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Best Tips for Choosing Eyelash Products to Stimulate Growth Many consumers are spending millions and millions of products every year for eyelash products that can temporarily lengthen, thicken and color the lashes of a person. But do they still have other legitimate ways for stimulating eyelash growth? Take some time to go through the following tips in order for you to know the eyelash products that will really work. Search for Products with Prostaglandin Look for the ingredients known as prostaglandin in the specific eyelash products that stimulate growth of eyelashes. Genuine clinical studies have revealed that prostaglandin is effective in stimulating eyelash growth. Reportedly, this substance that can really make eyelashes darker, stronger and thicker and this is also being applied in the same way as using an eyeliner. However, FDA claimed that prostaglandin is being used for treating glaucoma and they also warned users against possible side effects such as itching, burning as well as an eye color change. Eyelash products that contain prostaglandin are sometimes on and off the beauty aisles based on the discretion of FDA, with prices that range from $150 or up for every tube. Take Care of Your Lashes Handle your eyelashes with extra care. Using false eyelashes, curling and pulling at your lashes can also cause them to fall out or break. If you really want to have thicker eyelashes, make sure that you are also gentle with handling them on top of using eyelash products. As much as possible, take a break from day to day curling of your eyelashes, bypass using the glue for false eyelashes and stop your habit of pulling your lashes. Use Petroleum Jelly Gently rub some petroleum jelly on your lashes. Although there is no definite evidence supporting the claims that the petroleum jelly can boost eyelash growth, it can condition and moisturize them, which can certainly make them look healthier. Wait for Natural Eyelash Growth Wait for seven to eight weeks because your eyelashes will simply grow back. If you lost an eyelash, it usually takes seven to eight weeks before a brand new eyelash grows in replacement. There are now many eyelash products that people can use if they want to have eyelashes that are longer and thicker. But in case everything else will fail and you still did not get the eyelashes of your dreams, it will be a better move if you simply wait for your body to just perform its own magic.

Best Tips for Choosing Eyelash Products to Stimulate Growth  

The eyelash products are now flooding the market. We give you the best tips for finding the best ones that can stimulate growth.

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