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What causes migratory stress?

Migration & Wellness

What was left behind Family & loved ones Native language Native culture Home country Higher social rank Social/ethnic group Physical integrity

Changes that lie ahead New relationships Learning new languages Dealing w. culture shock Hotter or colder climates Changes in social status Facing racism or discrimination New health risks

Migratory stress, also known as migratory grief or mourning, occurs when the changes brought on by migration cannot be overcome. This includes ‣ Changes that occur before, during, and after migrating such as any reoccurring medical issues and underlying social circumstances. ‣ Distress that affects both the migrant and any loved ones they may have left behind. What causes stress? Stress is a natural response that our body develops when we are forced to adapt to these new situations. Too much can become problematic when it occurs to the point that it interferes with our ability to fully adapt to the new changes. Migration can been seen as a series of losses & changes Migratory mourning is a stress of multiple causes and reasons that includes both the grieving of what was lost paired with the effort to adapt to the new change.

What you can do ‣ Learn about the causes of distress ‣ Talk with your family and community about migratory mourning ‣ Visit your local Morale & Wellness Community Center to check out more on the Migration & Wellness series (or visit us on the web at

Migration & Wellness Recovery is never easy, but with the right resources & support, it is a challenge that can be overcome.

What causes migratory stress?  
What causes migratory stress?