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CEO Corner… by Arja P. Adair Jr.

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changes that are improvements. More imNumber one, many portantly, to also celethanks to all for your brate our good work efforts to meet and and recognize the proexceed our customer’s fessionalism and acexpectations. complishments we are attaining. Number two, in subsequent issues of the Several areas of comnewsletter, I will pro- ing conversations invide information on clude: Proposal develthe efforts we are opment, business exmaking to measure, to pansion, progress in identify gaps in our the strategic plan, performance, and to business diversificadevelop and ensure tion, and future

strength and growth of CFMC. Good news will follow in subsequent editions. Thank you again for all you do.

Let’s Meet & Welcome... Debra Reinhardt Is a Review Coordinator She worked at Hospice at St. Johns as a nurse for many years Currently working on appeals She loves to garden, bike, play with her kids and family time Three words that describe her are: Creative, Caring and Fun!

Shenita Freeman Is a Project Assistant in the Analytic Service’s group She worked for Saturday Partners Home Health Care Currently working on the HIQRP Project Enjoys Football with her son and hanging out with her family Three words that describe her are: Outgoing, dependable and family oriented

Mario DiDomenico Is a Health Economist He worked at Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Finance Currently working on the HIQRP Project Loves to play tennis, hiking, camping and exercising Three words that describe him are: Laid back, adventurous and friendly


June Events:

JUNE 2012 Sun



5th CFMC Confidentiality and Security Training is due by




























6th Leadership IQ 7th Quality Council 8th Pay day 11th Laura Mankin’s Baby Shower 12th Proposal Development 14th Flag day 17th Father’s Day 20th 1st day of Summer BBQ at the Park 22nd Pay Day 26th Leadership IQ








26th Erin’s Dormaier’s Baby Shower

Heads Up: Info for next month to put on your calendars July: 2nd Employee Appreciation Day 4th Of July CFMC is Closed 5th Quality Council 17th Leadership IQ 18th Board of Directors Meeting 27th Summer Olympics Begin ALL TOGETHER NOW

“Did I put these on my calendar?”

Announcements may not go out over the month to remind you of events and activities...


In The News… Analytic Services by Maureen O’Brien

Analytic services continues to grow! When I first came to CFMC, there were five analysts on staff; as of today, we have 20 on staff! Not only are we growing up we’re growing out too. We’ve added a health economist to our analytic staff and will likely be hiring a second economist before long. What has changed? I would say it’s the type of project that we seem to be getting, as they are much more analytic in nature. First, the Care Transitions NCC is highly analytic and employs seven analytic staff alone. On Sept 30th, we will begin our 4th year as a subcontractor to Buccaneer, the organization that houses all CMS data. Currently, five analytic staff work under the Buccaneer subcontract, developing annual monitoring reports for CMS for both the Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Pro-

gram (HIQRP) and Outpatient Program (HOQRP). We also generate ad hoc reports or data files for CMS, other QIOs and other researchers such as Universities. In addition, we were recently awarded an extension of a 2 year project in the 9th SoW to evaluate the HIQRP as a program (not the measures themselves), on which six analytic staff work. Finally, we will be submitting a proposal to CMS in ~one week to serve as the Monitoring and Evaluation Contractor for the new hospital ValueBased Purchasing (VBP) Program. If we are awarded this contract, we will be hiring 3 project management staff and 3 analytic staff, including that 2nd health economist mentioned previously. We are very excited to have

more and more projects that offer some rather unique analytic skills and those kind of statistical analyses that most AS staff consider “exciting” and “fun”...I know, that level of enthusiasm is not shared by others at CFMC for analyzing data. But if you haven’t guessed by now, most analytic staff have that sort of ‘odd’ sense of humor. But we are all grateful for the opportunities we are afforded by CFMC!! Feel free to come and talk with any of us about these projects or just say ‘hello’!

Recipes: Summer Days Dish by Lynda P Frosty Toffee Bits Pie 3 ou cream cheese 2 T sugar ½ cup half and half 8 ou cool whip 8 ou milk choc English toffee bits 9” graham cracker crust In a large bowl, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Beat in half and half until blended. Fold in whipped topping and 1 cup of toffee bits. ALL TOGETHER NOW

Spoon into crust; sprinkle with remaining toffee bits. Cover and freeze overnight; remove from the freezer and thaw for 10 minutes before serving.



From HR: Kitchen Supplies on 2nd Floor There seems to be some confusion on how the supplies are distributed/stocked on the second floor. Scott will make sure that the coffee pots are cleaned and stocked with coffee, etc. We will also start ordering items in bulk for your floor, i.e., we will order a box of paper towels, tissues, forks, knives and spoons, coffee cups, sugar and creamers. We will put these supplies in the hallway closet outside the Alpine room. There will be a supply “replenish” list inside the closet door. As you are stocking your break area and notice that there are only a couple rolls of towels or other items left, please check off what items needs to be ordered and let Scott know so that we can quickly place another order for you. Hopefully this will help keep your area well stocked. When everyone helps out, its called Team Work!

Hey Did You Notice?

HR is now able to send messages through InfoTrak in the “announcements” section. Periodically, we will be using this tool as a way for send reminders on events at CFMC, deadlines and other fun information.

Good To Know: Kaiser Travel Info As the summer travel season begins, we thought it would be nice to provide information regarding emergency care at Kaiser. Emergency care is covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere in the world. If you think you have a life or limb threatening medical condition, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. You do not need prior authorization for emergency services. If you are admitted to any non-Kaiser

hospital, please contact Member Services within 24 hours. That way Kaiser is able to assist in coordinating your care and reducing the risk of incurring non-covered inpatient charges.

the Member Services for reimbursement.

Also, if you are planning to travel abroad, Kaiser members have access to the International Travel Clinic (303.283.2650). There they will provide travel consultaIf you are traveling outside the United States tions and be able to determine what types and receive emergency services, please keep of vaccines, immunization, and prescripall correspondence from the provider who tions are needed based upon your destitreated you, most importantly an itemized nation. Members are encouraged to conbill from where the services were provided. tact the Travel Clinic two months prior to When you return, submit the itemized bill to their trip.

New Years Traditions: 6 of 6 for 2012 For many people, January 1st offers an opportunity to forget the past and make a clean start. But instead of leaving everything up to fate, why not enjoy a meal to increase your good fortune? There are a variety of foods that are believed to be lucky and to improve the odds that this year will be a great one. Traditions vary from culture to culture, but there are striking similarities in what's consumed in different pockets of the world.

sugar. Poland, Hungary, and the Netherlands also eat donuts, and Holland has ollie bollen, puffy, donut-like pastries filled with apples, raisins, and currants. In certain cultures, it's customary to hide a special trinket or coin inside the cake—the recipient will be lucky in the new year. Mexico's rosca de reyes is a ring-shaped cake decorated with candied fruit and baked with one or more surprises inside. In CAKES and other baked goods are commonly Greece, a special round cake called vasilopita is baked with a coin hidden inside. At midnight or afserved from Christmas to New Year's around ter the New Year's Day meal, the cake is cut, with the world, with a special emphasis placed on the first piece going to St. Basil and the rest being round or ring-shaped items. Italy has chiacdistributed to guests in order of age. chiere, which are honey-drenched balls of pasta dough fried and dusted with powdered



1st Day of Summer Luncheon... 1st day of Summer BBQ

There are several picnic benches, shaded areas, and a covered pavilion. You are welcome to bring your own chairs, blankets, etc. If you bring your own chair, we will be happy to take them to the park for you. Just put your name on it and put it by the back loading dock. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

CFMC would like to celebrate the first day of summer by hosting a BBQ at John Derry Park. We would like to encourage all staff members to walk to the park and enjoy lunch that will be prepared and served by leadership. The menu will include hamburgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs and brats, etc.

Birthdays: For June

“The Sun Likes Sunday -


The Moon Likes Monday,

2- Laura Mankin – QIS 3 – Kimberly Irby – QIS 11- Joseph Sisneros – RS 19 – Sharel McDonald – IT 30 – Ashley Palace – RS

But I like Oneday That’s your Birthday”

Anniversaries: For June

Shower—June 26th at 12:00pm

Anniversaries 16 years – Chris Leber – QIS 11 years – Maureen O’Brien – QIS 2 years – Lynette Johnson 2 years – Mary Olsen

Erin Dormaier’s Baby

Congratulations to all of you!

The Inverness Hotel Garden Terrace Restaurant - 200 Inverness Drive West The COREC team would like to invite you all to join us as we celebrate Erin’s new baby boy, due to arrive in early August. We’ll be lunching at the Garden Terrace Restaurant (individual pay). If you’re interested in gift information, please contact me Ellen Batchelor by separate email.


Leadership IQ: June 6th and 26th at 11:00am We have rescheduled the June 12th presentation to Wednesday, June 6th from 11-12 pm – Pinecone room What is Your Emotional IQ? Emotional IQ is more predictive of leadership success than raw brains or years of experience. In this webinar, take an Emotional IQ assessment to measure your current Emotional IQ and identity opportunities for further development. You'll learn to develop self awareness, to figure out what makes you tick, what situations set you off, how to avoid them, and how to maintain great emotional control. We’ll discuss how to read other people, become significantly more aware of what others are thinking and


feeling, and how to be much more accurate in determining why people act the way they do. You'll develop emotional management skills and learn to manage and influence others' emotions. Finally, we’ll share how to defuse and deescalate tense situations, to bring people out of their shell, link people together and turn seemingly messy situations into clearly predictable opportunities for great leadership. Tuesday, June 26th 11-12 pm – Pinecone room How to Write Emails That People Actually Read Like every leader, right now your email inbox is stuffed with useless and redundant emails that you’ll never read or respond to. But how

much time and money could your organization save if managers and employees stopped sending useless emails? What if every employee and manager only sent emails that were so important and captivating that everyone read them carefully (and actually responded)? Most emails are too long or too short, are poorly written, go to too many (or too few) people, lack a clear “call to action,” have unclear subject lines, and commit dozens more mistakes. You’ll learn how to write emails that people actually read and drastically reduce your organization’s email volume. Please RSVP with Cary.

Do You Know The Answers To...

What do these have in common: (each bullet is a separate question)

Say this fast and tell me what it means: E.

“Ache Inks High Sped?”

1. Tanya Roberts, Shelly Hack, Cheryl Ladd


“Dime Toupee Deep Hyper?”

2. Pitching box, Foul Line, Stake

G. “Ann Knife Reed Hour?”

3. Annapolis, MD, Colorado Springs, CO, Kings Point, NY


Answers: for May’s Game 1. Actresses on the TV Show 1. They’re addressed Charlie’s Angels 2. Parts Vitamins and C pitch2. of aA,B horseshoe ing court 3. Types of lifts in weight 3. Location of Military Acadlifting emies A. “A spunky kid” E. “A“The kingsNorth size bed” B. Pole” F. “Time to pay the piper” C. “Hope get well soon” G. “An ivoryyou tower’



NEW Tiki Patio: Have you had that chance to go outside and enjoy our very own Tiki Patio? For those of you who come in the front door, you may not know that we have a beautiful carpeted sitting area for you to enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch or chat on your cell

phone. These two beautiful ladies are taking advantage of relaxing after lunch before coming back into the building and sitting on conference calls the rest of the day.

Thank you to the people who suggested that we put this together and Lynda for making it happen. Another way CFMC is trying to create a fun and enjoyable working environment for all.

Laura Mankin’s Baby Shower: Laura Mankin is having a baby shower! She is having a girl, her due date is August 4th. We plan on having her shower in the Alpine room on Monday, June 11th at 2:30 to 4:00, and we will be doing mocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Laura and Cory are registered at Babies-R-Us: http:// index.jsp? NEWSLETTER

_flowExecutionKey=_c4FA900C6F69D-63ED-6991CE6FD468154E_kFF51F6CD-9C38A090-E200317E5FCD622D&overrideStore=TRUS Currently we are sticking with the NCC penguin theme and plan on trying to incorporate pink and purple penguins into the decorations……


We are thinking of doing activities such as decorating ones and bibs and making handmade tutus. Please mark your calendars for this festive activity and would love for anyone and everyone to attend. Lisa is accepting donations for a larger gift for those that would like to contribute rather than shopping themselves and she will have them sign a card for recognition of their donation.

Proposal Development: by Linda Sample CFMC’s optimized proposal development process was “officially” launched last month. Our first training program, which provided an overview of the process and a brief review of the roles and responsibilities of proposal development team members, was held on May 22nd. Thank you to those of you who attended the training and for providing additional valuable feedback into the process. A subsequent training program will be held at noon on June 12th in the Alpine Room to provide an in depth review of the tools, templates and resources to be used during proposal develop-

ment as well as how the roles, tools and process integrate. Following the June 12th training program, we would like to provide additional optional “brown bag” training sessions to support those of you involved in proposal development. Additional information around these will be forthcoming. Please let Linda Sample or your Director know if there are topics or areas you would like us to cover in our “brown bag” training programs. Please note, the NEW Proposal Development Process webpage can be accessed through Quality Central by

clicking on “About CFMC” and then clicking on the “Proposal Development Process” link. The webpage includes links to the 10 and 20 day process timelines, roles and responsibilities of proposal development stakeholders as well as the documents and forms available to support proposal development. We have also posted the slides from last month’s training session. Once again, special thanks to so many of you who have graciously offered your time and contributions to enhancing and standardizing our proposal development process!

CFMC’s 13 Behaviors: #1 Talk Straight Talk Straight:



Be honest. Tell the truth. Let peo- To lie or to deceive.

Beating around the bush, with-

ple know where you stand. Use

holding information, double-

simple language. Call things what

talking, flattery, positioning, pos-

they are. Demonstrate integrity.

turing, manipulating and spinning.

Don’t manipulate people nor dis-

Technically telling the truth but

tort facts. Don’t spin the truth.

leaving the wrong impression.

Don’t leave false impressions.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? If you have something to add, share or say... Email Scott Elliott, the All Together Now coordinator:

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June2012 All Together Now_Newsletter  

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