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Looking for someone to develop and manage online advertising, social media marketing or email marketing? Whether for your whole organisation or a particular project, we can help. Rate: £400+VAT per day

Digital marketing works in synergy with your activities offline and provides numerous benefits to your organisation and your customers, including convenience, interactivity, flexibility and cost effectiveness. It provides measurable and trackable returns and is globally accessible.


Need to generate a buzz? Our Social Seeding service gets your message to your target audiences in the places they interact online – think grassroots distribution, delivered digitally. Rate: £300 per day (6 hours) or £60 per hour +VAT


Specially designed to provide you with a snapshot of how effective your social media activity is and how to improve upon it. We’ll show you what’s working and what’s not, so you can focus your time and budget effectively. For further information visit: Rate: £800 +VAT / £400 +VAT

Grundy worked with All About Audiences on a digital marketing campaign around the gallery’s major photography show ‘Mass Photography’ in 2011. All About Audiences led that campaign with technical and marketing expertise... This was the first digital campaign Grundy had commissioned and All About Audiences were supportive to this lack of experience and capacity and helped to develop both. Stuart Tulloch, Curator, Grundy Art Gallery

Tel: 0161 234 2955

Email: marketingservices@allaboutaudienc-

Tel: 0161 234 2955 Email:

Open Rates*

We have developed our email marketing options to give you a simple menu of effective solutions for reaching a large number of highly engaged e-newsletter recipients.


Target your audience based on art-form interest and/or by geography. It’ll just be your message which will land directly in the inboxes of our subscribers. Rates: £66 set-up fee, plus 7.5p per email +VAT*


Ideal if you want to reach an audience looking for great things for families to see and do. You can book an article inclusion or banner advert in our popular monthly Family Friendly e-newsletters. Rates: Opportunities starting from £88 +VAT*


Click Through Rates*

Monthly e-newsletters: 35%

Monthly e-newsletters: 7%

Bespoke e-mails: 33%

Bespoke e-mails: 4.5%

Open Rates*

Click Through Rates*

Weekly e-newsletters: 20%

Weekly e-newsletters: 4.5%

Bespoke e-mails: 29%

Bespoke e-mails: 2%

Open Rates Other e-mails about events and entertainment: 16%

Click Through Rates Other e-mails about events and entertainment: 3%

GO SEE THIS E-NEWSLETTERS Promote your offer to a Greater Manchester audience with an active interest in arts, heritage and culture. Affordable and flexible – or the perfect option for a last minute push! Premium inclusions, article inclusions or banner adverts are all available. Rates: Opportunities starting from £55 +VAT* *Discounts available for All About Audiences’ subscribers

*Averages from 2011/12. All data is accurate as of March 2012. Please get in touch for updated figures Recent Go See This and Family Friendly bespoke emails

Tel: 0161 234 2955 Email:

Whether you’re not sure where to start or if you’re already raring to go, the best way to put your plan into action is to get in touch! Contact us at….. All About Audiences Green Fish Resource Centre 46-50 Oldham Street Manchester M4 1LE

T: 0161 234 2955 F: 0161 234 2966 E: Follow us @aboutaudiences

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Digital Services Guide  

Your guide to Digital Marketing Services offered by All About Audiences

Digital Services Guide  

Your guide to Digital Marketing Services offered by All About Audiences