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Think Before Hiring Serious Injuries Lawyer To successfully sue in small claims court (or in any court), you will have to be able to demonstrate that a defendant was at fault, either through intentionally injuring you, or through negligence or recklessness. In other words, if your automobile accident was really an accident (or if you were the one at fault!), you can’t necessarily sue the other guy; on the other hand, if the other driver received a ticket from the police specifically citing him for causing the accident - that’s when you can and should file a claim! A serious injuries lawyer could help if you have suffered severe injury. Personal injury cases can give rise to types of damages that go beyond simply compensating you for your financial loss; these damages could include punitive damages (designed to punish the wrongful party) and pain and suffer (an amount awarded based on a rough calculus of the amount of suffering endured). Both of these types of damages can often be far in excess of the compensatory damages. To illustrate - do you remember those punks that assaulted you? Well, perhaps your doctor's bill was only $1,000 ... but the Court finds that you endured months of painful rehabilitation as well as emotional distress ... and on top of that, the Court wants to financially punish the Defendants. Thus, your compensatory damages should only be up to that $1,000 paid for medical bills - but punitive damages and pain/suffering damages could be in the tens or hundreds of thousands! So what’s the point? The point is that before you take your own personal injury case to small claims court, you should be sure that it’s not worth far more than that court’s statutory maximum. Before hiring any serious injuries lawyer you should think many times. For more information about personal injury lawyer, serious injuries lawyer Click Here

Think Before Hiring Serious Injuries Lawyer