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Mexican pottery is a great pride of Mexico. It is one of the best expressions of art in the country, where many artists for process are using the tools and techniques of their ancestors. Only that way can guarantee to top-quality pottery. We started with the idea of opening a mexican pottery store after watching the market carefully and realize one thing: there isn´t a good option to buy Mexican pottery online. But we’re talking about genuine, not imitations made in countries like China or others. I have nothing against these countries, seriously. But our authentic pottery should be done using the real techniques behind it. That’s added value. This document will try to clarify any doubts and you’ll see is a good investment because the original Mexican pottery. Mexican Pottery is forever… One of the great differences in authentic Mexican pottery and false is the duration. You buy a piece of Mexican crafts that was not made as did the ancient Indians and have a very easy piece to break. Many times these pieces are made only of plaster and other materials. You will also see pieces that are very light, for that reason at a low price of transportation, but also its value is low. This false Mexican pottery can be broken easily, so we can say that they are disposable. And if you don’t break it yourself, you’ll see over time that that Mexican ceramic loses its beauty. For read the rest of the article click here…

Mexican pottery  

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