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==== ==== One Weird Trick That the Leatherman Micra Does that no other Multi Tool can do... ==== ====

The Leatherman Micra is a wonderful choice as groomsmen gifts for your wedding. Leatherman products are sturdy and come with an amazing 25 year warranty. Talk about standing behind your product. The Micra has a good feel when you are holding it in its closed state. All the edges are smooth and rounded. There are no sharp edges to hurt your hand or make it snag on your pocket threads. When you partially open it, into the shape of a "T" you see that on the back there is a ruler in centimeters (up to 12 cm) and inches (up to 5 in). This would allow you a good measuring device if you are in the field and need a quick measurement. When closed it is only 2 1/2" long. This makes it a good size for keeping on your key chain or in your pocket to have it ready for action. Once you open the Micra tool into its ready-to-use position, the scissors are ready to start snipping. They are sharp and a small tension bar gives a little resistance when you're squeezing them closed to start cutting for a sure feel. A key ring allows you to fasten a string to this tool if you want to hang it somewhere so it doesn't disappear. There's a nail file with a curved tip for cleaning your nails. There's also a flat head screwdriver and small knife included. A fine screwdriver tip and bottle opener combination item comes in handy if you need to work on glasses or pop open a brew. There is also a set of tweezers for removing splinters and a modified flat tip screwdriver tool that is marked "For Phillips" so apparently this will work for a Phillips head screw. Engraved Leatherman Micras make good groomsmen gifts because they are priced at $30. Engraving is included at this price. Most wedding attendant gifts are personalized for that special touch when saying thank you to your groomsmen. A gift item means more when you take the time to have someone's name or initials inscribed on it.

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==== ==== One Weird Trick That the Leatherman Micra Does that no other Multi Tool can do... ==== ====

Engraved Leatherman Micra As Groomsmen Gifts