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Be better informed by using these smart meters!

Electricity is a very important commodity that has been invented by humankind and it serves so many purposes, that without it we cannot think of survival. With the increasing population and their non-ending needs, the issue of electricity getting expensive is very common around globe. The powering stations and concepts of generation of electricity are limited and so are the amounts that can be generated in a particular day. For measuring the electricity consumption of every household, electronic meters are very commonly installed. Smart meters are associated with giving you a better experience when it comes to quality meter reading. As compared to conventional meters, this digital meter has various levels to show your electricity consumption ranging from green indicators for less measurement to red that shows high consumption by sources. It has two display functions one that shows the today readings which shows the current readings, for consumption of the current day while the other display function is of now. There are various other display functions involved with these Smart meters that show the History readings along with signal strength, current date and time for better visualisation for the person installing this Smart meter. These Smart meters have been created with recent innovative technologies to minimise your electricity bills. They are government accredited and they provide you very easy to install equipment, it takes hardly 4 – 5 minutes for the installation and it is easy to self-install the Smart meter, while installing, it does not require any electrician and neither does it have conventional approaches of drilling and clamping involved with it. Thus, these meters are tested to VEET standards; it can let you cut around 5% to 50% of your energy bills. These Smart meters are available throughout Victoria and it gives you plenty of display options to choose from, the display options are available according to

needs. These smart meters can be installed with any pre existing meters that you have within seconds with a red pulsating LED display. By using these meters, families can avail benefits of cost cutting as well as understanding the various wastage ports of the energy and thus they can cut down on those equipments. Moreover, solar panel users can also benefit from these meters as they provide considerable knowledge of current prices that should be charged for the usage, this way helping households to get rid of any extra payments involved along with the credit the family should get from the electricity provider. Know more at

Smart meters 24 sep 2013  

Electronic meters when installed in your homes give you the choice of being informed about your electricity consumption, before hand and thi...

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