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The Tefal quick cup is an instant hot water provider that works by simply plugging in to the mains power supply you then fill it up with cold water push the button and you have hot water within 3 seconds. Kettle no longer required!? When this product first came to market in the UK several years ago now the reviews were mostly positive, any negative reviews were based on the water not quite reaching boiling point or the occasional faulty machine and that was about it. I personally purchased one of the Tefal quick cup machines and was happy with the product, hot water is very quick you really do get hot water within seconds however to fill a mug does take around 30 seconds so if you are only making one cup this is a faster option than a kettle but any more than two and it's back to the kettle for me. There maybe a saving as far as electricity is concerned as you are only heating the exact amount of water required so perhaps better for the environment as far as power is concerned but this is not a cheap machine to run. The water runs through a filtration system and therefore needs filters, these were originally priced at around £4.99 per filter and the filters need to be changed every 6 Weeks so the cost of keeping your Tefal quick cup in filters was over £40 per year! The main distributor of the Tefal quick cup filter then increased the wholesale price and internet prices rocketed to over £10 per filter that's in excess of £80 per year just on filters ouch!! There were of course the non genuine pattern types available but these were still priced relatively high and to be honest although fitted they did not function correctly and needed changing more frequently. Tens of thousands of these machines had already sold in the UK and at a cost of between £50 £70 per unit people who had made the purchase were reluctant to dispose of the quick cup but more than likely used it less. We received a surge of complaints regarding the pricing and sales of the filters dropped significantly. Recently we have managed to source the filters at a more reasonable buying price, we have managed to do this by importing them from overseas in bulk and we can now offer these to customers at what appears to be the lowest price on the web, still more than the original price but the best we can do Tefal quick cup filter £6.35 each. Â

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==== ==== One weird trick for the best deals and reviews on the Tefal Actifry Recipes ==== ====

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