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Slate Roofing:

Reliving the Lost Art

Slate roofing is an old and traditional way of aligning smooth, flat sheets of slate to form a roofing structure. This practice, however, is becoming a lost art. That’s why many roofing companies are striving to reintroduce it to the modern world. They aim to relive the art because of the many benefits it offers, including the timeless beauty and resistance to fire and weather.

A Glimpse of the Past Slate has become a popular roofing material in the late 1200sand 1300s. Europeans used them on castles and churches because of its durability. The Spaniards improved their quarrying process and made slate available to different countries. The first slate quarry in the US opened in 1785 in Pennsylvania. Since then, the material has become popular across the country and many other areas in the world. The late 1800s and early 1900s was the time when slate production is at its peak. The introduction of new materials like asphalt shingles, however, caused a major drop in the demand for slate sheets or tiles.

Slate Roofing Today Many roofing experts regard slate roofing as a ‘lost art’ because only few people know this craft. Some companies hire people who have the experience in slate roofing so they can offer the service in the modern age. They work with the government to revive and enrich the art. There are on-going restoration projects that aim to bring back the beauty of the structures with slate roofs.

Why Use Slate Slate roofs are popular for their durability and attractive color. They create a unique architectural style when used in any type of property. Slate remains an environmentally friendly option because it’s a natural product (a fine-grained, homogeneous metamorphic rock). Most home and business owners are choosing it as their primary roofing material. Through the efforts of government agencies and roofing companies, the art of slate roofing can be preserved and will be available for the next generations. Customers can learn more about slate roofing and its advantages by consulting with trusted roofing contractors.

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Reliving the Lost Art  
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