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Most Common Side Effects of Using Rapidlash Rapidlash is a particular eyelash growth serum that is promising to give its users with fuller, darker and longer eyelashes in a matter of four weeks in a price that is much cheaper compared to similar products. Just recently, Rapidlash has been receiving a lot of rave reviews due to the claim that it can really give you thicker and longer eyelashes. This product can be used very simply. Rapidlash comes in tube-like container, and is being applied on the lashes’ base once every day. This must be applied at night before you go to bed, although you can also apply it before your day starts, and is also usable underneath your mascara. You can also use the product together with eye makeup, contact lenses, and eyelash extensions. Rapidlash: The Unveiled Problems Although there are some users claiming that the product is effective, there are others who have been disappointed, not just the product has been ineffective but also due to the numerous side effects that it has given them. 

Eye irritation Almost every eyelash lengthening and conditioning products give off some mild side effects, including eye redness, mild irritation and itching. Stinging and eye irritation might also happen once the product accidentally enters your eye.

Darkening around and of the eyes Rapidlash might also cause some inexplicable darkening around your eyes. The effect might be the same as wearing eyeliner. Although this might only be temporary, a lot of individuals do not like this darkening issue.

Majority of these issues are only mild, but the product still has some disturbing side effects. One of Rapidlash’s most alarming side effects is the alteration of eye color. Several users noticed changes in the color of their eyes while they are using this product. They witnessed the color of their eyes changing from almond or blue into a darker brown shade. This change in eye color might actually be permanent, and in some instances, it might lead to several eye problems such as blurred vision. It is also an effect that is said to be the reason behind vision loss and eyesight damage sooner or later. With these things said, users of eyelash growth products like Rapidlash must be extra careful when buying them. With your eyes as one of the most sensitive spots in your body, it is highly important that you check if the product is safe for you to use or not.

Most Common Side Effects of Using Rapidlash  

Rapidlash has been proven to give great results when it comes to making your eyelashes longer. However, here are some of its worst side effe...

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