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Are you looking for an intermediate between tough and hard boots and the casual, soft slippers you love to wear at home? If yes, then slipper boots are just the thing for you. These have gained massive popularity because they provide a cross between comfort and trendy. You can wear them comfortably outside and even inside your home. In addition to be being versatile in terms of usage, they are also made available in a wide variety of designs and types the choice of which depends on your personal preferences, specific needs and unique sense of style. Perhaps the most popular slipper boots are the fuzzy and cozy neutral colored ones. You may have even seen celebrities in magazines wearing these because they are comfortable, trendy and great to wear when casually going out. If you want something more individual you can always look at other types which are printed, come in bright colors, have adornments and so forth. One of the best things about these shoes is that they are not too expensive. Anywhere between fifteen and thirty dollars is not a bad investment at all for something that you will probably be using on a daily basis. Different types also vary from each other according to design, cut and material used such as plush, shearling and micro suede. Speaking broad terms, there are basically two designs that you will come across. Zipped and unzipped. The zipped variety has a zipper at the back of the boot and although this provides ease when putting them on and taking them off and also offers a better fit, some people just do not like the feel of the zipper when they have the shoes on. Models without zippers will usually have other tightening and loosening mechanisms such as Velcro straps or laces. It is recommended that if you like a zipped type but are not comfortable with the feel of it, buy one that has a small zip; you probably will not feel it at all. When out shopping for these kind of boots, the same applies as for when shopping for any other article of importance. To find the best deal on a good quality product, do a comparative survey before you make your choice. Acknowledge what different types of these are available and find out which companies are well known for their quality of these to make sure you get a good deal.

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==== ==== Tips for Slipper shopping at ==== ====

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