less serious than changing so much as capitalization? How is it that in 48 uses of the word "Scripture" it is crystal clear as what it is referring to? Also, how is it that in the uses of the phrase "the scriptures", namely, as used by Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 15, Ken Brandt insists this refers to the writings of the apostle Paul?! Is this the logic of his "mind of Christ"? Is this the logic of his "sound of mind"? Perhaps it is the results of meditating with "the sound of mind of Christ"... how could anything other then such sound doctrine be produced by such a mind?

Now a bombshell { Keep in mind this is prior to my acquisition of Progressive Revelation 3rd Addition… I’ll get to that } When I wrote “Clarification” I made a direct challenge, the challenge was: Show me anywhere, in all the writings of Dusty Rhoades, in all of the audiotapes, in all of the videotapes, where Dusty Rhoades preaches the gospel...according to the scriptures.


When I made the above challenge I knew full well that there was at least one place where this challenge could be answered. I did this to demonstrate how well this loveydovey bunch of farces studies. There is a book written by the late R.E. Rhoads, “Genesis (chapters 1~25)” I am currently in the process of obtaining a copy of this book. I mailed the Maranatha Bible Society the appropriate paper work attainable from their web site, and, not too surprising…my letter was refused. I am now requesting the authority of the BBB, and the Attorney General of the State of Michigan in attaining the afore mentioned book. { A side note, both of my efforts failed, but, after I came in possession of “P.R. 3rd Addition” I didn’t really need more vomit on paper } The reason I wanted the book is to make a YouTube video, open it and make a direct quote. What I want to quote is R.E.R.’s commentary on the 22nd chapter of the Book of Genesis. Here is a paraphrase: “Undoubtedly, or without a doubt, or there can be no doubt (etc.) this is what Paul was referring to in his 1st letter to the Corinthians, chapter 15, verses 3 & 4, ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES” Excuse me Ken Brandt, you have a problem!


Is this to you, for you, or about you? II Thessalonians 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.



Chapter Eleven: Progressive Revelation Between the two lines of stars is a copy and paste from the web site of the Maranatha Bible Society, probably written by Ken Brandt. ********** Progressive Revelation There are certainly things of the Old Testament that are explained only in the New Testament. This is a simple example of progressive revelation. But there is a deeper meaning to the term "progressive revelation". Having read the Bible well over 100 times, R. E. Rhoades realized that the Bible is a book of progressive revelations: What was revealed to one group or person at any time did not necessarily apply to another group or person at another time. (See Studies in Progressive Revelation by R. E Rhoades in the Resource section) The principle of Progressive Revelation as we learned from Mr. Rhoades and by rightly dividing the word of truth is: Within the confines of His written word, God gradually unveils: • •

The attributes of His triune nature His purpose and plan for His creation 99


His two-fold plan for saving and blessing his two elect groups of people: the remnant of Israel, and the church which is His Body

God progressively reveals truth about Himself and His will throughout the Bible. God progressively changes the people He deals with throughout the Bible. God progressively changes the way He deals with people throughout the Bible. These things cannot be taken out of their order of progression. The writings of the apostle Paul reflect this progressive revelation. His first seven epistles were to Judeo-Christian churches during the Acts period where the Jew was first, then the Gentile. Paul's last seven epistles were written after the Acts period to the church which is His Body, where there is neither Greek nor Jew. Now all mankind are considered equal. The church is now God's elect Body out of all races with Christ as its Head. This progression of revelations has separated the church of this age from the things that pertained to Israel. After the fulfillment of this Body, God will again deal with Israel. Christendom tries to interpret the entire Bible as pertaining to the church. In order to do that, they must somehow connect the church to Israel and their coming kingdom and their covenants and their ordinances. What a mess of God's truth this has made.


Progressive Revelation

Speaking of the church, Mr. Rhoades said that all of the Bible is for us, but not all of the bible is to us. ********** Is That so!? Richard E. Rhoades would have all of his Lovey-Dovey disciples (stupid shit sheep) believe that it was HE, the Omniscient sage of Biblical Wisdom that created this sacrosanct doctrine of Progressive Revelation…just Google those two words. Also, even though this has never been formally stated, it is my observation, after association with these people, “Progressive Revelation” is not static, it is dynamic. You see, the Apostle Paul had more revelation than did John the Baptist, who had more than David, who had more than Moses, etc.-etc. The latest in the line of Magi, possessing the most revelation is the Omniscient One himself: Richard Edward Rhoades. These people taut themselves and their fellowship as being based upon several points of absolute doctrine; here are three points of this "absolute" doctrine that exceeds the definition of the word farce. •

They preach (or so they say) the Gospel of the Grace of God, as referenced by the apostle Paul in his 1st letter to the Corinthians Chapter 15

They "rightly divide the word of truth", as referenced by the apostle Paul in his 2nd letter to Timothy the 2nd chapter the 15th versus.

There are two buzzwords, or catch phrases which they apply to the above two points. The first is what 101

they call "Progress Revelation", the second (their idea of rightly dividing the word of truth) is to discern if a certain scripture is to you or for you. As I have quoted before and will quote again, so there can be absolutely no misunderstanding about what I am writing, here is in a nutshell what is referred to (1st Corinthians 15:3~4) as the Gospel of the Grace of God: 1 Cor 15:3-4 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: Note that in the above quoted versus Paul states "according to the scriptures" twice. These people, as per their Progressive Revelation, and as per their rightly dividing the word of truth, and as per their discerning of what is to you or for you...insist that the scriptures... Refer to the Epistles of Paul (These people also taut themselves on their sound doctrine!) The person to contact for amplification an explanation of the above, calling himself the President of the Maranatha Bible Society, is Ken Brandt. These people have a web site, and it can be accessed by Googling "Maranatha Bible Society", on that web site is their address and e-mail contacts. 102

Progressive Revelation

Ask Ken Brandt (within the framework of what he calls Progress Revelation) to explain (or to edify you would be more appropriate) a certain scripture...Paul’s letter to the Romans, Chapter 16 versus 25 & 26. Rom 16:25-26 25 Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began, 26 But now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith: A note concerning "Progressive Revelation": these people place importance on reading of the Epistles of Paul in the order in which they were written. So, ask Ken Brandt: •

Was Romans Corinthians?

In verse 25 of the above, "my gospel"... is that what is referred to as the Gospel of the grace of God?

Does verse 26 need to be corrected? Shouldn't it read ... by the scriptures of the apostle Paul?






The overlying reason that these people will NOT admit that "the scriptures", spoken of by Paul in the above quote from the book of Corinthians, refers to the Old Testament canonical writings, even this is stated several times in Brandt’s re-write (see chapter twelve) is that their late 103

founder (whom they idolize), Richard E. Rhodes...NEVER preached the gospel...according to the scriptures!


Is this to you, for you, or about you? I Corinthians 3:13 Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is.



Chapter Twelve: Commentary on “Studies in Progressive Revelation Third Addition” When the very first paragraph in this book is a OUTRIGHT EFFRONTERY LIE, compounded with the LIE on the cover of the book (1998), I have absolutely NO respect, esteem, reverence, veneration, admiration, approval, etc. for the remainder of the book et al! I am one of very few people that know enough about THE LATE Richard E. Rhoades and his Maranatha Bible Society to recognize this lie. How do I know that the first paragraph is a lie, and that 1998 is a lie? The last book written by R. E. Rhoades was his commentary on Genesis, The MBS distributes this under the title “Genesis chapters 1~25”. That book was distributed to the members of the MBS (while I was still an active member) about late 2002. R.E.R.’s intention was to complete his commentary on the remainder of Genesis and then to write a commentary on the Book of Revelation. The reason that his commentary on Genesis was his last book is…SHORTLY THEREAFTER HE DIED! So who wrote this book? I can’t say for an absolute certainty but there are two people that would be my prime suspects: Ken Brandt or Dale Koller (everybody else in their fellowship is just plane too dumb). Between these two people I suspect Ken Brandt more than Dale Koller. D.K. has a family and a full time job; whereas Ken Brandt has forsaken his previous livelihood to take up the position as “President of the Maranatha Bible Society”. 107

So the book “Studies in Progressive Revelation, Third Edition, 1998” is NOT the progeniture of Richard E. Rhoades…It’s the afterbirth! Just for argumentative sake I will proceed with the assumption that Kenneth David Brandt really is the author. I can make several blanket statements about this stinking abomination attributed to Richard Edward Rhoades: •

As I started to read, I was going to mark every occurrence of a corruption of Scripture. I changed my mind (because I would mark up the book too much). Here is the first blanket statement: If a verse of Scripture is quoted…it is corrupt! That there are verses, that for some reason known only to Ken Brandt, have not been altered I will admit.

The most egregious corruption of capitalization is just about EVERYPLACE (but I have seen one place where this is not so) (and not just in this book, but anything produced by the MBS) the following three verses are quoted: Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:30, Thessalonians 4:8; holy Spirit is changed to Holy Spirit.

Having scrutinized the original work of R.E.R. “Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1”, this so called “Third Addition” is NOT a re-write! It is a conglomeration of material written by the late “evangelist” and given a title so as to appear to be a re-write.

The same errors of “scholarship”, which are just plane stupidity, are still present…Ken Brandt DID NOT do an acceptable job of editing, errors such as; 108

P.R. 3rd Addition

the number of books in the New Testament, Forward vs. Foreword are the most glaring. Hey…if this book was presented in a Theological Seminary as a theses or dissertation…it wouldn’t just get thrown out… it would get puked on! Why would Ken Brandt go through a somewhat laborious effort of doing this “re-write? I think I know. To explain my thoughts I need to review the events, chronologically, from the time I was still a member of the MBS until now. •

One of the first, but not “the first” things I became aware of was the corruptions of capitalization in EVERYTHING written by R.E.R.

The Straw that Broke the Camels Back causing my total excommunication was “The Incident” (see chapter two), it seems that the disciples of R.E.R liked to follow his example.

In the autumn of 2003 I wrote “Clarification” and sent it to everyone on the mailing list of the MBS, of course this gendered a “righteous” response from Ken Brandt and Lonnie Stafford. I replied to both of these people with a point-by-point letter (see chapters one, two and three).

A little less then two years ago the Maranatha Bible Society published their own web site…I found it. I thought to myself…“Is that so! They can create a web site, so can I.”

A little more then a year ago I wrote my first Blog, this Blogging has now turning into this book! The first posts were “Clarification” (referenced above). 109

The next two were the letters I had written to Ken Brandt and Lonnie Stafford. Ken Brandt, in his “righteous” response, made a pious proclamation…quote K.B. “Truth is violated by falsehood and out-raged by silence”…Is that so Kenny !? Ken Brandt has NEVER addressed the issues I listed in my reply to his reply. One of these issues is the Farcical Hypocrisy of the late Dr. (honorary PhD) Richard Edward Rhoades, father of the Maranatha Bible Society. One of the books authored by R. E. Rhoades is: “Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1” From that book are five quotes: 1) His "Creed", page 258 XIV: "The Bible is the complete and PERFECT Word of God and is trustworthy in all matters..." 2) Page 353: Lines 10 & 11 "...I haven't found a single place that I would call error, nor do I deem it necessary to delete or substitute anything" 3) Page 265: Lines 13, 14 & 15 "As to why I believe the Bible is the complete and perfect Word of God, I have reason to believe it to be SELF EVIDENT." 4) Page 349: Lines 18, 19 & 20 "...the KJV underwent a lot of correction before finally coming to the place where it was error free..." 5) Page 352 "WERE THE KJV TRANSLATORS INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, OR 110

P.R. 3rd Addition

WERE THEY SIMPLY SCHOLARS WHO DID A RESEARCH JOB WELL?...I would be the last to suggest that ONE WORD be removed from it" To put it mildly, Ken Brandt has a problem. Evidently K.B. concocts a scheme: Re-write the book! The New Improved addition: “Studies in Progressive Revelation 3rd Addition” Items 1 through 4 are expunged. Item 5 still remains, but it is attributed to Alexander McClure (page 304) (I will come back to Alexander McClure). Hey Ken…is this what you call “Scholarship”? So you remove embarrassing proclamations of your “Apostle”, but you replace them with utterances that are EVEN MORE DAMNING ! than the ones from the original addition: Page 65 (italics are mine) All who are saved are saved by believing that Christ died for them, was buried and raised from the dead for them, and all of this “according to the Scriptures”. These “Scriptures” of which Paul spoke were the Old Testament canonical writings. Page 69 (italics are mine) When Paul gave us the Gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ for our sins, he based that fact upon the Old Testament Scriptures (I Corinthians 15:1-4) As I stated before, these Scriptures were the Old Testament and not the four Gospels… Page 76 The very first question 1. What Scriptures did Paul refer to when he spoke of the Gospel in I Corinthians 15:1-4? 111

Page 133 (italics are mine) What I do read and understand of the Gospel, is a stated fact which is to be acted upon believingly with faith that comes through hearing the Word of God, and this Word proclaims Christ to be resurrected from the dead “according to the Scriptures”… Page 241 “GIVING SCRIPTURAL PROOF FOR WHAT I BELIEVE” (above is the title of the chapter on page 239, again; italics are mine) 7. The death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ fulfilled every typical sacrifice of the Old Testament…When Paul proved the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, he proved these events from the Old Testament canonical writings. (I Corinthians 15:1-4) Why would Ken Brandt make a point of “The Scriptures”? I will tell you why…My condemnation of Ken Brandt is that he insists that “The Scriptures” of First Corinthians, chapter fifteen, verses three and four refer to the Epistles of the Apostle Paul. Why is that? When I wrote my response to Ken Brandt, I issued a direct challenge; here is a copy and paste from that letter: Somebody, anybody…all of you put together…even with your cats and dogs…show me…in the framework of the two above paragraphs…taking as your documentation, ALL of the tapes ever made by R.E.R. All of the videos, ALL of his books…ALL of ANYTHING produced by this man 112

P.R. 3rd Addition

Show me Chapter and Verse, where he preached the Gospel According to the Scriptures! Hey, O Rightly Word Divider Ken…just for you I can rephrase this…from the book that YOU re-wrote…answer the first question on page 76. This needs to be repeated…answer the first question on page 76. His Holiness loved to use relation in his teaching! Hey Kenny…you do know what repetition is, don’t you? (maybe not)…answer the question on page 76…answer the first question on page 76! I’m not done. Prove to me, the world and God that you really did study as commanded by Paul (2 Tim 2:15) (now that there is no way in Hell that you can contort what “the scriptures” are). A question: The Crucifixion…What was the month the day and the date? For your answer site chapter and verse. Hey everybody in the whole world, here is the bottom line… His Holiness, the “Evangelist” Richard Edward Rhoades NEVER PREACHED THE GOSPEL !! I’m still not done (actually, I won’t be done until the White Thorn Judgment). The focus will shift from “The Scriptures” to blatant, flagrant, meretricious, ostentatious, etc. CORRUPTIONS of CAPITALIZATION. Apparently, people in association with the Maranatha Bible Society regard this as insignificant…See Chapter Three. Continuing with excerpts from “…3rd Addition” 113

Page 243-244 (italics are mine) 15. As to why I believe the Bible is the complete and perfect Word of God…if we have any faith at all it has to be built upon trust and confidence…Internal evidence points to its infallibility…God directed and oversaw the overall correctness of the Word, and you will understand the Bible to be the complete and perfect Word of God. We are forbidden to add or subtract anything from it… End of Quotation His Eminence, the most eminent one; Richard Edward Rhoades, Biblical Scholar Extraordinaire, So smart that he ripped up his PhD (ask Ken Brandt)…I get frothing at the mouth about the farcical hypocrisy of this over sized pile of shit…where was I…R.E.R. goes on to quote from the Book of Revelation, chapter twenty-two, verses eighteen and nineteen…and then defile it by inserting his own opinion in the middle of the text. Page 244 (italics are mine) (the very next item!) 16. “study to show (ourselves) approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” (II Timothy 2:15) Remember: the words are inspired, for thought is expressed in words, and it is important to pay close attention to the words of Scripture, …

Note the uppercase W and the uppercase T Do you think that is insignificant? Read Chapter Three again. Page 300 (italics are mine) …Why take out something that the King James translators left in, when they were obviously better equipped mentally, spiritually, morally, and educationally than we today? Who 114

P.R. 3rd Addition

are we to judge what should be in God’s Word and what isn’t? What we have in our Bible was not put there to be questioned but to be accepted as the authentic Word of God. End of Quotation I had mentioned that I would come back to Alexander McClure. I will, keep reading, it’s the next chapter. {Should anyone desire to read the original work of Alexander McClure, that is undefiled by the “wisdom” if the latest incarnation of Elymas Bar-jesus, it is published in several places on the Internet; Google “Alexander McClure”. To have the words of Richard E. Rhoades conjoining those of Alexander W. McClure is an insult} Continuing; quoting from “Translators Revived” the book published by the Maranatha Bible Society, NOT the original. Page xxii (italics are mine) The problem with this apparent disregard for upper and lower case letters and the use of past and present tense is far more than a matter of personal preference… …Here Paul is making reference to the spirit of man and not the Spirit of God. If, for instance, we were to find an upper case “S” in the passage, we would be confronted with an insurmountable problem. It is no less true when we find that the obvious reference to the Holy Spirit has had the upper case removed… End of Quotation I did say I get frothing at the mouth over “Farcical Hypocrisy”…those words are being too kind! Let me re-state something from the beginning of this essay: 115

The most egregious corruption of capitalization is just about EVERYPLACE (but I have seen one place where this is not so) (and not just in this book, but anything produced by the MBS) the following three verses are quoted: Ephesians 1:13, Ephesians 4:30, Thessalonians 4:8; holy Spirit is changed to Holy Spirit.

So R.E.R…it’s bady-bady to change the S but goody-goody to change the H…you pile of shit! When I wrote “Clarifiction” one of the issues I took under consideration was the “scholarship” of R.E.R. Instead of going on with what members of the MBS would call a tirade, I will just quote from my own document: Scholarly pronouncements by the founder (Rhoades) are in no way to be construed as having any semblance of accuracy but are only intended to give the appearance of a superior knowledge of the subjects discussed. Page 70 and Page 257 of “…3rd Addition”, my comments: In relation to the “26” books in the N.T…Hey, O Rightly Word Divider (K.B.); you may claim to rightly divide the word, you maybe rightly multiply the word, or even rightly take the square root of the word…there is one thing that you sure as shit can’t do…rightly add the word! Hey Kennith David Brandt; I’ll see you, Richard E. Rhoades, Frank Riley, Dale Koller, Henry P. Dziczkowsky, Harry Heise at the White Thrown Judgment…in the mean time, go take a stand. 116

P.R. 3rd Addition

Addendum: From the Web Site of the Maranatha Bible Society / Text Messages / Trying the Spirits: Below is a Copy and Paste quote (i.e. verbatim, word for word, letter for letter, even the words in bold): Then there is this most terrible statement of Martin Luther (which I believe is undoubtly true), "Whom God intends to destroy, He gives them license to play with the Scriptures" (Psalm 5:6; Proverbs 16:4; Jude 4). What does this say of all those today who have changed the Word of God? End of Quotation From the Word of God, the Gospel of Matthew, chapter twelve, verse thirty-seven:

For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.



Chapter Thirteen: Alexander McClure R.E.R. wrote the Introduction to the re-print; Translators Revived, published by the Maranatha Bible Society. There are four rules of thumb, i.e. general assumptions I have about His Eminence, the Omniscient Biblical Scholar, the All Knowing Sage of Scriptural Wisdom, the Expositor of the Pre-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Church (he liked to impress everybody about this)…the late Richard Edward Rhoades: • • • •

If he quotes Scripture it is corrupted. If he quotes anything it is miss-quoted. If he makes a scholarly pronouncement, it is wrong. He cannot count!

So…I will have a detailed, in-depth analysis of the “scholarship” of the late Rev. Holy Farce. Hey Lovey-Dovey Ken; El Presidente de la Sociedad Biblica Maranatha. { I am mocking Ken Brandt because of no action initiated by myself; someone re-published several of my Blogs… translated into Spanish. } If you liked the last chapters, you are going to LOVE this one! As I have said before…you will be soooo edified. { Again I am mocking him…he said in his one and only letter, that my “Clarification” didn’t edify him }


I can get started right now with some “Details”…Yes-sir-ee, if the eminent skoelure R.E.R. writes something…you can rest assured it is accurate !! What is the date on McClure’s book? It is on the Internet in several places…I MEAN THE ORIGINAL BOOK: { It’s 1853, the MBS re-print is 1858…a typo, yes, but I will not allow the slightest slack to King Holy Farce } Now what is the date on the MBS re-print? ********** One of the things I did upon my excommunication from the Maranatha Bible Society (besides writing “Clarification”) was take all of the Dusty Rhoades SHIT and throw it out. I did not throw out McClure’s Translators Revived because I did not regard it as a spawn of His Eminence the Most Holy Rev. Elymas Bar-jesus the 2nd (aka R.E. Rhoades). I have two copies. They are not identical. I will dub the two versions I posses as Codex 1 and Codex 2. Both books are the same size, The Cover of Codex 1 has an “Old English” style village scene. Codex 2 (I believe to be the later printing) is only light brown. Quoting from Codex 1, page v, this in the “Forward”, Page vii of Codex 2: (in the Introduction…he couldn’t figure out the difference between Forward and Foreword) "…the reader is encouraged to thoroughly read the next few pages before getting into the main body of McClure’s outstanding little treatise, for there are some things said that may cause a change of mind when carefully weighed in the scales of TRUTH." 120

Alexander McClure

Note: First; “the next few pages” refers to the opinion of R.E.R. and second; TRUTH is in all capital letters in the original (both additions), it is not altered by me for emphasis. Guess what Rev. A. McClure wanabe…what you have written, not only your {pick a word from the list below, make it an adjective, and insert it at the star below} Main Entry: defile Part of Speech: verb Definition: corrupt, violate Synonyms: abuse, adulterate, befoul, besmirch, contaminate, debase, deflower, degrade, desecrate, dirty, discolor, disgrace, dishonor, hurt, maculate, make foul, mess up, molest, muck up, pollute, profane, rape, ravish, scuzz up, seduce, shame, smear, soil, stain, sully, taint, tar, tarnish, trash, vitiate * of the scholarship of Alexander W. McClure, but everything you have published, will be weighed in the scales of TRUTH. Just one word to ascribe to the late Richard E. Rhoades… TEKEL (Dan 5:27) (It’s in all caps too). “Tampering”, Codex 1, page 20; Codex 2, page xxxiii “If someone doesn’t bring a halt to this tampering with the Biblical texts, future generations will be completely cut off from an authoritative Bible, hence no salvation!” End of Quotation Quoting Alexander McClure from Codex 1, page 25; Codex 2 page xl: 121

"…the Christian public will not endure to have it tampered with." End of Quotation So as to allow misunderstanding:



for Tam-per –verb (used without object) 1. to meddle, esp. for the purpose of altering, damaging, or misusing (usually fol. by with): Someone has been tampering with the lock. 2. to make changes in something, esp. in order to falsify (usually fol. by with): to tamper with official records. 3. to engage secretly or improperly in something. 4. to engage in underhand or corrupt dealings, esp. in order to influence improperly (usually fol. by with): Any lawyer who tries to tamper with a jury should be disbarred. The above is leading up to the very simple reason I am calling Rev. Richard E. Rhoades a PIECE of SHIT, FARCE! •

He proclaims in writing how inerrant-inerrantinerrant the KJV is: See Studies in Progressive Revelation 3rd Addition page 236 #15, page 243 #15, page 301

He proclaims in writing his concern for the “apparent disregard” between upper case and lower case letters, especially the S in Spirit: Codex 1, page 12; Codex 2, page xxii 122

Alexander McClure

He proclaims in writing how inspired-inspiredinspired the Translators were: See Studies in P.R. 3rd Addition page 304

He proclaims in writing his objections to “Tampering” with the Word of God: Codex 1, page 20; Codex 2, page xxxiii

He proclaims in writing “Bible to be the complete and perfect Word of God. We are forbidden to add or subtract anything from it” See Studies in P.R. 3rd Addition, page 243-244

Tampering Huh! Hey whole world, there are three verses that His late Holiness and all of his disciples just CANNOT leave alone:

Ephesians 1:13 Ephesians 4:30 I Thessalonians 4:8 To Wit; JUST ONE EXAMPLE: Take a look at Studies in P.R. 3rd Addition, page 219! List of R.E.R.’s favorite words (besides holy Spirit) that that the King James Translators evidently didn’t get right (not a complete list):

Word Gospel Truth Scriptures Spirit


“Spirit” is one word in particular that R.E.R. fusses about… but he never-never-never tampers with it…no-no-no, see Studies in P.R. 3rd Addition page 221! A reminder, Codex 1 is what I have dubbed one of my additions of Translators Revived; Codex 2 is what I have dubbed the other. A likely reaction from Ken Brandt: How dare Allan Lewicki insinuate that His Most Eminent Holiness, Rev. Rhoades defile the Bible! Such a dastardly implication that the Immanent Scriptural Scholar profanes Divine Writ! Alas! What a despicable suggestion that a Saint as Holy as the Foremost Sage of Scared Dogma, taint ever so minuscule, even one jot or one tittle of the Word of God!! What Allan Lewicki does not understand is Progressive Revelation! Saint Dusty was the Father of, the Creator of, the architect of the immaculate canon of Progressive Revelation…Glory Hallelujah Progressive Revelation! It’s so simple; Adam was the first to whom God reveled Divine Knowledge, than Enoch had more reveled to him than Adam, than Noah, than Abraham, than Moses, than David etc. almost last was Paul. Up until that time Paul was the one person that had the most God given revelation. As time went by it took more and more of the most learned Biblical scholars to even come close to the revelation that Paul had…so…the translators of the KJV were the only Doctors of Divinity with proper understanding to elucidate what God really said.


Alexander McClure

But Progressive Revelation is not static, it is a dynamic process. The one person in all history, the one person in all time, the one person ever to have THE MOST Progressive Revelation was Richard E. Rhoades! Yes of course the Translators of the KJV were inspired… but they were not as inspired as the most austere scriptural sage to ever walk the face of the earth…Richard E. Rhoades! So if Rev. Dusty changes a lower case letter to an upper case, you can rest assured that is what God really meant.

As long as I am bashing Ken Brandt, let me continue: This is the story of how I came into possession of the new improved version of Progressive Revelation. I have a friend who is genuinely interested in “The Gospel”. I told him about the two Gospels. John 3:16 and I Corinthians 15:3~4, and I also showed him the web site of the MBS. To make a long story short, he ordered “Studies in P.R. 3rd Addition” from Brandt. Lovey-Dovey Kenny was reluctant to send the book because Ralph told him I was his friend. After several threatening phone calls to Brandt, he eventually got the book. Ralph looked at the books (“P.R. #3”, “Absolute Predestination” and “Identification…”) Ken sent, didn’t think they were worth two dead flies, and gave them to me. Why? Didn’t Ralph think the books were worth two dead flies? It is because of what I had told Ralph about the MBS and their doctrine of the “Perfect & Inerrant” KJV that they can’t resist correcting…he wanted to see for himself. I also explained to Ralph how the MBS believes absolutely every Book, Chapter, Verse, and Letter of the Bible (except 125

for a few verses here and there…after all, that’s “Progressive Revelation”). Ralph, wanting to see for himself, did two things: •

He wrote Ken Brandt a Letter

And he ordered a copy of the “Green Book" (Genesis 1~25)

Needless to say that Bro. Take-a-Stand didn’t answer the letter, and in addition to that, he returned the order form to Ralph with the explanation “the book was no longer available”. Hey Ken Brandt, not only does Ralph think the books aren’t worth two dead flies, he thinks YOU aren’t worth two dead flies! And this all because of what is on Pages 88 and 204 of that book. This is the letter my friend Ralph sent to Ken Brandt, after Ken sent him the book, Progressive Revelation 3rd Addition Dear Mr. Brandt I see in the book how you say that the KJV is “Perfect”. If you answer just one question I can decide for myself if what Allen says is true. You know what 2 Tim 3:16 says Capitalization is Inspired Capitalization is NOT Inspired Please check one of the boxes and return to me.


Alexander McClure

The above letter was sent with a stamped self-addressed envelope enclosed. As expected, the patron saint of ostriches acts out his namesake. Yes-sir-ee Ken Brandt‌Take that stand !!



Chapter Fourteen: The Legacy of Frank Riley, Confidant of R.E. Rhoades Frank Riley was the Elder of the Medina Fellowship of the Maranatha Bible Society If there is one word that is the summation in total of the MBS, it is the word “Farce”. I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again, and it is be the epitaph of both R. E. Rhoades and Frank Riley. I can recall an opinion I have both spoken and written about Ken Brandt, their now president: I regard him as the personification of this word…farce. When did I first become aware of the farceness of the MBS? In apologetics there is what is called the rule of first usage, the meaning and interpretation of a passage of scripture is framed by the words of the passage (no kidding). What are the key word or words of the passage? Then, where is the word first used in the Bible. When was the first time I uttered the word Farce in relation to the Maranatha Bible Society? It was at Frank Riley’s, and a short time before the 2nd time, while I was an active member of Riley’s puddle of vomit, that the fellowship in Medina was planning the final details for a booth at the Cuyahoga County Fair. At the time my mother and myself had been involved with the MBS for a little over two years. Also at the time my perception that this Biblical-Biblical, Doctrine-Doctrine “Body of Kryst” fellowship’s preaching did not line up with their actions was fairly well formed. 129

A very condensed overview of the main points of their hypocrisy is in order: • • • •

Lee Heise’s genealogies Harry Heise’s preterism Harry Heise’s “Original Greek” bible Frank Riley’s toleration of all of the above

I can’t remember why, but I went to Medina to see Frank Riley, it was a summertime Saturday afternoon. I’m not absolutely sure, but it had something to do with the preparation of the Cuyahoga County Fair. A slight digression; When I first became associated with the MBS, I had never heard of “preterism”…to make a long story short, I found out, and I found out real good. Well anyway, what ever I went to Riley’s for was accomplished and thereafter I voiced my displeasure to him concerning the fellowship’s toleration of heresy, i.e. both Harry Heise’s preterism and his “original Greek” bible. I can’t remember my exact words but I can remember them close enough, I told Frank Riley: “If you allow Harry Heise to participate at your exhibit, as a representative of the Maranatha Bible Society, your outreach at the Fair is a farce!” All he did was frown. A short amount of time passed, and Riley was doing the last minute preparations, he was having difficulty in that he did not have a sufficient number of fellowship members to man the booth. This I also remember, it was a Wednesday evening at Bible study. Riley told the gathering the situation of manpower for the booth; he then proceeded to recruit 130

Frank Riley

volunteers. He asked me outright if I would participate, my answer was: “Absolutely out of the question and you know why!” He made sort of a half ass remark in an attempt to comprise with me, that the time periods of Harry Heise and myself being there would not coincide. I told him it didn’t matter (a farce is still a farce). This all happened in the presence of everyone there that evening, and it went right over their heads. Extenuating circumstances: Frank Riley had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This was going to be the last county fair in which he would participate, and everyone knew it. This was most likely the reason that some people rearranged their schedules so as to accommodate Riley. Shortly thereafter he died. My mother and myself DID NOT attend his funeral. Hey Ken Brandt, My friend Ralph didn’t think your (that’s right your) new improved addition of Progressive Revelation is worth two dead flies. As for the other two books, he gave them to me too (so everyone knows, Ralph had to threaten Ken to send the books, so as good will gesture, Ken also sent a copy of “Absolute Predestination” by Zanchius, and “Identification of the Believer in the Gospel of the Grace of God” by the King Farce himself.) An amusing proclamation concerning Frank Riley on page 4 of Absolute Predestination:


THIS EDITION OF TRANSLATOR’S REVIVED IS DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF FRANK RILEY, ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE MARANATHA FELLOWSHIP, PUBLISHERS OF THIS BOOK, OUR DEAR BROTHER DEPARTED THIS LIFE ON OCTOBER 15th 1999 AT THE AGE OF 82. HE WAS A BLESSING TO ALL WHO KNEW HIM, AND OUR LIVES ARE RICHER BECAUSE HE LIVED AMONG US AS A LIVING TESTIMONY TO THE GRACE OF GOD Hey Ken, you don’t even have this in the right book! So you think he was a blessing to all who knew him do you? No, he was not! I knew him and my mother knew him and one other person whom I shall not name knew him, and we all thought he was a little farce (for the reader, “little” due to his physical stature). Why do you think we didn’t attend his funeral. Oh, he was a testimony for sure, a testimony to Paul’s letter to Titus, chapter one verse sixteen. I’m recalling the situation I have described on page 130, and about Riley asking me to work at the Fair. As we (my mother and myself) were driving home, I made a comment: “So Jerry Rasmussen thinks Riley is of some Sage of the Ages? If Riley thinks I am going to lift a finger for him, he better clean up the shit that is right under his nose first!”


Is this to you, for you, or about you? Luke 16:34 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.



Chapter Fifteen: Dale Koller I was almost ready to commence the printing of this book when I happened across some new material on the Internet. Let me preface this chapter with the ardor and emotion created by what I came across: I cannot state in words the satisfaction I have in knowing that I really am getting to these people. How do I know that I am getting to them? I found this on the Internet…Dale Koller seeking legal advice…this is Copy and Paste, evidently I hit a nerve big time…thank you Dale Koller for letting me know, thank you-thank you. Question I am receiving repeated harrassing emails from a person whom I have asked 12 (documented) times now to stop emailing me. This has been going on for nearly a year now. He emails me at work, home, even my children, and has now even hacked into my facebook and sent messages to all my friends. He states that he will not stop and that he is protected under the amendments. What should I do? Dale

The date/time stamp associated with the above only said “10 Days Ago”. I found this on April first, 2010, so 10 days ago would place this query about march 22nd. This was an “Ask a Lawyer” service. Not all of the communication between the Lawyer and Koller is public, the lawyer responds to the above question to which Koller feather replies:


Already Tried I ignored all of his (Allan Lewicki) unsolicited emails at first until they got more vile. He attaches blog sites to his emails. If you google "Maranatha Bible Society" you will find all of the evil things he posts to try to deter others from finding our web site. About 3 months ago I asked him to please no longer send me any emails but he has not complied. I have now begun documenting them (12 documented requests) and he responds by sending me blog posts where he attacks me for asking him to stop emailing him! Hes a nut but I am afraid of him and growing tired and stressful of this. He even emails my children!!! And that is where he crosses the line. He simply will not stop! Any advice would be appreciated. Dale

The next posting from the attorney: Dear Dale, Thank you for your question and I look forward to working on your answer. Also, it is important to know that I can only respond to your post and the information contained in it, as I do not know what you know, unless you describe it fully. Also, because you are at this site, you are asking me the question because you want the legal facts, as I see them, even if unfavorable to your situation from a legal perspective. Also, due to site tech reasons, oftentimes I am initially only able to see the first part of your post, so I apologize in advance if I ask a redundant question. That being said, if you would like me to work on an answer for you, and in order to better assist you, could you please clarify for me:


Dale Koller

1. Is this all occurring in Ohio? I look forward to getting to work on this for you. Hang in there! Sincerely, (Name Omitted), Legal Expert Please note: I do not provide legal advice, only legal information; I do not legally represent any (Web Site ID) members, visitors or customers. We do not and will not e n jo y a n at to r n e y /c li e nt r el a tio n s hi p. F ur th er communication with me here is an acceptance of this and any information provided by me is with the understanding that you comprehend this and agree. At times there can be a delay of an hour or more in between my answers because I may be helping other customers or taking a break. In addition, if it is late at night, EST, and we are between postings, I may go get some shut eye, but I'll be back the next day, so never fear.

D. Koller responds: Thank you for your reply. Mr Lewicki lives in Ohio, I live in Florida. He is a disgruntled former member of our Bible group. All of his emails are generated from his home computer. When he discovered our web site about a year ago, he began posting and emailing us with the intent to discourage anyone from wanting to be a part of our fellowship. I have NEVER emailed or spoken with him in the past 5 years only to ask


him to stop emailing me. He primarily emails me with his newest blog sites. Dale

By the appearance of this on the web site there are several more question-answers, but the site says they are “Locked”, there is a stipulation that they may be viewed, but a fee is necessary…whatever was exchanged between D. Koller and the lawyer is not worth knowing. The attorney concludes: Finally, you can also sue him privately for the above and include a claim for Defamation if he is making false statements that are damaging to your reputation and/or causing financial injury (loss of customers?). I would also consider seeking a restraining order against him, regarding both yourself and your family/children, prohibiting him from communicating to you or your family, nor to pretend to be you, nor to hack into your accounts, etc. This guy is a crackpot, and you may have to make his behavior very uncomfortable for him (or expensive), to get him to stop.

********** Well-well, according to Dale Koller:    

I hacked into his FaceBook account I sent messages to all his friends I have stated that I will not stop I proclaim I am protected under the “amendments” 138

Dale Koller

     

I am vile I post evil things about the Maranatha Bible Society I attacked him because he asked me so stop the emails I’m a nut He is afraid of me Based on the communication between Koller and the attorney, the attorney pronounces me a crackpot

Ok Lovey-Dovey Dale, let’s go over this point-by-point. But first, so as not to give your brother the impression that I am ignoring him; as I said at the beginning of this chapter, that my book was almost ready to go to press, however, upon discovering your laments, they need to be included, actually, this involves events that are the most significant…how could I have forgotten about them! As for Dane, he will be the next chapter.

Hey Dale…Romans 8:28 I will not address these in the order they are listed. First: Dale Koller is afraid of me. Say What !? You mean I’m going to crawl through the wires between Ohio and Florida, and when you turn on your computer, I’m going to get you?…Oh! Hey Dale, you’re supposed to be a lovey-dovey member of the lovey-dovey carcass of lovey-dovey Kryst. That means your supposed to be Bibical-bibical-bibical. How about this biblical-biblical: From Paul’s second letter to Timothy, chapter two, verse seven. 2 Tim 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 139

So Dale…that ain’t true! Guess what else Dale…if you have the “spirit of fear”, your “sound mind” is seriously in question. Hey Dale, I’m putting 2 and 2 together, and here is what I am coming up with: Your brother Dane has stated in writing that I attempted to kill Henry Dziczkowski (I will take this up in the next chapter). The conclusions I am coming to are, maybe it isn’t my good old buddy, good old pal Jitch that is lying his guts out…maybe it’s somebody else…who could it be? Hmmm, who is Dane the closest to? Why?… To get a restraining order, one of the requirements is that whomever you want to restrain must have placed you in dire fear…this must needs be proved. Are you going to swear in front of a judge, that since I attempted to kill Henry Dziczkowsi, and since I am sooo vile-evil-mean spirited, you are in dire fear…and all because of my bady-bady emails? After all, the lawyer did say I was a crackpot. So much for your sound mind I suppose I need to recap some whys and wherefores of recent past history that may have lead Dale to make the statement that he is afraid of me. Now that I am scratching my chin over this…(other then for a reason to get a restraining order) he really is. Why is he afraid of me…it’s not because of the emails, it’s something else…and I know what it is. A digression is in order. 140

Dale Koller

There is a plank of doctrine of the Maranatha Bible Society, the doctrine of what they have dubbed “Identification”. This doctrine is true, however, they know Jack Shit about it. Let me be as simple and concise with an explanation of “Identification”. A member of the Body of Christ is TOTALLY identified with Jesus Christ Himself. It’s that simple. What don’t they get about it? They don’t get Total…i.e. some of the implications, other than being a Son therefore being an Heir. Implications such as “Authority”. If (repeat if…that little two letter word) someone in point and in fact is a member of the body of Christ, than he has the same authority of Jesus Christ. Jesus cast out demons; a member of the body of Christ has the same authority. Jesus cursed people, he cured things…Paul cursed people. One in particular, Elymas Bar-jesus. Why did Paul curse Elymas? Read Acts 13:10…I have the same authority. Digression over When I parted company with the Maranatha Bible Society, given the authority as a member of the body of Christ, in addition to writing “Clarification”, and my letter to Ken Brandt (chapter four), I cursed three people:   

I cursed Ken Brandt I cursed Henry Dziczkowski And I Cursed Dale Koller

I wrote my curse in a letter and sent it to them via certified U.S. mail, restricted delivery, signature required. My curse: I told them outright I DID NOT want them to die. I want them to live. I want them to live to be an eyewitness 141

to the breaking of the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation, to be an eyewitness to the Blowing of the Seven Trumpets of the Book of Revelation, and to be an eyewitness to the Pouring Out of the Seven Vials of the Book of Revelation. I made an additional stipulation in my curse…(extra non lovey-dovey) that I bestowed upon them: The Book of Revelation, The Fifth Trumpet…whatever flies out of the Bottomless pit will be on a mission. To say that they will be pissed is an understatement…prior to proceeding with their mission they will practice on Ken Brandt, they will practice on Henry Dziczkowski, and they will practice on Dale Koller. I will concede that the world at large and D. Koller’s attorney in particular will proclaim me to be a crackpot and Dane Koller will proclaim me to be insane. Hey Dale Koller, hey Dane Koller, Hey Ken Brandt, hey Henry Dziczkowski…there is one and only one way to see if I really am a crackpot…to see if I really am insane…

Wait and See! My Quest, my Jihad, my Crusade against the Maranatha Bible Society started in earnest on New Years Day, 2010. I mailed the following letter to Ken Brandt, to Henry Dziczkowski, and to Dale Koller, this is also on the Internet: Allan Lewicki 7911 Thornton Dr Parma, Ohio 44129 January 1, 2010


Dale Koller

Dear Farces Just a reminder: the arrangements I have made for you seven years ago are still in full force. The commencement of the fulfillment of The Book of Revelation is very very soon. You will witness the breaking of every Seal. You will witness the blowing of every Trumpet. You will witness the pouring out of every Vile. You will eventually be introduced to the Two Witnesses; they know who and what you are. DO NOT attempt to preach your “gospel” to them (this is not a warning; it is a command). After the above brief encounter (they have just as mush revulsion of you as I do) the Bottomless Pit will be opened. The creatures that fly out also know who and what you are, they also remember the “liberty” I have extended to them. In the mean time I want you to know what I am doing (epically the Jonesville Farce). I am going through the U.S. state by state and seeking email addresses of the facility of “theological seminaries” (among other institutions), when I find them I email one of the articles I have written. The article I send the most is “The Gospel According to the Maranatha Bible Society”. Written by My Hand: Allan Lewicki

PS: In that all three of you are too dull of hearing to comprehend why I am intentionally not using the names given you in this world, I will reveal this: Your names ARE NOT written in the Book of Life, so as far as I am concerned, you have no names.



Chapter Sixteen: Dale Koller #2 I did not realize that my ranting about the koller farce would be so voluminous, and I did say in the last chapter that I would abnegate him point by point. In that I have significant material to write, I shall proceed with my abnegation forthwith: 1. 2. 3. 4.

I hacked into his FaceBook account…yea-yea I sent messages to all his friends…yea-yea I am vile…yea-yea I am a nut…yea-yea

5. I post evil things about the Maranatha Bible Society…Oh Hell Yes! (“evil” is a matter of perspective), Hey Dale…is this to you, for you or about you…Ephesians 5:13? 6. I “cross the line” by contacting his kids. I should make an amplification of the fifth point above (then I will come back to his kids)…Dale asked the attorney to Google “Maranatha Bible Society”, don’t just Google them, Google:     

Allan Lewicki Ken Brandt Henry Dziczkowski Dale Koller Dane Koller

When you Google me the first hit that comes up is one of my Blogs. I have 4 Blogger Blogs, but only one comes up: “Allan Lewicki vs. the Maranatha Bible Society”, on that Blog is a sub-blog with links to all of them…“All Blog Addresses” 145

Don’t forget my YouTube Channels, I have two of them, my user name on the first is ElmasBarjesus, note that there are no spaces (after serious consideration I chose that name intentionally to piss you off), my user name on the other is allanlewicki1, again, note no spaces (I absolutely do not want anyone to have difficulty finding these). ********** Now for the Koller kids Dale Koller has a son and a daughter; the daughter is now in her late teens. She is now old enough that she can analyze a situation and come to her own conclusions. Both of these kids have YouTube Channels…I found them. Even though Kollers dialog with an attorney was just the last chapter, I need to review a few pertinent statements: He emails me at work, home, even my children, and has now even hacked into my facebook and sent messages to all my friends. He states that he will not stop and that he is protected under the amendments. What should I do?

Continuation of Koller seeking advice He even emails my children!!! And that is where he crosses the line. He simply will not stop!

Hey Dale…let’s get a couple of details straight. Let’s review one on my last email messages; here it is, for the appraisal of the whole world:


Dale Koller #2

To: the General Membership of the Farces calling themselves the Maranatha Bible Society From: Allan Lewicki Subject: email Evidently Dale Koller is under the impression that if he sends me an email demanding that I cease and desist my emails to him, that, according to the 66th Amendment of the Constitution that I am required to comply. Me, as a gesture of courtesy (even though I still have no obligation to comply with his request), have informed him that I will do so pending OFFICIAL. LEGAL, REAL, NOTIFICATION. Hey Dale Koller…my email said: Send me a Certified letter via the U.S. Postal Service; i.e. Restricted Delivery/Signature Required, and I will grant your request. Are you too much of a Farce to do that? This also applies to your Farce brother and the Farce President of the Farce Maranatha Bible Society. Now to edify everybody else. Why, prey tell, can’t Farce Dale just block me? I will tell you why…because he knows his kids will find my Blogs anyway, and he doesn’t want to allow them any help from me. Blogs like: And then they might find this:


Why am I so mean that I am doing this to start with? Below is a cut & paste form one of my Blogs, it’s the very last sentence: “Do you people think…do you actually think that I am going to just ignore this…do you?? And than you will get all convicted and pray for unity!? You people make me want to puke!” Ignore what? Just in case anybody forgot; read the Blog. I did say that I have a final email waiting in the wings, and when the appointed time arrives I will send it…then you will be rid of me. The appointed time is March 22nd, 2010, 7:41PM Allan Lewicki

{ For the contents of this “Last email”, contact me in writing, i.e. black letters on real white paper in a real envelope that is deposited into my mailbox } ********** The Blogs that are mentioned from one of my main blogs (this is the 1st hit that comes up by Googling me, Allan Lewicki): Allan Lewicki vs. the Maranatha Bible Society The title of a sub-blog, probably the one that has caused the most angst to Dale Koller:


Dale Koller #2

Dale and Dane Koller; Are Your Kids Asking Questions That You Can’t Answer? Questions Like: Daddy, if the KJV is Perfect, Why Do You Have to Change it? { Here is this Blog…Copy and Paste } Hi Everybody That’s how I always start my emails to the Maranatha Bible Society…I have to use those words “Maranatha Bible Society”. This Blog is what is called SEO; Search Engine Optimized. The Web Crawlers will find this, then when you Google Maranatha Bible Society, this Blog will come up. Well anyway, both Dale and Dane Koller (more SEO words) sent me a very short and to the point email telling me to cease and desist contacting them or their family. Why, oh holy ones, don’t you just have me blocked? Further why, am I not to send messages to your family? All right, I will comply. Dale Koller, and Dane Koller and their offspring shall receive no more contact from me. This whole quest I am on exposing the farcical hypocrisy of their fellowship is coming to a head anyway. I do have just one more message waiting in the wings that I am intending to send, and when the appointed time arrives I will send it. Dale and Dane Koller shall not receive it, however I know for an absolute certainty that they will know about it. Change of subject Why do the Kollers ask me to stop emailing them? I know why. They can’t just block me because they know that their kids will read my message anyway via some other channel…like YouTube. They also know that if they forbid 149

their kids from reading my messages, kids being kids will all the more want to read them… and then they will start asking questions. Hey Dale Koller, your kids are now old enough to want to know WHY…why, if you proclaim with such austere authority that the KJV is Perfect and Inerrant, does it need to be corrected? For everyone’s edification, JUST ONE of the places that Dale Koller corrects the King James Bible is the capitalization of the S in John 6:63…yes-sir-ee…perfect and inerrant! Hey Dale and Dane Koller, I’m looking at all your friends on FaceBook, and one particular verse comes to mind: James 4:4 You will not hear from me again until I return with The Army, Rev 19:14, and when that happens I am going to have NO mercy on you, or on all the members of your LoveyDovey Karkiss-a-Kryst Klub, and especially not on that Animated Pile of Shit from Walton Hills…Guess where you are going, Rev 20:15. Written by My Hand Allan Lewicki


Is this to you, for you, or about you? The Entire Book of Revelation



Chapter Seventeen: Dane Koller Dane Koller has provided me with a magnificently excellent example that I will use to demonstrate the farcical hypocrisy of his religious fellowship; the Maranatha Bible Society. What I have recently been doing in my quest to bring attention to the absurd doctrine of these people is attaining email addresses of churches in the local area of Litchfield and Jonesville Michigan. I would then send the pastors of these churches one of the articles I have written. In the “CC” portion I would include the addresses of the principles of MBS (I want them to know what I am doing) As a reaction to one of my emailings Dane Koller sent me (as a CC) the below letter. Note that Dane’s Letter is Cut and Paste Verbatim, i.e. word for word, letter for letter: From: Dane Koller to: cc: allanlewicki1 at date: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 3:40 PM subject: Lewicki is a loon! Pastor, This guy is a complete loon! His own mother was part of this fellowship in which he claims is corrupt! Mr. Lewicki claims it is OK to capitalize any word in the Bible and this is why he was asked to never step foot into a Maranatha Bible study or conference. He is a very very mean spirited person in which we may be looking into a slander lawsuit against him. He almost killed a 72 year old elder in our fellowship about 10 years ago! This man breeds hate and


God will enact His vengeance upon him when he dies. Which will probably be very soon! "Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord." Romans 12:19. Be very careful with this loon for he is borderline insane! I believe he is also a prederist! Sincerely,

This caused me enormous amusement…So…I sent my Ol' bubby Jitch a message via FaceBook...You can't CC on FaceBook, here is the message, I also sent this to everyone in associated with the MBS that I had addresses for (Jitch = Henry Dziczkowski). Hey Jitch old buddy old pal I just got an email from Dane Koller, you can read it at this Blog: It’s really not too hard to figure out who is lying their guts out

Dane likes to quote scripture…I can quote scripture too…How about this one: Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter five verse thirteen, I’m not going to write it, I’m going to make your dumb asses look it up. Here is the relevance between Henry Dziczkowski, and the above verse: 154

Dane Koller

Cockroaches and H. P. Dzczkowski do not like LIGHT shined on them. This chapter will proceed with my in-depth and in detailed commentary on Dane’s letter, he has written: I am a loon, I am very very mean spirited, I am borderline insane…yeayea, what else is new. The very last sentence of Dane’s message caught my attention…he believes me to be a “Preterist”…really!? I have already written about this quite adequately, in lieu of repeating it here, go to this Blog: Additionally, the subject of Preterism is addressed on my YouTube videos, watch the ones titled “Harry the Preterist”. My user name for that channel is ElymasBarjesus (note, no spaces between letters) It is very very interesting about one old fart lying his guts out…he is lying his ass off too! Oh, Harry Heise and Henry Dziczkowski are bosom buddies…Not only that, but given the implications of being a Preterist, and the Medina fellowship of the Maranatha Bible Society knowing full well about this…they have no objections…ask Jerry and Trudy Rasmussen, ask Jim and Debbie Motylinski. Hey Dane; I will over look as a typo your misquoting Romans 12:19. However I would like to call attention to how and why I noticed this. I have an assumption concerning everything and anything written by anybody connected with the Maranatha Bible Society. Here is my assumption: 155

If Scripture is quoted it must of an absolute necessity be verified, this is because it more than likely has been adulterated. Your particular adulteration (even forgiving this as a typo) I have addressed in my Blog “emails From Timothy H. Sroka”: I will site from that Blog: From the Web-Site of the Maranatha Bible Society:

“…don’t mess with God’s Word…” Yea right…but Richard E. Rhoades, and Henry Dziczkowski following his example, can change the capitalization to their heart’s content. Hey Tim Sroka, so you think alterations of capitalization is a trivial matter…I do not. I think that if someone changes so much as a semicolon to a comma (jot or tittle), that is as heinous as ANY other egregious corruption. Again, alteration of “word” to “Word” is a VERY egregious corruption: Furthermore; if Ken Brandt writes something, not only can’t he quote Scripture…he can’t quote ANYTHING:

Hey Dane; I am not a novice at rebutting “righteous” letters from “holy” people…get together with your buddy Lonny Stafford and have a review of this: 156

Dane Koller

(Oh, at the time I wrote the Stafford letter, I thought Lonnie was a girl…it really doesn’t matter…I do not care what gender of underwear he puts on) (that letter was written very close to the time I wrote the Brandt letter, about seven years ago). My letter to L.S. has a direct bearing to something I am sure will get your attention…Slander/Liable…but “All in good time my pretty, all in good time” All in all, there are 13 points. Several can be coupled; “I am a loon” and “I am borderline insane” can be joined, as can; “I am very very mean spirited” and “I bread hate”, also these two can be joined “It will be God himself that will strike me dead” and “I am soon to die”. I will dissect this letter and respond point-by-point. The points are:             

I am a loon My mother was a member of the fellowship I claim the fellowship is corrupt I claim it is OK to capitalize any word in the bible The MBS asked me to depart I am very very mean spirited The MBS is looking into a slander lawsuit I almost killed Henry Dziczkowski I bread hate I am soon to die It will be God himself that will strike me dead I am borderline insane I am a Preterist

I am not going to address the above in the order in which they appeared in the letter, the first one I will take up will be: I am very-very mean spirited. 157

Guess what Dane…I will concede this point. It is perfectly reasonable from your perspective that I really am mean spirited (note: “from your perspective”). We both live in the United States of America. We have a Constitution. The very First Amendment of that Constitution is the FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If you have an opinion concerning me, you, as an American are totally within your rights to publish it to the world…As I am also within my rights to proclaim my opinion. Ok Dane…I’m mean spirited…I will be honored it be identified with the below How mean spirited was Elijah when he called down fire? 2 Kings 1:10 How mean spirited were James and John when they wanted to do the same? Luke 9:54 How mean spirited was Elisha when he cursed 42 snot nose kids? 2 Kings 2:24 How mean spirited was Paul when he delivered Hymenaeus and Alexander unto Satan? 1 Tim 1:20 How mean spirited was Paul when he cursed Elymas Barjesus? 13:11 (such a coincidence that Richard E. Rhoades died blind) How mean spirited was Christ Jesus himself? Matt 23 (if you know the difference between Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ…which I know you do not) How mean spirited was God Himself for what he told Moses to do? Num 31:17 How mean spirited is Jesus Himself going to be when He returns? Rev 14:10 158

Dane Koller

Are you accusing me of being mean spirited for doing this: Jude 3? Lovey-Dovey puddles of religious diarrhea make me want to PUKE, Rev 3:16 ! You are absolutely and totally true and correct with identifying me with one particular verse in the bible: Psalms 139:21-22 There is a libelous statement in your message, for which, if I so chose, I could sue you…how mean spirited would that be? Not only that, but as mitigation in any case I might enact against you, I could construe your last comment as a death threat. Hey Dane; here is a cut and paste from Wikipedia…libelous statement Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, slander (for spoken words), and libel (for written or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. It is usually, but not always, [1] a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a letter from my lawyer, as I have said above “All in good time my pretty, all in good time”. Can you imagine if the Maranatha Bible Society actually did take Allan Lewicki to Court…


Allan Lewicki is the defendant and Ken Brandt (as President of the MBS) is the plaintiff. The trail proceeds to the cross-examination phase; the judge pronounces “the defense my now call the first witness” Denial Webster, council for the defense - DW Kenneth D. Brandt, plaintiff - KB Allan Lewicki, defendant - AL DW: Your Honor, I call Kenneth D. Brandt, President of the Maranatha Bible Society Judge: Mr. Brandt, take the stand Judge to Bailiff: Officer Achan would you administer the Oath. Bailiff: Mr. Brandt, raise your right hand and place your other hand on the Bible (it’s a KJV)…Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? KB: Yes I do. Judge to DW: You may ask the first question DW: Mr. Brandt, I have studied your Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Position, I have also read your Text Messages


Dane Koller

(DW hands KB a print out of Ken Brandt’s text message “Trying the Spirits”) Mr. Brandt, did you write this? KB: Yes I did. DW: Mr. Brandt, would you read for the jury the excerpt I have marked. KB: (he starts to read) (3) Does this teaching magnify the Word of God? And how does this teaching affect our attitude towards the Scriptures? "I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy loving kindness and for thy truth: for thou has magnified thy word above all thy name" (Psalm 138:2). Does this teaching have its root in the soil of the Word of God? Does it spring out of the seed which is the pure Word of truth? Or is it concocted from the minds of men and so-called "scholars?" There are a good many preachers who can effectively play on the emotions of the people, or have some movie star give a testimony, or speak with prophetic certainty, and in so doing lead people astray because they do not test his conclusions with the Word of God. Whatever originates outside of the Scriptures, should for that very reason, be suspect until it is proven to be in agreement with the Word of God. When it is found to be contrary with God's Word, then it cannot be accepted as truth from God. We must have chapter and verse which gives it authority. This must always be the last and final proof. "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them" (Isaiah 8:20).


{Just in case Ken Brandt deletes this from the MBS web site, I have taken the precaution of downloading a copy for safekeeping} DW: Mr. Brandt; I need to make absolutely sure that the jury understands this. I must allow no room for misinterpretation. DW to the Judge: Your Honor I would like to recall Allan Lewicki to the stand Judge: Granted DW: Mr. Lewicki, I would like to remind you that you that you are still under Oath. Mr. Lewicki, you have stated that you were once a member of this fellowship. You have also spoken of one of the planks of their doctrine regarding anything and everything that is put forth as truth must absolutely be supported by, as Mr. Brandt has just testified, a “Thus saith the Lord”…for the jury, would you amplify this. AL: Yes indeed Lawyer Webster; I recall one of the very first meetings I attended, Frank Riley played a video, recorded by Richard E. Rhoades. The subject of this video from Dusty was exactly that…do you have a “Thus saith the Lord” Dusty was relating a sermon he heard from a fellow pastor. This pastor’s message was about the conversion of Paul on the road to Damascus…how Paul got knocked off of his horse.


Dane Koller

DW: What does that have to do with a “Thus saith the Lord” AL: Well Lawyer Webster, nowhere in the account of Paul traveling to Damascus does it say that he was riding a horse. The point of Dust’s video was; unless the Bible specifically states something…DO NOT interject your own opinions. DW: Thank you Mr. Lewicki, you may step down. DW to the Judge: Your Honor I would like to recall Mr. Brandt. Judge: Granted. DW: Mr. Brandt, as with Mr. Lewicki, I remind you that you are under Oath. Mr. Brandt, has your doctrine of having a “Thus saith the Lord” been accurately stated, and do you have anything to add for the jury? KB: No Lawyer Webster, I have nothing to add. DW: Mr. Brandt, I have read your dissertation: God's Word: Notes on the King James Bible or the Authorized Version of 1611 (DW hands KB a print out of same). Did you write this? KB: Yes I did.


DW: Mr. Brandt, do you believe the KJV to be perfect? KB: Yes I do. DW: Mr. Brandt, do you believe the KJV to be inerrant? KB: Yes I do. DW: Mr. Brandt, did your late founder believe likewise? KB: Yes he did. DW: Mr. Brandt, would you read from the Bible several verses (DW hands KB the same Bible used for the Oath), Please read Genesis 6:17 KB: And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die. DW: Now would you read Genesis 7:4 KB: For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living


Dane Koller

substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth. DW: Very good Mr. Brandt, please continue by reading Genesis 7:21,22 & 23. KB. And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man: All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died. And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark. DW: Mr. Brandt, I have a book written by your founder, the late Richard E. Rhoades (DW hands KB the book published by the MBS: “Genesis 1~25�), does your fellowship distribute this book? KB: Yes we do. DW: Mr. Brandt, please read the passage I have marked on page 88. KB: The main problem with this view comes from the introduction of Giants


DW: Giants Mr. Brandt? Continue reading please. KB: There are mentions of these giants after the Flood, so they apparently survived somehow. DW: Mr. Brandt, this seams to me to cause somewhat of a problem, so as to be sure that Mr. Rhoade's manuscript didn’t get mixed up with something else, would you read what I have marked on page 204. KB: The Raphanum mentioned here are the race of giants that I mentioned previously who apparently survived the Flood. Judge: Brant…get the Hell out of my Courtroom!

********** The second sentence of your message: “His own mother was part of this fellowship in which he claims is corrupt!” Yes, my mother was a member of the Medina Fellowship of the Maranatha Bible society, and yes I do think that the MBS is corrupt. In my tenure as a writer I have been perfecting and polishing my literary prose. There is a talent in writing (speech too) that is more important than what you write…it’s the way you write it. 166

Dane Koller

Your second sentence gives a slanted implication (because of the way you said it). The implication being that my dear old Mom, in that she was a member of the MBS (which you claim is not corrupt) was one of the purest and most holy saints of God. Me, in that I “almost killed” Henry Dziczkowski, must be only one step away of being Satan incarnate (after all…I am sooo mean spirited, I am sooo gospel rejecting, I am sooo bady-bady…etc-etc). Where are you getting your information? There is a truism that is very apropos to what you have written: “There are two sides to every story…I don’t have time to listen to your side” Below is a cut and past from my Blog “emails From Timothy H. Sroka”, in this excerpt “you” refers to Tim Sroka, “your mother” refers to Carol Sroka”, “her and She” refer to my mother (for everyone’s edification; Tim Sroka is Henry Dziczkowski’s grandson, Carol Sroka is his daughter). I’m recalling something that would be ideal to put down as a permanent record; to let you, your mother and all of the members of MBS know her opinion. She held the same esteem of what she referred to as “the bunch of ostriches in Medina” as I do, but she was way too meek and mild to say so. She passed away not too long ago. One of the things she did was plan her own funeral. A stipulation in these plans was: NOBODY from the Maranatha Bible Society was welcome !! Does that grab you by the throat Bro. Obedience (aka Henry Dziczkowski) !?

Because of libelous statements you have made in your one short email; I am able to draw several conclusions:


  

I perceive that you really do think you are telling the truth. Where are you getting this “truth”? What does that have to say for the elders of your “non-corrupt” fellowship?

Hey Dane Koller; even though you were not intentionally lying, your email is still libelous. ********** Hey Dane; your text message: “THE 7 SAYINGS APPLIED TO THE PRESENT DAY CHURCH” is very good. Something occurred to me that is totally unrelated to your email message…but is IS related to CREDIBILITY. Your article as I have said is very good…that is the point…it is TOO good. In light of the intellectual excellence displayed in that article; compared to the scholarly content of both your appearance on YouTube and your email; this is “probable cause” to suspect that you are not the author. Are you aware that verification of plagiarism via the Internet is not an arduous undertaking? I have not checked your writing, nor do I intend to…after all, how could someone as Biblical-Biblical and Doctrine-Doctrine as an elder of the Maranatha Bible Society resort to such behavior…far be it from anyone in your fellowship to suspect this! I’m not going to check your article because I really don’t care, if you did write it, it is very impressive…if you didn’t; it’s just one more illustration of my opinion of the MBS.


Dane Koller

However, if anyone would like to check for plagiarism, here is how to do it, just Google “Plagiarism Checker”. A myriad is sites come up. below are just four. ********** I have already written these in this book, but I will write them again. From “Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol 1” (not the new improved version “Progressive Revelation 3rd Addition” revised by Ken Brandt). 1) His "Creed", page 258 XIV: "The Bible is the complete and PERFECT Word of God and is trustworthy in all matters..." 2) Page 353: Lines 10 & 11 "...I haven't found a single place that I would call error, nor do I deem it necessary to delete or substitute anything" 3) Page 265: Lines 13, 14 & 15 "As to why I believe the Bible is the complete and perfect Word of God, I have reason to believe it to be SELF EVIDENT." 4) Page 349: Lines 18, 19 & 20 "...the KJV underwent a lot of correction before finally coming to the place where it was error free..." 5) Page 352 "WERE THE KJV TRANSLATORS INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD, OR WERE THEY SIMPLY SCHOLARS WHO DID A RESEARCH JOB WELL?...I would be the last to suggest that ONE WORD be removed from it" Do these quotes sound “Holy”? Do they sound “Righteous”? Do they appear as “Sound Doctrine”? I could go on with a 169

list of adjectives to ascribe to “Evangelist” R. E. Rhoades, but they all boil down to just two…

Hypocritical Farce!


Is this to you, for you, or about you? Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.



Conclusion: The Gospel NOT from to the MBS According To The Scriptures i.e. The Scriptures Chapter & Verse of First Corinthians, chapter fifteen, verses three and four: 1 Cor 15:3-4 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: This composition will be dealing primarily with the “Triumphant Entry�. I need to make a digression to start, which is: TYPES & SHADOW PICTURES, TYPES & SHADOW PICTURES, T & S. P. Of the type & shadow pictures in the Bible. Especially of the Crucifixion. I see 7, SEVEN (a significant number) of the above. I cannot overstate the paramontness (new word) of this. Consider: The Passover was the very first commanded sacrifice by God Almighty, AND the Crucifixion is the clearest type and shadow picture of that sacrifice. Actually it is the other way around, the Passover is a T&SP of the Crucifixion, as are the seven listed below. 1) Genesis 3:21 2) Genesis 4:4 3) Genesis 22:1~19 4) Genesis 37: 31&32 5) Genesis 46:1 6) Exodus 12 et al 7) The Crucifixion Proper 173

Of the 7 listings above, 4 of them are even “THE SELFSAME DAY”. They are: a) Abraham & Isaac #3; b) Jacob’s sacrifice upon entering Egypt #5; c) The Passover of Exodus 12 #6; d) The Crucifixion Proper. I am considering Abraham and Isaac as “the selfsame day” even though I know that the day is not specified. This due to the parallels between that particular story, and the details of the Crucifixion, it seems silly to me that it would not be the selfsame day. And along the same line of thought, regarding #4 above, even though I cannot prove this, I would not be surprised if Joseph’s “coat of many color’s” and the seamless rob worn by Jesus are identical. Now for the Crucifixion proper, I am assuming that the reader is fluent in Exodus 12. Everybody knows that the resurrection was Sunday. Backup 3 days & 3 nights, WEDNESDAY…“at even” (don’t give me any ca-ca about “Friday”, three days means 3 DAYS, and three nights means 3 NIGHTS)…Exodus 12:6. The foregoing I will not belabor, but the point I am about to make I Will. The “Triumphant Entry” what day was it? If The Crucifixion was “at even” on Wednesday the 14th of the first month, that must mean that Passover was the next day the 15th, also remember that the “day” starts at sunset. Read St. John Chapter 12, the 15th subtract 6 comes to the 9th, Friday…when they had the dinner for Lazarus. I need to make a digression, a digression to comment about the tone of this composition. Isn’t it strange that if some expert Po-ba writes something scholarly, there will usually be no objections. But say something about the Bible that doesn’t line up with “the majority opinion”…let me re-phrase that, “the majority opinion of the theologians” WOW!! Yes, today to do ANY commentary about the Bible there is an unwritten law that one must be a “Theologian”. Disregard my perception that all of their “Bible Scalars” put together can’t figure out what day the Crucifixion took place. I have NO 174

The Scriptures, Chapter and Verse

respect for either Bible Scholars or Theologians. WHY…I can read, thank you…and I can read for myself, I DO NOT need some exalted expert to tell me what it means. If anybody thinks that there is dissention about the day of the Crucifixion…wait ‘till you read this! I am fully aware that this little memoir is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. THAT…is my intention. Back to the Gospel of John chapter 12, the Crucifixion occurred exactly as prescribed in the 12th chapter of the Book of Exodus, on the 14th day of the 1st month (that particular month I suspect was Nisan) …in the evening. The point I am making about its connection to the Gospel of John is that the specification of exactly what day and exactly when the 12th chapter of Exodus requires the Passover Lamb to be killed, are not the only requirements of that sacrifice. Does anybody remember when one is to go get the Lamb? What follows is the connection of that seemingly forgotten detail and the Crucifixion. What Day was the “Triumphant Entry”? As recorded in the Gospel of John, Chapter 12 verse 1, “…six days before the Passover…”, six…6…the number between 5 and 7 (see Webster for the definition of “between”) was a Supper for Lazarus. Now for some higher math, that this exceeds the reasoning ability of the overwhelming majority of people on this Earth is not my concern. That it ESPECIALLY exceeds the reasoning ability of all the scholars and theologians, especially extra smart ThDs and D.D.s is still not my concern. Given that the “killing of the Passover” of the 12th chapter of Exodus is on “THE SELFSAME DAY” as the Crucifixion, i.e. the 14th day of the first month, my calculations conclude that the dinner for Lazarus was on the 9th day of the first month.


Why am I being so sarcastic? I will tell you. The people I am referring to in the above paragraph can’t back up 3 days and 3 nights from Sunday and come to Wednesday. Their attempt to make this go away by one of the following, is just plane stupid. 1. Any portion of a day counts as a whole day 2. The Sabbath that the adherents of the above hold to is the Saturday Sabbath 3. It doesn’t matter…(This one I will address later.) So, the Resurrection was on Sunday, the 17th of the first month. (Oh, I tried but I can’t be absolutely sure in a determination if it was Abib or Nisan, so I will just say the 1st month. I do however have some suspicions about this, and my suspicions are based on a) how fast Barley grows and b) the Feast of Pentecost) Now where was I, oh yeah, Sunday the 17th of the 1st month. There IS another way to arrive at the 17th, but again the math is too complex for the world at large. I will state it anyway…14 + 3 = 17. The Resurrection being the 17th is not the point, nor is the Crucifixion being the 14th. The point is the supper for Lazarus. As I have already stated, that was on the 9th of the first month. Again…”Higher Math”…what is the day after the 9th, is or is it not the 10th? Back to the Gospel of John, in particular the 12th chapter and the 12th verse… “On the next day…” is that or is that not the argument I’ve just concluded about the 10th? So far I have only stated dates, not days. Here are the days, FIRST – the Resurrection was Sunday the 17th. SECOND – the Crucifixion was Wednesday the 14th, THIRD – the supper for Lazarus was Friday the 9th. LAST– the “Triumphant Entry” was Saturday the 10th.


The Scriptures, Chapter and Verse

Is that so ?? Yes that is so !! What today’s “lovey-dovey” “Christians” call “Palm Sunday” was Saturday! I started this exposé with Type and Shadow Pictures, if you can’t follow my logic in the above, don’t even bother reading what is next. I did make mention of a forgotten detail of the Passover, to wit Exodus chapter 12 verse 3. Tell me, does or does not that verse have the slightest relevance to the “Triumphant Entry”? And just in case you still can’t grasp what I’m getting at, the event in question was on the 10th of the first month. MY FINAL CONCLUSION: The Apostle Paul, in his second letter to the Thessalonians Verses seven and eight “…obey not the gospel…” I have heard preachers preach on “obey the gospel” yet they never can explain exactly that it means “to obey” My perception is because they are trying to answer the wrong question. Does or does not “obey not” mean “disobey”? HERE IS MY SERMON ON HOW TO DISOBEY THE GOSPEL, AND IT’S REAL SIMPLE!    

Celebrate the “Triumphant Entry” on Palm Sunday Celebrate the Crucifixion on Friday Celebrate the Resurrection on Easter (what an abomination) Celebrate Pentecost 50 days after Easter

A Change of Venue “Why speaks Thou in parables?”…I’m not going to answer that question directly, I’ll reply with another question. 177

Q: Do you actually think that if Jesus of Nazareth, while He was on this Earth spoke only (to the multitudes) in parables…Do you actually think that HIS BIBLE, containing words inspired by The Holy Ghost, is one iota different? Do you? And, continuing with this train of thought applied SPECIFICALLY to the Gospel preached by Paul: 2 Cor 4:3. Now I’m going to drop a bombshell on you. You’re a loveydovey Christian are you? You got saved did you? You said the sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus into your liver, did you? Tell me, seeing as how you profess with boldness how you believe “The Gospel according to the Scriptures” Q: The LAST SUPPER, as recorded in Matthew, Mark & Luke, WAS THAT THE PASSOVER SUPPER? IF…God Almighty has chosen to reveal this to you the above question will pose no difficulty. If He hasn’t…Well now you got yourself a lovey-dovey problem…don’t you! Addendum: Reason #3 that I said I’d come back to; “It doesn’t matter” When you are standing at the White Thorn Judgment, Nadab and Abihu (Leviticus 10:1) will tell you how much it matters, as will Saul (1st Samuel the entire 15th chapter), as will Uzzah (2nd Samuel 6:6). So just go on your loveydovey way and rest in the assurance of your salvation, because you said the lovey-dovey sinners prayer, and you asked lovey-dovey Jesus into your lovey-dovey heart. Never mind that when the Anti Christ shows up, you will think that he can’t possibly be the Anti Christ, because you were supposed to be caught up to meet lovey-dovey Jesus in the lovey-dovey clouds. HEY…I just finished expounding the Gospel “…according to the scriptures…” 1st Cor 15: 3&4, but it STILL DOESN’T MATTER. Go ahead; take the Mark…burn in Hell. 178

The Scriptures, Chapter and Verse

Footnote: What does the Barley have to do in connection with Pentecost as to weather it was Nisan or Abib? First of all let me restate that this is my suspicion, the reason it is a suspicion and not a declaration is because my logic is dependant on how fast Barley grows. Which I have no idea. Furthermore, how fast Barley grows is probably not the same now as when Jesus walked the earth, given the changes in the fertility of the soil, the purity of the air, even the sunlight is not the same. Now Pentecost: Here is what I would like to do, I would like to make a “TYPE & SHADOW PICTURE” connection between Leviticus 23:10 “firstfruits” AND THE ASCENSION. Note epically Paul’s use of “firstfruits” in 1 Cor 15:20&23. But, in a nut shell, why I can only make an educated guess, is because of exactly WHEN the counting for Pentecost starts, it’s Deut 16:9. AND when that was, the year of the Crucifixion, I do not know. The basis for my suspicion: If the month was Nisan, what that would mean that on the 1st of the month the Barley was NOT knee high. So, given the date of the Resurrection as Sunday, the 18th, 40 days thereafter, Thursday the 27th of Iyar (the Ascension), would the Barley be ready for Deut 16:9? I can only say probably, not definitely, yes. If the month was Abib it seems to me that the above time period would be too long. But again, I have no idea how fast the Barley grew. The major reason I am trying to connect this with the Barley is that I would like it be a “Type and Shadow Picture” That is, “The Ascension” to the realization of the “First Fruits” of Leviticus 23 verse 10.



The Problem Here is the problem: According to Matthew, Mark & Luke, the last supper; was or was not (?) that the Passover “seder”? This is directly relevant to:   

“The Gospel”…I Corinthians 15:3 & 4 “…if our gospel be hid…” 2 Corinthians 4:3 The Book of Leviticus, chapter 23, verse 5

According to the Gospel of John, was Jesus crucified in accordance with God’s instructions to Moses as exactly when to sacrifice the Passover Lamb? Above is a stellar example of the disparity between Calvinism and Arminianism (I probably lost everybody right there), you can’t believe something unless you know it, and you can’t know it unless it has been revealed to you. The most explicit scripture as a proof text to the last sentence: Matthew 16:15-17. If anyone thinks that the “Last Supper” was the Passover seder (and all the religion of “Christianity” does)…explain: How, if Jesus is “the Lamb that taketh away the sins of the world”; how can He sacrifice Himself at the last supper ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURES, and sacrifice Himself AGAIN the next day, ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURES ??! Does or does not this put 2 Corinthians 4:3 AND “Why speakest Thow in parables” in a whole new light! It is absolutely essential to be knowledgeable of the DETAILS of how these Feasts came to be celebrated. What calls itself “Christianity” today is not only totally ignorant of 181

the details, but totally ignorant of the Feasts themselves !! AND, these details ARE NOT in the Bible.

The Details There is a difference between “The days of Unleavened Bread” and the “Feast of Unleavened Bread”. Read Matthew, Mark & Luke REAL close. Furthermore, John sites one of these days as “the day of preparation” Let me see if I can make an example, I’ll use Wednesday as the day when the Passover Lamb is to be killed, even though it’s not day specific, it’s date specific; the 14th of the 1st month “at even”. I’m picking Wednesday because that was the Crucifixion. Given a Wednesday “kill the Passover Lamb” the days Unleavened Bread would be Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, the 13th, 14th, & 15th , Also the “day preparation” would be Wednesday.. The Feast Unleavened Bread starts on the 15th. The days Unleavened Bread are what came to be of Exodus 12:15.

of & of of of

There is also a very important type & shadow picture. The Last Supper was Tuesday, the 1st day of unleavened bread. The Jews would go through their homes and “cast out all the Levin” Who left the Last Supper? A type & shadow picture! Levin = sin Here is something that IS in the Bible. This in light of the instructions as to how He (God) wants things done, if God says there are specific details to be observed, than it’s REAL SIMPEL how you better do it, ask Nadab & Abihu, again. Consider Exodus 12:8~11, compare that with the description 182

The Problem

of “The Last Supper”, they don’t jive…Why?…because it wasn’t the Passover! I sincerely hope that this letter will be a seed for understanding the why & wherefores of some VERY IMPORTANT biblical truths. Here’s why, if you think the “Last Supper” was the Passover Seder, guess what, YOU DON’T BELIEVE THE GOSPEL…ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES !!

Written by my hand: Allan Lewicki

PS: Paul said to “Study”, he didn’t say what to study…so as to be able to “Rightly divide the word of truth”, he didn’t say what that was either. There is a fellowship of farces in Litchfield Michigan that think they know. Oh!…if Paul meant “The Scriptures”, he would have said so. If he meant “What I (Paul) have written”, he would have said so…but he didn’t…what is left? (I know but I’m not going to tell you…go study) Hey Ken Brandt Hey Henry Dziczkowski Hey Dale Koller Is this to you, for you, or about you?

I Timothy 5:24





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