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There is nothing better in any home than a fireplace. A fireplace offers comfort after a long day at work on a chilly winter day. Adding a fireplace to a home is a great investment, plus it helps to cut down on your Winter heating bill. You can go the traditional route with a wood burning fireplace or choose a gas fireplace that is a bit more convenient. No matter what type of fireplace you choose, it will be a decorative addition to your home. A gas fireplace is one of the most popular types of fireplaces on the market today. Gas fireplaces offer the look of a traditional fireplace, but with much more convenience. A gas fireplace simply requires a gas source, and with the push of a button you can enjoy your fire. There is little maintenance, so you don't have to worry about any clean up. Plus, you can choose where you want to put your gas fireplace. The only thing you have to do to get rid of the fire is simply push the button to turn it off. If you love the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, then a wood burning fireplace may be the perfect choice for you. Wood burning fireplaces add a more rustic look for a home, along with the sounds of crackling wood. There is more maintenance involved and you'll either have to chop your own wood or make sure you have a good source to get it from. Plus, you'll need a good set of cast iron tools to maintain your fire. You can also add a fireplace insert to your wood burning fireplace to not only dress it up, but help to keep your fire safe. A ventless fireplace is one option that is becoming more popular. Ventless fireplaces do not require a chimney or a vent. They are usually used for heating a single room and relatively easy to set up. They work like a typical gas fireplace except they do not require any type of ventilation. This type of fireplace is so popular because it is very economical.

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==== ==== This one weird thing will help you determine the perfect Lopi Stoves wood burner for your home... ==== ====

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