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Event: Björn Borg fashion show Installation: Walk-through screen on the stage Customer: Björn Borg FogScreen, Inc. AV Rental Partners - Multivision and Sky Reklam joined forces and worked together to create this impressive six meter wide installation in the middle of a dark stage. It was created with six linkable FogScreen® One projection screens, attached together, to make one large screen. The content on the screen was the Bjorn Borg logo on a bright red background.

The FogScreen, Inc. AV Partner Program has demonstrated its effectiviness with this project, where two partners combined resources to create this massive installation. Using FogScreen One projection screens we were able to link Multivision and Sky Reklam screens together to form one large screen. It looked amazing - and the customer’s expectations were completely satisfied!” Jean-Baptiste Ghigny Multivision Screens sprl

a JKR production

FogScreen, Inc. (1846488-2), Tammasaarenkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland US Patent 6,819,487, other international patents registered or pending tel. +358 20 7118 610, fax. +358 20 7118 611,


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