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==== ==== One Weird Trick to Instantly Find the Best Dorm Refrigerator For the lowest price ==== ====

A student in a college dorm normally does not have much space for any sort of appliances that is why in order to maintain a certain level of comfort some major manufacturers have created smaller appliances like refrigerators and microwaves that will easily fit into small spaces. The idea to keep in mind for most students is to buy appliances that fit snugly on top of a desk area or underneath. The Bebe Mini Portable Fridge measures 11" x 10" x 8" and weighs about 5 pounds is the perfect dorm size fridge. This little beauty will keep snacks, cold drinks and usually has a freezer section for items like ice, ice cream or those microwavable TV dinners. Most units are made to connect up to regular electricity but also can be switched to a car adapter. This is nice for anyone who would like to take it along on trips, vacations, picnics, and a variety of other places. This small dorm size refrigerator has become such a popular hit in society that many people use it for their office, as a bedside advantage, in their workshops and playrooms. The Bebe is equipped with a handle for easy carrying along with a car adapter and an AC adapter. The mini fridge along with a small microwave can keep the college student in all the comforts of home when it comes to having food and cold drinks. These items make great going away presents for anyone who is leaving to go to college. With so many out there, don't get discouraged if you can't spend a lot becuase you can find some as little as $75.

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==== ==== One Weird Trick to Instantly Find the Best Dorm Refrigerator For the lowest price

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