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Fall Fashion Week, September 6 - 12, 2013 266 West 37th Street, New York, NY Project made possible by chashama

Yo u r Po w e r S u i t i s w a i t i n g f o r you at the PowerSuit Boutique. We specialize in extracting your most ambitious plans and translating them into a tangible garment you can wear now. When you enter our Boutique we schedule a personal Consultation Session where we’ll talk about your greatest ambitions. Then our highly

trained team goes to work, making the perfect garment or accessory that activates your internal powerhouse. When you leave our boutique wearing your PowerSuit, you are compelled to take action, speak fearlessly and charge through previous roadblocks. You are unstoppable.

NICK Extra Long Patchwork T-Shirt cotton jersey patchwork, thread

Nick uses his clothes like a The shirt is almost a dress; it’s uniform: to work, to move, to a costume for daily life, for get his hands dirty. Comfort dancing in public spaces, for is primary; this shirt was impromptu performances. sized per his specifications.

SEAN N e c k l a c e Ta l i s m a n leather, metallic thread, canvas, ink, cotton twine, metal aiguillettes

Sean has lived in so many different places but has always felt like he was “home.” It’s always been easy for him to talk and share with almost anyone. This talisman makes tangible the visceral sense of home he brings with him everywhere.

DAVE J a c k e t - L i n i n g Layered Po cket cotton, silk, metallic polyester, brocade, hand-embroidery, embroidery floss, thread

Dave brought in the business jacket he wears to client meetings. He asked us to create a special pocket in the lining that would merge the confidence and creativity he feels while producing art with his business consulting. The pocket unites his passions which are usually separate.

LUCY Athletic Cropped B u s i n e s s Ve s t grey twill, teal spandex, z i p p e r, e l a s t i c

Lucy described the power she feels while running. This vest brings that p owe r t o h e r office job, and to her future as a large-scale, city-wide special events planner.

AMBER I n t e r n a t i o n a l Tr a v e l i n g D r e s s spandex, jersey

Amber is a diplomat’s daughter and moved many times when s h e wa s yo u n g e r. Now she wants to travel and document other diplomats’ kids’ experiences. This dress is fun and fierce, perfect for looking g r e a t e f fo r t l e s s l y while traveling.

DENI Chiffon Jersey Music-Note Blouse t h i c k j e r s e y, 1 0 0 % s i l k c h i f f o n , b r a s s plated music note charm, thread

For a couple years Deni pursued a professional music career, performing and singing on stage and in clubs. This glamorous but every-day blouse can remind her of the joy and power she felt while performing, even when she’s not on stage.


Triple Goddess Eyeglass Case metallic lamĂŠ, metallic pleather, leather gold buttons, gold beads, thread

Tina’s favorite part of her body is a triple goddess tattoo, representing her and her sisters. This eyeglass case continues that trio theme. It relates to the power she feels in accomplishment and getting things done towards a mission in which she believes.

ERIC Shoe Lace To p p e r s l e a t h e r, e m b r o i d e r y f l o s s , m e t a l s h o e l a c e t i p s, g r o m m e t s

In graduate school for Urban Affairs, Eric is looking towards his future, sorting out how to make a real difference for New York City. He’s worried about getting distracted; these shoe lace toppers act as a point of focus within the commotion of daily life.

KATIE Duality Blazer Ve s t ; c h a m b r a y, cotton, thread, metal eyehook closures

This soft blazervest reflects Katie’s style, balancing masculine and feminine in everything she does. When she decided to cut her hair and dress the way she really wanted, she saw how putting her real self out there gave people around her permission to be outrageous and self-expressed too.

SCOTT P o w e r C u f f l i n k s gold chenille,gold cotton,gold thread,covered button hardware, soldered gold-plated cufflink hardware

Scott feels powerful in giving back and being in communication. Money is also an area he feels power around, including coaching others around money.

HALLIE Bold Professor Blouse coral chiffon, black and white patterned piquĂŠ

Hallie is studying to be a Modern Art History Professor. She wants her students to see her as bold, confident, accessible, someone

who creates great discussions. She wants to take risks, be more brave, make things happen in this fun a n d b o l d b l o u s e.

MALLORY Minimalist Halter Dress heavy-weight cotton twill, brocade appliqués, gold-plated c l o s u r e h a r d w a r e, t h r e a d

Mallory’s style is influenced by her grandmother who was a powerful, revolutionary woman. Mallory wants to produce films telling stories that may not get told otherwise. This glamorous but unassuming dress reflects her grandmother’s style and allows the incredible stories she tells to take center stage.

Project by Aliya Bonar & Lindsey McCord Aliya Bonar Art Director Lindsey McCord Graphic Design, Stylist Sami Diaz Receptionist J o e Fe n s t e r m a k e r Documentarian Megan Marks Marketing Assistant

I n s t a l l a t i o n Te a m


Lauren Bennett, Jeff Bonar, Jackson Cook, Sami Diaz, Ander Mikalson, Alex Nathanson, Eric Petersen, Meng-Hsuan Wu

Cover Photo by Simone Lueck. PowerSuit logo and graphics by Lindsey McCord. PowerSuit photos by Aliya Bonar. End Page photo by Alan Neuhauser. Back Cover photos by Joe Fenstermaker.


Te a m


Jo Q. Nelson, Kelly R. Saxton

w w w. p o w e r s u i t s. o r g Š Aliya Bonar, PowerSuits Inc., 2013

PowerSuit Boutique F2013 Lookbook  

For NYC Fall Fashion Week 2013 PowerSuit Boutique offered one-on-one consultations about power, confidence, ambitions and your unique style....

PowerSuit Boutique F2013 Lookbook  

For NYC Fall Fashion Week 2013 PowerSuit Boutique offered one-on-one consultations about power, confidence, ambitions and your unique style....