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Dewalt Table Saw Dewalt generally has two portable table saws on offer: DW744 (sold with a rolling or folding stand – DW744XRS and DW744X respectively) and DW745. These two vary slightly and if you want to know more about them just read on to see which Dewalt Table Saw will be suitable for your needs.

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Which Dewalt Table Saw should you buy? These kind of saws (also called bench-top saws) are recommended mainly for their portability: they’re light enough to carry and come with a rolling stand or folding table stands (you can buy these separately as well). Another feature that makes them a good choice is the easiness of storage – they’re small enough to keep in a small workshop or even mount on a wall. Dewalt’s table saws provide a combination of features that cause them to be a great product to buy if that’s what you’re looking for: size, power, versatility & functionality even to handle such tasks as cutting pressure-treated lumber and hardwood. On the opposite if you have larger work such as cutting sheets of plywood it might be better option to look for a contractor table saw, although some reviewers online reported that DW744 can handle that as well due to it’s rip capacity (24.5 inches).

Features All three saws (DW744X, DW744XRS & DW745) are equipped with 15A high-torque motor which speeds up to 3,850 RPM. Exclusive to Dewalt products rack & pinion fence rails make fence alterations quick and easy. Telescoping fence gives rip capacity which is different for the models: - DW744X, DW744XRS – 24.5 inch - DW745 – 16 inch That’s why if you’re after cutting full sheets of materials we strongly recommend DW744. Also it has a big 26.5 by 19.25-inch table which gives the proper support when working on such jobs. Each saw is supplied with a guarding system composed of several modules which can be adjusted without using any tools for specific job application. In addition to that saws are armed with a useful dust connection port that allows you to keep work area clean & onboard storage to provide easy access to guarding system modules. All Dewalt’s saws come with Dewalt Warranty Package which includes a 3-year limited

warranty, free service contract and money-back guarantee. If you can’t find any local distributor check out Amazon where you can check all the details and shop with confidence & get a great price with free delivery.

Pros & Cons If you’re interested in knowing about all the pros and cons then read on. Below we’ve summarized opinions about Dewalt’s table saws based on other reviews. Saws might need some adjusting after the purchase which is a slight drawback as the manual says everything should in place out of the box. Nonetheless it’s easy and quick, so you shouldn’t be worried about that too much. Also the blades that saws are equipped with are really easy to install as well as the riving knife which is adjusted smoothly due to it’s good design. Dewalt table saw has plenty of power, so it cuts through wood effortlessly. Be aware that these are not made for fine cabinetry work though. The main application of these is pure jobsite work. These are not light saws as they weigh around 58 pounds (saw only) but the rolling stand makes transportation easy (applies to D744XRS). Generally speaking these saws are well built and very accurate. It’s a solid product ready to meet jobsite conditions. If that’s what you need then you shouldn’t hesitate to buy these.

What customers are saying? During our research online we found several reviews. Out of those only a couple were negative and it’s most likely due to high expectations of a product which is not designed to fulfill specific needs of those customers. On average reviewers gave 4.5 stars which gives you a good idea of the quality of the product. Read some of the comments below: “I’ve given it five stars for its combination of quality, portability and competitive price among saws with comparable features.” “I have never had a DeWalt Product let me down on a JOB.” “Pros: Power, accuracy, ease of use, excellent fence, great table surface.Cons: The miter sucks. Buy a real one as you would with any other table saw.” “If I only had one word to describe this tool, it would be “Supreme”"

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