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THE ORIGINAL The first Land Rover, launched in 1948 and now known as the Land Rover Defender, remains the original. Certainly, it has benefited from Land Rover's class leading technology over the Fvo\\+- "'\\J. ve"'v ~l"'ps


decades. But it has never lost its essential, special character. Defender serves its owners worldwide with unrivalled strength and capabil ity. Responding to the enormous demands of aid agencies and peace keeping forces across the globe; meeting the needs of all those who want a vehicle that will never flinch from the toughest task. This boundless capability is at the heart of what Land Rover is all about. So, five decades on, Land Rover offers you the Collector's Edition Defender 90. With a wealth of totally un ique features. Such as the head turning Atlan tis micatallic paint finish, which 'flips' from blue to green in different lights; especially developed to Land Rover's exacting standards. And including


the first ever fitment in Defender of Land Rover's powerful and refined 4.0 litre VS engine, with



sophisticated a u tomatic transmission . )'!X - X

All those who value Defender's outstanding strength, endurance and sheer personality are invited to ce lebrate with this very personal, original Land Rover. This is arguably "The Best 4x4 Ever".

Bo.J.y colov.v-eJ. w!.-.eel "'v-c!




ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT Whe n Discovery arrived, it was greeted with amazement a nd delight, and soon claimed the leading position in its market sector. Discovery is still pre-eminent, and small wonder. 'Scv.lp+-v.,.eA "'lloy wL--.eels 8J 2)5 d\11 reYYd\i.\\ +yveS

The incredibly spacious interior, with the high rear roof, large glass area and seven seat capability, makes the average family saloon feel cramped and claustrophobic by comparison. Powerful engines, including the muscular and efficient turbodiesel, deliver high torque for responsive power and relaxed cruising; and

Alpi\\e li~Lo-.\-s - cl"'ssi.c Discove ...y styli\\~

Li~Lo-.\-s\-o\\e \e"'\-L-\eY Sed\\- ~d\Ci\\~S

~oleA. li~Lo-.\-s\-o\\e


Pve"""'iev ICE wi+-Lo-. CD/R"'"'ssel+e

J.ow\\ se"'\--5 i\\ le"'\-Lo-,e,.

contribute to Discovery's outstanding towing ability.



Discovery's class-leading

capability off-road broadens the horizons of all those drivers bored with the limitations of the conventional family car. It's a vehicle which offers boundless leisure opportunities; from towing a dinghy easily up a tide-soaked slipway, to a Dooy Cd\Si.\\~ - cl"'ssi.c Discoveyy styli\\~

He"'ehest"'il cl"'ssi.c Di.scoveyy styli\\~


eA.oo,. &boeA.y ... v.b-sh'ip

Le"'+-Lo-.ev s+-eevi\\~ wL--.eel Avi.vevs "'i'" b"'~


desert safari.



To celebrate this high-achieving career, Land Rover offers you a totally unique Collector's Edition Discovery. Fitted with a host of special features ; and available in distinctive Atlantis Blue or White Gold. There will never be another one like it.


SUPREME CAPABILITY T h e Range Rover has become an icon of o ur times. Whe n it first e me rged , it c reated a n e ntirely n ew concep t whic h has been imitated since, PolisheP- s+-""i,.,less s+-ee l \-Ye01J. sh-ips

BoP-y cololA....-eP- blA.""'pe...-s, SillS 4\\\J. \4\iYYOY heO\J.S


n eve r

surpassed . A supre m e ly

luxurio us ve hicle with all th e refine me n ts of the m ost prestigious saloo n ; yet capable offorging its way across te rrains whe re no o rdinary car could ever

venture. Th e


Rove r



a u th o rita tive presen ce whic h distinguish es it fro m all othe r vehicles on or off road. It e pitomises Land Rover's innova tive, state-of-theAH""1o1.hs 'bllA.e le""+-1.\e...-\11 & dwo~M.e ...-ele""se

\8" '>- spo'<.e Alloy wheels

Pd\YCI.\""'elo\+- le"'+-hev h i""' wi+-h Ai-1"',.,+-is 'bllA.e pipi"'~

a r t technology; with sophisticated e ngineering d elivering effortless refin e me nt, agile ha ndling a nd supe rb ride comfort. Powe red by re fin ed, industry-leading e ngines, Ra nge Rover ma kes the lo ngest j o urney pass like a dream . And tackles mo untain slo pes a nd rock-strewn gullies with the same calm assura nce.

t)YiVeY 0\lo\P.


0\iY \;10\~

AlA+-o P.i""'""'i1o1.~ VieW ""'iYYOY


P...-e""'i"""' 11 spe"'~e...­

Re"'Y p"'sselo\~e...­ -rv/\tiAeo scvee1o1.s

Cl)/R<> "'ssette

The Collecto r 's Editio n Range Rove r is like n o othe r ever produced , and is a unique tribute to a world leade r. The coachwo rk is in Atla ntis Blue.

-.... ~

Inside, the re is the luxury of full leathe r seat trim, togethe r with every conceivable mode rn

~ "-~-------

Re "'Y W"'llo1.lA+pic lo1.i c +-"''tiles __

CARiN __j

refin e m e nt; including a TV/ video system to e n ter tain rear passen gers. On a limited numbe r


sys+-e ""' (\lo'"e '>0 CARill o•ly)

of vehicles, a CARiN satellite navigatio n system is A+-l,.."'.hs 'oh,.e \.e ,..the.,. ~e""" skiH "'"'A "'"'"'Ab""'~ cove.,.

included. The Range Rover Co llector's Edi tio n is truly a ve hicle for connoisseurs; for those who recognise a nd value excelle nce.


50 YEARS OF LEADERSHIP Half a century ago this year, the motoring world had its first sight of a vehicle that was to set a pioneering tradition. The original Land Rover laid the foundations for Land Rover's leadership in the four wheel drive marketplace. Since then, Land Rover has spearheaded the most advanced four wheel drive technology in the industry; with Range


Discovery, and


Freelander. Technology on which we are building our future for the next millennium. Meeting, and surpassing, the needs and aspirations of customers worldwide, who want more than a conventional car can ever give them. Such an achievement is well worth celebrating. So Land Rover is offering those who value its uniqueness- something truly unique.

UNIQUE IN THE WORLD Because a ftftieth anniversary comes around only once, Land Rover will not be repeating these Collector's Editions. Many of their specification features are unique, and will never be seen together again. From their special wheel styles and badging plaques, to their distinctive interior trims, these vehicles

•• ••••• •••••

express the individualism that is Land Rover. You are


~ ~j ' ~/

invited to celebrate 50 years of leadership; looking


forward to the next 50 years and beyond. 3

••••••••• ~C>:3A



Heh>\.llic White Goi.A

The Atlantis Blue paint finish that h as bee n sp ec ially develo ped fo r the Collector 's Editio ns h as a distin ctive a nd unique "flip " effec t. As you can see, it at o n ce appears to be a d eep me tallic blue , ch an gin g to a ri ch m etallic traditio n al Land Rove r gree n , d e pe nde n t on ligh t levels and angl es. Discovery is also avail abl e in White Go ld.

_.,v .


,. -


I I I I I I I C>llll


TRIM Appropriate to th e ve hicles' ch aracte rs, o ur craftsm e n h ave d esign ed a co mbin atio n of trims unique to th e Co ll ecto r 's Ed itio ns.




\eO\t-he .... h i""'

witl-\ At10\\\tis b1v.e pipi \\~





___ _ ... _,. _ ----· ___---.,. ______ ...___ .._....


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