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menu Buffet-lunch and á la carte served every day of the year!

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WINTER 2017 EDITOR-IN -CHIEF Alexander Kuznetsov +358 400 82 55 70 EDITOR Julia Benzar CIRCULATION 55.000 copies ISSN 2343-3981 PRINTED BY Forssa Print, Finland, 2016 DIGITAL VERSION ONLINE MAGAZINE CHINESE CONTENT © Arctic China Ltd & All About Lapland CHINESE EDITOR Yiyun Zha PHOTOS BY Alexander Kuznetsov, Julia Benzar, advertisers, Istock. DISTRIBUTION Rovaniemi: Santa Claus Village, Santa Claus Office, Rovaniemi Tourist Office, Rovaniemi Airport, Arktikum, Science Centre Pilke, Shopping Centres Revontuli, Rinteenkulma and Sampokeskus, Cafe&Bar 21, Aitta Deli, Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Rantasipi Pohjanhovi Hotel, Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara, Santa Claus Holiday Village, Santasport, Chalet Hotel, Ounasvaara Ski Resort, Hotel Aakenus, HopLop & Rollo Halli, Prisma Rovaniemi, Second Hand Kontti, Tojo-Auto. Ranua: Ranua Wildlife Park. Pyhä: Pyhä Ski-Inn, Visitor Centre Naava. Luosto: Santa’s Hotel Aurora, Lapland Hotel Luosto, Little Mine Shop. Kemijärvi: ABC! station. Salla: Hotel Takka Valkea, S-Market Salla, Holiday Club Salla, Kelloselkä border crossing. Tankavaara: Gold Prospector Museum. Saariselkä: Holiday Club Saariselkä, Santa’s Hotel Tunturi. Ivalo: Hotel Ivalo, Hotel Kultahippu, Rajajooseppi border crossing. Levi: Levimarket, Sokos Break Hotel Levi, Levi Tourist Office. Ylläs: Jounin Kauppa, 7 Fells Hostel, Lapland Hotel Saaga. Kemi: Kemi Airport, Kemi Tourist Office. Oulu: Oulu Tourist Office, Nallikari Camping, Break Sokos Hotel Eden. Ruka: Ruka Tourist Info, Rantasipi Rukahovi, Rukapalvelu. Kuusamo: Holiday Club Kuusamo, Kuusamo Tourist Info, Prisma Kuusamo. Kajaani: Vartius border crossing.

Alexander Kuznetsov EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Towards the new heights Winter 2016–17 is likely to become Lapland’s busiest tourist season ever. The interest towards the region grows, and there will be numerous direct air connections available from Germany and UK to Lapland in the upcoming winter. Tourists are attracted by Lapland’s unspoilt nature, its vast choice of winter activities, such as husky and reindeer safaris, as well as its unique natural phenomena. In Summer 2016 we published our very first issue of All About Lapland travel magazine. We were overwhelmed with its success and watched how 30.000 copies ended up in the hands of tourists in a matter of months. Now, we are going to reach the new heights by printing 55.000 copies of our winter magazine. This way, we will make sure that it reaches anyone who needs it. While this is only our second issue, we have already become Lapland’s biggest travel magazine in terms of circulation, number of distribution points and the amount of quality material. One of the hottest trends of the winter 2017 tourist season is, undoubtedly, the Aurora Borealis. This is something that I have seen from my own experience. Being a passionate Aurora hunter myself, I upload real time videos and photos of Northern Lights to our social media. In September 2016, these videos were in high demand for world’s top news agencies. They were shown in TV news across Europe, USA, New Zealand, Australia, China and even Iran. I am also happy to announce, that starting from November 2016, I will be organising my own Aurora Borealis chasing tours. Read more about them on page 45. Our winter 2017 magazine will be first to feature content in Chinese language. We are happy to see that more and more Chinese tourists find their way to Lapland. We have joined forces with our local Chinese colleagues to provide our guests from China with quality information about Lapland and its tourist attractions. Lapland possesses a unique and genuine charm. I believe this is something that can be felt by anyone who visits our region. I want to welcome you all to Lapland, whether you are a first-time visitor or have been here many times before! I’m sure that the experiences, received here, will stay in your heart for the years to come. Have a nice and pleasant vacation!

PS. If you need any advice about travelling in Lapland, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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NORTHERN LIGHTS August to May Aurora Borealis is one of nature’s most wondrous phenomena. Considered to bring good luck and fertility in many countries, it attracts thousands of tourists to Lapland. Not everyone knows, though, that you can actually see Aurora Borealis since late August in Lapland. This is when our nights become dark enough to able to see the stars and the dance of Auroras. Also, September and October are truly good months for spotting Aurora Borealis, because they coincide with Autumn equinox. At this point in time, only a light gust of solar wind is enough to spark bright Auroras. Sightings of the Northern Lights continue throughout the winter, until late April, when the nights turn bright again. Read more about Northern lights on page 44 of this magazine.

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT December In the beginning of Decemeber, Christmas lights ignite in almost every single house in Finland. Finns are really good at continuing the Christmas traditions. They even held “Little Christmas” parties with their co-workers a few weeks before they get to the main fest. A real Christmas spruce tree is a must in any house, as well as baked goodies, such as gingerbread cookies and star-shaped pastry. Every day, starting from December the 1st until Christmas Eve, kids open a little window in their Advent calendar to count days until Christmas. Rovaniemi, the Official hometown of Santa Claus, has its own way of celebrating the coming of Christmas. On December the 23rd, hundreds of locals and tourists gather to the Santa Claus Village to witness Santa depart on his journey around the world. When Christmas is near in Lapland, you can literally feel its spirit in the air!



ARCTIC LAPLAND RALLY 26–28.1.2017 Arctic Lapland Rally is a true highlight of the year in Lapland. In 2017, it will be held for the 52nd time. Arctic Lapland Rally is a real test for both the man and the machine, as the races often take part in freezing temperatures below –30°C. Over the years, the rally’s unique spirit has attracted many famous drivers from Formula 1 and beyond, such as Mika Häkkinen, Keke Rosberg, Mika Salo and Kimi Räikkönen. The rally is also a celebration for many locals, who gather along the roads to witness their favourite racers sweep by into the darkness of the night. The start of the race will take place in Rovaniemi centre, on Friday 26.1.2017 at noon (preliminary info), and there is no attendance fee. Schedule and info at:


REINDEER CUP February–April


Reindeer races is one the unique winter sports in Lapland. Although traditionally it is practised only by the reindeer herders, others now also have a chance to take part. Wild Nordic Finland offers an opportunity for beginners to become Lappish gladiators! Their program includes training at a reindeer farm in handling the racing reindeer, safety instructions, as well as the race itself. The reindeer cup begins on February 25–26th in Rovaniemi, and over the following week-ends takes place in Ranua, Taivalkoski, Karigasniemi and Luosto. The cup culminates on April the 2nd in Inari. More info about the cup at:

20–26.2.2017 Arctic Design Week is an annual gathering that brings people, passionate about design, together in Rovaniemi. Known as the Capital of Lappish Design, Rovaniemi is the home for many successful companies, that have achieved worldwide fame for their design products. Over the course of the week, there will be numerous workshops, lectures and events, dedicated to Arctic Design. The culmination of the Design Week is an elegant Fashion show, organised by the students of the Lapland university.


Lapland is a holy land for skiers. It doesn’t matter if do alpine skiing, freestyling, crosscountry or snowboarding, in Lapland you will find endless possibilities for your sport. Skiing season stars in October, when first pistes and tracks from the last year’s snow are open, and continues all the way until May. Ylläs, Levi, Ruka, Pyhä, Saariselkä are some of the best ski resorts in Lapland, and even Santa’s hometown of Rovaniemi has its own ski resort.

ARCTIC CHALLENGE 18.3.2017 Arctic Challenge is a unique team quest and a true test of character, taking place amids the snowy slopes of Levi Ski Resort. Lasting a whole day, the competition includes endurance checkpoints, challenges, and 10 km of running in a knee-deep snow. The goal is to finish together as a team, and the slogan is “Not me, but we!”. Find out more and join at: ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017





Lapland has a special kind of appeal. Interest toward the region is growing, and this has also been noted by the airline companies. As a result, there will be numerous direct flights from Germany and the UK to Rovaniemi, Kittilä and Ivalo airports during the 2016–17 winter season. The first company to start this trend was Lufthansa who introduced a connection from Munich to Kittilä last winter. The connection will also be available this winter, and, due to high demand, the number of flights has been doubled. Lufthansa will also begin flying from Frankfurt to Ivalo during the 2016–17 winter season, operating one flight per week every Saturday between December 17th and March 25th. Earlier, two other new routes to Lapland were announced by Germania: Berlin–Rovaniemi and Dusseldorf–Kittilä. The company’s latest addition is a direct route from Zurich to Rovaniemi. The flights will be operated twice a week from December 2016 to March 2017. Other airlines have also noticed the rising trend in Lappish tourism. The UK-based Monarch will operate direct connections from London to Kittilä from December to February, and from Manchester to Kittilä in December twice a week. Lately, Norwegian has made an announcement of introducing direct flights to Rovaniemi from London Gatwick. The flights will be run twice a week from December to March. The number of international passengers in Lapland increased by 25.4% in the first part of 2016. Finavia, the state-owned company that runs Finland’s airports, foresaw this trend. In 2014–16, the company has invested EUR 35 million in Lapland’s airports. Accordingly, the passenger terminals in Rovaniemi, Kittilä and Ivalo airports were renewed, and their runways were resurfaced. More info about Lapland airports:

Construction is in full swing here near the Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi. There is a giant hole on the ground now, right where a parking lot used to be, but soon a new two-storey reception building will rise on the site. The entrepreneurs Inga and Marko Jääskö, owners of Santa Claus Holiday Village, are outside overseeing the works. — When we built our first 8 cottages on the Arctic Circle in 2011, we were overwhelmed with their popularity. There were so many people wishing to stay here, in Santa’s dreamland, that we had to build more hotel rooms, says Markku Jääskö. By 2016, the number of cottages had grown to 74, but there are still more to come. By Christmas 2017, Santa Claus Holiday Village will expand to include 120 cottages with a total capacity of 480 beds, making it the largest accommodation provider in town.

— Some of our clients have said that there is not much to do here in Santa Claus Village after the shops are closed for the day. That is why we decided to build a new main building and fill it with various services for our guests, says Inga Jääskö. The new reception building should be finished by autumn 2017. It will include a reception desk, safari booking stand, new restaurant and bar, small grocery shop, wellness salon, and gym. More info at

FREEDOM TO TRAVEL Rent a car from Scandia Rent! SCANDIA RENT is Finland’s largest car rental network with 50 offices around the country. Our fleet includes economy class cars, family & mid-class vehicles, SUVs, space vans and minibuses. Our cars are clean, realiable and our prices are very reasonable. You can pick up your car at Rovaniemi airport, Rovaniemi railway station or at our office in city centre. Valtakatu 26, Rovaniemi. Mon–Fri 8–17, Sat–Sun 10–14.

Tel. (24h) +358 16 342 0506

Book now at:


RISE ON TOP OF THE CLOUDS TO WITNESS THE NORTHERN LIGHTS THE AURORA BOREALIS is an amazing natural phenomenon that occurs when electrically charged particles collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. Every year thousands of tourists come to the Nordic countries in order to witness their beauty. However, for various reasons, not everyone manages to see the Northern Lights. According to the statistics, the Northern Lights can appear in 50–80% of the nights in Lapland. Statistics, however, do not take the weather into account. On many occasions, there is an amazing show going on in the sky, but it cannot be seen due to cloudy weather or snowfall. Sometimes your holiday schedule just will not match with the weather, and you might miss your chance. Now, there is a solution to this problem: the Northern Lights Flights that will take you above the clouds to gaze at the Aurora Borealis! The flights are organized by the tour operator Wild Nordic. — Too often we hear our guests saying that they have missed the Auroras due to cloudy weather, after having spent many nights waiting for better odds, explains Wild Nordic Creative Director Annekreet Heinloo. — We decided to clear away the obstacles and organise these guaranteed flight departures, and rise on top of the clouds! Annekreet says. The flights operate from Rovaniemi Airport from November 15th, 2016 to March 15th, 2017. The Northern Lights Flights are also available from Kittilä and Ivalo airports, but these flights have to be reserved a minimum of 45 days beforehand for groups of at least 6 passengers. This is due to the fact that Rovaniemi Airport is the only airport in Lapland that operates 24/7, making it easier to schedule charter flights.

The aeroplane, Piper PA 31, operates under instrumental flight rules and is equipped with an anti-icing system. The flights are conducted with a crew of two experienced pilots, and it is possible to take 7 passengers on board. There are several departures per night, starting from 8PM. The exact schedule is confirmed a day before, in accordance with the Aurora Forecast. The total duration of the tour is about 2–2.5 hours, with around 1 hour flight time. The customers will be picked up from downtown Rovaniemi hotels and Santa Claus Village, and taken to the Rovaniemi Airport landing field. It is easy to take part in the flight: there is no check-in or passport control. — The flights are suitable for everybody. All you need is your normal, warm outdoor clothing, an adventurous mind, and maybe a camera! says Annekreet Heinloo. The company wishes to clarify that it cannot guarantee auroral activity, as it is a natural phenomenon. You will, however, significantly increase your odds to see the Aurora Borealis, especially in cloudy weather. In addition to the Northern Lights Flights, Wild Nordic can organise small private charter flights to the Arctic during daytime. — Think about it — a quick visit to Kirkenes to catch some king crab from the Arctic Ocean, or maybe a day trip to Tromsø in Norway! Annekreet laughs. The joys of private aviation are now finally available for tourists in Lapland! You can book flights at one of the company’s websites or at the Rovaniemi tourist information office.

Finland offers 25% cash rebate for film & TV FINNISH GOVERNMENT announced the decision to push forward a cash rebate incentive model for film and TV productions since 2017. The decision is a result of many years of lobbying by Finnish Film Commission and other actors. The cash rebate will be applicable for feature films, fiction series, documentary films, and animations. 25% of the expenses from money spent on local goods, services and salaries within the production work implemented in Finland will be accepted for the rebate. This is a welcomed news for Lapland, Finland’s most cinematic location. Finnish Lapland has already accommodated some international movie productions, such as the Snow Queen (Die Schneekönigin), which was partly shot in Lapland in 2014. Nevertheless, large-scale productions are still a rarity in the region. The newly adopted incentive will strengthen Finland’s position in the international market for shooting locations. The region already offers many breathtaking landscapes, good infrastructure and local expertise. The decision still awaits final approval from the Parliament, however, it is likely for Lapland to receive its future productions. If you are looking for a local company to handle your location scouting needs, get in contact with us at All About Lapland! We know many picturesque places around Lapland and possess a vast library of realtime Aurora Borealis videos and timelapses. ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017



AURORA GAZING AT THE SNOW KINGDOM IMAGINE YOURSELF witnessing the most wondrous spectacle of your life: the beautiful arches of the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky. They roll in and out, just like the waves in the ocean, but appear in magical tones of green and purple. It is –20 °C outside, but you are warm and comfy, enjoying the celestial show right from your bed in a modern glass igloo. This is possible at the Arctic SnowHotel, some 30 km north from Rovaniemi. You may have heard the name of this hotel before. Recently, it made international news with a rather unusual job ad. The requirements were rather modest: some janitorial work, and watching the sky. The title: Northern Lights Spotter. The media called it a “dream job,” and this news item spread quickly around the globe. — We received over a thousand applications and ended up hiring a capable local youngster, says Heidi Haavikko, the co-owner of the hotel. The new recruit will join a team of aurora watchers who work in shifts monitoring the night sky. Their mission is to alert the hotel guests when the Northern Lights appear. They use a special alarm system that has been installed in every igloo. Glass igloos are only a recent addition to the hotel’s services. Every winter a massive

structure is built here out of snow and ice. It houses a few skilfully decorated hotel rooms, an ice restaurant, an ice bar, and a stunning ice chapel. The chapel is a popular venue for weddings and ceremonies. Dozens of tourists check themselves in to the snow hotel to

experience a night in these unique surroundings. Not to worry about the cold, though! The hotel’s thick snow walls act as insulators, and the temperature inside always stays around the “comfortable” –2 C°. The beds in the rooms are covered with reindeer hides, and all guests are provided with very warm sleeping bags. You need not stay at the hotel in order to see the beauty of this snow kingdom. You can have dinner at the snow restaurant, experience the unique ice sauna, or just come by for an excursion. More info at:



phone: +358 16 313070 ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017

SANTA’S HELPER, Ferdie the Elf, will star in a mini-series, called “Ferdie the Elf’s Christmas Calendar”. It is a non-verbal Christmas comedy for children in which Ferdie faces problems and works for a solution in his very own elfish way. The series is filmed in Finnish Lapland and Oulu by EverWhatProductions. — We are making a quality show for kids in the format of TV Christmas calendar, says producer Antti Kaarlela. The series, consisting of 25 short, 3–5 minute episodes, is directed by Antti Kairakari. It will air in December 2017. At this moment, the company is negotiating distribution rights to China and Iceland. The series could also have an impact on travel marketing. — Lappish nature and Christmas are truly special and we want to help spread the word about them. Enquiries about distribution rights:

100% handmade jewelry from Lapland Unique gold and silver gifts.




Ferdie the Elf to star in TV-series


OUR SHOPS : - Arctic Circle, Santa Claus Village - Rovaniemi, Shopping center Rinteenkulma - Sodankylä, Sompiontie 4


FINLAND’S NORTHERNMOST AURORA VILLAGE OPENS IN IVALO, LAPLAND VIEWING OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS is one of the hottest trends in Lapland’s tourism. One of the companies to join this trendy game is Aurora Village, which currently has 10 aurora cabins under construction in the Inari region of Lapland. There could not be a more perfect spot for glass-windowed aurora cabins! Situated in the proximity of a so called Aurora Belt, Inari is the best region to spot the Northern Lights in Lapland. The Aurora Belt is an area over Scandinavia where Aurora Borealis are more likely to occur than anywhere else on the Earth. Here only a small gust of solar wind is needed to cause the Northern Lights. This is especially important during solar minimum, a period of reduced solar activity, which we will probably experience around 2019-2021. — Currently we are the most northern aurora village in Lapland, and, in many aspects, our location is ideal, says Juha Tuunanen, the boss of Aurora Village. Aurora Village is situated just a 15-km drive from the Ivalo airport, and 3 minutes from the Ivalo village. Yet, it is located in a

secluded area, far away from street lights. Aurora Village will accommodate its first customers in December 2016. The aurora cabins are rather spacey at 28 m2, and they are equipped with a twin or king-size bed, bathroom with shower and toilet, and a small kitchenette. The cabins are situated in a row, with their panoramic glass windows facing north. This offers the best possible angle to see the Northern Lights. — Privacy is very important for many clients, because the Northern Lights are often connected with fertility, says Juha.

Privacy has been taken into account in the design of the cabins as well. Panoramic glass windows start high enough to prevent an unwanted view into the cabin. And speaking about the windows, they are equipped with special laser heating that does not allow snow and ice to stick to them. A crucial part of the Aurora experience! Friendly staff is available 24/7 on the spot and there is also a pack of reindeer present at the Aurora Village to keep guests company. Breakfast is served at the Aurora Village restaurant every morning. Aurora Village works in close cooperation with Hotel Ivalo, which gives both companies an advantage of shared resources. Aurora Village guests can use the hotel’s restaurant services, and take part in winter adventures, including husky and reindeer sled rides, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and even icekarting! These winter experiences take you to the wild and unspoilt Lappish nature, the beauty of which is hard to match. More info at:

Toyota Rent a Car

PASSENGER CARS, MINIBUSES, HYBRIDS, SUV’S, VANS… BOOK YOUR CAR: +358 40 590 19 14 PICK UP YOUR CAR: Around the clock 24/7 at Rovaniemi airport, Rovaniemi railway station or get it delivered to your hotel! TOJO-AUTO ROVANIEMI Alakorkalontie 15 Mon–Fri 08–17

MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS +358 400 196 533

SPARE PARTS & SUPPLIES +358 400 160 244

Authorized Toyota dealer since 1968.





ARCTIC TREEHOUSE HOTEL, the new upscale accommodation choice on the Arctic Circle, is scheduled to open on November 19th, 2016. The hotel is situated just a few kilometres from Rovaniemi city centre and Rovaniemi Airport. One of the hotel’s distinctive design features is the enormous, panoramic windows in the suites that extend over the full width and height of the back wall. They allow the guests to admire the snowy scenery and the Northern Lights from their beds. — We want to bring the arctic nature inside the cosy environment of the rooms, explains Ilkka Länkinen, Chief Experience Officer at SantaPark Arctic World. — This is a completely new way to enjoy the Arctic Circle and the northern natural phenomena. Each suite features one double or twin bed, a nest-like bed for a child, and a bathroom. The design of the suites combines modern Scandinavian style with luxurious local materials, such as Lappish wood. The suites are built in pairs, and seven of them

are interconnected and include a kitchenette. The construction was in full swing during summer 2016. The project attracted plenty of attention even before the hotel opening. — We received a delightful amount of enquiries from our customers and decided to increase the capacity by 6 more suites, says Hotel Manager Katri Kerola. This brings the total number of suites up to 32. Furthermore, there are 5 larger luxurious Arctic Glass Houses, built higher up on the hill, equipped with two bedrooms, a sitting lounge with a fireplace, a sauna, and a kitchenette. The guests will have the opportunity to sample the local cuisine in the panoramic restaurant. There are plenty of other activities available nearby. SantaPark, the home cavern of Santa Claus, is situated deep inside the hill upon which the hotel stands. At SantaPark one can meet Santa and play with the cheerful elves and learn their secret skills. In addition, Arctic Treehouse Hotel offers visits to Santa’s Secret Forest, and unique bathing experiences at their Arctic Forest Spa., 12


ARCTIC EYE GLASS IGLOOS RISE ON THE ARCTIC CIRCLE SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE in Rovaniemi is the home of the Finnish Santa, who is visited by thousands of people from around the world. Soon, tourists at Santa Claus Village will not only be able to experience the spirit of Christmas, but also to gaze at the Northern Lights from new glass igloos. The Santa’s Hotels chain, named after the wise old Santa Claus, is building a new, luxurious Arctic Eye Village just 500 metres north from Santa’s Office. Operating in Rovaniemi, Luosto, Saariselkä and Kilpisjärvi, the chain has recently invested millions in new projects. Thus, 29 glass igloos will receive their first guests on the Arctic Circle on December 20th, 2016. — The new glass-roofed rooms will offer a whole new opportunity to experience Lapland’s ever-changing nature while enjoying the comfort of a hotel room. Whether it is the northern lights, midnight sun, autumn colours, or polar night, the igloos will provide excellent views all year round, says Santa’s Hotels CEO Maarit Aho. The exquisitely decorated glass igloos will have on-suite bathrooms with showers. Some of the igloos will have private saunas, or an extra bedroom. The number of igloos will grow to 71 for the 2017–18 winter season, and a new reception building will be erected as well. These igloos are the latest addition to the Santa’s Hotels Arctic Eye igloo concept. In 2014, the company built their first 10 glass igloos in Luosto Ski Resort, next to Santa’s Hotel Aurora.

Santa’s Hotels is also one of the key players in Saariselkä, the northernmost ski resort of Lapland. Santa’s Hotel Tunturi offers various accommodation options there, and their Giellas suites have raised the standard of quality for this destination. The Giellas wing also houses Kaltio, one of the top fine-dining restaurants in the area. Another of the hotel chain’s construction projects took place in Kilpisjärvi, a small village in Northern Lapland. It is a popular place for aurora hunters, and a gateway to Norway. The Santa’s Hotels new Rakka Village offers 22 modern and well-equipped holiday apartments, thus converting Kilpisjärvi from a stopover point into a destination. More info at:,


SAMPOKESKUS Sampokeskus Shopping Centre is an oasis of trends & fashion in Rovaniemi centre. Here you will find comprehensive fashion stores, a variety of cafés, cinema, souvenir shop, Fitness24Seven gym, pharmacy and a tourist office. MODA




The BodyShop


Click shoes



Attirance Glitter

Tiinuska Sagatar

Tourist Info Dressmann

Gina Tricot


Confetti Pentik

Punnitse & Säästä Subway Fitness24Seven

Bio Rex Cinema

2nd Floor


The BodyShop is an iconic British brand, that delivers innovative skin care and body products from natural ingridients. Find The Bodyshop boutique on the 1st floor of the shopping centre.

BEAUTY & HEALTH Attirance Hairlekiini hair salon The BodyShop Sagatar Beauty & Wellness Sampo Pharmacy Fitness24Seven

OPENING HOURS Mon–Fri 10–19, Sat 10–17, Sun 12–16.



Pharmacy Bio Rex Filmtown ATM

CAFÉS & FOOD Café Antell Hesburger Punnitse & Säästä Rock Café Grande Subway

Pentik is a Finnish design brand which brings Arctic beauty to your home. Visit Pentik for ceramics, kitchenware, textiles, table settings and more!

MODA Women’s Fashion


Jack & Jones Vero Moda Laukkutalo


MODA is a versatile fashion store for both men and women. Guess, Esprit, Makia Björn Borg, Superdry, Tommy Hilfiger, Masai, Gerry Weber, Vila etc.

Momenti offers a wide selection of quality women’s fashion. NYDJ, Burlington, UGG, French Connection, Panama Jack etc.

FASHION Click Shoes Cubus Dressmann Gina Tricot Glitter Jack & Jones

ADDRESS Maakuntakatu 29–31 Lordi Square, Rovaniemi centre


In Sampo Pharmacy you can find all the necessary medicins for a sudden flu. Here you will also buy natural cosmetics, skin care products, nicotine replacement treatments and much more!

Joutsen Laukkutalo bag store Sensuelle underwear MODA Momenti Vero Moda

SPECIALTY SERVICES Bio Rex Cinema Hemtex textiles Filmtown & candyshop Tiinuska souvenir shop Pentik design shop Rovaniemi Tourist Info

FREE PARKING Our underground parking hall ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017 offers 1 hour free parking.






The winters above the Arctic Circle are long and harsh. There is such abundance of snow and ice that hotels are even built of them! Construction is usually finished by Christmas, and the arctic hotels will greet guests with their icy welcome until spring arrives. The cold is not a concern, though! The beds are usually equipped with reindeer skin and high quality thermal sleeping bags. The air inside an ice hotel is fresh, but it remains around –2–5 °C regardless of the outdoor temperature. Studies have shown that sleeping in a cool room with an open window improves the quality of sleep, so you will be counting sheep pretty soon! One of the places to experience this is the Arctic SnowHotel in Rovaniemi.


Come winter, fishermen in Lapland do not end their season — they fish all year round! Ice fishing is actually a lot of fun, because when the rivers and lakes are frozen, you can move freely on their surface by snowmobiles or on skis or snowshoes. To fish successfully, you need an ice drill to make a hole in the ice, a special ice fishing rod, and preferably a foldable chair to get yourself into a comfy position while waiting for a bite. The catch of the day can be perch, whitefish, trout, or roach. You can also experience ice fishing on organized tours offered by local tour operators. 14


many times as you wish. We are sure that afterwards you will feel a total relaxation of both your body and mind. There are many lakeside cottages with sauna to rent in Lapland where you can experience this thrill. Another option is to book yourself a sauna program from a local tour operator.


Going to the sauna is among the oldest of Finnish traditions. In winter, the sauna experience can be made complete by taking a refreshing dip in the frozen lake through a hole in the ice. Sounds pretty scary, but it is actually very healthy for the body! The drastic change in temperature improves blood circulation and speeds up the metabolism. By drastic change we mean a hot sauna with air temperature of at least 90 °C inside and the icy water just above 0 °C. Prepare yourself for this experience by getting thoroughly warm in the sauna. Throw water on the hot stones and enjoy the heat of the steam. When you feel pleasantly warm and relaxed, run towards a readymade hole in the lake ice and take a quick dip! Don’t worry, the coldest part is actually the run to the lake, as the air temperature can be as much as 20-30 degrees colder than the water! Repeat this action as

In Lapland, you can also try your driving skills on ice! Winter karts are equipped with special studded wheels to give you some traction on the icy track. Spins are still likely, but don’t worry, you will be surrounded by soft snowdrifts. Even if you have already tried karting, it will still undoubtedly be a fresh experience! Ice karting is usually available for drivers of any age. If you find yourself around Ivalo or Saariselkä, go to Hotel Ivalo to have the experience.


We have to admit that ice climbing is a bit extreme, but it is also fun! In the Posio region of Lapland there is a wonderful gorge called Korouoma, where you will find Finland’s mightiest icefalls, some reaching as high as 60 metres! Even if you are a beginner, you can still practice ice climbing with an instructor. It is guaranteed that this experience will stay with you for a lifetime! In Lapland, ice climbing tours are organized by the company Bliss Adventure. Their tours depart from Rovaniemi, Pyhä and Kuusamo.



SURVIVING THE POLAR NIGHT AT THE END OF NOVEMBER, the polar night, or “kaamos”, as it is called in Finnish, starts in Lapland. It is a time of long nights and very short days when the sun does not rise. The polar night can only happen above the line of the Arctic Circle (or below the Antarctic Circle in the Southern hemisphere). In the northernmost village of Lapland, Nuorgam, the polar night lasts for almost six weeks, from 24–25th of November until midJanuary. In most of Lapland, the polar night lasts at least for several weeks. Even though there is no sunrise, the days are not pitch black. The light from the sun below the horizon is reflected in the atmosphere, giving us a few short hours of light. Seeing sunlight is generally possible only from a high vantage point, such as a fell. The cold and darkness are signs for the nature to slow down. Some animals, like the brown bear, hibernate through the harsh times. Human beings are also susceptible to the polar night, and can have light deprivation symptoms, such as tiredness,

sleepiness, reduced productivity, or even depression. Even the locals are affected by it, with about 10 % of Finns suffering from seasonal affective disorder. If you work 9-to-5 or are a student, you can barely see daylight during the day for several weeks. To fight the winter blues, light therapy has been invented. Its goal is to cheer your body up with extra light. Nowadays, there are numerous gadgets available, including bright light lamps and alarm clocks with sunrise lamps that simulate the sunrise with gradually increasing light. Before starting my career as an entrepreneur, I suffered from the winter

blues regularly and tried every relief there was on the market. Still, the best cure that I ever found was…happiness! Just being happy about what you do in your life made a big difference to me. Needless to say, since I started my own creative business, the symptoms have been all but gone. Except, maybe, for my sleepiness! The winter blues can still be fought with only a few simple means. These include staying fit, doing active sports regularly, eating good food, and just staying healthy. In Lapland, we are also lucky to have our nature that provides us with many wildgrown, vitamin-rich ingredients.

A BOOST OF NATURAL ENERGY The long winter and dark polar night may cause a lot of stress to the body. Thus, locals know how to boost their energy levels with the help of Mother Nature. You can also benefit from these natural products, powered by Lappish berries and plants.


Koskikatu 47, Rovaniemi



The Arctic Superfoods snack bars are a great source of natural energy (and also very tasty!). Available in three flavours, wild blueberry, cranberry, and sea buckthorn, they are a great healthy snack while hiking, doing winter sports, or endurance training. They contain many energising Lappish herbs, such as nettle, spruce sprout and birch leaves.

Detria specialises in natural plants from Lapland. Their latest product Arctic Arbutin contains chaga mushroom, renowned as an elixir in skincare. It is suitable as an anti-aging agent, and used also in treating couperose skin, dermatitis, and pigmentation disorders. The range of products includes serum, facial and hand cream, and beauty capsules. More info available at:


Forest of Lapland is a new company that has combined years of environmental research with the power of natural plants from Lapland. Their recently launched product line, Davvi Cosmetics, brings you facial cream, eye serum, after shave, and Eau De Toilette, powered by spruce sprout, raspberry, and lingonberry extracts, as well as buckthorn seed oils.


The latest products by Arctic Warriors Ltd contain natural Finnish honey, and a little something from the Lappish nature! Their mixtures of wild ingredients such as nettle and Angelica Archangelica will help you stay healthy and fight the flu. Another ingredient, the roseroot, gives you an amazing boost of natural energy during the winter blues.


is The Best iN secOnd Hand

Kontti is a department store operated by the Finnish Red Cross Second Hand Kontti Teollisuustie 13, 96320 Rovaniemi Opening hours Mon–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat 9am–4pm

FAMILY HOTEL IN ROVANIEMI Have a cosy stay at Hotel Aakenus!

AAKENUS is a family-friendly hotel, located in a peaceful area, only 200 m from Rovaniemi centre. We offer quality, clean room at affordable prices.

We have 45 hotel rooms (single, double, triple & family), as well as 12 separate apartments, situated close to the hotel. All rooms have a bathroom, TV and free wifi. Several rooms are suitable for allergy sufferers. Some rooms are equipped with a fridge.

Double hotel room


Tasty Scandinavian buffet dinner is served Mon–Sat 18.00–21.00 for a price of 15€! Available to everyone!

Koskikatu 47, Rovaniemi

• 45 single, double, triple rooms • incuding 4 family rooms • 12 apartments with bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom • 50 m from town’s swimming pool • accommodation prices include •

buffet breakfast, wifi, parking, use of common sauna in the hotel reception open 24/7 +358 16 342 2051


Kitchen in the apartment

Scandinavian dinner

Bathroom in the hotel room 17


STUDY IN LAPLAND – DREAM OR REALITY? Finnish higher education has been extremely popular among foreigners. Will the country still attract international students after the introduction of tuition fees in autumn 2017? Finland is known for having one of the most advanced education systems in the world. This, coupled with an opportunity to complete Bachelor or Master’s programs in English, has made Finland popular option for studying among international students. For instance, in academic year 2016/17, every one in five of all freshmen in Rovaniemi universities is a foreigner. Naturally, one of the main attractions of Finland has been the opportunity for foreigners to study free of charge. However, starting from autumn 2017, non-EU residents will be charged tuition fees. The fees will not apply to exchange programs, but they will be charged for Bachelor and Master’s degree programs offered in English. Rovaniemi is the home of two higher education institutions. The University of Lapland offers a broad range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies, with special interest in the Arctic area issues, tourism research, and service design. The University offers courses in English only in Master’s programs. This

means that the Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field must be acquired prior to application. English Master’s programs last 2 years and include Arctic Art and Design, Media Education, and Tourism, Culture and International Management. Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS) provides education in the fields of business, tourism, and well-being. Lapland UAS offers four international English-taught Bachelor’s programs (3–4 years): Business Information Technology, International Business, Tourism and Nursing, as well as one Master’s degree programme, Business Administration (2 years). Keep in mind that proof of English proficiency (for

STUDENT INTERVIEW Hello Chen! Why did you decide to study in Lapland? — It is something inside of my personality. I really like how Finnish people treat and respect nature. I enjoy the silence and the “wildness” of Lapland. In Finland you also have a very good education system. How did you apply to Lapland University? — I found all the info that I need to send at the admissions site: portfolio, study plan, motivation letter. Later I had a Skype interview with a professor from our major. Then I received a letter of acceptance. What is your major? — Arctic Art and Design. We have two directions, one is Service Design and the second, my direction, is Applied Visual Arts. Arctic is a the essential centre of our study. How the unique Arctic environment influences people’s life and emotions? How they understand art? We study how art can be of service, what it can do for people. Can you give an example of your projects? — We have collaborations with local tourist companies and we do socially engaged art 18


example, IELTS or TOEFL) is required for applying to either of these universities. The tuition fees for both Rovaniemi universities will be €8000 per academic year. In order to smooth out the transition, a scholarship system has also been introduced. The University of Lapland will provide all tuition-paying students a 50% scholarship. Furthermore, based on academic merit, 1/4 of admitted students will receive a full scholarship covering 100% of the tuition! Lapland UAS offers 80% scholarship to first-year students, reducing first year’s tuition fee to €1600. From 2nd to 4th year, students will get a 60% scholarship, if they gain at least 55 ECTS credits during the previous academic year. Students graduating on the intended or shorter time will be refunded their last year’s tuition fee. Studying in Lapland will still remain a realistic option for international students!


Application period: 1.12.2016 – 31.1.2017.


Application period: 10.1–25.1.2017.

prototype model design practice and they have good machines for that. I did not have this in my university in China. How do you like Finnish people? — They are very friendly and shy, which makes them similar to Chinese people. Finns are passionate inside and like to enjoy life.

XUEQING CHEN University of Lapland

Is it expensive to live in Rovaniemi? — I live in a student apartment near university. I pay 500–600€ a month for the whole living, including the apartment. Do you like Rovaniemi? — I really enjoy nature and space here, but I also miss the convenience of the big city.

I think studying at the Arctic Circle is a kind of a cool thing! which involves people. For example, I have joined a snow sculpture workshop in Levi. The inspiration for snow art was the Arctic, the nature and fairytales. How do you like to study at the university? — It is a small university, but it provides you with a lot of possibilities. Especially the equipment for art is very nice. I had a

Are you planning to stay in Finland after graduation? — If I can find a job here that I really enjoy, I can be working here, but maybe it requires Finnish language. Can you recommend Rovaniemi to other students? — In my opinion, a possibility to study in English is a major attraction. They should definitely consider Finland among other countries with payed tuition. Different people have different personalities and wishes, but I think studying at the Arctic Circle is a kind of a cool thing!

Aim for the best place! Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Information Technology Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Tourism

JOIN THE ARCTIC DREAM TEAM For those smart at heart and wild by nature – apply for exchange or degree studies at the University of Lapland and combine one of the best educational systems in the world with adventure unique to the North. Take a leap into your future and join the Arctic Dream Team.




@universityof lapland

Reindeer Skin Mittens Traditional reindeer skin mittens is the most local souvenir there can ever be! These mittens are made out of Lappish reindeer skin with collar decoration from Finnish sheep wool, dyed by natural plants. Though mittens are very soft, they are very durable and warm! Choose your own pair at the Arktikum Shop! Arktikum (Pohjoisranta 4, Rovaniemi)

Choose the best, locally made souvenirs for your loved ones!

Uhana Design Earrings Uhana design is an collaboration of two Finnish designers, Mira Vanttaja and Hanna Virkamäki. By blending their unique skills, they create funky-patterned clothes and stylish accessories. These beautiful earrings are made from Finnish birch plywood. The girls are really into nature and it shows in their desing. Go to Korundi Shop for locally designed jewellery. House of Culture Korundi, (Lapinkävijäntie 4, Rovaniemi).

Risku brooches “Risku” brooches were worn by the Sámi women as a decoration on their clothing, or as a buckle on the scarf. Taigakoru workshop is a famous producer of golden and silver jewellery, inspired by the Sámi culture and Lappish nature. These exquisite products are available at Taigakoru factory shops around Rovaniemi: Shopping centre Rinteenkulma (Rovaniemi) Moodag encapsulates the traditions Santa Claus Village (next to Santa’s Office) and mystique of the North into modern, Sodankylä Shop (Sompiontie 4) easy-to-wear jewellery. Katja Lettinen,

Moodag Jewellery

founder of Moodag, resides in Inari, one of Finlands northernmost dwellings. She is inspired by the natural beauty of Finnish Lapland, which she reflects in her works. House of Culture Korundi, (Lapinkävijäntie 4, Rovaniemi).

Lapp knife The traditional Lapp knife is not only a great tool, but an excellent present or souvenir. The Marttiini factory, founded in Rovaniemi in 1928, still manufactures quality Lapp knive today. Buy Marttiini knives with your custom name engravement at factory shops in Rovaniemi: The Old Factory (Vartiokatu 32), Santa Claus Village, Shopping Centre Rinteenkulma.

Kuksa Cup Lappish “Kuksa” cup, made out of thick birch gnarl, is an excellent travel companion that will serve you for years. You won’t need plastic mugs anymore, and any drink, enjoyed from the “Kuksa”, will taste much better! Santa Claus Holiday Village Shop (Arctic Circle). 20


Kolo Design Bird Feeder

Smart and beautiful bird feeder from Kolo Design is an excellent souvenir! Made out of Finnish birch, it can be assembled in two minutes. Hang this little thing in your garden and enjoy the singing of the birds! Available at: Science Centre Pilke, (Ounasjoentie 6, Rovaniemi).

Reindeer Horn Jewellery The Sámi used reindeer horn for their tools. Nowadays we use it for jewellery, because it is very durable and aesthetically pleasing. Reindeer horn jewellery is unique and easy to wear. Get yours at: Arktikum (Pohjoisranta 4, Rovaniemi).

DESIGN FROM THE LAPPISH FELLS IN LATE AUGUST 2016, I went camping with a couple of friends in one of the most picturesque areas of Northern Lapland — Pallas. As the first frost was coming, we decided to spend the night in a wilderness hut on the shore of the beautiful Lake Pallasjärvi. Everyone can use the hut free of charge, so company can be expected at any time. We got there quite late and had supper well after midnight. In the morning, we were woken up by a group of seven local ladies who looked at us in bewilderment. The ladies were not there for camping but to take photos of their products in this very hut. They told us that they were skilled in handicrafts and had even created their own design brand, “Handmade in Raattama”. When I saw their quality handicrafts, I knew that we were meant to bump into each other in this distant corner of Finnish Lapland. Raattama is a small village in the Kittilä region of Lapland, and a home of these seven ladies: Katri, Tuija, Kristiina, Taru, Jonna, Inka and Katja. A few years ago, they had decided to join forces and make handicrafts together. Living in the extreme north, they have a virtually free access to amazing natural materials, such as the reindeer leather and fur, reindeer horn

and bone, curly birch, dried “kelo” pine, etc. Today, they make handicrafts as a hobby, something that Katri Alatalo described as “a good way to relax”. Each lady in the group is skilled within a particular area, and contributes her products to their line. Kristiina, for example, has learned her handicraft skills from her Sámi grandmother and practiced it since childhood. She makes absolutely beautiful reindeer fur boots that are traditionally used by the Sámi people. Another lady, Katri, uses a painting technique called “encaustic art” to produce stunning jewellery. Recently, she has also discovered clear epoxy resin, a material that she uses to wrap the pieces of reindeer horn with to turn them into wearable jewellery. Several of the ladies have found handicrafts only when they moved to Raattama, where they have learned the secrets of the trade from Tuija, one of the most skilled masters of the group. Their products are yet to become widely available around Lapland, but you can already find them in the Arktikum Shop in Rovaniemi and at Levi’s Santa’s Shop. Time came for us to say goodbye. When we packed and left the hut, the ladies were finally able to begin their photo shoot!

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: Rovaniemi: Arktikum Shop (Pohjoisranta 4). Levi: Santa’s Shop (Leviraitti 26, Sirkka).

Making quality knives since 1928 Blacksmith Janne Marttiini founded a knife factory in Rovaniemi in 1928. Quality knives have been produced Bronze Bird Damascus

here ever since. Nowadays Marttiini makes traditional Finnish knives, modern fishing and hunting knives and special collector’s knives with Damascus steel and reindeer horn.

Witch’s Toof MARTTIINI OLD FACTORY Mon–Fri 10–18, Sat 10–16


Visit Marttiini factory shops in Rovaniemi!



On your visit to Finland, you will naturally want to find the best shopping the country has to offer. Finland’s most famous design brand, Marimekko, needs no introduction. There are two Marimekko shops in town, one in Rinteenkulma Shopping Centre, another on the Arctic Circle, next to Santa’s Office. Another Finnish design brand, Pentik, might be less known by tourists, but it is cherished by locals. Originating in Lapland in 1970s, Pentik combines the true Scandinavian elegance with Lappish motifs. In their store in Sampokeskus Shopping Centre you will find many indoor decoration products and tableware. We are sure you will adore their Reindeer line! What can be more local than jewellery, made in Lapland out of Lappish gold! Taigakoru workshop is known for their gold-nugget rings that can also be tailormade. Taigakoru also has a great collection of items inspired by the Sámi culture and Lappish nature. They are not only made of gold, but from silver as well, which makes many of them more affordable. If locally made jewellery is your thing, go to Korundi House of Culture. There you will find many handmade items by local designers. Today’s trendy brands are Moodag, Uhana, and Kaisma design. Reindeer leather and horn are great materials for many products. In Arktikum shop you can find exquisite bags, gloves, earrings, belts, and many more items, made out of reindeer. Finland is covered by miles of forests and Finns possess a great connection to nature. At Science Centre Pilke you can find many souvenirs made of wood. These include toys, sauna accessories, tableware, decorations, and even glasses. 22



You have come to Lapland and soon realise that you did not pack enough warm clothes. Understandable! The temperature around here can drop to –30 °C or lower! In such case, pay a visit to Luhta Brand Store in Shopping Centre Revontuli. There you will find a comprehensive selection of winter clothes, jackets, pants, boots, and hats. In addition to Luhta clothes, designed in Finland, you will find such brands as Rukka, Icepeak, Björn Borg, etc. Another great place to pick up some winter clothes and sports equipment is the Intersport store in the neighbouring Shopping Centre Rinteenkulma. Intersport offers a great selection of cross-country and alpine skis and accessories. These include the famous Finnish Suunto watches. Suunto means “direction” in Finnish, and the company specialises in crafting premium sports watches, all designed and manufactured in Finland. Their GPS-equipped watches help you track your daily activities and make it easy to share your progress online.


The freshest fashion boutique in Rovaniemi is ByEmka Fashion Store, opened last autumn. Here they hand-pick the newest products from the hottest fashion brands

of the moment, such as Henry Lloyd, French Connection, Ted Baker, Boomerang, etc. The latest addition to their selection is the Lexington brand, the makers of great clothes and interior design accessories. Continue your shopping tour to MODA Store at Sampokeskus Shopping Centre. On the shop’s two floors you will find some of the most stylish clothes in town for both men and women. And speaking of those winter clothes: here you can pick up the famous Canada Goose coats that will surely keep you warm even in the Lappish winter! Another great place for shopping is Ecco outlet in Shopping Centre Rinteenkulma. Ecco is a Scandinavian brand that excels in quality shoes for both festive occasions and outdoors. Their range of products includes shoes for the home and family, as well as fine leather bags and accessories.


If you want to share your special moments online with your friends and need a mobile internet connection, visit Revontuli Shopping Centre. There you will find offices of Finland’s three major mobile operators: DNA, Elisa, and Sonera. It is always good to know where to find a pharmacy in town. The Rovaniemi central pharmacy is situated in Shopping Centre Sampo. If you want to buy some groceries close to the city centre, make your way to K-Supermarket in Shopping Centre Rinteenkulma. In addition to snacks and salads, you can also find here local Lappish delicacies such as smoked reindeer, as well as products containing arctic berries and plants. A couple of good choices could be the gels and honeys from Arctic Warriors, as well as the healthy snack bars made by Arctic Superfoods.

EASY SHOPPING AT RINTEENKULMA! Rinteenkulma is Lapland’s largest shopping centre. Situated conveniently in Rovaniemi centre, it offers a wide range of stores from international fashion to the most famous Finnish design brands. ADDRESS: Koskikatu 25, Rovaniemi


• •

K-Supermarket – food & household goods Clas Ohlson – all things home, multimedia, electrical, leisure and hardware


• Lindex – women’s fashion • Lindex Kids • Intersport • Ecco Shop • Koo Kenkä Shoe Store • Knitting store Lankamaailma

OPENING HOURS OF SHOPS: Mon-Fri 10–18, Sat 10–16, Sun 12–16


M a r i m e k ko • Marimekko Marttiini knives • • Taigakoru goldsmith’s workshop • Jewelry shops Pulkkinen, Kultajousi, Timanttinen • Interior Design Shop


• Restaurants Feenix & Comico • Café Spice Ice & Café Break • Alko State Liquor Store

K-SUPERMARKET Mon-Sat 8–21, Sun 12–21

The best brands in the town!

Moda Rovaniemi


Ta i

g a koru

ALKO Mon-Fri 9–20, Sat 9–18


GUIDE To the Arctic Circle

Pentik Pentik is a famous interior design brand that brings northern beauty and cosiness to homes. An inspiring home can be created by combining Finnish handicrafts and the most beautiful discoveries from all around the world. Pentik designers are inspired by textiles, ceramics, glass, wood, metal... And everything else! Pentik company creates four changing seasonal collections every year. Look for you favourite series at Pentik’s Factory shop in Rovaniemi centre! Pentik Factory Shop, Shopping centre Sampokeskus, Rovaniemi.

Canada Goose

Luhta Luhta is the largest Nordic Sportwear Brand with Finnish heritage. With more then hundred years of experience they offer dynamic design and quality products for active and sporty people. Their best known brands are Luhta, Icepeak, Rukka, Torstai, Sinisalo, Ril’s, O.i.s. and your FACE. All of them you can find in Luhta Brand Store. Luhta Brand Store, Shopping Centre Revontuli, Rovaniemi.

Canada Goose is a company with more than half a century of experience in making quality parkas for extremely cold places on Earth. In 1982 Laurie Skreslet wore Canada Goose parka to climb at Mt. Everest. Nowadays, the company still makes the same models of Skreslet Parka. Mushers are also using Canada Goose parkas for long trips and even film makers are not strangers to their products. At the same time Canada Goose cares about world around and made special series of parkas for support the conservation of polar bear habits. All following proofs that Canada Goose parks are perfect for Lapland’s cold winters and extreme weather conditions! MODA Store, Shopping centre Sampokeskus, Rovaniemi.


InWear Stylish casual clothing for confident women from InWear brings carefree aura of luxury into your life. The elegant shirts and sleek blouses, leather skirt, fur waistcoat or jersey dress are great options for your wardrobe. InWear conjures easy elegance into convincing outfits. Choose your own at By Emka boutique! By EMKA Fashion Store, Rovakatu 24, Rovaniemi. 24


Design Philosophy of Ecco company starts with the foot — shoes must be functional. They pay same respect to the materials with only the finest leather accepted and manufactured by the Ecco company. Finally, every single shoe is made by hand by the best shoes masters. At Ecco shop you can choose shoes for the whole family from the variaty of styles: from fashionably sporty to natural elegance.

Ecco shop, Shopping Centre Rinteenkulma, Rovaniemi.

Suunto We are proud to say that Suunto watches are designed in Finland. These watches are truly the best in the field of athletics and adventure multisport. You can use them for running, cycling, trekking, fitness training, even swimming or just for walking. Some technical highlights: battery up to 26h in training mode, titanium/steel bezel, sapphire glass, outdoor-grade color touch screen, barometric altitude, 100 m of water resistance, GPS/ GLONASS route navigation. Should we say more? By the way, we use Suunto watches ourselves during our trekking and we love them! Intersport shop, Shopping Centre Rinteenkulma, Rovaniemi.

Shopping center Revontuli, Koskikatu 27 B, 96100 Rovaniemi OPEN: Mon-Fri 10 –20, Sat 10 –18, Sun 12 –16




SAVING TREES FOODS FROM ARCTIC NATURE Arctic Superfoods delivers the gifts of pure HUG BY HUG

“Halipuu” forest in Levi. WE ARE WALKING through a beautiful forest just 10 minutes drive from Levi, Lapland. Our guides are the Raekallio family, local inhabitants. For decades their forest has provided them with their livelyhood in the form of berries, game, and timber. Once the forest reached a certain age, it was time to take it down. — My father, Pappa, took and axe but could not go on. Forest had become our friend, as we’ve been playing here since our childhood, tells Riitta Raekallio. Right there Pappa and Riitta had an idea. Instead of taking the forest down, they would give it for adoption. They named their venture “Halipuu”, which translates as “hugging tree”. Now anyone can go to their site and adopt a tree by contributing a fee. — A forest can also be a beloved pet. It is still a living entity, even though it doesn’t run around like a dog. — People have become estranged from nature. We want to give them an opportunity to reconnect with it, even if they still live in the city, shares Riitta.

The forest is indeed beautiful. We are sitting at a lean-to, enjoying coffee and pancakes, made by Riitta’s husband Steffan on the bonfire. We gaze up the tall pines with Halipuu badges on them. In addition to saving a tree the adopter also secures some 150 m2 of the surrounding nature. First owners of the Halipuu trees include Finnish president Mr. Sauli Niinistö himself! If you want to join in, check their site for more info: 26


Lappish nature in easily consumable snack bars.


ari Kurtti is a face of the new Arctic Superfoods company. Its mission is simple: to deliver the pure flavours of Arctic berries and herbs to the consumers. Having worked in Finland’s top Michelin starred restaurants, Jari had already built a solid career as a chef. However, after having noticed great potential in Lappish berries, Jari got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. In 2015 he quits his dayjob and starts the Arctic Superfoods company. After many trials in his home kitchen in Levi, Lapland, Jari comes up with a product — a healthy snack bar, packed with Arctic flavours and vitamins. Paperwork, food control analyses and branding takes almost a year, but in late Summer of 2016 the products finally see the light of day. Snack bars come in three flavour variations: wild blueberry & birch leaf, sea buckthorn and spruce sprout, as well as lingonberry, cranberry and nettle. — We are called “superfoods”, because the berries and herbs that we use are very rich in vitamins and are grown in the middle of Lapland’s unspoilt nature, says Jari. — There are only natural ingredients inside, no additives, dairy, gluten, or added sugar, Jari explains. The base of all bars is made with roasted flax seeds, carrot, gluten-free oats and rapeseed oil. The bars are rich in fibre and Omega-3 and are sweetened only with natural honey. All of the ingredients come from Lapland and Finland and the bars are produced and packaged in the country as well.

— Wild blueberry is a real “superberry” and when paired with summery birch leaf, it nurtures the body and balances the mind, says Jari, who, by the way, also calls himself the “Flavour Master”!

— Sea buckthorn is a real piece of arctic nature and spruce sprout is a true vitamin bomb, Jari describes the second snack bar. — Lingonberry and cranberry are an autumn delight that go perfectly with a feisty jolt of nettle, concludes Jari. Snack bars are a perfect companion on a trip or a hike. They also provide a much healthier option for endurance athletes who seek to replenish their energy. And, of course, they make up for a great dessert! This is just a first step in what appears to be a long and exciting journey for Arctic Superfoods. Flavour Master already has other products and conquests on his mind! — We are now looking for international distributors to bring our products to those who appreciate pure natural food, says Jari. When I taste the bars, I am immediately in love with all the flavours. Lingonberry, however, is my favourite! Snack bars are available in selected places around Lapland.

ARCTIC SUPERFOODS AVAILABLE: Rovaniemi: Arktikum, Pilke, Cafe&Bar 21, Mandragora, Santa Claus Holiday Village, K-Supermarket Rinteenkulma. Levi: LeviMarket, Coffee House. Ylläs: Jounin Kauppa. Saariselkä: Kuukkeli Shop. Pyhä: Visitor Centre Naava Cafe Loimu. Luosto: Lapland Hotel. Ruka: K-Market Rukankylä.


FIGHTING THE FLU WITH ARCTIC REMEDIES HEALING POWER of the Nordic plants was known to our ancestors, but in our modern age this knowledge is rather neglected. Katja Misikangas, Product Manager of Arctic Warriors Ltd, comes from the family of healers who still employ this sacred knowledge in daily life. — We have always used herbs and plants in our family. Probably, that’s why we never had any flu!, says Katja Misikangas. A few years ago Katja and her associates started Arctic Warriors Ltd and turned nature’s gifts into delicious products: herbal extracts, honey with herbs and green powders. There is much more to the products than just a good taste. Native herb of Lapland, Angelica archangelica, has strong antibacterial properties. Traditionally used by the indigenous Sami people, it is a great relief when you feel like being beaten by the flu bug. Another amazing herb is nettle, which contains vitamin C in abundance, iron, calcium and amino acids. Nettle is traditionally considered as a relief to any

illness. Company’s newest product is nettle seeds which can be mixed into a smoothie, or porridge. Katja uses nettle seeds daily in most of their dishes, including pancakes. — Friends of our children often wonder why our pancakes are green!, Katja laughs. Arctic Warriors Ltd acquires herbs from local farmers and wild herb pickers. They use the herbs in their products, such as the easily consumable gel shots. Defence shot (Puolustaja), containing Angelica and nettle, is an ideal flue repellent, the effect of which I have tested myself. Whenever I am confronted with flu, I consume the Defence gel, and the flu backs away. Their natural honey with Angelica and

nettle (image) is also a great product. It is an ideal treat for kids, as it can be mixed into tea or yogurt. But can natural herbs replace modern medicine altogether? — I think they can walk hand in hand. If you use natural herbs on a regular basis, it might prevent you from getting sick in the first place, says Katja Misikangas. Arctic Warrior products are available in selected shops around Lapland and online.

ARCTIC WARRIORS AVAILABLE: Rovaniemi: Mandragora Shop, K-Supermarket Rinteenkulma, Science Centre Pilke, Punnitse&Säästä Shop, Restaurant Sirmakko, Citymarket. Ranua: K-Market. Levi: LeviMarket. Kittilä: Ainut Shop, K-Supermarket. Ylläs: 7 Fells Hostel, Jounin Kauppa, Visitor Centre Kellokas. Ruka: Café Kamu. Sodankylä: K-Supermarket Pohjantähti. Pyhä: Café Loimu. Saariselkä: Design Center, Kuukkeli Shop. Salla: Reindeer Park. Inari: Siida Shop. Oulu: Kofeiinikomppania. Tornio: Hotel Olof. Ivalo: K-Supermarket. Muonio: K-Market. Nuorgam: Rajamarket. Kilpisjärvi: Kilpishalli.

MARI’S BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIES MARI LYDIA is a student and a mother of two young daughters. She is a down to earth Rovaniemi local, and you probably wouldn’t guess that she is also the town’s top blogger. Her Instagram account @blueberrysmoothies, dedicated to healthy food, has already acquired 220 000 fans. I followed Mari for ages until I realized that we both live in the same town! Then I knew that I must make a story about her. Mari is rather shy about her private life and it took some convincing until she finally agreed to sit down and talk.

Hello Mari! Please tell us when did your passion for smoothies began? — I’ve always liked smoothies. I remember making my first smoothie out of blueberries and sour milk when I was less that ten. When did you start sharing your photos? — About three years ago when I got inspired by other Instagram blogs and wanted to get involved in the whole food community. How did your blog become so popular? — I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about my photos from the start, but it was about a two years ago when it just exploded. I’ve been featured in some magazines abroad, which I heard from followers and friends.

Winter Smoothie

• 1 dl lingonberries • 0,5 dl organic oats • 1 tsp cold pressed coconut oil or 1 tbsp cashew nuts • 1 tsp honey or sweetener of choice • 1 tsp vanilla • 3 dl plant based milk (oat milk)

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth. Does your family share your love for smoothies? — Indeed! My girls often demand smoothies for breakfast or snack. My husband enjoys smoothies several times a week, but personally, I have a smoothie every day. Do you forage wild berries for the smoothies yourself? — I do! I forage blueberries, lingonberries, crowberries, cloudberries, nettle, chaga and herbs. We also grow our own mint and spinach along with different salads etc. Do you want to make a living from blogging? — My main reason to share recipes online is to stay in touch with the fellow smoothie

lovers and sharing tips and recipes. Making a living out of blogging could be possible, but currently I still want to focus on my studies and family. Mari was kind enough to share her recipe of a Lingonberry Winter Smoothie with us. You should find these ingredients in an average Finnish supermarket. Enjoy a smoothie! ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017



RESTAURANT NILI A VISIT TO RESTAURANT NILI in Rovaniemi is always an experience, even if you are a local. Nili, which recently turned 10, has become one of city’s attractions on its own. The reason is simple. They use the freshest local ingredients and perform dishes with the flawless execution, ensuring that your journey into the world of Lappish cuisine goes smooth right from the first bite! And the chef of the restaurant even goes berrypicking for the needs of the kitchen! The selection of entrees includes salted and marinated fish, reindeer, blinis with caviar, mushroom soup and much more. Main dishes present a wide variety of local fish, such as pike, perch, whitefish, vendance, as well as reindeer meat. According to the chef, there is a multitude of ways to prepare reindeer and it is easy to believe when you inspect the menu! The meat is very tender, and the taste is not too gamey. And speaking of game, Nili is one of the

SUSHI-BAR WAKKANAI WAKKANAI is a breath of fresh air in Lapland’s culinary world. Opened in 2015, Wakkanai presents a truly unique blend of Japanese cuisine and Lappish ingredients. Where else can you try miso soup with Lappish baked cheese or, for example, reindeer nigiri? Their sushi are considered to be some of the best in the whole country and their friendly service is also worth praising. In addition

rare places in Lapland to sample bear meat. Granted, it is not a cheap treat, but you must try it at least once in your life! Another great local ingredient is willow grouse. It is acquired from a family of hunters in Northern region of Enontekiö, and is used in several wonderful dishes. If you plan to visit Nili, make sure to make a reservation, especially during the high season! Address: Valtakatu 20, Rovaniemi, Every day 17.00-24.00. From 1.12.2016 to 7.1.2017 everyday 12.00-24.00.

to sushi they offer a special Japponia tasting menu for groups upon reservation. If you are looking for unique culinary experiences, Japponia menu is the right choice! Address: Valtakatu 23, Rovaniemi.

CAFE&BAR 21 CAFE&BAR 21 is one of the best cafes in Rovaniemi, which I frequent daily. It is an excellent place to go for lunch or a quick nourishing snack. Their menu offers a great selection of salads with toppings of your choices, baked potatoes, pasta, and my favourite, the hearty salmon soup! A cup of tea or coffee is included in the price during lunch hours on weekdays from 11 AM to 14PM. Cafe&bar 21 is especially famous for their waffles. You can order them as a main dish with sour fillings, like chicken or meatballs, or as a dessert with some fruits and berries. Yummy! On Saturdays and Sundays Cafe&bar offers a brunch menu with some very delicious options, such as



their asparagus pie or the amazing blueberry pancakes. Add a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and you are in heaven! If you’re searching for a place to have a couple of drinks in Rovaniemi, look no further! Cafe-bar 21 is renowned for its selection of quality wines and unique and refreshing cocktails. An assortment of tapas will be a perfect complement for the drinks. If you want to try something local, go for “lapas”, or Lappish tapas with salmon, smoked reindeer and Lappish cheese. Address: Rovakatu 21, Rovaniemi. Mon-Tue 11–21, Wed-Thu 11-22, Fri 11-02, Sat 12-02, Sun 12-21.


LAPPISH DELICACIES AT SANTA’S HOTELS FOOD IS AN ESSENTIAL PART of any travel experience, and luckily Lapland has a lot to offer in this respect. The ingredients used in Lappish cuisine are fairly simple, but they are used in a very clever way. Game and fish play an essential role in the Lappish kitchen: reindeer, salmon, whitefish. They are complemented by root vegetables such as swede, parsnip, and beetroot, as well as wild berries and herbs. Here are just some of the many places worth checking out! ROVANIEMI. Restaurant Gaissa in Rovaniemi centre serves many of the classic Lappish dishes. A good starter is an assortment of “Lapas”, or Lappish entrées. If you have never tried Lappish cuisine before, this will be an excellent introduction! The dish contains smoked salmon, marinated reindeer, cloudberries, and local cheese. For the main course you might go with a classic dish — sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, and pickles. Fish lovers will appreciate fried local freshwater fish served with root vegetables. For dessert, go for Lap-

pish “bread cheese”, served with cloudberry jam. Yum! Restaurant Gaissa also offers a special Rovaniemi Menu. It features some genuine Lappish ingredients, and is served only in selected places in town. Restaurant Gaissa: Koskikatu 14, Rovaniemi. 2nd Floor.

SAARISELKÄ. Restaurant Kaltio is the resort’s hidden gem, but one well worth finding! Kaltio specializes in Scandinavian cuisine, bringing you the taste of Lapland and the Arctic region. The menu is quite short, but it is executed to perfection. Here you might try such dishes as whitefish ceviche, king grab risotto, or my favourite,

beetroot soup with slightly smoky flavour! The main courses make good use of reindeer meat and fish from local lakes, and the desserts just melt in your mouth! If you are looking for fine-dining experiences in Saariselkä, look no further! Saariselkä has another hidden treasure — the Lappish “Kota” hut where you can enjoy glow-fried salmon and flambéed blueberry pancakes, or take part in a cooking course. Lappish hut is available for groups only. Restaurant Kaltio: Santa’s Hotel Tunturi, Lutontie 3, Giellas building. LUOSTO. Restaurant Aurora is certainly the best in Luosto. Here you can experience the whole range of local Lappish dishes, such as mushroom and fish soups, smoked salmon, and sautéed reindeer. The desserts are also top quality, and Aurora’s cheese cake has no rivals in town! Santa’s Hotel Aurora, Luppokeino 1, Luosto.

More information about Santa’s Hotels at,

LAPLAND RESTAURANT KOTAHOVI RESTAURANT KOTAHOVI is located in Santa Claus Village, in the middle of Santa Claus Reindeer farm. Inside the farm’s main building, built in a shape of a traditional Lappish “kota” hut, is housed one of Rovaniemi’s top restaurants. It is run by the Körkkö family, who have been reindeer herders for generations. The restaurant has a lovely design with many local materials, such as the reindeer horn, used as decorations. If you want to take a dive into the world of Lappish gastronomy, this is the right place to do it. Here you can try dishes made from quality Lappish ingredients, such as reindeer, salmon, mushrooms and arctic berries. My advice: go for a salmon

soup for starter and sauteed reindeer for main, and you’ll be on your way to culinary heaven! Address: Joulumaantie 13, Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi. Mon-Fri 12–17. Dec to Mid-Jan 12–20. ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017



Culture highlights

100 years of Finland In 2017 Finland celebrates it’s 100 th anniversary. What is Finnish culture? How does living close to nature has influenced the Finnish mentality and art?

100 YEARS is a long time for man, but a short one

of a country. In this sense Finland, who is turning 100 in 2017, is a very young country. Yet, Finnish history and culture go back thousands of years. In Rovaniemi, you have a great opportunity to immerse yourself into Finnish culture by visiting Arktikum Museum & Science Centre, Science Centre Pilke and House of Culture Korundi. Arktikum is celebrating its anniversary as well in 2017, when it turns 25. Its most visible section, the 172-metre glass corridor, was built on the shore of river Ounasjoki in 1992 to mark Finland’s 75th birthday. In Arktikum house you will find the Arctic Centre and Regional Museum of Lapland, whose exhibitions lead their visitors on a journey around the Arctic. Are you familiar with the fact that there were dwellings in Rovaniemi as far back as 6000 BC? Or did you know that Lapland is the home region for the indigenous Sámi people, who used to speak 12 different languages? Arktikum provides thorough explanations of these topics. Arktikum’s Arctic Centre has a lot to tell about the Arctic and its challenges. Environmental and climate change has altered the way of life of many indigenous peoples for good. The Centre conducts research and shares knowledge on these pressing issues.

Science Centre Pilke is located right next door to Arktikum. Pilke reflects and important role that nature and forests play in everyday life of Finns. The ground floor of Pilke is filled with games, engaging challenges and obstacles, by solving which the whole family will have a lot of fun and learn new facts about nature. Get behind the wheel of a forestry machine, climb into a bird house, sing karaoke on top of an anthill and explore the forest with all your senses and from various angles! From 1.12.2016 to 8.1.2017 you can take part in a Christmas Workshop at no extra charge and make some geomerical patterns out of recycled paper. Korundi House of Culture embraces the spirit of Lapland and it’s capital, Rovaniemi. The main part of Korundi, Rovaniemi Art Museum, has recently turned 30. The exhibition program of the museum includes the finest collections of contemporary Finnish art. A touring version of Ateneum Art Museum’s Stories of Finnish Art Collection with works from Wäinö Aaltonen, Fanny Churberg, Albert Edelfelt, Akseli Gallen-Kallela etc. will open on 6.1.2017. Korundi is also home for the Chamber Orchestra of Lapland and it is an excellent venue for meetings and events. Korundi Shop offers a great selection of locally produced jewellery, Lappish design items and quality souvenirs.

ARKTIKUM PILKE Pohjoisranta 4 Ounasjoentie 6 ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017 30

KORUNDI Lapinkävijäntie 4


3.6.2016–23.4.2017 @ Arktikum

What does the Arctic taste like? At first glance barren Arctic nature seems to offer limited amount of nutrition, but in reality things are different. Arctic food & snacks.


14.10.2016–29.1.2017 @ Korundi

Rooms Hidden by the Water offers a unique opportunity to peek inside the palaces of the decreasing Venetian nobility and meet the residents. Exhibition by photographic artist, Jaakko Heikkilä.


1.2.2017–14.1.2018 @ Arktikum

This exhibition is a absorbing journey into the history of Rovaniemi. It tells stories about city’s life and its people with 10 objects and 10 images from every decade since 1910’s.

CULTURE PASS TO ARKTIKUM, PILKE & KORUNDI Adult 20€, Children (7–15 yrs.) 10€. Valid for 7 days.

WINTER ADVENTURES AT OUNASVAARA FELL THERE ARE few places in Rovaniemi that I like as much as the Ounasvaara fell. Situated within a walking distance from the city centre, it offers countless possibilities to have some winter fun!


Granted, Ounasvaara is not the highest mountain in the World, yet a ski resort in our city is a nice bonus! Ounasvaara is a perfect place for those, who are just starting to learn their alpine skiing skills. It also offers a great opportunity for the families with kids to enjoy their runs together. And for those, who are literally putting their skis on for the first time, there is the Rendi’s Snow World with a very gentle slope. Ounasvaara Ski Resort has recently expanded. One of the novelties, offered for the winter 2016-17 season, is the new offpiste slope. Unlike other slopes, it won’t be covered with snow from the snow guns, but only with natural snow. It also won’t be groomed by snow machines, allowing for more “natural” skiing experience. This will bring the total number of pistes at

Ounasvaara Ski Resort to 10. Another novelty is the Tree Ride Park, a forest area on the slope with some of the trees removed. The park is aimed at more experienced skiers, who like the feel of a snowy forest. The season 2016–2017 will also be the longest in the ski centre’s history. The opening date is set to 12.11.2016 and closing date to 17.4.2017, which is a month longer, compared to the last season. You can rent skis and snowshoes at Ounasvaara Rental. More info:


Cross-country skiing has been my favourite sport since the early childhood. Ounasvaara fell has dozens of well-groomed crosscountry ski tracks with a total length of 200 km. There are tracks for any difficulty level, and most of the pistes near the city centre are well illuminated. First piste, made from the last year’s snow, is usually opened by the end of October. You can use the pistes for free with our own skis. The trails start right on the opposite river bank from the city centre, near the Lumberjack bridge.




Snowshoeing is a great way to see the beauties of the fell and have some fun! You can either choose existing snowshoeing trails or just roam through the powder snow! One of the best areas for snowshoeing lies on top of the fell, between the main slope and Tottorakka slopes. Go to the Sky Ounasvaara Hotel and start from there.


There are few easy-to-reach places on the fell with great sceneries. There is an observation tower, facing the centre, which provides panoramic view over the city. The trail towards the tower stars from Santasport institute. It is easy to reach even with kids, as it only takes 10 minutes to walk and the path is usually well tamped down. Another great vantage point is on top of the Sky Ounasvaara Hotel, however you need to pay a small fee in the reception to access it. Ounasvaara is also one of my favourite places to see Northern Lights and I’ve spent many nights here enjoying the magical dance of Auroras!

AD VE NT UR E PA RK ! HopLop and RolloHalli are two adventure parks under one roof. Here kids of all ages can play and exercise with their parents and experience moments of success. Parks are situated 3 km from Rovaniemi centre and are open every day. Unlimited play time!

ROLLOHALLI (AGE 7+) Trampolines, foampits, bowls, wall-climbing, skating, parkour, big-air jumps and more!

HOPLOP (AGE 0–12) Labyrinths, obstacles, slides, bouncy castles, pipes, mini-cars and electronic games!

PRICES. HopLop: Adults 0€, infants under 1 yr 0€, 1–2 yrs 9€, 3 yrs and over 14€. RolloHalli: day ticket 14€. Ticket to both parks 17€. ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017

Napapiirintie 14, Rovaniemi (see central map)

Opening hours: Mon–Sun 10–20

31 |




There are many ways for kids & families to have some fun on the Arctic Circle. Here are our top tips!

1. Arctic Animals In winter you can make your acquaintance with Arctic Animals by visiting local reindeer and husky farms. There you will see and feed the lovely animals and go for a ride in a husky or reindeer sleigh. One particularly great place to see animals is Ranua Wildlife Park some 80 km south of Rovaniemi. There you can meet polar bears, wolves, wolverines, and many other species! These animals live here in the middle of the forest, and you can see them by walking the 2,8 km park trail.

3. Forest wonders 2. Lappish handicrafts Lappish people have always been skilful, and the local handicraft traditions are still respected. If you want to experience how authentic jewellery and artisan souvenirs are made, visit the Kangasniemi handicraft workshop 7 km north of Rovaniemi. Here you can also start learning handicraft skills yourself, and will even get to take a self-made souvenir home with you!

New experiences and discoveries wait for you at Science Centre Pilke in Rovaniemi! The northern forest is not only Finland’s most cherished treasure, but it is also the main theme at this interactive playground. Here children and adults can get behind the wheel of a forestry machine, sing forest karaoke, climb into a bird house, and make a selfie on a giant screen!

Ounasjoentie 6, Rovaniemi

5. Indoor games 4. Funky elves In SantaPark, Santa’s underground cave, elves are having loads of fun everyday! Not only do they manage to get all the chores done, but they also have time to play. Here you can attend the elf school and learn some secret elfish skills, practice traditional old-fashioned elf writing and experience the joy of creation in the Elf Workshop. In SantaPark you can also enjoy Four Seasons sleigh ride, taste Mrs Gingerbread’s cookies, play at the Angry Birds Activity area and cross the Arctic Circle 50 meters below the ground! Santa Park is open 19.11.2016 – 08.01.2017. 32

Tarvantie 1, Rovaniemi.


А great way to have fun is to do it while exercising! In adventure park HopLop you can play every day regardless of how cold it is outside ! HopLop offers an environment where parents and children can exercise and play together, and enjoy moments of success according to their own preferences and daring. It’s easy to spend a whole day here! The second adventure park, Rollo-Halli, dedicated to kids older than 7 y.o., is situated under the same roof.

Napapiirintie 14, Rovaniemi

SH AR E Y OU R EXPER I EN C E ! / @visitrovaniemi #visitrovaniemi @visitrovaniemi #rovaniemi

TOURIST INFORMATION | SAFARI BOOKINGS | SOUVENIRS | FREE INTERNET ACCESS Rovaniemi Tourist Information Lordi’s Square, Maakuntakatu 29–31 Tel. +358 16 346 270, +358 40 829 0676

Rovaniemi online:








sus arctos



anua Wildlife Park is situated 80 km south from Rovaniemi. It is a home for about 50 species and 200 different individuals of Arctic animals. The Park offers an opportunity to see the animals in as authentic environment for them as possible. In winter, you can also visit the Husky Park here. Ranua Wildlife Park is open every day of the year! Luxuriously equipped Holiday Village GuloGulo provides quality accommodation near the Wildlife Park. Snowmobile safaris to reindeer and husky farms depart right from the reception building. Ranua is waiting to welcome you!



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Ranua Wildlife Park is open every day 10–16. •

33 •

Rumble at the Santa Claus Office CHRISTMAS IS COMING and there is a real rumble going on at the Santa’s Office! Christmas is the highlight of the year for Santa and his elves, and the preparations are in full swing. Santa has a long list of all the good kids in the world, and all the presents need to be packed and labelled before his departure. Santa has always liked to stop here, at the Arctic Circle, during his journeys. Some say Arctic Circle is a gateway to the world of fairytales and stories. Others claim that crossing the Arctic Circle might make you younger. Perhaps, this is the real secret to Santa’s old age? Once, Santa decided to build a house here, so anyone in the world could come and see him. That’s how Santa Claus Office came to be! Santa’s industrious elves are helping him to run the Office and receive Santa’s guests. One of the elves, who is especially anxious to help, is Ferdie The Elf. Some might say that he is even Santa’s right-hand elf. However, at times Ferdie becomes overwhelmed with ideas, which often leads to trouble. A few years ago, when Santa was away for Christmas, he was in charge of the Time Wheel. The Time Wheel, passing through the Arctic Circle, is the very mechanism that can slow down time, letting Santa to deliver all the


gifts on schedule. Ferdie became so nervous that he almost shut down the Time Wheel completely! That would have caused all of the computers in the world to reset, but luckily, other elves managed to get the Time Wheel spinning again. Of course, elves are also in charge of Santa’s correspondence. They sort out the myriads of letters that Santa receives from around the world. At Santa’s Post Office you can get your postcards labelled with Santa’s stamp and either send them right away, or leave them to be delivered for the next Christmas! If you want to see how Santa’s reindeer train, go visit Santa’s reindeer farm. Some of the guests even claim seeing Rudolph with his flashy red nose here! Don’t forget about the gifts for your loved ones. There are many Finnish design products to look for, such as Iittala tableware, Marttiini knives, Taigakoru jewellery, and Marimekko design. These shops are situated next to Santa’s Office, but there is also a dedicated Santa Claus Shopping Centre with many souvenirs and gifts waiting for you inside. Rumble at the Santa’s Office goes on, but not to worry! Santa is willing to meet you on any day of the year in his Office at the Arctic Circle!


7 km North from Rovaniemi Joulumaantie 1, Arctic Circle


Every day 10–17 1.12–6.1 every day 9–19

REINDEER SLEIGH RIDES AND LAPPISH CUISINE AT THE SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE Want to take a swift ride on a reindeer sleigh? Then visit the Santa Claus Reindeer farm behind Santa’s Office. Here you can go on a 400 m, 1 km or 3 km ride in the snowy forest. By taking a ride you will automatically cross the Arctic Circle. Therefore, a special Arctic Circle crossing certificate with your photo can be purchased afterwards. If you feel hungry, visit the farm’s own Kotahovi restaurant in the shape of a traditional teepee. Get warmed up inside and taste the best gifts of local Lappish cuisine! Santa Claus Reindeer also organises a special Arctic Shaman Ceremony for groups upon prior reservation. Info:,




Bus #8 is a cheaper way to reach Santa Claus Village. The bus departs from Rovaniemi railway station and passes by the city center. You can hop on the bus at Sokos Vaakuna Hotel (photo). Download timetable with QR-code:

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4 The Arctic Circle line



Lappish cuisine Reindeer sleigh riding

Santa Claus Holiday Village Snowman’s World

SANTA CLAUS VILLAGE Open every day 10:00–17:00











It is 10AM in Ylläs, Lapland, but the sun has not risen yet. Instead, it casts a vibrant pink glow from below the horizon, which reflects in the myriad of snowflakes of this enormous snow ocean. It’s December and the days are extremely short, but the light is beautiful. Short days also mean long nights, providing for plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of Aurora Borealis. Situated amidst the seven rugged fells, Ylläs possesses a unique charm that is hard to match. Its pristine nature and close proximity to one of Finland’s biggest national parks, Pallas-Ylläs, draws thousands of tourists into the area. Despite its remote location, the region is easy to reach via Kittilä or Rovaniemi airports with just an houror-so flight away from Finnish capital Helsinki. Another option is a train that will bring you to Kolari station 30 km away from Ylläs.


One of biggest attractions of Ylläs is its vast array of winter activities. Situated 719 m above sea level, Ylläs is Finland’s biggest ski centre with a total of 63 slopes and dozens of lifts. Country’s longest downhill slope, measuring at 3 km in length, can also be found here. The slopes are able to accommodate skiers of any skill level, from kids to professionals, and there are several snow parks and streets. Furthermore, Ylläs offers some of the best off-piste opportunities in Lapland. And even if you don’t ski, I still advise you to take a

gondola ride to the top of Ylläs fell, just to gaze at the views and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at the Kammi cafe. Ylläs also has the most extensive cross-country network in Finland. In spring time there are several ski cafés open along the tracks where you can relax and have a little snack.


Pure white snow provides for many opportunities to have fun! Just taking a walk in the snowy forest and listening to silence can be an inspiring experience. And what about a little game of snowballs and some tobogganing with your kids? Another great idea is to put the snowshoes on and start exploring the snowy fells. You can either rent them from a local company or join an excursion. One of my favourite places for hiking here is fell Kuer, situated near Äkäslompolo village. It is relatively easy to climb, yet it offers some amazing views over the area! If you are into cycling, you will be pleased to know, that the are some 50 km of winter trails available for fatbikes in Ylläs. And if you’ll need more information about skiing, snowshoeing and fatbiking trails, come by Visitor Centre Kellokas.


In Ylläs there are plenty of possibilities to enjoy the company of arctic animals. Visit local reindeer farms and husky kennels and take on a fascinating ride on a sleigh. If you travel with kids, make sure to visit Petting Zoo of Konijänkä,


We are an eco-friendly hostel in Ylläs. We offer clean, uniquely designed rooms and cabins with kitchen and bathroom. Come and have a fantastic holiday with us in the middle of Lappish wilderness! P.S. Beware of sarcastic receptionists :) 36


Kartanontie 2, 95970 Äkäslompolo

+358 40 522 99 25

Book directly at:


situated in Äkäslompolo village. There, you will meet about 300 animals of 100 different species, for example, reindeer. Another idea is to go trail riding on icelandic horses. These small but sturdy animals will take you for an exciting ride into the snowy forest! To experience this, visit Ylläksen Vaellushevoset stable 15 min drive from Ylläs.

Ylläs area is very scarcely populated and there’s a special small town vibes to it. A couple of hundred locals are grouped together in two small villages of Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo. People here are very warmhearted and it is very easy to strike a conversation with them. Public House “Selvä Pyy” in Äkäslompolo centre is a great place to exchange a few words with the locals and to dine. In Ylläsjärvi, there is a cosy little cafe Pasila, ran by my old friend Pasi. It is popular among the locals for its tasty burgers and Friday night bingo. It’s also the place to rent snowmobiles, in case you want to take a swift ride in a winter forest. If you really want to dive into local culture, pay a visit to Karilan Navettagalleria Art and Culture Cafe North of Äkäslompolo. It is ran by Lea Kaulanen who will familiarise you with Lappish fairytales and beliefs in elf spirits. Did I mention that Ylläs is an amazing place to see the Aurora Borealis? Here, some 170 km above the Arctic Circle, Northern Lights are more of a commodity than a rarity. To make it easier to observe them, street lights are turned off after 10PM until mid-February. On a clear night, take a walk outside and you might see a good show! If you are not sure when and how to spot Northern Lights, the Ylläs Aurora application (€2,99) is at your service. It will alert you when the lights will start dancing in the sky! More info about Ylläs:


Ylläs is rich in accommodation options. There are several modern hotels around Sport Resort Ylläs, where the slopes start right at the doorstep! There are also literally thousands of log cottages to rent. Most of them are equipped with a proper sauna, a feature that you’ll definitely appreciate after a couple of hours outside in the cold! And speaking about saunas, did you know that Ylläs is the only place in the world with a Sauna gondola? That’s right, you can enjoy a sauna experience inside a gondola cabin while it sails up or downhill. If you are looking for a cosy, but affordable option in Ylläs, 7 Fells Hostel is a perfect choice. The rooms here are tidy and stylishly decorated by the owner, Tinja. She is an ex-backpacker and knows the needs of the travellers. Tinja will gladly share a few tips on what to do in Ylläs. Right nearby, there’s a cosy family hotel Kuerkievari. One of its distinct features is a traditional smoke sauna — a lifetime experience! In Ylläsrjävi you will also find a little boutique hotel Aurora Estate, which is also a great place for a fine dinner.


and other breathtaking moments.

A true connection to the wild Lappish nature with easy access and premier services.

Find out more about Finland’s finest, winter holiday destination:





evi is one of my favourite places to visit in Lapland throughout the year. Winter is a particular favourite of mine though, as Mother Nature creates some unique landscapes from ice and snow. It takes us just 2 minutes to walk to the slope from our Break hotel in Levi centre. The temperature is at freezing –25°C, but once the ski lift takes us to the top, it gets 10 degrees warmer! No, it is not caused by the sunlight. It is not even up yet! It’s just that cold air is heavier and stays lower. First, we head to the wild slopes of Utsuvaara, the northern side of Levi fell, and have a real blast at exploring the freeride areas. After 11 AM it finally looks like the sun is going to rise. Sunlight is best enjoyed at Levi’s Southern slopes, where the famous “Santa’s Hut” is situated. Still, the rising sun doesn’t make the weather any warmer, and soon we retreat to the Horizon cafe at the main slope. Unfreezing the cameras and body parts takes a whole hour, and by time it passes, the sun is already down. It leaves behind a vibrant, cinematic red trace, which stays on for a good half-hour. Time to head back. If you have rented a cottage for your place to stay in Levi, then

you will most definitely enjoy a hot moment in the Finnish sauna. We, on the other hand, visit the Levi’s Spa Water World, which is equipped with several saunas. One of my favourie features of the spa is a jacuzzi, situated outside in the middle of fresh air! It is a surreal feeling to sit in the hot tub and breath in the frozen air.

Later this evening my friends head to the bowling club, but I have other plans. Tonight I am going to chase the Nothern lights, and the forecast is realy good. I head to the top of the Levi fell again, this time by car. It can take me as far as the Tuikku restaurant, but I have to walk from there. As soon as I reach my favourite spot, a green band ignites over the horizon. Lady Aurora moves fast and shows her true colours: red, purple and yellow. The show is over in just minutes, but still I know that I got lucky.


What’s for dinner? Well, tonight we celebrate, and our choice is Saamen Kammi, a modern Lappish Hut, ran by the authentic Sami person Niiles Jouni. Not only does he make some amazingly tasty salmon on the open fire, but later, he also entertains his guest with a traditional Joiku singing. This chanting is going to stay in our hearts forever!

If you find yourself in Levi Ski Resort in Spring 2017, then you have a chance to take part in a unique winter sports event, the Arctic Challenge. It is a team quest, that takes place amids the snowy slopes of Levi Ski Resort. It consists of different endurance checkpoints, team challenges, 10 km of running in a knee-deep snow. The motto is “Not me, but we!”. And if you need affordable accommodation, Levi Break by Sokos Hotels is a great choice! More info at:,

Lappish à la Carte Open every day Tähtitie 5, 99130 Levi



Puh. +358 16 321 5555


Best Coffee

White Chocolate Latte

4,20 €

IN TOWN Coffee House & Bar Levi Open every day Tähtitie 5, 99130 Levi

38 Reservations: +358 (0) 16 3215 500 ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017

Puh. +358 16 321 5520



GOLD PROSPECTOR MUSEUM TANKAVAARA GOLD PROSPECTOR MUSEUM is situated some 30 km South from Saariselkä. It incapsulates the past and the present of gold prospecting in Lapland. When gold was found in 1868 at Ivalojoki river, it sparkled a real gold rush with hundreds of prospectors travelling by ski or foot through Lapland to Ivalojoki river. Although its scale is not comparable to other gold rushes of the 19th century, gold rush plays an important role in Lappish history and folklore. It’s not a coincidence that the museum is located in Tankavaara. In 1934, a local Lapp, Aslak Peltovuoma, had found gold here. He dreamt of an old man, showing him the place to find gold. He sent his nephew, but the boy didn’t find anything. Aslak ended up inspecting the place he dreamt of himself and indeed returned with a bag full of gold nuggets. Nowadays Tankavaara is a tourist village with a hotel, a restaurant, gold panning and a museum. The basic exhibition of the museum presents the history of gold prospecting in Finnish Lapland, as well

OPENING HOURS & TICKETS 1.10–31.5 Monday-Friday 10–16 as livelihood of modern gold prospectors. Second exhibition covers the Golden World or the history of gold prospecting from more than 20 countries. The indoor pool in the museum provides a chance to try one’s panning skills even in winter time! The sand for panning is taken from Hopiaoja creek, the very place where Aslak found his gold. Finding a few specks of gold is almost certain and you can take your findings with you. Tankavaara is also a venue for many gold panning competitions. Thus, Gold Panning World Championships of 2019 will be held in Tankavaara to celebrate 150 years of Finnish gold prospecting. Gold museum is situated conveniently along E75 road from Rovaniemi to Ivalo. If you are passing by, make sure to visit this treasure of knowledge and history!

From 31.12.2016 to 15.4.2017 also on Saturdays 12–16 Adults 10 €, children 5 €, gold panning 8 €

ADDRESS Tankavaarantie 11 C, Tankavaara


LAMPIVAARA AMETHYST MINE is, in many ways, a unique destination in Lapland. Situated some 5 km away from Luosto Ski Resort, it is surrouned by the beautiful nature of Pyhä-Luosto national park. Currently, it is the only amethyst mine in the World, dedicated to experiences. While its amethyst resources could be excavated with heavy machinery in just a few years, the decision was made to preserve the natural beauty of this location. Thus, digging for amethyst is only allowed here by hand or using simple picks. The amethyst mine is also open in winter. To reach it, you can take a Pendolino “snow train”, departing from Luosto centre and stopping at Ukkoluosto parking lot. You can also arrive to the mine by skiing, snowshoeing or hiking, which will reduce the admission price. However, you need to be in a good shape as there is no open road.

I hop on the Pendolino train in Luosto centre, and it starts taking us through the snowy forest. The ride is an experience by itself! After some 20 minutes we arrive at Lampivaara cafe to sort out the tickets. Then, the snow train takes us towards the top of Lampivaara hill, where the mine is situated. Up there, the view is nothing short of breathtaking! The trees are all covered with thick snow, making them look like fairytale creatures. First, we are invited into a wooden hut to enjoy some hot juice. There, our guide tells us about the amethyst stone, and how it appeared in the region. Next, we walk towards the winter mine, a roofed area on the side of the hill, protected from the snow. We descend by the narrow staircase into the bowels of the mine. There, in an open mining area, we are given our picks and start digging for stones. After just a few minutes of trials we have a few findings! Not all of them are amethysts though, as there are also many white quartz stones in the quarry. You can take one found amethyst stone for free, if it’s small enough to fit into your palm. For bigger stones, you can negotiate with the guide on the spot, and usually they are pretty easy on the price. After the digging, there is enough time to enjoy the surrounding views over the area. A short stop at Lampivaara cafe and our snow train takes us back to Luosto.

OPEN 1.12.2016–15.4.2017 Monday–Saturday (closed 24–25.12) LUOSTO CENTRE Departure at 10:45 63 € adult and 28€ /child 3-12 yrs UKKOLUOSTO PARKING LOT Departures at 11:00 and 13:30 53€ /adult and 24€ /child 3-12 yrs LAMPIVAARA CAFE Departures at 11:30 and 14:00 27€ /adult and 14€ /child 3-12 yrs

Book at Little Mine Shop in Luosto or visit 39

LIFE AT THE BEARHILL HUSKY KENNEL Husky sled tours are probably the most fun winter activity that you can do in Lapland. But do you know how much work does it take for the mushers to provide this experience? Read on! HUSKY DOG TRAINING starts in September. This is when the outside temperature finally gets low and comfortable enough for the huskies to run, and by the time the permanent snow arrives, the dogs need to be in good shape. I am heading to the Bearhill Husky Kennel to see how the dogs train, together with its owners, the family couple of Valentijn Beets and Veronika Butinova. They are foreigners in Finland, yet they have found their place and purpose here: they been working in with husky dogs for 17 years now. Valentijn comes from Holland and Veronika is from Russia, just from other side of the border with Finland. Having worked in the tourism industry, in 2003 they have started their own husky kennel in Lieksa, Eastern Finland. Later, they’ve relocated to the Arctic Circle, but were forced to move their kennel around. In 2016 they have finally secured a piece of their own land 20 km North from Rovaniemi. — The construction works are still in progress, as we need to build a couple of yurts, install some solar panels, and so on, says Valentijn. There are currently about 60 adult dogs and 20 puppies in the kennel, and they all need to be fed. While Valentijn circles around the yard and gives dogs the food, I enquire him about the life of the kennel. — At the moment they are getting fed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, but in the winter time they are going to get fed more, explains Valentijn. When the winter season starts, their calorie intake will grow several-fold and will consist mainly of meat: beef, pork, salmon



and chicken. When they are working hard, they might have an extra snack in between. After feeding the dogs (which takes a good hour!), Valentijn goes into the fenced yard to play with the pups, who are ecstatic to see him. He teaches them what he calls “the good manners” by deflecting the pups that jump on him and caressing the ones that come in a nice and polite way. Husky dog training generally starts when the pups are only a few months old. In summer, the young puppies go free running alongside the guide. They learn to treat him as their pack leader and the boss. After the running, they are getting fed, however, not as a reward, but to accustom them with eating after work, even if they are tired. — Husky dogs don’t run because they know they are going to get food in the end, but they run because they like running, says Valentijn. When the dogs are 5–7 months old, they get accustomed to wearing the harness and pulling a little tyre behind them. That way they learn that they need to make some effort in order to continue running. Later, they are harnessed in pairs and pull a bigger tyre, so they learn how to do team work.

Once this is understood, they start pulling the actual sled. They are hooked together with old, relaxed dogs to accustom them with the process. The first season, however, is a rather relaxed one for the puppies. — Young pups never get to pull the tourist sled in our kennel, but they might be a part of the team, driven by the guide, says Valentijn. He starts compiling a team for today’s dog training, or “conditioning”, as he calls it. Because they are a tourist kennel, it is important for them to do this in autumn, before the stressful season begins. He hooks up a dozen of dogs to his quad-bike, who bark joyfully in anticipation of running. I take the passenger seat and we start rolling. We take the gravel road and go exploring the local forest. It looks beautiful as it is, in all its bright-coloured autumn foliage. I can only image how stunning it will look like in a couple of weeks, when it’s all covered with white, fluffy snow. There is a bucket of water with us on board, because even at


People don’t realise how tough these little huskies are and how physiologically special they are. +10°C is a bit too warm for the huskies to run. We stop every few kilometres to give the dogs some time to cool down and drink. The dogs at the Bearhill husky kennel mostly belong to the breed of Alaskan huskies. This choice came after years of experience and trial and error. — Our first dogs were two malamutes. They were really nice dogs, however, they were poorly suited for pulling the sled, Valentijn laughs. They’ve learned the hard way about what qualities do the husky dogs need to possess in order to do the job. They ended up acquiring Alaskan husky dogs from Norway, which still are the basis of their kennel. — Our Alaskan huskies are not purebreed dogs. We don’t have any kennel club attributes that we need to take care of. We are free to breed the dogs as we need them to be, as the Indians and Inuits did, tells Valentijn. Alaskan huskies originate from the village dogs, bread by the Indian and Eskimo people for thousands of years. In our days, the mushers have taken their efforts further through selective breeding, science and nutrition. Valentijn talks very highly about the Alaskan huskies and calls them “the ultimate running animals”. — People don’t realise how tough these little huskies are and how physiologically

special they are. Even the World’s best atheletes would wish that they would be so amazing at running as they are, he claims. At the height of the season, their huskies can run up to 50-70 km per day. However, during dog sled competitions, some dogs can run up to 100 km per day. But why did they choose the Alaskan huskies instead of the Siberian huskies? — Most of the Siberian huskies live in such places as São Paulo, Johannesburg, London or Holland. Maybe only 1% of them are being selected to do this job. Most of the Siberian huskies are bread to be fluffy pet dogs, not working dogs, explains Valentijn. While he admits that it is a matter of personal preference which dog breed to choose, he calls it “a loosing battle”. Still, he respects the work that his fellow musher colleagues do with breeding the Siberian husky dogs, dedicated to pulling the sled. After a good hour of conditioning the dogs, we are back at the kennel. Valentijn has still to take another team of dogs for training and go seek for the paths in the forest for their winter tours. He is also going to spend the night at the kennel, away from his home and the family, in a tent, warmed up by fire of his wood burning stove. At Bearhill husky kennel they never leave the dogs alone for the night, and Valentijn and his teammates take turns at being with the dogs. While I watch him do his chores around the kennel, I keep thinking about how hard this job must really be. When I ask him, what drives him, besides just providing for his family, he replies: — First of all, I don’t like 9-to-5 job, I like being my own boss, I like driving the dogs and I like being outside. I also like working with people, meeting all of the amazing people from all over the World and educating them about these amazing dogs. Bearhill husky has topped the Tripadvisor chart of Top Attractions and Activities in Rovaniemi for a few years now. Their care about the dogs and their customers shows in everything they do. — We will explain why exactly do you need to brake, the principles of canine psychology, about them having fun. We will explain how the dogs react to the person on the sled. It usually takes 15–20 minutes, which is already longer than a lot of our colleagues do, says Valentijn. There are few basic rules during their tours. First is “don’t let go”, meaning that the driver must always keep hold of the sled. Otherwise, he might endanger the passenger and the dogs. Also, the dog team, which the driver lets go of, will loose trust in the driver. The second rule concerns using the brake, in order to prevent the dogs from running into another sled. The third rule is that the dogs themselves need to be able to have fun. They enjoy running, but it is our responsibility that they keep enjoying it. — Dog driving boils to the fact that the

act of pulling should not destroy the joy of running. Every one of these dogs enjoys running, but pulling might no be good for them, unless it is done properly, says Valentijn. In Winter 2016-17 Bearhill Husky will be offering three husky sled tours. Their most popular tour, “Call of the Wild”, takes 3 hours, excluding the transportation. Actual time driving the husky dogs is about 1,5 hours, which equals to 15 km of distance. Their second “Taiga Tour” takes a whole day or 6,5 hours. It includes 4–4,5 hours of driving the husky sled and a lunch in the wild. During such a tour it is possible to drive 30–40 km, sometimes even up to 60 km. They also do the “Into the Wild Overnight Husky Tour,” which consists of two days of driving and an overnight in a wilderness cabin. All of the tours include pick up from Rovaniemi hotels and a set of warm outdoor clothes.

It is time for us to leave Valentijn with the huskies. We are heading back to town with Veronika and their two children. Due to the background of their parents, the kids have learned to speak 4 languages, English, Dutch, Russian and, naturally, Finnish. Perhaps, one day they will take the place aside their parents as mushers? If you are looking for the ultimate husky dog experience, Bearhill Husky is certainly the best choice in Rovaniemi area!

BEARHILL HUSKY Booking: +358 40 760 00 20 ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017



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36. Rovaniemi Aiport (Lentokenttä) 37. Rovaniemi Railway Station (Rautatieasema) 38. Bus Station (Linja-autoasema)

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The Magic of the Northern Lights


here are few natural phenomena on Earth that can compare with the beauty of Northern Lights. It is a truly breathtaking site when Auroras come out to dance in the sky in their full glory. First, they start very slow, giving you a hint of their arrival. Then, all of a sudden, green arches start to appear over the horizon. They grow in size and strength, and start showing their hidden colours: purple, red, sometimes even pink and yellow. The dance starts to accelerate. The arches quickly build up, change their shapes, and disappear within seconds, as if a heavenly painter is delicately painting his brush strokes, but all of a sudden chooses to conceal his work. I have seen many Auroras in my life, but they have never seized to amaze me. Having been born in the North, I have had a privilege to watch the Auroras since childhood. However, it wasn’t until 2012 when I got my first professional camera that the Northern Lights became a true passion of mine. Since then, I’ve only missed a few good Northern Lights, but my excuses are good. One time I’ve chosen to celebrate my birthday instead of going out to chase the lights. My dedication to watching and photographing the Auroras has even earned me a title of a “professional Aurora hunter”. In September 2016, I have seen some of the most powerful Northern Lights in many months. I’ve uploaded several of my real time Northern Lights videos online and soon, my phone started ringing. I’ve received requests from several renowned news agencies to publish my videos. These videos ended up in TV news in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, USA, China, New Zealand and Australia. Perhaps, you have seen them too! In the scope of this little article, I want to share with you as much knowledge about the Aurora Borealis as I can. I hope that these tips will help you to experience the magic of the Northern Lights!




Aurora Borealis is caused by charged particles from the sun bumping into the Earth’s magnetic field. In higher layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, these particles excite protons and electrons of Oxygen and Nitrogen, making them to release energy in the form of light. This happens at the altitudes between 80 km and 600 km above the Earth’s surface. Northern Lights can usually be seen at the latitudes around and above Arctic circle in the north and below the Antarctic Circle in the south. Sometimes, when a geomagnetic storm happens, the “auroral oval” temporarily shifts down in the northern hemisphere and up in the southern hemisphere.


Technically speaking, Aurora Borealis happen throughout the year. In summer, the Midnight sun shines over the Arctic regions. It means that the nights are just too bright to see the Northern Lights. However, when the nights become dark, the Auroras become visible again. The earliest time that I have seen Auroras was about August the 15th, but they were still pretty weak. For some reason, Aurora Borealis prefer the time of the equinoxes. According to the statistics, September, October and March are some of the best months to see 46


the Auroras. Naturally, Northern lights can be observed throughout the winter months. One thing to keep in mind, though. Solar activity follows the solar cycles, with each cycle lasting about 11 years. At the height of the cycle the Sun is very active, producing many sunspots, and, as a result, the Aurora Borealis. At the lowest point of the cycle the Sun makes fewer sunspots and fewer Auroras. Currently, we are moving towards the end of the 24th solar cycle that peaked in 2013-2015. We will reach the solar minimum at around 2019-2021 before the sun’s activity will bump up again. This doesn’t mean that there will be no Auroras, but they will come less often. There is also an area called the “Aurora belt” where seeing Northern Lights is more likely. It includes North of Finnish and Swedish Lapland, Norway and Russia’s Kola peninsula. Here, often a small gust of solar wind is enough to spark bright Auroras. These are really good places to witness the Northern lights even during the solar minimum. The Auroras can often be seen between 22PM and midnight, but during the long and dark winter days they can appear early in the evening or in the morning. Bad weather, however, is the number one factor that can prevent you from seeing the Auroras, even if there is a geomagnetic storm.


Aurora forecast is a tricky business. There are many times when the forecast promises strong Auroras, but there are none in sight, and vice versa. Aurora forecasts are based on monitoring the Sun’s activity. The main reason causing the Aurora Borealis, is the sunspots. They are the places on the surface of the Sun, which often produce solar flares and so-called “Coronal Mass Ejections” (CMEs). It is important for these erupting sunspots to be at least loosely positioned against the Earth, so they have a better chance of hitting us. Normally, it takes a CME about 2–4 days to reach the Earth. There are also several satellites (like the newly launched DSCOVR satellite), positioned between the Earth and the Sun, which monitor the solar wind. When the solar wind passes by these satellites, we usually have somewhere between 40–80 minutes, depending on the solar wind’s speed, before it hits the Earth. There are several places online where you can access the Aurora forecasts for free. They include Space Weather Prediction Centre (,, as well as “Auroras Now!”, a service by Finnish meteorological institute (, is also a wealth of information. There, you will find the webcams of the nights sky, 1 hour

Aurora forecast, as well as Auroral activity for the past 2 days. It takes some time to understand this information, but generally speaking, yellow, orange and red colours mean higher likelihood of Auroras.


The best tip that I can come up with in relation to Northern lights is “wait for it!”. Too often do I see tourists spend 5-10 minutes looking at the sky and then leaving. I have spend literally hundreds of hours waiting for the Auroras, and I did not see them on every night. Another great tip is to find a dark location away from the city lights. Sometimes, Northern Lights are just too mellow to be seen easily. Also, try to find where the north is, because seeing the Auroras in this direction is more likely. If you want to make some photos of northern lights, you will need a tripod. Without it nocturnal photography is a challenge. Cameras or brands do not make too much of a difference, in my opinion. Your skills of assembling a composition and pure luck in witnessing strong Auroras is what counts. If you want to go taking Aurora photos on your own, I suggest you do some location scouting during day time. That way you will be already familiar with the area and you won’t loose time searching for the right spot when the Auroras decide to appear.


My favourite places to spot the Aurora Borealis depend on the time of the year. In autumn, for example, I prefer lake shores and river banks, because I can capture the bright reflections of Northern lights in the water. In winter, I enjoy the snowy forest for its amazing tree silhouettes. However, there are several good places in every city to see the Auroras no matter the season. In Rovaniemi, take an evening walk to the river shore near the Arktikum museum. Situated withing the walking distance from the city centre, if offers a good view towards the north. Another great place is the Ounasvaara fell. Make your way to Sky Hotel Ounasvaara and start exploring the nearby forest trails. In Levi, the top of the fell is one of my favourites. From there, you have an open view towards every corner of the sky, and the frozen trees make a good foreground for the photos. In Saariselkä, go to the top of Kaunispää fell some 2 km away from the resort’s centre. If you feel adventurous, go on a snowshoeing trip to the Kiilopää fell, which offers many unique landscapes. In Ylläs they turn off the street lights so it’s easier to spot the Auroras. Lake Äkäslompolo offers some great open spaces to see the lights. If you want more challenge, take a hike on top of fell Kuer and enjoy its nocturnal views.


In winter 2016–17, I will be offering my own Aurora Hunting tours. I have thought about it for ages, however, I have never gotten on with it. The reason was simple: I would not know what to do with my guests on the cloudy nights. However, I found a solution: I will organise the tours only on the nights when seeing Auroras is likely. This means that I can only make bookings for only a few days in advance, taking into account the weather and aurora forecasts. I have no desire to waste your time or mine waiting for the Auroras under the clouds and I will always give you my estimate on how likely it is to see them on a given night. On a cloudy night, I suggest you take a flight with my colleagues at Wild Nordic who will take you above the clouds to spot the Auroras. My Aurora tours are available for up to 6 people (min. 2 adults). Tours depart from Rovaniemi, however, they are available for groups upon reservation from any town in Lapland. The duration of the tour is minimum of 3,5 hours, however, if there are bright Auroras out there, I would be happy to spend the whole night chasing the lights with you. Hot tea, cookies and my Northern Lights photography training are a part of the deal. If you are interested, contact me at or find out more at ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017


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Деревня Санта Клауса Ул. Tähtikuja 2, 96930 Rovaniemi

Контакты: | +358 40 159 3811 48





ЗИМОЙ 2016-17 жителям Лапландии и всего региона предоставится отличная возможность слетать в Европу прямыми рейсами из аэропортов Рованиеми, Киттиля и Ивало. Причиной для их появления послужила сфера туризма Лапландии, которая переживает настоящий бум. Уже прошлой зимой авиакомпания Lufthansa наладила авиасообщение между Мюнхеном и Киттиля, где находится горнолыжный курорт Леви. Зимой 2016-17 авиасообщение будет возобновлено, причем количество рейсов будет удвоено до двух в неделю. Кроме того, в период с 17.12.2016 по 17.3.2017 Lufthansa собирается летать раз в неделю из Франкфурта и Ивало. За ними последовала и Germania. Авиакомпания открывает воздушное сообщение между Берлином и Рованиеми, а также Дюссельдорфом и Киттиля. Недавно Germania анонсировала еще один воздушный мост между Цюрихом и Рованиеми. Рейсы авиакомпании будут обслуживаться два раза в неделю с декабря 2016 по март 2017. Авиаперевозчик из Великобритании Monarch тоже открыл для себя Лапландию. С декабря по февраль Monarch будет летать два раза неделю из Лондона в Киттиля, а в декабре также из Манчестера в Киттиля. Недавно к этой дружной компании перевозчиков присоединился и Norwegian. Норвежские самолеты будут летать из Лондона в Киттиля два раза в неделю с декабря по март. Аэропорты Лапландии недавно были подготовлены к растущему пасажиропотоку. Государственная компания Finavia, управляющая аэропортами страны, потратила 35 миллионов евро на обновление аэропортов Лапландии. Летом 2016 г. ВПП аэропорта Рованиеми была капитально отремонирована, а годом ранее в здании аэропорта прошел ремонт. Теперь в аэропорту действует две линии контроля вместо одной, что удвоило пропускную способность. В 2014-2015 гг. прошел ремонт ВПП аэропортов Ивало и Киттиля, а также их терминалов. Информация об аэропортах Финляндии:

ДЛЯ МНОГИХ ТУРИСТОВ северное сияние является одной из главных причин для поездки в Лапландию. Увидеть его едут многие азиаты и южноевропейцы. Несмотря на то, что по статистике северное сияние появляется в небе Лапландии, в среднем, каждую вторую ночь, возможностей увидеть его меньше из-за облачной погоды. Предприимчивые финны нашли способ обойти это препятствие — надо всего-лишь подняться над облаками! Этой зимой компания Wild Nordic организует полеты на небольшом частном самолете, чтобы показать туристам небо и северное сияние в облачную погоду. Короткие часовые рейсы стартуют каждый вечер с 20:00 до 01:00 в период с 15.1.2016 по 15.03.2017. Самолет Pipep PA 31, оснащенный противообледенительной системой, может вместить до 6 пассажиров. Стоимость полета не из дешевых, в районе нескольких сот евро, однако для многих туристов, уже протативших тысячи евро, чтобы добраться до Лапландии, это будет лишь небольшой надбавкой, чтобы увидеть долгожданное сияние. Кроме того, в дневное время компания организует ВИП-рейсы в Норвегию, например, половить норвежского краба, или туда, куда захочет клиент. Подробнее:

МОБИЛЬНОЕ ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ ПОМОЖЕТ ПРЕДОТВРАЩЯТЬ АВАРИИ С ОЛЕНЯМИ Лапландия — это зона оленеводческого промысла и ДТП с участием оленей здесь нередки. Это приносит большие убытки оленеводам, несмотря на компенсации. В Лапландии уже который год разрабатывают и тестируют способы уменьшить количество аварий. В 2013-2014 гг. рога оленей даже красили специальной светоотражательной краской, но это не принесло желаемого результата. Краска не очень нравилась оленям и они стремились содрать ее.

Финны разработали новый способ — мобильное приложение «Олений колокольчик» (Porokello). Принцип его прост — водители сами отмечают в приложении местонахождение оленей и оповещают об этом других. В определенное время года олени передвигаются стадами, что помогает отслеживать их. Приложение рассчитано на водителей фур, автобусов и т.д., однако скоро его сможет установить любой желающий. Приложение находится в стадии тестирования. ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017



в Финляндии супермаркеты работают по будням до 21-22 часов, по выходным до 18–19. Раньше магазины должны были закрываться на праздники, а теперь могут работать, когда хотят. Призма Рованиеми работает теперь практически каждый день, включая праздники. Ночью продукты в Рованиеми можно купить в круглосуточном магазине Sale в центре города (Koskikatu 11). Круглосуточно и в праздники основные продукты питания можно купить еще и на заправках Shell, в центре Рованиеми (Hallituskatu 22) и в Деревне Санта Клауса.


НА МАШИНЕ ПО ФИНЛЯНДИИ Перед поездкой в Финляндию стоит проверить исправность ближнего и дальнего света и сигналов поворота. Дети до трех лет должны путешествовать в специально закрепленном детском кресле. Ввоз антирадаров (точнее, радар-детекторов) в Финляндию запрещен. Если устройство обнаружат, его конфискуют, а вы получите штраф. Пиратские диски, электрошокеры и другие предметы для самообороны тоже лучше оставить дома. В Финляндии даже днем пользуются ближним светом. На севере страны водители предупреждают друг друга об оленях на дороге, моргая дальним светом. Все пассажиры, даже находящиеся на заднем сидении, должны быть пристегнуты. Скоростное ограничение зимой на четырехполосных автомагистралях — 100 км/ч, на обычных магистралях — 80 км/ч. На многих

дорогах страны стоят автоматические камеры слежения за скоростью. Штраф могут дать уже тогда, когда скорость превышена всего на 7 км/ч. Период пользования зимней резиной определятся в Финляндии законом. Он гласит, что пользование шипованной или фрикционной зимней резиной обязательно для всех легковых автомобилей с 1 декабря по конец февраля. Шипованной резиной можно пользоваться с 1 ноября по истечение недели после финской Пасхи (в 2017 г. — до 24 апреля), а также всегда, когда это целесообразно. В Лапландии, наример, на шипованной резине ездят с начала октября по начало мая. На безшипованной зимней резине можно ездить весь год. Глубина протектора зимних шин должна быть не менее 3 мм, рекомендуемая глубина для безопасной зимней езды — 5–6 мм.

Если у вас легкое недомогание, то легче обратиться в одну из частных клиник в центре города — Terveystalo (ТЦ Revontuli, 5-й этаж, Koskikatu 27) или Lääkärikeskus (старая фабрика Marttiini, 3-й этаж, Vartiokatu 32). В частных клиниках обслуживание дороже, чем в муниципальных, но лучше и быстрее. Клиники работают с понедельника по пятницу. При серьезных недомоганиях или во время выходных обратитесь в центральную больницу Лапландии «Lapin Keskussairaala» (Ounasrinteentie 22). Препараты для самолечения можно купить в «Сампо Аптеке» которая находится в торговом центре «Сампо» в Рованиеми. Лекарства по русским рецептам, тем не менее, финские аптеки не выдают. При чрезвычайных случаях звоните по единому номеру финских экстренных служб 112.


МАСТЕРСКАЯ «ТАЙГАКОРУ» Украшения по лапландским мотивам.

Познакомьтесь с нашей коллекцией украшений в ТЦ «Ринтеенкулма» в Рованиеми. Сделано в Лапландии!

ЗАКАЗ УКРАШЕНИЙ Тел. +358 16 31 30 70



ФИРМЕННЫЕ МАГАЗИНЫ «ТАЙГАКОРУ» – Деревня Санта Клауса (рядом с офисом Санты) – Торговый центр «Ринтеенкулма» в центре Рованиеми – г. Соданкюля, ул. Sompiontie 4

ПОЛЕЗНАЯ ИНФОРМАЦИЯ Еще одна бесплатная стоянка на час — в подземном гараже ТЦ «Сампо». При въезде на стоянку автомат даст вам парковочную карту, и если парковка длилась больше часа, ее нужно оплатить. Бесплатная стоянка на 2 часа есть и на крыше магазина Pukumies / кафе Coffee House. Въезд на эти парковки рядом с ТЦ «Сампо», со стороны Сити-отеля (фото).


Практически все большие и маленькие магазины, расположенные на окраине, предоставляют клиентам бесплатную парковку без ограничения во времени. Торговые центры и магазины в центре города предлагают бесплатную парковку на 1–2 часа. Контроль за длительностью парковки осуществляется с помощью синих парковочных часов, которые можно приобрести в любом супермаркете. Часы нужно оставить на видном месте под ветровым стеклом, указав на нем время прибытия на стоянку, Указывать время следует без опережения, так как если контролер это заметит, вам грозит штраф 50€. Если же вы просрочите время парковки, то за это

тоже грозит штраф. Контролеры регулярно обходят все стоянки в городе. Если вы захотите продлить стоянку, то передвиньте время на парковочных часах. Самая популярная бесплатная стоянка в центре Рованиеми — у торговых центров «Ринтеенкулма» и «Ревонтули», которые совместно предлагают около 800 парковочных мест. У «Ринтеекулма» есть трехъярусная стоянка, а у «Ревонтули» — теплый подземный гараж. Везде действует бесплатная парковка на 2 часа с парковочными часами, кроме небольшого пятачка у южного входа где «быстрая» парковка на час. Верхний ярус стоянки «Ринтеенкулма» предлагает платную парковку на весь день за 2€.


Платные параллельные парковки в центре есть везде, и платить необходимо по будням с 8 до 18 и по субботам с 8 до 16. Оплата производится в парковочные автоматы: цена 20 центов за каждые 10 минут или 1,20€ в час. Чек от паркомата нужно оставить под ветровым стеклом.


Тип парковки и другую полезную информацию можно узнать по надписям на знаках. Пиктограмма парковочных часов и надпись 1h (главное фото), означает, что бесплатная парковка разрешена на час при использовании парковочных часов. Если на знаке пиктограмма парковочного автомата, значит нужно оплатить парковку. Во многих местах на парковке можно встретить надпись VARATTU (занято), если парковка закреплена за кем-то. Ищите место с надписью ASIAKAS (клиент) или VIERAS (гость).

Качественные ножи с 1928 года Фабрика Марттиини была основана кузнецом Янне Марттиини в Рованиеми в 1928 г. Фабрика и сегодня Новинка 2016 г. «Вепрь»

производит традиционные лапландские ножи и «финки, современные и качественные рыболовные и охотничьи ножи, а также коллекционные модели с бронзовыми навершиями и дамасской сталью.

Финский офицерский нож

«СТАРАЯ ФАБРИКА» Пн–Пт 10–18, Сб 10–16


Новинка 2016 года — нож «Вепрь». Посетите фирменные магазины Марттиини в Рованиеми! ДЕРЕВНЯ САНТА ALL КЛАУСА ОНЛАЙН ABOUT LAPLAND |МАРТТИИНИ WINTER 2017 51 Каждый день 10–17


Регион Рука-Куусамо расположен на Северо-Востоке Финляндии, рядом с российской границей. Катание на горнолыжном курорте Рука продолжается более 200 дней в году — с октября по май! Здесь вас ждут 34 склона, отличный сноу-парк и сотни километров ухоженной лыжни. Катаясь посреди заснеженных лесов и сопок вы отдохнете душой и телом! В лыжной школе Рука вас быстро поставят на лыжи и сноуборд, а в бесплатных зонах катания для детей и начинающих можно получить первые навыки спуска. В детской стране Розы и Рудольфа можно погреться у костра и покормить оленей.


Гостиницы курорта Рука расположились в самом его центре — классическая гостиница Rantasipi Rukahovi и апарт-отели Ruka Ski Chalet, Ski-Inn RukaVillage и RukaSuites. В апарт-отелях есть неболь-

хаски и загляните в избушку Йоулупукки! Любителям экстрима понравятся сафари на снегоходах, ледовое скалолазание и подледная рыбалка. Одна из лучших туристических фирм региона — это компания Rukapalvelu, дом сафари которой находится прямо в центре Рука.

шая кухня и возможность готовить еду, а также стиральная машина и сушильный шкаф, что очень удобно для семей с детьми. В апарт-отелях Ski-Inn вы всегда можете забронировать четыре ночи по цене трех и пять ночей по цене семи. Всего в регионе Рука-Куусамо более 20 000 спальных мест.


В Куусамо вас ждет разнообразие зимних приключений. Отправьтесь в поход на снегоступах, посетите оленеводческую ферму или прокатитесь на собаках


В Рука не надо думать, чем занять своих маленьких проказников, ведь море снега и свежего воздуха — это уже хорошее начало! Добавьте к этому катание на санках, лыжах, кормление северных оленей, знакомство с дружелюбными хаски и возможность сказать заветное желание на ушко финскому Деду Морозу — Йоулупукки. В городе Куусамо детишек ждет аквапарк с водными горками и огромный активити-парк AngryBirds, откуда их не вытащить и силой! Можете не сомневаться, что отдых в Рука-Куусамо позитивно запомнится вам на долгие годы!

Лучшие экскурсии на курорте Рука! Мы приглашаем вас в зимние приключения! В нашей программе экскурсий вы найдете веселые поездки для всей семьи: катание ня оленях и хаски, снегоходы, зимнюю рыбалку и ледяное скалолазание. Мы будем рады организовать эксклюзивные VIP-экскурсии специально для вашей компании!





Ул. Rukankyläntie 13 Центр Рука, рядом с гостиницей Рукахови

Тел. +358 10 2710 500


Рука — всегда море впечатлений! Журнал «Вся Лапландия» пообщался с известным российским сноубордистом, Женей Ивановым, о том, где в Финляндии можно хорошо покататься.. Привет, Женя! Расскажи пару слов о себе. — Привет! Меня зовут Женя Иванов, для друзей просто Жун (Joon), этот псевдоним прилип ко мне еще в раннем детстве. Я родился и вырос в Западной Сибири на полуострове Ямал в городе Надым. Это северный город, где зима начиналась довольно рано, и все в округе могло быть покрыто снегом почти до самого лета. Именно там я начал кататься на сноуборде. Важные для тебя достижения в спорте? — В 2008 году в Канаде я стал призером на Arctic Winter Games во всех дисциплинах, и вскоре после этого переехал в Москву и стал выступать за сборную нашей страны. Катал ли ты в Финляндии? — Одной из моих первых поездок за границу после переезда в столицу была поездка на курорт Рука.



Cпонсоры: • Quiksilver • Action Can • G-Shock

Обычно мне всегда нужно немного времени, чтобы прикататься к новому месту, понимаете, снег ведь везде едет по-разному, да и вообще очень много разных нюансов. С Рукой все было по-другому — это место находится почти на одной широте с городом, в котором я родился и вырос, и вся природа, снег, сопки, полярные ночи напоминают мне дом. С тех пор почти каждый год я стараюсь приезжать в Рука. До сюда довольно просто добраться, несмотря на ситуацию с курсами валют цены остались демократичными, ну и конечно же сноуборд парк с каждым годом продолжает развиваться. Благодаря освещению на склонах кататься можно до самого вечера!


В какое время сезона лучше всего ехать на Рука? — Думаю, что сложно выбрать какой-то один период сезона. Я бы сказал, что в идеале сюда нужно приехать хотя бы дважды — первый раз зимой под Рождество или Новый год, чтобы ощутить ту самую «зимнюю сказку», увидеть полярные ночи, северные сияния, все вокруг украшено гирляндами. Второй раз стоит приехать весной — «мягкие» склоны, белые ночи, совершенно иная картина, отличающаяся от той, что можно увидеть зимой.

• Второй по величине в

Когда ты сам собираешься приехать в Рука? — Уже в декабре 2016. Дальше — думаю весной, на майские — там по традиции будут все друзья. Какие три вещи нужно обязательно сделать на Рука, если оказался там впервые? — Трех вещей будет недостаточно, поэтому просто расскажу о том, что точно стоит попробовать: увидеть северное сияние, покататься в упряжке на оленях, сьездить на хаски-ферму, погонять на карте по ледяной трассе, сходить в финскую сауну и попробовать Минты! Ну и конечно же покататься на сноуборде или лыжах!


• 34 склона, 21 подъемник • сезон с октября по май • 500 км лыжни • 64 ресторана • 63 турфирмы • 40 000 спальных мест • 7000 коттеджей @rukaskiresort @rukabatterypark


— Собирай друзей или присоединяйся к нашей компании!

Туроператор Ruka Fest приготовил серию выездов на сезон 2016-2017! Поездка с RukaFest это новые друзья, море катания, отвязные вечеринки, фото- и видео-съемка, контесты с призами, мастер-классы от про-райдеров и многое другое!

12–20.11.2016 29.12.16-7.1.17 3.1–11.1.2017 28.1–5.2.2017 1.5–7.5.2017

Открываем сезон! Новогодние каникулы-1 Новогодние каникулы-2 Студенческие каникулы Майские праздники

Ц Е Н Ы И П О Д Р О Б Н О С Т И Н А V K . C O M / R U K A F E S T И W W W. R U K A F E S T. C O M



СКОЛЬКО СТОИТ ОБУЧЕНИЕ В ЛАПЛАНДИИ? Журнал «Вся Лапландия» выяснил стоимость обучения для россиян в Рованиеми с 2017 г.


бучение в Финляндии пользуется популярностью среди россиян в последние годы. Причин этому несколько: качество и гибкость образования, англоязычные программы и возможность учиться бесплатно. Однако, начиная с 2017 г., обучение на англоязычных программах в финских вузах станет платным для нерезидентов ЕС. В Рованиеми высшее образование на английском можно получить в двух вузах. Лапландский университет является ведущим вузом региона и предлагает обучение от бакалавриата до докторантуры на четырех факультетах. Англоязычные программы университета преподаются только в магистратуре и длятся 2 года. Для поступления вам необходимо иметь диплом бакалавра или выполнить сопоставимый объем обучения (3–4 года). Лапландский политехнический институт (LapinAMK) предлагает прикладное обучение на бакалавриате в сферах бизнеса, туризма и здравоохранения. Длительность обучения — 3–4 года. В отличие от Лапландского универ-

ситета, вы можете поступить в Lapin AMK сразу же после окончания русской школы, подав заявление, когда вы еще учитесь 11-м классе. Для поступления в оба вуза необходимо пройти языковой тест TOEFL или IELTS. С осени 2017 г. стоимость обучения в Лапландском университете и LapinAMK составит 8000€ в год. Одновременно с платным образованием вводится и система стипендий. Лапландский университет оплатит 50% обучения всем студентам, снизив стоимость до 4000€ в год. Кроме того, 25% студентов, набравших самые высокие баллы при поступлении, получат образование бесплатно! LapinAMK оплатит 80% от стоимости первого учебного года, что снизит плату до 1600€. Со второго по четвертый год стипендия будет 60%, то есть плата составит 3200€ в год, однако условием для этого является хорошая успеваемость, не менее 55 кредитов в год. Те студенты, которые выпустятся в положеный срок или ранее, получат последний год бесплатно. Расценки не из дешевых, но вполне сопоставимы с платой во многих российских и европейских вузах. Обучение в Лапландии по-прежнему остается интересным вариантом для тех, кто хочет получить качественное европейское образование.


Магистратура (2 года):

• Arctic Art and Design • Media Education • Tourism, Culture and International

Management Подача заявлений: 1.12.2016 – 31.1.2017.


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• Business Information Technology • International Business • Tourism • Nursing

Подача заявлений: 10.1 – 25.1.2017.

DARE TO DREAM «Учиться в Лапландском университете очень удобно — вы можете сами выбирать интересные вам курсы.» Екатерина Брицына, студентка из России

Хочешь учиться в Европе? Получи высшее образование в Лапландском политехническом институте на английском языке! 54 /ulapland




@universityof lapland




100 лет Финляндии В 2017 году Финляндия будет праздновать столетие своей независимости. Чем примечательна финская культура? Как повлияла на нее близость природы и климат Севера?

100 ЛЕТ — это огромный срок для человека, но

небольшой для страны. В этом смысле Финляндия, которой в 2017 году исполнится лишь 100 лет — достаточно молодая страна. Тем не менее, финно-угорская культура и ее история насчитывают сотни, а то и тысячи лет. Погрузиться в финскую культуру вам помогут культурные достопримечательности Рованиеми — музеи Арктикум, Пильке и Корунди. Музей Арктикум тоже празднует в 2017 году юбилей, ему исполняется 25 лет. Его стеклянный купол, устремившийся строго на север, был возведен в 1992 году к 75-летию страны. Арктикум знакомит посетителей с бытом коренных народов Арктики — ненцев, эскимосов, инуитов, якутов. Изменение климата и среды обитания губительно влияет на жизнь и обычаи этих народностей. Научный центр Арктикума занимается исследованиями арктических народов и делится своими находками на выставках музея. Тут же можно узнать и о народных промыслах лапландцев — оленеводах, охотниках и рыбаках. Весьма интересна и саамская культура — представителей этой народности осталось в стране всего несколько тысяч, однако ведется работа по сохранению этой культуры и языков.

АРКТИКУМ Pohjoisranta 4

ПИЛЬКЕ Ounasjoentie 6

Рядом с музеем Арктикум находится еще одна достопримечательность города — интерактивный научный центр Пильке. Практически все отделочные материалы в нем из дерева. Это неспроста, ведь Пильке знакомит с финским лесом и бережным отношением финнов к природе. В Пильке будет весело всей семье, ведь это знакомство проходит с помощью интерактивных игр, задач и головоломок, решая которые можно узнать много нового. В Пильке можно поуправлять машиной для лесозаготовок, услышать пение лесных птиц, спеть лесное караоке, а также увидеть все разнообразие материалов, получаемых из древесины. Музей современного искусства Корунди — это частичка живой истории города. Здание музея постройки 1933 г. является одним из немногих, переживших войну. Корунди предлагает вашему вниманию одну из самых ярких коллекций современного искусства Финляндии. Здесь собрано более 3000 произведений финского искусства последних десятилетий, которые приоткрывают завесу финской души и меланхолии Севера. Небольшой дизайн-бутик Корунди — это отличное место для покупки украшений местных мастеров рукоделия, а также сувениров для ваших родных.

КОРУНДИ Lapinkävijäntie 4


3.6.2016–23.4.2017, Арктикум

Можно подумать, что Арктика не блещет кулинарным разнообразием, однако, так лишь на первый взгляд! Узнайте все об арктической еде в Арктикуме.


14.10.2016–29.1.2017 @ Корунди

Выставка работ фото-художника Яаакко Хейккиля, посвященная исчезающим представителям венецианской знати и их экстравагантным апартаментам.


1.2.2017–14.1.2018, Арктикум

Выставка знакомит с историей Рованиеми за последние 100 лет. Каждое десятилетие, начиная с 1910-х, представлено набором из 10 объектов и 10 фотографий.

ЕДИНЫЙ БИЛЕТ В АРКТИКУМ, ПИЛЬКЕ И КОРУНДИ Взрослый 20€, детский (7–15 лет) 10€. Действует 7 дней. ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017


Деревня Санта Клауса


дна из главных достопримечательностей Рованиеми — это Деревня Санта Клауса, которая находится на Полярном круге. Вход в нее всегда бесплатный и вы платите только за услуги на месте. Встретиться с финским Санта Клаусом тоже можно бесплатно, но фото с ним стоит денег. Эльфы, веселые помощники Санты, снимают профессиональные фото и видео всех его встреч. Вы можете купить фото, которое напечатают тут же, либо приобрести цифровой пакет для скачивания, который включает в себя несколько фото, а также видео вашего посещения. Дети со всего мира шлют Йолупукки свои рождественские пожелания. В обязанности эльфов входит читать детские письма и конечно же рассказывать о них Йоулупукки. На почте Санта Клауса можно отправить открытки и письма со специальной печатью. Если вы положите письма в оранжевый ящик, то они отправятся в путь тут же, а если в красный, то их отправят к следующему Новому Году. В главном здании коттеджной деревни Santa Claus Holiday Village находится Рождественская выставка, которая рассказывает о традициях встречи Рождества в разных странах. Вход на выставку бесплатный.

ОЛЕНЕВОДЧЕСКАЯ ФЕРМА САНТА КЛАУСА На оленеводческой ферме вы можете сделать круг 400 м, 1 км или 3 км на оленьей упряжке. Все участники катания пересекают Полярный круг и могут приобрести специальное фото на память об этом. Ферма работает каждый день. 56



Ул. Joulumaantie Arctic Cirlce, 96930 Rovaniemi 7 км от центра


Ежедневно с 10 до 17. Летом ежедневно с 9 до 18


Если захотите покататься на оленях, позади офиса Санты находится оленеводческая ферма. Рекомендуем заглянуть и в ресторан оленеводческой фермы, где вы можете вкусно пообедать блюдами лапландской кухни. Местную кухню дают и в лапландском чум рядом с почтой Санта Клауса. Здесь вас накормят вкуснейшим лососем, приготовленным тут же на костре. Из интересных сувениров рекомендуем магазины финского дизайна Маримекко, Ииттала и магазин ювелирной мастерской Тайгакору, соседствующие с офисом Йолупукки. Стоит заглянуть и в новый фирменный магазин ножей Марттиини рядом с почтой. В северной части Деревни находится пара хаски-ферм, где вы можете сделать небольшой круг на собачьей упряжке.

РЕСТОРАН «КОТАХОВИ» Ресторан «Котахови» находится при оленеводческой ферме. Здесь вы можете отведать блюда местной лапландской кухни: оленины, лосося и хлебного сыра. Часы работы: каждый день с 12 до 17. С декабря по середину января с 12 до 20.

Поездка из центра города на такси будет стоить 25–30€ в одну сторону. Заказ по тел. +358 200 88 000. Автобус №8 отправляется с ж/д вокзала и останавливается в центре, например, у гостиницы Сокос Ваакуна (фото). Путь занимает 20 мин, а билет стоит 3,90€/чел в одну сторону или 7,20€ сразу туда и обратно. Скачать расписание:

ФЕРМА «БЕАРХИЛЛ ХАСКИ» В деревне Санта Клауса находится «представительство» лучшей хаски-фермы города — «Беархилл хаски». Отправляйтесь через большую парковку, минуя «Хаскипарк». Здесь вы можете быстро, но увлекательно покататься на хаски!

Забавы для детей! 5 советов о том, как весело провести время всей семьей!

1. Зоопарк Рануа Зоопарк Рануа находится в 80 км югу от Рованиеми. Животные здесь живут в просторных вольерах, к которым ведет петляющая по лесу тропа. В Рануа вы встретите белых медведей, волков, рысей, росомах, и других животных. Весной в зоопарке родились детеныши выдры, а также маленькие лосята, а в прошлом году здесь поселилась целая стая красных волков. Они приехали из Азии, но в Лапландии им не холодно, так как их естественный ареал включает горные скалистые районы и снег им не в новинку. Зоопарк открыт каждый день без выходных с 10 до 16.

3. Лесные секреты Рекомендуем сводить детишек в научно-познавательный центр «Пильке», который посвящен знакомству с лесом. В «Пильке» находится большая игровая площадка с веселыми интерактивными играми и головоломками. Детишки могут попробовать себя в роли лесоруба, водителя харвестера (машины для рубки леса), охотника и даже спеть лесное караоке!

2. Веселое рукоделие Рукоделие — это скучно? Только не в Лапландии! Посетите мастерскую семьи рукоделов Кангасниеми в Рованиеми и посмотрите как делаются сувениры из оленьего рога, березового капа, и даже рыбьих шкур. Кстати, вы тоже своими руками сделаете себе сувенир, который вы можете забрать с собой на память о поездке!

Ул. Ounasjoentie 6, Рованиеми

5. Парк приключений 4. Эльфы СантаПарк — это огромная пещера, где живут веселые эльфы. В СантаПарке вы можете встретиться с самим Сантой, покататься на волшебном поезде и поиграть на площадке Angry Birds. Эльфы придумали много других интересных развлечений: Школу эльфийского мастерства, уроки каллиграфии и веселое музыкальное представление. Следует также заглянуть в гости к Ледяной принцессе и в рождественскую пекарню! Санта Парк открыт каждый день с 19.11.2016 по 08.01.2017.

Ул. Tarvantie 1, Рованиеми.

Парки для игры «Хоп-лоп» и «Ролло-халли» находятся в 3 км от центра. Здесь ваши детишки смогут весело играть хоть целый день! В «Хоп-лопе», рассчитанном на детей 0-13 лет, есть лабиринты, горки, батут и детские машинки. Парк «Ролло-халли» сделан для детей старше 7 лет. В парке детишек ждут два батута, бассейны с паралоном, скейт-парк, стрит и трамплин для скейтборда, паркур, стена для скалолазания и полоса препятствий.

Ул. Napapiirintie Рованиеми ALL 14, ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017


Золотые перстни Мастерская «Тайгакору» в Рованиеми производит широкий спектр украшений, основывающихся на саамской мифологии, флоре и фауне Лапландии. Конек мастерской — это золотые перстни с лапландскими самородками. Есть и много красивых изделий из серебра, доступных по цене. Фирменные магазины мастерской: Деревня Санта Клауса (рядом с офисом Санты), Стильный кожаный клатч, сделанный вручную Торговый центр Ринтеенкулма (Рованиеми), из оленьей кожи – это уникальный сувенир! Соданкюля (ул. Sompiontie 4). Саамы знали что, оленья кожа – очень нежный, но достаточно неприхотливый материал, поэтому использовали ее для изготовления своей одежды и домашней утвари. Такая лаконичная сумочка хорошо подойдет вам самим или в качестве подарка. Приобрести ее и другие изделия из оленьей кожи можно в сувенирной лавке музея Арктикум. Не уезжайте домой с пустыми руками. Ул. Pohjoisranta 4, Рованиеми. Возьмите с собой кусочек Лапландии!

Клатч из оленьей кожи

Сувениры из


Часы Suunto Часы Suunto для пешего туризма, охоты и рыбалки, оснащенные GPS, — это идеальный подарок для мужчины. Спортивные модели Suunto позволяют следить за маршрутом и темпом тренеровок. Сделано в Финляндии! Магазин «Интерспорт», ТЦ Ринтеенкулма (Рованиеми).

Чехол для айпэда

Серьги Kaima Design

Серьги из оленьей кожи, сделанные лапландской рукодельницей Кайсой Сиповаара, будут прекрасным сувениром из Лапландии! Так как свои украшения Кайса делает вручную, каждая серьга отличается от другой, что делает их уникальными в своем роде. Музей Корунди, ул. Lapinkävijäntie 4, Рованиеми.

Хотите самый модный лапландский чехол для вашего айпеда, из натурального войлока и с оленьим «хвостиком»? Пошивом чехлов Suodji («защита» по-саамски) занимается ателье «Арктические швеи» (Arktiset ompelijat). Рекомендуем посетить их магазин в центре Рованиеми, напротив отеля Arctic Light Hotel. Ул. Valtakatu 21, Рованиеми. 58


Финские ножи

Финский нож — это не только хороший сувенир, но и отличный инструмент на все случаи жизни. Фабрика «Марттиини» в Рованиеми с 1928 г. занимается изготовлением традиционных финских ножей. Их можно купить в фирменных магазинах фабрики в Рованиеми: Старая фабрика (Vartiokatu 32, у Арктикума), Торговый центр Ринтеенкулма, Деревня Санта Клауса.

Биопродукты Arctic Warriors

Полезный подарок — лучший подарок! Мед и сиропы от «Арктических воинов» несут силу лапландского леса. В них — натуральные лесные травы — крапива, корень радиолы розовой, дудник и т.д. Мед и сиропы защитят вас от простуды и гриппа. Даже дети едят их с удовольствием! Научно-познавательный центр Пильке, ул. Ounasjoentie 6, Рованиеми.


МУЗЕЙ ЗОЛОТА ТАНКАВААРА — это частичка живой лапландской истории, ведь добыча золота здесь ведется и по сей день. Танкаваара находится рядом с трассой E75, между Ивало и Рованиеми, в 30 км южнее Саарисельки. Танкаваара — это целый комплекс, который включает в себя музей золота, небольшой отель с рестораном, музей минералов и стадион для соревнований по золотодобыче. Музей золота разделен на две части, одна из ко-

торых посвящена финской золотой лихорадке, а другая — традициям золотодобычи во всем мире и человеческой тяге к золоту. В музее вы узнаете про быт и инструменты, которые использовали лапландские золотоискатели. Здесь также представлены копии самых крупных самородков, когда-либо найденных в Лапландии. Билет в музей золота включает посещение мини-поселка, где заново отстраивают здания, связанные с золотыми лихорадками во всем мире. Даже зимой у вас есть возможность промыть золото под крышей музея. Песок для промывки берется с золотоносного ручья, проходящего рядом с музеем, на котором до сих пор добывают золото. Пытаться можно до тех пор, пока не найдете первые золотые песчинки, которые вы можете забрать с собой. В 2019 г. в Танкавааре пройдет Чемпионат мира по промывке золота, посвященный 150-летию лапландской золотой лихорадки.

ЧАСЫ РАБОТЫ 1.10–31.5: Пн–Пт с 10 до 16 C 31.12.2016 по 15.4.2017 таже по субботам с 12 до 16 ЦЕНА БИЛЕТОВ Взрослый 10€ Детский (7–16 лет) 5€ Промывка золота 8€ АДРЕС Ул. Tankavaarantie 11 C Tankavaara

АМЕТИСТОВЫЙ РУДНИК АМЕТИСТОВЫЙ РУДНИК «ЛАМПИВААРА» находится в 5 км от горнолыжного центра Луосто (120 км от Рованиеми). Рудник можно посетить и зимой — надо лишь тепло одеться! В избушке на вершине сопки вам расскажут об аметисте и угостят горячим соком, а затем вы отправитесь в крытый карьер на поиски вашего счастливого камня. Аметист здесь добывают только кирками, вручную! В цену билета входит один камень, который поместится в кулаке нашедшего его. Рудник находится на территории национального парка, где зимой нет автодороги. Добраться до рудника можно двумя способами. Любители приключений могут пройти путь 5 км пешком или на лыжах. Так веселее и билеты будут дешевле! Второй вариант — это ратрак «Пендолино», который отправляется из центра Луосто и заезжает

ОТКРЫТ 1.12.2016–15.4.2017 по будням (закрыто 24–25.12) ЦЕНТР ЛУОСТО Отправление в 10:45 Взр. 63€, детский 28€ на парковку «Укколуосто» в 2,5 км от рудника. Количество мест в ратраке ограничено, поэтому билеты лучше купить заранее в магазине Little Mine Shop в Луосто. Если вы идете пешком, то билеты можно купить в кафе рудника, откуда отправляются экскурсии.


СВОИМ ХОДОМ От кафе рудника в 11:30 и 14:00, взр. 27€, дет. 14€


— приезжайте в гости к северным животным!





Alce alces s


ПАРКОВКА «УККОЛУОСТО» Отправления в 11:00 и 13:30 Взр. 53€, детский 24€

Ursus maritimus

sus arctos

оопарк Рануа находится в 80 км к югу от Рованиеми. В зоопарке проживает около 200 особей более чем 50 видов животных в условиях, максимально приближенных к естественным. Приезжайте посмотреть на белых и бурых медведей, волков, хищных птиц, кабанов, рысей, росомах и многих других зверей! Остановитесь в уютных апартаментах класса люкс «Гуло-гуло» рядом с зоопарком! Веселые экскурсии на фермы оленей и хаски стартуют прямо от ворот зоопарка. Рануа ждет вас! ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017

Зоопарк Рануа открыт каждый день с 10 до 16.

Инфо по-русски:



Tommy Hilfiger



Томми Хилфигер – это вневременная одежа первого класса для деловых людей. С 1985 года компания шьет качественные вещи для мужчин и женщин. Элегантный крой, простые линии, глубокие цвета, геометрические узоры – это отличительные черты бренда. Одежда от Томми Хилфигера хорошо подойдет как для офисной работы и деловых встреч, так и для повседневной жизни. Магазин «МОДА» ТЦ «Сампо» Рованиеми

в Рованиеми

InWear Элегантная женская линия одежды на каждый день из Дании. Свое вдохновение компания ИнВэр берет из урбанистической среды города, добавляя немного роскоши, женственности и беззаботности в каждую коллекцию. Главный стилист компании рекомендует собрать базовый гардероб из темно синего, бежевого или серого цвета и разбавить их яркими деталями. Бутик ByEMKA Ул. Rovakatu 21 центр Рованиеми


Финский бренд Лухта поможет вам вести активный образ жизни и оставаться стильными. Огромный выбор мужской, женской одежды и обуви не оставит никого равнодушным! Футболки, платья, рубашки, брюки на каждый день, пуховики, ветровки, теплые штаны, обувь и многое другое вы найдете магазине Лухта. Каждый день вас будут ждать скидки и специальные предложения! Luhta Brand Store ТЦ «Ревонтули», Рованиеми

Ecco SuperDry Бренд СуперДрай – это слияние ярких японских принтов и классической современной британской моды. В этой одежде вам будет удобно и стильно круглый год! Пуховики и куртки от СуперДрай добавят цвета в ваш зимний гардероб. Бренд шьет одежду как для мужчин, так и для женщин. Такие аксессуары СуперДрай как шапки, шарфы и сумки расставят яркие акценты в вашем образе. Магазин «МОДА» ТЦ «Сампо», Рованиеми 60


Обувь Экко — это естественность движений, максимальный комфорт, а также инновационные материалы. В обуви от Экко можно пройти километры, отплясать ночь в клубе или провести переговоры и незаметить как быстро пролетело время! Невесомые кросовки, винтажные мокасины, удобные туфли, изящные и практичные сумки, клатчи, приятные скидки — все это ждет вас в Ecco Outlet. Обслуживание по-русски! Ecco Outlet ТЦ «Ринтеенкулма» Рованиеми

Kuoma У компании Куома почти столетний опыт в производстве обуви. В начале 90-х Куома начала производство детской обуви и сразу вышла в лидеры финского рынка. Зимние сапожки лаконичные на вид, но очень теплые и практичные. Самое главное — они очень легкие. Идеальный зимний вариант! Магазин Intersport ТЦ «Ринтеенкулма» Рованиеми

ВОЗВРАТ ТАКС-ФРИ Хотите сэкономить на покупках? Не забывайте оформлять такс фри или инвойс! В ФИНЛЯНДИИ на все товары и услуги начисляется налог НДС. Ставка налога на продукты питания составляет 14%, на остальные товары — 24%. Это — одежда, обувь, бытовая техника и т.д. Однако, те люди, которые не находятся на ПМЖ в Европе, могут получить возврат налога НДС со своих покупок.


Такс-фри — это система возврата налога с покупок, которую поддерживает компания Глобал Блю. В сети Глобал Блю — тысячи магазинов в Финляндии и Европе. При оформлении чека такс-фри с покупок вы можете получить от 9% до 12% с товаров, облагаемых ставкой налога 24%. Минимальная сумма покупки — 40€. Товар должен быть опечатан специальной лентой и использовать его можно только за пределами ЕС. Для оформления чека вы должны предоставить загранпаспорт. Покидая Европу, вам необходимо подтвердить факт вывоза товара из ЕС печатью таможни. Особо исполнительные служащие таможни могут попросить предъявить товар.

Вы можете получить возврат в течении года с момента оформления чека. В России деньги можно получить в Москве, Калининграде, Мончегорске, Мурманске, Полярных Зорях, Пскове и С.-Петербурге. Если вы собираетесь снова в Лапландию, вы можете получить возврат в Ивало, Саарисельке, Салле и Вартиусе.


Инвойс — это возврат налога НДС, который осуществляется напрямую между магазином и покупателем. Плюс этого способа в том, что продавец возвращает вам все 24% налога, правда, за вычетом возможной комиссии. Этот вариант может быть намного более выгодным при крупных покупках, чем такс-фри! Минус в том, что деньги назад вы можете получить только в том магазине, где совершена покупка, то есть вам необходимо вернуться в Финляндию. Чек инвойса действителен в течении 5-6 месяцев, рекомендуем уточнить этот нюанс в магазине. Процедура та же: вы предъявляете загранпаспорт при покупке и ставите печать на таможне. Желаем вам приятных покупок!

ПУНКТЫ ВОЗВРАТА ТАКС-ФРИ ИВАЛО S-Market Ул. Petsamontie 2, 99800 Ivalo Пн–Вс 8:00 – 21:00. СААРИСЕЛЬКА Магазин Kuukkeli Ул. Saariseläntie 1, 99830 Saariselkä Пн – Вс 9:00 – 21:00 САЛЛА Мотель Takka-Valkea Ул. Savukoskentie 1, 98900 Salla Пн–Пт 8– 21, Сб 8–14 ВАРТИУС Кафе Raja-Kontti Ул. Liekinvaarantie 1602, 88930 Lentiira Пн–Пт 8–18, Сб 10–18, Вс 12–18

СЕМЕЙНАЯ ГОСТИНИЦА «ААКЕНУС» Бюджетный отдых в Рованиеми!

«ААКЕНУС» — это трехзвездочная семейная гостиница с демократичными ценами и домашней атмосферой, которая находится в 200 м от центра. Городской бассейн расположен в 50 м.

Мы предлагаем вам уютное размещение в чистых гостиничных номерах или комфортных семейных апартаментах недалеко от отеля. Обслуживаем и отвечаем на ваши запросы по-русски!

Гостиничный номер


Вкусный скандинавский ужин «шведский стол» подается с понедельника по субботу с 18 до 21. Цена 15€. Доступен всем гостям города!

• 45 одно-, двух- и трехместных номеров, 4 семейных номера • 12 отдельных апартаментов с кухней, спальней и ванной • 200 м до центра, 50 м до бассейна • в цену размещения входит за•

Ул. Koskikatu 47, Рованиеми

втрак-буфет, русское ТВ, вайфай в номерах, парковка ресепшн открыт 24 часа в сутки +358 16 342 2051


Кухня в апартаменте

Скандинавский ужин

Ванная в гостиничном номере 61



В Рованиеми расположены три самых крупных торговых центра Лапландии. Шопинг можно начать с торгового центра «Ревонтули» — тут расположены два отличных магазина молодежной и брендовой одежды JC и Carlings. Здесь вы можете купить джинсы и модную одежду таких брендов как Levi’s, Diesel, Lee’s, Wrangler и многих других. Советуем обратить внимание на финский бренд Makia, который удачно сочетает в себе строгость линий и приглушенные цвета финского ландшафта. В ассортименте бренда — джинсы, куртки, толстовки, рубшаки, футболки и т.д. В «Ревонтули» также находится фирменный магазин финского бренда «Лухта» — Luhta Brand Store. Здесь вы можете купить отличную зимнюю одежду, спортивные курточки, штаны, свитера. В продаже обувь от Björn Borg, Adidas и других брендов. В Luhta Brand Store часто проходят разные акции и скидки. В «Ревонтули» также расположен большой магазин известного бренда H&M, а также его финские аналоги Сеппяля и Капп-Аль. По коридору вы можете пройти в соседний торговый центр «Ринтеенкулма». Здесь стоит обратить внимание на магазин «Интерспорт», где вы найдете спортивный интвентарь, горные и беговые лыжи, а также широкий выбор одежды для всей семьи. В ассортименте зимние куртки, термобелье, обувь и одежда таких брендов как Peak Peformace, Helly Hansen, Timberland и Kuoma. Зайдите в фирменный магазин бренда Ecco за самой модной и практичной обувью из настоящей кожы. В продаже также симпатичные клатчи, сумочки и другие аксессуары. В Ecco обслуживание по-русски и много специальных предложений! 62


В торговом центре «Сампо» в центре Рованиеми вы можете найти несколько сетей молодежной одежды: Vero Moda, Jack&Jones, Cubus и т.д., где можно найти качество по разумной цене. На двух этажах торгового центра расположен магазин МОДА, на первом этаже которого находится мужской отдел, где большой выбор брюк, курток и рубашек, а второй этаж полностью отдан женской одежде. Тут вы можете найти продукцию таких брендов как Gerry Weber, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc O’Polo, Esprit, Gant, и Guess. Новинка магазина МОДА — это теплые зимние пуховики Canada Goose, рассчитанные на очень холодную температуру! В ТЦ «Сампо» находится бутик женской одежды Momenti и магазины натуральной косметики The Bodyshop и Attirance. Кроме того, в ТЦ «Сампо» расположилась еще и центральная аптека города. Самый прогрессивный магазин моды, недавно открывшийся в городе — это бутик ByEmka. Он находится на улице Rovakatu, в двух шагах от аптеки ТЦ «Сампо». Здесь дамы могут купить новинки мировой моды от таких брендов как InWear, Part Two, Boomerang, French Connection и т.д. Заходите в ByEmka за приятными покупками, и хорошим обслуживанием!


В Финляндии много известных брендов дизайна, продукция которых представлена в Рованиеми. Это, прежде всего, бренд «Маримекко», прославившийся на весь мир своими принтами и тканями. В городе два магазина «Маримекко», один в ТЦ «Ринтеенкулма», другой в Деревне Санта Клауса. На входе во второй магазин, рядом с офисом Йоулупукки, находится фирменный магазин местной ювелирной мастерской «Тайгакору», которая

делает украшения из золота и серебра по лапландским и саамским мотивам. В том же здании на Полярном круге находится аутлет другого известного бренда Arabia, который выпускает качественную посуду и столовые принадлежности. В торговом центре «Сампо» вы найдете еще один магазин финского дизайна — Pentik. Этот бренд был основан в 1970-х годах в Лапландии. Pentik предлагает посуду, текстиль и красивые вещи для домашнего интерьера.


Самый хороший супермаркет по соотношению цена-качество в Рованиеми (да и в Куусамо тоже!) — это магазин Призма. Здесь вы найдете самый широкий ассортимент кофе, шоколада, бытовых товаров и вкусных финских продуктов. В самом центре Рованиеми тоже есть хороший продуктовый магазин — это К-Супермаркет в торговом центре «Ринтеенкулма», напротив гостиницы «Скандик». Рядом с супермаркетом находится магазин государственной алкогольной монополии Alko. Продажа спиртных напитков в Финляндии крепостью более 4,7% разрешена только в магазинах этой сети. Часы работы: с 10 до 20 по будням и с 10 до 18 по субботам. Пиво и сидр крепостью до 4,7% можно приобрести в любом супермаркете или киоске до 21:00.


Если вам нужен беспроводной интернет, зайдите в ТЦ «Ревонтули», где вы найдете салоны трех финских операторов, Elisa, Sonera и DNA. Бытовую технику можно купить во многих магазинах в промышленном районе рядом с Призмой. Там же вы найдете шины, автозапчасти, инструменты и многое другое!


Санта Клаус в сопровождении своих эльфов пройдет от городской библиотеки по ул. Rokavatu к центральной площади Лорди. Начало шествия в 11:00, после чего с Сантой можно будет встретиться в каждом из трех торговых центров города поочередно. Много специальных предложений и скидок.

ВС 13.11.2016 - ДЕНЬ ОТЦА

Магазины закрыты.


Начало рождественского сезона в Деревне Санта Клауса. Бесплатное музыкальное представление с участием эльфов и Санта Клауса. Начало в 16.00.

ПТ 2.12.2016 – НОЧЬ ПОДАРКОВ

Магазины центра города будут работать до 23–24 часов. Только в этот день много специальных предложений и акций!


Магазины закрыты.



Новогодние распродажи — это хороший повод обновить гардероб! Распродажи продлятся до конца января.


31 декабря магазины закрываются в 16– 17 часов. В полночь на центральной набережной города пройдет салют. 1 января все магазины закрыты. 2 января магазины работают.


Торжественная церемония, посвященная отправлению Санты дарить подарки детям во всем мире. Бесплатное представление в Деревне Санта Клауса. Начало в 19:00.

Большинство магазинов закрыто.

24–26.12.2016 – ФИНСКОЕ РОЖДЕСТВО

25–26.2.2017 — ЛЫЖНЫЙ МАРАФОН

В канун Рождества, 24 декабря, все магазины закрываются в 12:00 или не работают. 25 декаря все магазины закрыты, 26 декабря магазины открываются в 12:00.

26–28.1.2017 — ЛАПЛАНДСКОЕ РАЛЛИ

Самое необычное и колоритное мероприятие года в Лапландии.

Самое массовое спортивное мероприятие года, которое проводится на сопке Оунасваара.


Обычный рабочий день.

14–17.4.2017 — ЛЮТЕРАНСКАЯ ПАСХА

В пяницу 14.4, в воскресенье 16.4 и понедельник 17.4 все закрыто. В субботу 15.4 магазины работают с 10 до 16.


1 мая магазины закрыты, 2 мая — рабочий день.

By EMKA — это бутик эксклюзивной женской одежды в центре Рованиеми. У нас вы найдете новинки моды от известных мировых брендов: платья, топики, джинсы, куртки, обувь, аксессуары, сумки и многое другое! До встречи!

Пн–Пт 10–18, Сб 10–16

Ул. Rovakatu 24, Рованиеми

+358 40 125 75 11





«Франс и Шери» — это новый ресторан французской кухни в Рованиеми. Здесь вы можете отведать все кулинарные дары французского Прованса. На закуску предлагаются французские сыры, фуа гра, кремовый суп из лисичек и шкворчащие улитки! В качестве главных блюд отведайте утку, французскую уху «буйабес», тушеное мясо и вкусные стейки! Есть в меню и лапландские нотки, например, оладьи с красной икрой и сливками, бриошь с олениной, семга и арктический голец. Для детей есть специальное меню.


Ресторан «Амарилло» предлагает отведать вкусные и обильные блюда стиля текс-мекс. В меню есть традиционные мексиканские фахитаc, начос, такос и кесадильяс, а также жареная курица. Особое внимание уделено мясоедам! Здесь вы можете заказать свиные ребрышки, стейки из говядины и антрекоты. В «Амарилло» самые лучшие бургеры во всем городе, причем не только с мясом, но и с курицей и козьим сыром. В меню есть не только острые блюда, но и такие, которые подойдут любому едоку в семье. Для детей есть фрикадельки, курица и лосось. «Амарилло» — это также один из самых модных молодежных баров в Рованиеми. Здесь вы можете отведать мексиканское пиво, вино, сангрию, а также коктейли и напитки, приготовленные барменами заведения. После вечера в «Амарилло» легко продолжить празднование в ночном клубе «Дорис», попасть в который можно прямо из ресторана. Часы работы: Пн–Чт 11–23, Пт 11–02, Сб 12–02, Вс 12–23. Адрес: Koskikatu 4, гостиница «Сокос Ваакуна» Рованиеми.

Отдельным словом стоит упомянуть обед во «Франс и Шери», который является одним из лучших в городе. Обед стоит 12€ и в цену входит щедрый шведский стол с закусками во французском стиле (салаты, свежие и тушеные овощи, фрукты и т.д.), пара горячих блюд с гарниром, а также хлеб, чай или кофе. Голодными вы точно не останетесь! Часы работы: Пн–Пт 11–23, Сб 12–23, Вс 12–22. Адрес: Koskikatu 4, гостиница «Сокос Ваакуна» Рованиеми.

РЕСТОРАН «РОССО» «РОССО» — это отличный итальянский ре-

сторан для всей семьи в центре Рованиеми. Сюда можно зайти как на обед, так и на ужин, ценник не кусается! В меню вы найдете закуски, стейки, спагетти, ризотто, цыпленка, рыбу и итальянские вина. Новинка ресторана «Россо» — римская пицца. В отличие от обычной пиццы, она имеет прямоугольную форму, что делает ее значительно больше. У римской пиццы хрустящая корочка, воздушное тесто и настоящие итальянские ингредиенты: пармская ветчина, оливки, козий сыр, креветки и пармезан. Пальчики оближешь! Кстати, в цену всех главных блюд входит салатный буфет, с которого можно начать трапезу. Для детей есть свое меню, а также уголок для игры. 64


По будням с 11 до 13 в Россо вам предложат недорогой, но вкусный обед, ингредиенты для которого вы можете выбрать сами. В цену обеда входит салатный буфет, хлеб, чай и кофе. Часы работы: Пн–сб 11–22, Вс 12–22. Адрес: Maakuntakatu 30, площадь Лорди

Встреча с Йоулупукки и отдых в

РОВАНИЕМИ Причина №15, чтобы приехать к нам.


«КОФЕ ХАУС» — это уютное и современное кафе

в центре Рованиеми. Вкусный капучино, латте, эспрессо, заварной чай, а также много выпечки, бутербродов, салаты и смузи. Кафе работает в будни с самого утра, чтобы порадовать жаворонков чашечкой ароматного кофе! Пн–Пт 8–21, Пт–Сб 11–21, Вс 12–20 Адрес: Maakuntakatu 30, площадь Лорди.


«УЙТТО» — это отличный финский бар прямо

в центре Рованиеми. Если вы хотите окунуться в местный колорит, «Уйтто» — это отличное место для этого! В баре есть лучшие сорта европейского и финского пива, вкусные закуски и настольные игры. Пн–Вт 18–02, Ср–Пт 16–02, Сб 14–02, Вс 16–02. Адрес: Korkalonkatu 27, центр Рованиеми.

Гостиница Original Sokos Vaakuna Rovaniemi предлагает вам комфортный отдых в центре лапландской столицы. В нашей гостинице 135 комфортных, полностью отремонированных двухместных номеров, 18 номеров класса «супериор», два свита, а также четыре тематических номера «Рождество» и «Полярный круг» с уникальным дизайном. В цену размещения входит обильный скандинавский завтрак-буфет, беспроводной интернет и пользование общей сауной. В здании гостиницы к вамим услугам также два отличных ресторана, бар и ночной клуб. В любой день года, вас ждет встреча с Йоулупукки на Полярном круге в Рованиеми! Добро пожаловать!

НОЧНОЙ КЛУБ «ДОРИС» «ДОРИС» — это молодежный ночной клуб при

гостинице «Сокос Ваакуна». Здесь проходят самые заводные вечеринки города, а также выступления финских артистов. Музыкальный формат клуба — европейские танцевальные хиты, хип-хоп, r’n’b, финская поп-музыка. По пятницам и субботам с 22 до 04. Адрес: Koskikatu 4, центр Рованиеми.





«НИЛИ» — это ресторан лапландской

кухни в Рованиеми. За 10 лет своего существования ресторан стал полноценной достопримечательностью города. Туристы со всего мира приходят в «Нили», чтобы окунуться в мир вкусов лапландской кухни. Основа кухни «Нили» — это самые свежие местные ингредиенты и безукоризненное исполнение блюд. Лапландская кухня обязательно придется вам по душе, ведь в меню вы найдете много родных русскому сердцу ингредиентов. Это прежде всго свежая рыба, корнеплоды, а также грибы и ягоды: сморчки, белые грибы, лисички, брусника, черника, морошка и вороника. Круглый год вы можете попробовать блюда из оленины — оленью поджарку или стейк из оленя. В зависимости от сезона вы можете попробовать блюда из дичи, например, куропатки и лосятины. Нили — это одно из редких мест в Лапландии, где можно отведать медвежатины! Мясо добывается местными охотниками и проходит ветеринарный контроль.

СУШИ-БАР «ВАККАНАЙ» — это новый ресторан японской кухни в Рованиеми. «Вакканай» предлагает весь набор классических маки и нигири из самых свежих ингредиентов, однако в блюдах суши-бара прослеживается и местная лапландская экзотика. Не хотите попробовать нигири из оленины? Или же мисо-суп c лапландским хлебным сыром?

Медвежатина — это не самое дешевое блюдо, но ее стоит попробовать хотя бы раз жизни! Уникальный вкус медвежатины достигается за счет разнообразного рациона медведей, состоящим как из грибов и ягод, так и из мяса. Выбор блюд в «Нили» обновляется регулярно — шеф-повар ресторана разрабатывает меню с учетом ингредиентов сезона, а летом он сам ходит в лес за ягодами для ресторана. Рекомендуем забронировать столик заранее. Адрес: Valtakatu 20, Каждый день 17.00-24.00. С 1.12.2016 по 7.1.2017 каждый день 12.00-24.00.

На десерт можно взять мороженое со вкусом зеленого чая с морошковым вареньем. Оказывается, что лапландские ингредиенты идеально сочетаются с японской кухней! Группам от 8 человек суши-бар предлагает особое дегустационное меню в ВИП-зале «Япония». Адрес: Valtakatu 23.

ПРОКАТ АВТО Компания «Скандия Рент» «СКАНДИЯ РЕНТ» — это надежная сеть аренды автомобилей с офисами по всей Финляндии. У нас вы можете арендовать автомобили эконом– и премиумкласса, пассажирские минивены, микроавтобусы и внедорожники по выгодным ценам. Наш офис находится в центре Рованиеми. Машину можно получить в аэропорту или на ж/д вокзале города. 66


Ул. Valtakatu 26, Рованиеми. Пн–Пт 8–17, Сб–Вс 10–14

Тел 24 ч. +358 16 342 0506

Бронируйте на:

Шоколад ФИННЫ ОБОЖАЮТ шоколад! Причиной тому, наверное, является долгая и темная зима, а ведь именно зимой порой так хочется побаловать себя! В финских магазинах довольно большой выбор шоколада, но если присмотреться, окажется что большая часть его производится фирмой «Фазер». Шоколад плитками продают круглый год, однако привычные русскому человеку конфеты обычно появляются на прилавках магазинов только к Новому году. Считается, что это хороший подарок! Финны предпочитают классический молочный шоколад, а также шоколад с разными добавками, например, с лакрицей или ягодами. Редакция «Всей Лапландии» решила протестировать классику финского шоколада и несколько других вариантов для сравнения. Делимся нашими впечатлениями!

Какао-бобы Шоколад растет на шоколадном дереве! Ну…почти. Точнее, оно дает нам какао-бобы, из которых мы получаем какао-порошок и какао-масло, основные ингредиенты для изготовления шоколада.

1,5 2,19€ / шт.


2,5 2,35€ / шт.

2,05€ / шт.




«Эрзац-шоколад» оказался очень жирным и сладким. Хотелось больше шоколада! Бренд «Пиркка» финского ритейлера «Кеско» стремится предложить оптимальное соотношение цена-качество. В ассортименте «Пиркка» сотни продуктов, в том числе и шоколад.

Традиционный молочный шоколад от «Фазера» — классика финского рынка. Приятный, мягкий и молочный. Для многих финнов — это вкус детства. А для туристов — отличный сувенир! P.S. Все-таки не хватает шоколада, поэтому всего-лишь 5-ое место.

Новая серия шоколада от «Фазера» с различными добавками. Мы выбрали необычную комбинацию: малину и лакрицу. Финны добавляют лакрицу во все подряд, и ее вкус может показаться горьким. Однако, это сочетание очень даже ничего! Единственный минус — слишком сладко.

3 2,99€ / шт.

MARABOU «Марабу» — это шведский шоколад, популярный в Финляндии. Мы протестировали шоколад с «Даймом» и лакрицей. Отличная комбинация, шоколад приятно похрустывает. Рекомендуем попробовать и другие вариации: с орехами, изюмом, апельсином, мятой и даже печеньем!



2,99€ / шт.

5,20€ / шт.



Lindt — это «премиальный» бренд шоколада, который можно найти в супермаркетах. Черный швецарский шоколад, богатый вкус и приятная горечь. Легко тает во рту и обладает насыщенным вкусом. Если вы любите «настоящий» горький шоколад, то Lindt вам точно понравится!

Артизанский шоколад можно купить в специальных магазинах, например, в магазине Mandragora в Рованиеми. Sabadi — это итальянский «сырой» шоколад, приготовленный при температуре ниже 45 градусов. Шоколад зернистый, хороший на вкус и приятная текстура! ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017




度假村最佳地标,舒适现代化公寓, 坐享私人桑拿。低房价,高性价比, 美好的滑雪假期触手可及。特价热售: 预订4晚住宿只需3晚房费(赠1晚住宿) 预订7晚住宿只需5晚房费(赠2晚住宿)

RukaBooking +358 8600 300 ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017






c Bu bo scandia 70



Ursus maritimus

sus arctos

『民以食为天』,中国人不管走到哪里都想 念家乡的那种熟悉的味道。大中华是罗瓦涅 米的新派中餐厅,大中华餐厅致力于使用最 佳品质的食材,把最好的中餐味道带给圣诞 老人故乡的人们和来自五湖四海的游客。地

上大众点评带 图点评就有好 礼相送!

道的中餐让芬兰人都赞不绝口,高峰期甚至 要提前预约和等位。旅游在外,身在异乡, 您既能够品尝到具有当地特色的驯鹿腿和帝 王蟹,也能够叫上亲朋好友在大中华搓一顿 热热闹闹的火锅!

地址:Koskikatu 43, 96100 罗瓦涅米



Gaissa 餐 厅,罗瓦涅 米 电话 +358 16 321 32 27

Kaltio 餐 厅,萨利色 尔卡 电话 +358 16 681 50 1

厅,洛斯托 欧若拉餐 2 200 8 400 10 电话 +35


Rovaniemi - Luosto - Saariselkä - Kilpisjärvi

罗瓦涅米 - 洛斯托 - 萨利色尔卡 - 基尔皮斯耶尔维

菜单 www.santashotels.fi71 ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017









北极中国是罗瓦涅米唯一一家中国人创办 的综合服务性公司。公司涉及的业务包括 旅游、进出口贸易、翻译及信息咨询等。

2012年,由于北极中国公司在罗瓦涅米旅 游宣传工作上的突出贡献,北极中国公司 被罗瓦涅米市政府和市长授予罗瓦涅米友 好大使称号。

2016年,罗瓦涅米市政府和市长亲自授予 北极中国公司荣誉证书表彰其做出的卓越 贡献。北极中国公司致力于构建起中芬之 间的桥梁,在文化、教育、经济等领域加 强拉普兰与中国城市间的交流与合作。

扫描微信二维码关注我们 +358 44 2767 316

北极圈信息中心位于圣诞老人村,正对圣诞老人的房间,朝着屋 顶上方巨大的绿色方形i标志非常容易找到。在北极圈信息中心,您能够: ■







芬兰拉普兰省北极圈官方旅游咨询处, 96930 北极圈 ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017




在芬兰最北的拉 普兰大学读书是 一件很酷的事。 我享受北极圈里 的学习环境,更 享受这种亲近自 然的生活方式! - 陈

欧盟最北的理工学院, 丰富的本科专业课程, 致力于跨文化的发展, 满足你对未来的想象! ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017


圣诞老人村位置 罗瓦涅米以北 7 公里处。 地 址 :Joulumaantie Street, 北极圈,96930 罗瓦涅米

圣诞老人办公室 开门时间 :每天 10:00-17:00 12 月 1 日 至 次 年 1 月 10 日, 每天 9:00-18:00







搭飞机看极光 私人专机带您搭机追光























从2016年11月15日至次年3月15日, 极光专机将每晚从罗瓦涅米机场出发。每晚8

白天,您也可以组团预订,搭机前往挪威 去抓帝王蟹或是去看看北冰洋的海岸。

北极光是一种自然现象,我们无法保证极光的形状和颜色。但是,搭乘极光专机无 疑可以大大提高您在多云天气看到极光的几率。

立即预订您的搭机追光之旅! 罗瓦涅米旅客信息中心 ALL ABOUT LAPLAND | WINTER 2017




All About Lapland – Winter 2017  

Travel magazine about Finnish Lapland in English, Russian and Chinese.

All About Lapland – Winter 2017  

Travel magazine about Finnish Lapland in English, Russian and Chinese.