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Thank you for choosing to support us! We are Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and it is our vision that one day all terminally ill children and their families will have access to a Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker. Every year hundreds of families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness turn to us for support. Our Family Support Workers join the family in their own home and are there to provide personal, tailored support. They attend hospital appointments with parents, take worried siblings out for the day and give parents a break by being with the sick child at home or in hospital. We do whatever will make the biggest difference to that individual family.

The support we provide Family Support 1,368 families families supported supported around around the the country country 1,368

Sibling Support 3,273 hours hours of of sibling sibling support, support, maintaining maintaining 3,273 school attendance, arts & crafts, cinema school attendance, arts & crafts, cinema trips, days out at the zoo, fun and laughter trips, days out at the zoo, fun and laughter

Bereavement Support 851 851 hours hours of of bereavement bereavement support support for for the the entire family: parents, grandparents entire family: parents, grandparents and and siblings, siblings, face-to-face face-to-face and and over over the the phone, phone, at any time of the night or day at any time of the night or day

Transport Support

882,000 882,000 miles miles driven driven by by Family Family Support Support Workers to homes, hospitals, Workers to homes, hospitals, schools schools and and play play centres centres – – almost almost the the equivalent equivalent to to driving driving to to the the moon moon and and back back twice! twice!

Home Support

10,749 10,749 hours hours of of home home support, support, including including emotional support, respite, emotional support, respite, countless countless meals meals cooked, cooked, baths baths run run and and storybooks storybooks read read

Hospital Support 6,804 6,804 hours hours of of hospital hospital support, support, helping helping to to organise appointments, explaining organise appointments, explaining illnesses illnesses and and treatment, treatment, looking looking after after siblings siblings and and staying with sick children staying with sick children

Both Leon and Mitchell adore Sabrina. They get very excited when she comes to the door. Katie Brown, a mum supported by Rainbow Trust, talking about Family Support Worker Sabrina.

How YOU can make a difference £18 will pay for transportation costs to a school or hospital appointment for the whole family in one of our specially designed vehicles £22 is enough to provide families with an hour’s vital support £154 pays for a day’s visit from a Family Support Worker to help families with everyday life whilst coping with the demands of a sick child pays for a year’s hire of one of our vehicles, enabling us to provide £3,600 transport for families

y a d i l l o H e h T y l i m a f

Isla Holliday was just two months old when she was diagnosed with Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome. Her parents, Kelly and Phil, were told she would only live for two years. Isla in fact lived until four years old, making her one of the longest surviving children with this rare genetic disease. Rainbow Trust supported Isla’s family from her diagnosis and will continue to do so for as long as they need us.

“Isla could smile but her condition severely restricted her mobility,” says her mother, Kelly. “She couldn’t walk or talk but she smiled and giggled when she was happy, which was most of the time.”

part of our lives and having Rainbow Trust enabled us to always know their help and support was on hand whenever we needed it.”

“Having me visit the family home gave Kelly the chance to talk about issues she couldn’t discuss with her family because it was all too raw,” says Marlene. “The emotional side of it was a big thing. While Rainbow Trust can’t change a situation we do make it easier.”

Kelly says: “We received huge support from Rainbow Trust and now it’s our turn to do what we can and raise funds to enable them to continue their amazing work, supporting families on both a practical and emotional level. Taking on the challenge of a marathon training regime has made me even more determined to succeed and to raise as much money as we can for a charity that is so very personal to us.”

Following Isla’s death in November 2012, Kelly “She needed 24/7 care,” says Kelly. “I left my and Phil have been determined to raise funds for accountancy job and dedicated my life to ensuring Rainbow Trust in their daughter’s memory. They set that she had a normal childhood.” up Isla’s Fund; Kelly ran the Virgin London Marathon in 2013 and has hosted Rainbow Trust began a Prom for children in Throughout Isla’s life and death I could supporting Kelly and her area as well as a trust our Family Support Worker to be her family in 2009. “I Ball. In total the family first met the family there to help us. has so far raised over after they were referred an absolutely incredible to us by the children’s community nurse,” says £47,864. Family Support Worker Marlene Shirley.

Kelly says: “We were blessed that Isla shared our lives for as long as she did. She was such a massive

g n i s i a r d Fun deas I

Let us give you some inspiration on how you can get that money rolling in!

Cocktails and canapes

Hold a plant or f lower sale

Office Olympics


Invite friends and family  round for an evening of s ophistication; dinner jackets and evening dresses are a must!

Try speed-typing, fastest  letter-franking, envelope stuffing and paper aeroplane javelin! Who will become the office champion?

Always a popular choice, and what about wrapping them up in pretty paper for some extra donations!

Get the whole office or family involved in a sweepstake for a f ootball match, a celebrity TV s how or The Grand National!

Give in celebration

Ebay sale

Hire a venue

Sponsored ‘give it up’

Bake a cake day

Quiz Night

Whatever you are celebrating, you  can ask your friends and family to d  onate to Rainbow Trust instead of giving gifts.

For a party or disco! It could be a formal affair, or just a bit of fun.

Hold one at a market stall,  outside the library, offices, anywhere where there are hungry people! 

Bag packing

Get in touch with your local supermarket and offer to pack for shoppers, don’t forget to ask us for a Rainbow Trust collection box!

Get in that attic and dig out any unwanted clothes, jewellery or sports equipment and make money for Rainbow Trust on the online marketplace!

Ask for donations for giving up one of your guilty pleasures! How about chocolate, sweets, talking, even Facebook!

Ask your local pub about putting on a charity quiz night.

Wear your onesie to work

Why not put a spin on the traditional dress down day and get everyone to come to work in their favourite onesie!

t s u r T w o Rainb oes Her

However much you’re looking to raise, take inspiration from some Rainbow Trust heroes and find out how they met their goals.

Above: From baking to running, singing to just getting absolutely coated in mud, all those who have raised money for us are our Rainbow Trust heroes

We want to help you too! We want to do everything we can to help you raise as much as you can. There are loads of extras we can give you to help you boost your totals. T-Shirt Balloons Rainbow Trust badges Collection boxes Personalised posters (A3, A4 or A5)

Rainbow Trust literature Raffle tickets Mobile phone recycling envelopes Sponsor forms (contact us if you need more)

Call 01372 363438 or email for more information

t s u r T w o b n i a d R e s i a r e i s o R Hero 78 for ÂŁ4,8 Trust w o b n i a R

Everyone’s overwhelming generosity during my fundraising certainly played a large part in getting me over that finish line!

s ’ e i s o R d a o r n o h t mara aising to r ey mon


n o i t a s i n a O rg





I found out I’d been successful in gaining my place in the Virgin London Marathon to run for Rainbow Trust!

I set up a V page, sent Facebook a In the end t raise £1,00 private don

Rosie tells us about her Marathon experience  unning the Marathon was one of the R greatest but most challenging things I’ve ever done. I remember running towards Big Ben, and realising that I was actually going to finish the London Marathon, despite the fact that my family had previously thought I was bonkers as I’ve never been a runner, was beyond incredible. Actually crossing the finish line was amazing and I’ll never forget any of it. I chose Rainbow Trust because the year I left school a close friend lost her long battle with cancer and I feel

that Rainbow Trust provide exactly the sort of help that her family would have hugely valued. My entire experience of the Marathon, from the challenge of raising money to the knowledge it’s gone to a great cause and is helping lots of people, from my first ever 20-minute jogs to running through the finish line, will stay with me for the rest of my life. The support I received from my friends, family and from Rainbow Trust was unrelenting and immeasurable, and I am still so grateful for it all.



Thinking o Pub Quiz?


or call us o


Big day!

e Marathon th d e h is n fi l Rosie ed a colossa is ra d n a 3 .1 in 5:00 ainbow Trust. R r fo 8 7 ,8 4 £

osie CongratulatiotnhsaRnk you! and



Training Week Last week befo the big day! Too easy this week just 3 gentle ru



Worked out my fundraising plan. I can’t express strongly enough how good it was that I raised a lot of my money early on. So definitely start planning early!

Virgin Money Giving out a link on and around work. this helped me 00 through nations.



Worked out my training plan. I found a great 16-week plan for beginners here. That meant the serious training would begin in December. Until then I just worked on keeping up my fitness.

! n i k c u t s g Gettin



Fundraising: Bag packing I found a local supermarket who would let me help customers pack bags in exchange for donations. My top tip: Definitely get talking to supermarkets in advance. I had to try a few before I found somewhere that would allow this.

14 Training Week 1 Star ted with 20minute easy jogs and one longer run.

Fundraising: Pub Quiz I thought towards the end of Jan would be a good time, when everything had quietened down and people were ready to party again! I found a suitable room in a pub and they even offered discounts on wine and nibbles! I targeted my 20 most reliable friends and got each of them to get together a table of six people. Tickets were sold and I sold even more on the night. I was astonished at the end of the night when it turned out I’d raised £3,000! My top tip: We held a raffle too, which local shops, friends and family kindly donated prizes for.


of holding your own ? Get our free pack! Visit:

on 01372 363438

16 ore ok it with uns.




Training Week 7 Did a 10km race. Also did speed training to help build those muscles!



Training Week 9 I attended a training day organised by Rainbow Trust. Personal trainer and World Championship triathlete Ralph Hydes gave me some great advice, particularly how to outrun a stitch, how not to panic if you get the flu during training, and some great tips on how to do interval training.

t s u r T w o b n i a d R e s i a r m o T Hero . 83 for ÂŁ1,372 Trust w o b n i a R

The jump was amazing, I got such a buzz and enjoyed every second!

c i f i Terr m To

Raising money for that big total can seem challenging at first, but you can do it! Tom gives us tips on how he boosted his sponsorship total for his big jump!

Above: Tom on the day of his jump, along with Maxine, who also took part in Jump in July

A skydive is something I have always wanted to do. It was completely out of my comfort zone and a once in a lifetime challenge, so I thought why not sign up to raise money for charity at the same time?

collection tins filled up very quickly, there’s only so far that collecting loose change will get you, so I decided to organise a charity football match to bump up my sponsorship.

I’d heard of Rainbow Trust through a member of my I called on all my mates and regulars at the pub and family and I decided to asked them for a £10 sign up for their Jump entry fee each, which I couldn’t have raised so much without more than covered the in July campaign in the support of Rainbow Trust’s Events 2013. hire of the pitch. I stuck a banner up on the team – they were always there to I signed up in April fence and let everyone answer any queries and send me the to ensure I had time know what the money materials I needed. to reach my £500 was going towards. It fundraising target, but I was really good fun and was determined to smash it and being the Assistant the lads came back to the pub afterwards where Manager of a pub I knew plenty of people that I we put on a BBQ and got the collection buckets hoped would help me to do that! out and collected even more towards my total! The pub’s management were really supportive. I asked Rainbow Trust for some collection tins which I placed on the two bars in the pub and they also Thinking of making the leap? designed me some personalised posters to put up Check out to let people know what I was doing. Although the

or call us on 01372 363438

r o f r e v o n r n u o T s a e d i t a e r more g you can how in your e s i a r d fun munity com

Fundraising shouldn’t be a chore. Why not turn your favourite hobby into a way to bring in the cash?

n u F e h t t u P in


g n i s i a r d un

Star baker Mollie-Ann loves baking cakes (and doesn’t mind eating them either). Read tips on how you can boost your bake sale and hear other stories about how people raised money for Rainbow Trust.

Above: Sophia’s live music night was a huge success! Above left: Some of Mollie-Ann’s marvellous creations

If baking isn’t your forté there are plenty of other things you can try. Do you have any musically talented friends? Why not call on their skills to put on an open mic or live music night – great ways to get people to dive into their pockets and donate. This was an idea that Your workplace or university could be an ideal Rainbow Trust supporter Sophia tried. One packed location for a bake sale too. Here are some of our pub and an evening top tips on how you of live music later, she can boost interest: I love baking, especially the decorating, had raised £725 for Host a Guess-theso I was really happy that I could bake Rainbow Trust! There Baker competition. were steel drums, AND raise money for Rainbow Trust! Everyone donates dancing and sunshine, £1 to see if they Mollie-Ann but most importantly, can guess who everyone had a lot of fun. is handy with the piping bag and who is still working out how to For more fabulous ideas, support from use their oven! us, and help to put the fun in Sell the recipes for the cakes. fundraising, visit: Turn your bake sale into afternoon tea. People can pay for a tea or coffee and a slice of cake. or call: 01372 363438 Try decorating tables in a vintage theme. Mollie-Ann’s school were looking for suggestions for a charity they could support with their bake sale when Mollie-Ann suggested Rainbow Trust. It was a great opportunity for Mollie-Ann to show off her skills and raise money for a good cause.

n i g n i d n e S y e n o m r u o y

Here are some quick and easy ways for you to get your sponsor money to us.

Setting up a Virgin Money Giving page Setting up a Virgin Money Giving page is a quick and simple way to get your sponsor money to us. It allows you to show everyone your target and makes it super straightforward for people to sponsor you, wherever they might be! Setting it up couldn’t be simpler...

1. Your challenge

Go to and click the ‘Create your page’ button. You’ll be asked what kind of event you’re taking part in, when and where the event is taking place, and if you’re doing it alone or with friends. If it’s an organised event, you can search directly for it, which will bring up a list of events for you to select from.

us 2. Choosing The next step is to choose us! Just type

Rainbow Trust, hit search and you’ll see us at the top!

3. Register/Sign in

To set up your page you’ll be asked to register with Virgin Money Giving. All you have to do is enter your contact details and choose a password for your Virgin Money Giving account. If you’ve already registered with Virgin Money Giving, just sign in. You then get to choose a web address for your Virgin Money Giving page. It’s best to avoid one that’s related to a specific event or date so you can use it again.

raising! 4. Get It’s as easy as that! You can now customise

your page with photos and an inspiring call to action. Post the link to your page on Facebook and email it to friends and colleagues. When someone donates on your page, the money comes straight to us, so it’s hassle free for you!

Send it in by Cheque or postal order If online isn’t your cup of tea, then another way of sending us your money is by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity and sent to: 6 Cleeve Court, Cleeve Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7UD.

By bank transfer from a branch of NatWest or RBS You can do a bank transfer from a branch of NatWest or RBS to: Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, Coutts & Co, 440 Strand, London WC2R 0QS; Sort Code: 18-00-02 and Account No: 08917841. Please remember to reference your payment appropriately.

Don’t forget to Gift Aid it! Every gift you give to Rainbow Trust could be worth more at no extra cost to you. Choosing to Gift Aid your donation means Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs will add an extra 25p for every £1 you give. So if you donate £15 with Gift Aid we receive £18.75. Donate £100 and with Gift Aid we receive £125. It really does make a difference!

Who is eligible? You are eligible to authorise a charity to reclaim the tax on your donations if you are an individual UK taxpayer or the amount of tax that the charity will reclaim does not exceed the amount of tax you have paid in that tax year.

How do I Gift Aid my sponsor money? Make sure anyone who sponsors you fills out the ‘essential information’ on the sponsor form (name, address, postcode and amount sponsored). They must then tick the Gift Aid box. It’s that simple! So get your sponsors Gift Aiding!

So what are you waiting for?! Let us know what you get up to. We love to hear about what you’ve done or are planning to do. Your fundraising story could inspire others to rise to the challenge!


! u o y k n ha

The money you raise really does make a difference. We wouldn’t be here without your help. So we really do mean it when we say thank you!

Here are some of the things we are most proud of achieving, thanks to your generous support Sibling Support We provide support to help with the long-term effects of having a seriously or terminally ill brother or sister, talking things through (for example, siblings might think what’s happening to their brother or sister is their fault), travel, and ensuring they can keep hold of a ‘normal’ life as far as possible.

Time for families In June 2013 we opened a new facility for children and families in Southampton, bringing the total number of meeting facilities and groups around the country to 11. Each one offers a lifeline for families caring for a seriously ill child.

Central London Care Team Launch We were able to open a new team in Central London in 2013, reaching more families that need us, thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of the staff at Nomura International plc.

t c a t Con s l i a t de Head Office

6 Cleeve Court, Cleeve Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7UD T: 01372 363438

North East Office

Forster House, Forster Business Centre, Finchale Road, Newton Hall, Durham DH1 5HL T: 0191 386 4400

North West Office

Chambers Business Centre, Chapel Road, Hollinwood Oldham OL8 4QQ T: 0161 633 4684 E: @RainbowTrustCC

Registered Charity No. 1070532.

Rainbow Trust Children's Charity Inspiration Pack  

Sometimes fundraising targets can seem daunting and hard to achieve. But do not fear! Whatever your fundraising goal, Rainbow Trust are here...