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Parachute Pavilion (Academic/ Team Competition)


Ponte Parodi & the City of Genova (Academic/ Team Competition)


FIU School of Architecture Addition (Academic)


Huis Rutten (Professional)


Recycled Silos (Professional)


Jamaica: Public Space Analysis (Personal Analysis/Research)


63 Dronningens Gade 30 (Professional)

Exterior Perspective

Interior Perspective

The Parachute Pavilion

Coney Island, New York, USA, Spring 2005 (Des. 4) Academic, Prof. Damir Sinovcic Architecture Team Yinette Sanchez Annelise Kouns


Work Completed: Immigration Research/Diagrams, Movement Drawings/Diagrams, Floor Plans, Sectional Drawing/Rendering, Panel Layout/Design, Collaborated with text and IF/THEN Diagram

Competition sponsored by the Van Alan Institute of New York. People are constantly in motion... from point A to point B, regardless of the distance spanned. Movement and flow were the main conceptual ideas used, which led from inspiration of the history of Coney Island along with research and analysis of parks, green ways, and immigration in relation to population. The goal was to create an interactive, user-inspired space to unite individuals from various backgrounds. An assigned IF/THEN study, in which certain ideas where proposed and then further explored, aided greatly in the early design process. The user becomes the focus and manipulator -- constantly changing space through interaction and taking part in the visual projection of visitors.


Brooklyn Borough, Park Typologies

Brooklyn Borough, Greenways & Flow

Immigration Flow Pattern to Brooklyn, New York

Immigration Rates within Brooklyn, New York

IF/THEN Diagram

Exterior Perspective

Floor Plans

Longitudinal Section

Structural Movement Diagrams

Structural Detail

Final Presentation

Ponte Parodi & The City of Genova Genova, Italy, Fall 2006 (Des. 7) Academic, Prof. Matthew Rice Architecture Team David DeCespedes Annelise Kouns

Conceptual Perspective

Work Completed: Research, Diagrams, Photographs, Drawings, Panel Layout/Design, Collaborated with text

Within a city of medieval urban structure, nothing is planned, coordinated, or formalized. The city gradually generates itself by re-use, not by replacement. Thus Ponte Parodi is a crucial tool for reutilizing the current conditions of the port, as well as creating an active space of open spaces that can bridge the two areas of the city. The design addresses the context by proposing circulation as the driving force behind the organization of space. The density of the site becomes the inverse if the city center where private space is minimized to allow for the activity and success of Ponte Parodi as a central communal area. Thus the re-utilization of the existing buildings and the axis that these connections create become the framework for the different qualities of space.


FIU School of Architecture Addition Miami, Florida, USA, Spring 2007 (Des. 8) Academic, Prof. Eric Goldemburg

Conceptual Sketches

Work Completed: Research, Diagrams, Sketches, Drawings, Floor Plans, 3D Modeling, Text

The inspiration for this addition to the School of Architecture came through the initial study and analysis of Acropora Cervicornis (a spawning hermaphroditic coral), the process of symbiosis, and the final comparison and translation to architecture. The existing and the proposed studios become two ‘symbiotic chargers,’ while the proposed labs and lounge spaces create connections, joining the old and the new. The structure is light and porous, reminiscent of the make-up of the coral, through use of steel and glass paneling. Natural light is filtered throughout the building through the perimeter, as well as the interior light wells (which create interior/exterior courtyards).


Floor Plans

Sustainability Diagram

Huis Rutten Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands, 2008 Professional Allard Architecture Architectural Team: Allard Meine Jansen Annelise Kouns

Inspiration Work Completed: Research, Diagrams, Drawings (Addition/Renovation), Renderings, Text

The client wanted to add more space as well as convert his house into a more self-sustaining structure, with the goal to conserve as much natural energy as possible. The main two concepts which affect every aspect of this house is energy efficiency and sustainability. The inspiration came from the cycle which occurs in nature, that of elements relying solely on natural resources from the earth and its surroundings to survive. Through the use of solar panels, green roofing, energy efficient building materials, a heated flooring system, and a new system for water management and storage, this house will be nearly or completely self-sustaining.

Floor Plans


Site Views

Recycled Silos Zeeburg (Amsterdam), The Netherlands, 2008 Professional Allard Architecture Architectural Team: Allard Meine Jansen Annelise Kouns

Site Work Completed: Research, Diagrams, Photographs, Text

Through the exploration of recycling at a larger scale, it was proposed to re-use the site of three, rather large, old grain silos located in an upcoming neighborhood of Zeeburg, on the outskirts of Amsterdam. It was proposed to recycle the silos through the implementation of a community co-op featuring urban agriculture, community volunteering initiatives through educational exchange and an urban farm/zoo. The proposed collected centre would become a central, community-driven and inspired program. Each silo would come to represent a different element found in nature and highlight on said element: air, land and water. Inspiration was taken from Lina Bo Bardi’s SESC Pompéia building in São Paulo, Brazil.


Water Urban Agriculture


Urban Farm/Zoo



Panorama (inbetween silos)

Jamaica: Public Space Analysis Various Towns in Jamaica, West Indies Personal Analysis/Research


Work Completed: Research, Diagrams, Photographs, Text

Public spaces in Jamaica are usually represented in the form of a multi-purpose, easily transitional space. In a country where the land trumps the population, open spaces are not hard to come by, that is for the rural areas. In both the urban and rural contexts, public space is usually found in the form of a football pitch. In rural areas, it is usually centrally located, surounded by residential areas, local commerce, and school(s) and/or a church. It functions as the ‘heartbeat’ of the community and boasts multiple uses. In urban areas, it is usually within walkable distance from the town center and tends to have a more specific use, it does not lend itself to many uses. These spaces bring together people of different ages, communities, races, ... it is a meeting ground where everyone can join in freely, whether as a participant or a spectator in whatever function the space is catering to.

Football Pitch, Anchovy Gardens, Portland

Football Pitch, Good Hope, Westmoreland

Football Pitch, Seaford Town, Westmoreland

Football Pitch, Petersville, Westmoreland

Exterior Images

63 Dronningens Gade Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 2012 Professional

Site Work Completed: Research, Measurements/Surveying, Drawings (Existing and Proposed), Nominations

The first known records for this property date back to 1831, after which the property was transferred several times until 1883 when it came into the possession of the Blake Family where it remained for several generations until Alfredo Lima purchased it from the Blake’s in 1958. The building is a two-story, masonry, structure facing south on the southernmost corner of Dronningens Gade and Bjerge Gade, in the historic district of Charlotte Amalie. The building has been vacant for the past decade. The exterior of the structure has suffered moderate water damage. Through careful research and collaboration with the local SHPO, the building will be rehabilitated, retaining as much historic integrity and character as possible.

Building Assessment

Exising Floor Plans




West Proposed Elevations

Proposed Floor Plans




West Proposed Elevations

Proposed Color Scheme (South Elevation) Walls, Pinetop Sierra Maestra (Sea Chest, 2486P {29-12P}) Shutters, Blue Mosiac (Sea Chest, 2406C) Trim, White (Sea Chest)

Proposed Color Scheme (East Elevation)



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