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Meeting Place Express Script Welcome to the Meeting Place training package Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express is an integrated voice, video, and Web conferencing solution that is deployed over internal networks. With Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express you can set up and attend meetings quickly and easily from a variety of different interfaces, including Microsoft Outlook calendars. Using the Training Package Click on a menu button below to open a sub menu of options to choose from. You can select another demonstration at any time by selecting an option from the menu. Press the mute button at the top right of the screen to toggle the audio on or off. During a demonstration a Pause and Play button are available. Press the Pause button to pause a demonstration. Press the Play button to resume the demonstration. BEFORE YOU BEGIN Recording Your Profile Name It is recommended that you record your profile name prior to joining meetings; this will prevent you from being asked to record your name before every meeting you join. To record your profile name:  Dial your MeetingPlace express telephone number.  Follow the voice prompts to record your profile name.  Press 2# to access your profile.  At this point record your profile name then press #. Your profile name will now be saved for all subsequent meetings you join. Follow the voice prompts to enter your profile number and password. If this is the first time you have dialled in you will be prompted to record your profile name. Record your name then press #.

Browser Test It is recommended that you run a browser test before joining a meeting for the first time to ensure that your computer will be able to run the web meeting without any issues. It checks the internet connection, software versions and checks that you have pop up blocker software. After the test is complete it will guide you to install software updates if required. To run     

the browser test: Open the MeetingPlace Express Web Page. Select the Browser Test link. Wait for a few moments while the browser test runs. Once the test results are displayed, follow the instructions to correct any errors. Please note: You must download the Add-in if you plan to share content from your computer or see any notifications while viewing shared content full screen. You must install Adobe Flash player before you can install the add-in.

SCHEDULING MEETINGS Schedule a Meeting Now Reservationless meetings begin immediately and use your personal meeting ID, which is available to you at all times. The system does not send notifications for reservationless meetings.

To schedule a meeting now:  Go to the Meeting Place Express web page.  Click Start Reservationless.  Enter your User ID and Password, click Log In.  Check the boxes to have the system call you and to enter the web meeting room.  Click Join Meeting.  The web meeting room opens.  Please note if the system doesn’t call you, dial the phone number of your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express system and enter the meeting ID to join the meeting.  Users who join your reservationless meeting are placed in a waiting room until you either join the meeting or click Start Meeting Without Me. Schedule a Future Meeting Follow this procedure to schedule meeting from the Web. To use Microsoft Outlook to schedule meetings go to the Schedule using Outlook option from the Scheduling Meetings Menu. To schedule a future meeting;  Go to the Meeting Place Express web page.  Click Login.  Enter your username and password.  Enter your meeting details.  Click Invitees.  Enter a name to search the directory then click the > button to add them to the meeting.  Or, enter an email address in the By Email field and press the > button.  Click More Options to configure advanced settings for your meeting.  Click Schedule.  The system sends notification to all meeting invitees, which includes instructions for joining the meeting. Schedule a Meeting using Microsoft Outlook You can schedule Meeting Place Express meetings from Microsoft Outlook using the same form you use to schedule other appointments and meetings.              

From Microsoft Outlook, open your Calendar and create a new appointment. Right click on the time and date you wish to have your meeting. Choose New Appointment. The New Appointment screen appears. Enter the Meeting details such as Date, Time and Duration of the meeting. To schedule a recurring meeting, click Recurrence. Click the Meeting Place tab. If prompted, enter your Cisco Unified Meeting Place Express username and Password and click Log In. Click Yes to create a new meeting. Enter the number of participants – this is the number of people dialling into the conference call to listen. You can have additional members attend web only. To invite attendees, click the Scheduling tab. Enter attendee names in the All Attendees column. To include a message on the invite, click the Appointment tab and enter the information. Click Send.

All attendees will receive a meeting notification to their inbox and a calendar entry in their Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Reschedule/Modify Meetings You cannot change a scheduled meeting to a reservationless meeting and you cannot change a reservationless meeting into a scheduled meeting.  In your Microsoft Outlook calendar, double click on the meeting you want to change.  For a recurring meeting, choose Open this Occurrence or Open the series depending on if you wish to change only one meeting or all future meetings.  Modify the meeting details from the Appointment, Meeting Place or Scheduling tabs as required.  Once you have made the required changes click Save and Close.  Press Yes when prompted to send updated notifications to meeting invitees. Cancel a Meeting To cancel a meeting;  From your Outlook Calendar, find the meeting your wish to cancel.  Right Click on the appointment and select Delete.  Select Send Cancellation and Delete Meeting. JOINING MEETINGS Joining a Meeting through email invite Meeting Invitations arrive in your e-mail inbox. After you accept an invitation, the meeting appears in your Microsoft Outlook calendar. To join a meeting through email invite:  From your Microsoft Outlook calendar, double-click on the appointment.  If it is a recurring meeting, when prompted, select Open this Occurrence.  To attend the meeting click on the meeting link. A web browser will open the Meeting Place Meeting Details Page.  Click Join Meeting.  Enter your User ID and Password.  Click Join Meeting.  Once entered to the conference you will see your name added to the Participant List in the meeting room. Please note: To be able to speak and listen during the meeting you will need to connect via your phone – see section on Joining a Meeting by Dialling In from the Joining Meetings menu. Joining a Meeting by Dialling In To join a meeting by dialling in:  Dial the Meeting Place Express telephone number.  Follow the prompts to join the meeting.  Press 1# to join the meeting.  Enter your Meeting ID.  You will now join the meeting. Joining a Meeting through Web Browser To enter a meeting through your web browser, go to the URL for your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express system – your system administrator will be able to provide this.  Enter the meeting ID or if the meeting shows in the list of active meetings below click the Meeting ID link.  Click Go.  Click Join Meeting.  Enter your username and Password.

Click Join Meeting.

MEETING ROOM Meeting room console overview The meeting room console allows a participant to access a wide variety of conferencing functions. Tools such as the Participant List, Chat, File Share, Polls and Q/A tool allow you to communicate more efficiently and ensure you get the most out of your meeting experience. Screen Sharing The share tool allows you to present your desktop or particular application running on your computer to other attendees. Participant List The participant list window displays a list of all conference participants currently connected to the meeting. Chat window The chat window allows you to compose and send text messages to specific participants or multiple participants. Participant List The participant list shows a list of all the conference participant names that are currently connected to the meeting, their current status and the way they are connected (Audio, Video, Web). You can give feedback to the presenter using these status messages. You can view who is currently speaking. You can view details of the Meeting Room Moderators, Presenters and audience Members. The icons beside their names show permission level. The moderator can change the meeting room permissions for each user. The user's icon is updated to reflect their new permission level. The moderator can control the volume of audio callers. SHARED CONTENT Shared Content Overview If you are the moderator or presenter, you can demonstrate applications displaying one or more documents, or show your desktop to all participants in a web meeting room. This is called screen sharing. Any changes that the presenter makes to a shared application or document or desktop are visible to all participants in their browsers. Please note; You must have the Add-in installed to use this feature – if you are unsure then go to the Browser Test section from the Before you Begin menu. Sharing a Screen You must be a moderator or presenter. If you want to check this – roll your mouse over the icons to the left of your name to see your permission level. To share your screen:  Click Start Screen Sharing.  Choose what you want to share.  Click Share. Your desktop is then broadcast to all participants.

SENDING MESAGES Displaying/Clearing Icons Icons allow you to give feedback or make certain requests by displaying an emotion beside your name in the participant list. You or a moderator can clear your icon message at any time during a meeting. To display or clear an icon next to your name:  From the Web Meeting Room, locate the Participant List Pod.  Click My Status.  Choose the icon you wish to show.  The icon is displayed beside your name. To clear your status icon:  Click My Status.  Choose Clear My Status. To clear an icon next to the name of another participant:  From the Web Meeting Room, locate the Participant List Pod.  Click the name of a participant.  Click Pod Options icon.  Choose Clear Participant Status. Sending a Text Message in the Chat Pod You can use the Chat pod to compose a text message and send it to a specific participant, to all presenters at the meeting or to all meeting participants. When you receive a chat message from another participant, your chat pod shows the name of the sender and the message. To send a text message:  Locate the Chat Pod in the web meeting room  Click the text box to reveal a curser. Type your message.  Choose a recipient in the To: drop-down menu  Click send message.


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