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Sue Johnson and Wil Johnson go back to the scenes of the crimes… Hilary Bowman reports

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Visit Skipton’s Victorian themed shopping arcade developed and expanded from a 16th century theatre - cobbled walkways, intricate ironwork and a glazed roof give Craven Court a sense of grace and timeless character. Over 22 shops and stores packed full of shopping inspiration everything you need for the perfect shopping experience


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THE PRICE OF PARKING Charges to change? The high costs of city centre parking could soon be a thing of the past. Guidelines that instructed councils to set high parking charges in order to encourage use of public transport have recently been abandoned by the government. Councils will now be free to set charges as they see fit, in line with the government’s pladge to end the ‘war on motorists’. Many drivers hope that councils will now reduce parking charges to attract shoppers to town centres. However, at the time of writing, the Department for Communities and Local Government was not aware of any councils that had yet done so. There are also fears that the cost of parking could rise, as councils try to recoup their budget deficits. AA President Edmund King said: ‘Cash-strapped councils may see drivers as a soft touch and look to increase parking charges. We would advise them not to do this as it could provoke backlash.’ Our latest survey reveals you now have a choice of three Which? recommended broadband bundle providers - Utility Warehouse (79%), Plusnet (75%) and 02 (73%). Which? members rated them highly for customer service, billing accuracy and value for money, with four- and five-star ratings across the board. Bundling your broadband and home phone services together can save

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ersonalising new cars by adding options is surprisingly popular - Audi reported that the average options add-on for the new A1 is around £6,000. While choice is good for the buyer, individuality doesn’t come cheap. Which? Car examined three of the cars with the longest option lists in the supermini and 4x4 sectors. We loaded a basic version with every extra available to see how high the price could go. The Audi A1 had the biggest potential options hike - you can push the basic £13,420 price to £28,165, an astonishing 110% increase. It’s also possible to add 80% to the price of a Mini One, or 38% to a Citroen DS3. For 4x4s, we found that you could add 61% to the cost of a Volvo XC60 with options and 54% to a VW Tiguan and BMW X3. If you’re unsure which options you should choose when buying a new car, read our guide at

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B o & d y y t c u a a r e e B S s ’ a n l a on s u S 25 Years in Settle

Time flies when you’re having fun or so they say. Well it hardly seems a moment since1986 when I set up business in Castle Hill, a one treatment room salon offering beauty treatments to the people of Settle. I am sure there would have been the odd comment or two regarding the longevity of such a business, but here we are 25 years on going from strength to strength. In 1993, we moved to our present site at Dawson’s Court, renting two treatment rooms alongside Images Toning Salon. Three years ago, we expanded the salon to provide four treatment rooms, a manicure station and a large comfortable reception with more retail space. Every year we look at new treatments on the market, in order to keep us up to date and offer more variety for our clients. I take great pride in what I have achieved over the years; offering high quality treatments, within in a warm friendly environment is something I still feel as passionate about now as 25 years ago. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support from the people of Settle and surrounding areas; I feel blessed to have had an exceptional base of loyal clientele over the years, many of whom still support us today. I have also been very privileged to have had some excellent staff throughout the period and would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their commitment, patience and support, in particular my present team who over the last few months have been there for me in my hour of need. I look forward to the next decade in business with anticipation of the new innovations and opportunities it may bring.

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Waking The Dead Sue Johnson and Wil Johnson go back to the scenes of the crimes… Hilary Bowman reports

Waking the Dead Dead, Sundays and Mondays, BBC One, 9pm Dr Grace Foley (SUE JOHNSTON)


ue Johnston has played forensic psychologist Grace Foley since BBC’s crime drama Waking The Dead began in 2000.

She recalls filming the pilot… “We filmed outside The National Theatre on the South Bank and the scene involved a lot of running. I was wearing heeled boots and ran and skidded and pulled my hamstring! The pain was awful, I thought I had broken my leg. I was off for a few days but when I went back I had to be carried by paramedics up and down the set because I wasn’t allowed to walk on it, so it was very eventful. “Oh, and the first ever scene we filmed was in a landfill – the smell was awful! The cast and crew had protective clothing but then we’d go for a take and have to take all the protective clothing off and so we were breathing this terrible smell.” Boyd (Trevor Eve) leads the Met’s Cold Case Unit, investigating unsolved crimes with his team: Grace has worked hard to change police attitudes towards her line of work and generally enjoys Boyd’s fullest confidence in her performance and analysis. However, they don’t always see eye-toeye. Unlike the rest of the team, Grace gets away with openly challenging Boyd. She has turned a blind eye many times when Boyd is violent with a suspect but hates being compromised in this way. Sue maintains, “Some of my absolute favourite scenes were with Trevor; they’d just be simple conversations where we’d talk about life. As Boyd got angrier and angrier we stopped doing that. “Trevor is such a great actor and I’ll always cherish the scenes we did together – when we would wing it – so to speak. We’d often shout at each other and overlap and I loved that the sound technician made it possible for us to do that. It is so weird to go to another job and not be able to do that. It does set you free in a way, you can just go for a scene.” In this series, Sue is reunited with John McArdle, who she co-starred with in Brookside. “To be reunited was wonderful, and I had to do a stunt which was great; I do all my own stunts. “John appears in an episode called, ‘Solidarity’. The stunt comes about because Boyd has set me up to try and get the truth from him. It puts Grace in a very dangerous position and she has this accident and she thinks she is OK and suddenly she’s down. “In the Eighties, when we started acting, John and I were an item on television in Brookside. It was extraordinary that Grace’s back story should flash back to the Eighties when we were together on screen.” What has Sue enjoyed about playing Grace? “The stillness of Grace. She listens but she is quite formidable. We watched a compilation DVD that Colin Wratten, the producer, had made to

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celebrate the end of the series where Grace was shouting at Boyd. It was quite brutal.” Sue discusses about the research involved for the part. “I did talk right at the beginning to a psychologist, right in the early days, and I based my research on those conversations – she came to my flat and we sat having a glass of wine, she was very sexy and open and warm, and I thought ‘Oh you don’t have to be a certain way, you can be a human being’, and I think that’s what we created, in the characters – recognisable people, ordinary people, but with sort of extraordinary gifts, I suppose. “I mean, I used to feel so proud sitting in the office and looking at all the books and thinking ‘I’ve read all those’. I understand all those and I used to read a lot of those psychological books at first. And of course, I would go and look them up if we were doing particularly involved subject matters – and some of the words I had to say were so scary – and I remember David Thacker, one of our special advisors, used to direct us and say: ‘Let it trip it off the tongue Sue, trip it off the tongue’. “And sometimes they’d suddenly rewrite the scripts, and there’d be this huge line of expletives, as far as I was concerned. David was absolutely right because though they use these words – like doctors in a medical series, when they’re rushing medical terms out, they would trip off the tongue, because they’re just words, they know what they’re talking about. I think that was the hardest thing. The dynamic between the cast is one of the elements of the show viewers really love. How do they work together to create that? “Well I know it could drive people mad, when we take scenes apart and it sort of starts unravelling a bit – that’s been the way it’s been, for some reason with this show, from day one. “I think it’s because it’s such a complex show to write, because there has to be police input, psychological input, and the forensics, and to find all those rooted through, and character – and often we’ve found with writers that they do great ideas and stories, but there’ll be less character, conversation and relationships.

been trying to find different ways of making facts interesting and exciting, and I think it developed really well over the years.” Did she have much input into Grace’s wardrobe? “When it started I wanted her to be very much how she probably would have dressed at university – slightly hippy, slightly off the wall, not clean-cut suits… I like the layering – I think Grace actually brought layering in – and a bit floaty and slightly bohemian, like she would have been at uni. I can see her like that. “It just developed on from there and the costume designer really picked up on it and we really hit ‘Grace’, you know, and we did get some really nice jackets, but she’d always wear long things underneath. “This season I’ve got into skirts and boots, and I felt very odd, I don’t think I liked it very much, ‘cause I’d sit down and I’d suddenly see my leg and I thought ‘You shouldn’t be seeing Grace’s knees’. It’s not right, somehow.” She recalls how she felt filming the final episode “Waterloo”… “I will always remember it because even though we filmed it second, I had a sense of it being the end. The final scene under Waterloo bridge was fantastic. It is such a great episode and I love the shots of Boyd walking through London, walking to meet us. A great performance from Trevor – from everyone in fact. “I shall miss working with them all”. Wil Johnson has played Detective Inspector Spencer Jordan since Waking The Dead started. In his late thirties, Spencer is Boyd’s right-hand man. Before joining the Cold Case Unit, Spencer worked for the Atomic Energy Constabulary during which time he saw a horrific murder scene. Spencer is driven, focused and extremely ambitious. He temporarily moved out of the Cold Case Unit last year following numerous disagreements with Boyd but returned when Boyd needed his help to capture serial killer Linda Cummings.

“So I think that’s what we worked hard to develop, because actually all you can give the audience is what they’re seeing – because the characters don’t go home, you never see a life that people could relate to, they had to relate to us relating to the people we work with, and therefore it was very important to make those relationships work, and live and breathe as people that they would care about.

Wil explains how his role in Waking the Dead came about…

“That’s why people watch people TV, they want to share with you that bit of your life. If it was dull and we were just giving out facts it wouldn’t have worked as well, so a lot of that work has

He has two particularly favourite memories of the show.

“Just before I went in to see them for Waking The Dead, Clocking Off had just started and I had a main storyline in that and I think it was because they saw me and they became interested and maybe thought, ‘Let’s pull him in for a meeting’. So I went in and did a reading and I was offered the role the next day. It was quite quick really.”

“One was in series three, where I had a storyline

(l-r) Dr Grace Foley (SUE JOHNSTON), DI Spencer Jordan (WIL JOHNSON), Det Supt Peter Boyd (TREVOR EVE), Dr Eve Lockhart (TARA FITZGERALD) and Det Supt Sarah Cavendish (EVA BIRTHISTLE)

that involved my family. Normally, apart from Boyd’s character, we don’t actually delve into people’s past. In Waking the Dead it’s more about the chase but in this particular storyline the case we were working on involved these bodies found in a house that I used to live in as a child and it was all connected to my past and my family. That was quite a good story for me because it was a very emotional journey as well as trying to solve the case. “Also, in series five, where I got shot was quite a nice little cliff-hanger storyline. Again, it was certainly skeletons from my past that came back to haunt me in the form of a former best friend of mine who was intricately tied into the case. “It was nice to finish series five and have the whole nation say ‘Are you dead or are you alive?’ It’s very interesting being stopped in the supermarket and someone saying ‘Are you dead?’ and replying, ‘No, I am very much alive actually – not sure about the character though!’ It was very surreal!” He plays a Detective Inspector and says of his research for the role, “I didn’t go out with any police per se but I did spend a lot of time speaking

DI Spencer Jordan (WIL JOHNSON)

to the initial police consultant, a former Detective Superintendant David Bright who worked with the Met and Scotland Yard for thirty-odd years. “It’s great when you hear the information from someone who was in the field. They’re giving you those firsthand experiences and it gives you something when you do a show like this. “One of the things I took away from him – more than the factual information – was how they cope with all the grimness. He said humour. He said you’d be surprised when you go down to investigate the situation. You might see some terrible sights but you have to share a joke with your colleagues. The only way to offset the grimness and the bleakness is to laugh, otherwise you go mad. Your perspective of the world will become totally warped. So, throughout the series there has been a lot of humour peppered, which is vital because it’s so real.” Spencer has been involved in a lot of stunts. Does Wil have any in particular that sticks in his mind? “One of my favourite stunts was in series four when I had to chase a bus across Hammersmith Bridge. We spent all day filming and I was

sprinting full pelt all day. I was completely smashed the next day. It was great though. I really did chase after that bus and I really did catch it – it wasn’t a trick of the camera. At one stage I had to ask if the bus could drive faster because I was actually passing it! I used to be a sprinter so I was quite fast. Any excuse to run and I’ll run so I can show off a little bit!” Wil describes his last day on set… “It was quite jovial – lots of jokes from Trevor Eve. It was a very funny day. The mood was light. We got down to the work, did what we had to do. It was strange, when you come to the end of something like that. But I feel very blessed, very fortunate to have been involved in such an amazing show with a brilliant team of actors and some of the best writers, directors and producers. “It’s been a valuable and vital part of my life and what I’ve learned from Waking The Dead I’ve taken on to other jobs, which is what it’s all about – working on something and gaining experience and when you take it on you give something to another production and Waking The Dead has given me the platform to do that. So I will be eternally grateful to Waking The Dead for that.


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CROSSWORD 267 Across 6. Commonly referred to a person with something unusual about their appearance or behaviour (5) 7. A place considered to be perfect or ideal (6) 9. Exerting much effort or energy (7) 10. A Bohemian dance (5) 11.Young goats (4) 13. Someone considered boring because of their obsessive hobby or narrow interests (6) 15. Sufficiently; more than adequately (5) 16. Cause to diminish, as in strength, value or quality (6) 17. Girl’s name (4) 20. A republic in NE Africa, on the Mediterranean and Red Sea (5) 22. Emotionally affected or moved (7) 23. In an advanced state of decomposition and having a foul odour (6) 24. Health professional (5) Down 1. Made ready or suitably prepared in advance for a particular purpose (6,2) 2. Play truant from work or school (5) 3. One skilled in caring for the sick (5) 4. A business enterprise or associate fellowship (7) 5. Machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing (4) 6. Small kitchen utensils with a spatula blade (4,6) 8. Bribe, payoff or a bung (4,6) 12. Pelt (3) 13. Beer (3) 14. Persons who operate or manage cattle; particularly in USA (8) 15. Percolates or strains (7) 18. Adult male horse kept for breeding (5) 19. A large bite or chew noisily (5. 21. Belonging to; associated with or indicate (4)


No. 266 by Janet Williams Solution to No. 266

Answers to Crossword 266




07939 667440

Quiz 266 answers 1. Rennet 2. Through their skin 3. Grandson 4. The Apocrypha 5. Blue Peter 6. Kurt Vonnegut 7. Blackboard Jungle 8. Genghis Khan 9. Both teams sank 10. Kitty Hawk 11. False (it was his brother Orville) 12. Stale 13. Close their eyes 14. 1945 15. Flying Squad (Sweeney Todd) 16. Moonlighting 17. Braemar 18.Val Kilmer 19. Trafalgar 20. He was the first footballer to be knighted

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1. Which has more calories, a pint of lager, a pint of cider or a can of coke? 2. How would a python kill its prey? 3. In an essay in 1734, what did Alexander Pope say is the proper study of mankind? 4. Waitangi Day is a national holiday in which country? 5. What 1942 classic is the most frequently shown film on US TV? 6. Who is the professor who narrates Nabokov’s Lolita? 7. Which singer/songwriter sang ‘I’ll have to say I love you in a song’? 8. Who began in The Sweeney before graduating to Oxford as Inspector Morse? 9. What was Ray Reardon’s occupation before he became a snooker professional? 10.What was the trademark name for the plastic resin developed by Leo Baekeland? 11. A 50p piece has seven edges; true or false? 12. Which ingredient was developed from the Paisley textile trade? 13. At what age do human males reach half their adult height? 14. Which car manufacturer made the Anglia? 15. How were the plagues of the Middle Ages transmitted? 16. Who or what was ‘Alex’ in the title of the film, Ice Cold In Alex? 17. Who wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Roof? 18. What was the Troggs only number 1? 19. What title was held by Irish soldier and statesman Arthur Wellesley? 20. The first example of what device was fitted by Blaupunkt into a Studebaker?

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AQUARIUS: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Domestic matters require attention during this month of April and costs may be rising. Being prudent seems to matter more than usual. A cut-back could affect you indirectly and increase costs. Financial matters dominate - but not wholly. Matters usually taboo are raised. Mixing with friends who share your passions is likely.You may find you’re seen as something of an expert and you might even be ‘leaned on’ to put pen to paper by the end of the month. This might not be the cheapest of months: you may want to spoil someone close in recognition of their support for one of your interests. PISCES: Feb 19 - Mar 20 You’re reaching yet another turning point. This one seems to be about cash and valuations. It promises to be an interesting month trade-wise. You could be faced with a fait accompli - prompting you to open lines of communication. You may be involved in a space-clearing exercise during the 2nd week of April. You might also feel the need to ensure that travel arrangements are as pleasant as possible for someone. The romantic in you could surface easily. You might even wonder how you’d look dressed in a particular style. At home you could find something valuable hidden above ground but in a dark place. ARIES: Mar 21 - Apr 20 Whilst you may need a younger person to tell you what their plans are, this could be a red-herring. It seems probable that you’re ready to go off in new social and career directions but could be using other issues to deflect you from taking the first steps. A close friend might suggest that you’re like a little bird that needs to be pushed out of the nest by the middle of April. It might seem that you’ve missed an opportunity. It is possible though, that you could talk your way around this deadline. A degree of confusion is likely concerning a document that ought to have been finalised much earlier in the year. TAURUS: Apr 21 - May 21 This is when you put a tentative foot on another step of the financial ladder. Rewards might be some way off and now is about positioning. There’s a vague possibility that you could be asked to bend the truth. You could come under pressure from four different directions by the middle of April. There are also work matters that require a few brain cells. Travel arrangements could also take up time. Just as important may be news from both friends and family that could leave you double-booked later this month if you don’t resolve the issue soon.

GEMINI: May 22 - Jun 22 This could be one of the key turning-point months of your year. True, final agreements might not be reached until the end of next month. Impatience with someone who could have reached certain conclusions last month threatens to spoil what should be a special moment. You may be charmed by someone you didn’t expect. You might also feel compelled to be near them. In the quest to find someone who really understands both you and the dilemmas you’re facing, age and position might not matter as much as usual.You may also find that a certain person is as enamoured of you as you are of them. CANCER: Jun 23 - Jul 22 A time for sales and bargains during the first week of April. Your commercial values should be instinctive. Credit card management could be an issue though. Fashion from wayback-when has singular influence; as does the discovery of items that have been around the family for years - and now reveal truths that will take time to process. Patching things up with a friend should be easy by the middle of the month. Slightly more challenging could be work or mail that needs to be sorted before the end of April. Passions won’t be far from the surface either. Musical and artistic talents could surface without too much effort. LEO: Jul 23 - Aug 23 You may be asked to keep a secret or help with complex negotiations where it’s really important not to give too much away too soon. Changes in working conditions are likely by the middle of the month - and that applies even if you work from home.You may feel tied by work and deadlines.Yet you probably also want to please someone who’s been through a tough time. In one sense you could feel manipulated, in other you could feel compelled. The experience could leave you understanding more about what really turns you on though. Friends may be haranguing you to make a decision by the end of the month. VIRGO: Aug 24 - Sept 22 Judgement may be less refined with regard to family and neighbourhood issues during the first two weeks of April. Actually, it’s possible that you could get caught up in a squabble where you are forced to take sides. Relations with neighbours, siblings and childhood friends improve through straight-talking. You may feel the need to apologise first. By the end of April interest in a hobby you’ve had for years could be re-ignited by contact with someone who’s a professional in that area. Preparations for an event taking place during this month could bring out the persuasive side of you.

LIBRA: Sept 23 - Oct 23 Someone already very close has sensitive information they might like to discuss this month. Of course they can trust you. Even so, they might need reassurance that you won’t divulge anything to anyone.You’ll be interested - but perhaps rather more curious to know the financial implications. Relations with friends could improve - they probably understand the stress you’ve been under and are willing to help you balance the books by the end of April. A gift or act of generosity could really touch you. Work and day-to-day organisation might require extra attention so that it doesn’t intrude too much on your social plans for next month. SCORPIO: Oct 24 - Nov 22 Property and pension matters are given attention. More importantly to you, there should be chance to talk about issues that are rarely talked about. Once more you find out more about yourself - but also how neighbours and siblings view things by the middle of April. Relating is your thing: yet there are times when you possibly try too hard. This month you could be overstretched both in terms of looking after those who’re younger and those who’re older. You might also want to give priority to someone who’s not 100% and needs to feed off other peoples’ positive energy for the moment. SAGITTARIUS: Nov 23 - Dec 21 Are you being challenged to think differently? Get ready to reconsider your comfort zone and visit a very new area. It seems that your talents have been recognised and now others want to know more about you.Time spent with a work colleague during this month could be invaluable - especially if that’s done away from the working scene and, preferably, over a meal. A small incident emphasises that your place within the pecking order is changing. The discovery that financially you’re a little more solvent than you thought could cause you and someone close to start planning by the end of April. CAPRICORN: Dec 22 - JAN 19 During this month what you uncover now really could be jewels of information. True, you’ll need to keep these quiet until you’ve done full evaluation. If there’s danger, then it could come in the form of an accident - given that your mind may be elsewhere. You could feel financially compromised - yet also feel that for the sake of an important friendship you can cope.You might still feel hounded by a relative who wants to know your exact plans. With the exception of this person, relations with older people could take on a new and charming twist by the end of April.

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Skipton Royal Wedding Celebrations Announced

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kipton Town Council and the Skipton Business Improvement District (Skipton BID) have teamed up to provide a full-day celebration of the forthcoming Royal Wedding between HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton.


catering facilities will also be provided. Mr Butler added: “We hope local people will make it a real family occasion. Maybe bring a picnic and dress up for the event. We hope to see a lot of smiling faces and flag-waving”

The full-day free event will take place in Coach Street Car Park, Skipton, on the wedding day itself (Friday 29th April) at the start of the annual Waterway Festival Weekend. A huge, double-sided TV screen will be erected to show the ‘live’ TV coverage of the build-up to the wedding – and the wedding itself.

Entry to the event is totally free, with funding for the big screen and entertainment coming from the Skipton BID, supported by the Town Council. Craven District Council are allowing free use of the car park and canal basin areas – and some of the facilities are being shared with the organisers of the Skipton Waterway Festival which runs on the three days immediately following the wedding day.

During the afternoon, a full programme of live entertainment is planned for a stage area on the canal basin promenade and, later in the evening, the day of celebrations will be rounded off with the chance to have a sing and dance as the classic ‘feel-good’ movie, Grease – starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John – is shown on the huge TV screen.

Joan Evans, chairman of Skipton BID, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting this event on behalf of the businesses of the Town and look forward to seeing as many local people as possible taking up the opportunity of a free day out, with the chance to enjoy some live entertainment, a classic film and to watch a national event.” She added: “One of Skipton BID’s key functions is to help fund events like this, which wouldn’t be able to take place otherwise. They’re a good way of keeping Skipton vibrant and successful and to encourage more people to use our town centre facilities in the future.” More details will be published nearer the date – but invitations to the event will drop through letterboxes sometime soon.

Town Manager, Brett Butler, said: “We wanted to provide the chance for all local residents to come out and celebrate the wedding at a real community event – and decided we should make it a full day of activities so people can join in for just a couple of hours or stay with us throughout.”

Rolls-Royce Leisure Barnoldswick is the ideal location for your special day! ❋ ❋ ❋ ❋

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A licensed bar will be available throughout the event, housed in a large marquee in place ready for the Waterway Festival - and a range of

Gates will open ready for the start of TV coverage from 10am. The live entertainment will run through the afternoon, following the wedding, and the film will start around 8pm. More details are available on the Skipton Events website at <>

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Weddings And Proms

Plan Your Budget

It is vital to establish at the outset who is paying for what and to make a list of each and every expense involved. Don’t forget to include items such as rehearsal appointments for hair and make-up, special bridal underwear and honeymoon expenses.

Time Factor

If you are planning a church wedding, you may need to book the church a year in advance, especially if you want to have your wedding on a Saturday - often the best option for family and friends who have work commitments and long travelling distances. If you are having your dress made, then allow three months.Your appointment for the final fitting should be at least two weeks before the wedding to avoid any last-minute panic adjustments. Invitations should be sent out six weeks beforehand.

Shop Around

Prices and quality of service can vary enormously, so ask for several written quotes from florists, dressmakers, printers etc. before reaching final decisions. Have you been at a wedding recently when everything seemed to go according to plan? If so, ask for the bride and groom’s recommendations - and heed any warnings!

Who Will Do The Organising?

You could opt for a “one-stop” wedding shop where professionals will help you plan everything down to the last detail and perhaps make suggestions which you may not have considered. If you prefer to enlist the help of family and friends, allocate responsibilities to the people who you feel are most reliable. Keep an itemised list and update progress so that any problems can be ironed out in plenty of time.

Location, Location, Location

Are you planning a church or registry office wedding? You might want to consider being married in the hotel where your reception will be held if that facility is available. Whatever your choice, inspect the venue before confirming your booking. If you choose the hotel option, you may want to check that yours will be the only wedding there on that particular day, so that no other bride steals your thunder!


As well as your own mode of transport, do consider the distance your guests will have to travel between the ceremony and the reception and check out the parking facilities.You may want to organise taxis oreven a coach if the venues are a long distance apart.

Rain, Hail or Shine....

If yours is to be a winter wedding, take this into consideration when you plan your outfit. A strappy dress may look attractive but it won’t be enhanced by goose-pimples!

Picture the Scene

When you book your photographer, ask to see samples of other wedding photographs in his/her portfolio. If you decide to have a video of the event,

Wedding Magic Peter Fleming Magic

Affordable entertainment for any size wedding

check whether it is permitted in your chosen location. Have contingency plans for indoor settings if the weather lets you down.

Check List

To avoid any hitches on the day, give a trusted family member a written list of reminders: rings, bouquet, telephone number for the taxi/car hire firm and so on.

Enjoy the Day

If all the preparations have been taken care of well in advance, then all you have to do on the day is - enjoy every moment!

helen claire

Planning Your Prom

The American-style prom has arrived, pushing aside the old-fashioned disco at schools all over the country. Where once they invested in new jeans and hair-gel, students and their families will fork out hundreds of pounds on evening wear, make-up and matching accessories in the coming weeks. Many schools now copy their American counterparts with year books and “graduation” photographs.

Wedding makeup artist and skincare consultant. Professional, experienced friendly service working within your budget. • Mobile Service • Weddings • Proms • Special Occasions • Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup • Monu Skincare Please contact Helen Claire for bookings and more information

Try on your outfit in advance

It seems obvious, but imagine your surprise if you thought of everything but the tights and your ride is on the way. Well before prom night, try on every little piece of your prom ensemble, from undergarments to shoes and accessories. Practice sitting, walking and dancing in the attire to make sure you have the best fit. Try to do this dress rehearsal at least six weeks before the big day so that you’ll have time to fix any fitting issues. Even then, you may be hard-pressed to find a seamstress who can work on such short notice, so make sure everything fits before you even bring it home. It’s a good idea to wear your shoes around the house in the days and weeks leading up to prom so that you can break them in and get used to walking in them. During your dress rehearsal, also style your hair and makeup to resemble what you want to replicate on prom night. Even if you will have a hair and/or makeup artist for prom, it is still a good idea to see for yourself how it all comes together.You might decide that a certain makeup shade or hairstyle worked better in theory than in real life. Trail runs which are skin and age appropriate ensure you can look forward to a stunning appearance with confidance.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Make a checklist that includes your camera, extra batteries, hair pins, prom tickets and the necessary toiletries, makeup and accessories. Gather everything you need days in advance, and place them all in a safe place so that they are ready to go on prom night. Take special care in picking out a handbag that is petite and stylish enough to match your outfit but functional enough to hold everything you need on prom night. If you are staying at somebody’s house, pack an overnight bag well in advance so that you aren’t distracted while preparing for the night of the event. Prom night is a special occasion that allows high school students to dress up, stay out late and celebrate with classmates. Plan well in advance, and most importantly have a great time!


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If you really want to wow your guests then why not consider a Wedding Magician?

Wedding magic involves a magician who can mingle with your guests and provide light entertainment while they chat at the drinks reception. They can also entertain the guests who are not involved in the photographs and generally fill in the gaps that occur naturally during the day. For the evening reception, a table magician can move around the room and perform some “minor miracles” at the tables, a good way to encourage conversation between your guests and give them something extra to remember on your big day. It is a very affordable way to provide entertainment for your guests, as you will discover, it can be one of the most inexpensive items you can arrange for your big day.

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AdamsTebbKitchens (Skipton) LTD.

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Cosy & Cool on the 100cm model creates an impressive all seasons range cooker. Widely acknowledged as the ‘greenest’ and most efficient of all hobs, their super quick heat-up times and fine control (rivalling gas) have to be seen to be believed. In winter the Everhot is designed Not surprisingly, for more than to be on and gently warming the 20 years, EVERHOT has been the room, just like other heat storage range cookers but the difference is choice of thousands of delighted ‘control’.You have individual control owners across the country. over each oven and each hot plate Traditional or Modern – all on or just the one – your choice.Your choice of temperature The market leader, and one of too – a top oven that goes up to the most recognisable brands of 250 C and the lower one up to 200 heat storage range cookers is, of C. Further versatility is added with course, AGA. Available in a variety the top oven’s grill element. of sizes and colours, there is also an optional module which extends All from just a 13amp plug; no the versatility of the AGA. It offers special wiring needed. In fact the a range of cooking options with a Everhot was designed specifically conventional oven and integral grill, to work with a renewable electrical fan oven, gas or electric ceramic supply (the inventor only had a hob. water turbine with limited output so high peak-loads were a no-no). New developments have also Very appealing if you have an eye on seen the introduction of the the future for when smart metering revolutionary AIMS control. The finally arrives (high peak loads will AGA Intelligent Management have a higher unit cost even at the System which allows the cooker same time of day). to be lowered in temperature overnight, or during the day when More energy can be saved using the it’s not in use, reducing warmth in ‘ECO’ mode built in to all Everhots. to the room and, crucially, reducing The cooker can go to ‘sleep’ when energy consumption. it’s not in use allowing further So if you would like to integrate energy and cost savings to be made. a range into your home, whether No flue either, so very simple to you live in an old or new house, position and install. have the latest low energy heating technology, or a traditional boiler The addition of the optional and radiators, there’s a solution commercial quality induction hob for all! The EVERHOT is making waves with its low power, gentle warmth and accomplished cooking abilities, helping to create a relaxed and homely lifestyle in town or country.

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and Helpful Tips A central pendant light gives a good general lighting, but if that’s all you have you’ll be forever working in your own shadow and cooking will be a headache - literally. Whatever the shape or size of your kitchen, the light should come from behind or to the side of where you’re working - not in front. You also need a high level of task lighting at the sink, the cooker, the fridge and worktops, especially for chopping vegetables. If you’re thinking of redesigning your kitchen, shop around and get at least three quotes, as the cost of the design and installation can vary widely. If you plan to install a brand new kitchen think before you decide to do it yourself because:

* Plumbing and electrics are involved, as well as cupboard assembly. * Rescuing a botched job could be more expensive than a full installation fee. * Shop around, the price and quality of units varies widely.

New Buds, Rodolfo Dordoni

For most of us, the kitchen is the room where we spend the most time, preparing food, eating and entertaining. Proper lighting can help make it safe, hygienic and enjoyable. Even if you only pop in to use the microwave, you’ll need to be able to see the timer.

Kitchen replacement vs revamp If you are happy with the positioning of appliances and storage within your kitchen, then a revamp may be more cost-effective than full replacement. Changing a few elements from the list below will give your kitchen a fresh look: * Re-painting or re-papering walls * Re-tiling or replacing splash-backs with chrome or waterproofed tongue and groove * Changing cupboard door handles * Painting or cladding cupboard doors * Replacing doors (some companies do a door only service) * Replacing work tops * Introducing new elements eg cooker hood, butcher’s block * Updating appliances

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Fragrance never sounded so good!






Bev bounces back! Beverley Callard shares some secrets with Hilary Bowman


everley Callard is looking great and feeling on top of the world! She’s back to a size eight, and in better shape than ever, thanks to her latest DVD from Universal – Beverley Callard’s Body Blaster. It has been well documented that Bev, best known for her role as Coronation Street landlady, Liz McDonald, suffered badly from clinical depression last year but is now, thankfully, well on the road to complete recovery. She poured her heart out in her autobiography Unbroken: A Story of Survival. It was a brave decision, revealing a great deal about her personal life. Why did she choose to go public? “To be honest, I think if I’d not been ill last year, I wouldn’t have done. I’ve always been quite a private person. I’ve always talked about acting – I’ve been an actor for 28 years so I’ve always talked about those things but I’ve never talked about my private life a great deal. Because I was in hospital last year and had been missing from Coronation Street for three months, obviously there was a lot of media interest. There was a ban on Press completely because of health reasons but people were speculating on why I wasn’t there and you either don’t talk about it at all and people make it up or if you do talk about it you’ve got to be quite blunt and honest and as upfront as you can be. “So I knew at some point I’d have to talk about it and in counselling sessions and in appointments with my doctors they said ‘This is nothing to be ashamed of. If you feel you can talk about it, you should because you’ll help other people as well.’ “There’s a massive stigma around mental illness and unless that had happened to me I don’t think I would have discussed my private life or had any thought about doing an autobiography but it came from being ill really.”

See and now hear your space in a new light... Exciting things are happening at our Skipton showroom. Please call us on 01756 799155 to arrange an appointment to experience it for yourself.

Bev reveals that she found the writing “quite liberating” and adds, “You can’t just write half of it, you may as well do the whole lot because otherwise people would say ‘Well, why was that?’ and ‘Why did this happen?’ So I just did it!”

She admits she was astounded by the public reaction. “I’ve had not one negative reaction whatsoever. I couldn’t believe it. I got literally thousands of letters from people I’ve never met who have said ‘Thank you so much for talking about it, I’ve been there’ or ‘I’m there now’. I felt a massive amount of love towards me from people I’ve never met and it was very humbling.” So she has obviously helped other people get through similar experiences? “I hope I have, because when you’re going through something like that, you tend to feel… not unloved but you feel unlovable because you lack confidence so much and your self-esteem is so low.” So what was the turning point for her? “Just beginning to get well again! Clinical depression is a physical thing and I think it’s a curse of the strong as well. I am quite a feisty female and you don’t think something like that is ever going to happen to you. Hopefully, the character I play, Liz, has an ability to bounce back and so do I.” “I think maybe I was sometimes too strong because I need to listen to myself a bit more.” As well as acting, Bev has had a parallel career as a fitness instructor during the Eighties and Nineties. Writing her book, devising DVDs, being a columnist and at one point running a pub in real life with husband Jon McEwan… how on earth did she find enough hours in the day? “Well, I don’t run a pub now… Obviously, Jon did a lot more than I did because I was at Coronation Street but we loved it. I think we’re both ‘people’ people and love company and love spending time with friends and so it certainly was a brilliant industry to be in – until the credit crunch hit of course… I think at the moment, 56 pubs a week are closing. It’s so sad.” Surely one of the real high points last year was her October wedding? “Absolutely! It was just amazing… I had the most magical day. Jon is my best friend, we laugh a lot and he is truly amazing. With him, everything is positive. I came out of that black hole and life is quite incredible. He had no experience of depression at all so we were both at a loss in a way. And he was amazing.”

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Her wedding was anything but low key and Bev says she enjoyed every single moment of it! “My 22 bridesmaids, that was unbelievable. Everybody said to me you cannot do it, I said well, I’ve got to – I’ve got so many good friends, who have proved themselves, they’ve been there through thick and thin and they’re all the sexiest, strongest, feistiest women. They were all there with me, supporting me. It was a tiny chapel, it was a crush, but we did it!” Was the wedding the big incentive to get her fitness and figure back to the way she wanted to be? “Well, I had to really because I’ve taught fitness for 28 years and I do seminars all over the world and I’ve worked with other fitness instructors all the time and then in February 2009 when I was taken into hospital, I’d sort of collapsed two days before going in and then because of the medications and everything else, I had to stop [exercising] completely because some of the medication affects your balance. I had to stop working out for seventeen months and I didn’t over-eat, truly, but the pounds began to creep on.

“I’m not a fitness junkie by any means, it’s just a small part of my life but it’s always been there and from teaching three hours every week to doing nothing I could feel I didn’t look as toned, the inches were creeping on. Yes, it was partly due to the medication and also the older you get, the harder it is. I knew I didn’t look like me – I’ve always been a size eight for such a long time. But I’ve always had to work at it a little bit. But I was so superfit and so flexible and super-bendy with low blood pressure, I was really healthy and I felt I wasn’t anymore but I couldn’t do anything about it at that time. At the end of June my doctors said you can begin to work on your fitness levels now and get your stamina levels back up. “Jon had proposed to me in May and I thought I am not going to be a size 14 – not that there’s anything wrong with that I don’t advocate being a stick insect at all but it’s what’s best for you. If you’re a size 14, 16, 18 and you’re healthy, and you know you’re feeling good, that’s great but I knew I was overweight for me because of my frame and so I said I was going to start teaching again. I put a little advert in the local paper and within half an hour of the paper going out, we had twelve hundred applicants! I’ve got the longest waiting list you’ve ever seen… I did think people will have seen that I’ve put weight on and they might not want to come. I just advertised for real women. That’s what I wanted. I thought it doesn’t matter what you look like, what age you are, what shape you are, what size you are, I have to get into shape and I’m looking for 25 women to do it with me. The only requirement I said was you need a sense of humour so we all get on and have a giggle as well. “I was seeing a woman [to choose to attend the classes] every fifteen minutes for two and a half days and I could have chosen every single one of them. They all had their own stories. Every woman was amazing.” What is her own happiest weight? “About eight and a half stone. Because I’ve always worked at it, I’ve never really been overweight until that seventeenmonth period. I went from a size eight to a size fourteen and I’d gone to just under eleven stone which for me was quite heavy. I’m five foot six but I’m a tiny frame. I’ve only got size three feet. My clothes didn’t fit me, my jeans were all too tight – most of them I couldn’t get into at all. So I got those 25 women and said to them – all you need is a sense of humour and some determination – you’ve got to stick with me. We all did a very healthy eating plan – not a crash diet. Because I’m really ‘anti’ those and we worked out three times a week for an hour.” Any cheating?

mums. You’ll see this mother and daughter in it and they’re all real women, they’re not models or dancers. “I do all the choreography, I devised all the exercises. It is not a celebrity fitness DVD. To be honest, they all did it and they didn’t just lose inches, between them, they lost yards! It was incredible. I didn’t have one failure. People who were in the fitness industry did say to me, you’ll never get them all to do it and I said I will!”

Bev adds: “We moved to Spain when my son was eleven but before that he went to Giggleswick school. I love Yorkshire and he loved being at Giggleswick. My son has chronic dyslexia and he has a very high IQ and so the two together are special needs – and Giggleswick is an amazing school.”

Do you have to beat yourself up if you miss a session?

And what’s to become of her alter-ego, Liz?

“No, you don’t. I don’t think anyone should do that. A lot of time people fail because they think oh God, I did have fish and chips last night or fast food or whatever, but you know what? If you do that every once in a while, who cares?”

“Well, you know I’m leaving Corrie… I handed my notice in last summer. I did think: Will they put me in the tram crash? But they didn’t. The producers and the writers have been amazing and they’re leaving the door open. I’m not saying I’ll never play Liz again. I go back in a couple of weeks to film my exit. It’s fantastic but I’m not allowed to tell you what it is! The exit goes on for quite a long time…”

The last time Bev spoke to All About, she was battling to give up ciggies. How’s that going? “I’m doing really well actually… so far, so good. I do battle with smoking and 160x126 I stopped for three weeks and Main orange 29/3/11 then Liz had to have a fag and I’d think Oh no! Liz had herbal fags which is good because they are disgusting!”


Her autobiography Unbroken: A Story of Survival is published by Hodder & Page 1 Stoughton, £16.99



Beverley Callard’s Body Blaster (her latest DVD) is on sale nationwide, RRP £19.99


At surprisingly economical prices



TEL: 01535 667764 Copyright Bill Beaumont 2009

When Bev does have a spare moment, she has a real affinity with the Yorkshire Dales and likes to spend time there. “I was born in Leeds but I’ve taken Jon up to the Yorkshire Dales – Jon’s from Kent and of course he says it’s the Garden of England but, believe me, compared to Yorkshire, it’s nothing!” she laughs.

“To be honest, I could be a lazy git as well. That’s the same for all of us. Some days I’d finish work at twenty to eight and be teaching a fitness class at eight o’clock and I would think Why have I said I’d do this? But once you’re there and you’re five minutes into it, you know exactly why you’re doing it. You feel so much better. There’s the camaraderie as well which I hope comes through on the DVD. And women can do this with their children. If they’ve got a ten-year-old, they can join in, they can do it together. And men can do it as well.”

LUXOR UPHOLSTERY No job too small

“I spend my life trying to straighten it – it drives me insane! I love it when it’s smooth and straight but unfortunately because I was born with this frizzy hair, as soon as I get rained on or get hot it frizzles up again… it’s a battle I’ll never win…”

But isn’t it a bit temptation to be a lazy git and stay in front of the telly with a glass of wine and skip classes?

“Absolutely! I’m not a saint by any means... Cadbury’s chocolate buttons! I love those and occasionally I’ve given in and had a Chinese takeaway. Truly, I’m not a saint and I can party but every single woman did it. There are eight of them in the DVD and you see them before and you see them during and you see after. There’s no airbrushing, no gastric bands, and they’re all working

Free estimates

And her hair? Bev has always maintained it’s the bane of her life…

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm. Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm. Other times by appointment.






THEATRE Bingley Arts Centre Monday 28th March – Saturday 2nd April Lovers At Versailles (The play examines the plight of three women who are left behind when Stephen Sullivan suddenly dies. His wife, Clara, always suspected that Stephen had a hidden life. His daughter, Isobel, is determined to use every opportunity to move up the social ladder and Anna, Stephen’s favourite daughter, is now offered a second chance at happiness) Alhambra Theatre, Bradford Monday 11th – Saturday 16th April Jekyll & Hyde (Marti Pellow as the brilliant but obsessive scientist whose sadistic alter ego wreaks havoc across Victorian London!) Monday 19th – Saturday 23rd April Dinnerladies: Second Helpings (A new production but with many of the same talented cast from last year


Holistic Healing System Promotes bodily strength and flexibility Increases vitality and energy levels Balances systems and purifies organs for optimum health Helps with sleep problems A panacea for life’s stress, aches and pains Develops concentration and balance abilities Cultivates inner peacefulness Potential to help one lead a happier and more satisfying life For classes in your area Telephone Shannon 07890 372180 Email:

are ready to entertain you with some of VICTORIA WOOD’s best comedy writing) Ilkley Playhouse Monday 11th – Saturday 23rd April A View From A Bridge (The compelling and powerful story of an Italian family living in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, and of the consequences of newly welcoming into the fold their relatives from Italy as economic migrants) West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds Monday 5th – Saturday 9th April Goodnight Mister Tom (Set during the build up to WWII, Goodnight Mister Tom follows the story of young William Beech as he is evacuated to an idyllic village in the English countryside) Monday 19th – Saturday 30th April Hamlet (A haunting production employs theatrical sleight of hand to conjure ghosts of the dead and demons of the mind; bringing you an inventive and insightful take on the tortured Danish Prince) Harrogate Theatre Monday 5th – Saturday 9th April Prescription Murder (In this, Columbo’s first ever outing, we see the genius of the character made famous by Peter Falk as he pits his wits against a master criminal) CINEMA Mars Needs Moms (U) A young boy named Milo gains a deeper appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth to take her away. Starring Seth Green and Dan Fogler. Beastly (PG) A modern-day take on the “Beauty and the Beast” tale where a New York teen is transformed into a hideous monster in order to find true love. Starring Alex Pettyfer and Dakota Johnson. Thor (PG) The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. Starring Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins.


MON-SAT 10am-5pm SUN 12pm-4pm




Friday 1st April

Online Magazine

Sunday 17th April

22nd May, 7.30pm KVU Singers with Skipton Camerata Hymn of Praise, Mendelssohn, The Armed man, Carl Jenkins Requiem, Bob Chilcott. Free with gift aid donations For reservations please phone 01535 630014 or 653009 Accrington Town Hall 16th April 2011 7-30pm Brass Night At The Prom with Fodens Brass Band TICKETS £10

Available on 01254 380293 or Accrington Town Hall or e-mail The event is to raise funds for the Mayor of Hyndburns charities which are:-

Help The Heroes Lancashire Air Ambulance Derian House Childrens Hospice

£10 Discount Voucher

Luxury Day Boat Hire

If you are looking for ideas, hints and information about planning your wedding then look no further. Many items only available online.

FREE - planner and Digital Catalogue see website for details Dresses - Shoes - Accessories - Grooms - Pageboys - Gifts - Entertainment

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Friday 8th April

Christchurch, Skipton, WEDDINGS & PROM


Adele at The Ritz, James Last at The MEN, Manchester Manchester Tuesday 19th April Friday 1st April Saturday 9th April Jamiroquai at The MEN, Eliza Doolittle at The Scouting For Girls at Manchester University, Leeds The MEN, Manchester Thursday 21st April Saturday 2nd April Sunday 10th April Andre Rieu at The Paul Heaton at The Hugh Cornwall at The MEN, Manchester Academy, Leeds Academy, Sheffield Sunday 3rd April Thursday 21st April Tuesday 12th April Rumer at Bridgewater Paul Rogers at The Hugh Cornwall at The Apollo, Manchester Hall, Manchester Monday 4th April Grand, Clitheroe Friday 22nd April Thursday 14th April The Blockheads at The Russell Watson at Adele at The Academy, Grand, Clitheroe Bridgewater Hall, Leeds Manchester Friday 22nd April Saturday 16th April Katie Melua at The Monday 4th April Jessie J at The Academy, Eddi Reader at The City Hall, Sheffield RNCM, Manchester Kylie Minogue at The MEN, Manchester

Coach Street, Skipton 01756 790829 No photocopies accepted Valid for 2011

pets corner


Should I get my dog castrated? T

he castration of dogs is an emotive subject and there are many misconceptions and myths surrounding the subject. This is a common practice to prevent unacceptable sexual behaviour, reduce aggressiveness and prevent accidental breeding.

the actual removal of the testicles (and along with them the male sex hormone testosterone) which gives the behavioural and medical benefits of castration. Post operatively most dogs need a few days rest and stitches, if present, will be removed after 7-10 days.

Castration or neutering is the surgical removal of the dog’s testicles or testes. It is often performed as a routine day procedure at veterinary practices. Dogs are brought to the surgery having been starved overnight, they are given a health check and then sedated and given painkillers before being anaesthetised. In most cases the procedure involves making a small incision just in front of the scrotal sac through which the testicles are removed.Vasectomies are not performed as it is

Obviously castration will completely prevent the risk of accidental mating and unwanted litters. However, it has other benefits too. Castration eliminates the risk of testicular cancers, it greatly reduces the risks of developing prostatic diseases and it reduces the risks of dogs developing certain types of tumour and hernias in the area surrounding the anus. The behavioural benefits to castration are numerous but it is not a magic cure for all behavioural problems.

Charity Reg: No. 232237

07949 229955 Craven & Upper Wharfedale Your LOCAL Branch helping LOCAL unwanted animals in Skipton, Ilkley and the Dales areas. We need Adopters, Volunteers and Donations. Please help us!

It is very important to seek veterinary advice before getting your dog castrated if he has behavioural issues. Castration can help improve behaviour which has some sexually related aspects caused by male sex hormones. Undesirable sexual behaviour such as escaping from the garden and roaming in search of bitches, embarrassing mounting behaviour and leg-hugging and urine scent marking can all be reduced or eliminated by castration. Aggression towards other male dogs is often reduced by castration and it will prevent any genetic tendency towards aggressive behaviour being passed on.

Territorial or dominance aggression towards people may be helped by castration as part of a behavioural modification programme. It is very important in cases of aggression that a correct diagnosis is made by a vet or pet behaviourist, as some forms of aggression may not be helped by castration, particularly those cases which are motivated by fear. Owners of un-castrated or entire dogs are sometimes worried that castration will cause weight gain. However, a castrated dog’s weight can generally be controlled by dietary management and exercise and we see many entire animals which are overweight. Owners are also often unnecessarily worried that castrated dogs will lose their character or be more difficult to train. Dogs are often less easily distracted when castrated making training easier and are just as playful and fun-loving. The age at which castration should be performed will vary according to several factors including breed and behavioural maturity. Speak to your veterinary practice about their neutering policy. Finally, it is important to remember that a dog’s temperament, training, personality and ability to work are a result of good genetic factors as well as its upbringing and socialisation, not just male hormones. Good puppy training is essential.

• Pets, Farm and Equine • Caring and professional staff • FREE nurse consultation for all aspects of animal care • Superb facilities • Experienced Veterinary and Nursing Teams • Full range of medical and surgical facilities

Dry eye Awareness Campaign late March and April Contact the surgery for further details




he sun has been shining and the lawnmowers put into action, gardening must surely be well under way now? I have seen several County Councils embarking on their first lawn mowing of the season over the last few weeks . It did seem rather pointless to me at the time, but it does prove one important point that there really isn’t any reason to try and force the garden into doing something it isn’t ready for. Did mowing the grass a month ago really make that much difference?

Pedestrian,riders & automowers from

Similarly there are many bedding plants available at garden centres now but will buying them earlier make that much difference especially when they have to be kept out of the cold for a while yet? I’ve recently been sourcing plants for planting schemes and have been to several garden centres and nurseries. Many nurseries had large quantities of ‘plug-plants’ and bedding plants with many offering them at a discount; this is presumably that the weather hasn’t been good enough to tempt gardeners to think about the summer yet. Buying smaller bedding plants can be cheaper than waiting a few more weeks for the larger plants to appear on the shelves but there is a cost involved in raising those delicate seedlings into strong useable plants. Treat small pots of seedlings from garden centres or indeed home grown seedlings with care. They should be NO

Living Gardens Landscapes

BSW Garden Machinery Station Road, Steeton,Keighley,

Tel: (01535) 654832

16• All about

SKIPTON 73 Otley Road, Skipton BD23 1HJ Tel: (01756) 793224 SILSDEN 27a Skipton Road, Silsden BD20 9LB Tel: (01535) 657273 CROSS HILLS 1 Aire Street, Cross Hills BD20 7RT Tel: (01535) 635115 FARM PRACTICE Skipton Auction Mart, Gargrave Road, Skipton BD23 1UD Tel: (01756) 700940 24HR EMERGENCY SERVICE TELEPHONE: (01756) 793224


For all your gardening needs Full soft and hard landscaping services Free estimates • Fully insured Freephone: 0800 633 55 10 Mobile: 07762 219043 BOLTON ABBEY

transplanted into larger containers before they become overcrowded, this is the point where disease may start and wipe out entire trays of seedlings. The seedlings also need to be able to grow into strong plants ready to take on the rigors of garden life when they are planted out. To transplant seedlings from the seed tray or pot first water them and allow to drain. Next prise out each seedling carefully with a small dibber or a pencil will do, hold the seedling by it’s leaves to minimize damage to the plant (also disease may enter through damaged tissue) and taking care not to damage the fine root system place into a seed tray about 4cm apart. After filling a tray, water carefully and place in a warm and light position for the seedlings to grow. Remember that they are dependant on you to keep them watered, warm and shaded from hot sun so if necessary cover them with newspaper on hot days. All this does take time, but is thoroughly rewarding! It is however far easier to buy larger bedding plants when available. Often available in packs of 6 or 12 etc they do represent good value for money, just think of the time that has been spent growing and caring for them!

Fencing Gates and Railings in Wrought Iron, Wood or Stone Small Building Work

Free Quotes

Call Mick at Aire Valley Fencing 07967 895903

Finally, what would I recommend sowing from seed right now for summer colour? Well (from experience) many bedding plants can be sown in April or even just into May without delaying flowering by more than a few weeks. But if you are completely lost when looking at racks of seed packets then try growing Cosmos bipinnatus, this is an easy to grow colourful annual with large flowers of reds, pinks and whites (looks great with Nicotiana – the tobacco plant) and really is a must for any garden that requires splashes of colour through the summer.

situations vacant Skipton Castle

Shop Assistant required to work Fridays 12pm - 6.30pm within the Castle grounds Must enjoy meeting people Please ring Judith Parker on 01756 792442 for further details



We take care of your needs from start to finish Insurance company approved. It is your right to have your car repaired where you want.

MOT Testing Valeting Service New & Used Car Sales Free Collection & Delivery Bodywork Service & Repairs Tyre Sales Toyota Repairs Specialists Midland Mills Trading Estate, Cross Hills

Tel: 01535 635807

Tel/Fax: 01756 792412 Mobile: 07710 412591 24 hour Accident recovery

PETER WATSON (SKIPTON) OTLEY ROAD GARAGE SKIPTON Your local independent garage for all your motoring needs


Quality assured pre-owned cars and vans for sale

01756 792911 / 795695

STAINFORTH GARAGE - Settle 1999 2002 1996 1999 2001 2002 2004 1999 2002 1993 1999 2001

Ford Fiesta 1.8D ....................................£950 Citroen Saxo 1.1 Desire Black T&T .....£1475 Peugeot 106 1.5D ..................................£650 Peugeot 106 1.1 Zest 2 ....................... £1100 Renault Clio 1.4 Dynamique+ .............£1650 Peugeot 307 1.4 Style .........................£2450 Peugeot 206 1.4 SE .............................£2850 Peugeot 206 1.1 L ...............................£1050 Peugeot 206 1.4 LX 5dr .......................£1975 Peugeot 306 1.9 D PS T&T ....................£475 Peugeot 206 1.4 LX T&T ..................... £1150 Ford Fiesta 1.2 Ghia 5dr T&T ..............£1450

For service and repairs call 01729 822233


All about couldn’t be easier

To advertise your


All about ring 01282 844441 • Local Breakdown Call out Service •


Credit and debit cards now being taken

JOHN LAMBERT Sidings Garage SERVICING & REPAIRS Tel: 01756 791922 Mobile: 07860 891952 Unit 5, Sidings Business Park, Engine Shed Lane, Skipton

classified caca Sales or Wants to If you would like your appear in our online magazine go to

ITEMS FOR SALE OR WANTED For local advertising that is FREE OF CHARGE fill in the coupon below using no more than 15 words and post to: All about, The Bank Buildings,Victoria Road, Earby, Barnoldswick, BB18 6UR



T TARN MOOR S MEMORIAL WOODLAND Natural burial for people and pets in beautiful countryside

Tel: Wendy Pratt 01756 701688

Phone Post code

Only one coupon per issue will be accepted per address, use of more than one coupon from the same issue will mean none of the items will go in. Extra items must be put on a separate sheet. This is for private advertisers only and excludes firearms, weapons, livestock, motorised vehicles and caravans. All items being advertised will be printed at the discretion of the editor. Advertisements could take up to two months to appear. Name and address must be given, but will not be printed.

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Advertise your jobs in Ring 01282 844441


Old stone floors cleaned and resealed. Yorkshire stone, Slate, Terracotta, Travatine, Marble etc.

FREE QUOTES Nigel Stoker 07939 667440

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ACCOMMODATION DALESBANK HOLIDAY PARK Low Lane, Silsden BD20 9JH Tel: 01535 653321 AERIALS SKIPTON AERIALS Skipton Tel: 01756 790533 Mob: 07850 690600 BODY REPAIR SKIPTON BODY REPAIR CENTRE LTD Engine Shed Lane, Skipton Tel: 01756 792412 - 0410 412591 BUTCHERS D ELLISON 26-28 High Street, Gargrave Tel: 01756 749343 JACKSON’S FARM SHOP Cracoe Tel: 01756 730269 CAR AUDIO/ SECURITY/ TRACKERS COUNTY AUTOMOTORS Higherford Mill, Gisburn Road, Barrowford Tel: 01282 611011 CARPETS AND RUGS HALLS CARPET WAREHOUSE Unit C2, Airedale Trading Park, Crosshills, Keighley Tel: 01535 630732 Fax: 01535 636328 NEWTOWN CARPETS 20-22 Newtown, Barnoldswick Tel: 01282 814099 CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS WALKERS 16-18 Devonshire Street, Keighley Tel: 01535 600900 COACH TOURS CASTLE COACHES (Skipton) Unit C, Snaygill, Keighley Road, Skipton Tel: 01756 793413 HARGREAVES COACHES Bridge House, Hebden, Skipton Tel: 01756 752567 COMPUTER SALES/ REPAIRS ENIGMA COMPUTERS & ACCESSORIES 101 Gisburn Road, Barrowford Tel: 01282 618914 CYCLES 3 PEAKS CYCLES 24 Market Place, Settle Tel: 01729 824232 DEBT ADVICE CHOICE ONE DEBT SOLUTIONS Tel: 0161 4084295 DRAIN CLEARANCE COASTAL DRAINS Free phone: 0800 633 5209 Mobile: 07950 257132 DIY & TRADE SUPPLIERS JACS Unit 1, Snaygill Industrial Estate, Skipton Tel: 01756 797125 ELECTRICIAN NICEIC APPROVED CONTRACTOR HARRISON & CROSS Settle Tel: 01729 823423 J. D. MOUNSEY ELECTRICS LTD Settle Tel: 01729 825677 FARM AND GROUNDS CARE MACHINERY *RIPON FARM SERVICES Dalesgate Works, Kildwick, Keighley, 4x4 specialists Tel: 01535 632661 Fax: 633752 FIREPLACES AND CENTRAL HEATING BLAZES FIREPLACE & HEATING CENTRES Swadford Street, Skipton Tel: 01756 701065 EASTBURN FIREPLACES Unit 1, Eastburn Mills, Main Road, Eastburn Tel/Fax: 01535 655220 SKIPTON STOVES & RANGES Unit 5&6, Snaygill Ind. Est. Skipton Tel: 01756 790507

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FOAM SUPPLIERS FOAM COMFORTS Tel: 01535 664682 Fax: 01535 611921 GARAGES PETER WATSON Otley Road Garage, Otley Road, Skipton Tel: 01756 792911 - 792282 GARDEN CENTRES GLEDSTONE GARDENS West Marton, Skipton Tel: 01282 844555 Fax: 01282 844855 GAS & HEATING HOBSON GAS ENGINEERS Unit 5, Midland Mills, Station Road, Crosshills Tel: 01535 637234 HAIRDRESSERS WORLD OF HAIR & BEAUTY 3 Cavendish Street, Skipton Tel: 01756 796848 HIRE *SKIPTON SELF DRIVE HIRE LTD Otley Road Garage, Otley Road, Skipton Tel: 01756 792911 - 792282 MORTGAGE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES *PRINCE & KING FINANCIAL SERVICES The Bank Buildings, 32-34 Victoria Road, Earby Tel: 01282 844849 PLASTERING & RENDERING MICK KEEGAN Earby Mobile: 07740 867406 Tel: 01282 844076 RESTAURANTS CANALSIDE Waterside Court, Coach Street, Skipton Fax: 01756 797214 Tel: 01756 795678 NOSH BRASSERIE & BAR 1 Devonshire Place, Skipton Tel: 01756 700060 *THE BUCK INN Kiln Lane, Paythorne, Clitheroe Fax: 01200 445196 Tel: 01200 445488 *THE TRADDOCK Austwick, Settle Tel: 015242 51224 SOLICITORS WALKER FOSTER Craven House, Barnoldswick Tel: 01282 812340 WALKER FOSTER 3 High Street, Skipton Tel: 01756 700200 WALKER FOSTER 63 Kirkgate, Silsden Tel: 01535 656000 WALKER FOSTER 27 Riddings Rd, Ilkley Tel: 01943 609969 TAX SERVICES TAX INVESTIGATION SPECIALIST Nasser & Company, 152 Scotland Rd, Nelson Tel: 07957 468773 TILING SERVICES NEED A TILER? Nigel Stoker Mobile: 07939 667440 Tel: 01282 842126 SUPER CERAMICS Worth Way, Keighley, West Yorkshire Tel:01535 600777 UPHOLSTERY LUXOR UPHOLSTERY off Goulbourne Street, Keighley, West Yorks BD21 1PG Fax: 01535 667500 Tel: 01535 667764 VEHICLE DISMANTLERS CHRIS WATSON & SONS LTD Quarry Works, Moore Lane, Salterforth, Nr Colne, Lancs Tel: 01282 812400 VETERINARY SERVICES/PRACTITIONERS DALEHEAD VETERINARY GROUP Station Road, Settle BD24 9AA Tel: 01729 823538

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Burnley All about, The Bank Buildings, Victoria Road, Earby, Barnoldswick, Lancashire BB18 6UR Telephone: 01282 844441, Facsimile: 01282 841 696 ll postcodes are below Halifax

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Advanced intuitive technologies Fords next generation engines Cutting edge design inside and out

The Brand New 2011, third generation

Ford Focus is now at Skipton Ford!

The new Ford Focus will change your expectations of a car. The new Focus delivers a truly addictive driving experience. The car incorporates Fordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s next generation of highly efficient engines and is packed with advance intuitive technologies, standard features include DAB radio, Bluetooth with USB and Torque Vectoring, which delivers greater grip as well as precision handling.

Call today to book a test drive.

Millennium Road, Skipton. Telephone: 01756 700700

Official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for Ford Focus Titanium X range: urban 34.9-55.4 (8.1-5.1), extra urban 56.5-76.4 (5.0-3.7), combined 47.1-67.3 (6.0-4.2). Official CO2 emission 139-109g/km. Price includes 12 months road tax, delivery, number plates, 20% VAT and 1st Registration fee. This offer supersedes any previously advertised offer.

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This month Waking the Dead. Sue Johnson and Wil Johnson go back to the scenes of the crime... And, Bev Bounces Back! Beverley Callard shares...

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