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About the Exhibition

“We cannot talk about body without knowing what supports that body, and what its relation to that support - or lack of support- might be. In this way, the body is less an entity that a living set of relations; the body cannot be fully dissociated from the infrastructural and environmental conditions of its living and acting.� -Judith Butler-

Presence is Required is a collection of diagrams, instructions, objects, and situations created by Alix Camacho. The artist presents a series of reflections on different types of social assemblies focusing on elements such as time, balance, height, and body proximity. This show works as a space for participants to experience and reflect on their physical interactions with other people and the conditions required that underpin these interactions.

Three People Walking and Keeping a Cardboard Tube Horizontally Balanced Tube 125� long 2017

Instructions 1. Form a group of three 2. Lift the cardboard tube over your shoulder 3. Each person places his or her shoulder under the tube’s grey area 4. Walk together following the green line on the floor 5. Keep the tube horizontally balanced (noticing the levels on the sides) 6. After finishing, please return the tube to its original location

Human Pyramid

Collage (images collected from internet) 15� x 20� 2017

Bodies and Diagrams

Digital drawings on images collected from internet Serie of four 15� x 20� 2017

Two People Balancing a Wooden Board on Their Heads Wooden board 39” x 15” 2017

Instructions Step 1 1. Form a group of two 2. Lift the wooden board over the head of the shorter person Step 2 3. The taller person gets under the board 4. Noticing the level ,keep the wooden board horizontally balanced at the shorter person´s height Step 3 5. The taller person turns in a complete circle 6. After finishing, please return the board to its original location

Two People Tie Themselves Together and a Third Person Takes a Photo of Them Adjustable strap 59� long 2017

Instructions 1. Form a group of three 2. Take an adjustable strap 3. Choose a variation (see diagram) 4. Two people stand on the platform and connect themselves using the strap 5. The third person takes a photo of the first two using the cell phone attached to the wall 6. After finishing, please return the strap and the cell phone to their original location

Art Critique Game

Instructions, Flags, Cards, One-minute light timer, and call bell 2017

Stills from video documentation

Photo, Text, and Design Alix Camacho Vargas Acknowledgments Setare Arashloo Chloë Bass Floor Grootenhuis Tara Homasi Effi Ibok Zaid Islam Jeff Kasper Uno Nam David Peña Lopera Julian Phillips Paul Ramirez-Jonas Gregory Sholette Erin Turner


Presence is required catalog  

Presence is Required includes diagrams, instructions, objects, and situations created by Alix Camacho. The exhibition investigates forms and...