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Issue No 271

22st July 2011 - 19th August

ASHFIELD D.I.Y. Ltd The Green, Hellifield, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 4JZ Tel: 01729 850201 All about. Bank Buildings, Victoria Road, Earby, Barnoldswick BB18 6UR

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• Handtools • Fixings • Hardware • Paint • • Power Tools & Accessories • Building Materials • • Adhesives • Safety Clothing & Footwear • • Tool Storage • Security and much much more....

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New Range of Paint & Decorating Equipment OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5.30pm Sat 7.30am - 3.30pm EVERYTHING YOU NEED AND MORE for all Trade & DIY

T: 01756 797125 F: 01756 709653 Unit 1, Snaygill Industrial Estate, Keighley Rd, Skipton BD23 2UR


For your home inside and out Stylish, inspirational choices for the home and garden uncluding Emma Bridgewater, Parlane, Lampe Berger and much more ... 19 Rainhall Rd, Barnoldswick Tel: 01282 813212

...decisions ...decisions

For gifts with a difference Great gifts for all the family Scarfs, Jewellery and Handbags

13 Newtown, Barnoldswick Tel: 01282 814844


Tapsell and West Cavendish Street, Skipton 01756 792960

LUTHER Garden ER The experts share their gardening secrets with Hilary Bowman

Telephone: 01282 844441




igh street banks are still pushing customers on to agents selling identity theft products when they call their bank to activate new credit cards. Customers who are expecting to speak to bank staff are then being persuaded to buy ID theft protection products, which they may not need, by third party agents. Earlier this year, CPP - one of the largest providers of card and identity theft protection products in the UK - announced it was being investigated by the Financial Services Authority for mis-

selling insurance policies. Despite the investigation, banks such as Santander have continued to pass customers on to CPP. Thousands of ID theft insurance policies have been sold by banks in the UK. But, in reality, if your identity is stolen you are entitled to claim losses back from your bank, providing you were not negligent. Barclays, the bank that has sold the most ID theft cover, suspended sales in March 2011, as did RBS. But Barclays says it isn’t contacting customers who may have been mis-sold the policies, some of whom have said agent sales tactics were ‘offensive’ and tantamount to ‘scaremongering’. Which? member Patricia Williams told us: ‘Protection should begin with stopping the hard sell, or scare tactics employed by the likes of CPP, with the blessing of the card provider who is responsible for the initial introduction.’ TAKE ACTION If you’ve been missold ID theft insurance, Which? can help you. See for advice on how to make a complaint to your provider and claim back your premium.

Patricia Williams did not appreciate CPP’s hard sell tactics.



laims management companies (CMCs) are creaming off billions of pounds by offering to help people make claims against banks for being mis-sold payment protection

insurance (PPI) - see p77. CMCs are taking, as standard, a 25% cut of any payout as their fee. This could amount to as much as £2bn of PPI redress going to claims management companies. But you don’t need a third party to help you claim - you can do it yourself. Which? has created an online tool to help you claim for free. All you have to do is select the company that sold you PPI, fill in your contact details and answer some simple questions. See



ebmail provider Yahoo! is snooping on your emails. The company’s updated terms and conditions give it the right to read messages within Mail and Messenger accounts, including those emails sent from non-Yahoo! email addresses. So, if you don’t have a Yahoo! Mail account but your friend does,Yahoo! could be reading your messages too. Yahoo! said it will read messages to identify words, links, people and subjects from emails so it can “deliver exciting new product

features.’ It added: ‘In time, we will also serve relevant ads.’ Yahoo! says people will receive a pop-up asking them to agree to the new terms and conditions, but users can go to yahoo/ if they wish to opt-out. In our recent test of various webmail services, Windows Live Hotmail, which doesn’t snoop on users’ emails, was awarded Best Buy status. Log onto webmail for full reviews of this service and six others.

Independent Designer & Maker of fine jewellery

Specialising in hand made and bespoke jewellery Diamonds and other precious and non precious stones supplied and fitted including old cuts Engagement and dress rings made to order Repairs done at our on site workshop Watch repairs including Tag Huer, Rolex, Longines, Omega, Patek Phillipe and other brands Regalia refurbished - Masonic, Rotary, etc.

We also buy gold in any condition at very competitive prices

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Craven Court, (on the balcony) High Street Skipton BD23 1DG 01756 790569

Bonjour Cards & Gifts

n 1 o 3 t y h r a A s r u e gust 20 v i n n A 11 10th

10% off for 10 days

Sale Starts Sat 13th to Wed 24th August inclusive Finalists for Progressive Greetings Retas Awards North & Northern Ireland

Best Independent Greeting Card Retailer

Wed 13th July, Dorchester Hotel, London

Greeting Cards

Baby Gifts - Christening

Balloons for all occasions - Weddings etc. Gift Wrap

Willow Tree

Balloons for all occasions - Weddings etc. New & Exciting Gorjuss range Me to You etc. And lots more... Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm 14 Fernlea Avenue, Barnoldswick

01282 853005

To make every event special, contact Gillian, William, Jude or Joanne for help and friendly advice All about •


taking a break



Across 7. Fine-toothed hand tool with a narrow blade; used to cut curved outlines (7) 9. The opposition or a hostile group of people (5) 10. Get hitched (3) 11. Not disciplined or untutored (9) 12. Running while disconnected (5) 14. Experience again, often in the imagination (7) 16. Order imposing a trade barrier or ban publication (7) 18. Curmudgeon, penny pincher and scrooge (5) 19. Straightening or stopping (7,2) 20. A traditional Chinese unit of length approximately equal to one foot (3) 21. Groom with elaborate care (5) 22. Immersing into a liquid or saturating (7) Down 1. Colour of ivory, bone or pearl for instance (3,5) 2. A small embryonic plant in a covering shell (4) 3. A series published periodically (6) 4. The selling of goods to a consumer (6) 5. The highest mountain in the British Isles (3,5) 6. Looked, espied or specified (4) 8. Soft and watery, marshy or boggy (5,6) 13. Attached a tag (8) 15. Favourites or little loves (8) 17. Dominates, rules or prevails (6) 18. Plan, delineate or arrange in detail (3,3) 19. The young of various canines (4) 20.Voucher or receipt (4)

Answers to Crossword 270


No. 271 by Janet Williams Solution to No. 270

Across 1. DEAFENS 5. SHOTS 9. BEYOND THE PALE 10 . STIFFENS 11. ANNA 12. SURF BOARD 16. SUIT 17. TAKE A BOW 19. STATESMANLIKE 21. BROWS 22. MINDERS Down 2. EVENTS 3. FOOT FAULT 4. NUDGE 6. HOP 7. TALON 8. PHYSIO 11. AIRMAILED 13. FETISH 14. HUNTER 15. WORKER 18. KHAKI 20. TOW We apologise for printing wrong answers to crossword 269 in the last issue.The correct answers are as follows: Across 1. RECLINE 5.WIMPS 8. BRIEF 9. RESUMES 10. INDUSTRY 11. ANDY 13. GUNDOG 15. PUT OFF 18. ALPS 19.TICK OVER 22. SHERBET 23. DARES 24. NOSEY 25. PUPPETS Down 1. RUBBING 2. CHILD 3. INFUSION 4. ERRORS 5.WEST 6. MEMENTO 7. SASSY 12. LUCKY DIP 14. NEPHEWS 16. FORESTS 17.TIP TOP 18. ARSON 20.VERSE 21. ABLE



07939 667440

Quiz 270 answers 1. Hazelnuts 2. The Thames (at Oxford) 3. Argentina 4. 2000 5. Crossroads 6. Philip Marlow 7. Wold 8. Abraham Lincoln 9. Hockenheim 10. Ohm 11. False - it was Klapka 12. Liver 13. Gibraltar 14. General Galtiera 15. Le Corbusier 16. Le Corbusier 17. Show jumping 18. 2 19. False - it was London 20. Photocopier

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1. Which county is Eccles, home of the cakes, in? 2. What is the first animal mentioned in English dictionaries? 3. What was Gorbachev’s policy of internal openness called? 4. Who were the opposing sides in the Battle of Naseby in 1645? 5. Who played the part of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Disney’s Fantasia? 6. Whose travel book Notes from a Small Island was a runaway success in the UK? 7. Which Italian city is the home of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper? 8. Who, in 1978, was the first player to score a century and take eight wickets in a test? 9. Which cotton fabric was originally made at Calicut in India? 10. Thomas Edison, pioneer of electricity, helped design the electric chair; true or false? 11. On a bottle of HP sauce, what does HP stand for? 12. What family of fish does the anchovy belong to? 13. When was the Berlin Wall built? 14. In heraldry, what word describes an animal with its front legs raised one above the other? 15. If Clint Eastwood was the Good and Lee van Cleef the Bad, who was the Ugly? 16. What type of books did Winston Churchill think it good for an uneducated man to read? 17. Who is the only artist to spend more than 1,000 weeks on the UK singles chart? 18. The first zip fasteners were designed for doing up which items of clothing? 19. Panama hats originated in Panama; true or false? 20. Who was Elizabeth I’s mother?

We do all the jobs tilers hate Including: Cleaning & Sealing Marble Travertine Limestone Terra-cotta Quarry Granite Sandstone Flagstone

I also Clean & Seal: Grout Grout colour Plus: Shower & Bath refurbishment



Craven Heifer Inn Colne Road Kelbrook BB18 6TF Telephone: 01282 843007 email:

Style, service and attention to detail. Staying at the Craven Heifer is an ideal choice for business or for pleasure

Free Wi-Fi Luxury cotton towels and bedding Breakfast served in the cosy lounge and also in the restaurant Laundry services available Newspapers available to order Travel cots available on request Night porter on duty at all times

The well-stocked bar offers a carefully chosen wine list and a good selection of non-alcoholic beverages. There’s always a choice of four popular lagers and three cask ales, with regularly changing guest beers. The original vaulted cellar, just under the bar, keeps the traditional ales in fine form!

All of our dishes are lovingly created in-house, using locally sourced ingredients. We strive for perfection in all aspects of food service Main Menu Includes: Starters, Sandwich Selection, Main Courses, Young Persons’ Menu and Side Orders Lunchtime Special Menu Includes: Starters, Main Courses and Sweets 2 Courses £9.95 3 Courses £11.95 Serving Times Lunches: mid-day - 2.00pm (Mon-Fri) Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.00pm (Mon-Fri) Food is served all day at weekends All about •5

pets corner


Foreign Bodies in Cats and Dogs.


Open from 11am til 6pm Late night Thursday Saturday 12 noon - 5pm If you wish to arrange a mutually convenient shopping time outside of opening hours, just ring to arrange... Telephone 07582 551213

“Horses and Homes made affordable” Your items sold for a small commission 23 Victoria Road, Earby, Lancashire email:

oreign bodies in cats and dogs can be the most rewarding or frustrating cases we see as vets. It never ceases to amaze me what we sometimes retrieve from our patients, ranging from stones, toys to kitchen knives ! The most common cases occur in puppies or young dogs. Being inquisitive in nature they like to chew and mouth objects which can be ingested and possibly become lodged in the gut. Common offenders are stones, bones, toys and items of clothing which can be embarrassing for the owner when you retrieve several pairs of pants from a stomach. Clinical signs can vary but often Charity Reg: No. 232237

07949 229955 Craven & Upper Wharfedale Your LOCAL Branch helping LOCAL unwanted animals in Skipton, Ilkley and the Dales areas. We need Adopters, Volunteers and Donations. Please help us!

involve vomiting which can be intermittent if the object is rattling around the stomach to an acutely ill dog if the object is stuck in the small intestine. Chop or chicken bones are particularly bad as they have sharp edges which can lodge and penetrate the gut resulting in a fatal infection. The best way to prevent intestinal foreign bodies in young dogs is to ensure that toys and clothing are not left lying on the floor and small bones are not given. Other common offenders are young cats which like to chew string or wool. Something as innocuous as string can be lethal as the gut tends to grip the thread, telescope itself along its length and can result in perforation with fatal consequences if left. Signs are often vomiting, lack of appetite and lethargy. The real challenging cases involve the ingestion, inhalation or penetration of plant material. Cats and dogs often chew grass which is covered in small barbs and this can get stuck behind the soft palate. This can result in a dramatic onset of gagging, retching, sneezing, and occasionally grass sticking out of the nostril. Other common cases involve dogs running onto thrown sticks which is an emergency, thorn injuries in pads and working dogs which inhale grass seeds. Grass seeds are notoriously problematic as they tend to migrate and result in infection in many areas of the body. These cases often present with vague signs such as a high temperatures, off food and maybe a mild cough. As plant material can’t be seen easily on x-ray it can be very difficult to locate the foreign body and may require CT or MRI scans to find the object which is expensive. On a final good note in most cases with foreign bodies once the culprit is found and removed the animal will often make a full recovery. • Pets, Farm and Equine • Caring and professional staff • FREE nurse consultation for all aspects of animal care • Superb facilities • Experienced Veterinary and Nursing Teams • Full range of medical and surgical facilities SKIPTON 73 Otley Road, Skipton BD23 1HJ Tel: (01756) 793224 SILSDEN 27a Skipton Road, Silsden BD20 9LB Tel: (01535) 657273 CROSS HILLS 1 Aire Street, Cross Hills BD20 7RT Tel: (01535) 635115 FARM PRACTICE Skipton Auction Mart, Gargrave Road, Skipton BD23 1UD Tel: (01756) 700940 24HR EMERGENCY SERVICE TELEPHONE: (01756) 793224

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Your Home....... D

ecorating a childs room. When it comes to decorating a child’s room, your approach should be much different from decorating an adult bedroom. For kids, their bedroom is where they play games, read, listen to music, day-dream, or just go to be alone sometimes. So use these eight strategies to help create a space that will make you both happy: 1. Talk to your child. Find out what activities and fantasies he or she enjoys; what their favourite colour is; and what’s unique about their personality that a theme could be built around.

2. Allow your child to help. Let them have a say about colours, fabrics, and how they want to display their collectables. 3. Make the room multi-functional. Since children use their room for many activities besides sleeping, it should have several different zones, such as a play area, reading area, and entertainment area. 4. Make storage a priority. Try shelving, large decorative wicker baskets, plastic see-through containers, and cupboards that contain plenty of shelving and racks. 5. Keep window treatments simple. The fabric should be versatile, and patterns should be repeated in other items in the room, such as in pillows, quilts, lampshades, throws and valances etc. 6. Choose the right lighting. A child’s room should include both task lighting for homework and reading, and soothing light for quieter times. A nightlight is also important. 7. Use wallpaper or paint to add colour and texture.You can apply whimsical borders along the top edges of the walls, and clouds or stars on the ceiling. Kids love bright colours, but you should limit any strong colour to only one wall.


Free estimates

At surprisingly economical prices


8. Allow your child to select the design theme. Here are just a few: starry night, angels, rainbows, unicorns, football, a bedroom for a princess, underwater scenery, outer space, race cars, airplanes, trains, jungle motifs, wizards and dragons, and dinosaurs. Decorating with your child offers a great opportunity to display your playful side, while doing some memorable family bonding, so have fun with it!

Lighting &.. interiors at.. Lisa Johnson Lighting



No job too small

TEL: 01535 667764 Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm. Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm. Other times by appointment.

Copyright Bill Beaumont 2009

Tapsell & West Supplying Flooring / Carpets for over 50 years



50,000 sq feet of carpet in stock . . .Always THE



Beautiful Art by Morpheus Studio Glass, Bellstree Forge, Frith Sculptures, Moorcroft Lamps & Gifts Stockists of Fired Earth Paints & The Little Greene Paint Company Web: Email:

3 Newtown,Barnoldswick BB18 5UQ Tel: 01282 812105 Free Town Parking


for CRAFT, FURNISHING & DRESSMAKING Latest on s Collectidaily arriving Choose from 1000s of Designer Fents including Jane Churchill, Romo, GP & J Baker, Liberty etc.

THE FENT SHOP 2 Keighley Road

(behind Martin’s Newsagents)


01756 792960

Tel: 01756 799522


Opening times Monday to Saturday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm


� � � � � � � � � � � �����������TEAROOMS CAFES RESTAURANTS RECIPES


SPINACH AND STRAWBERRY SALAD WITH CASHEW DRESSING Merlin Suite, Rolls-Royce Leisure Skipton Road, Barnoldswick

PARTY NIGHTS Saturday 10th December or Saturday 17th December 7.30pm - 12.30am 3 Course Meal plus DISCO £25.00

SALAD 350g Baby spinach leaves 50g Chopped cashews 150g Sliced strawberries Toss the spinach and strawberries in a bowl, spinkle with cashews and drizzle with this amazing dressing.....

Are you interested in coming along to “Parrr ty!”

To reserve a table call 01282 818826/7 NOW for a booking form


3A Mill Bridge, Skipton BD23 1NJ 01756 793357

horoscopes AQUARIUS:


The only authenic Italian Restaurant in Skipton offering homemade specialities, pizzas and pastas. Salumeria - Stuzzicheria (Italian cured meats & Italian antipasti). Offering a comprehensive wine list from the best producers in Italy. Try our panattone cake, served warm with, probably, the best cappuccino in town. Situated opposite the church at the top of the High Street. • Credit cards accepted • Children welcome • Guide dogs welcomed • Wheelchair accessible • Fully licensed • Terrace • Reservations taken • Vegetarian options Closed Sunday & Monday Tuesday to Saturday:10.00am - 2.30pm & 6.00pm till late

Jan 20 - Feb 18


Feb 19 - Mar 20


Mar 21 - Apr 20

What’s playing in the back of your mind may be linked to a deeplyheld wish? It could be that this is now attainable - but only if you can really trust someone. At a different level entirely, you could decide that it’s time to update your image for the month of August. A joint financial arrangement may be in danger of de-railing. You might also be wondering exactly which wavelengths you share with someone who now seems to pay more attention to practicalities than to your feelings. An ultimatum may not have worked out as you’d hoped. You could fall head over heels in love by the middle of August. At a special event you could meet someone who might be considered the ‘mystery guest’. Even if this is very early gift-buying, maintaining a treasure store could matter. You might also behold a secret that’s not uncomfortable to hold - but valuable. Someone’s logic could escape you - and you might not know how you can work/play together in the future.This relationship might have reached impasse. Something you read could have extraordinary effect and prompt you to make contact with someone who’s spoken about as though they’re visionary during the final week of July.

Apr 21 - May 21

It’s possible too that you’ll enjoy a conversation with a relative who’s interested in all you’ve been doing and who might let you in on a longheld secret. You could experience a ‘self-confidence crisis’ moment prompted by awareness that you haven’t been efficient. The idea that you’ve let someone down or that others will be less-than-pleased could tip your delicately balanced-scales. You may need a good friend to help you view the situation from a different perspective before the month of July is out. You could find exactly the right items that would make a difference to your home environment at the beginning of August.

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Blend together until creamy serve and enjoy.


Powerful memories may be stirred - yet also be elusive this week.You may know that your emotional axis has been shaken but not know quite why. A déjà-vu experience is possible by the end of July. In short, this could be a month of mystery and unusual and unquantifiable experience that cause you to question the meaning of what is going on around you. Mental arithmetic could preoccupy you - as could contact with someone long-distance during the month of August. It might suit you to make a spread-sheet of options. The one person who could help might be something of a worrier though so you might prefer to keep thoughts to yourself.


DRESSING 125ML Olove oil 35G Cashews 3tbsp Honey 3tbsp Water 1tbsp Lemon juice 2tsp White wine vinegar 3tsp Soy sauce 2 Cloves of garlic


May 22 - Jun 22

Partnerships affairs of all kinds hit the headlines. You could also seal a financial deal. Best of all may be conversations with those who are now impressed that your view of future events has become clear. They might now be interested to hear what you have to say about how matters could unfold before the end of July. It may be necessary to get more involved with a group. You might even decide to join a team or organisation. Diplomatic skills may well surface. You might also need to set aside time to study procedures and regulations - all in the hope that you can be ‘ahead of the game’ for August.


Jun 23 - Jul 22

In joining forces, you make it clear to others that you’ll stand by someone who has been toyed with like a puppet on a string for long enough. Contact with someone who is away from home studying is likely before the month of July has ended. This person too might need your friendship as they negotiate trying times. Within a group you could achieve professional status: you may have the answer to one of their problems.You might also decide that there are certain people you want to draw even closer - and equally a number of others who’re draining your life-blood. Now’s the time not to renew membership of a club for August.


Jul 23 - Aug 23

Someone very close may think they can’t cope. They might be leaning on you a little more than feels comfortable. Finances could be involved: it’s perhaps more likely that you have confidence and they are having doubts as to whether a recent move was the right one. Meanwhile, you may be giving more thought than usual about what to wear to an event before the end of July.Your career, hopes and aims are all high-lighted and you could discover just how far certain people are willing to go to help you.You might also discover a new determination within yourself. The written word seems to play an important part. Might you be drafting a contract planned for August?


Aug 24 - Sep 22

Things are looking positive for this month and an interesting knock-on effect is that you could do a partnership deal.Your romantic life might be enriched too: perhaps because you are so, so aware of someone’s talents. Taking time out to meditate maybe to be alone and listen to silence, could put you in touch with inner self. You could find the answer to a problem before the month of July is finished.You might also find language that enables you to get through to a person who’s been driving you crazy with questions - but is really just feeling insecure for August.


Sept 23 - Oct 23


Oct 24 - Nov 22


Nov 23 - Dec 21

Your nerves could be frayed and your nervous system in need of an over-haul. It may be that you’ve been carrying about feelings for a long time and need to talk these through. Identifying just who you can trust could be a priority before the end of the month of July. Someone wearing formal clothes and who doesn’t wear their heart on their sleeve could be just the person. A close friend or relative might think you ought to assess resources before the new month begins.You though may have reached a critical turning point. For your health, you might now need to change direction as August progresses. A close bond and long-term friendship could be tested.You could come together and display a united front - or you could pull against one another in the fiercest of tug of wars. A make or break situation could find you at your most creative though and able to guide someone who doesn’t yet know all the ropes. Factors quite beyond your control could disrupt your schedule. Though your focus is good - making this a good time to sit an exam, you might also be emotionally perturbed by the end of July. In this slightly unbalanced state you could fall out with someone who’s in fact having as much difficulty as you in coping with a situation during the first two weeks of August. Your thoughts may be stuck. You might even wish you could hibernate - but not alone. One person has your undivided attention. You might also need comfort food though: topping up a store-cupboard with goodies might seem extra important. You feel events may be quite out of your control before the month of July is out.You may need to trust a partner to do the right thing. Health matters could be more than usually important. At a different level you might just need some sun. Friends may be able to listen and offer words of advice.


Dec 22 - JAN 19

Possessiveness could be at work - as could envy and jealousy. In identifying a thing or person that has such effect on you, you gain understanding of why others are sometimes compelled to behave as they do. This could trigger arbitrating talents before the end of July. You might know exactly where you are with regard to a joint financial matter for the beginning of August. In a place probably steeped in history, you could gain insight into a problem and attract attention from someone who’d deeply spiritual and who understands where you’re coming from by the middle of August..


Pennine Boat Trips

Welcome you for a relaxing cruise along the canal in Skipton Hire a dayboat and cruise along for the day. Maximum 10 people, full facilities onboard, luxuriously fitted out.

Book now to guarantee your day out.

Suitable for all the family. Rates start at £100.00.


Alhambra Theatre, Bradford Fri 5 Aug Murder Mystery Evening: He Wrote (Bunny Burrows is holding a cocktail party at Nookington Grange tonight to celebrate the near completion of Willy Rich’s novel ‘Village Life’. This thinly veiled expose will reveal some unpleasant facts about several of tonight’s guests)

St. George’s Hall, Bradford

Sat 23 Julyth The Twist (Take a nostalgic trip back in time with this spectacular, vibrant, nonstop rockin’ show)

Ilkley Playhouse

Mon 12 – Sat 20 Aug Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead (A witty, often hilarious and profoundly clever inversion of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. An unmissable and extremely funny, yet also very moving, commentary on the human condition)

Grand Theatre, Leeds

Mon 18 – Sat 23 July Blood Brothers (The captivating and moving tale of twins who, separated at birth, grow up on opposite sides of the tracks, only to meet again with tragic consequences) Mon 25th – Sat 30st July Jekyll & Hyde (The brilliant but obsessive scientist whose sadistic

alter ego wreaks havoc across Victorian London in this dark tale of love, redemption and the seductive power of evil) Mon 8th – Sat 13th Aug Dreamboats And Petticoats (In 1961 emotions run high as young musicians Norman and Bobby compete to win a national song writing competition – and, more importantly, the attention of the gorgeous Sue! But when Bobby discovers that shy Laura is no slouch on the piano, love and rock ‘n’ roll fame beckons)


Captain America: The First Avenger (PG13) After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America’s ideals. Starring Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Evans. The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (PG) An original story set in present day San Francisco, where man’s own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy. Starring Will Rodman and Andy Serkis. Cowboys & Aliens (PG) A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse Licensed of cowboys are all that stand in their way. Starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.

Bouncy Castle

Or relax and enjoy a skippered cruise with us.


Sailing from 11am and on the hour after that.

P&M Leisure 07980 103369

All trips run subject to demand.

Group rates, Family tickets, & senior rates available.


GUST @ Skip FRIDAY 12th AU



After being the focal and talking point of the Town, these original pieces of art finally go under the hammer to the highest bidder. If you can’t make the auction, don’t worry - we’re accepting postal, email and telephone bids. Auction takes place at the Preview night of Art In The Pen Doors open from 7pm

Group discounts and Quay Café Vouchers available Ring us on: 01756 790829


For all the infomation, go online:

LIVE MUSIC Mon 25th July Slash at The Academy, Leeds Mon 25th July Al Jarreau at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester Tues 26th July Room 94 at The Academy, Sheffield Tues 26th July Caitlin Rose at The Academy, Manchester Thurs 28th July Iron Maiden at The MEN, Manchester Fri 29th July The Magic Loungeabout (Howard Marks, Robin Ince) at Broughton Hall, Skipton Sat 30th July The Magic Loungeabout (Human League, Florrie) at Broughton Hall, Skipton Sun 3st July The Magic Loungeabout (Badly Drawn Boy Steve Mason) at Broughton Hall, Skipton Fri 5th Aug The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular at The Thwaites Empire, Blackburn Fri 5th Aug Jazz and Blues Fest at The Library Theatre, Darwen Sat 6th Aug Brighton Beach at The Academy, Sheffield Thurs 11th – Sun 14th Aug Beacons Festival at Heslaker Farm, Skipton Fri 12th Aug Chesney Hawkes at The Zoo, Manchester

All about •9


Garden ER


The experts share their gardening secrets with Hilary Bowman


ardening may not be your idea of fun – but you know what? After watching Channel 5’s new series Garden ER, you might just change your mind. The two presenters, David Domoney and Bonnie Davies, have personality in spades and as they unearth and transform a shed load of disasters and growing concerns, you can’t help being swept along by their enthusiasm, as well as being inspired and entertained at the same time. David explains: “The aim of the programme is to inspire people who do not normally garden to get out into their outdoor space and treat is as an extension of the home.” Best-known as resident gardener on GMTV, This Morning, Better Homes, House of Horrors, Plant Doctor, and the only dedicated garden designer on 60-Minute Makeover, David has also scooped 28 Royal Horticultural Society medals. For Garden ER his plan is to draw on the technology and know-how he utilises for his grand gardens to turn barren back yards into “gob-smacking” gardens. “We take a series of eight gardens in the West Midlands which are new houses, real life gardens, and we bring into them some of the tricks of the trade that I use when I’m designing gardens at Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, Tatton and so on.”

Jenny M Parker Bsc (Hons), MCSP, HPC

Chartered Physiotherapist

Specialising in the rehabilitation & prevention of injury Mobile physiotherapy service offering comprehensive assessment and treatment of joint and spinal problems, sports injuries, respiratory and neurological conditions, all in the comfort of your own home. Cover for sporting events also available. Please call to discuss your requirements and book an appointment

Telephone: 015242 51049

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Foscarini Twiggy, Marc Sadler

Starting with blank canvas holds no fears for David. “For most people, creating something exciting [from scratch] is an impossibility. We do – in one day – a complete transformation within a budget. The people on the show get the opportunity to choose an envelope. It could be 500 quid or £10,000 [the garden owners aren’t told the figure] and I have to build a garden within that budget. So people who watch the show can look at the end result and think ‘That’s what you can get for two grand, that’s what you can get for five grand, etc – I’ll have a bit of that!’ “That budget obviously doesn’t include labour because that would depend how long it takes and who you bring in but is just for the products to be purchased to create that sort of effect, which we think is great fun!”

David’s co-presenter, roving reporter Bonnie Davies, is a natural on camera but admits she never expected to find herself with a TV career… “Presenting? I didn’t even think about it! I’m normally just a garden designer. We have a family nursery, Davies Brothers, in Burnham, Bucks, so I’ve grown up knowing all about plants and really enjoying that. I love plants and when I left school I went to college to do a garden design course. But then from that I thought I want to get into the higher end so I did Hampton Court [show] last year and got a Silver Gilt and then from that I met this sculptor called Martin Cook and together we did a ‘Poets’ Garden’ for Chelsea and we got a Silver Gilt for that. From the interview that I did with a national newspaper, Kerry, the series producer for Garden ER, saw my picture in the paper and a short TV interview I did at Chelsea about young designers and called to ask if I wanted to do a screen test. I went for my screen test and didn’t really expect to get it as there quite a lot of people going for it and they said come back and do another one and I got in!” So what makes this show different to other gardening shows? Bonnie says, “It’s a lot faster, more fun and it’s aimed at a younger audience. It’s not getting hung up on all the technical stuff. A lot of it is in bite-sized chunks so the Garden Gaffs are about four minutes, the sheds section about four minutes, all those little strands put together. And it’s all about the Wow factor! “I’m doing the Garden Gaffs where someone has done something ridiculous and you’re going to go in and fix it – it’s all a bit of a comedy. It’s just taking the mick a little bit in a friendly way. I like the ones which are really original and you think Why would they think of doing that in the first place?” It also means plenty of hands-on effort to put things right! Bonnie laughs: “Yes, you have to get stuck in and still do the presenter side. I keep getting told off for wiping mud across my face!” Another strand on the show calls for David to “Pimp up your garden shed”! “We went up to a guy in Nottingham,” says David, “where his shed was transformed into a bar with all the lighting, everything like that, so it is fun, it’s energetic and you don’t have to be interested in gardening to love the show. That’s the key thing. It’s the ideal antidote to traditional gardening shows. It’s not a lecture – prune this, do this. It’s a blank canvas, in variety of things in a short period of time they are dramatically transformed. It’s fast-paced and energetic.”

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So what’s the first step when creating a garden from scratch? “If you’re talking about £500 at the lower end, it’s all about getting maximum bang for your buck,” explains David. “First of all you have to interpret what you think the client wants. I just get a short meeting with them and a chance to look round their house and interpret in my mind what design I want to do for that home. They know nothing about it [the finished garden], it’s a typical makeover reveal. So with each show, I decide what I’m going to spend that money on that will make the most difference to the people. Sometimes, it’s harder doing the bigger budgets than the smaller budgets because in only a small space, how do you get seven and a half grand’s worth of material in a small estate garden in the West Midlands? That’s part of the passion of enjoying the show. “Likewise, how can you make something look good for 500 quid? Those are the challenges. It’s a little bit like watching Top Gear, you don’t have to be interested in

hanging baskets, window boxes or containers. It is all a good source of food and of course it’s recycling too.

cars to watch Top Gear. It’s an exciting, inspirational and captivating show and I think you’ll find a similar effect with us there.”

Dropping nails in that rust adds good iron into the soil. Beer is also very good. Dilute a bit for rubber plants, cheese plants; wipe the underside of the leaves and the top. It cleans and also adds a bit of food. You can get loads of stuff in coffee shops to take care of your plants for free. A disposable cup with beer or cat food in the flower bed will attract slugs and you can then dispose of them. Wooden stirring sticks can be used as plant labels.

What are the worst gardening crimes people commit? “We’ve seen a huge amount of different gaffs. As far as the show’s concerned, bright pink decking that has aged and is now turning mouldy green… But generally, planting trees like a Lebanese cedar or a monkey puzzle right bang in the front of a semidetached front garden… how big are they going to grow! Water features… you wouldn’t believe how many water features I’ve seen in the middle of a garden that are totally inappropriate, such as a sheet of stainless steel with water trickling down the front looking more like a gent’s urinal than a garden feature. Those type of things are classic. Sometimes people take an element they like from the big flower shows and put it into their own garden, which just doesn’t match. In a garden it’s about continuity. If you’re buying pots and containers for the patio you don’t buy a terracotta one, a Malaysian glazed one, a wooden one and so on. If it was your own home and it was plates on the dining table for a meal, all the plates would match. If you’re buying containers, if you do nothing more than have all your pots and containers matching to follow continuity, suddenly it ties in the garden.” “I think the key thing when designing is to start with a list of what you want to use it for. I start by talking to each of the people, trying to find out what they want to use it for. There’s no point in doing a Chelsea-style garden if the main thing on the list is playing water pistols with the grandkids when they come round.” The team also take tours around celebrity gardens, and the first celeb was TV presenter Jeff Brazier. It was David’s task to make Jeff’s mum’s garden footballfriendly for Jeff’s two boys and they were delighted by the result. David has been building award-winning gardens for the last decade and says, “I’ve always designed and built very challenging gardens for shows and sometimes they fit and sometimes they don’t. But my message always has been to try and stretch the barriers of gardening beyond the traditioOne of his claims to fame was that he introduced piranhas into the Chelsea Flower show – a design which won a Gold. “Great headline,” he laughs. “Gold Fish!” The garden he created for this year’s Hampton Court Palace, the

Naked Garden, designed in conjunction with the UK’s leading home improvement specialists, Anglian Home Improvements, won a Silver Medal. “All the plants were grown in laboratories devoid of soil and pots. They are suspended in huge hexagonal containers with all their roots showing.” It was a project which took over a year and he adds, “Now I’m thinking about the next expressive, energetic and challenging garden. What means more to us than any award is that everybody’s enjoying it because it’s refreshing, it’s new, and it’s challenging.” Bonnie reckons gardening is starting to appeal to more young people. “A lot of my friends if they see something nice they go ‘Oh yeah, I’d love that’ but they just don’t know how to do it. I think some gardening programmes and gardening books over-complicate it, they just need to make it more accessible to people. I think it’s just more of a case of ‘read the label’. They tell you basically what you’ve got to do with the plant.” David’s Tips Wherever you live, walk around your neighbourhood and look at what other people are growing in their gardens. Go into town go into the botanical gardens, see what you like. Most mobile phones have cameras on them – if not, nick a leaf. Go to the garden centre with it and tell them, I want that plant. It’s the best way. That way, nature is telling you what can and can’t grow. Feeding plants is key. House plants, outdoor plants, all need food on a regular basis.You can use household items. Coca-Cola makes a great plant food, it’s got to be full fat Coke – it’s the sugar content in that makes a good plant food. So does any fizzy drink that’s not diet. Tea is also very good – high in nitrogen and quite acidic – good for Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Camellias, and heathers. Another option is to use teabags broken up in the bottom of

And last, but not least, a tot of vodka in the water in your flower vase will keep cut flowers fresh for longer! Bonnie’s Tips In terms of planting, raised beds are good. Then you don’t have to worry too much about your soil and it’s not hard to dig over. Fix irrigation if you can and go for low maintenance plants like shrubs and perennials rather than annuals. Keep colours simple. A lot of people try to have one of this plant and one of that plant but it’s a lot more eye-catching to have groups of plants. If you’re going for purple then maybe have purple, blue and yellow instead of the whole spectrum of colours. I quite like to use old-fashioned materials: nice soft bricks, wood, and all the natural things but in a contemporary, simple way. I don’t like over-fussy designs. I like a fair bit of planting but I like it to be quite a minimalist palette. And most importantly, whatever your garden challenge, Bonnie’s top tip is: “Don‘t be afraid to give it a go!” For more info and plenty of gardening tips, visit: Garden ER is sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements Garden ER, Wednesdays, 7.30 pm, Channel 5

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Spoilers & Rumours… (If you don’t want to know what’s coming up in the latest soaps then close your eyes now) CORRIE: Monday, July 25: Gary refuses to let Izzy leave the flat. She tries to reason with him, but Gary’s firm. Izzy’s scared and when Owen comes to the door, she cries for help. Meanwhile, Tracy invites a heartbroken Steve round for tea and tells Deirdre that she’s going to get her man and when Julie arrives at the reading group and is mistaken for Dylan’s mum, she fails to correct people. Thursday, July 28: Steve enjoys the family atmosphere and with Amy in bed, he agrees to a glass of wine with Tracy. Doctor Carter recommends Gary needs psychiatric help, all he can think about is seeing Izzy and Brian makes a fresh start with Julie after revealing that he’s no longer with his wife, while Marc asks Audrey to accompany him to a charity event where he’s speaking as Marcia. Friday, July 29: Tracy’s devastated as Steve lets rip at her, believing she told Becky about them sleeping together. Audrey’s moved as she listens to Marc speak about his alternative sexuality. Meanwhile, Amber’s furious when Dev insists that he wants her home from her date with Tommy by 11pm, while Anna and Owen grow closer following their night at the cinema. EMMERDALE: Wednesday, July 27: Once in the courtroom, Aaron is disinterested as the defence try to demonstrate his closeness with Jackson. As Paddy takes to the stand, he states that he’d be proud to be Aaron’s dad but his confidence is shaken. Meanwhile, Debbie spots that Sarah has a bruise on her arm and wonders if Samson could have hit her, while Scarlett is thoughtful when Adam tells her that life is too short and she should spend her money on what she fancies. Thursday, July 28: Aaron is shellshocked as the jury reach a verdict. Meanwhile, Andy is worried about Sarah and feels dreadful when he tells Debbie and Cameron that he might be moving to Spain. Scarlett says her goodbyes and tells Carl she’ll invest her money before leaving. Amy struggles with her conscience after smashing a window at the barn and stealing Val’s jewellery. Debbie finds another bruise on Sarah and is fearful there’s more to it than she first thought. Friday, July 29: Debbie, Cameron and Andy continue to worry about Sarah’s bruises. Leyla despairs when David thinks Alicia’s being fair by telling Jacob they can come home if he doesn’t like it in Spain. Aaron breaks down - overwhelmed by guilt, while Jai tells Charity that he’s booked them a holiday. Amy continues to feel guilty about the burglary. EASTENDERS: Monday, July 25: Anthony Moon arrives on the square and helps his father scam new work premises, but the day ends in disaster. Lola continues to flirt with Jay but he isn’t interested. However, Lola proves that she means serious business when she takes revenge on someone who pokes fun at Billy. Elsewhere, Roxy questions her family loyalties when Phil steps in after she catches Ryan dealing drugs. Thursday, July 28: Jack feels guilty when he realises the truth and tries to

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make amends with Michael, but Michael is more interested in getting revenge on Eddie. Meanwhile, Rainie insists she is a reformed character and tries to spread the word of the Bible. Liam reveals some shocking information to Eddie that makes him regret jumping to conclusions. Billy, Lola and Julie prepare for the arrival of the social worker but things don’t go to plan when they find out their house is up for let. Monday, August 1: Zainab opts to have all of her family around for the Iftar but she is not prepared for a shock announcement from Syed. Meanwhile, the Moons decide to throw a launch party for their new business, which brings Eddie and Carol closer together. Roxy is seething when Phil says she hasn’t got a clue about business without Ronnie, leading her to make a hasty decision. (Ok, you can open your eyes now) New Albums Due For Release In July… Alice Gold – Seven Rainbows Brother – Famous Last Words Leon Russell – The Best Of The Suzukis – The Suzukis Natalie Kills - Perfectionist Catch A Movie This Weekend… Captain America: The First Avenger (Pg13) starring Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Evans. Based on the Marvel Comics character from World War II. A brave, yet mild-mannered young soldier named Steve Rogers, volunteers to undergo a series of experiments for a US army Super Soldier program. The military succeeds in transforming him into a human weapon. Steve Rogers becomes Captain America and he earns his way into the hearts and souls of every American, bringing hope and justice to a war-weary nation. Movie Blooper Of The Week… While watching ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King’ (2003) just the other day, I happened to notice near the beginning of the film as the camera flies towards Rohan you can see the smoke pouring back into the chimneys rather than out of them! Classic Lines From Classic Films… The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King (2003) [in a drinking game] Gimli: It’s the Dwarves that go swimming with little, hairy women. [he burps] Legolas: I feel something. A slight tingle in my fingers. I think it’s affecting me. Gimli: What did I say? He can’t hold his liquor. [Gimli passes out] Legolas: [to Eomer who is watching] Game over. New Films Due For General Release… 29th July: Zookeeper, Arrietty 5th Aug: Super 8, The Tree, Knuckle 12th Aug: The Devil’s Double, Project Nim 19th Aug: The Guard, Beautiful Lies 26th Aug: One Day, Powder, The Hedgehog Top Movies at the Box Office… 1. HARRY POTTER (Part 2) (PG13) A clash between good and evil await as young Harry, Ron and Hermione prepare for a final battle against Lord Voldemort. Harry has grown into a steely lad on a mission to rid the world of evil. The friends must search for the Horcruxes that keep the dastardly wizard immortal. Harry and Voldemort

meet at Hogwarts Castle for an epic showdown where the forces of darkness may finally meet their match. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. 2. TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON (PG13) Sam Witwicky and his new girlfriend Carly, join the fray when the evil Decepticons renew their longstanding war against the Autobots. Optimus Prime believes that resurrecting ancient Transformer Sentinel Prime, once the leader of the Autobots, may lead to victory. That decision, however, has devastating consequences; the war appears to tip in favour of the Decepticons, leading to a climactic battle in Chicago. Starring Shia LeBeouf and Leonard Nimoy. 3. HORRIBLE BOSSES (PG) Nick, Dale and Kurt are workers who would like nothing better than to grind their oppressive employers into the dirt. Quitting their jobs is not an option, so - fuelled by alcohol and dubious advice from a criminal - the men devise a complex and seemingly foolproof plan to permanently rid themselves of their terrible bosses. The problem is, any plan is only as clever as the brains behind it. Starring Jason Bateman and Charlie Day. 4. BAD TEACHER (PG) For most, teaching is an honourable profession -- except for Elizabeth. The foul-mouthed, boozy woman can’t wait to marry a rich man and quit her job, but she has to rethink her plans when her sugar daddy dumps her. Then Scott Delacorte, a substitute teacher who’s cute and rich, arrives. Elizabeth can’t wait to sink her teeth into a new meal ticket, but she faces stiff competition from Amy, a popular and perky colleague. Starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. 5. CARS 2 (U) Racecar Lightning McQueen and his tow-truck buddy, Mater have had their share of adventures together but nothing like what they experience when they head overseas for the firstever World Grand Prix. While Lightning has his eye on the road to the championship, Mater takes a detour to international espionage when he meets British master spy Finn McMissile and stunning spy-in-training Holley Shiftwell. Starring the voices of Owen Wilson and Michael Caine. 6. WINNIE THE POOH (U) Three stories inspired by A.A. Milne add up to a very busy day for Winnie the Pooh and friends. Upon learning that Eeyore has lost his tail, the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood start a contest to see who can find a new one for the melancholy donkey - with a pot of honey going to the winner. Amid the goings-on, Owl mistakenly relates the news that Christopher Robin has been abducted. However, all ends well when Pooh finds a land of sweet delights. Starring the voices of Jim Cummings and Bud Luckey. Out Of This World… Squared Circle... A job centre has advertised for professional wrestlers. They will work 14 hours a week and be prepared to step in the ring on ‘weekends, days and evenings’. The job notice advises would-be wrestlers that they ‘must be able to be sent on media interviews’, and will need to have the ‘drive and determination to succeed to the highest level.’ Furthermore, they will be required to be ‘professional in conduct

and have at least some experience of the wrestling industry.’ The ad notes: ‘Experience of working in the ring in front of paying crowds is desirable but training is available.’ Salary will be negotiable depending on experience. At The Next Right... About 250 rickshaws in New Delhi will be fitted with GPS devices as part of a trial period, with plans to roll out the scheme for all the vehicles in the city by the end of next month. The SatNav scheme is the latest attempt by city officials to improve the reputation of rickshaw drivers. The devices will serve the dual purpose of allowing the authorities to track journeys, while passengers can check they are being taken on the shortest possible route. There are currently around 55,000 three-wheeled rickshaws in New Delhi, with thousands using the vehicles every day to get around. Mixed Doubles... The World Wife Carrying Championships took place recently. The 16th annual event was in Finland and husbands and wives have been giving it their all. Competitors from 11 countries including Britain, Germany and Australia have been hauling their wives around an obstacle course in the annual wacky spouse race. The couples run over grass, sand and asphalt as well as tackling water obstacles reaching depths of up to a metre. The wives are carried in what is known as ‘Estonian style’, which looks like a bum deal for the women who are hauled upside down with legs around their husband’s shoulders. The roots of these comical championships are thought to date back to the late 1800s when Finnish villagers would steal women and carry them away on their backs. Ghost Car... America’s first transparent car – billed as a vision of the future more than 60 years ago – is expected to fetch up to £300,000 at auction. The 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six was built using a special type of Perspex by General Motors and chemical company Rohm and Haas at a cost of £15,000. The car has clocked up just 86 miles in its lifetime and is thought to be a visionary in design principles. It made its public debut at the New York World Fair in 1939-40. The model which comes with a three-speed manual gearbox is thought to be the last of its kind. Zonkey or Donkra... A rare ‘zonkey’ has been born in a China zoo, the result of a moment of passion between a female zebra and a donkey who shared an enclosure at Xiamen Haicang Zoo in the southeast of the country. The zonkey weighed 30kg and was nearly a metre tall when it eventually arrived. When a male zebra mates with a female donkey - the opposite scenario to our new striped pal - it is known as a zebroid, a creature that’s apparently more common than a zonkey/donkra, according to people who know about these types of things. And Finally... A group of chess enthusiasts checked into a hotel and were standing in the lobby discussing their recent tournament victories. After about an hour, the manager came out of the office and asked them to disperse. “But why?” they asked, as they moved off. “Because”, he said, “I can’t stand chessnuts boasting in an open foyer.”

Kid’s Page

Picture 1

Make a Butterfly

You will need; scissors, ruler, pipe cleaners and colour pictures from a magazine (make sure you are allowed to cut up the magazine).

For each Butterfly Picture 2

Choose a colourful section of a picture or advert, measure a 10cm square and cut it out (picture 1). Starting at one corner, fold the paper in narrow concertina folds right across to the other corner (picture 2). Fold a pipe cleaner in half, give the folded end a twist, then put the centre of your folded square into the pipe cleaner and twist above it. Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to make feelers, and spread the folds a little to make wings (picture 3).

Picture 3

Find the Musical Instruments in our Wordsearch

Can you spot 12 differences between these pictures?

Solution: 1. Spade handle removed. 2. Line on right shell removed. 3. Seam in boy’s hat removed. 4. Girl’s chin missing. 5. Girl’s spade changed. 6. Portion of girl’s hair ribbon removed. 7. Bucket water coloured in. 8. Umbrella top coloured in. 9. Boy’s button removed. 10. Window in castle removed. 11. Starfish moved. 12. Flagpople longer.

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Powers of attorney

If a person lacks the mental capacity to make a particular decision it may be necessary for someone else to make that decision on their behalf - this is called power of attorney. Mental capacity means being able to make and communicate your own decisions. Someone might lose their mental capacity to make certain decisions if‚ for example‚ they have a stroke‚ are suffering from mental illness or develop dementia.The decisions could be about day-to-day things like what to wear or when to pay a bill‚ or they could be more important decisions such as where you should live or whether you should have a certain type of medical treatment.

The Mental Capacity Act

The Mental Capacity Act provides a legal framework to help empower people to make their own decisions and to make clear what actions carers and family can take. A code of practice explains how people should use it in everyday situations. The Act sets out five principles to follow when assessing whether someone lacks capacity and when making decisions on their behalf:

Ordinary Power of Attorney An Ordinary Power of Attorney gives someone else the power to handle your financial affairs on your behalf. The important thing to remember about an Ordinary Power of Attorney is that it comes to an end if you lose the mental capacity to make decisions about your finances. Lasting Power of Attorney If you want someone to be able to continue looking after your finances even if you lose mental capacity to make your own financial decisions and you are no longer able to supervise their actions‚ you should consider setting up a property and affairs Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). This is a new power‚ that replaces the previous system of Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs). One big difference between LPAs and EPAs is that as well as setting up an LPA to cover your financial affairs‚ you can set one up to give someone else authority to make decisions about your healthcare and personal welfare when you can no longer make those decisions yourself

1. A presumption of capacity A person must be assumed to have capacity to make their own decisions unless it can be established that this is not the case. 2. The right to be supported to make a decision All practicable steps must be taken to help a person to make their own decision before anyone concludes that they do not have the capacity to do so. 3. The right to make unwise decisions A person should not be treated as unable to make a decision just because they make an unwise decision.

Retirees reveal pension cash doubts

One in four people planning to retire this year have already ruled out having enough funds to leave an inheritance, a survey 4. Best interests Any act done‚ or decision made‚ for or on behalf of a suggests.

person who lacks capacity must be done‚ or made‚ in The study conducted by Prudential also revealed that their best interests. 22% expressed doubts as to whether their pension pot and savings would be large enough to fund their 5. Least restrictive intervention retirement. Before making a decision on behalf of someone without Only 52% of those ready to retire said they were capacity‚ all alternatives must be considered and the confident they had enough money to live on and also option chosen should be the least restrictive of the leave money to relatives. person’s rights and freedom of action. Gerry Brown, tax and trusts expert for Prudential, said: Powers of attorney ‘Obviously the focus for retired people has to be on You might want someone to look after your financial their own retirement income and so leaving a financial affairs even if you are still mentally able to do so yourself. legacy can become a secondary consideration. This could be because you are going abroad for a while‚ ‘Our research shows that inheritances are increasingly or going into hospital‚ or even because you just want in the ‘nice to do’ rather than the ‘need to do’ box some help keeping things in order. If this is the case because of uncertainty around being able to afford a you can choose to set up either an Ordinary Power of comfortable retirement. Attorney or a Lasting Power of Attorney. ‘For those who do hope to leave a financial legacy,



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there is a risk of assets that increase in value being left exposed to tax as the threshold for inheritance tax is frozen until 2015. ‘It is therefore imperative for people looking to leave an inheritance and secure a comfortable retirement income to seek professional financial advice in the runup to retirement and to save as much as possible, as early as possible.’ According to the survey, men are more likely to leave an inheritance, with 56% stating that was their intention, compared to 48% of women. Across the UK, those retiring in Scotland this year were the most positive about their ability to leave an inheritance, with 67% planning to leave a financial legacy, compared to just 43% in Wales.

Helpful phone numbers Sometimes we want help and we don’t know where to turn. Below is a list of helplines you can call for a variety of problems if you need someone to talk to. Action on Elder Abuse: 0808 808 8141 A national, freephone helpline for anyone concerned in any way about the abuse of older people, whether in their own homes, sheltered housing, care homes and hospitals. Lines open: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Age UK Information & Advice: 0800 169 6565 if you need information or advice from anything from health to housing, please give us a call. We can also put you in touch with our local Age UK partners (who may still be called Age Concern).Lines open: 8am-7pm, 365 days a year. BT faults: 0800 800 151 If you have a fault on your BT phone line, then you can report it free. Lines open: 24 hours a day. BT Nuisance/malicious calls helpline 0800 661441 A national, free number if you’re getting persistent unwanted calls.Lines open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone to ring. Consumer Direct: 0845 404 0506 The government-funded service that offers clear and impartial information and advice on consumer issues, from overcharging to faulty goods or dodgy workmanship and from energy supply to postal problems. Lines open: 8am–6:30pm, Monday to Friday; 9am–1pm, Cruse Bereavement Care helpline: 0844 477 9400 Cruse promotes the well-being of bereaved people and enables anyone bereaved by death to understand their grief and cope with their loss. Lines open: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Gas Emergency Contact Number: 0800 111 999 If you smell gas and are worried there may be a leak, then call this number free to report a potential gas emergency. Lines open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home Heat Helpline: 0800 33 66 99 If you’re struggling to pay your fuel bill or worried how you’re going to stay warm, the Home Heat Helpline will make it easier for you to find the answers. Lines open: Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm Saturday, 10am-2pm. MIND: 0845 766 0163 The mental health charity provides a information on a range of topics including types of mental distress, where to get help, drug and alternative treatments and advocacy. They are also able to provide details of help and support for people in their own area.Lines open: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm National Debtline: 0808 808 4000 A free, confidential helpline offering independent advice on how to deal with debt problems. Lines open: Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm; Saturday, 9.30am-1pm NHS Direct: 0845 4647 Whenever you have health worries, NHS Direct has the knowledge and experience to give you real help and reassurance. Lines open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pension Service: 0845 6060 265 A national helpline for anyone who has questions about their pension or is planning for retirement. Lines open: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm RSPCA: 0300 1234 999 To report a mistreated, neglected, injured or distressed animal, call this number. Lines open: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. opens link in new window How the RSPCA can help Samaritans: 0845 790 9090 Samaritans provides confidential non-judgmental emotional support, 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead




here are always plants that will come and go as garden fashions change and one that is always borderline is the Hydrangea. I can hear people now associating this plant with their Granny’s front garden, the name of ‘lacecap’ and also the remembering of the fact that can’t you change the flowers from blue to pink?! It is an overlooked plant but one which is worthy of a place in any garden. It does have a big advantage in it’s favour and that’s the ability to grow really well in containers. A few years ago it was fashionable to grow white lacecap hydrangeas in square Versailles tubs, the only place that do this now seems to be stately homes, but the Hydrangea is making an attempt at a comeback.

Hydrangeas are one of the classic seaside plants and flowering mostly from mid to late summer. Most of them will tolerate either full sun or semi shade and will be fairly happy in a moist position in the garden where it doesn’t dry out too easily, as a rule the drier the soil the more shade that is needed. With many different available hydranges it is often difficult to pick a good variety. One that I like is the good late-flowering ‘villosa’. This can grow to 10’ and so isn’t the ideal choice for a small garden but in the correct setting it has flowers that are blue in the centre and lavender to white outers. But for a more normal sized plot a choice from Hydrangea


macrophylla will give a good plant with names such as ‘Blue wave’ and ‘Blue Bonnet’ and also ‘Lanarth white giving a fair description of their colours. The colour of hydrangea flowers is all down to their ability to absorb aluminium and iron from the soil which can be stopped when the soil becomes alkaline. This is where the blue hydrangeas start to turn pink but by applying an application of a commercial ‘blueing’ agent or why not just try iron sulphate, you can return the flowers to blue. Within reason, the lower the PH of the soil the deeper the blue. However this does not apply to white hydrangeas whose flowers will stay white whatever you do. A regular feed of a general fertiliser is a good idea but as with most plants too much nitrogen will make the plants grow and not flower very much.

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It is always reasonably easy to recommend plant varieties. It is not as easy though to go out and try to buy them! You can, as I know, spend months or years looking for a specific plant. Whatever hydrangea you have they tend to look great with border phlox, Cornus


‘Elegantissima’ that has variegated leaves, and surprisingly enough hardy fuschias and Hostas. Although hydrangeas, particularly the mopheads have a certain romantic feel, the cottage garden style with rustic fence and all that. I think they should be more widely used in our gardens. Admittedly they don’t do a great deal most of the year when planted in large clumps (much like banks of Rhododendron looking green most of the year) but when you consider the detailed leaves and some with peeling bark you can see the attraction of having them in the garden. In my opinion they work well with most hard landscaping materials in a confined setting such as a patio area. The leaves (and stems) look great with smooth painted timber and anything silver or lavender in colour works well with the leaves. For example a white painter timber seat with Lavender ‘Hidcote’ and a pale coloured hydrangea plus dwarf daffodils for spring colour would give year round colour and interest. Likewise a red coloured hydrangea with loose cobbles against a timber deck would be equally acceptable with the leaves softening the deck during summer but being in contrast with the straight deck boards and cobbles in winter. After flowering many of the hydrangea flowers tend to go a bronze colour as they dry out and can look very attractive. It also benefits the plant to leave the flowers on (although to what degree I don’t know) by adding some protection to the dormant buds that can be sensitive to frost. Hydrangeas are best pruned in spring. With such a straggly looking plant and a tangle of woody stems it does seem impossible especially on older plants. Whenever I’ve been pruning hydrangeas back I’ve followed what I’ve always been told and removed all stems that are more than three years old, although on old plants it’s best to remove only two thirds of the older stems this first time. This then lets light into the centre of the plant and promotes new growth and leaves the one and two year old stems to flower. Not so difficult really?! Finally there is a climbing hydrangea. H.petiolaris that will grow even on a north facing wall. It has white flowers although may not flower well when young. This will climb without the need for wires and is therefore very useful for growing a clematis up , try Clematis ‘The President’ for a north facing situation. All about •15




Which? test of automatic car braking systems has been revealed that they can significantly reduce the severity of collisions, and even prevent them altogether. We tested the systems used in the Audi A7, BMW 5 Series, Infiniti M37S, Mercedes CLS,Volkswagon Passat estate and Volvo V60. They all use sensors to ‘see’ vehicles or objects up ahead. If they detect an imminent collision they give an alert and, if the driver does not react, apply the brakes automatically - either to stop an impact or reduce its severity. In our test we recreated a number of situations, including approaching a slow-moving object, as well as one that was stationary. We also looked at the

effectiveness of alerts and how reliable each system was. The best system we tested was Volvo’s City Safety. It was very good at preventing crashes into stationary objects - working well at high speeds with early warning alarms. At up to 25mph, it reliably prevented a crash. The Mercedes Pre-safe and Audi Pre-Sense systems outperformed the Volvo in terms of reducing speed and lessening the severity of potential injuries at higher speeds. But they were both unable to stop a collision at all, or bring the car to a halt in front of stationary objects. The VW Front Assist system did stop in front of staionary objects, but only at very low speeds. At high speeds it wasn’t very reliable - setting off the

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driver warnings too late or not at all. BMW’s Adaptive Brake Assistant warns the driver very early, but not very forcefully. If the driver does not react, it brakes only partially. With a stationery obstacle it did not brake at all. The Infiniti Intelligent Brake Assist was the poorest performer. It wasn’t effective enough at warning the driver od a potential collision, or reducing speed. VERDICT All the systems we tested are a safety bonus, even if they lower impact speed minimally. As a result, any of the systems are worth having, although they are currently available only as an optional extra on the Volvo, Audi and VW, where prices range from £675 (VW) to £2,600 (Audi). However, we hope that they will become a more common feature in future.

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For Quality Antiques including - Furniture Fireplaces - Porcelain Clocks - Books etc.

Open Daily 10.30 to 4.30 THE OLD FOUNDRY CAVENDISH STREET, NR. TESCO TEL: 01756 797667

CARAVAN WASTEWATER AQUAROLL £30 each. Thames crystal pump for Aquaroll, good condition, £20. 07985 101044 FULL SET “BEAUTIES OF THE RED MANSION” PLATES certificates, no boxes alas, offers over £100. 01282 851386 OVAL OAK TABLE AND FOUR CHAIRS extends to seat six, £100. Hotpoint chest freezer, £25. 01282 815860 GENTS STANDARD CYCLE 18 gears, twist grip change, £35 ono. 01756 792905 BOX OF BEADS diamonte stones, chains, catches etc. suit person repairing fashion jewellery, plus other bits, £10. Buyer collect in Ilkey area. 01943 863864 TRAVELCOT £15. Car seat, £15. Strimmer, £5. Manual treadmill, £30. Aerobic step, £5. Upright piano, £50. 07845 690820 ELECTRIC VARIABLE SPEED POTTERY WHEEL £90, Large box LPs, classical/light, £25. 01200 447231 METAL BUNKBED only topbed, clean mattress, desk underneath, both for £25. 07878 613230 DISCOUNT WATERCOLOUR PAINTBRUSHES mint condition, multibuy discount contact Nigel, 01535 664024 CONCEPT ARROW BIKE as new, 21 gears, spare tubes and tyres, for male, £75. 01729 822383 CARPET approx 10’ x 18’ blue, small pink motif, as new, can deliver, £50 ono. 01756 748279 F601 Super 8 + single 8 film projector, editor with spools and instructions, £15. 01729 823426 THREE SEATER SETTEE AND TWO CHAIRS excellent condition, machine washable covers, terracotta, £150. 01756 792425 CROMBIE JACKET wool chest 42”, Burton overcoat, medium grey 46”. DB two cotton traders, pale cream

and brown XL wind jackets, new. 01535 642333 LLOYD LOOM BABY NURSING CHAIR pink with matching linen basket with glass top. 01729 840868 QUALCAST PANTHER 30 hand mower 30cm (12”) blade width light and compact to use, £25. 01943 608866 SMALL OVAL WICKER TABLE & TWO CHAIRS which fit under, £35. 01282 816983 LIGHT OAK SOLID COFFEE TABLE 46 X 18”. Extension driving mirrors. Aqua roll water barrel. Track grips. 01282 814296 THE WAR PAPERS reprinted newspapers that tell story of WWII. 90 parts, £25. 01756 792452 ROLLEI & KINDERMAN SLIDE PROJECTORS very good condition, £15 each. 07985 101044 EXERCISE BYKE 565BH dual action, excellent condition, £30 ono. 01282 843662 MOTORBIKE JACKET black leather, Sportex Apollo, size 44, good condition, £35. 01282 692155 CREAM CARPET size 12’ x 6’4”, stairs & landing same carpet included, £35 the lot. 01282 771833 50+ ITEMS OF GIRLS CLOTHES ages 18-24 months and 2-3 years, excellent condition, £40. 01282 841351 9 COUNTIES PHILIPS STREET ATLAS Yorks, Bucks, Lincs, Northam, Hamps,Wilts, West Mids, ex. con., £10. Slendertone Total Body Toning System, £20. 20 assorted baby books including board,VGC, £10. 01282 841351 MULTI CHANNEL 15” TV DVD/CD radio, remote, ideal for touring caravan, UK or Europe, £95. 01943 430627 TEY POTTERY HOUSES B Potter hilltop, Bishop Bonner cottage, Longhouse teashop, farmhouse, cruck, newforest. Perfect, £20. 01729 860485 GIRLS 3 WHEEL SCOOTER pink, aged 3+, brand new in box, £10. Wedding dress by Alfred Angelo style 6133i, size 12, ex con.. 7 games for Nintendo Gamecube,VGC, £15. 01282 841351 i CANDY PEAR PRAM can be used as a double or single, excellent condition, like new, £400. 01729 841097 QUALCAST EASI LITE 30 LAWN MOWER electric strimmer, £10 for

both. 01535 644315 PINE DISPLAY RACK ideal for plates or collections. 4 shelves 36” x 30” x 3” deep, £25. 01943 601790 4ft FOLDING GUEST BED wood slatted base, good mattress, excellent condition, £35. 07743 689833 DINING ROOM TABLE 4 CHAIRS 140cm x 90cm extending to 140cm circle, table glass, £250 ono. 01535 635721 MENS LEFTHANDED GOLF CLUBS 11 clubs, bag, brolly trolly, £30. Large black & gold electric fire, £15. 01756 753323 WOODEN HIGH CHAIR with padded seat, adjustable height, removable tray,VGC, £25. 015242 41065 GUITAR acoustic 12 string incl. carry case, new strings, excellent condition, £50 ono. 01756 711096 GARDEN STONE various offers. 01756 795681 FORD TRANSIT ROOF RACK low roof, 10’ x 5’ galvanised, £125. 07742 170098 (Long Preston) ‘BOYANT’ DARK GREEN LEATHER SETTEE two seater and recliner chair. 01282 601770 TROPICAL FISH SELECTION of nine mollies and platys, great starter pack, £20 ono. 07960 267052 FASTPRESS IRONING MACHINE table model, suitable for B&B or large family, £50 ono. 07716 996121 LE CREAUSET CHROME PEN STAND as new, £10. 10 hardback books on mythology legends, witchcraft, plague. Excellent condition, £3 each. 01535 642333 GENTS STRONG BROWN LEATHER GOLF SHOES size 8, £10. Wood expanding concertina style clothes airer, £10. 01729 821066 SONY TV 32” HD READY excellent condition, first to see will buy, £190. 01282 871618 BESPOKE CARVED PINE HEADBOARD and foot board with bed irons. Double bed size, £95. Pine free standing mirror, excellent condition, 4’4” x 1’2”, £50. 01535 637474 LADIES HARLEY DAVIDSON BIKING BOOTS size 5,VGC £28. 01943 608866 ULTRALITE MOBILITY SCOOTER little used, new battery, five mile range, good condition. Offers over £100. 01282 842897 CROWN GREEN

caca Sales or Wants to If you would like your appear in our online magazine go to

ITEMS FOR SALE OR WANTED For local advertising that is FREE OF CHARGE fill in the coupon below using no more than 15 words and post to: All about, The Bank Buildings,Victoria Road, Earby, Barnoldswick, BB18 6UR

Name Address

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Only one coupon per issue will be accepted per address, use of more than one coupon from the same issue will mean none of the items will go in. Extra items must be put on a separate sheet. This is for private advertisers only and excludes firearms, weapons, livestock, motorised vehicles and caravans. All items being advertised will be printed at the discretion of the editor. Advertisements could take up to two months to appear. Name and address must be given, but will not be printed.

LADIES BOWLS 2lb4oz, still boxed, £40. Also jacks and mats. 01254 381982 2 TIER RABBIT HUTCH with waterproof cover.VGC hardly used, £50 no offers. 07527 407340 DEXION 2¼ X 3¾ ANGLE makes 2 shelf units 7’ x 3’ x 5’, 13 pieces, 5 x 7’, 3 x 4’, 4 x 5’, all nuts bolts included,£30. 01535 642333 HOTPOINT LARDER FRIDGE model RLA80, free standing, silver, excellent condition, full instructions. Accept £175 ono. 07765 407733 HOTPOINT ULTIMA (FDW90) 60cm free standing dishwasher, silver, excellent condition, full instructions, excellent condition, accept £100 ono 07765 407733 LIGHT SILVER-SILK VELVET LONG CHAIR mint condition, never used, lovely piece of furniture, cost £300, bargain £200. 07516 774583 ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS 22” TV with built in Freeview flat screen, £50. 01535 630024 PHILLIPS DVD/VIDEO PLAYER with Video record (even from digital), complete with handset and booklet, £20. Dualit 2 slot toaster with third slot for doing ‘toasties’, £15. 01535 630024 GENTS RALEIGH MOUNTAIN BIKE ladies Dawes all terrain bike, £80 each. Road touring bike, £95. 01756 710311 NEXT BOYS ‘BUG JAM’ items: bedlinen set, 3 tier storage boxes, curtains (lined). Extended curtain pole/ finials. Excellent cond. £39.99 ono. 07765 407733 12 PLACE SETTING STAINLESS STEEL DECORATED CUTLERY with servers etc, approx 100 pieces in total. Needs to be seen, £30. Two pairs walking boots, size 45, one pair grey one pair brown. Both worn twice only, £10 a pair, no offers. 01535 630024 SHARP MINIDISC RECORDER w/o manual, e/phones, 15 r/discs, excellent condition, £25 ono. 01535 658843 SONY COMPACT CD RADIO PLAYER separate speakers, remote, instructions, cost £400+, accept £95. 01943 430627 STONE TREADLE TINKERS GRINDER antique, very heavy, in frame on wheels. Serious offers only. 01282 813341 HARDBACK BOOK ‘Lost Laysen’ by Margaret Mitchell, author of ‘Gone with the Wind’. Hard to find, £8. 01274 561881 4 BUILDERS TRESTLES £10 each ono. 13’ extending aluminium ladders, £60 ono. 07756 462248 BOYS 16” WHEEL FULL SUSPENSION BIKE VGC, £12. Animal run, 52” wide, 84” long, 17” deep, £10. 2 wooden planters, £10. 01535 630496 3 SEATER + 2 SEATER SETTEES dark brown leather recliners, excellent condition, £800. 01282 606774 CEILING LIGHT opaque white glass globe, s.steel fitting, 11” diameter, adjustable 28” drop, as new, £10, cost £35. 01282 771833 MYERS 2 DRAWER DIVAN BED mink faux suede headboard, little used, cost £400, £180. 01254 826654 APOLLO Y FRAME MOUNTAIN BIKES 18 gears and 21 gears. Both excellent condition, full suspension, 24” wheels, £30 each or £50 both. 01535 630496 PERUNA CERISE LINEN JACKET new, cost £49, accept £12 ono. Suitable

for wedding, size 10 - 12. 01282 771833 DEXION 2¼ x 3¾ angle, makes 2 shelf unit, 7’ x 3’ x 5’, 13 pieces. 5 x 7’, 4 x 3’, 4 x 5’, £30. 01535 642333 DISHWASHER MATSUI model MS452W, new never used, slimline white. Sale due to new kitchen, £75. 01756 794831 11m TRIANA AIRLITE HIGH MODULUS CARBON POLE spare top two and holdall, cost £299, used once, £100 ono. 01282 816522 CORNER TABLE medium oak, 19½ high, 19½ square, shelf under, £35. 01943 436812 JVC XL-E3 COMPACT DISC PLAYER DRE5L stereo double cassette deck receiver, Compu LTNK remote control system. SPES speakers, excellent order, £45. 01282 615570 SMALL TABLE for 2 or 3, 29” high, 27” square, light oak, £15. 01943 436812 DRILL PRESS STAND Dremel 212 convenient way of holding the tools for hand operation, good condition, £12. 01943 608866 TALL OFFICE STORAGE CABINET metal, lockable, ideal for home office, 6’ tall, 36” wide, £45. 07941 304791 DOUBLE BED SETTEE metal and wood frame, lilac mattress, good clean condition, £40 ono. 01535 635705 WHITE SINGLE CANDY OVEN £30. Child’s gazebo, £15. 01756 790934 MANS MOUNTAIN BIKE 15 gears, front suspension, £25. Large ELC Happy Track village collection, £40. 7876 221839 FLAVEL EMBERGLOW STOVE 7kw, hardly used, £100. 01729 822917 PEAVEY VALVEKING SERIES 112 VALVE AMPLIFIER for guitar, as new, used twice, £250. 01729 822383 WHITEWOOD DROP LEAF TABLE brand new, incorporating 4 folding chairs, ideal for kitchen or conservatory, £75. 01282 813894 DURST B/W PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER M370 Jessops enlarger timer ET60, quartz timer, safe light, ,trays, dishes, measures etc. £140 ono. 01756 753124 NEW CRICKET BAT cost £50, bargain £15. Small electric kettle, £2. Electric cable, sockets, fittings, all new, £20. 01200 429032 SILVER CROSS 3D PRAM system including car seat, 9 months old, grey, excellent condition, £130. 07754 323808 LAMINATE FLOORING beech, 16+ sq.mtrs, previously used but good condition, £40. 01756 791010 4 DRAW FILING CABINET with all folders, as new and key, £25. 01282 603289 ERDE CAMPING TRAILER as new, excellent condition, £195. 01729 860391 SUITE excellent condition, Collins & Hayes 3 seater settee and 2 chairs. Machine washable covers, terracotta, £200. 01756 792425 MULTIFLUE GAS FIRE brass grate and surround coal effect, all installation instructions, unused still in box, accept £35. 01943 862691 UNUSED FIRESTONE TYRE 195/65 R15 91V on VW/Seat steel wheel, bargain at £25. 01282 778330 EXERCISE BIKE ‘Carl Lewis’ recumbent type, computed exercises, excellent

condition, £30. 01282 778330 CIGARETTE CARDS Senior Service’, ‘Holiday Haunts by the Sea’, 1938, B/ W, glossy, full set (48), offers. 01282 778330 BESPOKE WHITE OAK FOUR POSTER KING SIZED BED with new mattress, buyer to collect, £600. 01282 841570 MODERN ERCOL TYPE 3 seater settee and chair, pale wood, pinewood green upholstery, ex. cond. £150. 01282 843184 BLACKBERRY PEARL MOBILE with leather case, very good condition, £19. 01943 831337 TABLE SAW 250cm blade, used one job only, excellent, cost £137. Stand, if required, free. 01282 843275 PURPLE HUNTER BOOTS size 7, £40. Sofa and chair, £50. 01729 825696 ARCHITECT DRAWING BOARD used by daughter at university, £20. 01200 445351 WHEEL CLAMP never been used, still in box, suitable for most 13” to 15” wheels, £15. 07599 531662 RADIAL TYRE 13” wheel, £10. 8” trailer wheel, £7. Boys full suspension 21 speed mountain bike, £27 bargain. Ladies full size mountain bike, VGC, £18. 01535 630496 DARK OAK STANDARD LAMP with pale green shade. Foot on/off switch, good quality, can deliver, £25. 01282 861294 MORPHY RICHARDS CYLINDER VACUUM CLEANER ‘Family pets’, as new, £20, cost £60. 01943 609283 ROGER BLACK GOLD TREADMILL excellent condition, buyer collects, £100 ono 07817 057418 THICK PLASTIC BOOT TRAY to fit BMW 1 series, VGC, £8. 015242 51886 RETRO CIRCULAR COFFEE TABLE glass top, nest of three tables below, £55. 01756 796427 COMPLETE SOLID PINE BEDROOM SUITE 2 wardrobes, dressing table, chest, 2 bedside cabinets, £100. 07709 923715 CROWN GREEN new jacks, yellow practice, £22 each. Black match, £20 each. All 2s full and ready for season. 01254 381982 SHOWER SEAT unused, white with full fixings, saving £225, asking £25. 01943 608866 for details 7sq mtrs OF 600 X 400 GRADE A TRAVATINE £140 ono. 3 sq mtrs of 400 x 400 grade A travatine, £60 ono. 12 mtr Mosaque travatine borders, £50 ono. 07939 667440 NEW BABY STROLLER red, folds, £15. 01756 793990 LARGE HOUSE PLANTS Yucca plant, 7ft. Mother-in-law’s tongue, 4ft. Dracaena, 6ft. Offers. 01756 791010 15 LITRE FISHTANK with pump and filter with contemprary stand, £60. Also 30 litre fishtank with heater, £70. 01282 814334 BEAUTIFUL 3 PIECE 2 seater settee, 1 chair, 1 recliner, 3 months old. Still under guarantee, beige/rust, cost £1600, sell £950. 01282 871618 VERY OLD ‘ATCO’ BOWLING GREEN MOWER 10 blade, 16” cut, collector’s item. Also 20” Atco, 40 yrs old, in working order. Offers. 01282 812152 DOUBLE GLAZED CONSERVATORY UPVC dark wood effect, 13’ x 10’,

£900. 01282 853007 BESPOKE PIPPY OAK KITCHEN granite work tops and Dedetrich appliances, £1500. 01282 853007 EAST COAST HIGHCHAIR with washable padded seat cover, £50. Kudos Russell Hobbs coffee maker, £20. 01282 603289 NATURAL PINE LINEN BIN H69, W42 & D42, £6. 01282 865769 LIGHTWEIGHT SUITCASE red and black, 28” x 18”, unwanted gift, (cost over £50), £25. 01729 823163 SHERBOURNE ELECTRIC RECLINER twin motors, sage green, good condition, little used, £200. 01729 851551 SAFETY 1st ‘SURF’ PUSHCHAIR black and grey rain cover, carry bag included. Ideal for holidays, £25. 07970 613748 CEILING LIGHT round opaque white glass globe, s. steel fitting, 11” diam, adjustable 28” drop, as new, £10. 01282 771833 GRACO BLUE PRAM includes footmuff and rain cover, very good condition, can attach baby car seat, £50. 01282 850322 SET 6 WINE GLASSES set 4 wine brandy glasses, set 5 wine glasses. 6 varied colour liqueur glasses on stand. All excellent conditon, £20 ono. 01282 615570 HEGNER MULTICUT SCROLL SAW single speed, Mk1, £150. 01756 748035 EMALJUNGA PUSHCHAIR black/cream, best pushchair ever, City Jet, sprung wheels, folds, immaculate, cost £600, with parasol, £150. 01282 852575 DESIGNER COT BUMPER lilac/green, £5. 2 single valance sheets for single bed, blue checked, £5. 01282 852575 3 SCATTER CUSHIONS duck egg blue/beige stripe piped edging, duck feather cushions, cost £60, not used, £25. 01282 852575 LAKELAND FAUX SHEEPSKIN COAT, beautiful quality, zip fastening, immaculate, deep cream fur lining, £40. Mans 3 piece suit, 38 chest, 34 leg, 32 waist, black, excellent condition, £30. 01282 852575 LG FRIDGE FREEZER 60/40 light green silver colour, excellent condition and working order, £100. 01282 692155 THREE PINE CHAIRS £25. Wood planer, £10. Rechargeable torch, £10. Toolbox tools, £10. 01535 654942

WANTED CHEST OF DRAWERS 32” across by 18” deep, 48” high. 01943 609283 BOUND COPIES OF OLD MAGAZINES and boys papers, anything that makes interesting reading. 01274 561881 TYRES 135SR15 to fit Renault Dauphine. 01772 786709 BESWICK NAO WADE any nice porcelain. Good price paid. 01282 690899 SOFTBACK CATALOGUE ENTITLED ‘BURMANTOFTS POTTERY’ a book published by Bradford Art Galleries and Museums for an exhibition at Catwright Hall, 1983. 01535 642333 HOTPOINT VENTED DRYER colour:- linen with calico trim. 01535 630599

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Peugeot 106 1.5D ..................................£650 Peugeot 206 1.1 L .................................£950 Peugeot 206 1.4 LX .............................£1450 Peugeot 2 ltr HDi .................................£3750 Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec ............................£950 Peugeot 106 T&T ................................. £1150 Peugeot 307 1.4 Style .........................£2450 Renault Clio 1.2 Expression ...............£1650 Peugeot 106 1.1 XN T&T ......................£ 600 Peugeot 206 1.8 D ...............................£1000 Peugeot 206 1.4 S ...............................£2750 Peugeot 206 1.1 5dr ............................£1295

For For service service and and repairs repairs call call 01729 01729 822233 822233

We take care of your needs from start to finish Insurance company approved. It is your right to have your car repaired where you want.

STAINFORTH GARAGE - Settle 1996 1999 2001 2005 1999 2001 2002 2002 1998 2000 2004 2000


Credit and debit cards now being taken

Tel: 01756 791922 Mobile: 07860 891952 Unit 5, Sidings Business Park, Engine Shed Lane, Skipton



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Old stone floors cleaned and resealed. Yorkshire stone, Slate, Terracotta, Travatine, Marble etc. FREE QUOTES

Nigel Stoker 07939 667440


Natural burial for people and pets in beautiful countryside

Tel: Wendy Pratt 01756 701688

Looking for a skilled tradesman or a special service from this area? All about Classified could help

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‘keep it local’ directory


* take a look at our website addresses below

ACCOMMODATION DALESBANK HOLIDAY PARK Low Lane, Silsden BD20 9JH Tel: 01535 653321 AERIALS SKIPTON AERIALS Skipton Tel: 01756 790533 Mob: 07850 690600 BODY REPAIR SKIPTON BODY REPAIR CENTRE LTD Engine Shed Lane, Skipton Tel: 01756 792412 - 0410 412591 BUTCHERS JACKSON’S FARM SHOP Cracoe Tel: 01756 730269 CAR AUDIO/ SECURITY/ TRACKERS COUNTY AUTOMOTORS Higherford Mill, Gisburn Road, Barrowford Tel: 01282 611011 CARPETS AND RUGS HALLS CARPET WAREHOUSE Unit C2, Airedale Trading Park, Crosshills, Keighley Tel: 01535 630732 Fax: 01535 636328 NEWTOWN CARPETS 20-22 Newtown, Barnoldswick Tel: 01282 814099 CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS WALKERS 16-18 Devonshire Street, Keighley Tel: 01535 600900 COACH TOURS CASTLE COACHES (Skipton) Unit C, Snaygill, Keighley Road, Skipton Tel: 01756 793413 HARGREAVES COACHES Bridge House, Hebden, Skipton Tel: 01756 752567 COMPUTER SALES/ REPAIRS ENIGMA COMPUTERS & ACCESSORIES 101 Gisburn Road, Barrowford Tel: 01282 618914 CYCLES 3 PEAKS CYCLES 24 Market Place, Settle Tel: 01729 824232 DEBT ADVICE CHOICE ONE DEBT SOLUTIONS Tel: 0161 4084295 DIY & TRADE SUPPLIERS JACS Unit 1, Snaygill Industrial Estate, Skipton Tel: 01756 797125 ELECTRICIAN NICEIC APPROVED CONTRACTOR HARRISON & CROSS Settle Tel: 01729 823423 J. D. MOUNSEY ELECTRICS LTD Settle Tel: 01729 825677 FARM AND GROUNDS CARE MACHINERY *RIPON FARM SERVICES Dalesgate Works, Kildwick, Keighley, 4x4 specialists Tel: 01535 632661 Fax: 633752 FIREPLACES AND CENTRAL HEATING BLAZES FIREPLACE & HEATING CENTRES Swadford Street, Skipton Tel: 01756 701065

web directory


EASTBURN FIREPLACES Unit 1, Eastburn Mills, Main Road, Eastburn Tel/Fax: 01535 655220 GARAGES PETER WATSON Otley Road Garage, Otley Road, Skipton Tel: 01756 792911 - 792282 GARDEN CENTRES GLEDSTONE GARDENS West Marton, Skipton Tel: 01282 844555 Fax: 01282 844855 GAS & HEATING HOBSON GAS ENGINEERS Unit 5, Midland Mills, Station Road, Crosshills Tel: 01535 637234 HAIRDRESSERS WORLD OF HAIR & BEAUTY 3 Cavendish Street, Skipton Tel: 01756 796848 HIRE *SKIPTON SELF DRIVE HIRE LTD Otley Road Garage, Otley Road, Skipton Tel: 01756 792911 - 792282 MORTGAGE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES *PRINCE & KING FINANCIAL SERVICES The Bank Buildings, 32-34 Victoria Road, Earby Tel: 01282 844849 PLASTERING & RENDERING MICK KEEGAN Earby Mobile: 07740 867406 Tel: 01282 844076 RESTAURANTS NOSH BRASSERIE & BAR 1 Devonshire Place, Skipton Tel: 01756 700060 *THE TRADDOCK Austwick, Settle Tel: 015242 51224 SOLICITORS WALKER FOSTER Craven House, Barnoldswick Tel: 01282 812340 WALKER FOSTER 3 High Street, Skipton Tel: 01756 700200 WALKER FOSTER 63 Kirkgate, Silsden Tel: 01535 656000 WALKER FOSTER 27 Riddings Rd, Ilkley Tel: 01943 609969 TILING SERVICES NEED A TILER? Nigel Stoker Mobile: 07939 667440 Tel: 01282 842126 SUPER CERAMICS Worth Way, Keighley, West Yorkshire Tel:01535 600777 UPHOLSTERY LUXOR UPHOLSTERY off Goulbourne Street, Keighley, West Yorks BD21 1PG Fax: 01535 667500 Tel: 01535 667764 VEHICLE DISMANTLERS CHRIS WATSON & SONS LTD Quarry Works, Moore Lane, Salterforth, Nr Colne, Lancs Tel: 01282 812400 VETERINARY SERVICES/PRACTITIONERS DALEHEAD VETERINARY GROUP Station Road, Settle BD24 9AA Tel: 01729 823538

* our phone numbers can be found in the directory above



Circulation Areas


Circulation Areas




ll about culation area

Horton-in-Ribblesdale Horton-in-Ribblesdale













Malham Hellifield

Long Preston


BB7 Clitheroe




All postcodes are below the town names, apart from towns under BD23 which have been accented in red




& Burnley

Cross Hills






Silsden / Cross Hills / Steeton

Delivered to: Supermarkets, including Tescos, Pendle Morrisons, Booths, Sainsburys Barnoldswick and Co-ops, garage forecourts, / Colne newsagents, meeting places like restaurants, pubs and hotels. Plus the workforce at Skipton Building Society, Johnson & Johnsonto: Delivered and Country Holidays.

Keighley Halifax





BB9 Bradford

/ Earby / Barrowford

Supermarkets, including Tescos, Morrisons, Booths, Sainsburys and Co-ops, garage forecourts, newsagents, meeting places like restaurants, pubs and hotels. Plus the workforce at Skipton Building Society, Johnson & Johnson and Country Holidays.





Keighley Ilkley Bingley




BD20 BD21





BD20 Skipton



Cracoe Cross Hills

Pendle Barnoldswick / Earby Keighley / Barrowford Area / Colne


Threshfi eld Skipton


Clitheroe & The Ribble Valley






Keighley Area Silsden / Cross Hills / Steeton





Austwick, Ingleton, Gisburn, Grassington, Threshfield, Embsay.

Clitheroe & The Ribble Valley






Long Preston


All about circulation area

Skipton & The Dales Skipton & The Dales Skipton, Gargrave, Airton, Malham,Gargrave, Airton, Malham, Skipton, Hellifield, Settle, Long Preston, eld, Settle, Long Preston, Horton-in-Ribblesdale,Hellifi Clapham, Austwick, Ingleton, Gisburn, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Clapham, Grassington, Threshfield, Embsay.



Burnley All about, The Bank Buildings, Victoria Road, Earby, Barnoldswick, Lancashire BB18 6UR Telephone: 01282 844441, Facsimile: 01282 841 696 ostcodes are below Halifax

he town names, t from towns under 3 which have been accented in red


All about •




Even the price


���������������� From £9,995 including a £1,835 saving. Representative 6.9% APR*.

��������������� At £13,995 including a £2,705 saving. 6.9% APR*.

��������������������� With a saving of £2,000 plus a £1,250 deposit contribution^. 6.9% APR*.

Call us to book your test drive˚ today.

Skipton Mazda

Millenium Road, Skipton BD23 2UB, Telephone 01756 700700

£179 JUST

Retail sales only. Subject to availability at participating dealers only on vehicles registered between 1 July and 30 September 2011. Terms and conditions apply. *6.9% finance available on all Mazda models. ^Mazda Deposit Contribution available only in conjunction with Mazda Personal Contract Purchase. Finance subject to status. Applicants must be 18 or over. Guarantees/Indemnities may be required. Mazda Financial Services RH1 1SR. Models shown: Mazda2 1.3 5dr Tamura. OTR price £9,995. Models shown feature optional metallic/mica/pearlescent paint (£420) Mazda3 1.6 5dr Takuya. OTR price £13,995. Mazda MX-5 2.0i Roadster Coupe Sport Tech. OTR price £22,635. On the road price includes VAT, number plates, delivery, 12 months’ road fund licence, 1st registration fee, 3 year or 60,000 mile warranty and 3 years’ European Roadside Assistance. °Test drive subject to status and availability. Details correct at time of going to print.

� � � �������������. ��� � ������������� �� � � � � � � � � �� �� ��

The official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for the Mazda Range: Urban 21.4 (13.2) – 56.5 (5.0), Extra Urban 37.7 (7.5) – 76.3 (3.7), Combined 29.4 (9.6) – 67.3 (4.2). CO2 emissions (g/km) 224 – 110.



for this brand new Ford!

Focus Edge 1.6 105ps 5dr



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Another great Ford offer from Skipton Ford!

Skipton Ford Tel: 01756 700700 Millennium Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 2UB

Official fuel consumption figures in mpg(l/100km) for the Ford range are: Urban 33.6-25.2 (8.4-11.2); extra urban 57.6-48.7 (4.9-5.8); combined 45.6-36.2 (6.2-7.8). Official emission figures range from 147-187g/km. Rate quoted is for a 3 year Contract Hire Agreement (23+35 payments), non maintenance with a 9,000 miles per annum restriction (excess mileage charged at 4.80p per mile + VAT). Rates quoted exclude VAT. Typical example: Initial payment (equivalent of 23 monthly payments), £4,117 followed by 35 monthly payments of £179. Written quotations on request, subject to age and status, guarantees / indemnities may be required.

Allabout Magazine 271  

Allabout magazine issue nnumber 271. Garden ER, this month the experts share their gardenning secrets.

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