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Chital-The pet.

By Aliza Ibrahim RRIMT,Lko

IntroductIon The Deer is the most commonly found member of the deer family in India. It is found across the entire country except in the extreme northern regions . They are mostly seen in large herds  of 30 - 50 females with a few stags. They grow to a height of approximately 90 cm  at the shoulders and can weigh up to 85 kgs . Their life expectancy ranges from 20 - 30 years. Despite being one of the favourite prey species  of predators such as tigers and leopards and only giving birth to a single fawn at a time, their populationis quite abundant.

Main Characteristics •

Chital are large deer and they have a body length between 1 and 1.5 m, a tail length between 10 and 25 cms. They are reddish/fawn in colour with white spots and a white coloured underside. They have several different vocalizations which include barking , bellowing during the breeding season and fawns squeal when they are separated from their mother.  They are mainly active during the morning, evening and night, and they rest during the hottest parts of the day. They can reach speeds up to 65 km/hr if required.


Chital breed throughout the year and males rut, bellow and fight to

defend a small number of females. After a gestation period of 210 225 days 1 or sometimes 2 fawns are born. At birth the young weigh approximately 3 kgs (6.6 lbs) and they are nursed by their mother until they reach 6 months old. 

Chital usually produce young ones each year.

Subspecies 

Indian Axis Deer or Indian Chital.

Ceylonese Axis Deer.

Chital are also  Spotted known as:Deer  Indian Spotted Deer   Axis Deer   Cheetal     Chital Deer

More About Chital

These are extremely nervous animals and are always on the alert for a stalking predator. They are often seen under trees housing Langurs for some reasons. The breeding season  is not during one part of the year only. It can be in both the summer or winter . However, it is mostly seen during the summers, when males can be seeing throwing their heads back and letting out loud mating calls. Although it comes nowhere close to the volume of the mating call of the Swamp deer. Loud clashing of antlers can also be heard at night during this period.

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