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==== ==== A Smeg Refrigerator can come in a variety of cool designs and colors... ==== ====

Borrowing from the 1950's style, SMEG refrigerators are reminiscent of the old fridge that was in grandfather's garage. But that is where the similarities end. At first sight, the word that comes to mind is sleek. No nonsense, fresh, sleek and very innovative. Very Italian. Designed by the newest ideas shared by world-renowned architects, Italian quality and style are foremost with a design that fits perfectly into any home. Rounded corners and a lean profile make a statement in any dĂƒÂŠcor from art deco to traditional to country and retro. All SMEG fridge appliances are made from modern and durable stainless steel preferred by most people due to the ease of maintenance and minimal effort. The remarkable array of new colors, both traditional and just plain fun include imaginative colors such as pink or lime green, red or pastel blue to brighten up your living space and make a definitive statement in any home. Built with the most modern technology available, all models of SMEG refrigerators include a health conscience antibacterial interior designed to keep you and your family safe. The space saving dimensions are ideal for apartments, for singles, couples and that handy extra fridge in the rec room. At 9.22 cubic feet and an outside width of about two feet your SMEG features a roomy interior with organization and convenience in mind. A freezer box for ice cubes and ice cream, egg bins, bottle storage, adjustable shelves and fruit and vegetable bins keep everything in order and easy to find. A T climatic class and usage of only 305 kWh per year, make this a refrigerator that is energy conscience, economical and easy to own. Although SMEG appliances are sold only in larger cities in the United States as well as Europe, Australia and most of the world, they can be found on many online shopping sites often with free shipping options for convenience and easy at home shopping. With innovative style, top of the line technology and energy savings, SMEG offers those who love to make a statement a perfect way to personalize their appliances as well their home.

New SMEG appliances are consistently being developed. Find out more about SMEG fridge by clicking on the links.

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==== ==== A Smeg Refrigerator can come in a variety of cool designs and colors... ==== ====

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