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As their name suggests, Harman pellet stoves burn pellets. Harman has many stove designs and models to choose from and many of them can burn any pellet grade. As you can guess, the higher the grade, the better the burn and a greater amount of heat produced. However, you do have the option of using a lesser grade of pellet if you want to save some money. Even using a lower grade of pellet in a Harman stove doesn't take away from the overall warmth that you get. Sometimes higher grade pellets are unavailable so it's reassuring to know that with a Harman stove you can get less expensive pellets to tide you over. This is one of the outstanding advantages of a Harman. Many of their competitors don't offer stoves that can use a variety of pellet grades. Once you have added pellets to the large hopper in a Harman, they will automatically be fed into a feeder system to fuel the stove. You won't have to manually do anything to get your fire going. Many models have automatic lighting systems so they don't have to be manually turned on by you. Once ignited, you will have a nice fire burning for hours with pellets being fed from the hopper as they are needed. Your home will stay at a pleasant temperature all day and be just right for you when you return home. Many models of Harman pellet stoves come with the ability to regulate the temperature. This feature is part of a burn pot system that burns fuel at a very low rate. This makes a Harman stove extremely energy efficient because less fuel is consumed over time. Harman provides what consumers want most: Energy savings in a beautiful package that requires very little effort to use and maintain. It is pretty evident that if you want the perfect stove, then you should take advantage of all that is offered in Harman pellet stoves. They are more than spectacular - They are stellar beyond belief. And the Harman Company will be there for you every step of the way. Its outstanding service staff will help you select a stove that works for you, will give you specific instructions you need to install your stove, provide useful information on pellet fuel and be a good resource for you in the future if you should have any questions or concerns.

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==== ==== One Weird Trick to Instantly Save $Money on Harman Stoves ==== ====

Pellet Power in Harman Pellet Stoves