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About Heritage

We are proud in this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Heritage Palace Decor Contracting LLC (HPD). An ISO certified company with expertise management aiming to provide the latest, most, and high quality advanced products and methods for both interior and exterior works. Â We are the leading manufacturer of HPL Toilet Cubicles Partitions, Integrated Plumbing System (IPS). HPD brings you to a garden of natural colors with branded Italian quality water based decorative art paints. We also provide the service of Islamic and Italian style of art designing, decoration and painting that stretches beyond the boundaries of interior designing.

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OUR VALUES Integrity cannot be compromised. We are honest and consistent in all aspects and our communication is transparent and forthright. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. We strive to succeed customer expectations and dedicate time and effort towards quality service to all our clients. Committed to innovation. We consider learning and development to be a continuous process. Consequently, we adapt state of the art technology and practices to enhance efficiency of our operations constantly. Safety First. Our employees are our most important asset. Therefore, safety and their well-being is our primary priority. Great team build great companies. In order to attract, develop and retain the best talent, we have created a conducive environment. Individual growth is the cornerstone of our company’s growth.

OUR MISSION Add value at every stage in project management by implementing the practice of delivering excellent interior designs, products and services in accordance with client’s requirement and exceed their expectations in quality. Our dynamic approach and commitment is the foundation for our success. Today, our work force comes together as a professional providing high quality services.

OUR VISION To attain recognition as the market leader in manufacturing quality products and consistently deliver eco-friendly world class finishes in our interior decoration concepts, execute and complete all projects to create an ambience that will echo the desires of our clients’ heart and emerge the preferred choice for all our clients and employees, today and in the future.

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About Heritage

WE ARE PASSIONATE AT WHAT WE DO At Heritage Palace Decor, every product we manufacture is of the highest quality. Our factory is based in Umm Al Quwain, UAE that uses advanced technology and machinery imported from Italy. We are fabricating different kinds of HPL products and joinery works which are crafted and molded as per the customers’ requirements and by made-to-order basis. During the manufacturing stage, products are carefully checked to eliminate defects because we value the opportunity to provide and guarantee the cutting-edge technology, on time delivery, and outstanding quality of products and services that we offer.

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Creatic Profile


About Heritage


With the latest and high technology of machineries and specialized for supply and installation. We delivery results in achieving breathtaking concepts that benchmark the high standards and quality of lifestyle. Consistency and continual improvement of technology to match world standards is a catalyst to our business propositions. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our products and design works, within a budget price, high quality of products and services

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- High Pressure Laminated (HPL) Toilet Cubicle , Partition & Urinal - Integrated Plumbing System (IPS) - HPL Locker and Benches - HPL and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) - Kitchen Cabinet - HPL and MDF Wardrobes - Interior Decoration and Art Painting - Italian and Islamic Drawing - Fire Rated Steel Door - Wooden Doors - Parquet Flooring - Wall Panel

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Creatic Profile

Passion is the key essential force that drives our success. It determines everything that we think and do. Tarek Elshehawy Managing Director Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Advertising, Sales, Business Development, and Marketing Strategy. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Business Administration and Management, General from Helwan University Cairo.

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Products & Services

Decors&Interior Works We have the right expertise to decorate all kinds of buildings, houses, villas, palaces, commercial centers and government premises with high standard precision and layout. We are specialized in “Floor and Wall� finishing with marble, stone, and granite. As we use the most advanced fixing technology, we add more value to each site whether it is a swimming pool, prestigious palace, five star hotels, or a commercial center. We undertake internal finishing works with the same degree of efficiency as we believe that the customer satisfaction is first and foremost. While we are using the most advanced western technology in designing, we apply oriental architecture to preserve Arabic and Islamic artistic heritage Designing and executing high quality works of gypsum and plaster paints and the drawing. Designing and executing ornamental drawing with Islamic and Italian character. Undertaking all works of gliding, marbleizing, antiques, and old touch wood at the hands of professional experts all paint artworks.



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Products & Services

HPL TOILET CUBICLE, DOORS & PARTITIONS HPD- High Pressure Laminated is an extremely tough and durable architectural material. It is a solid,made under high pressure,doubled sided decorative laminate for application. HPD Cubicles- are made of High Pressure Compact Laminated build up from multiple layer of kraft paper to produce a laminate in thickness from (12-13 & 25mm) .It has a decorative face on both sides and is ideal for interior use in washroom cubicles , or laboratory furniture. It is particularly suited to use in high humidity ,high impact areas. Solid Laminated is impressively strong and damage resistant and has remakrable structural stability.

Advantage of Solid Laminates

- Exceptional self supporting properties - Greater dimensional stability and flatness - Resistance to abrasion, water and fire - Excellent hygiene properties - Resistance to harmful chemicals and organic solvents - Simple and quick assembly without the need for edging and adhesive, emits low amount of harmful gasses and fumes


Heritage Palace Decor Profile

Solid Application

HPD rich array of solid laminates available in elegant solid, versatile abstracts and genuine wood patterns. Add value and uniqueness with decors that can blend well with contemporary lifestyles in various set up like; - Shower & Toilet Cubicles - Office work tops - Lockers - School Benches - Kitchen bench tops and cabinetry - Bathroom Board - Outdoor Benches - Urinal Partition - Doors - IPS System

Antibacterial Solid Laminates

Bacteria is present everywhere . HPD offers its customers solution against almost all forms of bacteria. Its unique range of antibacterial products is resistant to bacteria and retards the growth of most microbes efficiently.

Application Areas

- Restaurant - Hospital & Health Centers - Schools,

- Laboratories - Lounges,Restrooms,Storage Rooms - Accommodation, Stadium

Chemical Resistant of Solid Laminates

Chemical Resistant compact are meant for the most challenging environments like clinics, pathological labs, photographic dark rooms, classrooms or stylish saloons where working conditions are prone to use chemicals. The dĂŠcor pare is treated with a advanced formulated which provides resistance from chemicals, abrasive materials& other harsh substances.


- Chemical Resistant - Tolerant to cleaning agents - Easy to maintain - Durable - Cost effective in comparison to expensive substitutes like epoxy, slate & stainless Steel.

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Products & Services


Products & Service


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- Decor paper impregnated with melamine resin - Black phenol core composed of layers off resin impregnated Kraft paper. - Decor paper impregnated with melamine resin. - Vandal resistant, high performing, self-supporting solid grade laminate with two decorative faces and a black core, offering exceptional resistance to impact and moisture. Particularly suitable for use in wet areas and humid conditions where hygiene and ease of maintenance is essential

Suitable Applications: - Shower areas - Sports Stadia - Hospitals - Leisure Areas - Swimming Pools - Schools & Colleges - Camp Sites - Public Areas

Cubicles Ranges :

Color Available : Standard Color are ; Beige, Grey & Off-white , other colors upon selection. THICKNESS: Standard - 13mm to 25mm. MANUFACTURER: Mica Malaysia, India & Spain

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Products & Services



Heritage Palace Decor Profile

Heritage Palace Decor Profile


Products & Services

IPS- INTEGRATED PLUMBING SYSTEM HPD offer IPS- Integrated Plumbing Systems for all environments to suit all of your site requirements. Our IPS Unit is our most cost-effective solution. Our IPS was the first made-to-measure pre-plumbed cubicle format in UAE. Our factory-made IPS panels range includes a unique click-fix mechanism for quick and easy assembly, and factory-fitted sanitary ware. We designed our IPS to offer maximum flexibility in both wet and dry environments. The first integrated plumbing system to feature click-fix assembly onto galvanized steel frame; our IPS panels offer a flexible, cost-effective solution which works well in all commercial sectors. Key features include a unique cold rolled ultra-steel frame; factory-fitted pre-plumbed sanitary ware; five panel material options ultimate color flexibility increased product longevity and a factory-tested guarantee of quality. We designed our IPS to be installed in just easy steps, reducing the need for specialist onsite skills. We give an Ideal standard flexibility to choose industry leading products to complement your washroom. It is essential that the design of a building facilitates good infection prevention and control practices. That quality and design of finishes and fittings enable access, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance to take place. Our IPS units are all built with these specific details in mind, ensuring that materials are easy to clean with hygienic tight fittings so there is no room for bacteria to multiply. 20

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Heritage Palace Decor Profile


Products & Services

URINAL PARTITIONS Men’s washroom are well defined ,with 13mm thick High Pressure Laminated (HPL ) Panels; Design with the highest consideration of Clients requirements, these panel provide complete privacy along with maintaining hygiene, safety and healthy atmosphere. These Solid Urinal Panels are attractive ,strong and durable easy to maintain and provides unlimited design flexibility as one can choose from a wide range of design ,colors and sizes.

Products Features

HPD Urinal Partition Panels has cleanliness, is attractive as well as strong and durable to hold up the Urinal in between. As easy to maintain mounting configuration and are offered in various shapes with an aesthetic view. In additional to the strength and serviceability of the phenol urinal panel, there is also a wide range of colors & it provides almost unlimited design flexibility. The standard panel total height of 900 to 1250mm & width of 400 to 600mm,, and GAP of the divider from floor should be between 100


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LOCKERS& BENCHES HPL Lockers System – is ultimate in locker design and construction. It does not rust rot or disintegrate like steel, wood and plastic lockers. Our 100% solid phenol board construction combined with state –of-the-art hardware deign gives you an extensive range of customized styles and sizes for your indivual storage needs. Look for more colors and design . Be it a changing room,library,school,swimming pool and gym. HPD- Lockers are waterproof ,highly vandal –resistant, elegant and versatile in performance.


HPL Lockers- are made of 100% solid phenol board using the best combination of design and state-of-the-art technology resulting in an extensive range of styles and sizes for all your indivual storage needs and custom design. HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATED LOCKER AS SUPPLIED BY HPD SHALL COMPRISE THE FOLLOWING *Door shall be 12mm/13 thick high pressure laminated. *Side ,Top , Bottom and internal shelf shall be 12mm/13 thick high pressure laminated. * Back shall be 6mm MDF. *Lockers shall be construed with 4 aluminum interlocking supporting framework ,making it strong and rigid. *Concealed hinges shall be of Stainless Steel Grade 304, with Steel numbering plate. * Standard dimensions of lockers unit shall be width 300mm x Depth 400mm x 1800mm height.

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Products & Services

KITCHEN CABINETS HPD Kitchen Cabinet strives to create a unique environment. The concept presented by HPD is a continuum between the kitchen unique environment and surrounding space. And becomes the protagonist and harmoniously combines with the living area, showing its functional and technological heart . HPD goes beyond conventions and brings into the kitchen never-before -used materials ,covering doors and top with top quality of materials. Excellence ,elegance and product timeless are fundamental valued which have always characterized and distinguished HPD Its gives a value of shape to an outstanding product in terms of quality and aesthetics.



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Products & Services

WARDROBES We fabricate and manufacture wardrobes in a varied choices of PVC / Laminated / Natural Veneer doors with rust resistance and corrosion resistance at finest quality in all shapes, sizes, colors and can customized the .designs as per the client requirements Our products are best to protect your home from humidity, dust, noise, cold and insects. These doors are elegantly designed with scratch resistance. They have a perfect dimensional accuracy therefore you can fix in easily and perfectly. The doors are finely polished with smooth edges. They are moreover of highest strength giving more durability. You can easily clean the doors and they are termite proof. Carcass and Shelf are made of 18mm thickness white color melamine MDF Board and 6mm thickness white paper hard for back panel includes edges and to be covered with PVC leaping with hot glued 0.4mm thickness.



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Products & Services

WOODEN DOORS HPD Door is integrated with your overall interior style and enhance the beauty of your surroundings . We provide extraordinary craftsmanship and design while utilizing finest woods in the construction of exceptional high quality custom doors. Our door material ranges from solid wood, lacquer, PVC, milamine or unfinished surface. Meanwhile, we offer different door core choices, including solid wood, tubular core, MDF and particle board blocks. Our fire doors act as a barrier to the passage of smoke and fire to varying degrees depending upon its location in a building and the fire hazard associated with the building . The fire rated doors are recommended for use in a wide range of residential and light commercial applications, especially suitable for use in residential complexes,hospitals,schools, data centers, server rooms, safe rooms, etc.

Fire Rated wooden doors are tested in accordance with BS 476 and UL 10C and control the spread of fire and smoke for up to 120minutes.


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Heritage Palace Decor Profile


Products & Services


Internal paneling timber products are generally grouped as either solid timber paneling or sheet engineered wood products. - Solid timber paneling is a natural product that is selected for its color, surface texture and grain. It is available in a number of profiles, with general thicknesses ranging from 9 to 19mm and cover widths from 65mm to over 140mm. Narrower boards of approximately 100mm should be favored as they allow movement to be distributed across a greater number of joints. -The most common internal paneling profile has a tongue and groove joint. The edges of the joint on the exposed face are chamfered to create a ‘V’ when the boards are installed. The V masks a small amount of movement allowable in the tight joints. - An alternative to tongue and groove profiles is shiplap boarding, which has a lapped joint. This can easily accommodate any movement that occurs because the boards are not tightly butted together. Timber paneling can also be installed as board and batten or board on board, both of which accommodate movement easily. - A wide range of wood based manufactured products, known as sheet or panel products, are suitable for internal wall or ceiling paneling. Generally, readily available sheet wall panels include veneer faced plywood and particleboard, and pre-primed masonite. Suppliers offer a wide range of products that utilize these materials.

Related Species & Materials Species Ash, Victoria, Mahogany , Meranti, Oak , Tasmanian. Wood Product Categories : Medium Density Fiber board (MDF ) oriented strand board ( OSB )

MOISTURE CONTENT Any timber that is used as an internal appearance

board, panel or lining, will on occasion be subjected to moderate ‘environmental’ changes within its internal environment. These changes result from normal seasonal shifts and from the use of artificial heating and cooling. When subjected to such changes, the timber may take up and lose moisture from, or to, the atmosphere. As the timber takes up or loses moisture it will expand andor contract. Although the expansion and contraction will normally be almost negligible, the profile and the method of fixing of internal paneling boards does allow for any expansion in the width of the boards during periods of higher humidity, thus preventing cupping and cracking of the paneling. To minimize the amount of movement post installation, timber paneling should be at, or slightly below the equilibrium moisture content of the room in which it will be installed. This is best achieved by storing the timber in its intended environment for 5 days prior to installation to allow its moisture content to equalize with the room. Materials in buildings that are heated seasonally should have a moisture content range of 10-14%. 30

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Pre finishing the boards -Solid

timber appearance boards are usually finished with a clear finish, stain or paint. It is good practice prior to installation to pre-cut the boards or sheets to size, sand visible areas as necessary, (apply color stain if required) and then apply one coat of the clear finish over the entire panel to act as a primer. It is recommended that other sheet products, such as plywood’s and hardboards with porous surfaces, be stacked and the unexposed (back) surface sealed to provide additional control of moisture uptake


Timber panels can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. A practical and attractive solution to protect walls in high use areas against typical and recurrent damage is to install vertical timber panels up to a dado height of 900/1000mm. Timber panels supported directly on framing or battening should be supported at maximum centers of: 400mm for boards up to 10mm thick 450mm for boards 11mm to 15mm thick 600mm for boards thicker than 15mm. Paneling attached over other sheet linings such as an existing wall can use 600mm centers for support. It is important to consider how you will treat joins at corners and between walls and ceilings. Generally, the joins between walls and floors is covered by a skirting board while joins around window frames and door frames are covered by architrave molding, hence accurate cutting to fit is not always necessary at those points.

End joints

Preference should be given to full length panels but when an end joint is necessary, use a splayed or scarped joint located over a batten, stud or noggin and stagger them so that they are not beside each other.


Typically all internal paneling products are fixed to a backing framework. This framework may be the building itself - studs, noggins and plates - or it may be battens or furring. When fixing paneling to brick, masonry or concrete walls, horizontal battens or furring strips may be fixed at appropriate spacing after ensuring these provide a flat straight and vertical backing framework. It is generally recommended that two nails per fixing location be used. Provided the width of the paneling does not exceed 90 mm, wall paneling can also be fixed with secret nailing or proprietary clip systems. Wallboard adhesives are another alternative for fixing wall paneling. Of these options nail fixing is rec-


ecret nailing is an option for several of the profiled solid timber products, however it is not recommended for boards over 100mm wide as it is difficult to achieve solid fixing and thus the risk of cupping is increased. Screw fixing is only recommended for internal paneling when removable access to services within a wall or ceiling cavity is required. Typically surface screw heads are visually unappealing and difficult to conceal.


Before any finish is added finely sand along the grain. It’s recommend to test the finish and application method on a piece of unused paneling to confirm the finish will generate the desired result. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application of any finish. Many paneling products are finished with a simple clear protective coating, creating a ‘natural’ look while others, depending on the décor of the room may be best suited to a painted finish.

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Products & Services


Parquet flooring is the best and longest lasting solution for different types of objects. In addition to homes, it is used in other public buildings, schools, sports halls because wood is not only a natural material but also has good mechanical and insulation properties and a number of other properties that space requires, such as acoustics, color, natural appearance Parquet flooring has several characteristics, such as processing and method of preparation, type of wood from which it is made and class it belongs to. Depending on the type of wood from which it is built, we can distinguish native species of parquet flooring (European) and exotic parquet flooring.

Technical data

Product measurements Length = 2180 mm (allowed lengths are 2080, 2000 and 1818mm) Width = standard products 158 mm and 185 mm, and from special order 222 and 260 mm (special widths only with traditional glue joint) Thickness = standard product 15 mm, and from special order 18 mm Wear layer = standard products 3,5 mm, and from special order 6 mm

Standards and emissions

The product’s technical measurements fulfill the European standard requirements for parquets. The formaldehyde emission is JAS F**** (Japanese standard) and only a tenth of the M1 (Finnish standard) and E1 (EU’s CE-mark standard) emission categorizations (research results report VTT2643/00). The glues and surface treatment agents used are produced according to the EN 1432342 standards.

Surface treatments

Oak is available both with sanded and brushed surface, and its color range is Timber wise’s widest. Oak can be treated with colorless matte finish oil wax, matte oil wax or colored oil waxes white, grey, different tones of brown and black etc. Lacquer choices are matte finish lacquer and matte lacquer. Oak is available also as unfinished, and the customer can perform the desired surface treatment on the spot. Detailed information on surface treatments can be found in the Surface treatment chart.

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Products & Services

FR STEEL DOOR Custom made to suit existing structure opening for use as personnel. Telephone room, Electric room etc. All doors manufactured with CNC Pouncing and pressing facilities.

Door Frames

Manufactured form 1.6 mm galvanized sheet, formed to single or double rebated profile in welded or knock down form reinforced and fitted with fixing plates. Depths of frame can be varied to suit any brick, block / sheet works or to span a cavity.

Double Glazed Door

Custom made to suit existing structure opening for use as Personnel Offices, Kitchen rooms, etc. All doors manufactured with CNC punching and pressing facilities. Glazed Paneled Door sets suit any application where vision is important in our range of steel doors manufactured with CNC punching and pressing facilities. We can fabricate and manufacture any shape and size individual requirements.

Sealed Door

- All our Steel Doors can be fitted with rubber seals to produce a dust or airtight seal. Magnetic rubberized seals are also available. This is becoming a more popular feature in today’s technical specifications as it not only prevents dust but also provides thermal insulation, preventing water penetration, etc. The door opposite is used to prevent insect access in laboratory conditions. All type of seals may be specified to your own design requirements and our engineers are always available round the clock to answer your queries. - All manufactures Fire Rated Steel Doors are manufactured under the strict guidelines of Underwriters Laboratory Incorporated (UL, Warrenton , Inc ) that conducts proper inspection to give our customers assurance and safety. - During our manufacturing process, products are carefully checked to eliminate defects that will undermine quality and reliability. - We incorporate sophisticated professional production techniques ,equipment and product lines with advanced technology and superior management experience. - Fire Rated Steel Door range consist of up to 3hrs. of fire rating . We provide all kinds of Glazed Fire Rated Steel Doors, louvered Doors, Acoustic and Security Doors with standard metal ceilings.


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thantk you for business with us.