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Welcome to the Advanced Hyperbaric & Recovery Centre In Coquitlam “We are honored that you have chosen to visit our clinic and hope that we will be able to provide just the right assistance you need with your health care.”

What do we do?

The Advanced Hyperbaric & Recovery Centre is a Naturopathic Medical office. We are proud to be one of the leading facilities, worldwide in the field of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy. We offer many unique services that are sound in research, technology, and that have documented successes, with our signature service being hyperbaric oxygenation therapy. We have in our facility the largest hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the whole of western Canada and are leaders in hyperbaric oxygenation therapy. We are the leading experts here in Canada, and Dr. Zayd Ratansi is our naturopathic medical director. As a naturopathic doctor, he began his practice at this very location in 1999 and when he started; our st chamber was the 1 private multiplace hyperbaric chamber in Canada. Dr. Ratansi used his naturopathic skills and training and combined them with hyperbaric technology, leading to a simplistic model for healthcare that showed improvements and results for the majority of his patients. People flew in to see Dr. Ratansi from all over and they still do, not only due to its uniqueness and scarcity, but now more for his expertise. For this very reason, we are pleased to have Dr. Ratansi be our new th medical director, as of May 15 2009. All patients are initially seen by Dr. Ratansi, and then are put on a very specific treatment program and regimen and are supervised by him and his team. Most of our programs are in 1 or 2 month duration, and our city, Vancouver British Columbia is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It makes wanting to travel a much more attractive option than other facilities.

We provide general family health care with a strong specialty in Brain Injury Recovery utilizing: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Environmental Medicine and Neuropsychology. HBOT is an excellent treatment to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen into all fluids of the body. Environmental medicine is the treatment of people who have suffered adverse health effects from exposure to chemicals or other substances in their environment. With the experience of Dr. Ratansi and some of the latest technologies offered here at our centre, we are one of the nation’s leading centres in the utilization of HBOT in combination with Environmental Medicine in the treatment of several degenerative neurological conditions. Prevention is the greatest point to battle, however, with a large percentage of the population, prevention cannot have its desired effect until the body is brought back to a point that health restoration can happen. Our goal is to help each patient reach that point, that they can then regain the lost function they once enjoyed. It has been stated that the next coming health “plague” that will surpass all others, will be Neurological disease due to environmental toxins. This is well documented in a number of scientific circles, as concerns of our polluted environment continue to cause a negative-cumulative effect and these toxins become stored in our bodies’ tissue and fat cells, until the immune system begins to break-down thus causing a cascade of damage that manifests in various forms of degenerative illness. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, are all sources of such toxins. Our bodies’ ability to rid itself of these toxins is the difference between health and disease.


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Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy Oxygen is essential! Oxygen is a vital substance that allows our cells to produce energy and sustain life. Clean air is as important to our bodies as clean water. Without these, our bodies can neither function efficiently nor maintain a state of health. Oxygen typically accounts for about 21% of the air we breathe, though this may be significantly reduced due to: 1) high pollution (leading to less breathable O2) 2) Stress (causing a constriction of arterial oxygen flow) 3) heart disease (which again constricts the flow of oxygen) Vascular diseases are on the rise, and it has been shown that depleted tissue oxygenation, as well as the depletion of other vital nutrients, is playing a significant role in this increase. In healthy individuals, our red blood cells are extremely efficient in performing their task of delivering oxygen to the rest of the tissues in our body. However, as health declines or as disease processes develop, certain tissues in our body begin to become severely depleted of vital oxygen. This can happen gradually, as in chronic disease, or suddenly, as in a stroke or an incidence of near drowning.

What is HBOT? HBOT is oxygen delivered under pressure. This is a means of delivering oxygen at higher concentrations for medical and prescriptive purposes. ―Hyperbaric‖ is any pressure greater than the pressure at sea level (1.0 ATA). The greater the pressure, the greater the dose of oxygen delivered. In addition to pressurization, the percentage of oxygen is increased from room air (21% O2) to maximum of 100% O2. This again increases the dose of oxygen delivery.

The physiology of HBOT The limiting factor of oxygenation at normal pressures (1.0 ATA) is our own blood and tissue physiology. At 1.0 ATA, the red blood cells are able to carry only a limited amount of oxygen, which includes a very small percentage (about 3%) dissolved into our blood plasma. At higher pressures, oxygen is more readily dissolved in all bodily fluids, including blood, plasma, lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and the fluid between cells. This increase in oxygenation helps to reverse states of tissue oxygen depletion, known clinically as hypoxia, which is often the cause of most cellular damage during disease states. It is important to understand the difference in physiology between healthy and injured tissues. Research has concluded that oxygen administered to healthy patients results in an action called vasoconstriction, meaning that once their blood vessel walls and surrounding tissues have been sufficiently saturated with oxygen, the vessels themselves constrict to restrict the flow of blood to the tissues. This is a natural protective mechanism of the body, which aids in reducing the toxicity of too much oxygen to healthy tissues. However, in damaged tissues, where oxygen toxicity is less of a concern due to an already depleted state of tissue oxygenation, the vessels remain open and dilated until the hypoxic state is reversed. This phenomenon allows the oxygen to be routed through the body in exactly the pathway in which it is most needed by the tissues. At higher atmospheres, those approaching 3.0 ATA, oxygen‘s toxic properties are used to fight infections and cause damage to susceptible cancer cells. These effects occur in a therapeutic window between the level of oxygen that is toxic to us as complex human organisms and the level that is toxic to simpler organisms and single cells such as bacteria and tumor Cells. Research in this area has proven quite promising and more research is currently underway.

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What is it used for? IN THE HOSPITAL: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a powerful tool in medicine & a hospital treatment for 13 serious health conditions. These are acute conditions that are normally life threatening and the Hyperbaric chamber at hospitals are therefore reserved for only these conditions: • decompression sickness • thermal burns • non-healing wounds • necrotizing soft tissue infections (aka flesh eating disease) • acute traumatic ischemias (eg. crush injury, compartment syndrome) • radiation tissue damage • smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning • air or gas embolism • severe blood loss anemia • refractory osteomyelitis • compromised skin grafts • clostridial myonecrosis (gangrene /gas gangrene)

HERE AT THE ADVANCED HYPERBARIC & RECOVERY CENTRE: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a powerful tool in medicine for not just these conditions but many more. At our centre, we are a private institution that is not limited to just these 13 hospital conditions. We can provide HBOT to benefit many more conditions, particularly chronic health conditions. The mechanism of action in the body from HBOT is the same as it is for the previous hospital list of 13 conditions. Here is a list of just some of these other conditions:

ADD/ADHD AIDS ALS Alzheimer‘s Anoxic Brain Injury Autism Arthritis Bell‘s Palsy Cancer Cerebral Palsy Chronic Fatigue Chronic Inflammatory Disease Crohn‘s Disease Decreased Immune Function Diabetes Fibromyalgia Heart Disease / Cardiac



Immune Dysfunction Infections Lupus Lyme Disease Macular Degeneration Meniere‘s Disease Migraines Mitochondrial Disorders Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Multiple Sclerosis Near Drowning Parkinson‘s Peripheral Neuropathy Post Electrocution Raynaud‘s Phenomenon Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Retinitis Pigmentosa

Rheumatic Disease Rheumatoid Arthritis Scleroderma Severe Limbs Sickle Cell Crisis Spinal Cord Injury Sports Injuries Stroke Traumatic Brain Injury Trigeminal Neuralgia Vascular Disease Venomous Bites Wound Healing Before and After Surgery General Wellness and Prevention

HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION THERAPY PACKAGE Here is a list of the off label uses of HBOT, and please note that there is much more. Look at some of these conditions, because they are very common. Arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, macular degeneration, sports injuries, stroke. Now lets explain what we mean by off label. When HBOT is applied under pressure, it is considered a drug, and like any drug, there is a list of conditions that it can be unequivocally used for. With HBOT it is a list of only 13. However, any drug can be used off label at the discretion of the doctor, if there is some research to back it up. Now the list that you see here is a list of off label treatments, and most of which have promising research and have also shown clinical efficacy. This is a large list, a lot bigger than the 13 t hat is used by hospitals. Again, here at the Advanced Hyperbaric & Recovery Centre, we are not limited to these 13 conditions. If it has good science & research and has demonstrated clear efficacy and results, then we will provide HBOT for those in need of the service.

What are the main mechanisms of action of HBOT on the body? This is how hyperbaric oxygen works for these hospital & other conditions Fibroblast activation (which is new collagen tissue). This explains how hospitals can help to heal non healing wounds as one of the 13 hospital treatments but it also gives way to things like sports injures, surgery, etc. Neovascularization (new blood vessel formation). That means that it actually creates new blood vessels, in particular to areas of damage and poor circulation. Again, this is one of the published reasons that HBOT is used in hospitals for non-healing wounds and for damage from radiation therapy, but it leads way to countless conditions that are due to poor circulation. How about just aging. Vasoconstriction (reduce swelling). Again, this applies particularly to non-healing wounds in the hospitals but think of every time you injure yourself and you get swelling in the joints and tissues. Arthritis is a big one, but it is not normally life threatening so we do not go to the hospital for this procedure. Anti-Infectious. HBOT has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria while enhancing white blood cells killing activity. This is huge and remember that the hospitals also use this mechanism for life threatening infections, like flesh eating disease or bone infections. Now take this application and think of all the other conditions that are not life threatening that can be helped. Think of all the people on antibiotics. Not only that, there are many conditions that we do not even know about that the root cause is actually an infection. Stem Cell mobilization. Stem Cell mobilization this is a fascinating one and now we know that HBOT can mobilize stem cells which are brand new baby cells ready to become an active cell in your body, like a brain cell or tissue cell. Again, this is a mechanism of action that may explain the dramatic results in wound healing. But what about other injured tissues, how about the brain for brain injuries or the liver for liver injuries, or kidney and so on. Reperfusion injury. So after an injury, your body tries to compensate where blood flow and oxygen have been compromised, the body responds by bringing a flux of circulation back but this brings some bad chemicals and poses more of a problem. This is called reperfusion injury and HBOT has been shown to effectively reduce reperfusion injury. Again, it is the non-healing wounds that this has hospital implications for but it opens the door to reperfusion injury from surgery or brain injuries, heart attacks, etc.

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HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION THERAPY PACKAGE So here is the summary of the mechanisms of action for both hospital and non hospital conditions • Relieve oxygen deficiency • Support and boost the immune system • Help repair damaged tissues • Reduce pain and inflammation • Decrease edema and swelling • Help fight infections and other invading organisms • Aid in detoxification • Quicker recovery from sports injuries • Helps to create new blood vessels • Helps to relieve areas of ischemia and poor blood flow

If it is so good and in every major hospital, then why have I not heard of this before and why has my doctor not recommended this before? Actually, it is now starting to get its recognition. In medical school, there is not much time spent for students to learn about hyperbaric oxygen. When medical students graduate, they follow medical protocols and hyperbaric oxygen is at their disposal for 13 major medical conditions. These doctors cannot prescribe outside of the 13 hospital approved conditions. These 13 conditions were established many, many years ago, when there were no other options and the results were excellent and the research was sound. Since then, any drug or treatment needing to be approved for medical conditions must go through extensive research and submitted to the government for approval. The problem with this is that the submissions are very expensive. Since these are so expensive, patents were warranted to research companies that proved their drug to be safe and effective. In our business minded society, this is where the hyperbaric field lost ground over other drug companies on its safety and efficacy for other conditions, beyond the 13 approved medical conditions. The medical system has been inundated with pharmaceutical drugs that pour lots of money into fulfilling government submission approvals knowing that their reward will come in getting a patent for all their work. That guarantees them the payoff for all the money that has been fronted by the company. The hyperbaric industry has not been able to benefit from this system. Instead, it has impeded the growth of the industry significantly. There is no patent for oxygen. That means there is no interest in fronting the money needed to prove that HBOT can be effective for more medical conditions. Since the advent of medical patents and financial motivation, there has not been any increase in the number of conditions that can be helped with HBOT. It has remained at 13. This is quite sad because any intelligent human being would be able to see that if HBOT can be such a valuable tool for these conditions, then why not others. As much as this might cause you to be upset don‘t be. The good news is that every day more and more research is coming in on HBOT and its effects on the human body. Many of these studies are in peer-reviewed medical journals and meet good scientific scrutiny. Most doctors as earlier discussed just follow protocols. They have to and are not to blame. Now there is even more good news and that is that some doctors are thinking outside of the box. If HBOT is so powerful for life-threatening conditions, then what about all these chronic conditions in today‘s society. These are doctors that understand the body and the pathology of disease. These doctors are growing and we are moving forward. Take a look at this.

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High-Tech Ways to Extend Your Life: The Oprah Winfrey Show: March 24, 2009 now recommending going into a hyperbaric chamber. Lately, HBOT has been in the news and HBOT has been a part of significant research (the research is catching up and the results are in the news). Here is what is new in the field of hyperbaric oxygenation therapy:

DIABETES AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE More hospitals are now opening chambers to help treat diabetes and diabetic complications, of particular nonhealing diabetic wounds. In the quick summary ahead, you will see that even the Mayo Clinic just purchased the largest hyperbaric chamber in North America to deal with this major medical problem. New Research even supports more the use of HBOT for all diabetics, not just those with open wounds. 

July 25, 2007 (UPI) Mayo Clinic gets hyperbaric pressure unit ROCHESTER, Minn., The Mayo Clinic is preparing for the arrival of a 3,800-cubic-foot hyperbaric pressure vessel from Australia. The rectangular, prefabricated chamber is made of high strength steel and contains a suite of specialized therapy rooms. Hyperbaric pressure vessels are used to increase atmospheric pressure and deliver high concentrations of oxygen to treat various medical conditions. The unusual therapy unit is to arrive Saturday and be installed within four hours, lifted by a crane and slid through an opening in the hospital's wall. Rochester Methodist Hospital is one of the two Mayo Clinic hospitals located in the city. Mayo Clinic physicians are expected to use the chamber primarily to enhance wound healing, a chronic problem for some patients that places them at risk for limb amputation. The hyperbaric vessel will also be used for altitude research relating to health and aerospace transport systems.

February 17, 2009 Baptist Hospital East plans open house for wound care centre Business First of Louisville Baptist Hospital East will hold an open house Wednesday, from 2 to 4 p.m., at its new Wound Care Centre. The centre is located on the first floor of the Baptist East Medical Pavilion, 3900 Kresge Way. It features hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is used to treat wounds and certain infections of the bone and skin. The therapy also treats tissue damaged by radiation therapy, skin grafts that aren‘t healing well and spider bites. Inside the hyperbaric chamber, patients breathe 100 percent oxygen under pressure, which enables the body‘s natural wound-healing mechanisms to work better.

Sep 25, 2007 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Chambers By Marisela Burgos Pitt County Memorial Hospital unveiled the hospital's off-site „Wound Healing Centre in Greenville. When it comes to patients with diabetes, many times current treatments simply can't take care of sores and other maladies they must live with. The moment you're pushed into this chamber and they close the door prepare to spend two hours just lying here soaking up the oxygen. ―It's a constant flow where you constantly replenishing with 100 percent oxygen,” Program Director,Debra Mizelle said. It’s called a Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centre. Mizelle says the oxygen pumped into the enclosed space helps sores heal by helping to create new blood vessels. “Some of these people have walked around years literally 2, 5, 10 years with wounds; this will treat them when no other treatment will,” Mizelle said. The chambers are designed to help heal leg and foot ulcers, and bone infections, in fact any number of maladies. The cost of one of these chambers isn't cheap. Each one runs a quarter million dollars a pop, but Mizelle said it's worth it. “No one will argue if it saves your legs that it's worth 250,000 dollars or if it treats a wound that you have not been able to treat for years,” Mizelle said. While the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centre can help heal the wounds you have, there's no guarantee you won‘t get another one, but it's giving people a chance at a better quality of life that they may not get any other way. The Wound Healing Centre only has to hyperbaric chambers so far, but officials hope to get more in the future. This centre isn't complete yet, it won't open until the fall.

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September 24, 2007 Hospital puts pressure on wounds: Hyperbaric chambers a new way to heal hurting people By DEBBIE GILBERT; The Times, GAINESVILLE

January 24, 2008 Hospitals to get wound facilities, to offer latest techniques By DEAN OLSEN, STAFF WRITER To better serve the growing number of patients with slow-healing wounds — often connected with obesity and diabetes — St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Centre are developing outpatient centres that will offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other cutting-edge techniques  September 26, 2007 Patients can breathe easier with chamber By Jimmy Ryals; The Daily Reflector New equipment at a Pitt County Memorial Hospital clinic may give local diabetics cause to breathe easier. Two hyperbaric chambers — high-pressure oxygen tanks — arrived Tuesday morning at the hospital's Wound Healing Centre, offering a new treatment option for wounds that won't heal, said Debra Mizelle, wound centre program director. The new chambers offer particular benefits for diabetes patients, for whom poor circulation, untreated wounds and ulcers can ultimately lead to amputations, she said. Hyperbaric therapy can help heal brown recluse spider bites, skin and bone damage resulting from radiation treatments, too, Mizelle said. Patients are eligible for hyperbaric therapy only after conventional treatments — dressings, antibiotics, cutting away damaged tissue — have failed to work for 30 days, Mizelle said. PCMH expects 30 to 50 patients a year for hyperbaric treatment. "When conservative treatments haven't worked, we use this as a last resort," Mizelle said. Hyperbaric therapy patients spend two hours a day in the sealed chamber for at least a month. The chamber exposes them to pure oxygen and high pressure, the equivalent a 33-foot underwater dive, Mizelle said.  October 23, 2007 Winthrop adding hyperbaric chambers By KATHLEEN KERR Winthrop University Hospital is betting an aging baby boomer population means more patients will be dealing with chronic wounds resulting from diabetes and circulatory problems. So Winthrop recently added three hyperbaric chambers, which help with wound healing, to its diseasefighting arsenal. There are plans for a fourth chamber to be added later. Hyperbaric chambers allow patients to breathe 100 percent oxygen while they're enclosed in a pressurized chamber. The pure oxygen, the hospital says, helps the growth of new blood vessels within a wound; that, in turn, helps with healing. "It's going to give us another market to penetrate," said Garry Schwall, a Winthrop vice president. "This is a new business venture we embarked upon." The new chambers in Winthrop's wound healing centre make it more competitive with other Long Island hospitals that offer hyperbaric therapy. The new hyperbaric chambers are roomier than their predecessors, and patients can read, sleep or watch TV.

NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS Lately, there has been much research and clinical trials done in the area of autism. Autism rates are growing epidemically and HBOT has shown to have a tremendous positive impact in this neurological disorder. Also of recent interest, those suffering from chronic Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) have hope. A recent study showed that improvements with 80 consecutive hyperbaric oxygenation therapy treatments. This was the first successful study in chronic TBI and offers great hope for permanent improvements. Dr Ratansi has put out a report that is called ‗The Injured Brain Can Be Repaired‘. The full report is free and can be viewed at . Here are some highlights:  May 7th 2008 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy assists with traumatic injury By: Ivanhoe Broadcast News Service. HBOT has also been found to be effective for traumatic brain injury, strokes, cerebral palsy, autism, near drowning, near hanging, birth injury, genetic disorders like mitochondrial disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, among other conditions.  14-Oct-2007 1st successful treatment for chronic traumatic brain injury C A research team led by Dr. Paul Harch, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Centre New Orleans and Director of the LSU Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Program, has published findings that show hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) improved spatial learning and memory in a model of chronic traumatic brain injury. In conclusion, a 40-day series of 80 low-pressure HBOTs caused an increase in vascular density and an associated improvement in cognitive function. These new findings could hold enormous significance not only for the million+ who sustain TBI from falls, motor vehicle accidents and assaults in this country each year, but also for returning US military veterans.



HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION THERAPY PACKAGE  Oct. 11, 2007 Researchers Report First Successful Treatment of Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury The findings, published in Brain Research are purportedly the first-ever demonstration of improvement of chronic brain injury in animal. This demonstration is a landmark achievement that reverses 100 years of neurology and the institutionalized belief that chronic brain injury in untreatable. 

Tue, 20 May 2008 Ohio State University Medical Centre to Test Efficacy of Hyperbaric Oxygen Medicine on Stroke Victims Currently utilized for the treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds, carbon monoxide poisoning, crush injuries as well as other indications, the use of hyperbaric medicine for stroke victims is at the forefront of hyperbaric research.  studied July 13th, 2007 Effects of Hyperbaric Chamber on Brain Injuries to be studied By Ed Yeates It speeds up the healing of wounds, but can it do the same for brain injuries? We're talking about hyperbaric oxygen, and LDS Hospital hopes to find some answers. People around the country say it works, but Dr. Lynn Weaver says, as of yet, nobody has scientific data to prove whether hyperbaric oxygen does for the brain what it does for the healing of wounds.  June 4 2007 New life for long-term coma patients; By Guo Lei TWO long-term comatose patients have finally awakened in Changhai Hospital's hyperbaric oxygen therapeutic centre, hospital officials announced over the weekend. ―Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the most effective methods to wake up people in a vegetative state," said Wang Guisong, a respected neurosurgeon at Renji Hospital  10/04/2006 Oxygen therapy gave us back our child Why is a remarkable treatment being denied to thousands of desperate patients? He has now been receiving HBOT for eight years and his improvement, say his parents, is little short of miraculous.  2007 Hyperbaric oxygen in traumatic brain injury Neurol Res. Division of Neurosurgery, Department of Surgery, Hennepin County Medical Centre, Growing evidence, however, shows that HBO may be a potential treatment for patients with severe brain injury. Further investigations, including a multicentre prospective randomized clinical trial, will be required to definitively define the role of HBO in severe TBI. 

2007 Pilot case study of the therapeutic potential of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on chronic brain injury J Neurol Sci. BACKGROUND: Recently, the effect of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO(2)) therapy was explored in the treatment of chronic TBI. It has been speculated that idling neurons in the penumbra zone remain viable several years after injury and might be reactivated by enhanced oxygenation. We studied the therapeutic potential of HBO(2) therapy in a 54-year-old man who had sustained traumatic brain injuries one year before testing that resulted in permanent neurological symptoms. CONCLUSION: The present single-case study provides preliminary evidence of neuropsychological and electrophysiological improvements after series of 20 and 60 treatments  2007 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy might improve certain pathophysiological findings in autism. Med Hypotheses. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder currently affecting as many as 1 out of 166 children in the United States.. HBOT has been reported to possess strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to improve immune function. There is evidence that oxidative stress can be reduced with HBOT through the upregulation of antioxidant enzymes. HBOT can also increase the function and production of mitochondria and improve neurotransmitter abnormalities. In addition, HBOT upregulates enzymes that can help with detoxification problems specifically found in autistic children. Dysbiosis is common in autistic children and HBOT can improve this. Impaired production of porphyrins in autistic children might affect the production of heme, and HBOT might help overcome the effects of this problem. Finally, HBOT has been shown to mobilize stem cells from the bone marrow to the systemic circulation. Recent studies in humans have shown that stem cells can enter the brain and form new neurons, astrocytes, and microglia. It is expected that amelioration of these underlying pathophysiological problems through the use of HBOT will lead to improvements in autistic symptoms. Several studies on the use of HBOT in autistic children are currently underway and early results are Promising.



HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION THERAPY PACKAGE ANTI-AGING MEDICINE The word anti-aging has been used recently as a key ‗buzz word‘ and sometimes inappropriately. We can‘t reverse aging, but what we can do is reverse accelerated aging. The 2 major effects of HBOT as a preventative anti-aging therapy is its ability to create new blood vessels and also new tissue. The effects on creating new blood vessels has been documented for many years, but it is only of recent medical knowledge of HBOT‘s effects on creating new tissue. This is by its effects on mobilizing stem cells. HBOT is now being looked at as a key ingredient in natural stem cell therapy.

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM & INFECTIONS With the current influence of chronic infections and antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, more patients are coming in and being seen for infections. Our bodies need a boost and HBOT can serve a key role in today‘s society.

PAIN & ARTHRITIS HBOT provides a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. For this reason it can have a powerful effect on reducing pain and inflammation. Take a look at the following article that was excerpted from the Journal of Pain in 2007.

SURGERY Many surgeons are now employing HBOT to help in their surgical procedures. It is clearly evidential that this therapy can enhance pre and post surgery, but its main question is of its cost-effectiveness and with the limited number of chambers available, who should be offered this as a standard protocol. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have access to hyperbaric oxygen delivery for helping to make the safest and most effective surgical procedure.

Recently In the News:  March 12, 2008 Extra oxygen may be next trend by Jim Faber / | McClatchy Newspapers Hyperbaric chambers are gaining elective popularity. Someday soon Haelen Hyperbarics will reach across the nation and its hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be an everyday part of the nation's health care, if the management team's vision comes true. The Hilton Head Island, S.C.-based company already has its hyperbaric chambers set up at two island health care centers. The company plans to open centers in Raleigh, N.C.; West Palm Beach, Fla.; Austin, Texas; Savannah; and Memphis by the end of the year, said Andrew Kolb, company president. But that's just the beginning. Kolb and Rodger Itkor, the company's vice president of marketing, foresee a push to take the company's health treatments national within the next two years. A hyperbaric chamber is an airtight chamber that patients lie in for about an hour, breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized atmosphere. The extra oxygen helps speed the recovery process on everything from broken bones to neurological disorders, Kolb said. Hospitals also have the chambers, but they are used typically for only a few things covered by insurance, like wound recovery or tissue damage from radiation. At Haelen's locations in the LifeSpan building and the Hilton Head Health and Wellness Center on the island, services are elective, meaning it's not covered by insurance and patients pay out of pocket. Popular reasons for using the island facilities include treatment for chronic pain from conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries and recovery from cosmetic surgery, Kolb said. The first new treatment center will open at the American Institute of Healthcare & Fitness in Raleigh on April 1. The West Palm Beach location is scheduled to open in mid-April. Itkor, particularly, is thinking big. Sure, the company will make money, but he sees Haelen's value going far beyond that. "You have a tremendous effect on the health and wellness of the entire nation, helping people to live longer," he said. "It's fantastic." Hyperbarics are popular in Asia and Japan, but still haven't reached the mainstream here, Kolb said. The topic did receive national press attention when then-Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens claimed hyperbaric oxygen treatments helped his broken leg heal faster, allowing him to play in the 2004 season's Super Bowl.




 May 27, 2008 Hyperbaric chamber comes to Basalt by Carolyn Sackariason: The Aspen Times Therapy uses pure oxygen to speed recovery BASALT— the first hyperbaric oxygen chamber on the Western Slope and the only one offered within hundreds of miles of the Roaring Fork Valley will be operational in June. Valley residents Kirk and Jen Hartley are opening the Win HBO Rapid Healing Centre in the Win Institute, an integrative health centre slated to open June 7 in Basalt. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment that uses pure oxygen to speed and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. Patients who benefit from oxygen therapy suffer from various diseases or injuries associated with hypoxia, which is a lack of oxygen on a cellular level. The institute‘s founders, Dr. Dave and Dee Jensen, had always visioned having a hyperbaric chamber in their health facility and Kirk Hartley, as a diver, had been envisioning bringing the treatment to the Roaring Fork Valley to fill the niche. ―It was on our list for sure,‖ Dave Jensen said, adding the closest hyperbaric chambers are in Utah and Denver. “It’s used for sports-specific rehabilitation, anti-aging, altitude sickness and other things where the body is force-fed oxygen, which is vital to the body.” Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also is commonly used to treat burn victims and those who elect to do plastic surgery. The application of oxygen therapy doesn‘t remove the essentials of a traditional approach to health care, but provides harmony and complements patient treatment while enhancing the body‘s ability to heal. Hyperbaric chambers are used as an essential medical treatment in most European countries but they aren‘t as popular in the United States. But experts and the Hartleys believe it‘s crucial in the healing process. Normally people breathe air that contains 21 percent oxygen. Hyperbaric treatment provides pressurized oxygen, making more molecules available to the body. The extra molecules are dissolved into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body. They are delivered to damaged tissue or infected areas in greater numbers and consequently, help carry away infection or repair damage faster. A patient undergoing treatment spends a prescribed amount of time laying in a cylindrical, body-length chamber where pure oxygen is administered. The dosage, which includes pressure, time and frequency of treatment is designed to each patient‘s specific diagnosis. Treatable conditions include skin grafts, thermal burns, radiation tissue damage, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, closed head injuries, pre and post surgery, healing of broken bones, tendon and ligament damage, lyme disease and strokes, and many more  Jul 24, 2008 Oxygen therapies may ease headache pain by Amy Norton NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Two forms of oxygen therapy may help manage two types of debilitating headache pain, a new research review suggests. In a review of nine small clinical trials, the researchers found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy showed promise for halting pain during migraine attacks.  Mar 25, 2009 Hyperbaric Therapy Promises to Speed up Healing The Chambers Are Used For a Number Of Conditions, Including Anti-Aging. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) was initially used to treat divers suffering with decompression sickness, but is gaining popularity in treating some medical conditions, such as circulatory problems, infections and wounds. The chamber releases 100 % oxygen to damaged tissues. According to the Beverly Hills Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, the oxygen then allows the body to heal itself naturally. Other conditions treated by HBOT are: sports injuries, anti-aging, asthma, allergies and Lyme disease, the Malibu Hyperbaric Medicine Center said.  Facility January 30, 2009 Healing Effects of Oxygen Available Exclusively at Rancho Mirage Facility Nicky Vallee. The medical staff at Rancho Mirage Hyperbarics is pleased to announce the exclusive use of Clear Chambers at the desert's most sophisticated post surgical and healing facility, specializing in oxygen therapy. ―Patients often have many questions about Hyperbaric treatments,‖ said RMH Medical Director Howard S. Baer, M.D. ―The use of Clear Chambers alleviates a common concern of potential claustrophobia. The tranquil, calming and healing effects of pure oxygen are enhanced when patients can also see their surroundings.‖ Clear Hyperbaric Chambers combine high concentration of oxygen (100%) and increased pressure that causes large amounts of oxygen to be dissolved in the patient's blood and other fluids. Because of this hyper-oxygenation, white blood cells that destroy bacteria are more efficient at clearing infections. “People are continually amazed by the healing power of oxygen,” said Bill Hubble, owner of the facility. ―The use of Clear Chambers for our Hyperbaric treatments allows patients to be more relaxed.‖ Hyperbaric Clear Chambers can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries, some of which are considered ―off label‖ and usually not covered by insurance.




These include stroke, multiple sclerosis, Lyme's disease, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries and more. Common medical conditions, usually reimbursable by insurance, that have been shown to benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy include: Radiation Tissue Damage, Diabetic and Selected Non-healing wounds, Reconstructive Surgery, including compromised skin grafts and flaps, Crush Injury, Limb Salvage, Reattachment and Amputations, Exceptional Blood Loss Anemia, Decompression Sickness (Bends), Thermal Burns. Hyperbaric treatments also causes vasoconstriction which deceases swelling and edema, shortening the healing time and promoting better healing for reconstructive and plastic surgery patients. For more information about Rancho Mirage Hyperbarics and its specialized treatment, call 760-773-3899 or go to 

2007 Proliferation of neural stem cells correlates with Wnt-3 protein in hypoxicischemic neonate rats after hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Neuroreport. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promoted brain cell proliferation. Results showed that stem cells proliferated and peaked 7 days after hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We propose that hyperbaric oxygen treatment promote stem cells to proliferate, which is correlated with Wnt-3 protein.

March 29, 2009 Stem Cells, Hyperbaric Chambers and Diabetes Healing Diabetes Hope - Successful Pilot Study of Immature Adult Stem Cells (ChattahBox)-A recent study published in the Journal of Cell Transplantation, offers new hope to the 24 million people in the US who suffer from type 2 diabetes and its harmful effects. The patients were enclosed in hyperbaric oxygen capsules for 10 hours, blasting their bodies with pure oxygen, at more than twice the amount of normal levels. The hyperbaric chambers are similar to ones used to treat divers with the ―bends.‖ Researchers found that the high levels of pure oxygen drew additional stem cells from the bone marrow, which joined up with the new cells injected near the pancreas, renewing the pancreas’ ability to make insulin on its own. Research director, Dr. Camillo Ricordi, believes this groundbreaking new treatment could eventually lead to wiping out type 2 diabetes.

February 23, 2009Hyperbaric chamber may hold key to repairing damaged livers An experiment to see if alcoholic liver damage can be repaired by treatment in a hyperbaric chamber - more commonly used for divers with the bends - starts next month. The possibilities surrounding hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which is used in Russia to help to speed alcoholic detoxification, come at a time when Scotland face increasingly gloomy figures over its alcohol problem. Yesterday it was revealed that the Scots are the eighth heaviest drinkers in the world. Now patients from Castle Craig Hospital, a private detoxification centre near Peebles, are to participate in a pilot study run by doctors from the University of Edinburgh, which will seek to establish whether stem cells are mobilised by HBOT and if there is a corresponding improvement in liver function. Research in Russia, where hyperbaric chambers have been employed for 15 years to treat people with alcohol problems, has shown that their use cuts in half the time needed for alcohol detoxification. This will be the first time HBOT has been trialled for the treatment of alcohol-related illness in Britain. Currently, the only ―curative‖ treatment for cirrhosis of the liver is transplantation but due to donor shortages this is not available to most patients. There is also continuing controversy about providing patients who are addicted to alcohol with new livers. The study has gained ethical approval and will focus on 20 volunteers from inpatients at Castle Craig, one of the UK's largest addiction centres, where an 18-seater hyperbaric chamber has been built, costing £250,000. Participants will have a total of 20 sessions of two hours of hyperbaric oxygen, with blood samples taken from them during the course of treatment. Koen Terra, 37, a patient at Castle Craig since October, said yesterday he had already had about 20 sessions in the hyperbaric chamber and was pleased to take part in the experiment.

28 Feb 2009 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy gaining in popularity Doctors have discovered breathing in pure oxygen can give people with wounds that won't heal a new lease of life. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was seen as a last resort for those suffering from injuries that did not respond to treatment, but at a privately run clinic its success has meant it is gaining in popularity. After part of his leg was amputated four years ago, Malcolm Fleck was in agony and could hardly move. His stump was ulcerated and infected and as a last resort he tried hyperbaric oxygen therapy. "I had 11 operations in four years and this is getting rid of it where antibiotics and socalled well, modern medicine can't," Mr Fleck says. The technology has been used by divers suffering from the bends for decades, but now it is becoming an accepted part of mainstream medicine. Patients sit inside the chamber breathing pure oxygen through helmets under pressure. It is this combination that accelerates healing by up to 80 percent. With titanium implants inserted into her neck, Paparoa schoolteacher Audrey Campbell was in constant pain. She could not stand, let a long work. Having tried numerous treatments in the past she was cynical at first, but now she's a convert. "I wouldn't have believed it, it's a really positive experience," Ms Campbell says. Both patients are now breathing easy as the pain subsides and their recovery takes off.




 March 5, 2009 Hyperbaric Treatment Saves Local Man's Leg High Pressure Oxygen Device Helps Heal Chronic Wounds, Doctors Say. BOSTON -- Doctors have been using hyperbaric treatments to treat fire victims and scuba divers for years. But as NewsCentre 5's Rhondella Richardson reported Thursday, it's now being used to treat more than a dozen medical conditions. Inside three glass cylinders at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, something remarkable is happening to patients. "I think it can save peoples lives," said Dr. Daniel Deschler, director of the Norman Knight Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine. The hyberbaric chambers pump out 100 percent pure oxygen to patients. For years, the therapy has been used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation and sick scuba divers. But doctors are now using it to treat more than a dozen medical conditions, such as chronic open wounds related to diabetes and vascular problems. "It speeds and also allows recovery to occur when it may not otherwise occur," said Deschler. Tom Dinges, of Weymouth, was sent to the hyperbaric medicine centre at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary after he suffered a blood clot following open heart surgery. "They thought they'd have to amputate the leg at some point," Dinges said. But 30 hyperbaric treatments saved Dinges' left leg. According to Deschler, the therapy helped dying tissue regain its healing blood supply. Dinges could not believe the difference. "About every 7 to 10 days you could see some improvement," Dinges said. Five months after treatment, Dinges life is getting to normal. He wants others to know that hyperbaric therapy could be an option for them. "Know more about it. Educate yourself about it," he said  06 March 2009 Injured Raiders duo named in cup squad INJURY worries Liam Campbell and Andy Bracek have both boosted Barrow Raiders ahead of their Challenge Cup clash with Blackpool on Sunday, writes PAUL TURNER. The pair picked up knocks in the 12-4 victory over Widnes in the Northern Rail Cup on Wednesday, but their injuries have proved better than expected. Bracek hyper-extended his elbow late on in the game, while Campbell was unable to lift his arms after suffering a shoulder injury. But both players spent time in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber yesterday to speed their recovery and have been included in the squad for Sunday’s game. Coach Dave Clark said: ―They have not been too bad. They have been in physio and in the oxygen chamber to speed up their recovery and we will give them a final evaluation on Saturday.  07 March 2009 BARROW'S CAMPBELL WARNS OF PANTHERS’ BITE HIGH-FLYING half-back Liam Campbell is desperate to see some action against Blackpool Panthers tomorrow after his Challenge Cup injury jinx threatened to strike again. Two days of treatment in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber have speeded his recovery for what would be the former Wakefield youngster‘s third game in eight days if he were to recover and he is keen to get out there and take on the Panthers  February 20, 2009 Wound care wins award by | Albert Lea Tribune ALMC’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy speeds up healing. Albert Lea Medical Centre‘s Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Services Department is gaining recognition for its treatment of patients with chronic wounds, nonhealing wounds and wounds caused by diabetes. Earlier this month, the department received a quality award from the Diversified Clinical Services organization for achieving certain quality metrics. In April of 2008, the department added hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which has been shown to speed up wound healing, reduce amputation rates and help patients avoid hospitalization. The therapy involves the use of a hyperbaric chamber in which patients breathe 100 percent oxygen while lying in a pressurized chamber. This delivers high concentrations of oxygen to the blood stream and the wound, which rapidly accelerates the healing process, according to a news release from the medical centre. There are only two other hyperbaric oxygen facilities in the state, with the closest being at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Kim Kirschbaum, program director, said a passionate physician in the wound care clinic was the one who helped bring the chambers to ALMC. Since adding the hyperbaric oxygen therapy at ALMC, the department has been able to maintain a 93 percent healing rate, which surpassed the national wound care centre average of 89 percent, she said. The average days to heal a wound has also gone from 32 days to 24 within a 14-week period. Vanna Nielsen watches ―Little House on the Prairie‖ while getting treated in a hyperbaric chamber at the Albert Lea Medical Centre on Wednesday. The healing time for a wound can be cut in half, she said. Who can qualify for hyperbaric oxygen therapy? In an informational card about wound care and hyperbaric medicine that is given out at the medical centre, a list of indications are given as to who might qualify for this type of treatment. The list includes patients with diabetic wounds of the lower extremity, compromised skin grafts and flaps, delayed radiation injury, necrotizing soft tissue infections, osteomyelitis, crush injury, compartment syndrome and other acute traumatic ischemias. Kirschbaum said the hyperbaric treatment can salvage a limb and even create new red blood vessels by increasing oxygen levels.




Many of ALMC‘s patients who use the treatment are diabetic. Kirschbaum said people come from within a 100-mile radius to have treatment. The department can fit in eight people per day in the two machines at the medical center. It involves a very aggressive treatment of usually 28 to 30 treatments over a six-week period. The staff in the hyperbaric chambers closely monitor the healing of the patients and their safety, she said. She wanted to emphasize it is physician-run and outcome-based. ―We‘re so proud to have this in our community because we are only the third in Minnesota,‖ Kirschbaum said. How does the hyperbaric oxygen therapy work? Before patients come for treatment, they first sit down for a consultation, when their physician tells them what to expect during the therapy. Jody Hacker, safety director, said patients are told to come in for treatment without any lotions, makeup, nail polish, jewelry, hearing aids or even dentures. Once they arrive they would change into a cotton gown, and then their vitals would be taken before they proceed, Hacker said. Then, the patient would lie down onto the bed part of the chamber, which has a pillow and a sheet to make the treatment comfortable. The sheets and pillows are made out of 100 percent cotton, which reduces the risk of a fire starting, she said. The whole bed would then slide into the chamber, and they would be ready to begin the treatment. The treatment lasts for about 90 minutes, made up of three 30-minute sessions with five minute breaks in-between. The patient is in the chamber the entire time. The physician or other medical staff in the room can communicate with the patient through a phone system attached to the equipment. The patient may feel a lot of pressure in the ears as the chamber releases a lot of oxygen under extreme pressure — giving the feeling of going between 33 and 45 feet below sea level. Success stories: Kirschbaum recalled one patient, a farmer, who had lower extremity wounds related to diabetes. If he did not go through with hyperbaric oxygen treatments, the wounds would have probably led to other complications. She said the man healed quickly, complied with the rules given by the physician and was able to get back on the field after his treatments. Vanna Nielsen, who was in the hyperbaric oxygen chambers on Wednesday, said she was referred to use the chambers by her doctor in Adams. She has leg ulcers. She was in for her eighth treatment that day. ―The nurses and doctors say it‘s healing right along,‖ Nielsen said. ―They‘ve already been able to tell improvement.‖ Kirschbaum said when the wound was checked Thursday, Nielsen was already 50 percent to complete closure of her wound. She will probably not need to go the full round of treatments. Nielsen said though coming to get the treatments requires a major time commitment, it hasn‘t been too bad. She joked that she comes there to watch ―Little House on the Prairie‖ on the television right above her chamber.




Is Hyperbaric Oxygenation therapy safe? Yes, HBOT is a very safe medical procedure. The normal treatment is for a 60 minute session breathing 100% oxygen at a depth of 2ATA or less. This treatment regimen has a proven track record of safety. However, please make sure you go over the consent form to see some of the possible risks and complications that can occur. These are normally more of a concern when going to very deep pressures over a long period of time. Also there are some medications that can interfere with the administration of HBOT. So take your time and review the informed consent. Note we want everyone to have a good safe experience so we take more time to go over individual safety and that is why we call it ‗informed consent‘ You cannot just sign it, one of our staff needs to go over it with you and explain it. Please, make sure that you fully read our clinic patient guide for HBOT as it contains all the frequently asked questions.

What are the success rates? Success depends on the individual. It not only depends on the individual, but also on the condition being treated, the compliance of patients to follow our treatment programs and of course the severity and number of years being afflicted by condition. In general, our patients improve. Some much more than others. Our only suggestion is to follow our programs as prescribed and communicate with us well. This will allow us to make appropriate changes to your program in the beginning, thus ensuring the best results possible. We are proud of our results and have patients with a wide variety of conditions that have made significant improvements that are willing to share their stories, so just ask. Also, Dr. Ratansi has filmed many of his patients before and after. These are especially important for those who have had a debilitating condition that is clearly visible in symptoms like a coma or the inability to walk or speak from a stroke/head injury, spasticity, fine motor control, balance, behavior in public, ability to see and track objects, etc. We believe that it is very Important that people see that there is hope and that people who have similar conditions to theirs have improved. Many are told there is no hope, and that they would be in a debilitated state forever. When you see people recovering the way that we do here, then it can give hope that there is a chance. Now it doesn‘t guarantee anything, but it is just 1 or 2 months out of your busy schedule to see. We cannot guarantee that you will be cured, but what we can guarantee is that you will be healthier when you finish our programs than when you begin. But by tailoring a health program to your health conditions, you have an excellent chance in recovery, as the majority of Dr. Ratansi‘s patients and had—recovery from their condition. That is why, we are now called the Advanced Hyperbaric & Recovery Centre.

What are the costs? The costs at are clinic are very low when compared to other hyperbaric facilities. At our center, we use a multiplace hyperbaric unit which means that we can accommodate more people per session. Not only do we have a multiplace chamber, but it is also Western Canada’s largest. This is why our prices are as low as they are. Now each person is normally put on a package so we also have customized package prices to make hyperbaric oxygenation therapy even more affordable. Finally, for those who wish to do programs at our center, we also have monthly payment plans available.




Our Complete list of services: Naturopathic Consultation A detailed history and evaluation by our medical staff will reveal valuable information in regards to your health. Spend some time with an expert in understanding your body, and catering your health, so that you are not over or under supplementing in either pharmaceutical drugs or vitamin and herbal supplements.

Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy This is a medical treatment used in hospitals for certain life-threatening conditions like bone infections, flesh eating disease, carbon monoxide poisoning, and tough hard to heal wounds (like Diabetic wounds). Now, it is showing much more promise for not only acute medical conditions, but chronic medical conditions. So not just hard to heal wounds, but general wounds and injuries. Any time you want to speed up healing and repair injuries, hyperbaric oxygen therapy should be immediately considered; particularly with long term debilitating injuries like brain injuries or sports related injuries. Recently, it has come under sound medical research that this therapy can go far beyond treating injuries; it can help to develop new tissue. This goes beyond its original published data on creating new blood vessels to damaged tissue. All this is now putting HBOT to the forefront of medical technology and research. The implications for anti-aging medicine are now huge. New brain tissue, heart tissue, liver tissue, etc…

Environmental Medicine We are not only what we eat, but also what we do not excrete. Find out how we can effectively and safely cleanse our bodies from harmful chemicals.

Peat Hyperthermia Therapy Heating up the body has a profound effect on relieving pain and inflammation, enhancing natural circulation and the immune system, providing hormonal balancing, and cleansing the body.

Acupuncture This therapy can treat a vast number of conditions including chronic pain, nicotine withdraw, anxiety / depression, and weight reduction.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy The technology of whole body vibration has taken a critical step in its advancement with triangular oscillation. This causes a safe and painless way to enhance many of the body systems that are normally benefited from exercise. From hormonal balancing, to energy, cardiovascular conditioning, to muscle toning and weight loss, right down to bone formation. Actually, it is used by astronauts to decrease bone loss and increase bone density, something that is a general basic for elderly.

Far Infrared Therapy Activate your body‘s ―sweat mechanism‖ to promote system detoxification and passive cardiovascular exercise. This provides an effective mobilization of fatty tissue & its stored toxins.

…to be continued >

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HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION THERAPY PACKAGE Intravenous Therapies include: EDTA Chelation Therapy Heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes can be reversed. EDTA helps remove harmful metals which cause free radical damage inside our bodies and accelerate the aging process.

H2O2 Therapy Hydrogen peroxide added to the bloodstream has a profound effect on the immune system, and also has a definite positive effect on the lungs in cases of COPD, including asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis.

Glutathione Therapy Glutathione is an ingredient necessary for liver detoxification. Many individuals, especially those with cancer and other serious diseases are deficient in glutathione.

Vitamin C Therapy Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC) is an effective way to treat infectious diseases from cold and flues to Hepatitis C and HIV. IVC Therapy has been shown to kill viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner.

Nutritional Immune Therapy Has similar benefits as the vitamin C IV but also supports the body nutritionally in those with serious diseases or those whose diet is less than optimal. Also may block allergy reactions.

DMPS Chelation Therapy DMPS chelates mercury, the most toxic of heavy metals. This is a proven, safe, and effective method of detoxifying mercury, among other toxic metals from body tissue.

Myers‟ Cocktail Therapy This widely used treatment has been a cornerstone for orthomolecular medicine, and has greatly improved conditions such as chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, migraines, and asthma.

Pandimex Therapy One of the most powerful anticancer treatments found in recent discovery. This is a treatment that has demonstrated excellent results for terminal end stage cancer patients with solid tumor masses and metastasis.

Life Coaching Wherever you find yourself in life today - there are many levels higher for you to prosper from! Yes, that's right, whether in your relationships, your business, your finances and your health, to name a few. The question for most of us is "How do I experience a level higher; how do I get there from here?" The answer: With the skills of your Coach! Your Coach's only focus is your success! If you asked 100 highly-successful people what the purpose of a Coach is, you would hear: "to support, to inspire, to educate and to empower to personal levels only dreamed about previously." Whatever success level you think or dream about - choose to make it your reality – today!

Diet and Lifestyle coaching Learn how to live in today’s society with proper coaching on the foods that you eat, the way that you live, and the environment that surrounds you both in the home and workplace environment. Here we focus a lot on nutrition. We are what we eat and our bodies are composed of these essential nutrients from foods. As nutritional deficiencies are common in today's living, it is critical that we correct our own nutritional challenges.




Our Complete list of services: Here is a summary of the effect of Hyperbaric Medicine on Closed Head Injury Naturopathic Consultation

A detailed history and evaluation by our medical staff will reveal valuable information in regards to your health. Spend some time with HBOT an expert understanding yourtobody, andbeneficial catering your health, so that you are not over or under supplementing in either has in been demonstrated promote effects including: pharmaceutical drugs or vitamin and herbal supplements.  significantly increased oxygen in the cerebrospinal

Hyperbaric therapy fluid (oxygenation in excess of 20-fold increase)

This is  a medical used in hospitals for certain life-threatening conditions like bone infections, flesh eating disease, reducestreatment cerebral edema carbon monoxide poisoning, and tough hard to heal wounds (like Diabetic wounds).  reduces intra-cranial pressure Now, it is showing much more promise for not only acute medical conditions, but chronic medical conditions. So not just hard to  increases tissue wounds oxygen availability inAny damaged areas heal wounds, but general and injuries. time you want to speed up healing and repair injuries, hyperbaric oxygen  restores the integrity of the blood-brain barrier and cell term debilitating injuries like brain injuries or sports related therapy should be immediately considered; particularly with long membranes injuries. Recently, it has comeacid under sound medical research that this therapy can go far beyond treating injuries; it can help to develop  neutralizes amines new tissue. This goes beyond its original published data on creating new blood vessels to damaged tissue. All this is now putting  increases neovascularisation HBOT  to the forefront of medical technology and research. The implications for anti-aging medicine are now huge. New brain stimulates angiogenesis tissue, heart tissue, liver tissue, etc…  reactivates ―idling‖ neurons  inhibits anaerobic glycolysis Environmental Medicine  promotes epithelization We are not only what we eat, but also what we do not excrete. Find out how we can effectively and safely cleanse our bodies  de-agglutination from harmful chemicals. of platelets  makes available molecular oxygen for immediate use without energy transfer reduces lactate peak in hypoxia Peat Hyperthermia Therapy Heating up the body has a profound effect on relieving pain and inflammation, enhancing natural circulation and the immune system, providing hormonal balancing, and cleansing the body.

Acupuncture This therapy can treat a vast number of conditions including chronic pain, nicotine withdraw, anxiety / depression, and weight BRAIN DAMAGE & Stroke reduction. The brain is a large consumer of oxygen and requires 500/600ml O2/min (25% of body demands). Whole Body Vibration Therapy Brain damage occurs when oxygen supply The technology of whole body vibration has taken a critical step itsbrain advancement with triangular This causes a safe to in the is compromised. Note, it oscillation. only and painless way to enhance many of the body systems that are normally benefited exercise. From hormonal balancing, to takes 6 sec without O2from to disturb brain metabolism energy, cardiovascular conditioning, to muscle toning and weight to bone formation. Actually, it is used by andloss, onlyright 2 mindown to cease brain activity. When astronauts to decrease bone loss and increase bone density, something that is aoxygen generalbecome basic for elderly. blood supply and compromised, local neurons (brain cells) die or become damaged in a pattern consistent with the injury. In this immediate Far Infrared Therapy area where blood and oxygen loss has occurred, Activate your body‘s ―sweat mechanism‖ to promote system detoxification and passive cardiovascular exercise. This provides an the neurons quickly die. The surrounding effective mobilization of fatty tissue & its stored toxins. neurons (the penumbra) also react to the decreased oxygen levels by shutting down to conserve energy in an attempt to survive (dormancy period). This often results in an exaggeration of the symptoms experienced by brain-damaged patients. While no known treatments for stroke victims are yet able to resuscitate dead neurons, HBOT serves to re-oxygenate the dormant neurons in the penumbra and restore a portion of their previous activity. …to be continued > • Hyperbaric oxygen administered at 1.5 ATA shows a balancing effect and is ideal for many neurological conditions. J Neurol, 1977

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HYPERBARIC OXYGENATION THERAPY PACKAGE TRAM’S CASE ( among others ) Feb. 2008 – Hemorrhagic stroke caused by a Subdural hemorrhage secondary to left occipital AVM ( ArteroVenous Malformation). Paralysis of the entire left side caused by the shifting of the brain to the right side of the head At the time, total loss of eye sight After discharge from the hospital and the Rehabilitation Centre ( May 2008 ), Tram experiences noticeable improvements but still walks very slowly, needs walking aid due to huge balance issues, has constant weakness and pain in her whole body. She recovered her left visual field in both eyes though her eye sight is extremely blurry and dark. She has totally lost her right visual field in both eyes

Tram has started HBOT treatments in Sept.2008 at the Advanced Hyperbaric and Recovery Centre to complete 40 treatments ( 2 series of 20 treatments) at the end of 2008. Remarkable results could be noticed as she could see her overall balance considerably improved. The vision in her left visual field had improved as well though dark and blurry at times. She still has to wear eye glasses to help compensate for the blurriness. As to her right visual field, she gained back about 5 to 10% of her lost visual field, but images within this range are just shadows and light. Prior to starting HBOT, it was complete darkness. Tram started another 40 treatments at the beginning of February 2009. st As of today, June 1 ,2009 and after 80 treatments, Tram’s condition has considerably improved. She is walking on her own with practically no more balance issues, her left vision is almost clear (with eye glasses), she gained back about 30% of her right visual field and what she sees is everything but shadows and darkness. The 60% remaining is still in the dark. But that doesn’t stop her from gardening, cooking, going to the grocery store, of course supervised, reading and doing many other things that are still daily challenges to Tram, who stays positive and refuses to give up. In her case, HBOT gave her back her strength and her eyes.




Our Commitment & our Dedication: We are dedicated to not only the success of our patients but also to getting the word out. HBOT is a valuable tool in medicine and should be made accessible and affordable to the whole public. We hope that you not only benefit from our services but help others as well. So we are always accepting any invitations to awareness seminars. This includes medical seminars as well as public seminars, as we feel that if more and more doctors and specialists are aware of the power of HBOT, then it will be prescribed much more than it is at this moment. Your help is always appreciated in this mission and we hope that you can benefit from our services as so many have in the past.

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