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This is a snapshot of my work, with excerpts from some of the hundreds of pieces I’ve written over the last 20 years as a professional content creator.

I’ve worked with international newspapers and magazines, advertising agencies, media conglomerates, websites, local companies and individual clients, producing copy that’s perfectly tailored to the audience. Plus, I’m a professional editor and proof reader, so you’re always assured content that reads superbly!

Here are the types of content I create – but if you have something else in mind, I’m happy to oblige. Being a writer is all about being able to adapt one’s style to the client’s audience... News journalism Advertising copy Features Editorial Profiles Scripts Events Blogs







Dean of St Paul’s

PEOPLE Prof McCormack

SPEAKING to SYRIO The full text of this piece was posted to Twitter. In one day it was retweeted over 6000 times!

It’s a long road from London to King’s Landing. Especially when life began in an Eastbourne chippy. But then, don’t all good Cypriot stories originate in the family fish and chip shop? And that’s how Miltos Yerolemou started out: serving behind the counter, dreaming dreams of another plaice entirely... Known globally for his portrayal of Syrio Forel, the master swordsman in HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, Miltos is probably amongst the most recognisable actors in the world. So it’s a complete coup for Cyprus Comic Con to have secured his presence at their second annual convention. But then Miltos has a strong affinity for the island and its people and returns, he reveals “as often as I can. I spent a great deal of my childhood on the island; my family is here, and despite my nomadic upbringing – I feel

Cypriot in the UK, but British when I’m here – it really is home.” Both delightful and enigmatic, Miltos is a master of charm, his rambling repartee and self-deprecation designed, one feels, to deflect from the fact that his is an incisive intellect. And while this bubbly façade reminds one of a glass of sparkling wine, look a little deeper and you’ll discover what you’ve actually got is a flute of the finest champagne: complex, refined and challenging. His lines may appear throwaway, but this is a man whose emotional capabilities have been fine-tuned by a profession that thrives on the carefullymaintained persona. And though there are clearly worlds upon worlds beneath the surface that we will never see, Miltos is impossible not to like...

PLACES four_seasons_portrait_issue_25

CHILDREN of the THIRD CULTURE This first appeared as a LinkedIn post, picking up more than 1000 views in one week!

You know you’re a TCK if filing a ‘permanent address’ fills you with anxiety. If you flew before you could walk. And if you can curse convincingly in at least three languages. But personally, I know I’m a TCK because I dread meeting new people. Not that I’m terribly shy, or even antisocial (unless the latest Alexander McCall Smith is out, or there’s a Game of Thrones marathon on TV). But because, sooner or later, I know I’ll be asked that dreaded question throws every TCK into a paroxysm of stumbling inanity: “Where are you from?”


LEGION RUN ‘Tanks filled with ice. Long, tight underground tunnels. An ever-tightening net. And giant walls that few can climb alone...’ It may sound like the latest torture methods to come out of Guantanamo, or a particularly cruel bout of marine training, but it’s not. It’s a huge obstacle course, packed with barriers designed to challenge the mental and the physical. And it’s something people do for fun, by choice, to prove to themselves they’ve got what it takes and then some. Rough, tough and muddy, a test of self with more hazards than a Hollywood action film, this is The Legion Run. And it’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s not just about the writing! Here’s one of my photos on the front page of the Sunday Mail

A Winter Wonderland step-into-a-winter-wonderland

It was the coldest night of the year; the phrase ‘four-degrees’ was being bandied about by my thermometer-owning partner in crime, and the only thing persuading us to leave the house – other than my editor’s threats - was the faint promise of a carousel ride. So, reluctantly, we switched the car heater to ‘high’ and took ourselves up the road to find out about Nicosia’s very own seasonal fairground, the ‘Christmas Fairyland’...


COMICCON This piece was picked up on Facebook, receiving likes in the THOUSANDS! 05/steve-mccurry-on-landscapes From the sweeping seas that surround the Philippines to the grasslands of India (where a boy leans, reading, against an elephant, caught in the act of turning a page); from the child snapped mid-flight as he leaps down a brightly painted alley, to the women huddled against a bitter dust storm – scarlet saris a colourful counterpoint to the monochromatic wasteland – McCurry imbues each of his landscapes with a very human element.



This is an excerpt from a blog piece written in response to the refugee crisis. It triggered hundreds of emails...

At no point have I ever sat back and said “I feel strongly about this, and someone should do something”. That someone is me! It’s my job to right a wrong, to educate, to inform, to inspire. Remember this: change starts at home. So go forth and inspire, help, motivate, educate and inform. There’s always something you can do to help. The real question isn’t why our authorities aren’t stepping up. It’s why we aren’t...

An experienced Feng Shui Consultant can read the plan of the house like a palm reader reads your palm,” says Gilly McKay, professional Feng Shui consultant. “It’s like acupuncture for the home. A consultant will work towards changing the energy patterns of your home in order to improve your confidence, clarity of thought, creativity, health, relationships and prosperity. It’s all about supporting the ‘feel good factor’ in your life.”

Originally published for Aphrodite Hills

Cancel the paper. Stop the milk. And tell your nearest and dearest how much you love them (or, if you’ve truly no fear, let them know about that dodgy weekend in Mykonos). Because the world has ended. Possibly... It’s Wednesday September 23 and, as my fingers flutter at the keys, I’ve got one ear cocked for the last trump. Today, depending on your point of view, we’re either in for the Apocalypse, the Rapture or the Aliens...….

Originally published in The Sunday Mail

Tuesday is long, thin and a smooth ice blue. My sister is acid yellow and spiked all over. And the number nine is scarlet velvet, just like Ravel’s Bolero. Now before, you set the social media police on me (or start searching for photos of my family under ‘weird and wonderful diseases’), I should probably let you into a secret: I have synaesthesia. Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse

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Alix Norman


THANKS FOR LOOKING! See you again soon...

Originally published in Azure magazine

Originally published in the Sunday Mail


WELCOME TO MY PORTFOLIO! This is a snapshot of my work, with excerpts from some of the hundreds of pieces I’ve written over the last 20 year...

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