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THE UNSOLVED  By: Alize Navarro 

Are there murders that are unsolved? Are there murders that we  don’t know about? Are the killers still out  there? Those are the three questions that  went through my head when I first found  out about the many cases of unsolved  murders. In fact, there are murders that  are unsolved. There will never be a day  that every murder will be solved. That’s  just how it is. There are, also, murders  none of us know about. No one will know  every single murder that has happened in  their lifetime. There’s just too many. And  yes the killers may possibly still be out  there. Not all of them though, some of  these murders were so long ago that the  culprit would be dead by now. There will  always be a murderer out in the world.  The insanity cannot be stopped. You  might be questioning if I’m one of these  people, but I’m not. I just find these  types of things interesting. I like to see  how theses specific killers got away,  what their differences are, and what they  did to their victims. I just want to show  you how dangerous the most innocent  people can be.   

The Axman Of New Orleans As his name states it, his murder  weapon was an ax. He had 6-7 victims. 

He butchered his victims  with an ax. He  sent letters to  newspapers,  demanding  that everyone  play jazz music  at night the  night of March  19, 1919. He  threatened that whoever didn't play jazz  music would be the next victims. Due to  fear, the streets were filled with the  sounds of jazz to please the axman of  New Orleans.   

The Zodiac Killer The Zodiac Killer had a span of  killing from the  late 1960s to  the early 1970s  and ​claimed to  have killed 37  people, but only  7 were proven  to be true. Like  the Axeman, he  sent letters  with puzzles  and ciphers to  newspapers, claiming that they gave  them a hint to his identity. They turned  out to be a way he messed with the minds  of many. Whenever people described the  face of someone who claimed to be the  Zodiac Killer or seemed to be the Zodiac 

Killer, they would be different than what the other descriptions claimed he looked  like.    

The Murder Of JonBenet Ramsey  JonBenet Ramsey was a  6-year-old  beauty pageant  queen. Her  parents found her  missing the  morning after  Christmas in  1996. They  found a ransom  note demanding  $118,000 for her return. A weird thing  is that the amount of money was the  exact amount of her father, John  Ramsey’s, bonus. Another thing is that  when the police examined the note that it  was written in her mother, Patsy  Ramsey’s, handwriting. While the police  started investigating the house, John let  their neighbors in the house and called  family members. These people started  looking around, jeopardizing the crime  scene. The police didn't stop them or  anything. The father went to the  basement and found JonBenet dead. She  was struck on the head and strangled  with a thin piece of cord that was  tightened with a broken paintbrush from  Patsy’s hobby kit. He grabbed his  daughter and brought her upstairs,  ruining any evidence that could have 

been used to solve the case. She seemed to have been sexually assaulted and there  was a blow to her head that caused her  death. They found DNA on her  underwear, but it led to a dead end.  There were no signs of breaking and  entering, so the parents and brother were  considered suspects. They weren’t able to  find enough evidence to prove that it was  them so the case remains unsolved.   

The Boy in the Box No one knows who he is, where he  came from, or anything about him really.  He was found naked, beaten, and  wrapped in a blanket in a box that once  contained a  baby’s bassinet.  He was  estimated to be  around the ages  4-6. No one has  claimed him and  to this day, no  one knows what  happened to him, who he belonged to, or  who killed him and why.   

Murder Mystery at Hinterkaifeck Farmstead  Six people were killed by an  unidentified person with an ax. Andreas  Gruber (age 63), his wife Cazilia Gruber  (age 72), their widowed daughter  Victoria  Gabriel (age  35), her  daughter  Cazilia (age 7),  her son Josef  (age 2), and  their maid  Maria  Baumgartner  (age 44), who  barely started working the day of the  event, were found dead. Their previous  maid quit a few days before the murders  because of weird occurrences happening  the house. She suspected the farm was  haunted. Andreas found footprints in the  snow from the forest to his farm, but not  back, an unknown newspaper somewhere  near the house, and heard footsteps in the  attic. Four of the family member’s bodies  were found in the barn, Josef’s body was  found in his mom’s room, and the maid’s  body was found in her bed. It is  suspected that the murderer stayed in the  house for a couple of days and left  without taking anything. To this day, no  one has a clue of who it was or why they  did what they did. This case will forever  remain unsolved.

These cases may never be solved. The people behind these crimes will  never be brought to justice, maybe, just  maybe, there will be one day one of these  cases will be solved and the killer will be  brought to justice. But for now, these  cases will remain unsolved. 

The Unsolved  

5 different unsolved murders that might never be solved.

The Unsolved  

5 different unsolved murders that might never be solved.