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I am a golfer and a photographer, privileged to cover the game of golf. My passions perfectly paired: A sport I love with a craft that fulfills. I am in my element behind the lens, inside-the-ropes or in a field at dawn. My creativity, energy and instincts for the game, all vital in setting me apart. I live to capture moments that define. I am a golf photographer and these are my stories...

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Photo by Andy Lyons of Getty Images: A great perspective on the scene as Dustin Johnson played from the bunker on the 18th during the final round of PGA Championship. Andy was setup directly across from my location and caught me doing what I love, shooting from inside-the-bunker with Dustin.

I cover the game like a fan with a camera & an all-access pass.

I’m a photojournalist, passionate about sharing my perspective on the great game of golf. From the best in the world to the courses they play, I’m led by my energy and instincts and well regarded for my clean & creative eye. To showcase my work and love for what I do, a storybook-style portfolio comprised of my imagery, experiences and insights. Play well.... Allan

2010 Ryder Cup, Wales.

I’m constantly amazed by light and how it moves, how it shapes and sets the mood. Ross Fisher, silhouetted against the clouds of the passing thunderstorm, sets up for his putt from just off the green of the 16th hole during the 2010 Ryder Cup in Wales.

My favorite take on landscapes came from the Director of Photography at one of the major golf magazines. “For landscapes, it drives me nuts to see course photos shot from across a different fairway or from behind a tree. I want to see the hole, how it’s played what makes it so special.”

And this pretty much sums up my approach to golf landscape photography. I like to keep things simple and straightforward, relying on three little rules to guide me...

Rule #1: Only shoot when the light is right

Rule #2: Maintain the natural integrity of the scene

Rule #3: Disregard all other rules

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Lee Westwood reflecting on his journey from 266 to no. 1 in the world.

It’s golf’s version of the Colosseum, where players yield irons in lieu of spears. The 16th hole at TPC Stadium during the Phoenix Open, a sight to behold.

An assignment for Travis Mathew Golf Apparel coined, “Bubba Gives a Lesson�

I now know why they call him RORS! As he reacted so did the crowd, the ground literally shook as the thousands of fans surrounding the hole erupted in cheer.

We were somewhere on the back nine at Aronimink for the AT&T National. I forget the exact hole, the course is really woody and I’m more of a desert golf guy. Anyways, Tiger was setup and ready to go. At the top of his swing, at this exact point of transition, a tiny peep rang out from amidst the hushed crowd. A baby, unhappy in her father’s arms had suddenly cried out. For his part, Tiger Woods stopped dead. I’ve spent enough time around him to know when he’s likely to stop. ... sometimes he’s just not ready and wants to reset ... sometimes it’s the situation and he wants to test But this time it was out of his control and he still stopped dead.

He’s not bigger than the game, I know that for sure. But his influence knows no bounds.

Some of my photographs that accompanied the headlines and stories of the game’s premier publications, newspapers & websites.

During Open week I happened to bump into Bones off-course. Between pleasantries the conversation touched on a sore topic, the undercurrent of animosity that has permeated Mickelson’s career. “I don’t understand it, it’s been there for a longtime and not deserved,” came a very politically correct response. The culprit as we both know, an old article from Gentlemen’s Quarterly. An article that in full disclosure, jaded my perspective for a number of years. If you recall the piece, it’s dead wrong. If you don’t, all the better!  Mickelson, mea culpa.

Our Champion, Graeme McDowell. I had the privilege of covering Graeme for three of his victories during the 2010 season: The U.S. Open, the Ryder Cup and Chevron World Challenge. What a great player and personality, well deserving of all the accolades.

I returned to the bunker still surrounded by fans. “Let him play, let him play,” they chanted and mused, expressing their protest at golf’s fickle rules. At my feet, where Johnson’s ball had come to rest, this note left by an unkown fan.

I’m a fan with a camera and an all access pass. I love what I do and am passionate about sharing my perspective on the great game. From the best in the world to the courses they play, I’m led by my instincts and well regarded for my clean and creative imagery, energy and knack of being in the right place at the right time. I am privileged to have the game’s premier publications, newspapers & websites routinely feature my work. For more about what I do and Golf Chronicles, call, click, email or follow. c. 602.717.1515 w. e. t. follow @golfchronicles on twitter for behind-the-scenes pics and player candids, contests, equipment spy photo and other exclusive insight from inside-the-ropes.

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