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CFMC Wellness Program: For the majority of us, the “desk jockey” habits of office life consume our body’s health as we consume the dozen donuts left absentmindedly at the communal kitchenette. Our typical office day can last around 8 or 9 hours, leaving us sitting in a chair staring at a computer screen or paperwork. This lack of physical activity can take a huge toll on our backs, our wrists, our eyes, and even our legs. The many of us who are lucky to have these nine to five jobs are the ones stuck in such daily working routines of ill body health. Though office life can be blissful, it can also spell out a literal pain in the neck. When most of us got involved in the office life, we thought it would be awesome to sit in a chair for the entire workday. We laughed at the unwise blue-collar workers and their labor jobs. “Hard work is for suckers,” we said. Yet we were so unaware of the benefits that

the labor jobs bring and the disadvantages of the monotony of a desk job. Though it does feel great to sit restfully at a desk, we human beings were not meant to remain immobile in that manner for such long periods of time. We are active beings, not meant to sit in one place. Our bodies are like machines with moving parts that need maintenance and use. They require physical activity to maintain their health and balance. Sitting at a desk (even if it is in an ergonomic chair) for long hours can result in obesity and many other health problems. Here are 5 desk exercises to help you exert some energy and bring athletic activity back to your office life. Lower Back Desk Exercise A sore lower back is a very common problem for desk jockeys. It can be difficult to practice good posture for long hours. This leads to some relaxed slouching, which inevitably causes lower back and neck pain. You can do a simple stretch to help alle-

viate this discomfort. You can do this stretch either sitting in a chair or standing up: 1. Place your hands, palms down, on your lower back. 2. Point your fingers down and lean back. 3. Push your breastbone up towards the sky, keeping your elbows pointing straight back. 4. Hold for 15 seconds then relax. 5. Repeat the above steps twice. This stretch will help you relieve the tension that builds up in your lower back. To avoid injury, remember not to bounce or jerk your muscles while exercising or stretching your back. Continues on page 5


July Events: 2nd CFMC Luncheon with a 4th of July Flare

JULY 2013

4th Of July CFMC is Closed 5th Pay Day







8th Results of Water Challenge to be announced







15th We need to know if you are participating in the Race for the Cure



























19th Pay Day 22nd Excel Training session II in the Training Room (RSVP with Cary) 30th Principal Finance will be here for one-on-ones 30th National Cheesecake Day…

* Scott will be on vacation July 12th-28th.

Heads Up: Info for next month to put on your calendars August: 2nd—Pay Day 5th—30th Another Water Challenge 6th—Bar-B-Que at the Park 7th—Back to School… Drive Carefully 16th—Pay Day 28th—Outlook Training III in the Alpine Room 30th—Pay Day


For Your Information CFMC: Water Challenge Results for June: We had 46 people sign up to do the water challenge in the month of June... and what a challenge it was. Drinking water when you are not use to it was tough. And for those who were able to maintain the amount of water intake that they are use to congratulations. Many studies have been done and doctors will argue over the correct amount of water your body needs each day. But one thing we know is

that you need to drink water on a regular bases and not just when you are thirsty. So please do not stop your intake of water per day. Even though the challenge is over (for now) your body needs to keep going. Thank you to everyone who handed in their numbers every week to Nancy. You can now see your results on the board outside the lunch room. Our final drawing winners are: Cailin C, Cary K, Craig M, Gretchen N, Lindsey K

and Rachel S. Scott will be stopping by your desk with a prize. And out Grand Prize winner is Gretchen N! YEA! As soon as we get it from Kaiser, we will present it with you… A quick reminder, do not place your water containers in the dish washer. Many of you have found out the hard way that they will melt. Wash by hand only. Cause you may see another water challenge coming up again soon...

Worker Bees Grille: coming in August... What is new: After last weeks wonderful 4th of July BBQ celebration, HR came up with the idea of having a cook out for lunch every Wednesday in the month of August! We will call it, “Worker Bees Grille”. When will this bee going on: Every Wednesday will we cook burgers (veggie and beef) with or without cheese, brats, hot dogs, served with chips and a cookie (you can purchase a soda inside if you would like) for the small price of $_TBA_. What will the money be used for: The profit from these lunches will go towards our Christmas Banquet. Which will help make it even more special and grand for us all... How will it work: Wednesday morning when you come into work, we will

have a form that you can place your order to HR before 11:00am. Lunch will be ready starting at 11:30am until 12:30pm. So not to waste any food, only orders before 11:00am will be cooked. So do not wait until the last minute to decide. Where do we go: You may pick up your lunch out back. The grill and table with all the condiments will be set back there. Drinks are not included. Is the menu always the same: Who knows, we may add macaroni salad or potato salad as well. Why are we doing this: It was so great to see people enjoying lunch outside on a beautiful Colorado day that it was just one of those things that we would love to see happen more often than just once a month.

So mark your calendars, don't order out, but come to the Worker Bees Grille every Wednesday starting in August for some CFMC good food and fun. Lets make this a cool CFMC summer tradition...



Health Beat: Kaiser Health Info Walking Advocates Convene to Create 2013 National Walking Movement Representatives from Kaiser Permanente recently joined thought leaders and experts from more than 100 leading organizations representing public health, fitness, medicine, science, active transportation and the environment to develop a national agenda that will get our country up and walking. Also present to inspire the group were America’s top doctor, U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD, Chris Leinberger, Brookings Institution, Sahar Shirazi, U.S. Department of Transportation, Will Shafroth, U.S. Department of the Interior

and Mary Pat King, National Parent Teacher Association. The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health in Washington, D.C., which is a place to talk about health, was the backdrop for this powerful meeting of walking advocates in early December. The center features an 80-foot, interactive wall dedicated to promoting the amazing health benefits of walking. The human body was made to walk. Because of modern advances, we have nearly eliminated walking from our daily routine. Those in attendance at the meeting are committed to creating a national walking movement to restore walking back to our culture by

making it the safe and easy choice. Special attention was given to addressing disparities in access to walking and to providing opportunities for people with disabilities to also enjoy the many benefits of physical activity. Walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day, five days a week can help address chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and depression that contribute to the escalating cost of health care. Walking is a simple, easy activity that most anyone can do. By creating a walking movement, we can not only improve the country’s overall health, but have a deeper connection to the communities where we live, work, learn and play.

Walking Groups: Race for the Cure WOW!, You guys ROCK! We are starting to see more people walking than we did the month before and that is just wonderful to see. We are coming up to needing our numbers for our CFMC Walking Team to go to the Race for The Cure September 29th. We would like to get a final count by Friday July 26th. So here are the three options that you may fall into… Option 1 - all participants who have walked more than 60 days will automatically be eligible to be a part of the Race For the Cure Team. If you are one of those people and would like to be registered for the race, please let Scott or Cary know by July 25th.

Option 2 - Anyone who has not yet made it to 60 days, but would like to be added and hope to have 60 days in by the beginning of September, please let one us know that so we can keep space for you. Option 3 - If you have not walked 60 days or plan to walk 60 by September 1st but would still like to join the CFMC walking group for the Race, you may do so at a $35.00 per person charge. Along with your answers to participate, we will also need to know what size shirt you are for when we place the order: Ladies XS, S, M, L, XL :Men’s XS, S, M, L , XL . People who are in option 3, you may order a shirt at your

own expense and will let you know that price ahead of time of the order if you still want one or not. So mark your calendars, Sunday September 29th 7:00am at the Pepsi Center, is where this all will be taking place. Once we have a final count, we will talk about carpooling and where to meet and so on…



CFMC Wellness Program: Continue Calf Stretch and Quadriceps Desk Exercise This exercise will help relieve the tired and lethargic feeling that invades your leg muscles due to inactivity. It will assist in eliminating leg cramps and muscle spasms. In addition, the quadriceps exercise will actually strengthen the muscle itself through an isolated isometric flex at the top. Before attempting this exercise, ensure that you have enough space to fully extend your legs. Do the following exercise with your back straight and your feet planted flat on the floor in front of you. 1. Place your hands flat on top of your right leg. 2. Lift your right leg from your hip flexor and fully extend it straight from the knee. 3. With your leg fully extended flex your upper leg muscle and hold for 10 seconds. 4. Lower your right leg slowly, once again placing your foot flat on the floor. 5. Repeat exercise with the left leg. 6. Repeat the above steps twice. You can also stretch out both legs under the desk for a minute. This exercise will enhance the blood flow to your legs and alleviate muscle cramps. While doing the above exercise you should feel a solid stretch in your calf muscle and a firm tightening of the upper leg quadriceps. Shoulder Stretch and Desk Exercise

A simple exercise that can be done from behind the desk is the shoulder stretch/roll. This exercise will help you when those cases of copy paper and archived record boxes get a little heavy. It is also good for those with aching shoulders. Remember to sit up straight with your feet firmly planted on the floor when doing the following exercise. 1. Stretch your right arm in front of you and across your chest, as if you were grabbing something on your left side. 2. Bring your left arm under and in front of your right arm. 3. Gently hug your right arm in towards your chest. 4. Repeat with the arms reversed. 5. Relax your arms, letting them hang down loosely at your side. 6. Slowly roll both shoulders backwards ten times. 7. Slowly roll both shoulders forward ten times. These movements will help relax the shoulders and neck, as well as add flexibility and strength. In addition, they both can easily be done as a desk exercise. Sit and Stand Up Straight Many people are surprised when they hear that sitting and standing up straight is an exercise. Good posture itself is probably one of the most effective core strengthening exercises out there. This is due to the amount of muscles required to stabilize the upper body when keeping the back straight

and the tummy tight. Here are some tips for better posture. Adjust your chair and keyboard to promote a nonslouching sitting position. Always sit with both feet firmly flat on the ground in front of you. Stand up tall, with your shoulders back and your chin raised. Practicing good posture will usually alleviate lower back and neck pain. It will help you feel more confident and in control of yourself. Sitting and standing up straight will continually build strength in your abdominal and lower back muscles. Conclusion These office exercises are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you get up and walk around a few times a day. Trying to exercise at your desk might feel a little awkward at first, so try the routine at home until you get it all figured out. Don’t worry about what Bob might be thinking when you begin to practice them at the office. As he watches your confidence and health improve, he might even be motivated to try the desk exercises for himself. You could end up creating a much healthier office life for all of your colleagues.



Office Exercises: If you have trouble staying fit at work, these office exercises are a great way to keep your body moving right at your desk. The moves here involving stretching and strengthening your body, all within the comfort of your office chair. This workout doesn't take the place of traditional strength training, but offers you a way to keep your blood moving if you can't get away from your desk. Precautions See your doctor before trying this

workout if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions. Make sure the chair you use is stable. If you have wheels, push it against a wall to make sure it won't roll away. Equipment Needed A chair and a water bottle or lightmedium dumbbell.

holding for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Wrist Stretch: Extend arm in front, palm up and grab the fingers with other hand. Gently pull the fingers towards you to stretch the forearm,

Lower Back Stretch: Sit tall and place the left arm behind left hip. Gently twist to the left, using the right hand to deepen the stretch, holding for 20-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Wrist & Forearm: Press hands together in front of chest, elbows bent and parallel to the floor. Gently bend wrists to the right and left for 10 reps.

Oh, and one more thing...: 1. If you have not had an ergo check done in June, please make sure that you get with Scott before July 11th to set one up time for one. They take 2 to 15 minutes depending on the person and the items that need to be moved or adjusted. People who are in the office one or two days a week, you will still need to talk with Scott about your area. 2. July 12th-27th, Scott will be on his Honeymoon. If you have any

issues with the CFMC printers or KM copiers, please put a Help Desk ticket in. We have a great team of people who are checking those and will address the issues as they come in. There is now a section in the Help Desk Ticket that if you have any building issues, to address there. Coffee and water cooler issues go to Lynda P. All mail will need to be brought to the front desk by 2:45pm so that it can be metered and ready for pick

by 3:00pm. If you have any questions, both Cary and Lynda P will be around to assist you.

July 2013 All Together Now Wellness Newsletter  
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