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FOODIE TIPS | ROVANIEMI ARCTIC ICE CREAM FACTORY is an artisan brand of ice creams from Rovaniemi. It was born in 2015 out of love and passion towards the pure nordic ingredients. The founder of the factory, Anna-Riikka Lavia, explains. “We try to use as much local ingredients as possible. Our blueberries, cloudberries and lingonberries come from the local berry-pickers and our dairy is produced at the local farm”. Anna-Riikka’s strive for quality has payed off. She makes ice cream by hand in small batches, that’s why it always tastes so fresh and creamy! In addition to berry-flavoured ice-creams there are liquorice, fudge and dairy-free berry options. For this summer, Anna-Riikka has something special to offer: spruce sprout ice sorbet (photo). Spruce sprouts are gathered by hand in the beginning of summer, and they are rich in vitamin C.


You can find Arctic Ice Cream Factory parlour at Choco Deli cafe in Rovaniemi centre (Koskikatu 18). In summer, you can taste these ice creams at a kiosk near the Kemijoki river, or bump into one of the factory’s bicycle vending carts. Over 40 restaurants and markets around Lapland sell Arctic Ice Cream Factory’s products. You can find them in Rovaniemi at restaurant Rakas and SantaPark, Hostel Cafe Koti, K-Supermarket Rinteenkulma and at Kiisa restaurant in Break Sokos Hotel Levi.



HIMO is a true oasis of Asian flavours in the heart of Rovaniemi. Himo is passionate about Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines. Its name translates from Finnish as “passion” or “lust”. Himo is known of its amazing sushi which are said to be some of the best in the whole country. There are many classic sushi options on the menu, however, you can taste something really local, such as reindeer nigiri and spicy reindeer uramaki. Himo offers some mouthwatering Asian dishes, such as ramen or red curry soup, spring rolls, woks and dim sums. These dishes are available with shrimp, pork, mushrooms and chicken. But there are some truly exotic choices such as reindeer and bear meat! Himo must be the only place in the world to taste ramen soup or wok with bear meat! Still, my favourite dish on the menu is ramen burger. Made with reindeer meat and wheat nooddles bun, it is an amazing treat!

UITTO PUB is a must place to visit if you wish to experience a night out like a local. Its name and interior play hommage to the times of the fearless lumberjacks. These daredevils floated log by local rivers and liked to offset their job with a little bit of fun! Uitto pub cherises local traditions and the spirit of their wild partymaking is still very much present here. Uitto pub is a great place to sample local beverages. My tip is to go for the local craft beers from the “Lapland Brewery”, based in Rovaniemi. Their artisan ales and lagers encapsulate the true Lappish spirit. Wine on tap is also available here. On weekdays from 17 to 21, Uitto pub invites you for some special drinks and offers. Watch sports on the big screens, play darts or board games with your friends, order something from the kitchen and you won’t notice how the time flies!

Valtakatu 23, Rovaniemi. +358 40 508 82 82. Tue–Fri 16–22, Sat 12–22. Mon & Sun: closed.

Korkalonkatu 25, Rovaniemi. +358 447 88 58 89. Open every day 17–02.



All About Lapland – Summer 2018  

Your travel guide to Finnish Lapland in English, Russian and Chinese!

All About Lapland – Summer 2018  

Your travel guide to Finnish Lapland in English, Russian and Chinese!