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Winter collection 2009




Alki snowboards™ is a newly started snowboarding brand, it started september 9, 2008. It's purpose are to develop new and better snowboarding clothes and gear. Innovation, design and quality are the 3 main themes in every product Alki snowboards™ produce. Snowboarding gear made by snowboarders for snowboarders. In the future Alki hopes to start producing snowboards and expand the sale to America and Canada and start design studios in France, Switzerland and the united states of america. Also Alki Snowboard team is editing a snowboard movie that will be in stores 11. February. Alki snowboards™ 2008


Alki snowboards ™ is a skate- and snowboard company who produces almost everything, from skateboards and snowboards to watches for the purpose of an active lifestyle. Alki design- and developes clothes with new features and many styles are made with technological textiles. Alki do also produce headphones, googles and helmets. They are also sponcer for many competitions and is a producer of skate- and snowboardfilms. The Brand is primary being sold in the european countries, and sold worldwide on the internet. ”Innovation creates the future!” Alki snowboards makes clothes and accesorizes for different kind of people. Adults and children, men and womens. People who have a active lifestyle. It is primary people who do exstreme sports themselves like Skateboarding, Snowboarding, kitesurfing, skating and so on. This mini collection is a collection with many colours and contrast. Everything but neutral. The ones who buy Alki clothes and accesorize do primary have an interrest in extreme sports, it isn’t well known by the ”ordinary” people. By that i mean, you only see or hear about the brand from skate- and snowboard movies, f rom the specials stores that sells theese kind of products. The products from Alki are quite expensive due the quality are very high standard. Therefore not said that it is a fancy brand for the rich kids, but more like for the ones who doesn’t buy a new jacket every month. Alki is a brand for those who isn’t afraid of trying some new tings and wear nice clothes. They are stil while adults a bunch of kids inside of there hearts. The important thing ain’t the price but the apperance.

Targetgroup description All rights reserved ALKI Snowboards ™

Snowboards™ 3 Mikael Sandy - Frontside 360 Stalefish Foto: Christian Laurila



Model wibrates

Wibrates brings music to a whole new level. The intergrated Keel® wireless system leads wireless music to the future, Long battery lifetime and CD® sound quality helps making these headphones the most flexible and innovative headphones on the market. Wibrates shows features never before seen Flip on/off Rotate the headphone to adjust the volume. Keel® wireless system in headphones All parts are high quality for the conscious user. All parts are tight together so snow can´t slip trough. Price:

200 € in stores.

Snowboards™ Model Wibrate winter collection 09-10 watches ALKI Snowboardv All rights reserved ALKI Snowboards ™



Model Compasslight.

The newest and secured for the future with the new funktions. Touch scroll menu with three functions. S.O.S Alarm. Regular watch Thermometer/Humidity Digital compas. The compass poles are shown witch light on the left side. Blue- North Red- South Grren- West Purple- East The color fades together so it is posseble to see south- east for example. Build in Rocco™ chip tracking system for for people trapped in a avalanche. Leather Crome mettalic cabinet Plexiglas Price:

120 € in stores.


Specs: Rocco™ tracking chip. Ok Button. Touch scroll menu. Backup battery for S.O.S function. Magnetic reacharging. Long battery life. Lcd display. 7 Model Wibrate winter collection 09-10 watches ALKI Snowboardv All rights reserved ALKI Snowboards ™

Model touchflow. The brand new watch from the designers of ALKI. Touch sensitive menu scrolling Recco® chip The world first watch with an avalanche sirene. A sirene starts if trapped in the snow for more than two ours. Magnetic recharge Exclusive design Price:

110 € in stores.


Model touchflow winter collection 09-10 watches ALKI Snowboardv All rights reserved ALKI Snowboards ™


9 inspirational map



Søren Blom - FS Indy Photographer - Emil Møller Alki 2008

Labels design


Labels design


Alki snowboards  

Schoolproject for teko designschool

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