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Many with man boobs, as they are called, are desperate find out how to decrease man breast tissue. Man breasts, colloquially known as moobs, are common in overweight men, but also in those that have an imbalance between the estrogen and testosterone hormones that can cause this sort of problem. In that respect, there are two distinctly different types on man boobs, and knowing how to decrease man breast tissue of one kind will likely not work the other. The two different forms are fatty tissue and gynecomastia, which is genuine breast tissue attached to the nipple. The second type is pseudogynecomastia, which is no more than excessively fat breasts caused by fatty tissue lying over the pectoral muscles and giving the appearance of breasts. You can also suffer a mixture of both. Let's look at gynecomastia first. Man Breasts: Causes and Treatment Gynecomastia is normally caused by hormonal changes, and an imbalance between the production of estrogen and testosterone by the adrenal glands and other areas where hormones are generated and balanced. This causes the generation of excessive breast tissue. In true gynecomastia, caused by such a hormonal imbalance, the tissue is true breast tissue attached to the nipple, and can only be removed by surgery. You can detect the type of tissue you have by squeezing some of the excess breast tissue between your fingers and moving it around. If it seems to have a more solid consistency around the nipples, and appears to be attached to your nipple, then it is likely the true breast tissue indicative of gynecomastia. If is not rubbery, but just feels like fat that doesn't pull on the nipple then it is likely just fat. Most cases of man boobs are no more than excessive fat deposits in the chest, and can be reduced or eliminated by diet and exercise. By ensuring that you eat fewer calories than you expend in energy, or simply by increasing your exercise program above its current level, you can reduce the amount of fat in your body in general. If specifically exercise your pectoral muscles, or pecs, you can focus that fat loss in the right place and reduce the fat build-up in the relevant area. Knowing specifically how to decrease man breast tissue, however, will enable you to achieve this quicker. It has been found that by carrying out what are known as 'interval' exercises. These involve alternating high and low intensity aerobic exercises. By alternating intervals of exercise in this way it has been found the best and quickest way to decrease man breasts. Diet is also important, because if you consume more calories than you expend, then you will not experience any overall loss of fatty tissue, and are more likely to add to it.

It is therefore important that you balance your calories, so that you have an overall calorie deficit that will manifest as loss of fat, and if that is combined with interval training, then it is believed that is how to decrease man breast tissue caused by fatty tissue in the pectoral region. Commercial Man Boob Reduction Programs You will find several commercial programs showing you how to decrease man breast tissue. Most of these are worth trying if you have attempted to lose your man boobs yourself. Often you need professional health and these programs have been designed specifically for this problem. Whether you use them, and which you try, are up to you, but it is often best to try more conventional dieting and exercise first. That sometimes works in reducing deposits of simple fatty tissue, but if yours are more enduring, and you have had man boobs for a long time, then this form of professional help may be of benefit. Nobody really knows how to decrease man breast tissue permanently, other than perhaps by surgery, and even then if it principally due to fat then that is fairly easy to put back on and your boobs will begin to grow again. If that happens then you should get back onto your reduction program immediately, whether that involves interval training or a commercial program. Once you have learned how to decrease man breast tissue once, you should find it fairly easy to apply the same principals again in the event of a recurrence. That is one of the benefits of learning to do so yourself rather than resort to plastic surgery.

If you have man breasts and want to reduce or remove them altogether, check out Pete's site at How to Decrease Man Breast where you will find a few ideas that should interest you. It can be done, if done correctly.

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==== ==== Lose Man Breasts or Man Boobs in 3 Easy Steps

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How To Decrease Man Breast Tissue  

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