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Volume 11, Issue 1

Spring 2015


70 years ago in the GSDF


2015 Legislation


Operation Roughrider Colt


GSDF Birthday Ball


Promotion Ceremony


IET Bravo Training


Duty Level Testing


Calendar: • 21 May, Memorial Day Observance at CNGC • 25 May, Memorial Day • 06-07 June, Drill

THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH GEORGIA, Dahlonega, March 31, 2015 – Growing up in The City of Springboro, a suburb of Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio, 175 miles from Lake Eerie, the nearest significant body of water, young James Adams dreamed of attending the United States Coast Guard Academy. In his senior year of High school, he realized that his ideal of serving his nation in the armed forces was more closely aligned with the mission of the Army or Marine Corp. He decided on the Army as a career because of its more soldier centric mission and broader opportunities to serve as an officer. Naturally, when given the choice of an ROTC program in Ohio or Georgia, this smart cadet chose the University of North Georgia (UNG). On this night, Cadet Major James Adams, a senior who will graduate this May with a major in Political Science and

Col. Hightower presents the Georgia State Defense Force Award to c/ Maj. James Adams.

a minor in Military Leadership, sat with fifty-nine fellow members of the Boar’s Head Brigade, as the Corps of Cadets at UNG is known, awaiting his turn to be honored at the 2015 Military Awards Ceremony. The annual Georgia State Defense Force Award was presented by Colonel Rusty

Hightower, GSDF Chief of Staff, to c/Maj. Adams for his outstanding leadership, academic achievement and dedication to the high physical, moral, and mental standards of the Georgia military tradition. (Cont. page 4)

• 26 June, Birthday Ball • 30 June, SGAUS Scholarship deadline for applications • March - Sep. SARSPEC II Instructor Course • 11-12 July, Drill • 01-02 August, Drill • 02 August, IET Bravo Graduation • 02-04 October, Annual Training

C OM MA NDI NG G EN ER AL ’ S M ES S AG E Spring is a time of growth and new beginnings. The GSDF is also in a period of growth and development. We are continuing to raise standards within our organization. While the implementation of more rigorous standards may be challenging at times, it will ensure that we have the highest quality of volunteer soldier. As an example, a new group of qualified soldiers recently joined our ranks with the graduation of Alpha class from IET in

April. These new Soldiers will be an asset to the GSDF. All around us are signs of renewal within our force. As we grow and evolve as an organization, we should also take time to enjoy camaraderie outside of drills and missions. Therefore I highly encourage all of you to attend the annual Birthday Ball in June. The Ball is a time when we bring our GSDF family together with our actual family for an evening of festivities

and enjoyment. The 2015 ball will be the best we have ever had. Brigadier General Joe Jarrard, Georgia’s Adjutant General, will be our guest speaker! If you have difficulty affording multiple tickets for the Ball, please see Major Cathy Page. (Cont. page 4)

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V ol u m e 1 1, Is su e 1

7 0 Y E A R S AG O I N T H E G S D F CLAY NATIONAL GUARD CENTER, Marietta, GA April 11, 2015 -

where the National Guard left off.

Recognizing the need to grow the GSG, women began to be recruited to join the Woman’s Auxiliary of the GSG. It was big news when the March edition of The Georgia Guardsman reported that Mrs. Frances Attaway had become the first enlistee in the Woman’s Auxiliary in Savannah. Attaway was assigned to battalion HQ to perform clerical and stenographic duties as a staff sergeant. The Guardsman further reported three other women were expected to enter the auxiliary, two to fill roles in the medical detachment and one in the supply room. Lt Col George A. Rice, commanding officer of the local battalion “expressed the anxiety of the organization for additional women re1945 newspaper photo of woman in Georgia cruits.” The battalion State Guard uniform was planning to staff “five auxiliaries in HQ and two in each of eight company units.” All of the auxiliaries offered ratings up to staff sergeant for the We were still at war in 1945. The majority of the National Guard was deployed and the Georgia State Guard (GSG) as we were then known, was responsible for “carrying on”

...women and men now seamlessly work together in today’s Georgia State Defense Force



new enlistees. As many women were joining the industrial work force to support the war effort, women were now joining the GSG to fill the need for additional resources. In Savannah, those women wishing to enlist were asked to come to battalion HQ during the regular drill any Monday night.

Today there are no more auxiliaries. The mission of 1945, “readiness for emergencies” has not really changed, women and men now seamlessly work together in today’s Georgia State Defense Force. Women now comprise approximately 13% of the GSDF and that number is growing. Like the men they serve with, the pride, dedication and commitment to community are the distinguishing characteristics of the GSDF. These are the traits that helped earn the Soldier of the Year award for Cpl. Kara Kirby who on March 4 2012, was named Soldier of the year. At the time Kirby was S3 for 1st Medical Company, Decon Platoon.

By Private Alexander Davidson, HQ PAO


STATE SENATOR JUDSON HILL SPONSORS GSDF BENEFITS STATE CAPITOL, Atlanta, May 6, 2015 - Governor Deal signed legislation promoted by Georgia State Defense Force leadership. Senator Judson Hill (R-Marietta) amended HB 48 by Rep. Brooks Coleman (R-Duluth) to make members of the GSDF eligible to receive distinctive GSDF license plates for private passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, or recreational vehicles used for personal transportation. Each active

member of the GSDF shall be entitled to one free license

Author’s rendering of possible GSDF special plate design.

plate and can pay $25.00 for one additional GSDF license

plate. Senator Hill also passed SB 69 which deals with employment rights of public sector employees absent for military duty in the GSDF and reemployment rights of private industry workers after they are absent for service in the GSDF. JAG will be analyzing these laws and supplying appropriate information to those eligible. By Lieutenant Allan Hayes, HQ PAO

H e ad s Up

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O P E R AT I O N R O U G H R I D E R C O LT FORT STEWART, Georgia, April 9-12, 2015 – Soldiers of the GSDF recently supported the Georgia Army National Guard's "Roughriders" 1st Squadron 108th Cavalry Regiment - 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team in a multi-lane training exercise as Opposing Force (OPFOR) troops. GSDF Soldiers Major Donald Lankford and Master Sgt. Steve Scruggs (both of 5th Brigade) acted as OIC and NCOIC respectively for the mission. After careful coordination and planning with the 1st-108th's Capt. Constantine and 1st Lt. Rybeck, GSDF troops executed an efficient multi-day exercise with varying roles, responsibilities, and tasks freeing up more of the National Guard's Soldiers to participate in the training.

The night before the mission began, GSDF Officers and NCOs were selected as OPFOR Lane leaders and attended a mission brief at the field TOC. In the brief Soldiers learned details of the various training lanes and met with their National Guard Observer Controllers (OC) counterparts. Throughout the mission GSDF Soldiers put in long hours and shifted from lane to lane to aid in accomplishment of tasks to meet the commander's intent. Soldiers of the 1st-108th were very appreciative of the assistance provided by the GSDF. In a brief ceremony at the conclusion of training GSDF Soldiers Warrant Officer Daniel Mayer of G3, Staff Sgt.

Clinton Scott of TRADOC and Sgt. Chris Treadwell of 5th Brigade were presented challenge coins by the commander of the 1st-108th for their outstanding contributions to the mission's success. By Warrant Officer Howard Seay, 4th Battalion, 5th Brigade

“Soldiers of the 1st108th were very appreciative of the assistance provided by the GSDF.”

G S D F B I R T H DAY B A L L The GSDF 2015 Birthday Ball Committee invites you to the Annual GSDF Birthday Ball. This year’s ball will be held on June 26 beginning at 5 pm at the Hilton Atlanta/ Marietta Hotel and Conference Center, 500 Powder Springs Street, Marietta, GA 30064, phone number 770-4272500. Brig. Gen. Tom Danielson encourages all troops to attend. All Tickets $65 . FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT Col. Eddie Williams at 770-356-1562 OR EDDIE.WILLIAMS@GASDF.US

CNGC, May 2, 2015 - Col. Chet Heidle promoted by Brig. Gen. Tom Danielson.

CNGC, May 2, 2015 - Sgt. Glenn Rodrigue instructing IET Bravo class on field gear.

G e o rg i a S t a t e D e fe n se Fo rc e 1000 Halsey Avenue SE Building 30 Marietta, Georgia 30060


COMMANDING GENERAL’S MESSAGE (CONT.) It is also important this time of year to remember those soldiers who have fallen in service to our great nation. 41 Georgia Guardsmen and one Guardswoman have been killed in action since 2001. As we celebrate Memorial Day, let us keep their families in our thoughts and

remember the purpose of the holiday. A Memorial Day Observance will be held at 1300 on 21 May at the Georgia Army National Guard Memorial Wall in front of the Joint Forces Headquarters of the Georgia National Guard in Marietta.

Finally, I want to thank each and every GSDF soldier for your time and continued dedication. I would also like to thank the family of every GSDF soldier, for without them we could not complete our mission. PARATI SERVIRE!

CLAY NATIONAL GUARD CENTER, May 3, 2015— Members of HQ/HHC complete their duty level testing consisting of the stair assessment, a one mile walk with a 30 lb. pack, the four person stretcher carry, and the mannequin drag. Individuals must satisfactorily complete each of the tasks in order to receive or maintain a duty level one rating. This rating indicates that the soldier can operate in arduous terrain. Duties may involve field work requiring physical performance calling for above-average endurance and superior conditioning. The pace of work typically is set by the emergency condition. — staff Pic. L to R: Pfc. Vollrath, Lt. Col. Catlin, Capt. Timchenko

G E O R G I A S T A T E D E F E N S E F O R C E A WA R D ( C O N T . ) GSDF Public Affairs Office

PAO Capt. Vadim Timchenko PAO Capt. Clark Howard DEPUTY PAO 2nd Lt. Allan Hayes NCOIC/PHOTOGRAPGHER Master Sgt. Mark Woelzlein JOURNALIST/PHOTOGRAPHER Pvt. Alexander Davidson SOCIAL MEDIA/WEB Pvt. Michael Chapman JOURNALIST/PHOTOGRAPHER Pvt. Beverly Shepard VIDEOGRAPGHER CW2 Mario de Cavalho Do you have a story for Heads Up? Send news and information to 2nd Lt. Allan Hayes, PAO, at

In its second year, the award was initiated by the GSDF General Staff as a way to show support for the annual awards ceremony of the military college for the state. The University of North Georgia, designated by the Department of the Army as a Senior Military College, is one of six senior military colleges in the nation. Col. Hightower, and his wife, attended the military college and they currently have a grandson in the cadet Cadet Major James Adams with his corps. While speaking with guests at the UNG Parents & Georgia State Defense Force Award. Family Association reception held after the ceremony in the ment Program (LDP). The LDP Great Room of the Hoag Stuis a structured set of rotations dent Center, Hightower said where MSIII cadets are asthat “it is always a pleasure to signed to specific roles in an see these exceptional young organization consisting of people and know that the Companies, Platoons, and future of the country is in their Squads. capable hands.” Cadet Major Adams serves as the CompaUpon graduation May 2nd, ny XO of the Military Science and his concurrent commisIII year Leadership Developsioning, Adams will join the

U.S. Army Ordnance Corps at Fort Lee, VA. As a newly invested officer, his first task is to complete the four-month Ordnance Basic Officer Leadership Course. The Georgia State Defense Force Award presented to Adams included a certificate, a GSDF coin, the Commendation Medal and 200 dollars. He was very honored to have received the award and said that his award money “will be very helpful.” He will use it to help defray the cost of uniforms and further academic pursuits.

By Lieutenant Allan Hayes, HQ PAO

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Heads Up  

The Official Newsletter of the Georgia State Defense Force