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June 2012 Issue 38

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Welcome to the June edition of

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Editor’s message Photo by

June 2012

Summer is nearly there! At the very start of this month our local Jubilee events will be in full swing. London might be host to the Queen’s large, grand celebrations, but I like to think we’re more blessed with a range of better quality events on our doorstep. Our local villages will enjoy events with the community at their heart. It’s a chance to chat to neighbours and introduce ourselves to people who we might recognise but not always find the time to talk to. I shall be setting up a stand at the Colwall Picnic on the Cricket Club field, thanks to the kind permission of the organisers. This magazine also puts the community at its heart, so if there’s something you’d like to see us promote then let me know. I hope to see you then!

Have a great month,

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The Trees

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Regulars Green Fingers


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keeping bees Chris Kirk took up bee keeping three years ago, ‘to give me something worthwhile to do after retirement’. It’s turned into a fascinating hobby and here he tells us more.

“Am I hooked? Most certainly and there is so much to learn about these fascinating creatures, so I can’t see myself stopping for many years, although its harder work than I thought.”

The first year was a complete failure! Having said that I was fortunate to have some really good mentors. My brother in law is an experienced bee keeper who’s been doing it for 30 years. Today he keeps 30 hives. I also received a lot of valuable advice from the Malvern & Upton Beekeepers as well as the Herefordshire Beekeepers, both of which I am a member. Having said that, this is no exact science, let’s just say the bees don’t read the same books that we do! It is a well known saying that if you have five beekeepers in a room, you’ll have twelve different opinions, in other words there’s not always a right or a wrong way with bees. In my first year I had two hives; the bees given to me by my brother in law and the hives by someone else. In the first hive the queen died, and the second hive contracted a dangerous bee disease called American Foul Brood, which is a legally reportable disease. A Government Inspector visited, confirmed it was indeed infested, and so we had to put down the bees, burn all the equipment and bury it. A 10 Kilometre area is considered the danger area for this disease and that produced 21 registered beekeepers; all of whom were informed to check their colonies. If you think a bee can fly between 3 and 5 miles, you can see how they might have infected other colonies. I wasn’t put off by the disaster. In the second year I had three hives, one at home, another in Great Malvern and a third in West Malvern. This last did amazingly well, I think because it was very close to


Main feature the grounds of the Elim College, which has extensive gardens, its also near many other well stocked gardens and gives the bees access to the hills. They must have loved it because they produced a bumper harvest of honey! Extracting honey for the first time can only be described as a very sticky job! You take the honeycomb out of the hive, and put it into a contraption a little bit like a spin dryer. As the comb spins around, the honey is spun out and drips down into a bucket. Unfortunately our efforts also created a fine mist of honey in the air and by the time we’d finished, everything in our kitchen was coated! Most of the honey was sold with a good proportion of the money going to my local charity(Community Action, Malvern & District). I have to say the first tastes of our own local honey were absolutely wonderful. We now use it in cooking, baking and have also started making our own Mead. Sadly my productive bees decided to swarm and flew away. Swarming is a natural thing for them to do as they need to reproduce and all Honey Bees do this. Its not irresponsible beekeeping but something the keeper has to try and manage. The skill of the beekeeper is to recognise the signs, persuade them that they have swarmed and keep the bees within the colony. Last year our beekeeping branch received around forty reports from the public of swarms, we do try to go out and deal with them, as a service to the community. Of course if you manage to recover them it could provide a free colony of bees for the future, but we can’t always help, especially if they are high up or in wall cavities. This is now my third year of beekeeping, the weather’s been so poor this year that the bees have suffered. They were confused by a warm early spring, followed by a cold and wet later period, but weren’t we all? They won’t leave the hive if the temperature drops lower than 8 or 9 celsius. If they’re caught out by cold weather they can’t fly back to the hive and they die. Last year I had one of my first magical experiences with bees. I spotted one bee that appeared to be dead on the ground carrying two full loads of pollen. As I held it in the palm of my

hand trying to see why it had died, the heat from my body warmed it sufficiently for it to come back to life, and fly back to its hive. Having said that, a colony can survive extreme temperatures; dampness is the killer. When we had winter temperatures of minus 16 the hive was fine, and the snow on the roof even melted a little from the bees’ heat. They survive by clumping together in a ball, with the Queen in the middle and buzzing their wings to generate heat. The bees on the outside are replaced by other bees from the warmer inner, so they constantly shift position. This year milder conditions allowed them to start gathering pollen early but then a cold snap confused them and so they began eating their food reserves. They will starve if weather conditions are wrong so this is a critical time. We have to provide extra food in the form of a sugar solution to help them through the difficult times. Am I hooked? Most certainly and there is so much to learn about these fascinating creatures, so I can’t see myself stopping for many years, although its harder work than I thought. I’m happy to share my enthusiasm with others, because bees are such important creatures. So I’m just starting to give talks locally on the subject, and my first bookings are for a local Probus Club and the Colwall WI. If you’re interested in bee keeping, I suggest getting in touch with the Malvern & Upton Beekeepers or Herefordshire Beekeepers Association. These are the nearest local groups who run courses and will help you find out more about bees in a safe and friendly environment.

Malvern & Upton Beekeepers

Herefordshire Beekeepers

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Belle Beauty at PF2 the ultimate treatment

By Alison Spiller from Malvern

I was thrilled to be invited along to Belle Beauty to try out the new Guinot Hydradermie² Lift Deluxe facial. This is the ultimate treatment in Guinot’s Hydradermie² range, combining the Age Logic and Lift facials for maximum anti-ageing benefits. It promises to leave you feeling ‘10 year’s younger’ with skin which is clear, plumped up and glowing. The treatment counts Jennifer Aniston amongst its celebrity fans and so I was keen to see if it could live up to its promise. Lucy, the owner of Belle Beauty began by giving me a wonderfully relaxing back and shoulder massage. My skin was then thoroughly cleansed, toned and gently exfoliated ready for the next part of the treatment. What makes the Hydradermie² facials unique and so effective is they use a mild galvanic current to help active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. These ingredients are applied to the skin using electrodes that produce both positive and negative ions. The products are specially selected based on your

skin type and concerns, and I am told the double ionisation electrodes provide better results. The Lift Deluxe facial, an hour and fifty minutes of pure pampering, includes lymphatic drainage to rid the face of toxins and to eliminate puffiness, and oxygenation to brighten the skin. For the lifting part of the treatment a micro-current is used to stimulate facial muscles bringing a toned and lifted effect to the face. The treatment finishes with a face and scalp massage. This facial certainly lived up to its promise and more. Immediately after the treatment my skin was positively glowing and looked fresh and plumped out. Days later friends have remarked that I look more awake. For optimum effect, a course of 10 treatments is recommended however if you want simply to treat yourself or before a special night-out this treatment really will leave you looking fabulous.

This month, with a copy of this magazine, receive a free back massage with the new Hydradermie², Age Logic or Hydradermie² Lift facials and with the Hydradermie² Deluxe facial a free back massage and hand & arm massage.


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Belle Beauty at PF2 Townsend Way, Malvern WR14 1PY

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All About...

the Trees In Coddington, residents are clubbing together to re-instate a local landmark. Diane Hodgson tells us more.

So what was the landmark? When we first came to Coddington, many years ago, there was a group of five Scots Pines standing at the top of Oyster Hill. It was quite a landmark and they could be seen for miles around. Unfortunately later on somebody rented the land and the trees were taken down.

And how did the plan to re-plant them come about? Janet Parry from the local orchard group lives in Coddington and she suggested that as part of this year’s Jubilee celebrations we could replace the trees and get our landmark back. Although celebrations are already well underway, we’re not planning to plant the trees until the autumn. This is better for the trees, not least because no-one can easily climb the hill in summer to water them!

How are you paying for the trees? We’re asking people if they would consider sponsoring them. So far we have two couples who have stepped forward to offer some of the money. We’re also lucky to have a neighbour who’s into forestry and we’ve asked his advice.


He will eventually get the trees for us and plant them. The land is owned by Sharon and Peter Maiden from Hope End, they’ve been very supportive of the idea and are happy for the planting to take place.

Where exactly on the hill will the trees go? We want to get the position just right, so that once again they form a landmark. One local person has discovered photographs showing them, but we’d be grateful if any older residents who can remember them would can get in touch and give us their advice.

Jubilee in Coddington: A beacon will be lit on Oyster Hill on June 2nd. People will bring a picnic and hopefully see some of the other Beacons glow around and about.


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The Courtyard


Shopping Experience

SHOP AND BUY LOCALLY Support the businesses that support your community

Great Malvern Food Festival at The Courtyard



10am - 4pm, Belle Vue Terrace, Great Malvern A day packed full of delicious events in Great Malvern, with The Courtyard as one of the hubs where it is all happening. In addition to the resident cafe and shops, cookery demonstrations and food stalls will be on offer. More info on or follow the event on Facebook June






Specialists in natural organic skincare

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All About... The new community website is now up and running for nearly two months, and it keeps developing fast. Here’s an update to show you why it is worth checking in regularly.

Local Markets

Exhibitions of local artists So What’s New?

At the end of May we added a new tab called ‘Local Information’ which gives an overview of, and links to useful local websites like libraries, councils, parish information and lots more. In addition we added a section on volunteering in the local community and we have made a start with featuring our local churches.

• The ‘Locally Made’ section showcases some of our creative businesses and their fantastic handmade products, books, paintings and jewellery. You can also find out about local exhibitions that are taking place. • You can search the ‘Local Groups’ section by key word, or you can use the quick search by category.

The content behind the other sections in Local Life will be changing on a regular basis, so its worth a regular visit to keep an eye on what is new. A good example is the section on local festivals.

• Have you visited our facebook page yet? We post regular updates about what is going on locally, with clear links to the website:

And What is to Come?

Keep us informed

More local events, a section on summer activities in the local area and an increase in local information in the new ‘Local Information’ section.

Did you Know?

The website has some hidden features that you might not have discovered as yet:

Any feedback on the site is welcome, positive or ideas for improving it. This is a website for you, so we want it to work for you! And if you have an event, group or business you like to be included email me on It will be nice to hear from you.

Locally Made


is your guide to what’s on in the Malvern Hills area. Full of local events, services, activites it shows you what our beautiful area has got to offer. Live & Buy Locally and support your local community.

The Malthouse Restaurant in Ledbury 01531 634443

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Green Fingers Bridget’s flaked out after working at the Spring Garden Show, and too busy to put pen to paper. So this month our Editor Sascha McDonald tells us about what’s going on in her garden. What a strange time its been. A month ago, I was reading about ‘Drought-beating plants’ in a gardening magazine, advice which is now redundant! The large amounts of rainfall are a welcome change, not least for our water supplies, but its damaged several plants, including a wisteria which normally flowers beautifully. Its been looking very sorry for itself, with just a few straggling blooms. The birds are now at their busiest as they prepare to nest, and my bird table is constantly busy with all sorts coming in to the garden to feed.

Do watch out for damage to young seedlings from birds, and employ methods to scare them away if necessary. Other jobs on my gardening agenda this month are to thin out the emerging fruit on my two apple trees. Although the trees are small, the fruit can be plentiful, but you’ll see a better crop if there’s fewer fruits competing for space. Roses come into full bloom later this month and its worth keeping a close eye on them, dead heading regularly to encourage new shoots and buds on repeat flowering varieties. May has seen some very cold nights but that should be behind us in June, so tender summer bedding can be planted outside. And from cold to hot – if you have a greenhouse, be sure to keep an eye on the temperature and water regularly, otherwise the sudden difference in temperature could be too much for all the plants you’ve put so much effort into growing! Right that’s it from me, I’m happy to hand back to Bridget, a real gardening expert, in time for next month’s article!


What I will be doing in my garden this month: • Plant out summer colour and I will soak the root ball before doing so

some tips

• Divide up clumps of primulas and primroses that have thrived • Make plants for free by taking softwood


cuttings. I love this way of creating new plants, very easy and satisfying

• Leave seed pods to form, especially one of my favorite spring flowers, Aquilegias, and later in the year I spread them around the garden And I will save and collect water for all those sunny days that I am expecting!

Guy Sterry

Garden Design & Landscaping Established 1997

Complete Design & Construction Service Older & Country Properties a Speciality Driveways Paving Decking Cobble Laying Walling Drystone Walling Mosaics

Water Features Ponds Timber Structures Planting Fencing Rockeries and other services


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Ledbury Carpets Interiors


Visit Our Store and showrooms on the Ledbury Bypass opposite the Full Pitcher Open Mon - Sat: 9.00- 5.00 10 The Old Wharf, Dymock Rd Ledbury HR82JQ 01531634304 | | Free Measuring & Expert Fitting Service

Carpets Blinds

Karndean Curtains

Hardwood Reupholstery

Naturals Loose-covers

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Lizzy’s Recipe

Our Lizzy’s

Broad Bean & Pea Pate Ingredients

See or contact Lizzy on 01684 892688 A fresh green pate which works well as a starter or perfect for a picnic or packed lunch

• 150g broad beans • 150g peas • 2 cloves garlic • 2 tbsp olive oil • juice of 1 lemon • 2 tbsp mint • salt and freshly ground pepper Serves 4 increase amounts as needed. Ready in 20 minutes

1. Heat the oil with the cloves of garlic. Cook until the garlic is soft, but not brown. Leave to cool. 2. Cook the peas and beans until tender, and then set aside. 3. Combine all the ingredients in a food processor and blend. The texture should be quite coarse. 4. Season well with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Perrycroft Fine Meat & Pies Organic Butcher

229 Worcester Road Malvern Link WR14 1SU All our meat is sourced locally

Stockist of South African Products Fully Stocked Deli: Cheeses, Cold Meats Hot Beef, Pork & Ham rolls Award Winning Sausages Salad Boxes Take Aways

Full range of fruit & vegetables Rotisserie chickens - £3.80 01684 573008


White House Vets for healthy pets Vets who care Every hour Every day

156 Newtown Rd Malvern WR14 1PJ 01684 560940

The Hair Studio @ Malvern


Ladies & Gents Hair Salon Unit 4, 157 Wells Rd, Malvern Wells WR14 4HA

Next to the new Spar Shop Free Off-Road parking Concessions for OAPs Tues & Weds

01684 57 55 55

Please ask about our new loyalty scheme

Family Groups Animals Weddings Phone Christine 01684 540270 01684 540787

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All About...

Extraordinary Paintwork From small details to whole rooms, Moth brings 35 years of experience to her passion, handpainting unique and imaginative designs. Here she tells us more.

How do you describe your work to people who have never seen it?

Exquisitely painted and often surprising! I work only to commission, so people ask for exactly what they want, and get it, or if they don’t really know, we come up with a solution together, or I do, and they can get what they didn’t know they wanted. Each piece of work is unique and therefore extra special.

Where did you learn decorative painting?

I have always painted. My father was an artist, and I painted my first mural when I was banished to my room after an argument at the age of fifteen. I painted a scene from an Enid Blyton book of a witch’s house complete with a crooked old witch and her black cat. My parents loved the mural and painted around it when re decorating for years to come. I was painting murals in and around London in 1978, then learned from Annie Sloan, the leading decorative painting expert, to do special paint finishes, in Oxfordshire, in 1983.

electric wall heaters ‘disappear’ against handblocked fabric wall covering for a medieval manor house. I have painted a skirting so it exactly matches a fossil stone floor covering, I have enabled a walk-in cellar door to open properly. I have painted and wood-grained pitched black ceiling beams to look as if they were made of bleached oak. I have painted a tiny wysteria surrounded mouse’s house on the skirting board of a kitchen in an Edwardian house. The list is endless!

Was it hard at first?

In what ways can your work help transform a home?

It was as hard as learning any new skill, but no, I didn’t find it hard. It is, however, always a challenge and that’s what I like about it. The decorative paint techniques are fascinating and I love the materials I work with and what I can do with them.

What have been your favourite jobs?

I haven’t really had ‘favourites’. The clients always make a difference to me, how we relate to one another and their attitude to what I am doing for them. I appreciate their feedback as the job develops and their faces when the commission is complete.

Any unusual requests?

Many! Painting a mural of the Holy Trinity for the ceiling of a modern Catholic church, making


I help by introducing an individuality to a place, using what I am able to offer, which reflects the personalities of the people who inhabit that home. By enhancing a room with either a bespoke hand-painted freize or a feature which makes that room really special. By disguising less attractive aspects of a house using paint and my skills and imagination to make the changes. By making a place look beautiful!

You can find out more about Moth and her work: Visit her website with examples or you can give her a ring on 01684 574980 / 07855 867485

embellish enhance transform

D R LLOYD General Building 01886 880653 / 07971 866505

From small details to whole rooms

Over 35 years experience handpainting unique & imaginative solutions to design & decorative dilemmas

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Call Moth 01684 574980 or 07855 867485

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Greg Davies Wood Design specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke wooden products with over twenty years experience in design and wood crafts. Whether you are replacing like for like or looking for a complete redesign, we can provide a solution that will fit your needs and your budget.

Tel: 01886 880028 Mob: 07966 755669 Email: Web: Lyndhurst, Bosbury Road, Cradley, Nr Malvern, Worcestershire WR13 5JA

Give your home the Wow Factor Traditional or contemporary, create a welcoming glow with a wood burning stove from Clover.

Clover supply and install a wide range of wood burning and multi fuel stoves such as handmade energy efficient stoves from Dean Forge and the contemporary styled Aduro and Invicto ranges. We will also complete any building work required and all associated chimney works to comply with HETAS regulations.

For an informal discussion or to arrange a free, no-obligation quote call us on 01531 631965 or email us at We want you to love the work we do for you and to love how we do it. Pichells Place, Wall Hills Farm, Hereford Road 31 To advertise please call: Tina on 07952 591031 or email Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2PR

Notice board

July Deadline:

Mon 18 June 2012

Wellington Heath Jubilee Celebrations

Concerts at Bosbury Church


A number of celebrations are plan Visit our website:

Christ Church

on A special service of Thanksgiving Sunday 3rd June at 9.30am, preceded by ringing of the church bell.

A Jubilee Party

Monday 4rd June from 5 - 11pm orial Village Hall Mem at the Children’s tea party, , tails Coc ilee Jub competitions, photographs, quiz, buffet, dance and much more! Tickets information - see website! Amanda 01531 633325

Monday 28th May

New Orleans Hea

t Jazz Band 7.30pm

Saturday 30 June

Hereford Police

Male Voice Choir 7.30pm


pre sen t

all Wyche & Colwty 69th ocie Horticultural SShow Annual

August 2012 Saturday 4th w available! Schedules no ourt Colwall, Old C Provisions in g or tin ee Pick up from m S H C the May W l Nurseries, at 5314 or emai cton 01684 56 Pi en el H t om l.c ai contac gm @ ty lsocie Wchorticultura tualsoc.

lwallhorticul www.wycheco wordp

Small Message? ! It’s free for groups


Jun e 15, 20 12 7:3 0p m Cr ad ley Ch ur ch

sascha@allabout-loc 07906 573352

Adu lts £10 , und er 16 fre e

“The a cappell a group VOCES8 offers more – an impress ive stage presenc e with imagina tive theatric ality and a well balance d program me.” Malcolm Miller, Classical Music Daily

Tick ets avai labl e onli ne or from Cra dley Pos t Offi ce & Stor es





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For more information

Need help to meet your health and safety responsibilities? Contact Chris Hardy for a no obligation assessment! 07866 828439


Malvern Tele-tune Over 25 Years Experience

TESTIMONIALS: “Better? It's Awsome! We can't thank you enough, that expensive equipment went to waste before, now we are truly getting our moneys worth !!! Thanks again and if we go HD in the future we'll call you to come set it up.” Parkins - Malvern Link


HughesMedia Internet Limited

We build

really good

websites call us now on

0800 0523804 Orleton House, Worcester, WR6 6SU


We certainly recommend Malvern Tele-Tune. "After Symon had set-up our TV System the quality was vastly improved. He also spent time to explain how to operate and get the best from our system. Also the cost for the time he spent was minimal" Very helpful and polite. A & I Bradsaw - Malvern Wells “Thank you for the excellent improvement to the TV – both the sound and colour are now perfectly OK! (I was almost giving up on the prospect of decent aesthetic viewing!).” A Garland - Worcester “For all your digital requirements, get in touch with Symon, friendly, professional and honest.” L Todd - Malvern

Pricing from £40 Please contact for a no obligation quote. Discount for Seniors (over 65s) Learn how to make full use of your TV system by appointment at a time to suit you

Simply Call - 01684 569373 Symon Winter is listed in the Age UK (Age Concern) Trade Register


Jonathan Lyne

BSc (Hons) MSSCh MBChA

Chiropodist/Podiatrist HOME VISITING SERVICE All areas covered at times to suit you

For an appointment please call 07599 340 947 or 01684 891848 Health Professions Council registered

Complementary therapies in Cradley Valerie Farmer 01886 880102 Whether you have health concerns or just need to unwind

discover the benefits McTimony

Chiropractic A Gentle and Effective Whole Body Treatment by Joanna Cocking

Joanna Cocking

Back, neck and shoulder pain Pain, discomfort and stiffness in joints Migraine Muscular aches Sports injuries Arthritic pain Number One Hair & Beauty 1 Broads Bank Great Malvern Free WR14 2HP Parking 01684 568 110 07533 163 301

Buckingham House Dental Surgery

our What does y out you? smile say ab

Quality Private Dental Care and Cosmetic Treatment for the Whole Family

01684 573109

35 Graham Rd, Malvern, WR14 2HU

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What’s on


Small Business Breakfast 7.30-9am Blue Ginger Gallery, Cradley Social gathering for local business owners. New members welcome. £4 which includes a very tasty breakfast.



Music for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 7.30pm in St James’s Church Malvern A special concert by the ‘Severn Voices’ Chamber Choir, with music from Handel to Vaughan Williams to Britten. Tickets £10/£8 - at the door, or ring 07814 921251 or 01684 567328





New Orleans Heat Jazz Band 7.30pm, Bosbury Church Tickets £10 Available from

Blue Bell Walk organised by MH Lions Club 9am - 12pm starting at The British Camp Choice of a 2, 5 or 7 miles across the Malvern Hills. Half of the proceeds will go to Diabetes UK. Please register your interest 0845 8339548 or email



West Malvern WI Meeting 7.30pm St James’s Primary School, West Malvern Road We hope the weather will be kind for this outdoor event: a local farrier will be demonstrating how he makes a horseshoe and shoes a horse. Come along non members to see what you are missing. Variety of future meetings. For futher details go to



Colwall Orchard Group Open Day 2 - 5pm at the Community Village Garden, Old Church Road, Colwall To celebrate the first year of the garden. Refreshments, including strawberry cream tea, local apple juice, home-made cakes, local cider and real ale. Children’s activities. Restricted parking, so park in village and follow signs. More info on 01684 540920





Hereford Police Male Voice Choir 7.30pm, Bosbury Church Tickets £10 Availalbe from

Music for a Summer’s Evening 7.30pm, St James the Great Church, Colwall in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support Nicolas Clapton, celebrated international counter tenor, together with Jennifer Partridge, one of Britain’s foremost piano accompanists, will be performing. Including Italian baroque songs, English conzonets by Haydn, songs by Gabriel Faure and English folk-song arrangements by Benjamin Britten. Tickets £12.50, include a glass of wine and canapes during interval. Available from Goodwins in Colwall Or email Jennifer Griggs



A Midsummer Fair and Barbecue at the Beauchamp Community, Newland, Malvern, 11am - 2pm Organised by the Malvern Branch of Save The Children who invite friends and supporters to come along. Stalls, Cakes, Plants, Goods, Gifts and Raffle Entrance £2, children free



Yoga Classes throughout the week in Malvern @ The Wheel of Life Centre, North Malvern Road Learn to move with the breath, a strengthening yet safe, effective yoga to reduce stress, improve the spine and deeply relax. Inspired by Vanda Scaravelli and Marilyn Freedman. Classes run Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri ,morning and evening classes available. Call 01886833826 or visit - A yoga available to all-men/women/health problems/ whatever size or shape!

Market Days Home-made, home-grown & hand-crafted Malvern Farmers Market - Saturday 16 June 9am–2pm, Abbey Road, Malvern Ledbury Country Market Fridays, 8.30am –12noon, St Katherine’s Hall, High Street, Ledbury Malvern Country Market Fridays, 9am–12.15pm, Lyttleton Rooms, Church Street, Malvern West Malvern Community Market Fri 15 June 3.15 - 4.15pm, St James Primary School Cradley Farmers Market 1st Saturday every month, The Old Rectory, Cradley, 10am - 12pm Ledbury Farmers Market 4rd Friday every month, Next to the Market Hall, Ledbury, 9am - 2pm

To promote your July events: email or call 07906 573352 by Monday 18 June at the latest. More information on the website:




for groups

Saturday 16 June GARAGE 10am – 3pm CLEARANCE at The Lower Nupend, SALE CRADLEY, WR13 5NP

1 mile north of A4103 on the Suckley Rd



Entry Free, Car Park Enquiries: 01886 880334 Good clean items gratefully received in advance in aid of Cradley & Storridge Conservatives with donation to The Martha Trust in Hereford

art & craft gallery coffee shop with delicious homemade food mi-frame picture framing Silverfish Designs - handmade contemporary jewellery

Recommended by Alastair Sawday and Britain’s Finest

Quality Bed and Breakfast Set in the picturesque and peaceful surroundings of Mathon

01684 541488


General Opening Tues 5th June

Summer Sunday Fun

Garden Celebrations

Sun 10th June, Sun 8th July

Sunday 3 & Monday 4 June 2012

Steam Engine Day

Eastnor goes back in time to the 50s for a retro Garden Party and Fête to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. There will be a competition for people in period fancy dress with entertainment for the family.

Birds of Prey Day

Roll up, roll up… for the best party this summer!


SOS Day!

Sunday 17th June

Family fun and rescue displays from our local emergency services. From fire engines to rescue boats and ambulances. Grounds only admission.

Sun 24th June Sun 1st July

Public Opening Times

❖ Every Sunday from 10th June – 30th September and Sunday to Thursday from 15th July – 30th August ❖ Castle & Grounds open 11.00am – 4.30pm (last admission 4.00pm)

call 01531 633160 or visit

To advertise please call: Tina on 07952 591031 or email



What’s on

Here you will find an overview of events and Jubilee Celebrations on and around the Malvern Hills. There is only room for a summary, but you can go to our website for more information on the events. fri

until Mon 4 June - Worcestershire Arts Trail Open Artist Studios in and around Malvern The perfect opportunity to see artists at work Map and details available from


50’s Evening 7.30pm Cradley Village Hall £10 to include ‘Fish & Chips’ supper, and bar 01886 882647



Great Malvern Food Festival 10am - 5pm, Avenue Rd and the Courtyard in Great Malvern

Mathon Jubilee Celebrations 5pm in the field between Mathon Church and Badgers Fun Dog Show, Pony Rides, Food & Drink & more



until Sat 9 June - Malvern Civic Week The Theme is Literary Malvern. Talks, walks, churches, tours, history and events For more info:

To 4 June - Eastnor Castle Jubilee Celebrations Garden Party and Fete in 50’s style Castle & Grounds open 11am - 4.30pm


Storridge Village Hall Jubilee Tea 3pm with 50’s memorabilia Including an exhibition of the local art group


Grand Village Fete in Cradley 11am - 5pm at various sites in the village Ending with lighting of the beacon, fireworks, BBQ


Wellington Heath Jubilee Party 5 - 11pm at the Memorial Village Hall Drinks, buffet, music, children’s activities, quiz.


Colwall Jubilee Picnic 12.15pm - 5pm at the Cricket Club in Colwall Starting with Fancy Dress Parade (assemble in Walwyn Meadow)



2 2

Malvern Arts & Food Market & Street Party 9.30am - 5pm, Great Malvern As part of the Jubilee Celebrations. Project6_Layout 1 17/05/2012 12:58 Page 1



until Tue 5 June - Bosbury Jubilee Celebrations Sunday: Trinity Festival Service, Bosbury Church 10am, followed by village lunch in the Parish Hall Monday: Pig Roast and live music in the Parish Hall Tuesday: Fete and Cricket Match, school field



3 3 3 4 4 5

More information and many more events can be found on our website:

Little Pumpkins Childminding Service

“A great place for your little pumpkin to grow”

OFSTED registered Childminder in Malvern Both full and part-time vacancies available for all ages Call Chloe on 07581 503260 for more information


se t, ur ...

CRADLEY STOVES Installation & maintenance of woodburning and multifuel stoves For a free estimate call

07983 714 003

We now offer a dry carpet cleaning service

Locks & Glass

For a complete double-glazing

repair service

Hinges, handles, locks and security.

Key cutting

We can supply and fit or for DIY Visit our shop at 73, Spring Lane, Malvern Link WR14 1AJ Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8.30-12.30 Signposted opposite Worcester College Construction Department

01684 567070 24 Hour LocKsmitH 07767 883639 Christopher F. Knock B.Sc. (Civil Engineering)

Architectural & Planning Consultant 30 years experience All aspects of Planning, Building Regulations and Listed Building Consent Applications

01531 635462

el: 84

tel: 01684



WE BUY GOLD FOR CASH We also buy: Silver Platinum White Gold

4 893003




47 Worcester Road, Malvern WR14 4AD

Belle Vue Jewellery & Cards 4 Belle Vue Terrace (next to Ask)

07832 946766

Mon - Sat 10am - 4pm

To advertise please call: Tina on 07952 591031 or email


Community focus

Malvern Hills

National Childbirth Trust

The National Childbirth Trust, or NCT, is a great support network and a way to meet other parents, that’s probably the most important thing we do, explains Kate Allison. She moved to Malvern when her eldest girl was three months old. “We didn’t know anybody in the area. I went along to a Baby Latte morning and was was introduced to lots of other people and met many current friends”. Our local branch covers Malvern, Ledbury, Colwall, Upton and everywhere in between! The national charity runs helplines, support and campaigns on behalf of parents. As a local branch we run all kinds of different support services. We run ante-natal courses for parents expecting a child, with sessions covering situations that might arise during labour and birth. There’s also advice on breastfeeding and what life is like with a newborn baby. You also meet other couples who are pregnant at the same time, you then have an established support network for the weeks and months after the birth. There is a cost if you want to join a course but we do offer lots of discounts if you’re not earning, we want to make it accessible to all. We also offer breast feeding support and are fortunate to have two Breastfeeding Counsellors in the branch. They run two Baby Latte groups in Malvern and Upton where you can get information and practical support and meet other mothers to share experiences. They also visit mums at home if they need a one-to-one and are available to non-NCT members and members alike (for more info contact Mair on 561958 or Frances on 561485). Other services include a Maternity Clothes Library and a clothes bank for premature babies. Most people aren’t expecting to have their child prematurely and so they’re suddenly faced with a tiny baby who doesn’t fit into anything already given or bought. It’s run by someone who had a very premature baby and who found the NCT a vital support to her. This is her way of giving something back. You’ll find that all volunteers


you meet though the branch have experiences they can share and there’s a lot of very friendly people. We are always looking for new volunteers so please get in touch if you’d like to find out more. A very important thing we do is the Nearly New Sales, which gives the chance for people to buy and sell good quality clothes, toys, books and all sorts of things. We run three a year in Malvern and in Ledbury. Once you’ve registered as a seller you can just turn up, drop off your stuff, then collect what’s not been sold at the end. You choose the price, the NCT takes a commission which helps the branch and you get a cheque for the rest. We’re planning another ‘Cheeky Monkey’s Tea Party’ building on the success of the event last year. It takes place on Saturday 11th August, 2.30-4.30pm at the Downs school in Colwall. It’s a fun afternoon for the under 5s and their parents and grandparents.There will be a music session, Tumbletots, storytime, outdoor toys, face painting and tea and cakes. It’s one of our main fundraisers and great fun so please come along!

Name: Kate Allison, Malvern Hills National Childbirth Trust Begun: Founded in 1956 (nationally)

fact file

WWW: or

Contact: 0844 243 6201 Local email:


Registered Technician C2443


All Aspects of Building Undertaken Int + Ext Decorating FREE Quotes

Accredited Installer

Oil and Gas Boilers installed, serviced and repaired Aga and Rayburn Cookers serviced and repaired

Central Heating installations

Mob: 078300 49800 Tel: 01684 897773

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Power Flushing and Under Floor upgrading of Heating Installed Heating Systems

01886 880260 07771 998238 The Uplands, Westfields, Cradley, WR13 5HZ

Plumbing & Leadwork I.A.Brown

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All aspects of general plumbing Bathroom design & installation Wall & floor tiling 24/7 emergency call-out Free quotations • No call-out charge

Telephone: Mobile:

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All roof & chimney repairs undertaken, including tiling, slating and lead work Eco Friendly Installation Specialists for Flat Roofs

01684 561791|07920 001611

01684 566017 01684 566017

01684 566017

To advertise please call: Tina on 07952 591031 or email


Local groups Malvern Hills & Ledbury

West Malvern

Malvern Hills Freecycle Contact:

West Malvern Irish Dancers Contact: Ruth (parent) 01684 568613 or Rose (tutor) on 07976 6914686

Ledbury Children’s Centre Contact: 01432 383840 Malvern Social Group Contact: 08450 957984 or email Transport Ring & Ride Contact: 01531 636333 Citizens Advice Bureau Contact: 01684 563611 for Malvern or Ledbury 01432 377599 Malvern Small Business Forum Contact: Simon Smith or Joel Keiller on 01684 862151 or visit The Hills Bridge Club Contact: 01684 541227 or visit Malvern Hills Lions Club Contact: Heather Jeavons on 0845 8337439 or email or visit Malvern Hills Badminton Club Contact: Lynne on 01531 632751 or David 01531 635780 or goto

Voluntary opportunities

West Malvern Baby & Toddler Group Contact: Naomi on 899048 Meditation in West Malvern Contact: 07816578815 or email West Malvern Social Club Contact: 01684 576732 or visit

Cradley Cradley Sports Club Contact: 01886 880081 or visit Cradley, Storridge & Mathon Royal British Legion Supports ex-service personnel Cradley Small Business Breakfast Contact: Miles Meager 01886 880964 or email Cradley, Mathon & Storridge Art Group Meet at Storridge Village Hall at 2pm.

Storridge WI Contact: Joan Prosser on 01886 880813

Community Voluntary Action Ledbury: 01531 635339 Malvern Community Action: 01684 892381 Malvern Hills Volunteering: 07872 419646 or visit to search for volunteering near you

Cradley WI Contact: Pat Brewer on 01886 880017



Mathon, Cradley & Storridge Tennis Club Contact: Mrs Pat Pugh on 01531 640682 or Bob Hamilton on 01684 540836 Mathon Parish Church Weekly services in the three Parish churches. Mathon WI Contact: Margaret on 01886 880824

To promote your group: email or call 07906 573352. More info on each group available on the website:


West Malvern Royal British Legion Club Contact: 07985 133691

Storridge Parish Church Contact: 01886 880348

Bosbury WI Contact: Diane Hodgson on 01531 640622 Bosbury Church Adults’ Choir Contact: Paul Roberts 07735 430335 or email Bosbury Church Children’s Choir Contact: Rosie Roberts 07734 866108 or email

Bosbury Parish Church Contact: Bosbury Bellringers Contact: Frank Seabright on 01531 640252 or email Bosbury Beaver Scouts Contact Helen 01531 640371

Community focus

Colwall Primary School Summer Event Friday 15th June From 5pm until 7.30pm This year, amidst the mad social whirl of celebrating the Jubilee and the Olympics, the evening will be a relaxed social gathering with good food, good fun and good company. So, do come and join us in the school grounds where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Hills, and partake of some quality fayre. There will be a hot hog roast with locally reared free-range pork, stuffed and slow roasted in cider, with vegetarian options available. The bar will be serving, amongst other things, Pimms and Black Pear, and there will be refreshments with

Colwall Bright Sparks Colwall Pre-School Contact: Jean 01684 540061 or Sue 01684 575548 Colwall Cricket Club Colwall Greener Contact: Robin on 01684 540 284 or visit Colwall Orchard Group Contact: Helen Stace on 01684 540569 or visit Colwall Rotary Club Contact: Alan Torbet on 01684 899227 or visit Malvern Baby Gym Club Contact: Claire Waghorn on 01684 540517 Colwall Probus Club Contact: Mike Paulson 01684 540108 or email Colwall Bell Ringers Contact: Robin Riches 01684 541240


home made cakes and locally grown strawberries and cream. We are making our own entertainment this year, inviting young and old to compete in our Silly Olympics. All the games the Greeks never thought of, and lots of fun that you won’t see in London 2012! There will be the ever popular Kids Zone with children’s games run by the older pupils. Our fabulous raffle boasts an austeritybusting list of gorgeous prizes, including tickets for the West Midlands Safari Park, a voucher for the designer interiors outlet Tinsmiths, a tour of Weston’s Cider Mill and tickets for a Worcestershire County Cricket match. Look out for tickets being sold in the village. And there will be a plant stall in the school garden.

Further details from: or

Colwall Village Playgroup Contact: Rachel Huckle 01684 541142 Colwall Wildlife Group Contact: Derek Turner on 540318 Colwall Golfers Contact: Derek Turner on 540318 Colwall Ladies Club Contact: Liz Daniel on 01684 540904 Colwall Village Society Contact: Secretary Margaret Matthews on 01684 562245 The Chasers International Men of Stell Cricket Team Contact: Jamie 01684 541022 or 07977 115478 Wyche & Colwall Horticultural Society Contact: Margaret White 01684 540931 Colwall WI Contact: Cath Blackwell 01684 540020 Colwall Players Contact: Colwall Mothers’ Union Contact: Dorothy Lockyear on 01684 540608

To advertise please call: Tina on 07952 591031 or email


BOILER REPLACEMENTS, FULL CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEMS & PLUMBING Boiler upgrades/ replacement New central heating installations Gas fires servicing Gas boiler servicing

WHY CHOOSE US? • No call out fees • We offer fixed price quotations • FREE quotations & advice • No MONEY UPFRONT - Don’t pay until work is fully complete • No contractors - we only use our own qualified employees • Full guarantee on all work carried out • 35 years experience • References available

All plumbing work carried out Gas Appliance Showroom & Fireplace Centre Ltd 01684 891522 • 01684 566962 25 Worcester Road, Great Malvern, WR14 4QY

Fusion Plumbing & Heating Ltd • Nat Gas/LPG • Boiler breakdown/service/maintenance • Boiler replacement/upgrade • Heating installation/upgrade • Central heating power flushing • Cooker installation • Landlord Safety Checks

Contact Duanne 07773 395 803


• Renewable installation • Un-vented hot water cylinder servicing/ installation • All general domestic plumbing • Bathroom design/installation Worcester Bosch Registered Installer


RD Premier Plumbing & Heating • Oil • Boiler breakdown/service/ maintenance • Boiler replacement/upgrade • Heating installation/upgrade • Central heating power flushing


The beauty is in the detail... Contact us today, call free on 0800 678 3412 Fascias • Soffits • Guttering • Windows • Doors Flat & Polycarb Roofs • Porches • Conservatories KENDEEN PLASTICS LTD. 64 Longridge Rd, Malvern WR14 3JB

01684 563256 • Maintenance free • Fensa Registered 32080 • Locally owned & run using our own skilled fitters • No up-front deposits on fascias soffits or guttering

For a free, no obligation quotation ring free on 0800 678 3412

• Insurance backed guarantee • British Standard materials • Full Public Liability Insurance • Environment Agency Certificate

To advertise please call: Tina on 07952 591031 or email


Animals Newland Poultry The White House Vets Art

27 27

Blue Ginger Gallery Dave Preston

37 19

Builders/Maintenance DR Lloyd Lee Hankins Mike Swain SD Harris WMJ Builders Carpenters

29 29 8 5 41

Greg Davies MH Furniture M Goodger Carpentry Carpets/Floors

30 30 29

Classic Interiors Ledbury Carpets Children/Families

39 24

Eastnor Castle H Weston & Sons Ltd Little Pumpkins Childcare Classes & Training

37 2 38

Swimming Lessons MSJ Yoga Composting

10 38 3 13 13 13 15 35

Design Architectural Consultant Harcourt Design Electrician

39 8 30

Eye Care


Financial Advice


Food & Drink Perrycroft Meats The Bran Tub



Garage Sale


26 26


Garden Branchworks Capability Landscapes Guy Sterry Landscaping Leon Landscapes Malvern Mowers MCB Landscapes MJ Richards Landscaping Tree Time 3 Counties Garden Services

23 20 23 19 20 23 23 23 20

Health & Fitness

Curtains & Blinds A Handmade Original Hanley Interiors Malvern Blinds Malvern Curtains Dentist

Funeral Services

Belle Beauty Beauty at the Courtyard Chiropodist Chiropractor Create Space Counselling Healthy Minds The Hair Studio Valerie Farmer

11 17 35 35 35 35 27 35

Health & Safety


Holiday Happy Campers Weobly Cottage B&B

14 15

IT/Television Elmira Web Creations Malvern Teletune Website Design

14 39

Painter/Decorator Extraordinary Paintwork KA Randall

29 29

Pest Control




Plumbing & Heating Cradley Stoves Fusion Property Services Gas Showroom Ltd Hunaban Heating I.A.Plumbing RD Plumbing & Heating Wilkins Chimney Sweep The Malthouse The Royal Oak Room Hire

30 31 45 41 9 45 16 24 5

Housekeeping Hands On Cleaning Housekeepers of Malvern

Let me in Locksmith M & M Locksecure

39 44 44 41 41 44 41

Pub/Restaurant 2 37

Home Improvements Cloudy 2 Clear Clover County Windows DP Roofing Excel Malvern Kendeen Plastics Robson Ward Shane Howells WS Roofing


34 34 34

19 15 2

Shops/Shopping Belle Vue Jewellery Classic LP’s Domestic Appliances Dynastic Art Shop Iapetus Ledbury Hardware Malvern Curtains Parrys Jewellers Ready-Rent Zinnia Solicitors

39 33 3 17 55 21 15 33 21 17 8

Window Cleaning




To advertise please call: Tina on 07952 591031 or email


Independent advice designed for you Smith Weale Associates are a leading Independent Financial Advisory Practice based in the heart of Great Malvern

We offer independent advice and guidance on all aspects of financial planning. Particular areas of speciality are INveStMeNt plANNING

opeN MARKet optIoNS





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INheRItANCe tAx plANNING peNSIoN dRAWdoWN hIStoRIC polICy INveStIGAtIoN equIty ReleASe ReMoRtGAGeS

We offer free no obligation initial meetings telephone: 01684 577037 and we look forward to welcoming you to our 67-69 Church Street new offices in order to demonstrate the breadth By appointment only of our knowledge and expertise. Paying for Our Services – there are a range of payment options to suit each and every client. We can work on a fee basis, a commission basis or a combination of the two. We will not charge you anything until you have agreed how we are to be paid. Partners:

Jeremy A Smith Cert pFS Robert e J Weale Cert pFS, CeMAp, CeltM, CeReR, CeltCI

Smith Weale Associates is a Limited Liability Partnership, Regulated in England & Wales No. OC319930 Smith Weale Associates LLP is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority


Think carefully before securing other debts on your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. To understand the features and risks of an equity release scheme ask for a personalised illustration. The Financial Services Authority does not regulate taxation and trust advice and some form of mortgages.

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