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Airfryer is not new, but this latest design by Philips, with the HD9220 has made it a very popular addition to any kitchen. It is in black, is easy to handle and easy to clean, with it's pull-out draw, which you can just pop into your dishwasher. Airfryers work by circulating extremely hot air around the food and do not need fat or oil. You can add a very small amount to improve taste if you wish, but, this normally only a teaspoon full. Which means that they are ideal for anyone and everyone who enjoys tasty healthy food. They are particularly useful for those who are counting the calories. Dieting and calorie counting can often be challenging and often rules out any fried food, just by the nature in which they are cooked. Airfryers are not just for chips! Any type of food, from chicken pieces to pineapple rings can be cooked in this way. The only limiting factor is your imagination. The air filter ensures that there are no nasty frying smells in the house. They are practical and easy to clean and make a great addition to any kitchen. In comparison there is the Tefal Actifry, this is an older version of the airfryer but in principle the cooking method is the same. This fryer has been out for some time now and has a very good name. One main difference between the two is that the actifry has a moving paddle within the unit to keep food turning and evenly cooked. There are advantages obviously to this method, however a downside is, with coated food items, they can be moved too much and lose some of their coating.

Both have been included on for you to compare and contrast.

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==== ==== One weird trick for the best deals and reviews on the Tefal Actifry Recipes ==== ====

Tefal Actifryer - No Fat Required Actifry Recipes