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ALIX NORMAN WRITER • EDITOR I’m a Cambridge-educated, Oxford-born writer and editor, with more than 20 years’ experience working both nationally and internationally.

An expert in brand journalism and marketing copy for the luxury demographic, I create added-value for my clients: sourcing, crafting and delivering fresh, flawless content which targets, engages and grows print and online audiences across sectors including finance, technology, hospitality, retail, and real estate. I’m also commissioned for my skills in videography, onscreen presentation, voice over, and marketing; you’ll find samples of this work included here. An incredibly quick learner, I have the ability to instantly assimilate information, connect effortlessly, and deliver precise, concise, creative content in a tone and style perfectly adapted to audience. And as the owner of my own writing and editing company, I’m at ease working both independently or as part of a team, trusted implicitly to deliver excellent content – always to deadline. Of course it’s not all work! In my spare time, I ski, sail and windsurf, play the piano, sew and sell my creations, and act in the theatre. And in between, you’ll find me teaching myself new skills (affiliate marketing, magazine layout, and website design to name a few). For me, it’s always about mastering the challenge!

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8 PRESENTATION Showcasing DIGITAL TREE’s multimedia offerings

9 MARKETING COPY Exploring cryptocurrency with INBUSINESS readers

10 PRESENTATION Script-writing and video presentation for tech giant NETINFO

11 INFOGRAPHIC SERIES Informing SIGMALIVE’s online audience about the elections

12 PRESS RELEASE Celebrating iSPIRAL’s award-winning REGTECH Solution


13 WEBSITE Promoting NEXUS’ ELITE’s luxury real estate services

14 FEATURES, BLOGS & POSTS 16 SPORTS FEATURE Discovering an underwater paradise for the LIMASSOL TOURISM BOARD

18 FEATURE Inviting CYPRUS AIRWAYS’ travellers to enjoy a unique destination wedding



19 SPORTS WRITING Driving Dakar with the ORPHEAS GROUP’s CEO

20 FEATURE Discovering Limassol’s artisans for the FOUR SEASONS


21 BLOG POST Introducing the AMAVI RESORT’s Michelin-starred chef

22 OPINION Discussing social media in the CYPRUS MAIL

23 SOCIAL MEDIA Promoting the AMAVI on Facebook & Instagram


24 COPY WRITING 26 BRAND COPY Showcasing GRAFF DIAMONDS’ latest line

28 CORPORATE BROCHURE Presenting ARGYRIDES’ corporate gift selection

29 SALES BROCHURE Conveying the DREAM TOWER vision

30 IN-HOUSE CONTENT Welcoming guests to the OLYMPIC LAGOON


31 ADVERTORIAL Advertising the unique luxury of LIMASSOL MARINA

32 EMAIL MARKETING Familiarising T&T with the ST ELIAS RESORT

33 SPONSORED CONTENT Promoting PRINCESS YACHTS’ latest foray into maritime excellence


34 CONTACTS Let’s keep in touch!


B U S I N E S S TECH & FINANCE Business, Tech and Finance writing focuses on the facts, clarifying complex concepts while engaging and growing the readership. This type of content requires the writer to sell a product or service, creating added value for the client while promoting brand awareness


BUSINESS PROFILE / MARINA MAGAZINE This in-depth business profile emphasises the island’s business offerings, underlining Limassol’s contribution. Unlike the usual, dry expositions, this piece includes an interview with a headquartering expert, who presents multi -nationals with an engaging, personalised snapshot of Cyprus’ unrivalled work/life balance

So often, Cyprus is epitomised by sun, sea and sand. But this is a place that’s so much more than golden beaches and 340 days of sunshine per year. While the country has always been rich in terms of its natural resources, (even its name is derived from the ancient word for copper), it’s the ideal location, hospitable people and singular work/life balance which now make this one of the most desirable business destinations in the world. “There are just so many benefits to living and working in Cyprus. It’s safe, there’s a high quality of life, and it’s perfectly located for business people from diverse nations to come together and cooperate,” reveals Kristina Ernst, co-founder and director of CountryProfiler, an international company which publishes the annual Cyprus Country Report. Working closely with the island’s ministries, government agencies, associations and leading companies, she provides essential insights for companies interested in doing business or investing in Cyprus. “Living in Cyprus, you benefit from a singular work/life balance,” she explains. “The island delivers an entirely unique combination of factors, blending an excellent climate with the seaside lifestyle that’s so attractive to those of us from colder countries! Where else could in the world could you drive five minutes to work, break for lunch by the sea, and still have hours of leisure time?”

Cyprus may have had its fair share of turmoil over the years but it’s emerged ever stronger as a result. Today, company structuring, tax planning, fund management & administration, FOREX, and trusts are all well -established business sectors

Classified by the World Bank as a high-income country, and consistently ranking amongst the top five eurozone performers, Cyprus may have had its fair share of turmoil over the years but it’s emerged ever stronger as a result. Today, company structuring, tax planning, fund management and administration, foreign exchange trading, and trusts are all strongly established segments of the island’s business sector, due to Cyprus’ attractive fiscal regime, network of double tax treaties with over 60 countries around the world, and a legal system based on English Common Law. At the same time, the Cyprus Investment Programme – in which non-Cypriot citizens may apply for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship – is attracting unprecedented direct foreign investment, while both the maritime sector (boasting one of the top merchant fleets in the world) and the real estate industry (Cyprus has one of the highest rates in Europe of holiday home owners) are booming.

“When I first came to the island, the main focus was on Cyprus as a business and financial centre,” explains Kristina. “This focus has remained but, over the years, we’ve seen diversification. There’s been huge growth across sectors such as higher education” – in the last 15 years, the number of foreign students has increased from about 400 to 21 000 – “while the tourist industry has expanded to include off-peak, wellness, sports, religious and wedding tourism” – which last sees over 8000 destination weddings per year! – “and has brought in record revenue and numbers.” Many of these visitors hail from the UK, long a key trading partner, while Chinese investment in the real estate market is growing annually. Then there’s Russia, the island’s second largest tourist market, which enjoys a shared cultural heritage: Limassol is home to more than 10 000 permanent residents from the country and boasts a thriving community complete with its own Russian newspapers, radio stations, and schools. Limassol and Paphos account for around 70 per cent of foreign transactions, Kristina suggests. But, as a thriving business centre and international shipping hub, it’s the former, she acknowledges, which is experiencing the most dramatic expansion. “Both a business and tourist centre, Limassol is a city on the rise. There’s been an increase in foreign investment, particularly in the tourism sector, and an influx of companies from across the world. And this has led to a demand for high-end property, office space, and auxiliary business services.” Limassol’s multi-billion integrated luxury casino resort (Europe’s largest casino complex) is set to open in 2021, and “will boost year-round tourism by an estimated 300,000 visitors per year,” Kristina divulges. “It’s also set to boost conference tourism by providing a venue for larger gatherings in Limassol: although the city already has a good supply of hotels, this much larger venue is ideal.”

What we’re seeing now is diversification: a massive influx of foreign investment into higher education, offpeak tourism, luxury real estate, conference tourism, auxiliary business services, energy, and headquartering

Meanwhile, the Limassol Marina, which offers berthing for 650 yachts and superyachts and a host of luxury property developments, has breathed new life into the local economy. Add to this a number of luxury golf course projects, and continuing improvements to the island’s already successful health and wellness industry, and you have a nation experiencing unprecedented growth. While Kristina pinpoints Energy (recently discovered gas reserves have led to cooperation with industry giants such as Total, ExxonMobil, ENI, and Royal Dutch Shell) and Investment Funds (Cyprus’ Assets under Management have tripled since 2012 and passed the €6 billion mark at the end of 2018) as two key growth sectors, she also highlights the island’s potential as a headquartering destination. “Cyprus is already a hub for international business and shipping, and the same could develop for companies servicing the oil and gas sector operating in the Eastern Mediterranean region. And with recently introduced incentives for expatriates and high-net-worth individuals, there has been even more interest from international companies across all sectors to base themselves on the island.” With one of the fastest growing economies in the EU, a healthy GDP growth of approximately four per cent and interest from foreign investors increasing year-on-year, “the island continues to attract both international business and affluent individuals seeking an ideal Mediterranean lifestyle. This really is,” she smiles, “an island which makes doing business pleasurable as well as profitable.”


TRANSLATION, EDITING, EXCERPT / SALES PRESENTATION This excerpt from a sales presentation for multimedia conglomerate Digital Tree details the company’s written and audiovisual content. The material was translated and edited to appeal to the global, English-speaking market

Digital Tree e-Publishers is the largest online group of its kind in Cyprus. Since 2014, the group has seen its targeted steps produce steady development and continuous evolution within the mass media sector.

Our efforts have been welcomed and applauded by the public, as confirmed by our 20,000,000-plus page views per month. However, Digital Tree has not been resting on its laurels; on the contrary, the group is extending its portfolio and reinforcing its collaborations.

With page views of up to 15 million, is the number one website in Cyprus. Delivering comprehensive coverage of all sporting events on the island, the site provides constant updates, with live transmission of events through both reportage and audio-visual material. Our respect for the thousands of readers who trust us, and the dedication of our whole journalistic team, have ensured the site retains the number one spot. is your complete website for automotive expertise, boasting a dedicated team of knowledgeable, highly experienced Cypriot motoring journalists. Our team constantly research the trends, provide up-to-the-minute information, and even test-drive the newest models to arrive on the island. Covering everything from automotive news to opinion pieces, competitions in Cyprus and abroad, the site also includes StartYourEngines, the unique online car show.

Impossible.Works brings information on issues of entrepreneurship, innovation, and economy to life, presenting foreign trends and highlighting the uniqueness of the Cyprus business ecosystem. Alternative entrepreneurship practices, traditional forms of economy, innovative methods of thinking, and government policies coexist on the site that makes the impossible work.

Offsite is a multi-portal news site which operates on the principle of providing the reader with comprehensive, objective, immediate and in-depth information. The website’s dedicated editorial team and expert columnists deliver news, analysis, commentary and research on issues related to politics, economy, local issues, international developments, technology, sport, and lifestyle.

Explore the world of gastronomy from your own kitchen! Kitchen Island presents delicious, practical, easy-to-use, exciting videos which allow the viewer to experience both local and global flavours while discovering new products and enjoying original recipes. With Kitchen Island, you’ll never have to wonder what to cook again!

Avant-Garde presents a cutting-edge world packed with fascinating stories and interesting people; a world of bread and circuses! The site gives an overview of global goings-on, offering in-depth reportage on fresh faces, fascinating interviews, interesting events, and gorgeous locations.

MARKETING COPY, EXCERPT / GOLD NEWS This excerpt from a marketing article clarifies a subject which confuses many. The purpose of the text was threefold: the wealth of cryptocurrency data was made accessible, the risks were elucidated, and the brand’s solutions highlighted

Cryptocurrency. At its heart, it’s about privacy: about being able to move, store, and exchange value with complete confidentiality. It’s a new world of opportunity, a decentralised digital cash system with endless possibilities.... But, it’s also incredibly high-risk, associated with a myriad of hazards, and rife with scams. Each year, billions in hard-earned capital in the form of cryptocurrency is stolen – disappearing into the ether and rendered utterly untraceable. At the same time, the high risk practices associated with cryptocurrency transactions place thousands of companies at severe risk of non-compliance with the ever-growing list of AML regulations. Of course, as the FinTech and cryptocurrency sectors continue to flourish, so do the instances of moneylaundering and its associated criminal activities, including the financing of terrorism... And for those without a stringent system of checks and balances in place, cryptocurrency quickly becomes a minefield that’s almost guaranteed to explode! It’s not, however, all bad news. As cryptocurrency burgeons, so do the technological solutions which protect oneself, one’s organisation and transactions against such widereaching financial crime: solutions which not only mitigate every possible risk but also allow complete compliance with the ever-changing KYC and AML regulations. A SHIELD AGAINST FINANCIAL CRIME Cryptocurrency is an ideal medium for money launderers wishing to transfer unlimited finds and bypass traditional examination. But, while companies have both a moral and legal obligation to thoroughly vet all transactions and clients, using traditional, manual methods has proven an impossibility in terms of time and effort. The need here is for automated, integrated, and holistic KYC and AML Solutions: solutions which provide an impenetrable

shield against the many financial crimes associated with cryptocurrency. With such Solutions, there’s no delay, no room for human error or misinformation: it’s by far the most efficient method of gathering the masses of data required to protect both one’s organisation against ever-increasing money-laundering activities and the never-ending regulatory strictures. COMPLETE PROTECTION Providing your organisation with complete compliance, and protecting fully against the hazards of dealing in cryptocurrency, iSPIRAL’s 3 innovative, effective, and multifunctional automated KYC/AML Solutions are unrivalled in their ability. Delivering a comprehensive approach to KYC & AML, these Complete Solutions are: • A software as a Service KYC Web Platform • iKYC API Platform: A Software as a Service API Platform • Premium AML & KYC Compliance Solution Effortlessly managing all requirements (no matter the size, scope, or unique requests of the organisation or the scope of the cryptocurrency transactions with which it must deal), these 3 dynamic Solutions solve a myriad of issues. From their seamless, automated onboarding procedures (which ensure that any organisation eliminates fraudulent activities and complies fully with the core principles and mandates of regulatory bodies across the globe), to the many radical AML applications which utilise the latest in Risk Model Methodology, iSPIRAL’s Solutions deliver unmatched data management and protection. The implementation of Negative List Search, eIDV, and eDV during Due Diligence, the ongoing provision of snapshots of customer profiles, and a host of other processes ensure comprehensive and effortless compliance and fraud detection. All of which ensure that your organisation is completely protected against the many hazards and scams which inhabit this brave new world that is cryptocurrency.


SCRIPT WRITING & PRESENTING / CORPORATE SALES VIDEO This audiovisual presentation for financial solution provider NETInfo was designed to target global banking institutions. The three scripts were presented in cooperation with MediaBox , and cover the provider’s business offerings





INFOGRAPHICS, ELECTION SERIES / TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ONLINE As Editor in Chief of SigmaLive English, the brief was to engage and grow the international audience. This infographic series covered the parliamentary elections, ensuring the salient facts were instantly accessible to English-speaking readers


PRESS RELEASE / INBUSINESS MAGAZINE This press release outlines the achievements of Cyprus’ leading software provider. One of a series of articles covering subjects such as AML, KYC, GRC, and GDPR, the piece targets professional service providers and highlights iSPIRAL's unparalleled expertise in RegTech


iSPIRAL is proud to have been named one of Europe’s ‘Top 10 RegTech Solution Providers’ by Banking CIO Outlook magazine. This annual listing highlights the 10 companies at the forefront of solution provision and the transformation of businesses through compliance management. Those providers included in the list are subjected to a detailed assessment and evaluation process within the RegTech environment, and must demonstrate remarkable and innovative Regulatory Technology products.

BANKING CIO OUTLOOK Read around the world, Banking CIO Outlook is an established print and online magazine which delivers value-added information on technology advancements and developments. Offering advice from industry experts and leaders, the publication guides organisations towards “adopting the best in technology to assist in providing seamless and convenient solutions for an enhanced customer experience”, and ensures companies the world over are informed of services and solutions which aid their day-to-day compliance obligations.

iSPIRAL REGTEK PLATFORM Inclusion in the list of ‘Top 10 RegTech Solution Providers’ validates iSPIRAL’s position as an industry leader. Offering holistic solutions which comprehensively address compliance issues, iSPIRAL provides a wealth of valuable RegTech tools for organisations within the Financial Sector.

Inclusion in the list of ‘Top 10 RegTech Solution Providers’ validates iSPIRAL’s position as a banking industry leader

Amongst these is the iSPIRAL RegTek Platform, an end-to-end KYC, AML & Fraud Solution, which delivers tools to minimise risk exposure and help in the fight against money laundering and fraud. Designed to be used in any country around the world, this global Solution incorporates multiple regulatory body requirements in major jurisdictions, and accommodates sectors including Forex Brokers, Investment Firms, ICOs, Gaming and Gambling, electronic Money Institutions, Insurance Firms, Banks, Auditors, Fiduciaries and Lawyers.

UNPARALLELED EXPERTISE “We are extremely proud to have been acknowledged as one of Europe’s Top 10 RegTech Solution Providers,” says Tassos Ttiniozou, iSPIRAL’s Executive Director. “This recognition confirms iSPIRAL’s in-depth understanding of the complex Compliance and Risk Management issues faced by financial institutions, and is a credit both to the unparalleled expertise of our team and the excellence of our Solutions.”


COMPLETE WEBSITE COPY, EXCERPT / ONLINE This brand copy targets the luxury real estate investor, detailing the rewards of consolidating a property portfolio with Nexus Elite. Unlike the usual dry real estate copy, this c arefully crafted text uses personalisation and positive connotation to convince the investor of the brand’s excellence

Welcome to Nexus Elite, your trusted partner in luxury real estate in Cyprus.

Here at Nexus Elite, we possess the unequalled understanding of luxury real estate investment which allows our exclusive clientele to effortlessly buy, sell, rent, and manage their properties.

Delivering a wealth of international experience, rich local knowledge, and faultless service, we offer our clients the seamless real estate experience they merit.

Working from our flagship offices in Larnaca, our team of professionally-trained agents are experts in the field of luxury real estate investment. If you’re looking to invest in high-end property and the accompanying benefits of the Permanent Residency Programme of the Cyprus Investment Programme, or require a company which manages every facet of your short-term rental, you need Nexus Elite.

With us, you’re assured of the warmth of personal service coupled with complete professionalism: a bespoke service which puts our Excellence, Experience, and Integrity to work for you.

Investing in your future The gateway to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, Cyprus is an EU and eurozone member with a flourishing economy.

Classified by the World Bank as a high-income country, the island is rich in its rewards: not only is this a Mediterranean paradise, it’s also the business hub of the region with unparalleled infrastructure and services.

Providing the perfect work-life balance, Cyprus boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, along with a rich history and a unique culture. But it’s the attractive fiscal regime and network of double tax treaties which are the real key: as a centre for tax planning, foreign exchange trading, trusts, and fund management, the island is attracting record foreign investment.


F E A T U R E S BLOGS & POSTS Features, blogs and posts allow the writer to capitalise on creativity, crafting text which entertains, informs and persuades. From long -form content to elegantly curated snapshots, these 3 styles of text engage and inspire the reader, highlight the brand, and maximise page views


SPORTS FEATURE / PORTRAIT MAGAZINE Written for the luxury tourism demographic, this 5-page feature describes the attractions of diving in Cyprus. The piece included in-depth interviews with local marine experts and exquisite dive photography

Artificial reefs, spectacular wrecks, and a host of submarine marvels make the island of Cyprus a true paradise for divers. THE BIG BLUE On land, Limassol is a cosmopolitan hive of activity: a place where cultures meet, business is enacted, and – at the end of each day – recreation reigns supreme. But under water, it’s a different world: just off the coast lies a serene dreamscape of everything any diver – novice or expert – could ask for. Two purpose-sunk ships are the highlight: artificial reefs which boast a myriad of multi-coloured marine life, mysterious and marvellous in their submarine quietude... While quaint sea caves, ancient amphorae, and a teeming fish reserve all contribute to the incredible dive experience off Limassol, it’s these two wrecks which most draw divers’ fascination. At a depth of 18m, the Lady Thetis was once a cruise ship, built in West Germany in 1953. Close by, at a depth of 24m, lies her cousin the Constandis, a Russian trawler constructed in the late eighties. But for the past three years, both have been resting peacefully on the seafloor, mere metres off the coast of Dasoudi. Together, the two comprise Limassol’s main artificial reef, providing aquatic sanctuary not just for the myriad of marine life, but also for underwater enthusiasts looking to explore the deep. Brought to Cyprus by the Cyprus Dive Centres Association and the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research in cooperation with the municipalities of the region, and funded in part by the European Union, the two wrecks are, in the words of master diver and professional instructor, Jonathan Wilson, “exciting, accessible, fascinating, and unique; a great introduction to wreck diving! “Both wrecks are in a Marine Protected Area: no fishing or boats other than dive vessels are allowed, and since the sinking, we’ve seen such a difference to diving here in Limassol. Not only has it provided better dive sites for qualified divers, it’s created a marine habitat without compare. Today, the area is teeming: colonised by everything from damsel fish to sea bream, trumpet to parrot fish, it’s a haven for marine life.”

Economically speaking, the recent developments have been highly successful. While the Larnaca-based Zenobia brings roughly 22 million euros into the local economy each year, Limassol’s many ongoing underwater projects are poised for similar financial returns. Current developments – the wrecks, artificial reefs, and sea caves – are already proving a huge draw for visitors, and with a total of 3.5 million divers across Europe spending an average of 1.4 billion euros each year, the town is set for a submarine boom. Manager of the Limassol Tourism Board, Maria Stylianou Michaelidou, is extremely positive about the effects of the ongoing developments on the local economy. “The Zenobia sees 120 000 divers annually, and these are people who are often looking for more than one dive site. So with the Limassol projects, we’re upgrading that experience whilst attracting new divers. Like golfing tourism, every destination needs more than one site – and that’s what we’re providing.”

UNCHARTED WATERS Upcoming projects also figure largely in the town’s plans. “We’ve already created wine routes and church routes in the region, so underwater routes are the next logical step,” Maria explains. “One will be created at Dasoudi near the wrecks, another will take in the ancient port off Amathus.” An extension of the archaeological site, this route is set for expert cleaning and clearing, and will be open to divers within the next 36 months, with signage detailing the flora and fauna.

Moray eel, turtles, and octopuses (with a penchant for making a home inside pots!) all populate the two wrecks and the artificial reef of amphorae between the two vessels. There’s even a well-known grouper, who’s so friendly, Jonathan reveals, that he’ll follow divers as they explore the engine rooms, deck cafés (still complete with tables and chairs!), and brig.

But the programme doesn’t end there. An underwater sculpture park is in the offing, artists competing for the creation of sculptures themed to the island’s rich history. And technology has recently allowed for the creation of a 3D dome which projects 360-degree films of Limassol’s aquatic marvels: an important educational tool for teaching a much-deserved respect of the sea and its precious variety of life.

“Ever-changing, developing, and growing, these artificial reefs are incredibly popular,” says Jonathan. “They’ve made such a difference to dive tourism: novices and professionals, young and old, CEOs and VIPs – the wrecks have helped us introduce over 12 000 people to diving, allowing them to discover the true escapism of the deep.”

“Diving has a catchphrase,” Jonathan concludes. “We talk about taking away memories and leaving behind nothing but bubbles. And as the oceans constitute 70 per cent of our planet, by developing this sustainable programme we’re not only creating incredible new experiences, we’re leaving a wonderful underwater legacy.”


FEATURE ARTICLE, EXCERPT / BREEZE MAGAZINE This excerpt from an article commissioned by Cyprus Airways promotes Cyprus as the ideal destination wedding location . Featuring the island’s rich scenic diversity and wealth of industry expertise, the 5-page feature highlights the perfect sites for a memorable ‘I do’ moment

Ktima Christoudia, Kato Drys Set atop a sunlit hill between the ancient villages of Kato Drys and Vavla, the Ktima Christoudia captures the very essence of the Mediterranean way of life. Here, the winery’s owners were themselves married: the first chapter in an ongoing love story which has since seen many a happy couple tie the knot. Open all year round, this uniquely beautiful venue consists of a spacious hall which holds up to 100 guests, while 300 can be accommodated in a summer ceremony on the flowered lawns. Catering is on-site, and the charming owners work closely with event planners to provide all the elements of a perfect day.

Lexeko Estate, Lythrodontas An enchanted garden ringed by silvered olive trees, the Lexeko Estate in the village of Lythrodontas is a specialised wedding venue designed to cater to your every need. The thousand-acre estate has been meticulously remodelled to provide fantastic facilities, including a rustic lounge area, manicured lawns, and a tranquil lake - complete with swans! Swathes of white linen, strings of fairy lights, and crystal chandeliers make this the perfect setting for your country chic wedding. Exclusively managed by The Event Co., the all-year round venue can cater to over 800 guests, delivering everything from fine dining to the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.


Paphos Mediaeval Castle For that everlasting commitment, what better location than a place which has stood the test of time? Wrapped in history, the Paphos Mediaeval Castle was originally constructed by the Lusignan dynasty in the 13th century; for a love that will last, there’s simply no better spot! While weddings no longer take place within the castle, the gloriously timeworn stone fort makes for a magnificent backdrop to your civil ceremony, and harbourside restaurants such as Poseidonas and Moorings offer a range of catering and reception services. Watch the sun set over the waves as you celebrate your new beginning!

SPORTS WRITING / CYPRUS MAIL This sports piece for the Cyprus Mail was prompted by a personal client, Roman Starikovich. The CEO of the Orpheas Group and an extreme sports enthusiast, Starikovich’s participation in the Dakar Rally aligned perfectly with the interests of the site’s sporting readership

In 2017, Autolife Cyprus competed in the Dakar Rally – the first Cyprus team to ever take part. Today, two years on, the same team is set to once more participate in the 2020 event, seeking to better their previous result. Driving a Desert Warrior by Rally Raid – a custom-fitted off-road car with the body of a Range Rover and a BMW engine – the Autolife team took 45th place in the 2017 Dakar Rally, a respectable result for the first from Cyprus ever to compete in the grueling race. Racing from Asunción to Buenos Aires through Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina, the 491 competitors of The Dakar 2017 raced their 316 vehicles a distance of 9,000km in the space of 12 days. It was the culmination of a dream for the Team Captain and driver, Russian-Cypriot businessman and founder of the Orpheas Group Roman Starikovich.

THE RALLY Originally called the Paris-Dakar Rally, the epic contest first began in 1978. In 2009 the race moved to South America to escape security threats in Mauritania. And in 2020, for the first time, the Dakar will take place in Saudi Arabia. Running from January 5 to 17, the race will see hundreds of teams – including Autolife, under the flag of Cyprus – racing from Jeddah on the western coast to the city of Al Qiddiya, 40km from the capital Riyadh. Teams will cross 9000km of blistering deserts and inhospitable mountain ranges in a quest to win one of the most prestigious motorsport events on the planet.

Inspired by his own off-road journeys round Australia and South Africa and by close friend Nasser Al-Attiyah, the three-time Dakar champion and world-renowned Qatari sportsman, Starikovich put together a team which included expert co-pilot Bert Heskes of the Netherlands and trainer Annie Seel from Sweden – the most famous female Dakar Rally driver – to take 45th place in a rally few participants manage to finish. THE CAR With the original vehicle donated to the Cyprus Motor Museum, the team have sourced a new car for the 2020 Rally. Called ‘Bumblebeast’ for its black and yellow livery, this Toyota Hilux Overdrive is largely custom-made by the Johannesburg-based racing company Overdrive Custom Bureau.

DAKAR was the culmination of a dream for Team Captain and driver, RussianCypriot businessman and founder of the Orpheas Group, Roman Starikovich “In my opinion The Dakar is the biggest challenge any man or woman in the world can face in our time of relative peace,” says Starikovich, who will be fielding a multi-national team that includes members from Cyprus, Russia, Greece, Latvia, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Already a veteran of the Dakar, Bumblebeast – previously owned by a Lithuanian competitor who took part in a number of previous Dakar Rallies – has been completely refurbished in readiness for the race, at a cost of almost half a million euros. Participation, however, costs almost twice this amount. Including indirect costs – logistics, crew members, participation fee etc – the entire budget for Team Autolife will be close to a million euros.

“This year marks another historic milestone for Cyprus autosport, and ‘Autolife Team: Starikovich-Heskes’ is back on track and set to compete in The Dakar 2020 with a new more powerful racing car, slightly reshuffled international team backing the piloting duo, and undoubtedly greater experience and expertise.”

For more information on the Autolife Team, visit, the Facebook page ‘Autolife Dakar’, or the Instagram account @Autolife_Dakar


FEATURE ARTICLE, EXCERPT / PORTRAIT MAGAZINE This excerpt from a 2000-word feature highlights Limassol’s artistic heritage. Targeted at the luxury travel demographic, the piece promotes a newly-launched tour of artisans’ workshops and endorses the city as a destination which delivers unique, unexpected experiences

Heirs to a legacy passed down through the centuries, Limassol’s talented craftsmen are the focus of a new, tailormade walk: a spell-binding voyage of discovery which transports the visitor to the very intersection of art and time.

For two millennia, the craftsmen of Limassol have wrought dreams: creating visions of artistic wonder from the very elements of the earth. Working with the pigments of the Nile valley, stone from the quarries of Kos, and the finest local copper, their creations – the richly-illuminated volumes, elegant ceramics, and opulent jewellery now displayed in museums around the world – have become an integral part of the island’s heritage. Today, Limassol remains a haven of creativity: here, in the very centre of this age-old city, contemporary craftsmen follow in the footsteps of generations past. Keeping tradition alive, their enchanted enclave exists at the crossroads of past and present... Behind faded walls and rough-hewn doors, down hidden byways and cobbled alleys, the magic continues: metal, earth and wood transformed into marvels. It’s a process which is truly miraculous and, with the recent launch of the Arts & Crafts Workshops Route Map, any visitor to this historic city can now take this wonderful WALK OF ART... More completely named the ‘Arts and Crafts Workshops Map/Guide to the Limassol Historical Centre’, the map prompts a self-guided walk through the centre of the old city, a hotspot of both traditional and contemporary crafts. Available at all tourist offices, as well as from the Four Seasons Hotel concierge, the map is “an amazing opportunity to discover the town’s skilled artisans,” explains Maria Stylianides of the Limassol Tourism Board, the organisation behind the initiative. “As a coastal city, we’ve been a confluence of cultures for thousands of years: a melting pot of civilisations and ideas.” This, she reveals, has informed the creation of the walk, allowing visitors from all over the world to meet – and learn from – the island’s craftsmen. Featuring no fewer than 28 local artisans, the potential route circles many a time-worn landmark in its meandering journey. But it’s the craftsmen themselves, and the wonders within their workshops, which are the true highlight: the paintings, glassware, accessories, furniture, jewellery, mosaics, and ceramics inspired by tradition.


SEO BLOG POST / ONLINE & CORPORATE NEWSLETTER This blog post for the 5-star Amavi highlights the expertise of the Resort’s Michelin-starred chef. It was also an opportunity to create added value for the brand: choice SEO keywords and integ rated hyperlinks highlight the Hotel’s facilities and drive readers to the Resort’s pages and posts

At the Made For Two Hotels-Amavi, it’s all about together time: relaxing and revelling in each other’s company on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Whether you’re lounging by the seafront Saffire pool, cocooning yourselves in comfort at the sumptuous Evera Spa and Wellness facilities, or simply delighting in another romantic Mediterranean sunset from the balcony of your private suite, every detail of this custom-made resort is flawlessly designed to create unique, couples only time. And that extends to the hotel’s gourmet fare: exquisite menus, each intricately crafted by the Hotel’s consultant chef, the Michelin-starred Theodor Falser!

A world-renowned culinary icon with a host of accolades to his name, Theodor has worked closely with the Amavi’s superb team of executive chefs to craft dishes so sublime and flavoursome that each mealtime promises a supreme celebration of the senses. Working only with the finest, freshest ingredients, and employing locally-grown produce, Theodore’s use of eclectic tastes and epicurean techniques delights even the most refined palate.

“My objective,” he discloses, “is to create the best culinary experience and everlasting memories for my guests. For me the only way is ‘Taste Nature’.” This idea is a theme Theodor has long ascribed to.

Throughout his distinguished career – which has taken him from his birthplace in South Tyrol to Switzerland, Dubai, Malaysia, and ultimately back to Italy where his unrivalled style of haute cuisine earned him his Michelin ranking – his menus have always reflected time-honoured techniques such as brine, fermentation, and specialised drying, as well as an innate passion for the natural, local, and seasonal. Theodor’s continued partnership with the Amavi has brought worldclass gastronomy to the region; his delectable, hand-crafted creations conferring the wow-factor to the cuisine of both the Immenso and Nocturne restaurants. “Our aim,” reveals Amavi General Manager, Gianluca Cugnetto, “was to collaborate with a hand-picked Michelinstarred chef who could give these two restaurants that wow-factor. The results – and the Half Board Premium dine-around concept that has been developed by our award-winning team of executive chefs and sommeliers – are unlike anything else on the island or beyond.” Here at the Amavi, you can literally enjoy the taste of heaven.

OPINION PIECE, EXCERPT / SUNDAY MAIL & ONLINE This opinion piece for Cyprus’ most widely-circulated English language newspaper was prompted by an in ternational survey of social media usage. Engaging and amusing, the 1000-word piece invited global readers to consider Cyprus’ unusual media statistics

WHAT does Cyprus have the most of? Mercedes drivers? University graduates? Stray cats? Well yes, probably all of the above. But what we’re about to be famous for is Facebook: a recent study by Limassol based design company FOUNDiiD, published by researcher and social psychologist Paul McEvoy, has revealed that Cyprus has the highest percentage of internet users on Facebook in the whole of Europe… Apparently 94 of every 100 of us online have a Facebook account: pretty much the whole island regularly posting, sharing and liking. And while this may not include dear old Granny in the village (unless she’s got a smartphone, she won’t count as an internet user), it’s still fairly phenomenal market penetration – and certainly the highest in Europe! So what on earth is it that we’re all looking at on the site day in and day out, and why does Cyprus, a tiny island of fewer than a million people, have such a penchant for the original social media site?

Speaking of pages, the island’s most-liked is well in line with our local mentality – you know we’re all about the food, right? Well our top two most-liked Facebook pages are McDonald's with 67,234,642 likes – how did this happen? There’s not even a million people on the whole island! – and Pizza Hut at 28,807,722. According to, we also enjoy sports (APOEL gets a huge thumbs up, with over 100 000 likes, closely followed by Omonia at just under 100 000), entertainment, finance and education.

The reasoning behind this “social media island” says McEvoy, is that we live in a small, close society. “In a smaller society people are much more aware of what others are doing and curious about others,” he suggests. Thus it’s places such as Gibraltar, Monaco and Iceland which top the list of global Facebook users – all countries with small, interlinked populations. And, quite possibly, places with high numbers of immigrants and emigrants, all trying to keep in touch with what’s going on back home – wherever that might be…

By comparison, the British are all about the footie (the Manchester United Facebook page tops the board with over 72 million likes); Australians are sweet-toothed (the Nutella page clocks in first at nearly 30 million likes – what price Vegemite now?); our cousins across the water enjoy being squeaky clean (Dove is by far the most-liked Facebook page in Greece, with almost four times as many thumbs up as its closest rival); and Americans enjoy entertainment, with Eminem rapping his way into first with over 90 million likes, followed by Rihanna with 81 million…

With 1800 million active users worldwide, Facebook boasts an audience far greater than that of other social media networks (if Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous in the world, well ahead of both India and China). No other social media platform comes close, from Instagram (600 million selfiesnappers) to Tumblr (550 million friendless bloggers), Twitter (317 million extroverts with ADHD), Pinterest (150 million American housewives), or LinkedIn (106 million ambitious professionals). But while there’s talk of late about Facebook saturation, and platforms such as Instagram are growing at a phenomenal rate, here in Cyprus, it’s still our go-to social site, with hundreds of new pages created every day.


Cyprus boasts the highest percentage of internet users on Facebook in Europe

Networking, business, discovering new ideas and groups, checking up on our kids, connecting and reconnecting – Facebook seems to be the one site Cypriots can’t do without: it may be considered a bit passé in other countries, but in this small island community, Facebook still tops the heap. Perhaps it’s our mentality: growing up here, everything we did was known to everyone almost instantly… chuck a brick through a window and your grandmother would know what, where, when and who long before you made it home! Do we all feel so comfortable with Facebook for just this reason: is it our modernday equivalent of the granny network, I wonder?

SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN, EXCERPT / INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER A professional writer must also be an expert in marketing. Here, an excerpt from one of many social media campaigns uses SEO to target the global tourism demographic, linking the Kanika Resorts’ gourmet fare to its luxury guest experience


C O P Y WRITING Copy writing exists at the intersection of writing and marketing. A delicate balance of information, persuasion and advertising, this type of writing requires a complete understanding of the current and potential market, and the ability to craft exquisite, convincing content


BRAND COPY WRITING / ONBOARD MAGAZINE Commissioned by jewellery multinational Graff, this copy targets high-net worth individuals with a love of luxury. The piece plays on the idea of modern-day royalty to highlight the brand’s newest line of diamond tiaras

Crowns are for kings. A true queen or princess wears a piece which is infinitely more eye-catching. A dazzling, jewelled adornment that’s a byword for contemporary royalty: THE DIAMOND TIARA. With the advent of the modern princess, the tiara has become, quite literally, a woman’s crowning glory. And nothing is as striking, as effortlessly elegant, as the unique creations of Laurence Graff, King of Diamonds. Renowned for the most unique pieces of jewellery in the world, Graff is involved in every stage of the jewellery-making process, from the sourcing of each stone to the cutting, polishing and setting of every jewel. Ensuring that each tiara is fit for a queen amongst women.



From its humble beginnings as a Persian head-dress to the Halo Scroll tiara worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at her wedding to the future King of England (who could forget the flawless sparkle of those 739 brilliant-cut and 149 baguette diamonds?), the tiara has transformed through history… It’s our fairy-tale in diamond form, the one embellishment which transforms any woman into a princess for the day, the night, or the event of the season.

Today, after more than five decades at the pinnacle of the luxury jewellery industry, Graff continues to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence. And, with the advent of the modern princess, the tiara has transformed into the height of elegance, the diamond Alice Band…

And today, its modern interpretation has been perfected in these sparkling statement tiaras, dazzling diamond Alice bands and transformable jewellery hair-adornments of Graff.

“Over the last five years we have recorded a significant increase in the demand for our ornate diamond tiaras from our global clientele,” explains Francois Graff, Chief Executive Officer at Graff Diamonds. “And our latest collection, which features a number of highly unique and contemporary designs, is an extension of this.”

Synonymous with the most fabulous jewels in the world, Graff Diamonds is said to have handled, throughout its rich history, more diamonds of rarity, magnitude and distinction than any other jeweller in the world. Long the crafter of tiaras for queens, princesses and the wives of heads of state, each of their pieces is conceived at Graff’s design atelier by a highly creative and experienced team; a study in unique design featuring rare diamonds and gemstones.

From the intricate floral motif comprising an outline of round diamonds tracing intertwined stems, delicate leaves and petals placed in a single or double platinum row, to the single row of 39 beautiful white diamonds, the Graff Alice Band is now the preferred adornment of those who understand gems and epitomise style. As are the transformable diamond jewellery pieces, which can be worn either on the dress or atop the hair, and set any coiffeur alight with their distinctive twinkle…


CORPORATE GIFT CATALOGUE / ONLINE & PRINT BROCHURE This copy was designed to entice and inform, apprising corporate clients of the wealth of quality gifts available during the holiday season. Succinct and inviting, the catalogue was published both online and in print, and distributed worldwide


The holiday season is here, bringing with it the joy of celebrating with clients and colleagues. Delivering the perfect statement of corporate sophistication, Argyrides Winery gifts always make an impact. Choose from beautifully boxed wines with ribbons and decorations, local produce, and a selection of quality gifts to delight your associates. Options range from two or three bottles of wine to aprons, branded openers, and premium drop stops, all presented in your choice of festive packaging.


Argyrides Black Box The Argyrides Black Box is crafted from high quality Kraft Card. Embossed with the Winery’s logo and secured with silk ribbons, each Box bears a gift card for your personal greeting. Select two bottles from the Argyrides White, Red or Limited collections. The price for the Argyrides Black Box is for wine only, starting from 2 Chardonnay 2017 at euro 22.70, to the luxury of 2 Limited Edition Viognier at euro 33.00. Both packaging and trimmings for the Argyrides Black Box are complimentary.

Argyrides Premium Festive


Filled with the temptations of the season, the Argyrides Premium Festive Gift Box has three compartments, grouping either 2 or 3 bottles of wine with a choice of wine accessories.

Argyrides Boutique Winery is recognised for its superior collection of Cyprus wines; immaculate vintages created from the Winery’s own grapes, cultivated in the renowned Alona district vineyards of the Limassol hills.

Create your own Gift Box from the full range of Argyrides wines, and add that personal touch with an Argyrides embroidered apron, a laser engraved hand-made cork opener, or quality Ni-Gota drop stops. To enhance the festive cheer, we add trimmings of cinnamon, lemon, walnuts for a delectable aroma.

Winemaking dates back five generations; the present family work closely with professional consultants and an expert team to create unparalleled vintages.

The Argyrides Premium Festive is wrapped with silk ribbons and completed with a gift card for your personal message. Our booklet of Tasting Notes is included in each Argyrides Black Box and Premium Festive package, allowing your clients to appreciate the distinction and character of the wines.

Your call to Argyrides Winery guarantees your order. Should you wish to discuss our wines, we’re happy to help. We offer free delivery for corporate orders on a minimum of 10 boxes to one location in Cyprus. Please allow 3 days from order to arrival.

Call us to ensure your clients receive a gift to remember.


SALES PRESENTATION, EXCERPT / ONLINE & BROCHURE This excerpt from a full-length sales presentation was commissioned to convey the exclusive luxury of the Dream Tower lifestyle. Aimed at the high-net worth property buyer, the copy details the wealth of fac ilities and effortless ease available to élite home owners

Privilege, pleasure, and a platinum level of island living unite in the luxurious world of Dream Tower. Immerse yourself in your well-deserved Mediterranean dream of light-washed seas and infinite horizons, and beguile both spirit and soul from your exclusive sanctuary. This is the dream, realised. It’s your personal reward: resort-style luxury living in the lavish comfort of your own home. A private paradise of bespoke services and facilities around-the-clock, Dream Tower is your corner of Mediterranean heaven.

Relax. Breathe. Be well. The gently landscaped gardens echo Nature’s every nuance. Graceful cypress, sweeping lawns, elegant fountains and a tranquil lagoon make for a perfectly private sanctuary. Impeccable service, delivered flawlessly. This is the quintessence of our Concierge service: highly-skilled professionals who design your life of ease. From the elegant Lobby to the quiet confines of the Reading Room and the distinguished comfort of the Business Centre, every detail of your lifestyle becomes a dream.

A private paradise of bespoke services and facilities, Dream Tower is your own corner of Mediterranean heaven Savour a warm afternoon on the sun deck, or freshen the senses in the open-air pool. Discreet poolside service, coupled with changing rooms and facilities, enhances the atmosphere of pure ease. Tempt your palate with delectable cuisine and expertly selected wines. At the exclusive VIP Restaurant, Residents Club and Residents Lounge, in-house dining is a comfortably sophisticated affair. Balance the mind and soothe the body into total wellbeing. Indulge the senses at the exceptional spa facilities, dip into the warmth of the heated indoor pool, rejuvenate at the state-of-the-art gym, or refine your game on the tennis court. Here, health and life are one.


CONTENT CREATION / IN-HOUSE Sparkling in-house content always enriches the guest experience, especially upon arrival and departure. Here, the five-star Olympic Lagoon Resort takes the opportunity to personalise its visitor communiqués and promote its facilities

Dear (guest name), Welcome to the Olympic Lagoon Resort in beautiful Agia Napa! Thank you for choosing to visit us – we’re looking forward to creating a truly memorable experience for you. Our award-winning 5-star resort operates on Luxury All-Inclusive terms and we’d like to invite you to enjoy all our facilities, including our 7 restaurants, many themed pools, and extensive in-house entertainment programme. For more information on our many amenities, please consult the All-Inclusive Booklet provided on arrival (also available from Reception) or join us at the Captain’s Deck every Monday and Thursday 10:30 for our Welcome Meeting and Resort Tour. Along with our outstanding facilities, we’re also extremely proud of our service: our highly-trained staff are here to assist you in every way, and will ensure your stay is exceptional. Should you need to contact our Guest Services directly, visit us in the Reception area or give us a call on extension 4003 or 4071. To facilitate total relaxation, we’ve selected a sunbed and umbrella for you for the duration of your stay. Visit us at the Sun Bed Allocation and Pool Towel Kiosk to confirm the selection and collect your fresh towels for the day ahead. Should you wish to dine at one of our à la carte restaurants, please reserve ahead of time via the application (link below), at the Info Kiosk in the Reception area, or through your Guest Services. Wishing you the perfect stay. Our warmest regards, Guest Services

Dear (guest name), As you’re approaching the end of your stay at the Olympic Lagoon, we’d like to thank you for choosing to visit us. We hope you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy all our facilities and services, and that we’ve been able to help you create the exceptional holiday memories you deserve. Here at the Resort, your opinion really matters. We’re constantly striving to improve all areas of our 5-star luxury experience, and would be truly grateful if you could share your thoughts on TripAdvisor. Your comments always assist us greatly in our continued pursuit of excellence. Should there be any specific matters you wish to discuss, do visit or call our Guest Services Centre (located in the Reception area, or on extensions 4003 or 4071). Our staff will be happy to hear from you. Finally, we’re looking forward to seeing you again, either here at the Olympic Lagoon Resort or at any of our other Kanika Hotels and Resorts. Let this be au revoir rather than goodbye! Wishing you a safe journey home. Our warmest regards, Guest Services.


ADVERTORIAL, EXCERPT / MARINA MAGAZINE This advertorial was commissioned to highlight the rewards of owning property at the Limassol Marina. Facts and figures are cleverly worked into a personalised, engaging text which illustrates the perfection of luxury shore-side living





Imagine a life of luxurious freedom, a haven of elegant existence and affordable privilege; a place in which lavish opulence meets everyday comfort, where extravagance and amenity go hand in hand to create an effortless lifestyle. This is Castle Residences, the Crown Jewel of the Limassol Marina. Fit for a king – or queen – it’s the only property development in the Mediterranean set atop the seas, and encircled entirely by water …

For those who have already chosen to embrace life on the blue (12 reservations to the tune of

Created to cater to the discerning buyer’s individual desires, each of the spacious two-, three-, and four-bedroom homes and duplex apartments comes complete with every amenity of luxury living. Housed in five closely interlinked buildings which surround the common gardens, the residences soar to seven floors above the sea, delivering spectacular views from the homes’ covered terraces, uncovered verandas and sun-decks.

Complete with the opportunity for private moorings from 12metre cruisers to superyachts of 110m in length – a scale almost unprecedented in the region – the Limassol Marina is mere metres from the private island’s main entrance. Deceptively tranquil in terms of atmosphere, the Marina combines a richly diverting choice of entertainment with every potential convenience.

Gently sun-washed, courted by high blue skies and surrounded by azure seas, Castle Residences is currently in the final phase of its development; possibly the most highly anticipated project of the kind in the region. Boasting a total of 61 deluxe-living apartments, the property development is already an unprecedented success, and the final residential phase offers one last opportunity to own an exclusive property and enjoy a life of infinite opportunity and pleasure. “Owning a home on the sea, particularly in this location and at this pricing, is a rare and hugely enticing proposition,” reveals CEO of Limassol Marina Andreas Christodoulides. “We are proud to be concluding our development’s construction on this high note; this is our Crown Jewel. These chances don’t come around very often,” he adds, referring to the rarity of such select projects, “and we have every confidence that the unique product offering will be embraced with enthusiasm.”

€34 million are already in place, with over 27 nationalities choosing to call Castle Residences their home on the waves), the project epitomises the essence of luxury living not by, but directly on the sea. Set on a private island – the only one of its kind in the Mediterranean – the properties are fit for royalty, with their crowning views of cerulean horizons, the magnificent Limassol Marina and the coastal city itself. Accessed by a bridge, these homes are mere steps from the beach, and in close proximity to luxury dining, shopping and leisure facilities. Nurtured by the full-service Marina – designed by a world-renowned team of architects and engineers, and boasting an enticing mix of gourmet restaurants, high-end retailers, and first-class yachting opportunities – the development is the ultimate in luxury, security and privacy: round-the-clock concierge services; priority berthing; antiseismic design throughout; videophone access to the main luxury entrance and lobby; covered private parking with an electricallyoperated control gate; and exclusive access to the sea, and communal swimming pool.

While many of the ground-floor homes enjoy verdant green gardens and private Jacuzzis, higher floors boast secluded pool spas from which to appreciate the unrivalled beauty of the Mediterranean. The interior of each property is no less lavish. Floors and staircases are marble-paved throughout the communal and living areas, bedrooms are furnished with floating parquet and electrically operated rolling shutters on each of the external doors and windows, while both living and sleeping areas are equipped with dimmable lighting systems. Insulated walls and roofs, underfloor heating, air conditioning and double glazing throughout offer complete climatic comfort, in one of the very few developments in Southern Europe to be equipped with an advanced decentralised geo-exchange and heat recovery system which exploits the sea water.

The on-site spa and fitness club provides a professional team of consultants for all wellness, health, fitness and lifestyle goals, while those with more cultural interests can avail themselves of the events and facilities at the Limassol Marina Cultural Centre: an impeccably renovated traditional warehouse, which not only houses a marine training school and multipurpose function rooms but also features rotating art exhibitions and musical concerts. A step further, and the town of Limassol is at your feet. The jewel in the island’s crown, Limassol is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and superior taste, in a place which marries tradition and modernity. Like the Castle Residences properties themselves, the town – which has long been the main maritime entrance to the island – is a sea of diverting possibility and infinite opportunity… Owning a home in such a locale guarantees a stress-free, sun-soaked existence atop the freedom of the seas: the essence of life royale.


EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN / ONLINE This email marketing campaign targets professionals in the Travel Trade industry, informing them of the latest offers at the luxury 5-star St Elias Resort. The text provides both factual information and an engaging snapshot of the guest experience


Long known as the first village resort in Cyprus, the fully recreated St Elias opened to excellent reviews both from the trade and our guests. The new resort has been specifically designed as a contemporary interpretation of an authentic island experience, and will appeal to families and couples alike. To further enhance the experience for our guests, the Resort is introducing the Ultra All-Inclusive concept, offering guests an even higher standard of service.

• Upgraded room amenities • Selected brands of imported alcoholic drinks • Bottled water on arrival • Unlimited dining in Meze by Elliniko restaurant • Choice of branded wine with meals

SOPHISTICATED, DISCREET AND TRANQUIL With its adults-only pool, quiet leisure areas, and spa, discerning adults can enjoy a more selective experience at the resort. New for 20127 will be the addition of 15 new 2-bedroom suites. Beautifully designed and spacious accommodation offers a choice of verandas with sea views, or your own fragrant Mediterranean garden. A complete family experience From the wild water slides to the dedicated entertainment in our Kids’ Club, every second of the family experience is tailored for fun. Spacious family rooms and child-approved meals complete the list of family essentials. Dream weddings The stunning Mediterranean backdrop combines the hilltop chapel of St Elias and the sea, making make this an ideal destination for weddings. Wedding couples can experience a truly romantic celebration in a variety of venues, with signature themes, menu options and attractive wedding packages, all supported by our team of dedicated coordinators. Be instantly transported to the quintessential Mediterranean holiday, embraced by the scent of local herbs and the fresh balmy breeze. The Resort’s commanding position captivates with its panoramic vistas, and is positioned with easy access to the best beaches and the entertainment centre of Protaras.

For your chance to win visit and answer a question every week about St. Elias Resort.


S PO N SO RE D C O N TE N T / CO R P O R ATE M AG AZI NE This sponsored content highlights the release of the brand’s documentary film, shot in the cerulean waters off Limassol. The theme of ‘Precision’ unites the shooting of the footage, the meticulous craftsmanship of marine design, and the experience of owning a Princess Yacht

If anything surpasses one luxury yacht cruising the high seas, it’s six luxury yachts in perfect formation. In a never-before-seen display, maritime leader Princess Yachts recently captured on film the seamless majesty of six of their magnificent craft – each the pinnacle of maritime expertise – atop the cerulean waters encircling Cyprus...

While Princess Yachts has long been recognised for their smaller yachts, the brand’s exciting new product film specifically highlights the larger superyachts and motor yachts that are the culmination of over half a century’s experience in the luxury yacht sector. The creation of over two thousand exacting craftsmen, the M Class Superyachts – including the World Superyacht award-winning 35M and 40M models, which were amongst those appearing in the film – are constructed in the Princess shipyards of Plymouth, at the heart of British maritime heritage...

EXPERIENCE THE EXCEPTIONAL In 1965 David King – who has remained with the company to this day – fitted out and chartered their first boat. An instant success, the vessel was sold, marking the beginning of what is now one of the world’s leading shipyards with sales in excess of 10 000 luxury craft. All crafted with meticulous precision, the six luxury yachts filmed in Cyprus flawlessly showcase the elegance and power of the brand, the breath-taking performance and agility which typify each vessel. From the world-class quality of the 88 Motor Yacht, to the distinctive, bespoke precision of the M Class 30M, all engender the finest qualities of Princess design; the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to detail which allows discerning owners to experience the exceptional. Through a culture of innovation, Princess Yachts are not only amongst the most technically-advanced in the world but also the most beautifully realised,

simultaneously graceful and exhilarating. And, with not one but six of the luxury yachts captured for the first time in perfect formation off the coast of Cyprus, the ultimate in maritime film projects has been accomplished. Captured on film, the breathtaking production featured yachts with a combined value of over €70 million, together on the water in perfect formation... First released at the Princess Heads of Business conference in Limassol, Cyprus – a unique programme curated for the brand’s global network of distributors – the film saw the yachts travel from all four corners of the globe to take part. “This was without doubt the largest undertaking Princess has ever made to create a single product film,” Princess Yachts’ Marketing Director Kiran Jay Haslam explained. “While our finished video perfectly encapsulates the essence of Princess and our largest yachts, it is the understanding of the sheer skill and logistical preparation that went into it that makes it truly astounding.”

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