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CFMC Wellness Program: Rethink Your Drink— Quench your thirst without the sugar…

more calories per day that we did 30 years ago. Almost 50% of those calories come from sugary The average person eats drinks, making then a maalmost 175 pounds of jor contributor to the obesugar a year—about half a sity epidemic. pound a day. The single biggest source is sugary How does this add up? drinks. Drinking just one 20Extra calories from all that ounce bottle of soda each sugar leads to weight gain day for a year can result in that can put people at risk gaining 25 extra pounds. for lifelong health problems such as diabetes and Many sports drinks and heart disease. vitamin waters have fewer calories and less Did You Know? sugar than soda but they Soda is the top source still have a lot. Consuming of sugar in the Ameri- just one of these drinks can Diet every day for a year will U.S. teens drink twice result in a 10 to 13 pound as much soda as milk weight gain. Avoid them Americans spend $56 unless you are participatBillion annually on ing in a triathlon or other sugary soft drinks very strenuous exercise. Sugary drinks do not make you feel full, and Energy drinks are often may actually make full of sugar and caffeine. you hungrier a few Drink just one per day and hours after drinking you’ll see about 20lbs them added to your weight. A better way to get the enSugar Adds Up— ergy you need? Healthy Americans consume 300 eating, regular exercise

and plenty of sleep. While coffee drinks might give you a pick-me up feeling, the average coffee drink adds over 300 calories to your day. That can mean 30 extra pounds of weight gain per year. If you need a quick fix, tea or coffee drinks made with nonfat milk are better choices. Healthy Drink Choices: Instead of sugary drinks, try another refreshing thirst-quencher. Add a slice of orange, lemon, lime or cucumber to your water for a boost of flavor Mix sparkling water with a splash of your favorite fruit juice Mix in just a bit of pomegranate or cranberry juice and lime in your unsweetened ice tea or add cut-up peaches and fresh mint sprigs if you like it sweetened Drink a glass of nonfat or 1% milk


June Events:

JUNE 2013 Sun



3rd Repeat Luncheon Day 3rd Start of the Water Challenge (start drinking)





7th Pay Day 7th Massages with Tiffany


7th-17th Lynda P is out 14th Flag Day








14th Fridge Cleaning Day 16th Father’s Day








16th-20th Scott is out 20th-21st Cary is out 21st Pay Day








21st First Day of Summer 21st Massages with Tiffany








30 * sign up sheet at the front desk for Massages

Heads Up: Info for next month to put on your calendars July: 1st Results from Water Challenge 2nd CFMC Luncheon with a 4th of July Flare 4th of July—CFMC is Closed 5th Pay Day 15th Registration for Race for the Cure begins 19th Pay Day 30th National Cheesecake Day


For Your Information CFMC: Water Challenge for June: Replace those sugary drinks with water and track your results over the next four weeks. Anyone who is interested in taking the Water Challenge, will get a Kaiser Permanente Water Bottle. The goal is to be able to drink four 28oz bottles/ glasses of water per day for the next four weeks. Signup sheet is at the front desk and will need to have your name down by May 31st in order to compete. You will get a tracking log when you get your water bottle. Keep track of your drinking and hand in your sheet every Monday at the front desk. Winner/winners will be announce on July 2nd.

Here is how the challenge works: We’ll provide you with a reusable water bottle . Between June 3rd and June 28th (Monday thru Friday ONLY) note how many times in your work day you refill your water bottle (up to 4 refills a day). Then log that number on the Water Challenge Tracking Log and hand that to the front desk each Monday. We will keep a running tally of your accomplishments on the lunch room wall so you can see how you and others are doing. At the end of the challenge, the employee with the most refills will win a gift pack prize from Kaiser Permanente. If two or more employees achieve the most number of refills, they

will each be entered into a drawing for the gift pack. Staying hydrated is essential in keeping your body clicking on all cylinders while helping you stay mentally sharp. Water helps flush toxins from your vital organs and delivers nutrients where they need to go—so you can take your health where it needs to go. That’s why we’re challenging you to keep hydrated. Especially as we come into the summer and warmer months here in Colorado. So are you up for the Water Challenge? Join us as CFMC Wellness Program once again presents another healthy way to have fun while at work.

Drinking Activities: enough fluids that you rarely feel thirsty and regularly produce colorEveryday you lose water through your less or slightly yellow urine, your fluid breath, perspiration, urine, and bowel intake is probably adequate. movements. For your body to funcWater is your body’s principal chemition properly, you must replenish its water supply by consuming beverages cal component and makes up about 60% of your body weight. Every sysand foods that contain water. tem in your body depends on water. So how much water does the average For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to healthy adult need? In general, docyour cells and provides a moist envitors recommend at least eight 8ounce glasses a day. If you’re outside ronment for your ears, nose and throat. Lack of water can lead to dein the heat, or doing strenuous exerhydration, a condition that occurs cise, you may need more. when you don't have enough water in your body to carry out normal funcHere’s another tip: if you drink

How much water do you need?

tions. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired. If you’re concerned about your fluid intake, check with your doctor. He or she can help you determine the amount of water that’s best for you. If you feel that this Water Challenge is too much or too little for you, you may also want to talk with your doctor about the maximum amount of water you should drink a day. If you are on strong medication or feel that the increase in water in your daily diet may off set your dosages, talk with your doctor as soon as possible.



Massage Therapy: sessions with Tiffany Washington Tiffany received a National Certification to practice Massage Therapy in 2003 after attending Northwest Health Careers in Las Vegas, NV. She is currently licensed in the State of Colorado and has been providing massages to her clients with a wide variety of ailments that include chronic headaches, migraines, insomnia, fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, to name a few. Her approach to the body is simple, every person’s body responds differently to touch; it is imperative that you get the body to relax in order to achieve the results you are looking for. During your first massage, expect to simply be relaxed while your body’s muscles are examined; and then a full comprehensive plan will be explained to you after the session. Additional 60 or 90 minute sessions can be scheduled at your convenience to include Deep Tissue, Hot Stones or Aromatherapy. Relax a little…it makes all the difference in the world!

Some of the benefits of massage:

when you get off. Deep tissue is also not necessary because you have chronic pain. Consistency is key when designing your individualized massage plan. You may find that you simply need to relax the entire body on a regular basis, and include specialty modalities for problem areas such as the neck and back. During the session, you will be asked to speak to the level of pain you are experiencing during the massage. At any time, please Therapist side note: voice your concerns or pain levels. Deep tissue should not hurt while One massage will not fix you! Plan you’re on the table! You should on relaxing and getting some relief, not feel like someone beat you up but just as it took time to develop muscle tension, it will take time to rid your body of it as well. Relaxation Improves Circulation Strengthens immune system function Quicker healing post surgery/ improves rehabilitation Relieves headaches Helps with insomnia related to stress Anxiety Fibromyalgia Relief Rheumatoid Arthritis Arthritis Soft tissue strains/injuries

Please refer to Calendar on page 2 for schedule. Fee is $20 for a 20 minute session. Gift certificate are available and make great gifts for other CFMC employees and appreciation gifts.

Walking Groups: We reached our first mile stone and the number of people who are still walking have exceeded our expectations. CFMC you ROCK! We have been pleased to hand out more gift cards and 30 day prizes to those who have kept it up. And remember it is never too late to get out there and start. Prizes are based off your accomplishments. So get out there and enjoy the fresh air and rejuvenating energy a few laps can bring to

your day. The challenge continues as now we are ready to adventure out of the parking lot for a more scenic route. If you choose to stay in the CFMC area, try and pick up the pace. If you want to spice it up, then walk down the road, over the bridge, take a left and go all the way to the light and back. This will put you at a nice route and burn more calories. If you want a

shorter route, take a right after the bridge, and head towards Sun Café. You may find more Inverness people walking and jogging that way. As the days get warmer earlier, please plan accordingly and do not let yourselves over heat or be in the sun to long. You may want to bring sunblock and sunglasses to work so you are prepared for those hot late spring days.



We’re #1: CAC’s Healthiest Business Competition A few months ago, we contacted the Colorado Athletic Club to see what kind of membership discounts we could get for CFMC. We invited some of the people from membership to stop by and talk about different options. Never did we think that from that conversation that we would be asked to join the Healthiest Business competition of 2013.

“ We

are in this

to win this… otherwise what is the point!” TC

Two weeks attending a gym does not sound so tough? But going to some of the classes they offered that we needed to fill up on our card was. There were days when some of us attended two, three and even four classes to get our double points in. More than a test of finding the time to do all this, was the fact that none of our bodies were prepared for the twisting, and lifting, and running, and stretching, it was asked to do. Super Circuit and Yoga Sculpt For two weeks, 6 companies were were two of the most difficult up against each other to see who classes that the body had to enhad the Healthiest Team. You dure. Body Pump and Pilates could go to CAC no more than 4 were in a close second. But the times in a day and you could not best activity that we faced was check in within 3 hours of your last Walleyball and Hot Shots. As a visit. This created a challenge in team, we had to play these itself to go early in the morning, games and found ourselves over lunch and again after work. laughing and having a great time We could not have more than 15 while working out and learning people on a team and had Double more about each other. Points if you attended certain acAfter the first week of this comtivities that were on petition, we found ourselves in this card. Scott was first place. But the time for celeappointed Team brating was not at hand yet. The Captain and thrived team that was in second place on the chance of could easily move up if we let winning. In his own our guard down or for a mowords, “We are in ment got cocky and over confithis to win this… oth- dent. CFMC members kicked it erwise what is the into high gear and for the secpoint!” ond half of the challenge attended more classes and more

times than in the first week. We were averaging about 4.06 times per person for the first week. At the end we were up to 10.08 and with our double points card 19.19. If that is not a new record, then we have some work ahead of us for next year… “Team BIO” was the most voted name for our group. Similar to QIO, BIO stands for Body Improvement Organization. As a team (some members and mostly non members to CAC), we had people from all different departments here at CFMC. Within this time frame we found a new bond and relationship through working out; finding common elements that we would end up sweating together for, encouraging each other on, and breaking down barriers of trying something new. We pulled together as individuals, team players and a company.

We are proud to share that Susan G and Scott E were announced as MVP’s for Team BIO, totaling 48 points each over the course of two weeks. This also just happened to be the highest points accrued by a person out of all the teams



We’re #1: CAC’s Healthiest Business Competition continued that participated in this challenge. So what set us apart from the other companies in the area? The fact that we took the double point system seriously. Out of the 16 items of double points per card, most of us were able to get at least 10 items accomplished. Susan Grayson was the only team member who was able to get all 16 items accomplished and get credit for it. Again if that is not a new record… we have

some work to do for next year, like 5 people completing a full card! Congratulations again to: Alicia G, Arja A, Cailin C, Craig M, Jay A, Jolene G, Kim I, Linda S, Linda T, Melanie K, Miranda M, Nikki R, Rachel S, Scott E and Susan G. Go Team B.I.O., You Guys Rock! For those of you who missed this op-

portunity, you may sign up to join the next round which will be in October 2013. All NEW people can do this challenge; sorry to those who attended above, you may not go again. So if you are one who missed out this time, and you are up for the challenge, you still have a chance to bring another trophy back to CFMC’s Healthiest Company in the Inverness Area.

Health Beat: Kaiser Health Info Guys, when it comes to your health, be a team player: Whether you’re a single man or a busy dad, you play an important part in the lives of those around you. So take care of the basics to stay on top of your game. Preventive screening, like annual eye exams, can reveal health issues before they become big problems. Make small changes to your eating, exercise and sleep habits to im-

prove fitness and overall well-being. And if you have a concern, even one that seems minor, don't just walk it off. Learn to deal with stress by reaching out. By getting into the swing of living healthy, it all becomes second nature. Which is good because your personal wellness should fit you like a glove. Visit for some more guy stuff.

Gather Round: Hop on pop—Ask about your family’s medical history to get an idea of the illness or conditions you might face. Mind your Spirit—Tending to your mental and emotional health is just as important to your well-being as diet and exercise. Because you’re #1—Consider getting screened for prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths among American Men.

Oh, and one more thing...: 1.

Have you noticed the sign by the front door? On Monday’s, we will be posting on the magnetic board in the lobby/ entrance way into CFMC a list of activities and meetings that will be taking place that week. This board will be updated every Friday for the following week. We hope that will be another useful tool for all employees to know at a glance what is happening here at CFMC.


June is going to be a busy month for HR. Please note the days when each of us will be out in case you are looking to hire anyone, move, or talk with us about benefits. Lynda will be out June 7th through the 17th; Scott will be out June 16th through the 20th; and Cary will be out June 20th and 21st. While Lynda is away, she will be responding and checking emails.


Stop by the front Lobby to see the amazing trophy and awards that Team B.I.O.

received for being the Healthiest Company in the Inverness area. From this experience our team realized that with all of us pulling together, anything was going to be possible. CAC has extended CFMC some times that we can use their facility and play some of the games that gave us the lead over our competitors. Keep an eye out this fall for some fun team activities that they will be offering to us. You’re going to love it.

June 2013 All Together Now Wellness Newsletter  

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